The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

How to Receive Divine Counsel
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated)
"Even the elect would fall into error were they not specially guided, amid such great confusion by the immense mercy of God"
(-a historical quote from Saint Francis of Assisi)
Daily Divine Counsel is a Heavenly Gift that is only available in these End Times, to the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church
- the ones who are NOT ashamed of their FAITH - the ones who are proclaiming their Faith to the NATIONS, through heartfelt Testimony videos
"But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.” And he answered, “It is not fair to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs."
(Matthew 15:25-26)
"Do not give dogs [-referring to those with the mark of the beast, or the mark of Cain] what is holy; and do not throw your pearls before swine..."
(Matthew 7:6a)
Expediting our purification
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Do YOU want "to expedite your purification"? 
Have YOU been receiving a tremendous OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT? - every TIME, you HEAR FROM US?

"But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."  (John 14:26-17)

WE have received, 'DAILY Counsel' from Jesus Christ the LORD, for YEARS!  And EVEN WE were 'admonished by HIM'! - NOT to embrace "the UNFORGIVENESS package" - because that 'STOPS, the flow, of GRACES'.  And THEN, when we RESOLVED, that we would just FOLLOW, His COUNSEL - WE received 'such a tremendous OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT' - that it was like EXPERIENCING, "a FORETASTE, of the ERA of True PEACE".  And He actually TAUGHT us to LIVE 'the Era of True Peace' IN our hearts - and 'the Era of LIGHTHEARTEDNESS', and True JOY - by 'LISTENING to Him!' - and 'DOING!' - what He was asking.  AND it got to the point, of being 'ABSOLUTELY FILLED! - with His Pure JOY' - each TIME! - He would CONVERSE with us.   So, if YOU, are not 'experiencing, an OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT', when you READ, our COUNSEL? - then there is 'a BLOCK', to your SOUL.  And it NEEDS to be removed!  Because you CAN'T 'grow', in the Faithful REMNANT, if you HATE 'hearing from us'.  EVEN though Jesus Christ the Lord shared with us "MANY uncomfortable Truths" about OURSELVES - early ON, in our JOURNEY - had WE had 'the attitude, that we hated to HEAR from Him'? - THERE would be no TESTIMONY!  And so we CHOSE, to "love His WORD" - and to be "CONSOLED by His WORD" no matter HOW! - HUMILIATING, the Truths WERE that He REVEALED.  Because, "the TRUTH"! - IS! - "consoling" to THOSE who have chosen, to WORSHIP, "the True JESUS"!  (February 06, 2018 update) 

Love the Uncomfortable Truth
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Pope Peter The Last:  And so...I immediately asked Jesus, why I love “the uncomfortable Truth” so much.
Jesus said: because it IS “the healing BALM” that you NEED.  If you have ‘an open WOUND’, and it is not ‘TREATED’, it MAY get “infected”.  “The TREATMENT” is “the uncomfortable Truth”!  FIRST you must RECOGNIZE, that you HAVE an open wound!!!  Is that not ‘PART of the treatment’?  And THEN ‘APPLY the Remedy’.
Receive His Discipline (His Love)
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Jesus said:  They NEED to learn to receive your Counsel, BECAUSE, you are ‘My VISIBLE Representative.  To DISRESPECT YOU is to DISRESPECT Me.  ENOUGH, ‘self-deception’! – in the Remnant. To desire NOT, to contact YOU, IS, THEIR ‘ADMISSION’, to their own GUILT – IN their relationship with Me. To REFUSE, to EMAIL you, is to REFUSE, to be ‘on good terms’ – with ME!  IT is REALLY, THAT, simple!   YOU, will FEED THEM, My JUSTICE! – for ‘the GOOD, of their SOULS!’ The ONES, who can ‘HANDLE’, My DISCIPLINE – will be ‘the ONES, to SURVIVE!’  (-September 10, 2015 archives) 
Seeking Daily Divine Counsel - "CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL!"
It is CRUCIAL, to your spiritual SURVIVAL, that you make a PRIORITY to seek "DAILY" Counsel.  You NEED to pray, to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a DECADE of the Rosary, under her title, "Mother of Divine COUNSEL", and "QUEEN of True HUMILITY" - invoking her intercession, to HELP you, to SEE, yourself, IN the Light of Truth.  (November 15, 2016 update)

Are you being OPEN with us about your struggles?
The more OPEN you are WITH us - the MORE we will be able to HELP you with your STRUGGLES.  The more you choose to CONCEAL - the less help we will OFFER - because we RESPECT "your free WILL", and "the choice to go it ALONE".  But PEOPLE, who have CHOSEN, 'that APPROACH' - to go it ALONE - NEVER lasted LONG, as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant.  Because, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is PART, of "the entire BODY, of Jesus Christ the LORD".  For the sake of UNITY - all MEMBERS, are CALLED, to SEEK 'the CARE, of their Heavenly PHYSICIAN'.  And how they DO that, is THROUGH, "Daily Counsel". (March 08, 2017 update)
Life should just make sense
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Are you willing to RECEIVE what we are saying?

We ONLY speak in "plain form" BUT! - you HAVE to be WILLING, to RECEIVE, what we are SAYING - OTHERWISE, it won't MAKE sense to you.  MOST of what we say, is going to be "very UNCOMFORTABLE"; but, you are CALLED to EMBRACE, 'that DISCOMFORT', and MAKE the necessary CHANGES. (March 08, 2017 update)
Here is a universal message, that we sent out to one Member of the Faithful Remnant:  It TAKES HUMILITY - to RECEIVE, the SIMPLE, HUMBLING TRUTHS, in the TESTIMONY.  And even GREATER humility, to APPLY them!  But IN your emails to us - you are SENDING, 'SO MANY, THOUGHTS', that you HAVE throughout the DAY - that is "like a DIARY".  WE are not "HERE, to read your DIARY!"  We are HERE to HELP you WORK on, "the serious STRUGGLES in your life".  ASK the Most High True God - to GIVE you 'the Grace, to IDENTIFY, the current SINS, that you are EMBRACING' - and, share THOSE with us.  And we will HELP you, to OVERCOME them.  (In other words, don't share with us the litany of sins you commit and repent of in a single day; but instead, seek Divine Counsel to help you root out the ones you stubbornly continue to embrace.) (March 14, 2017 update)

Have you been responding to our Counsel with anger?

Are you ANGRY at the Most High True GOD?  BECAUSE, He ISN'T going to HELP you if you are!  The Most High TRUE God works with your DESIRES.  And YOU have been "ONLY desiring to have problems"...  You are "a VERY PROUD individual" - and THAT is why the Most High TRUE God CONTINUALLY humbles you! - ALLOWING for your cross to get HEAVIER.  And you are NOT "LEARNING, from the LESSONS" - and THAT'S your problem!  APPLY the Counsel we have ALREADY given to you - BEFORE we give you any more.  Go OVER it! (March 25, 2017 update)
The Era of Discomfort
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you desire to SEE yourself THROUGH the Eyes of the Most High True God?

ASK the Most High TRUE God - to SHOW you, what WE can see; NOT "what's COMFORTABLE!" - and "NOT what you UNDERSTAND"; but TRUE Spiritual Vision - to SEE, YOURSELF... the WAY the Most High TRUE God, SEES it; the WAY He's revealed it TO us.  May the Most High TRUE God BLESS you - and DELIVER you, from "spiritual blindness". (March 29, 2017 update)

Have you been "CONTENDING with your Creator" in your interior life or in your daily emails?

Do NOT 'CONTEND', with your CREATOR; and 'who HE set OVER you' - on ANY level - lest He SHOW you, "the consequences, of that desire".  He DOES want to heal you, of your PHYSICAL ailments...  When your VITALITY, returns - and your AILMENTS begin, to DISAPPEAR - RAPIDLY - then YOU will KNOW, that YOU, have STOPPED! - "contending, with the Most High TRUE God". (March 29, 2017 update)

Have you been turning to the Most High True God BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?

When YOU have resolved, to learn, what "Daily Counsel" is MEANT for - then the Most High TRUE God will HELP you...  But you need to stop WRITING us, NON-SPIRITUAL inspirations.  You NEED to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for 'WHAT to share', in your emails.  The DEMONS, will GIVE you, "a THOUSAND! - things, to share" - but the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, will give you ONE! - that is for your SPIRITUAL growth.  It TAKES "EFFORT" - to TURN, to the MOST High TRUE God, for 'what YOU are called, to seek COUNSEL on'.  (April 10, 2017 update)

And so the Members of the Faithful Remnant RECEIVE Counsel from the Two Witnesses and THEN what?

Once, you RECEIVE Counsel FROM us, then 'YOUR call', is to 'APPLY it, to your LIFE' - and, RECEIVE, 'the REWARD for DOING so' - and 'the sole SATISFACTION, of LISTENING, to, the Voice of the PROPHETS, in these TIMES'.  Because when we SHARE, what the TRUE Holy Spirit is ASKING us to share, with 'EACH Member', OF the Faithful Remnant - it is NOT "to waste the Remnant's TIME".  But REMEMBER, when Counsel is GIVEN, the ENEMY 'COMES, to SNATCH AWAY, any SEEDS - that COULD be planted, in the Hearts of the Faithful REMNANT' - ANY "seeds of the Kingdom of HEAVEN".  And very OFTEN, the devil will send, 'the CARES of the WORLD' - INTO, the LIVES of the Faithful REMNANT, AFTER, they, HEAR from us.  But KNOW, that the COUNSEL, GIVEN, is ACTUALLY, 'the Most High TRUE God's RESPONSE' - TO, "the future Trial, or adversity". So when, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT find, that 'ALL of a SUDDEN, their CROSS, got a bit HEAVIER' - THEY are called to REFER, to "the LAST COUNSEL that was GIVEN, TO them" - AS "the ANSWER! - to their current SITUATION" - and in THIS way, the Most High TRUE God, "goes AHEAD", of EVERY Trial, and Hurdle, IN their lives.  For THIS is how, HE taught US! - through 'giving US Counsel'.  And so WE are 'passing on what WE have learned', to the Faithful Remnant.  KEEP in mind, that the MOST High True God 'LIVES OUTSIDE of space and time'; and HE, can SEE "the WHOLE picture" - of EACH, 'LIFE', in the Faithful REMNANT; whereas we CAN'T!

And so, just for fun:  You might want to go through the emails you sent us, and look at how many emails YOU sent, that were actually PRE-answered in the Counsel WE sent - the Counsel that immediately PRECEDED your emails.  We really have nothing to prove - we're simply striving to help "those who DESIRE to be helped". (May 14, 2017 update)
Do you need help micromanaging your life?
Your SPIRITUAL life, is NOT, "on US!" - it is between YOU! - and your Creator.  We have shown you "the PATH", that you are called to WALK - through the TESTIMONY (- with more than a million words of encouragement).  And, we are HERE, to HELP you, with specific struggles - by SHOWING you 'what you NEED to do' - in order to OVERCOME, those struggles.  But we are not HERE to "MICROMANAGE", EVERY, ASPECT, of your LIFE.  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT, is with you - and will HELP you - if  you TURN to Him, and ASK, IN True HUMILITY.  But you MUST be "a DOER", NOT just "a hearer".  THAT is 'what is REQUIRED' - to be "a TRUE Follower", OF, Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord. (May 16, 2017 update)

Do you TOO, have lots of questions? - are you "curious", perhaps?

Do YOU know, that the PHARISEES, and 'THE LEARNED MEN', of Jesus' TIME, and EVEN, the LAWYERS - ALWAYS, had "QUESTIONS" for Him; but they WOULD not 'DO!' - what was being ASKED of them.  They were "VERY INQUISITIVE", and "CURIOUS" - about His CLAIMS, and about the KNOWLEDGE, that He had; but they SIMPLY 'WANTED, to tap INTO it'; they DID not want 'to KNOW, Jesus'; and CERTAINLY they did not "stand UP for Him" - as everyone, was 'seeking to CRUCIFY Him'.  There are TWO approaches, to being a REMNANT Member:  You can either "CRAVE KNOWLEDGE", for the SAKE of knowledge - so that you can "LORD it, over OTHERS - for what you KNOW"; OR, you can choose to be TRANSFORMED, by "the LIFE-saving TRUTHS", in the TESTIMONY.  You SEE, the WAY you treat the TESTIMONY - IS the way, that you treat, "the SAVIOR" - who is Jesus Christ the LORD.  And, if you WANT to, 'go and look, at ALL, of the NEWS' - and EVERYTHING else! - BUT, the Testimony - then, you have your REWARD!  We hope we have answered "your questions" - TO "your satisfaction". (May 16, 2017 update)
As the Two Witnesses read emails from Members of the Faithful REMNANT
The question, that WE need to ASK OURSELVES, WHEN READING emails - from Members of the Faithful REMNANT - is, ARE THEY, taking INITIATIVE, to 'GROW spiritually' - or 'GIVE back, TO their CREATOR'?  ARE they 'INTERESTED', in making TESTIMONY VIDEOS, and TESTIFYING before the nations?  Are they INTERESTED in 'EATING UP ALL our TIME'? - without FIRST, attempting to solve the problem on their own.  ARE they interested IN, 'LEARNING, GROWING, and LISTENING'?  DO THEY, 'SINCERELY DESIRE', an AUTHENTIC, 'SEEKING', RELATIONSHIP, WITH their Creator?  Do they want to be 'PLEASING' in His Eyes?  Do they WANT to serve Him "on THEIR terms"?  Or, serve Him according, to how HE, has 'REQUESTED', they serve Him?  Do they desire "spiritual NOURISHMENT", from HEAVEN?  OR, do they SIMPLY desire, "their VAIN, questions", to be answered?  Though SOME people believe that they are "CRITICALLY analyzing US" - THROUGH the emails, we send them - they have NO! - idea - AND we have JUST GIVEN "a SMALL SAMPLE", of 'what we can REALLY see'.   We see 'SO much MORE!' - than what, 'PEOPLE', BELIEVE, that we can see.  BECAUSE, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, has GIVEN us, 'the ABILITY, to read HEARTS, at a DISTANCE'.  And BECAUSE we can see 'so much more' - than, MOST individuals, on the PLANET - we can, SEE "the blind spots"; and we can SEE 'HOW, the evil SPIRITS, MANIPULATE, the people who EMAIL us' - at TIMES, to do "THEIR bidding".  Because we DISCERN, 'WHERE'S the motivation COMING from'? - to SEND, the EMAILS that they SEND - with 'the WORDS' and 'the THOUGHTS', and 'the PROBLEMS' that they send.  THOSE who 'give themselves over, to DEMONS' - as in, ALL those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - can ONLY, HAVE! - 'BAD WILL', and 'EVIL INTENTIONS' towards us.  And their 'DESIRES' - AREN'T even 'their OWN!' - they're MERELY being 'PUPPETED'!  And, we can ONLY 'PITY them'!  And, EVEN the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, are "RECOVERING, from being PUPPETED, by demonic INSPIRATIONS".  Though the COUNSEL we GIVE, is "UNCOMFORTABLE", and may even SOUND, "HARSH!" - at times; FOR the sake, OF, 'SOULS!' - we CANNOT! - 'BOW!' - to peoples' FEELINGS; and we WILL not!  Jesus Christ the LORD NEVER 'bowed', to the feelings of OTHERS; YET! - He WAS and IS! - "ALL-ENCOMPASSING, LOVE".  JESUS FED, PEOPLE, 'TRUTH' - and THOSE, who DIDN'T WANT TO hear it anymore - SIMPLY 'left FOLLOWING Him'!  Did He "go AFTER THEM"?  No!  They CHOSE - they chose, 'a LIFE, APART, from Him'.  And He! - journeyed, with "a SMALL flock" - who were 'HUNGRY!' - for the Truth; AND for spiritual nourishment.  Jesus Christ the Lord is ONLY interested, in SAVING those, who will RESPOND, to 'HIS Merciful Love' - MOVING through His Testimony.  But Jesus Christ the LORD, WILL, NOT! - "SAVE" - PEOPLE'S, DEMONS!  They MUST be cast out! - of the INDIVIDUAL; or the INDIVIDUAL will 'go WITH them'.  And THEIR lot, is in the Lake of Fire.  And we "LOVE!" - mankind ENOUGH, to TELL them the TRUTH. (May 17, 2017 update)
But why! - WHY would they send "a HARSH email"?  The emails we send, are ALWAYS, "harsh on the demons" - and so, if you choose "to IDENTIFY with your DEMONS" - YOU TOO! - will see our emails as "harsh".  Is the Eternal Lake of Fire "HARSH"?  Yes it is.  Do all those who GO THERE, see the Creator of the Universe, as "HARSH"?  Yes they do.  Do WE, the Two WITNESSES, represent "the Creator of the UNIVERSE"?  Yes, we do.  It really isn't that complicated folks.  Those who reject their desire to IDENTIFY with their demons, and choose to be yoked to all of HEAVEN instead - WILL see, the Testimony, as "Love Speech".  All others, can go to Hell!  And I don't mean that "as a HARSH figure of speech".  They WILL, "go to Hell".  That's just a fact.  And if THAT makes you uncomfortable, that's NOTHING! - compared to "the Eternal Flames", awaiting ALL those, who choose to see our words as "harsh".  And FOR the record - it IS "an act of LOVE" to warn someone, about impending disaster, that can EASILY be avoided, if they would only listen, to the Truth.  And to all those parents who spoke HARSHLY to their children - when their children were about to be BURNED on the STOVE, or CAMPFIRE - or run out into TRAFFIC even: "WHY! - WHY, oh WHY! - did you speak so HARSHLY, to your children!" Let's round up ALL those children to launch "a class action LAWSUIT" against those harsh parents! (- because "that's just what people DO", in these End Times).

Have you FULLY renounced ALL 'the satanic strongholds' that we have brought to your attention?

Jesus Christ the Lord, DOES "Love you" - and THAT is why, He TELLS you the Truth.  That is WHY, He will not TOLERATE "HALF-heartedness".  The WORLD! - is FILLED, with "HALF-HEARTED people", and THOSE who choose, to COMPROMISE, EVERYTHING! - of the TRUE Holy Spirit, for "the UNSPIRITUAL".  WE reveal, the things that are 'HOLDING, you back!' - from moving FORWARD, in your SPIRITUAL life.  You can CHOOSE, to RENOUNCE THEM, and ASK for the corresponding TRUTH; or continue your COURSE, with "full knowledge".  The choice is YOURS. (May 22, 2017 update)
Has "the KILN" been testing you lately? - because that's no excuse for "a total MELTDOWN"!
"So the angel swung his sickle on the earth and gathered the vintage of the earth, and threw it into the great wine press of the wrath of God."
(Revelation 14:19)
"When a sieve is shaken, the refuse remains; so a man’s filth remains in his thoughts.  The kiln tests the potter’s vessels; so the test of a man is in his reasoning.  The fruit discloses the cultivation of a tree; so the expression of a thought discloses the cultivation of a man’s mind.  Do not praise a man before you hear him reason, for this is the test of men."
(Sirach 27:4-7)

The ENEMIES of the Faithful Remnant, are most CERTAINLY praying, that 'the REMNANT see themselves, as "damned"; and they're even PRAYING, that the Faithful Remnant, 'ABANDON their vocation'.  And SO, yes, the Most High TRUE God, IS permitting, the Remnant, to pass through, 'the WINE press' - and "the KILN" does test 'the potter's VESSEL'.   The Most High TRUE God, ALREADY knows, what each Member of the Faithful Remnant, is 'MADE of', and how much, THEY can endure - until they reach 'their BREAKING point'.  But, if it WASN'T "a STRUGGLE" - and if it WASN'T "HARD", then, you WOULDN'T be IN, "a spiritual BATTLE".  The fact, that you are 'well AWARE', OF, the battle, raging, AGAINST you - and you are still FIGHTING, is "a good SIGN"! - to YOU! 

The MEMBERS that 'fell OFF' - 'gave IN', to being TRANSFORMED, by 'the words of the ENEMY' - praying, AGAINST them. And YES! - the demons, and the devil HIMSELF, 'PRAY against, the Faithful REMNANT' - by USING, 'the ASSAILANTS', AS "their HOSTS" - to PRAY through!  ALL of "the ASSAILANTS", are 'possessed by DEMONS'; and, the REMNANT, who 'FELL' - became "POSSESSED by DEMONS". BUT they CHOSE to! - "give IN, to the DEVIL, and his TEMPTATIONS" - and THEY 'ALLOWED him!' - to enter INTO them!  And SO! - they are "reaping the CONSEQUENCES of that choice"! 

The Faithful REMNANT, are 'FIGHTING, to stay SPIRITUALLY awake, and SPIRITUALLY focused' - while EVERYONE ELSE, is 'ASLEEP', and 'in spiritual TORMENT'.  And of COURSE! - the Souls, in Hell, 'WANT, the Faithful Remnant, to experience what THEY'RE experiencing'.  BUT! - the Truth IS: that NEVER! - WILL, the Most High TRUE God, 'ALLOW', His REMNANT, to be 'TEMPTED, beyond, their STRENGTH'

NOW, in THESE Times - YOU need to PRAY, and PRAY! - and PRAY! - and RESOLVE, to STAY! - 'connected', to the Most High TRUE God; because NEVER has 'the battle' waged SO fiercely, against 'the True CHURCH'!  IS Jesus Christ the LORD, 'FIGHTING, the BATTLE'?   Yes He IS!  He is FIGHTING, against ALL, of our ENEMIES!  BUT! - He DOES REQUIRE, EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, to ASK, seek, and KNOCK - CONTINUALLY! - for the TRUE Holy Spirit, and for TRUE Discernment - as 'the whole WORLD!' - is "in the POWER of the EVIL one". 

REMEMBER, that the TEMPTATIONS 'pass' - as LONG, as you turn to JESUS, Christ the LORD - for "the corresponding TRUTH".  Remember, that "FEELINGS", are NOT 'based, in REALITY'; and that they COME and go!  But that Jesus Christ the LORD, REMAINS, "STEADFAST"!  And so He's ASKING, His Faithful REMNANT, to remain steadfast, and FAITHFUL, to HIM! - EVEN amidst all their TRIALS.  The FORMER Members, of the Faithful Remnant, 'GAVE up' - because it was EASIER! - than persevering.  THEY were "in it for the wrong REASONS" - and, once THAT was 'found out', there was 'no POINT, for them, to CONTINUE on'.  The Most High TRUE God, TESTED the Angels THEMSELVES! - so don't think for a MOMENT, that He WON'T "test", His FAITHFUL Remnant! - because He IS! - on a DAILY basis.

Note: Above it is revealed, that "The Most High TRUE God, ALREADY knows, what each Member of the Faithful Remnant, is 'MADE of', and how much, THEY can endure - until they reach 'their BREAKING point'."  And so HE LEADS each MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant - TO! - "their breaking point" - BECAUSE "He's NEAR to the broken HEARTED" - and "a BROKEN and contrite heart, He will not despise" "The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise." (Psalm 51:17). Instead, He will create in them "a NEW heart" "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me." (Psalm 51:10)Amen. (May 25, 2017 update)

Why is it so important to acknowledge the Counsel that is given by the Two Witnesses?

Because when you 'RESIST, ACKNOWLEDGING, the WORDS, of your CREATOR - moving through our COUNSEL' - then, you CAN'T 'experience', INTENSE Graces.  The DEMONS know this! - and that is why 'they fight SO hard' - to KEEP, people "BLINDED with PRIDE!"  But you are CALLED, to receive GRACES - and to ACKNOWLEDGE, "the WORKS, of your CREATOR, in your LIFE" - and be 'BLESSED', for doing so. (June 06, 2017 update)

Have you been experiencing any "resistance" to our Counsel?

KNOW that, you NEED to be 'discerning', even MORE so, in your interior life - and RECOGNIZE, that ONCE your Creator - SETS the Path in FRONT of you - and GIVES you 'the next STEP' - the DEMONS, ALSO know! - and they will do "ANYTHING, to STOP you!" THIS is simply, 'something you need to be made AWARE of'  - that, as SOON! - as, YOU! - have been, TOLD, 'what it is, you NEED to do next' - by 'the One who MADE you' - the demons are 'RIGHT THERE!' - to SEND YOU, "on a DIFFERENT path".  Because they are "SMART", and "CUNNING" - and so TOO! - do YOU! - need to be; but do not, EMBRACE, 'the WICKEDNESS', that 'the DEMONS', ARE. (June 08, 2017 update)

For those who have a tendency towards being secretive:

Many people have FALLEN off the Ark, because they actually BUILT up "a DESIRE to be secretive", in their correspondence with us.  It is IMPORTANT, for 'YOUR spiritual healing', that you ASK the True Holy Spirit, if YOU have 'that SAME, tendency, or PROBLEM' - and to help you IDENTIFY IT, and to ROOT it out.  Because in your emails TO us, you give us 'VERY little to work with'; hold back as MUCH information, AS possible; and that sends us "a MIXED message" - that you actually DON'T want our help!  Is THIS what you want to CONTINUE communicating? - through EMAILS, TO US.  PLEASE fix this problem, as it is "the MAIN obstacle", to YOUR spiritual growth. (June 10, 2017 update)
 Special note:  People don't tend to visit their "family physician", and force that individual to "GUESS!" - why they're there.  Please show us - the Two Witnesses - the same courtesy.  OR! - you can EXPECT - to walk away, WITHOUT, "your prayerscription".  We CAN read hearts at a distance; just as "physicians" can use an MRI on an unconscious individual - but if you TRULY WANT help, then you really need to share your struggles.
The importance of daily correspondence with the Two Witnesses.
There IS "a bit of a DANGER, in spending a lot of time EMAILING, and CORRESPONDING with other Members of the Faithful REMNANT" - BECAUSE, unless 'you're FULLY discerning, the content of each EMAIL, in the light of TRUTH' - it is EASY to get "sucked into IMAGINATIONS, and SPECULATIONS", about future events - or even, venture into WORLDLY, conversations - that can only HARM, EACH of you.  That is why it is SO much better, to stay "ANCHORED to the TESTIMONY" - and to WRITE us DAILY; EVEN one PARAGRAPH! - with "what you REALLY struggled with", THAT day. And we will HELP you, 'OVERCOME' - for there is NO TEST, that the Most High TRUE God hasn't PUT us through; and He has HELPED us overcome them ALL. (June 11, 2017 update)

Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant RESPONSIBLE for the legally binding decisions that they make in their practical life?

In your RESPONSE - you send us 'a LIST of your LEGAL problems' - and you're "PUTTING it ALL on US" - to solve, without making 'an ATTEMPT, to THINK, or turn to the True Holy SPIRIT, for GUIDANCE'.  You sent us, "very VAGUE, information" - saying, "HERE! - solve THIS!"  We KNOW that you are experiencing, "an OVERWHELMINGNESS" - but that is 'a CHOICE'.   With EVERYTHING your CREATOR, has given TO YOU - there is NO excuse, to STOP! - 'THINKING, and using common sense'.  We CANNOT be responsible! - for, the DECISIONS, that you make, in "your PRACTICAL life".  But, we can SEE, that you DO see, 'the problems', that you have, to overcome.  You have, some 'THINGS you need to ADDRESS' - as you have stated.  TAKE your time.  (June 17, 2017 update)

What happens to the people who don't give the Counsel that we share, 'a chance' in their lives? 

If YOU would simply, GIVE the COUNSEL, that we SHARE WITH YOU, 'a CHANCE', in your LIFE - and APPLY it - with 'HUMILITY'! - STRONGHOLDS would be BROKEN.  But as it stands NOW - your DEMONS are 'taking a stand' IN you, AGAINST the TRUTH - because it is 'SO uncomfortable'!  YOU are trying to 'CHANGE', based on, "WILL POWER" - and, 'your INTELLECT'.  But you're NOT, 'ALLOWING', the WORDS of the TESTIMONY, and our COUNSEL, to MINISTER, to your SOUL!  EVERYTHING, that we SHARE with you, gets 'FILTERED' - through, your INTELLECT.  "The SPIRIT of the Law" - is VERY different, than following 'the LETTER of the Law'.  And you are SO focused on the LETTER of the Law - that you're shutting OUT! - 'the SPIRIT', of the LAW.  And if YOU would simply 'TURN, to your CREATOR', with SINCERE, HUMILITY - and 'DESIRE Him, to REVEAL - the TRUTH to you!' - REGARDLESS of how UNCOMFORTABLE, it is going to be - YOU would see the Truth TOO! We WANT to help you overcome, 'the satanic strongholds'.  But you MUST! - at LEAST, TAKE the Counsel to HEART; OPEN your heart - not 'your MIND' - to your CREATOR!   The ONES who are 'AGAINST, the Testimony', and against us - filter EVERYTHING, THEY read, THROUGH their own intellect - and they can't receive ANYTHING! - from the True Holy Spirit - because their INTELLECT only GIVES them, 'a REASON! - to REJECT it', and to REJECT our Counsel.  Right NOW, there is 'a WAR', going on between, 'your MIND', and 'your HEART'.  The demonic ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS - FOCUSES people, on their HEADS! - on their MINDS - so the TESTIMONY can't, reach their heart.  If YOU, would take the TIME, to ask, how 'what we're SHARING with you, is TRUE!' - THEN! - with, your FAITH - the Most High True God, WILL show you HOW - and lift 'the BLINDERS'. (June 26, 2017 update)

Have you been in the habit of 'seeking the SOLUTION', BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?

It is REALLY important! - that you do NOT! - send us "EVERY, little, minute DETAIL, of your DAY".  But PLEASE! - save, Daily Counsel, for 'what is TRULY important, and ESSENTIAL! - that you need HELP with'.  But FIRST, TURN! - to the True Holy Spirit for "the SOLUTION" - and if you STILL, do not KNOW - and it is "a BIG! - PROBLEM"? - then, you can bring it UP, in your EMAILS to us.  But PLEASE do NOT 'ABUSE the Gift of COMMUNICATING WITH US' - to dump 'EVERY little problem' - ON us! - to SOLVE.  YOU need to learn to be 'DEPENDENT, on your CREATOR - in EACH Moment'.  And He IS 'GUIDING you' - as LONG as YOU, are, RESOLVING, to 'be SINCERE, in your desire to help YOURSELF' - and, to be, "YOUR friend!" - as well. (June 27, 2017 update)

Have YOU been choosing to share 'ABSOLUTELY EVERY inspiration and THOUGHT that you HAVE', in your emails to us?

You NEED to understand, that there is NO virtue, in sharing 'ABSOLUTELY, EVERY inspiration, and THOUGHT, that you HAVE' - when you, are EMAILING us.  But in FACT! - your EMAILS, are BEGINNING, to "FLOG! - us" - with 'INSPIRATIONS, from DEMONS'; THIS is, "an UNCOMFORTABLE, Truth".  But, the MORE, 'SELF-control' you have - to TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for, 'the WORDS, to share' - the LESS "AFFLICTING", your EMAILS, will BE - AND! - the LESS 'power', the DEMONS, will have, OVER you.  Because "WORDS" - are VERY! - important. And "WORDS", can TRANSFORM, and CHANGE! - 'a person'.  And SO, what YOU need to work on - is 'being TRANSFORMED by your CREATOR'S Words'; AND, turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit, to TRANSFORM YOU, and RE-CREATE you - ACCORDING, to 'the Divine WILL, and PLAN, of your Creator'.  (June 29, 2017 update)

Apply the Fraternal Correction and move on
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"It isn't EASY", summing up a million words with JUST, ONE, WORD!

We KNOW, that you have been GIVEN, 'a LOT of Counsel' - and PERHAPS, it is "DIFFICULT", to apply 'EVERY little MORSEL, of Food'; BUT! - BY, SIMPLY, PRAYING "the AMEN" - in your INTERIOR life - EVERY TIME, YOU receive COUNSEL, from us - or, from 'the TRUE Holy Spirit of the MOMENT' - it is THEN! - that your CREATOR, begins to do, "a WONDERFUL and AMAZING thing", with your LIFE!  Because it's NOT about "following FORMULAS".  It is ABOUT, 'WHERE your DESIRES are!'  The Most High TRUE God is "listening to your desires".  And so we are SIMPLY "EQUIPPING you", with 'HOW to PURIFY, the fastest'.  THIS may seem, like "a LOT" - BUT! - if you SIMPLY, resolve in your HEART - to pray "AMEN" - and to say "YES!" - to EVERYTHING that is here - ALL of the Truth revealed - then your CREATOR can 'WORK with you' - if you would SIMPLY 'acknowledge, the TRUTH!'  That is ALL He is ASKING as "a first step".  Because He CAME! - to call SINNERS! - or "the SICK"; NOT "the righteous", or "those who are well" - who are in no NEED of His help.  (July 02, 2017 update)

Have you been doing the best that you can?

ALL your Creator is asking of you, is that, YOU do "the best that you CAN" - at following 'the CALL of the MOMENT' - and CHOOSING, to be 'PURIFIED', from "your former SELF".  And He WILL TEACH you - to LIVE, 'according to HIS Ways' - and 'HIS Commands'.  And He will TEACH you, 'HOW, you are CALLED to look at EVERYTHING'.  TOO many people! - have "DEMONIC vision"; and they LITERALLY allow 'the DEMONS', to look THROUGH them!  Yet, that is NOT 'how they were made to BE'.  And SO, YOU need to, 'LEARN how to use, the EYES, your CREATOR gave you'! - your "SPIRITUAL senses"; and 'the Eyes of your HEART'.  And THIS means that 'you look BEYOND the surface'; and that you DISCERN, EVERYTHING!   Are you CALLED to EXPERIENCE 'your Creator's LOVE'? - ALWAYS?   No.  But you are called to love HIM - "UNCONDITIONALLY" - and DO, 'as He ASKS of you' - out of LOVE, for YOURSELF, AND! - for Him.  Because your CREATOR, DOES, 'LOVE you'; BUT, NOT with "worldly love".  He LOVES you, with "DISCIPLINE".  Because HE knows! - 'what is GOOD for you'.  And HE knows, 'what you're CALLED to avoid'. (July 18, 2017 update)

It is necessary to use the Blessed Holy Water and turn to the True Holy Spirit before writing us

PLEASE turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit - before WRITING us, from NOW on.  Please do NOT write us EVERY thought, and inspiration, that comes to your mind.  LEARN the difference! - between the TRUE Holy Spirit, and 'your INTERIOR chatter'. (July 20, 2017 update)

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?

'Living VICARIOUSLY THROUGH, other peoples' DEMONIC CLUSTERS' - will NOT be TOLERATED!  BECAUSE, we CARE! - and we want to help YOU, to FIND, "the TRUE, identity", that your CREATOR gave you.  It REALLY is that SIMPLE.  One thing that Jesus Christ the LORD, explained to the BOTH of us, is the CONCEPT, of PEOPLE - VICARIOUSLY, LIVING, through OTHER PEOPLES, demonic CLUSTERS - IS! - "VERY spiritually TOXIC" - and, the person CANNOT be fulfilled - in doing so.  Because if THEY aren't "THEMSELVES"? - then who ARE they!  They can't BE, "anyone else".  In OTHER words - WHO will be "YOU" - if YOU won't?  (July 27, 2017 update)

Have you been discerning your experiences with "True Spiritual Vision"?

We can tell, from your emails, that you ARE growing, SPIRITUALLY - as, you DISCERN, with 'spiritual VISION', your EXPERIENCES.  And the Most High TRUE God - is HELPING you - to LEARN of "your BLIND spots" - so that you can FACE THEM, and simply, 'resolve to CHANGE', and fix the PROBLEM, and move ON with your day.  It IS 'the disposition of your SOUL, towards your CREATOR, that is MOST important.  A GOOD thing, to ask - in DISCERNMENT - is, "Am I open, to GRACES?"  "Is my heart SOFTENED, towards my CREATOR?"  "Am I MINDFUL of Him? - in each MOMENT, that He is WITH me?" "Have I INVITED Him into the TASK, that I am DOING right now?" - EVEN the simple task, of writing us an EMAIL.  Because, HE desires, to 'be INVITED into EVERY part of your life' - from the MOMENT, you wake UP - to the MOMENT you lay down.  And THAT is 'how close', YOUR CREATOR - 'DESIRES', to BE - WITH you!  Because He MADE you; AND, HE delights, in ALL that He has made. EVEN the ones, who have CHOSEN, to BECOME, "abominations" - IN His EYES? - when He MADE them - He 'REJOICED' over them! Even though, they went, 'AWAY from Him'.  EACH person, on the FACE, of the Earth - was Created, to give GLORY, to the Most High TRUE God - even THOUGH, 'the MAJORITY of people', REFUSED to DO this.  And so He is GLORIFIED, in His JUSTICE! - in His Divine WRATH being EXERCISED, OVER them!  THAT is why it is SO much better, to be 'under Heaven's Protection'; and, to ESCAPE the Wrath, of the Creator - that is set ASIDE, for 'those who refuse to ACKNOWLEDGE Him, as Lord of their LIFE'.  YOU! - are choosing, to ACKNOWLEDGE Him - as "your KING"; as a Member of the Faithful REMNANT.  And THIS makes you "SPIRITUALLY sane".  SO - HOLD on tight! - as He 'RAMPS up', the END Times Disasters - 100 fold!  And TRULY, you HAVE "a front row SEAT" - just like HEAVEN does! (July 28, 2017 update)

For those times when you find it difficult to receive and apply the Counsel

FIRST, you need to REJECT 'your desire, to be OVERWHELMED, by our COUNSEL', and ASK for the Grace, to RECEIVE the TRUTH, into your HEART - and be TRANSFORMED by it.  When you EXPERIENCE "resistance"? - grab the Blessed HOLY Water - and DO the Blessed Holy Water DELIVERANCE Prayer. You have 'SO many layers!' - that YOU, have 'ACCUMULATED', over TIME, in order 'to PROTECT yourself' - by NEVER letting people know "the REAL you" - that YOU, don't know YOURSELF. And SO, as long as you are 'willing to WORK with us' - we are willing to HELP you, 'climb out of those LAYERS'.  FIRST, REJECT your desire, to be GOVERNED, by your intellect.  And ASK for the Grace, with TRUE humility - ASK for the Grace to be governed, by the True Holy SPIRIT. And so you NEED to reject 'your DESIRE, to HARDEN your HEART - towards your Creator'; and BEG Him! - to SOFTEN it.  Because you DO NEED, "a Divine INTERVENTION" - to get OUT, of 'the PIT you are in'!  You NEED! - the Most High True God.  You CAN'T, "INTELLECTUALIZE", the TESTIMONY - and, EVERYTHING that is SPIRITUAL! - you can't DO it.  You will go 'FURTHER, on this JOURNEY' - if you CHOOSE! - to turn, to the True Holy SPIRIT, for the Grace of True HUMILITY.  Because THAT'S what you're LACKING. (July 28, 2017 update)

Do you ever feel VICTIMIZED by our Counsel?

You NEED to know, that - 'the DEMONS!' - will "feel" - "victimized", AND "picked on" - because they DON'T want to LOSE their STRONGHOLD.  What WE are doing is HELPING people - to, RECOGNIZE, 'WHO they are, APART from, the DEMONS - who gave them a FALSE identity'.  We want to HELP YOU find, "the real YOU" - so that YOU, can be "fulfilled, with the TRUE Holy Spirit ALWAYS".(July 28, 2017 update)

Have you ever been tempted to deluge us with words?

We CAN'T! - and we WON'T! - be responsible, for EVERY decision, that you choose to MAKE. And YET, the DEMONS, are 'working, QUITE hard, at getting YOU, to DELUGE us! - with WORDS' - ALL kinds of words! AND! - to deluge us with 'EVERY little problem you HAVE' - and NOW, 'a PHYSICAL affliction' - CAUSED, by 'an INTERIOR choice to embrace, PRIDE'. Yes, you ARE "uncomfortable".  Yes, you ARE "learning new things". But you are STILL, REQUIRED, 'to THINK!' - to USE the Gift, of, your INTELLECT - with the HELP of the TRUE Holy Spirit, to SOLVE problems. DO YOUR part - and the Most High TRUE God will do HIS.  Do NOTHING?  And 'His HAMMER' comes down, VERY fast.  If, you PASSIVELY choose, to EMAIL us - then, THAT is ASKING, 'the Creator', to RESPOND - because we have MANY! - people, to ATTEND to.  If YOU WON'T, 'FILTER, your THOUGHTS' - and WRITE, what is IMPORTANT - and put, 'CARE', into your emails - then, WE will simply SCAN them; and we MAY, ONLY respond to, TWO, THREE sentences.  Because it ISN'T "fair" to US - to FORCE us - to read, an entire BOOK - because "you're uncomfortable". (August 07, 2017 update)

Not sure what to share, as you seek Daily Divine Counsel?

SHARE, what is on your HEART - what is WEIGHING on youOPEN up to US! - so that, your CREATOR'S "GRACES" - can fall UPON you. (August 31, 2017 update)

Are "SOCIAL NICETIES" and "ETIQUETTE" really important to you?

We have gone over your emails, and it is CLEAR to us, that YOU are simply 'PRESENTING a picture of YOURSELF - that you WANT, us, to see'.  But if you DON'T, choose to be "SINCERE", in your EMAILS - then, we WON'T be able to help you!  "SOCIAL, NICETIES", and "ETIQUETTE", REALLY belong, on the OUTSIDE, of the Faithful Remnant Church.  You need to be "REAL" with YOURSELF - and REALLY 'open up your HEART TO us' - so that we can HELP you!   Do YOU, 'DESIRE', to grow and CHANGE? Because you CAN'T retain ANYTHING of 'your old IDENTITY', as "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - because if you TRY, to stuff "your old IDENTITY", into 'your NEW IDENTITY'? - ONE of you is going to burst!   You need to learn 'to DIE to yourself' - so that YOU can live, for your Creator. (September 04, 2017 update) 
Did you know that the EMAILS you send speak VOLUMES?
What are you going to do, when you are TEMPTED, to embrace 'feelings of HATRED', towards us? - when "negative THOUGHTS", come knocking at your DOOR - WHAT are you going to DO!  When "the VOICES", of those pesky DEMONS - begin, 'SPEAKING to you, in your INTERIOR life' - HOW are you going to respond?  JESUS, Christ, the Lord, IS "your Strength"!  By TURNING, to HIM - HE! - will conquer 'the demons, and the devil'.  But you CAN'T, BE, "a FORTRESS against US", in your INTERIOR life! - because, YOU are called to have, "a HEAVENLY, Fortress", to keep OUT! - 'the evils', and 'the demons'.  And so WE will know HOW you are choosing - BASED - on 'HOW you choose to LIVE' - and 'what GOODNESS, comes FORTH from you'.  For "OUT of the ABUNDANCE of the heart, the MOUTH speaks".(September 04, 2017 update)

Have you been emailing the Two Witnesses for Divine Counsel, DAILY?

It is IMPERATIVE! - for "your spiritual SURVIVAL" in these TIMES - that you EMAIL us DAILY - because THAT is 'your way of telling the Most High TRUE God, that, you are NOT going to "go it alone" - but that you SINCERELY, desire His HELP'.  Because it is 'such a SIMPLE, request' - to email us DAILY - the Most High TRUE God is "quite FAIR"! - in, DISCIPLINING, those MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, who STOP, 'emailing us as a PRIORITY'. (September 14, 2017 update)

Did you know that 'the COUNSEL we GIVE', isn't supposed to be used as "a REDIRECT, to what DIDN'T work in the past"?

When we GIVE you "Counsel" - it is CRUCIAL - that you FOCUS, on 'THAT Counsel' - as it is 'the TRICK of the DEMONS', to get you to "RELIVE", what you had TRIED, in the PAST, that was 'less EFFECTIVE'.  The COUNSEL is to help you, to become "WISER", and to in FACT, be MORE spiritually equipped, for "the BATTLE, of the day"(September 16, 2017 update)


 The Golden Pipes
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Did you know that we're not asking you to email us a list of your personal prayers?

It is IMPORTANT, that, you STOP! - SENDING us, "your PRAYERS".  We do NOT "NEED", to READ them.  But THEY are in fact "between YOU, and your CREATOR" - between YOU, and Jesus Christ the LORD; between YOU, and all of HEAVEN.  And you are actually "DIMINISHING, your prayers, by WRITING them to us"; because as you DO so, it is ONLY "so that you APPEAR, as very cooperative".  It is MUCH better, to COOPERATE, with the TRUE Holy Spirit, in every MOMENT - than send US, "a LITANY! - of your PRAYER intentions".

Note: HERE Jesus explains our role, as "INTERCESSORS":  "You two have been chosen as My “two witnesses”, and My ‘two intercessors’, on behalf of all the Faithful Remnant Church.  When people begin to deluge you, or unburden their lives, upon you – then only lift up to Me everything, that they have placed upon you; and I will lift it up to the Father; and He will answer their prayers, accordingly.  Sometimes people will just feel the need, to ‘dump’ on you both – to vent their anger and frustration.  It is because you are so close to Me, My children, that they will do this – for some of them, are yearning for Me, and Our Blessed Mother, though they do not know it, through you both.  It is what I can see – that truly counts.  This is also part of your mission: to look with compassion upon those [- in the Faithful REMNANT...] who are suffering, and to lift up their suffering and frustrations to Me; because some of them will refuse to pray, and will only seek to vent.  Turn their venting and frustration: into a simple prayer request – that way satan does not gain any more ground in their souls, and loses even more power, over them.  Do not sit, and take peoples’ demons ‘lying down’.  Do not be an occasion of sin, for people to simply vent; but when they do, simply turn it around on them – for their benefit; this will truly make the enemy enraged at the both of you; but rejoice, for his kingdom is coming to an End, soon."   (-Jesus, Wednesday, October 20, 2010)

And so, OUR ADVICE? - Don't 'dump on JESUS' - by VENTING your PRAYERS.  SEEK, "an AUTHENTIC, relationship", WITH Him, instead. (September 28, 2017 update) 

Did YOU know, that when we are UNABLE to respond to your emails QUICKLY, that you can SIMPLY turn to the TESTIMONY, for ANSWERS?

THANKS BE to the Most High TRUE God! - that HE HAS provided, 'the source of LIGHT' - FOR you, in your daily WALK - by MAKING the Testimony, 'AVAILABLE to you' - so that YOU are able, to TURN to, 'HIS Testimony' - in ORDER to FIND, "the SOLUTIONS!" - to life's daily PROBLEMS.  YOU, are actually 'one of the FEW, MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - who have FIGURED out, that, they can SIMPLY, turn to the TESTIMONY! - for ANSWERS!' - when we are UNABLE, to RESPOND to 'the EMAILS', quickly.  And, you actually 'DESIRE, to STAY in the TRUE Reality' - and, to USE 'the GIFT of over a MILLION WORDS, from your CREATOR' - in order to HELP! - you - get THROUGH, 'these TRIALS'.  (September 30, 2017 update) 

Does our Counsel tend to stir up "some strong FEELINGS" every time you READ IT?

KNOW that, the INITIAL reaction to the COUNSEL, that we SEND - will "MOST of the time", be, 'what the DEMONS feel'.  But YOU! - are called, to 'SEE the Counsel, as your Spiritual LIFELINE' - and to APPLY it! - so as to "be DELIVERED! - FROM the demons, and their TORMENTS". (October 04, 2017 update) 

How does the Most High True God go AHEAD (- in the Counsel) of what someone is about to CHOOSE?

The Members of the Faithful Remnant HAVE "Free Will".  And BECAUSE the Most High TRUE God, can see in each moment, all the possible CHOICES, that a person WOULD make, in response to ANYTHING that He COULD say - He simply 'WILLS', to make the statement that He can SEE, WILL ultimately be followed by a series of "free will choices", that result in that STATEMENT being FULFILLED, as "TRUE Prophecy". And for HIM? - it really doesn't take any effort at all.  And SO, it would be best to TAKE our Counsel VERY seriously, and MAKE the necessary changes - so that the WARNINGS you receive, can be used to AVOID a potentially bad FUTURE situation, or CHOICE.  It JUST make sense! - GIVEN 'Who we are'. (October 14, 2017 update) 

Do you have a desire to share WHATEVER thoughts come to your mind WITHOUT filtering? really IS necessary that we ask this!

RESOLVE to stop SENDING us, "your social INTERACTIONS WITH people".  We are NOT! - here, as, "your daily, diary, ENTRY!"  What you NEED to realize - is that WORDS have 'meaning' - and that, there will be 'a strong TENDENCY', to SIMPLY, 'share WHATEVER thoughts come to your mind' - WITHOUT filtering!  But, that ISN'T "the CALL".  In fact, it would be "BETTER", if you simply sent, "VERY few words" - getting RIGHT to the point, of your day - and sharing, 'the STRUGGLE for that day'; OR, 'how you were ABLE to overcome, 'the STRUGGLES, of that day'.  Because, OUT of the abundance of the HEART - the mouth SPEAKS.  So the QUESTION, WE ask, is "WHAT, 'GOOD!' - are you sharing?"  THEREFORE, YOU need to 'CAP', your DAILY emails - to TEN sentences!  ANY MORE is TOO much.  And SO, we INVITE you, to FILTER, and DISCERN, "what is NECESSARY, to SEND to us".  EVEN with the TESTIMONY - Jesus, has said, "ONLY, GIVE THEM, "what is NECESSARY".  We HAVE, THOUSANDS, of PAGES, of REVELATIONS - that we have NOT, POSTED.  WHY? - because they're not "NECESSARY", for the Remnant.  And you need to RECOGNIZE, that NOT EVERY WORD, you SEND, is "NECESSARY" EITHER.  And so you NEED to ask the True Holy SPIRIT, "WHAT do I send, the Two WITNESSES? - that will, HELP, CATAPULT me FORWARD, in my SPIRITUAL journey, WITH Jesus Christ the Lord".  (November 23, 2017 update)   
An AUTHENTIC Christian, shows, HOW they actually LOVE Jesus Christ the Lord, by "how they LIVE" - NOT, by WORDS, of FLATTERY! - and TOLERANCE, and AFFIRMATION. SHOW your Creator, that you're THANKFUL, for our COUNSEL - by HOW you choose to LIVE, your LIFE - DAILY - renouncing YOURSELF - and choosing to LIVE, for HIM!  THIS means, LIVING, by the WORD! - of the Most High True God; and by His True Holy SPIRIT - DENYING yourself, the PLEASURES, of THIS life - and, what THIS means, is to DENY 'the DEMONS'!  You can EITHER, 'FEED your SOUL, GOOD food from HEAVEN' - OR, you can feed your SOUL, to the DEMONS.  It is "YOUR choice".  You ALWAYS have, 'TWO counsels' to CHOOSE from - the COUNSEL, of the TRUE Holy Spirit; OR, the Counsel, of DEMONS(November 24, 2017 update) 

Have you been in the habit of PRAYING for Graces, BEFORE writing for Daily Divine Counsel?

YOU need, to be ASKING, SEEKING, and KNOCKING, for Heavenly GRACES.  YES! - it EVEN requires, "GRACE" - to be ABLE, to EMAIL us - "GOOD, EDIFYING inspirations", that will HELP with your SPIRITUAL growth. So TURN! - to the Most High TRUE God, and ASK Him, to HELP you - by FILLING you, with "good INSPIRATIONS".  Because YOU'RE going to be filled with 'SOMETHING' - because "NATURE hates a VOID".  BETTER to be filled, with 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' - who will cast OUT the demons in you - RATHER, than be filled with 'the DEMONS', that can only cast-OUT the True Holy Spirit. (November 28, 2017 update) 

What happens when people don't apply the Daily Divine Counsel?

We have "DIAGNOSED, the SPIRITUAL problem", with the HELP of Heaven - and NOW, YOU need! - to, REPENT, and apply the SOLUTION, to your life.  We have GIVEN you, 'SO much Counsel' - in order, to help your SPIRITUAL growth - but it just SITS in your INBOX - and it is "USELESS!" - if you don't APPLY it.  Not that WE wasted any time in GIVING it to you - because, "our LABORS are not in VAIN" - EVEN if those we strive to HELP, refuse to help themselves. (December 01, 2017 update)  

Have you ever been tempted to respond to the Counsel we send, by CONTENDING with the TWO of us?

We can TELL you from EXPERIENCE - that "it is the WORST, POSSIBLE response, to GIVE"! - to the Most High TRUE God - and that is, the response of 'CONTENDING! - with Him'.   You may THINK at times, 'you are SIMPLY emailing, TWO, ordinary PEOPLE'; but REALLY! - when you EMAIL - it goes 'DIRECTLY, to your Creator'!  And we're "STEPPING aside" - so that HE can "deal with you", DIRECTLY - because you DIDN'T, want, to go through US. (December 04, 2017 update) 

NoteAnd for the record, we very much PREFER to "step aside", for Him to BLESS you, with Consolations and Solutions from Heaven, instead.

A Matter of Will
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
This video illustrates the following lesson, about "a softened heart"...

Are there CONSEQUENCES, for SECRETLY choosing to be set in your old ways?

INSTEAD of having the ATTITUDE, "OH, I RENOUNCE those bad things because you TOLD me! - that I was GUILTY of them"; it is much BETTER, to TURN to the True Holy Spirit, and ASK Him to SHOW you, 'how what we have SHARED with you is TRUE'?  Right NOW you're CHOOSING to be "set in your old ways" - and the MORE you 'take a STAND', against us - PRETENDING! - to be docile, to the Counsel - the MORE 'FIXED'! - your WILL, will BECOME, on the PATH, to 'a HARDENED heart' - with no ROOM! - for your Creator. YOU need "a softened HEART", and quickly.  If YOU'RE sincere? - before your CREATOR, in what you ASK - if what you ask is PLEASING to Him - as in, ASKING to have a softened HEART towards Him, and what He's ASKING of you - then He will BLESS you with a softened HEART - one who NURTURES life, because you have a SOUL.  (December 12, 2017 update)  

Have you finally gotten into 'the good HABIT of listening to our COUNSEL' - and gathering GRACES in DOING so?

And ONE thing the ENEMY doesn't want - is he DOESN'T want the Faithful REMNANT to get into 'the good HABIT, of listening to our COUNSEL' - and gathering GRACES in DOING so - that GIVE them 'the SPIRITUAL MOMENTUM' they NEED, to grow SPIRITUALLY.  HE does not want the Faithful REMNANT, to LISTEN to their CONSCIENCE, in the MOMENT - when THEY have 'WRONGED, the True Holy Spirit'.  He does not want them, to change ANYTHING about themselves!  And he most CERTAINLY, does not want them to grow CLOSER, to their CREATOR - because then THAT would mean, 'they were growing FURTHER, away, from the DEVIL!'  But if YOU would simply choose, to 'focus on DOING! - what is good for your SOUL' - despite, "your FEELINGS", in the moment - then, YOU would actually LEARN, to be "SPIRITUALLY minded", and SPIRITUALLY focused - and RECOGNIZE that 'THAT' - IS - the ONLY way to Live as "a CHILD of the Most High True GOD"(December 14, 2017 update) 

Have you been tempted to see us as "MEAN, and CRUEL witnesses"

And so you are using TESTIMONY quotes, to JUSTIFY yourself, and to DIMINISH the "HEAVENLY COUNSEL" that we have GIVEN to you - as, you give yourself PERMISSION, or 'the excuse', that you don't HAVE to follow the Counsel - because, "Jesus SAID! - that His Disciples KNOW they're not PERFECT" - and the Blessed Virgin MARY said, "the acorn didn't grow into the OAK tree, OVERNIGHT"   And so of COURSE! - you can look at the TESTIMONY, through a STRAW! - and find "self-AFFIRMATION", if that's what you're LOOKING for.  Just like, you can read the BIBLE, and ONLY look, for 'AFFIRMING quotes' - just like the PROTESTANTS do!  But that DOESN'T MEAN, that "you're on the PATH to Salvation".  You can keep TELLING yourself, that, 'you DESIRE, to be PLEASING to your Heavenly FATHER' - while at the same TIME, 'REFUSING! - to CHANGE, those THINGS, that are OFFENSIVE to Him'.  Millions of "christians" are doing 'the SAME thing'.  And YES! - Jesus is NOT, "a harsh TASKMASTER" - EXCEPT, to "the SLOTHFUL, and WICKED, servants".  We NEED to warn you, that 'TURNING to the spirit of the ANTICHRIST', as you read the Testimony - IS 'a form of BLASPHEMY'.  And that is 'when your PERCEPTIONS CHANGE' - where you SEE yourself as "RIGHTEOUS"; and us as "MEAN, and CRUEL witnesses" - for DEMANDING things of you!  BUT we respect your decision just the same.  (December 15, 2017 update) 

What happens when a Member of the Faithful Remnant chooses to BELIEVE in the Truths revealed in the Testimony, while REFUSING to apply the Counsel from the Two Witnesses to their lives?
"So, for the sake of your tradition [- your routines, resolutions and rituals - to cling tightly to a book], you have made void the word of God. You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me [- because they refuse to LIVE, what the Testimony teaches], teaching as doctrines the precepts of men [- relying solely on human understanding and human reasoning without desiring to TURN to the Ways of GOD, in order to find the path of Salvation].’”
(Matthew 15:6-9)

HE is KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS.  His NAME is "JESUS"; HE IS, my SON - and HE IS "RULING" - in this Age - over the entire UNIVERSE!  And He has GIVEN, ALL things, to His BROTHER! - His TRUE Brother - who is ALSO, my son - and He has GIVEN 'Dominion', to him - over the FACE of the Earth!  So NO! - my PEOPLE - it does not matter 'WHAT, you choose to BELIEVE'! - if YOU, do NOT, 'BELIEVE', in 'the ONE', who was SENT - to set you FREE!   If YOU, do not 'RECEIVE', his TESTIMONY - THEN you are "without Hope"; and, you are 'DESTINED to be LOST' - as "the son of PERDITION", and those who follow, IN 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST'S, footsteps'.   DO not go, against "the Lord's anointed", in your hearts, and EXPECT, to be spared! (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, March 1, 2016) 

That's what happens!  (December 17, 2017 update)

Have you been taking time to THINK about the questions you ask us, BEFORE sending?

Those kind of questions that you are 'PRESENTING TO US'? - YOU need to take the time, to THINK about, 'what the ANSWER is' - and 'how to apply the Counsel'.  Because we can tell from "your REACTION", to the Counsel we sent, that you're not even DISCERNING, the inspirations; but you're simply, 'allowing your FEELINGS', a.k.a. DEMONS, to INFLUENCE what you WRITE us.   You NEED to re-read the Counsel - SLOWLY - and from the HEART.  And take it IN.  STOP "feeding it to your FEELINGS"(December 20, 2017 update) 

Do we ever send the same Counsel to other Members of the Faithful Remnant?

ALWAYS! - when an EMAIL is POSTED - or, when our COUNSEL, to an INDIVIDUAL member of the Remnant, is POSTED - IN the Testimony - it is DONE, in SUCH a way, as for the PERSON, to REMAIN "anonymous"; because we DO respect, 'the private STRUGGLES', of the Faithful REMNANT.  HOWEVER, in a COMMUNITY - it is NECESSARY, that in ORDER, for EACH INDIVIDUAL, to HELP each other - then the STRUGGLE, needs to be SHARED.  AND so, SOMETIMES we WILL share 'an email that we have sent' to ONE Member - living in the same household - in order to HELP, their BROTHER or sister, with their SPIRITUAL life. (December 21, 2017 update) 

Did you remember to ask Jesus for the Grace to DESIRE to APPLY, the COUNSEL?

You need to ask Jesus for the Grace to DESIRE to APPLY, the COUNSEL that we have GIVEN to you, to your LIFE!  The COUNSEL is only to make, your life BETTER, when APPLIED.  But the DEMONS! - do NOT! - Want it to reach your SOUL!  And so, you have to FIGHT! - to be able, to RECEIVE our Counsel. (December 25, 2017 update) 

Have you been looking for "WORLDLY problems" to SHARE in your EMAILS with us? 

From READING and discerning your EMAILS - the True Holy Spirit REVEALED to us, that one of 'the MAIN, PROBLEMS', you HAVE - is, your INCESSANT! - DESIRE! - to LOOK! - for "WORLDLY problems, to SHARE! - in your EMAILS with us".  But that is NOT the same as 'SHARING your spiritual STRUGGLES'.  The "WORLDLY PROBLEMS" you HAVE? - that you go LOOKING for! - are ACTUALLY 'a DISTRACTION, FROM, your SPIRITUAL life'. Because, ALL those "WORLDLY PROBLEMS"? - EVERYONE in the Faithful REMNANT are faced with - every DAY.  It is called "living in the WORLD".  But the QUESTION, is, "WHERE is your HEART?"  "Where is your FOCUS?" - on 'how BAD? - everyone IS?' - and how "BAD, the MUSIC IS, that is PLAYING?" - on how "bad the WORLD IS? - all AROUND YOU?"  You KNOW! - that, 'those THINGS are bad'.  And so you NEED to focus, on 'your CREATOR' - throughout your day; and focus on, 'LOVING, your Creator', from your HEART - NOT 'on the WORLDLY problems'!   EVERY "OBSTACLE", that you COME across - the Most High TRUE God is 'simply WAITING for you' - to turn to HIM for the SOLUTIONBut you have to want the SOLUTION! - and seek the SOLUTION! - MORE than the problem.  And, you HAVE the TESTIMONY - and access to Daily COUNSEL - and so it's time to be "a better STEWARD", of those Gifts(January 04, 2018 update) 
Have you been choosing to seek help with "the MINUTIAE"?
By PRESENTING to US, "the SMALLEST! - of, MINUTIAE, details - of a SMALL offense" - you are ACTUALLY, 'HIDING! - the BIGGER ones!'  And now, we invite you to 'turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and ask, "how our COUNSEL is TRUE!" - and NOT just 'react, with FEELINGS'.  (January 04, 2018 update) 

When you read Daily Counsel, have you been simply choosing "to AGREE without THINKING"?

Now we know you're finally starting to be HONEST with us.  And the more you ARE - the more, 'RELIEF' you will get.  And, the more GRACES you will RECEIVE - and the more LOVE, of your Creator, you will EXPERIENCE.   But KNOW this: When we BRING something to your ATTENTION - we are NOT asking you, to simply 'AGREE, without THINKING'!  WE don't want you to lie.  Know that LYING, can ONLY bring more pain!  But it is the TRUTH that will set you FREE.

And so, when people simply REACT to our Counsel, and AGREE with it, without THINKING, they are actually "deceiving THEMSELVES" - AND 'trying' to deceive us! - if they send those 'demonic reactions' to us - and that is ANOTHER form, of 'brushing off the Counsel'. (January 11, 2018 update)

Have you been emailing us to simply tell us how you are going to fix yourself?

Where is your HEART?  Can you FIND it?  The HEART, is NOT, "just a physical ORGAN"; but it IS 'the PLACE, where "the DISPOSITION", or "ATTITUDE", and "DESIRES", are FOUND!'  And so, if you CHOOSE to embrace DISCOURAGEMENT? - that means "you desire to be DISCOURAGED".   If you choose to PANIC - the only reason you would DO so, is because you DESIRE to!  And it is 'the DEMONS' that are panicking, IN you! - because, you worked 'so HARD to PROTECT them' - over TIME!   The Most High TRUE God works with 'the desires of the HEART'; but YOUR problem! - is that, 'you WANT, to HIDE your INTERIOR life from your CREATOR' - and "DIAGNOSE, yourself".  YOU! - want to be "your OWN physician" - which is why in almost EVERY EMAIL, you SEND - you TELL us "what's wrong with you".  AND! - how you're going to fix it - "on YOUR terms"!  Because you STILL, 'desire to be your own SHEPHERD'.  And so you need to REJECT your desire to hide your INTERIOR life from your CREATOR - for, ISN'T that, what EVERYONE! - outside the Ark is DOING? - that MERITED THEM, 'RECEIVING the mark'.  ASK, for the GRACE, to DESIRE, 'the LIGHT, of the THRONE, of your CREATOR', to SHINE - IN! - to your interior life - and 'EXPOSE the darkness', that is THERE!  That's the ONLY WAY, you can 'get on the PATH', to HEALING.  Allow your Creator, to EXPOSE! - the DEMONS, IN you!   And SIMPLY... 'REJECT them!' - as they SURFACE; repent of EMBRACING THEM; and, resolve, to embrace GRACES instead - and be TRANSFORMED.  You need to be "re-CREATED" - and that IS "very uncomfortable" - so use LOTS of Blessed HOLY Water. (January 21, 2018 update) 

Have you been calling the Counsel we send, "suggestions"?

You have "a STRONG! - DESIRE! - to water DOWN the Counsel we SEND you" - as being 'a mere SUGGESTION' - when it comes to 'HOW - you are called to CHANGE, and GROW'.  And this is "very DANGEROUS" - because, the WORDS we are GIVEN to SHARE - are from 'your CREATOR' - as HE can see THROUGH you - to "the VERY INNERMOST depths of YOUR being".  And to CALL the COUNSEL "SUGGESTION" - means you are DISMISSING it.  And when you DO this - you become "spiritually WEAKER", and "more SUSCEPTIBLE, to TEMPTATION" - and to "demonic DESIRES".  Because, if YOU are NOT, 'FOR', the Divine Counsel, we SHARE, WITH you - then you can ONLY be 'AGAINST it'.  And when you choose to be 'AGAINST it' - that is to GO against, "a COMMAND! - of the Lord, YOUR God" - and THAT, is 'what fosters REBELLION, and PRIDE' - inside you.  We KNOW - as UNCOMFORTABLE as it is, TO hear - that you DESIRE, to USE! - the Counsel, that we GIVE you - in order to prop YOURSELF up! - on a pedestal.  And that is NOT 'what it is for'!  The Counsel is GIVEN, in order 'to take you DOWN! - from your PEDESTAL' - and to HELP you, to be 'REAL', with yourself.  Because if you CAN'T be honest with yourself? - then WHY would you WANT to be 'honest with OTHERS'? - even your CREATOR? - whom you can NOT! - 'deceive'. (January 28, 2018 update) 

Know that to blow off the COUNSEL is to blow off the GRACES.

Know that it is CRUCIAL, to "YOUR spiritual wellbeing" - that you don't "BLOW off the Counsel" - by SENDING us "your REACTION to it".  Because THEN! - you ACTUALLY 'rob YOURSELF', of the Graces, that you COULD have received - had you SIMPLY put more CARE, and EFFORT - into, your EMAIL response.  And WE can tell the DIFFERENCE, between 'the ONES in the Remnant, who are taking in the Counsel, and APPLYING it' - and the ones who are SIMPLY, READING it - AND refusing to CHANGE.  EACH time we SEND you, Divine Counsel - THAT is "an OPPORTUNITY, for TREMENDOUS growth"!  USUALLY? - it is "an OPPORTUNITY, to practice TRUE HUMILITY, in RECOGNIZING, that you NEED! - our help"; and that you NEED! - your Creator's Divine Intervention in your DAILY life.  And the MORE, you CHOOSE, to be 'DOCILE', to, the COUNSEL, Moving THROUGH US? - the more 'GRACES' you receive, from Heaven.  AND! - the MORE, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT will SHARE, of HIMSELF - WITH you - throughout your DAY - to make "YOUR cross and burden" LIGHTER.  BUT, IF when we SEND you Counsel - your immediate RESPONSE, is "OH NO! - NOT ANOTHER one!" - "OH, WHAT are they going to say NOW?"  Or, "THIS is going to be SO uncomfortable! - to read".  THAT is "the wrong ATTITUDE to HAVE"; that is "a WORLDLY attitude to have".  And SO you WILL receive "the fruits of the WORLD in that RESPONSE!"  You WILL receive, "ANGER, hatred, BITTERNESS, resentment, UNFORGIVENESS and WRATH" - as, your REWARD! - for REBELLION. And that PUTS you "in satanic UNITY" with ALL those, who HATE the Testimony.  And we are TELLING you this, because we KNOW "it is a BLIND spot".  (February 06, 2018 update) 

When we are unable to email you - CHOOSING to go crazy? - IS "always an option" - but it ISN'T a good one!

NOW more than EVER, YOU need, to 'CLING to the TESTIMONY'.  And ASK the True Holy SPIRIT, to LEAD you! - to what, the Most High TRUE God! - wants to SHOW you.  Don't try to shepherd YOURSELF - it will NOT go well!  And so you NEED! - to TURN, TO the Testimony - in ORDER, to be SHEPHERDED, by "your True SHEPHERD".  You need to consecrate, 'the Gift of Spiritual SANITY', to the protection of Saint Michael the ARCHANGEL - so that you don't "LOSE it".  ANY 'act of INTERIOR rebellion' - against, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT? - WILL result! - in the removal of FACULTIES.  But through "True REPENTANCE", you CAN! - get them back.  This is not "a GAME".  You CANNOT walk this JOURNEY by YOURSELF.  And to STUBBORNLY, try to DO so? - IS! - to be like, JONAH.  And so YOU experienced "the FRUITS of that choice".  You are STILL not healed COMPLETELY.  But, you MUST! - SEEK COUNSEL, for what you NEED - and SHARE, your struggles WITH us.  And when we are unable to EMAIL you - then you NEED! - to turn to the TESTIMONY - in HUMILITY - and BEG! - your TRUE SHEPHERD, Jesus Christ the LORD, to nourish your SOUL, through His WORD.  Understand?  What YOU need to do is REJECT your desire to CREATE mischief.  And ASK for the Grace, to be "a PEACEMAKER".  (February 15, 2018 update) 

For those who have chosen to stop emailing us daily.

You NEED to realize, that 'the DEMONS', can DISGUISE themselves, as "ANGELS of LIGHT" - and THEY will ALWAYS TELL you, to keep DOING 'what you're DOING' - and they WILL! - "AFFIRM you", IN your interior life - WHILE! - they KEEP you in "self-DECEPTION".  Because your ACTIONS! - DON'T match, what you're SAYING, AND praying!  Because, the MOST High TRUE God, is simply ASKING you, to EMAIL us DAILY - so that we can HELP you!  BUT, if YOU, are telling Him "NO!" - in THAT area? - then you are most DEFINITELY, rebelling in OTHER areas.  Be CAREFUL! - that you, do NOT, become "ELATED", with DEMONS! - in your INTERIOR life. Because "AFFIRMATION" - OUTSIDE the True Holy SPIRIT, is from DEMONSThe TRUE Holy Spirit, will CONVICT your Conscience, IN the Moment, of WHAT you're called to DO, and WHAT you're called to FIX, and HOW you can do betterThe DEMONS will tell you, that our COUNSEL, is "only BURDENING you", and "COMPOUNDING, your problems" - because they KNOW, that if YOU, would see "the VALUE, of our COUNSEL" - that you would GROW, SPIRITUALLY, CLOSER, to your CREATOR.  But the TRUTH is! - you DON'T value, our Counsel!  Be HONEST! - with yourself.  And if you DON'T "value" OUR Counsel - then you DON'T "VALUE" the Counsel of the True Holy SPIRIT - which MEANS, you have been 'DEADENING! - your conscience' - and making EXCUSES, for 'NOT doing! - what, the Most High TRUE God is ASKING of you'.  What you REALLY need to learn, is "self-DISCIPLINE".  IF you WANT to find, "a HOLY BALANCE" - IN, your Spiritual Life - and your PHYSICAL life - then you put your CREATOR FIRST!  And EVERYTHING ELSE? - fits into the DAY - that 'HE wants you to do'!  But it TAKES, "DISCIPLINE" - to be "IN the MOMENT" - LISTENING, to your CONSCIENCE!  And so we DON'T take 'what you tell us' SERIOUSLY.  And neither does your CREATOR.  UNTIL! - you DO?... 'what LITTLE He is asking of you' - for STARTERS.  EMAILING at the end of the DAY? - is FINE.  But, we SHOULD receive at LEAST, 5 emails, a week.  Because if you're NOT EMAILING, FREQUENTLY? - then we KNOW, you are NOT! - DISCERNING, your INTERIOR life - OR, what the TRUE Holy Spirit, is SHARING with you. (February 16, 2018 update) 

Have you been simply turning to your INTELLECT for the ANSWER to your SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS?

You are trying to apply, "a WORLDLY reaction", to a spiritual PROBLEM - and in DOING so, you are 'ACTIVELY trying to "SNUFF-OUT!" - the COUNSEL we already GAVE you'!  So REPENT! - of desiring to "SNUFF-out the COUNSEL, of the True Holy SPIRIT", in exchange for turning to your INTELLECT, and calling 'THAT'! - the Holy Spirit.  Because 'THAT', is "an ABOMINATION", to your Creator - because YOU! - do not HAVE, 'the MIND, of GOD!'   You NEED to RECOGNIZE, that you ARE "spiritually handicapped" - which means YOU need to RE-LEARN 'EVERYTHING! - OF the SPIRITUAL'.  But you can't learn 'ANYTHING' - as LONG as you keep 'turning to your INTELLECT, for the ANSWER!'  And 'the more INTELLIGENT you think you are' - 'the SLOWER, and more FOOLISH you will become'. (February 22, 2018 update) 

Have you been hiding behind the excuse, "But everything is so NEW to me!"

Here is an important reminder, just for a little "reality check":

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert."
(Isaiah 43:18-19)
"But everything is so NEW to me"? - 'That' IS, the well-crafted RESPONSE from 'the DEMONS'! - to give YOU 'an excuse' - why YOU don't have to change and GROW!  Because? - "everything is so NEW to you!"  Of COURSE, there are MANY new THINGS, that you are LEARNING as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'; and there will ALWAYS be, 'new things to LEARN' - new "LESSONS".  But the MANTRA that the demons GAVE you, is PREVENTING you - from GROWING,  SPIRITUALLY.  Because every time the OPPORTUNITY, for DISCERNMENT, and GROWTH is presented TO you - you ALWAYS 'REACT', without THINKING.  You NEED to learn to be "SPIRITUALLY minded".  It IS "an entirely different way, of thinking and DOING things" - as it is 'the WAY, of the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE'.  It is 'the WAY He has ASKED, His TRUE Faithful REMNANT, to WALK!'  And so - you NEED to change 'your ATTITUDE, towards new THINGS'.  You need to 'look FORWARD! - to doing things, in a NEW way, and according to the WILL, of your Creator'.  And you need to THINK, about 'the RIGHT way', to approach, "life" - and 'the simple TASKS'.   And it is CRUCIAL that you are "HONEST with yourself"... "If your life DEPENDED on it" - would you be ABLE, to FUNCTION, in SOCIETY?   Well then HOW much more IMPORTANT? - is your SPIRITUAL life?  You STILL NEED to BE "a RESPONSIBLE ADULT", in SOCIETY!  Just because, you became "a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT"  - DOESN'T MEAN that you 'throw OUT', the important LESSONS that you LEARNED, about being RESPONSIBLE - BEFORE you became 'a Member'.  And, the TRUTH is, that, if you CAN'T be "RESPONSIBLE" - in WORLDLY matters? - then HOW! - can you be "RESPONSIBLE", when it comes to receiving, 'our COUNSEL'?  Do you, 'SEE'? - what we are... SAYING?... (February 24, 2018 update)  

Killing the hornet in you
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

And so, you HAVE "the answers"... THEN what?

We have given you 'TONS of Counsel'.  And so you HAVE! - "the answers" in your INBOX.  And you KNOW 'how to turn to all of HEAVEN for HELP' - for the necessary GRACES - to DO! - what is being asked of you - APPLYING 'what you have ALREADY received'.  But, you NEED to 'WANT, to apply, the REMEDY' - MORE! - than 'DESIRING, the SICKNESS'. You need to WANT, to APPLY, the SOLUTION - MORE! - than desiring the problem(March 02, 2018 update) 
You know how to FIX the problem - as the Counsel IS in your INBOX, and IN the Testimony.  But you AREN'T choosing to fix the problem.  We are here to ENCOURAGE you! - to apply the Counsel that is in your INBOX - because it is there "for YOUR GOOD!"  But as long as you SEE, the world, through 'the eyes, of your DEMONS'- then you will SEE, our COUNSEL, the TESTIMONY, and the REMNANT, as "bad" - for YOU - and the WORLD, as "good".  EVEN though you KNOW 'how the Most High True God sees it'. (March 05, 2018 update) 

Are you in the GOOD HABIT of 'making a sincere effort towards HELPING YOURSELF' - BEFORE you email US for help? - because THAT just makes sense! 

We TRULY, 'want to HELP you' - But it is so CLEAR to us - that you don't EVEN, 'want to help YOURSELF'.   And THIS means you can ONLY, 'FIGHT! - AGAINST us', and against the Counsel.  "PRIDE", WILL! - be "your UNDOING", if you don't CUT it.  The True Holy SPIRIT, sees THROUGH you - and SEES 'your demons'. You are "uncomfortable".  THAT is clear.  It is clear to US, that the TRUE Holy Spirit has LEFT you... to your INTELLECT.  And so now you are "LACKING in True Spiritual VISION". You NEED to repent - and TURN BACK to your Creator.  And perhaps, your CREATOR will return to you.   But He DOES not 'BOW to you'.  He doesn't even 'BOW', to your REPENTANCE.  Understand?  Make "TRUE Peace" with Him - so that, 'HIS Peace' can dwell WITH you.  So that, you can be, "COUNTED among, His FRIENDS". (March 13, 2018 update) 

Did you remember to turn to the True Holy Spirit FIRST?

When you KNOW that you have a job in FRONT of you - or 'a TASK' in front of you - that YOU, need to SOLVE? It is IMPORTANT that you turn to the True Holy SPIRIT.  Because 'the DEMONS' are WAITING - JUST for "a little OPENING" of indifference - and 'not CARING' - in order to cause "a HUGE! - problem" -  FOR you - WITH, "your consent".  If they can 'just STOP you from THINKING' - and GET you in "REACT mode" - then you become like, 'a RUNAWAY train!' - with, no DRIVER.  And WHAT is going to HAPPEN? - if NO one is driving, the train?  (March 13, 2018 update) 

Best to avoid INDIRECTLY snubbing the One who answers your prayers.

If YOU are asking the Most High TRUE God for HELP - but at the same TIME, "SNUBBING US", by refusing to EMAIL? - then, what message are you SENDING Him?  And make SURE that you are PRAYING, to "OUR God" - NOT "the god of the institution".   MAKE it, "a PRIORITY" - to SIMPLY EMAIL us, daily. (March 31, 2018 update) 

Have you RESOLVED to be HEALED from your OLD life?

YOU need, to search your CONSCIENCE" - and ask, "WHY! - do I even EMAIL! - the Two Witnesses? - WHAT am I SEEKING?"  And WE can guarantee - that, if YOU are NOT 'SEEKING the RIGHT THINGS'? - THEN, wickedness will be ADDED to you - and MORE demons will come to TORMENT you - as it IS, with THIS WICKED GENERATION - that WHEN people are DELIVERED - the DEMONS GO - and having FOUND, MORE! - demons - WORSE than themselves, they come BACK, to 'their first HOME' - because "the DOOR was open"! And so if YOU are NOT 'seeking to be HEALED from your OLD life'? - not ONLY will you 'RETURN to your old life!' - BUT with WORSE EVILS, ATTACHED!  And THEN - your PHYSICAL health FOLLOWS.  THIS is NOT "a GAME"!  You can't "PLAY, the SYSTEM" - because, the MOST High TRUE God, is 'ABOVE, YOUR! - human intellect'. (April 29, 2018 update) 

For those who have fallen into the snare of habitually asking, "How are the Two Witnesses WRONG?"

You ONLY respond to our Counsel, by ASKING the question, "how are they WRONG!"  And YOU need "a MAJOR attitude adjustment", or you're NOT going to make it.  If WE had the attitude, when receiving Counsel from Heaven, "HOW! - is Jesus WRONG! - HOW are the Words from the True Holy Spirit WRONG!" - we NEVER, would have made it this far and there NEVER would have been a Testimony.  But early ON?- the Most High True God REVEALED, that, He GIVES each PERSON 'the OPPORTUNITY to reject, the Truth' - and He GIVES them the REASON to! - IF they WANT it! - because He DOESN'T 'FORCE the Truth on people'.   But if they DESIRE! - to receive the understanding, and to APPLY! - the Counsel of the True Holy Spirit to their lives - THEN, He shows them 'HOW'.  But the ONES who choose to be "PRIDEFUL and ARROGANT" will NEVER understand, "the Narrow Path" - nor see the WISDOM, in FOLLOWING after the Most High True GOD.  The TESTIMONY, can be "a BLESSING", OR, "a curse!" - DEPENDING, on the DISPOSITION of your HEART towards your CREATOR, as you READ His Word.  If you are looking for fault with HIM? - or with US? - then? - that is what YOU will FIND! - as ALL the people who come to the Testimony, OUTSIDE the Ark - FIND! - as they turn AWAY from it. IF you are LOOKING, to be 'HEALED, of your former LIFE, and your old WAYS' - and you are LOOKING for "an AUTHENTIC relationship, with your CREATOR"? - then you will FIND it!  But if you TRY to lay SNARES for us? - in your CORRESPONDENCE with us you will ONLY! - fall INTO them, yourself. (May 02, 2018 update)
"The assailants" are continually PRAYING that EVERYONE who finds the Testimony, would ONLY seek excuses to reject it - and seek excuses to be AS spiritually poor and BLINDED, as the ASSAILANTS are.  And so, KNOW that you are free to ask ANY question, and to go to where that question leads you - to the ETERNAL destination that is ultimately "the fruit of YOUR seeking".  Know that the jewish leaders were ALSO focused on the question, "But how is He WRONG? - and HOW can we crucify Him?" They sought - and they found - and now they HAVE their reward.
Wake Up and Smell the Roses!
Scott is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What to DO when you are stuck in a habit of simply REACTING to the Counsel?

You NEED to pray for 'the Grace of TRUE Spiritual VISION', and 'True Spiritual HEARING' - and FAST!  Because YOUR RESPONSE? - does NOT indicate, that you, even 'heard a WORD!' - of the Counsel we sent.  And if YOU'RE cut off from the True Holy Spirit? - then you're in DEEP! - DEEP trouble! Stop REACTING to the Counsel, with 'what you THINK, we want to hear'.  And, INSTEAD, THINK! (May 22, 2018 update) 

Have you decided to STOP growing SPIRITUALLY?

And so, YOU need to go over, the Counsel that we HAVE sent you in the past - because we have GIVEN you, 'SO much help!'  But, the PROBLEM is, that you PUT, the COUNSEL we GIVE you - THROUGH, "a FILTER!" - so that, it can't CHANGE you! - because there is 'a WALL' there - that YOU! - have worked, on BUILDING up.  In OTHER words, YOU have made "some pacts" with YOUR personal DEMONS - that you're ONLY going to change, 'SO much' - and then it stops!  AND, that you're ONLY going to listen, when it comes to "PRACTICAL advice", that will HELP you, in a FINANCIAL way - or to help you, 'BETTER your circumstances'.  YOU have been LOOKING at our Counsel, as though, we are 'SOME kind of lucky fortune that you found' - and, YOU won't receive 'ANYTHING of the True Holy Spirit' with THAT kind of attitude!  Also - we KNOW that you're SECRETLY LOOKING, for WAYS, on HOW, YOU! - can see, that 'our COUNSEL, is WRONG - in your EYES'.  WE are asking you to 'CHANGE, and to grow SPIRITUALLY, and to be DOCILE!'  But your DEMONS! - want YOU, to grow 'in the OPPOSITE direction' - and be docile to THEM.  And, you have been PREFERRING that - 'DOCILITY to demons', that is - because, you have "CARDS", in your INTERIOR life, that you're 'PLAYING', for "why you DON'T! - have to change" - and it IS mainly "pride"It's not OUR job, to help your DEMONS, to get "into the Era of Peace" - and we WON'T help you! - to sneak them IN, no matter HOW many different "STRATEGIES" you try USING.  You, NEED, 'a GOOD! - relationship, with Jesus Christ the LORD'.  But YOU! - have 'set terms, for GOD'! - to allow you into the Era of Peace, BASED on "the terms you have set".  And "your terms" are not acceptable!  Your... "SALVATION TERMS"?... are denied! Learn! - the FIRST, Commandment - and EVERYTHING, that it ENTAILS. (May 26, 2018 update) 

Divine Counsel is for the PURPOSE of helping you focus on the CREATOR'S Ways

We DO know, that you are living, in "QUITE a hostile ENVIRONMENT" - and, you most DEFINITELY are going THROUGH, 'some SERIOUS, purification'.  So, DON'T, give UP - but SIMPLY resolve, to go over the Counsel that we HAVE sent you - and READ it!  And UNDERSTAND!  And MAKE "the necessary CHANGES".   Because "YOUR ways" are WRONG - but the CREATOR'S Ways, are 'RIGHT'!  Don't SEEK, "FLATTERY, affirmation or TOLERANCE"- FROM us! - because we WON'T give it!  And DON'T seek to be "ACCEPTED, by us" - because what is MOST important, is that YOU have, "a clear CONSCIENCE, before your CREATOR".  WORSHIP the Most High TRUE God - the WAY, He is ASKING you to.  Rise to 'HIS expectations', and His TERMS, that HE has set - that WE, are simply "RELAYING, on His BEHALF". YOUR relationship, with your CREATOR, should BE! - your NUMBER one, priority.  But the DEMONS, want to DISTRACT you with 'how you FEEL'! - when you get an EMAIL from us.  The MOST High TRUE God, TRAINED us, to DISCERN - 'HOW the demons work' - AND, 'how to CALL out, their GAMES'.  And WE are TEACHING, the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, 'HOW to discern their own INTERIOR lives'.  BUT! - YOU, are called, to FOCUS, on 'drawing close to your CREATOR'. The DEMONS will FOCUS you, on "what you DON'T want" - as LONG as they can! - so you DON'T, DO what is NECESSARY, in ORDER to OBTAIN Salvation.  (May 26, 2018 update) 

Has reading our Counsel ever brought you to the point of TEARS?

And, you NEED to know, that 'CRYING, is OFTEN, 'ALLOWING, the DEMONS that have been FOUND! - to COMPLAIN! - THROUGH you'.  If YOU are "upset" - at the EVILS going on, in the world - and that BRINGS you to tears, at times - that is ONE thing.  But if you're "FEELING SORRY for yourself", and you feel 'TEARS, welling UP, inside' - know that THAT, is 'the DEMONS!' - because they've been CAUGHT. And so that's "your DESIRE, to show false COMPASSION to your DEMONS" - and to choose to IDENTIFY with them.   You're NOT, "a DEMON"!  You are "an INDIVIDUAL", that your CREATOR, has INVESTED in.  But YOU! - need to choose, to FOLLOW Him - in your HEART - NOT, 'the works of the DEMONS'.  (May 27, 2018 update) 

Keep in mind, that the DEVIL, OFTEN cries 'tears of self-PITY', 'tears of self-LOATHING', and 'tears of HATRED, towards every man, woman and child he tempts'.  And so, no, "TEARS" are not a sign that you are injured and need to file a law suit against us (- and in doing so, force US, to turn to "the JUST Judge", in Heaven, to pass an IMMEDIATE and JUST sentence on YOU...).  Rather, "TEARS" are often a sign that you are in fact "YOKED to your personal DEMONS" - who are in turn, 'absolutely miserable'.  Best to BREAK the yoke, and ask JESUS to please send the demons packing to the Eternal Lake of FIRE - and then ask Him to FILL you with the corresponding Graces from Heaven.  OR? - you can simply be miserable, with your demons, to the very, bitter, end - as YOU partake, in 'the Just Sentence that was passed against THEM'.

Have you been running out of 'things to make UP' - or 'PROBLEMS to create - or even 'things to COMPLAIN about' - and email us about?

We are NOTICING that Members of the Faithful Remnant, are taking 'the Gift of Daily Divine COUNSEL' - and CHOOSING! - to ACTIVELY, "struggle" - in ORDER to have something, to SHARE! - WITH us.  But that, ISN'T "the point of Daily Divine COUNSEL".  It's NOT 'to make things UP' - or 'create PROBLEMS' - or even 'COMPLAIN' - and then share that WITH us.  SEEKING Counsel, is actually 'to HELP you, to REMAIN, on the narrow Path'.  And when you've lost FOCUS - seeking COUNSEL can HELP you 'get back on the right TRACK'.  But we have noticed a PATTERN, that people are sharing 'the EXACT same PROBLEMS and STRUGGLES - OVER and OVER again' - when they have ALREADY been GIVEN 'the solution'.  And we can NO longer 'enable THAT, behavior'.  And so, we WILL BE, REFERRING, the Members of the Faithful Remnant to 'PAST Counsel', that they have already RECEIVED. (May 28, 2018 update) 

Have you been taking the necessary time and care to send SPIRITUALLY-minded emails?

Actual email: " was sunny, it was mostly cloudy and windy, with intermittent rain... in the evening... the clouds weren't blocking the Sun... thank you for the very nourishing updates"

Please do not talk about the WEATHER, in ANY of your emails to us.  Is THIS something that you, would talk to your CREATOR about?  [... that's supposed to be "rhetorical"...]  Please keep ALL of your emails, as 'SPIRITUALLY minded' - AS possible.  Please do not talk about 'how the updates were NOURISHING', unless you can give 'HOW, they were' - unless you have "SPECIFIC EXAMPLES"? - we can ONLY see, 'THAT statement', as "fluff!" - and SO does your Creator.  And as for your VIDEOS? - we DON'T want to HEAR, how the WEATHER was, when you went to record - OR, that the weather was BAD that day, and you were UNABLE to record.  We are SIMPLY WAITING, to receive, "NOURISHING heartfelt VIDEOS, that we can POST".  We DON'T need all of the DETAILS.  And the FACT that you want to FOCUS on all of the details, tells us that you're STARTING to see making videos as "a burden".  And we can ASSURE you! - that it is "a BURDEN", to the demons - because they want to HIDE. And PLEASE do not tell us you make dinner - because THIS is called "FILLER" - in the email string.  We KNOW 'the game'.  And PLEASE do not WRITE and tell us, 'how BAD! - the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Ark ARE!' - because WE know, already - as ALL of their 'wicked works' are EXPOSED, IN the Testimony.  And the ONLY reason, that you, would want to share that WITH us, is to make your SELF, 'FEEL', righteous. (June 06, 2018 update) 

Have you been seeking to UNDO what you have LEARNED? - by CONTINUALLY looking BACK at 'the time when you DIDN'T know'?

When you write us, it is IMPORTANT, that you don't "RE-LIVE, the past", or past experiences - ESPECIALLY before you found the TESTIMONY.  Because you're CALLED, to leave 'ALL of that' behind.  Although, we DO - 'appreciate' - you giving us MORE of a BACKGROUND, of yourself.  But, 'the PERSON you WERE back THEN'? - you are called, to 'walk AWAY from'! - and become "a NEW man" - in JESUS Christ.  So please do not include any of 'your PAST', in your EMAILS - as THAT is ACTUALLY, turning to NOSTALGIA, to email us.  You SEE, "the ASSAILANTS", WANT! - the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, to LIVE, in, the PAST.  So don't COOPERATE - because ONLY the present matters.  So the BEST thing is to share what SPIRITUAL struggles, you are having - OR - SHARE what is IMPORTANT, about your DAY - how the Most High TRUE God, HELPED you - or some INSIGHTS, that you have gotten, from your CREATORYour EMAILS, WILL reflect, the PICTURE YOU want us to SEE...  So DON'T "undo", what you've LEARNED, by CONTINUALLY - looking, BACK at the time you DIDN'T know!  You SEE? (June 13, 2018 update) 
And yes we still DO get "insincere emails" from those who have CLOSED their hearts to the Truth
We can read HEARTS - WHEN, Jesus Christ the LORD, 'REVEALS', the heart of the individual, TO us.  But He does not REVEAL, the hearts, of THOSE, who have CHOSEN! - to have 'CLOSED hearts'.  And, we can tell from your email [- referring to an email from someone whose heart is CLOSED...] that... your HEART is CLOSED!  It takes 'MUCH' to be "an OFFICIAL Member of the Remnant".  And [- for the INSINCERE people who are currently OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety...]  you're ACTUALLY "better off", SIMPLY, when you ARE sincere - just, to be a PRIVATE member.  Use the Blessed HOLY WATER, repent from the HEART, listen to your CONSCIENCE, and read the TESTIMONYLearn what your Creator is ASKING of you.  Stop focusing on "FEARS" - and start DOING.  Simple. (July 10, 2018 update) 

For those who have a STRONG desire to shepherd THEMSELVES

You need to reject 'your desire to shepherd YOURSELF'.  From everything we have DISCERNED, from reading over your EMAILS - it is CLEAR! - that you have "a STRONG desire, to use your INTELLECT, to SHEPHERD yourself".  But in DOING so - you are 'SHUNNING the TRUE Shepherd - Jesus Christ the LORD'. And so YOU have to CHOOSE, every DAY - WHO! - YOU are going to be SHEPHERDED by.  Do you TRULY DESIRE, 'to ADORE, and WORSHIP, the Most High True GOD'? - OR? - do you WANT to WORSHIP and adore, 'your OWN plans'? - and 'your OWN way, of doing things'? - and CLAIM that, "that is of god". (August 18, 2018 update)
The Counsel is actually for those who desire to CHANGE
Our WORDS are ONLY 'so OVERWHELMING', in as MUCH, as you STUBBORNLY refuse, to give up 'the FEELINGS', and 'the DEMONS', associated, with those feelings.  You're CALLED, to EMBRACE, 'the TRUTH' - the TRUTH, can SLAY, 'the DEMONS', inside you - but ONLY with your consent.  You need to know that applying the COUNSEL in the TESTIMONY without changing, isn't applying it.  Perhaps we forgot to mention that earlier.  We sent you MUCH Counsel - but what good is it, if it doesn't reach your heart?  ARE you going to allow our Counsel to reach your heart?  If SO, we WILL see the change!  DON'T change for US, or for PEOPLE, or for the REMNANT. You are called, to CHANGE, 'FOR, Jesus Christ the LORD, your CREATOR'.  Because He's ASKING you to change!  HE is 'the One, who is ASKING you, to give UP, your bad HABITS, and your OLD ways of DOING things' - and ESPECIALLY, your SINS - and embrace 'a NEW! - way of life' - a new way of LIVING - no longer "for YOURSELF", or "for your FLESH" - but FOR, your CREATOR. (September 02, 2018 update)   

Did you know that 'applying the Counsel' is in fact "GOOD for your health"

And so WHY is your health improving? - we asked your HEAVENLY Physician.  Because, you ARE condensing your EMAILS - and you are no longer 'SEEKING to BURDEN us' - WITH them.  You are actually "OWNING, what you are SENDING us - and taking RESPONSIBILITY, for your CHOICES".  BECAUSE you are CHOOSING to apply the COUNSEL, to the BEST of your ability.  And, because, you have been 'SELFLESS' - the Most High TRUE God, will NOT be "OUTDONE, in GENEROSITY"  And so HE in fact is HEALING, you!  (September 12, 2018 update)   

Apply Daily Divine Counsel as you TURN to your Creator - to be RECREATED

Know that when we give COUNSEL, it IS "the corresponding TRUTH", or "the ANTIDOTE", to the DECEPTIONS, that the SOUL is embracing.  And so, it IS important, that, you READ it - AND understand.  Turn to the True Holy SPIRIT, for help WITH this.  When we give Counsel - there are two OPTIONS: to ALLOW the DEMONS, to TURN on you, and DEVOUR you; OR? - to turn to your CREATOR, to be RECREATED - as you make 'a FIRM resolve', to SHUN! - the EVILS, that we are EXPOSING - and to resolve, to do BETTER, by 'LIVING for your Creator'. You NEED to learn, to 'LOVE, the Most High True God'; but, the DEMONS, are "TERRIBLY afraid!" - of their Creator. (September 14, 2018 update)   
When we EMAIL you, please WAIT, before you respond.
Please do not email us back right away - with 'your REACTION'.  You NEED to READ, and LEARN.  We are NOT SEEKING "a back and FORTH WITH you" - that is not the POINT of daily COUNSEL.  The POINT of daily COUNSEL is for YOU, to share, with US, 'what the TRUE Holy Spirit has placed on your HEART'.  But, if YOU want to keep it HIDDEN? - then the True Holy Spirit will NOT reveal it to you. (October 14, 2018 update)  

Have you been choosing to acknowledge 'the works of your CREATOR' and 'His DAILY INTERVENTIONS' in your life?

When you WRITE us EMAILS - we WANT to see that 'YOU have been discerning, SPIRITUALLY' - HOW the Most High True God has been 'WORKING and MANIFESTING in your LIFE'.  And THIS is 'how, you WILL grow spiritually'.  Because the MORE, YOU acknowledge, 'the works of your CREATOR', and 'His DAILY INTERVENTIONS' - the more 'HE acknowledges YOU!' - the more Jesus Christ the LORD, 'acknowledges you before His FATHER in Heaven'.  (November 01, 2018 update)

WHY does it always 'APPEAR' that our Counsel is wrong?

WE know, 'how DIFFICULT it is', to FOLLOW, our Counsel - as we TOO, had "difficulty", in the PAST - TRUSTING, and putting 'our FAITH', in the Counsel, from our CREATOR.  Because, OFTENTIMES, He would SHARE things, WITH us - that, SEEMED "on the SURFACE" - to put us 'at a DISADVANTAGE' - but in the LONG term, was "the best DECISION" - because He can 'see the FUTURE'.  And so when we give COUNSEL, the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT are CALLED to 'TAKE that leap of Faith' - that WHAT we are sharing WITH them, is ACTUALLY, "for their GOOD", and to HELP them move forward, MUCH quicker. But it takes 'TRUE Humility', in order to acknowledge, 'the True Holy Spirit MOVING, through the Counsel.  It's JUST like, when EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, receives 'infused Knowledge from the True Holy SPIRIT, in the MOMENT'.  Now they can 'put the BRAKES on', and say, that they are going to do it, and follow "according to MAN'S way of thinking" - or - to be "on the SAFE side" - or they can 'REASON, why it's NOT a good inspiration, to follow' - or they can resolve, to recognize the TRUTH, when it is SPOKEN, or when they HEAR it - and resolve to ALWAYS ACT upon, the Truth.  EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, must decide for THEMSELVES, 'HOW they are going to respond', to the COUNSEL.  But WE can say - quite CONFIDENTLY - that 'on the SURFACE', it will ALWAYS appear, as THOUGH, 'we are WRONG'.  Because JESUS, gives EACH MEMBER, 'the OPPORTUNITY', to seek OUT, "HOW, we are RIGHT?" JUST as HE, gives 'each Member' the OPPORTUNITY, to seek OUT - "HOW, His Words are True"(November 02, 2018 update)   

Have you been in the habit of sending us "a litany of PROBLEMS"?

Yes YOU are called 'to SEEK! - Counsel daily' - but WE are not REQUIRED to respond, on a daily BASIS. YOU are called to be 'dependent on the TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - but YOU, have turned THAT, into 'CHOOSING, to be wholly DEPENDENT, on US' - SENDING you, an EMAIL! HOW, is THAT, "spiritual SANITY"? It isn't. YOU need to learn to 'take RESPONSIBILITY, for your POOR choices'.  And you NEED, to be DEPENDENT, on GOD - on the Most HIGH True God.  And, YOU need, to start 'SEEING things through HIS Eyes' - because all you were THINKING about was 'all the OBSTACLES'.  And while you FOCUSED on THOSE? - you missed OPPORTUNITIES.  YOU need, to make "a GOOD habit, of focusing on SOLUTIONS".  Life is NOT, "ALL, about PROBLEMS!"  And, THAT is 'what you SEND us, in your EMAILS'.  (October 24, 2018 update)   

Why for SOME, it 'SEEMS' that our COUNSEL is "HARSH"?

The REASON, that it 'SEEMS', that our COUNSEL, is "HARSH"? - is because we HAVE, to be 'FIRM'! - with PEOPLE, in these TIMES - OTHERWISE, they try, to get away, with "MURDER" - as in, "MURDERING their CONSCIENCE" - and ALSO, they go so far, as to MURDER, the child in their WOMB. We are AGAINST, 'the DEMONIC strongholds', in your SOUL.  And YOU'RE "called to be against them" as WELL!  But the more you FIGHT us? - the STRONGER, those demonic strongholds becomeThe MORE, you are 'DOCILE', to the COUNSEL? - the softer your HEART becomes, and the more GRACES, you RECEIVE, in order to OVERCOME the SNARES, that the DEMONS, have SET, in your LIFE.  We ARE actually "here to HELP", people - to give UP, sin, and demonic STRONGHOLDS - and INSTEAD, to SEEK to be "filled, with Heavenly GRACES".  But so FEW, 'desire to be FILLED', with Heavenly Graces - as they would rather, be 'filled with OTHER things', instead. And we KNOW when a Soul has chosen, to resist, and fight, the TRUE Holy Spirit, MOVING through our Counsel.  And we KNOW! - when a Soul has CHOSEN, to TRULY desire, to cooperate, with the True Holy SPIRIT, and with the GRACES, being "CONSISTENTLY poured from Heaven"(November 20, 2018 update)  

For those who have been choosing to FIGHT our Counsel.
You need to re-read that Counsel, and allow it to reach your heart.  HEAD-butting the Counsel, like a mountain goat or ram, isn't going to save you.  But that is what 'the spirit of intellectual pride', would have YOU do.  TWO paths.  Pick the one you want to walk.  Why?  Because we're not here, to FEED you opportunities, to DOWNPLAY the Counsel from Heaven, that we send you.  Stop delighting in wickedness, because there is only ONE place, for people who embrace that hobby - and you're running out of time. (December 06, 2018 update)   
And so for ALL the former or private Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are READING this page, "looking for LOOPHOLES" - so that in fact, what THEY are READING, is "How to REJECT Divine Counsel"? - we SEE you! - and so does all of Heaven.  KNOW that, 'that game' NEVER has "a happy ending".
How we are asking the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to treat us through their emails
It is VERY important, that you are 'THINKING', all the time.  JUST because, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, INFUSES in you, 'the necessary KNOWLEDGE' - in order to ACCOMPLISH, a TASK? - He STILL 'expects you to WORK for it'If you JUST think "you're ENTITLED to the answers"? - you WON'T get them.  Please stop sending us RUN-ON SENTENCES, where we have to spend EXTRA time - actually DECODING, and trying to figure OUT, 'WHAT you are communicating'.  PLEASE, DO your best! - when communicating WITH us - so that, WE, do not have to BEG you, for more information, that is "OBVIOUS" that we will NEED.  Please communicate with us the way, YOU would want someone! - to explain something to YOU. And please stop turning to 'wrathful JEZZIE' - in order to turn your EMAILS, into 'a BIG, BURDEN', for us to READ - JUST because YOU'RE burdened. (December 10, 2018 update)   

The Public and Private Members of the Faithful Remnant make the effort to email us daily.

It's really IMPORTANT, that you EMAIL US DAILY - EVEN if you want to WAIT, until the END of the day.  And THIS is "for your spiritual WELLBEING".  Because HOW can we help you - with ANYTHING! - if you choose 'to COMPLETELY shut us out'You CAN'T have it both WAYS.  You CAN'T believe that, we are Jesus' TRUE Representatives, in these TIMES, and that we're 'His TRUE Brother and SISTER' - while at the SAME TIME,  CLAIM to be a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, as you refuse to even EMAIL us - and then CLAIM that "you're on GOOD terms with your Creator" - GOING it alone!  WE are PUTTING an end to 'that SELF-deception' - RIGHT now.  Because it doesn't do YOU, any good, to continue EMBRACING, two LIVES!  By NOT emailing us - you are telling us that, YOU, are not going to grow spiritually - and that you'd RATHER, avoid 'the uncomfortable TRUTH', that we share, "LIKE the plague!"  If you treat US! - like "the PLAGUE"? - and WE have been 'sent, by HEAVEN' - WHAT "heaven" are YOU, HEADING towards?  What you are actually DOING? - is "what your DEMONS, NEED you to do" - in order for YOU, to stay 'CHAINED to them'.  THEY are "the harsh taskmasters"! - NOT us.  Because, THEY desire to steal, 'ALL! - of your time', for THEIR own selfish PURPOSE - which is 'to DEPRIVE you, of TRUE, happiness - and True JOY' - as you SEEK to please THEM.  And WHILE you please them, you CAN'T, please the Most High True God. (December 10, 2018 update) 

As you were "APPLYING the Counsel" - did you MISS A SPOT?

APPLYING the TESTIMONY - is NOT like 'TAKING your MAKEUP KIT, to the POWDER ROOM, in order to COVER UP, the unsightly BLEMISHES'.  But THAT'S how you've been treating it. YOU explain to US! - what YOU have learned - about applying the Testimony, and the Counsel.  WHAT does that MEAN? - to you.  EXPLAIN, in your OWN words(December 17, 2018 update) 

WHO is responsible! - for FOLLOWING the CALL of your CREATOR?

YOU are responsible, for FOLLOWING the CALL, of your CREATOR.  But you HAVE to desire - you NEED to desire, "what HE! - desires, for YOU" - and it WON'T BE, "according to human expectations".   The problem you're HAVING, is that you're TRYING to apply the COUNSEL - with "HUMAN expectations".  Because 'for YOU'? - you STILL hold 'your own INTELLECT' in high esteem.  But, the TRUE Holy Spirit, speaks to your HEART.   WHERE is your Treasure? (December 18, 2018 update) 

For those who see the Counsel as "DISPOSABLE when it's convenient"

The Testimony, is OVER a MILLION! - Blessed Words - of DIVINE Counsel - from God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - the Blessed Virgin MARY - the Holy SAINTS, and the ANGELS - along with the LESSONS that WE have learned, along OUR journey - as we 'SEEK to SHARE them', with the Members of the Faithful REMNANT.  But if, YOU do NOT want 'to TURN to the TESTIMONY'? - for 'how to live your LIFE'? - to be "FAVORED by your CREATOR"? - then? - there's NOTHING more we can DO for you.  What WE have discovered? - is that the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, have made "a special PAST TIME", to ACTUALLY present, 'GAMES', and "LOOPHOLES", that they THINK, they can USE! - in order to get "a PASS", into HEAVEN.  WE have "NEWS!" - for everyone: Jesus Christ the Lord sees 'ALL the loopholes', and 'ALL the games' - and the MORE you send those 'GAMES' to us - YOU, are simply, helping US, to HEAR 'all the excuses', and 'the games' that PEOPLE - are going to try, to play.  And we're GOING through them ALL!  Now EITHER you can be "PURIFIED of your old ways"? - and embrace "your TRUE identity", as "a CHILD of the Most High True God" - OR? - the Creator can 'USE you' - the way YOU seek, to use US - the way YOU see "US", as "disposable" - the way you see 'our COUNSEL', as "DISPOSABLE", when it's "CONVENIENT" for you. EITHER way He WINS!  So STOP 'messing around' - and get SERIOUS! (December 27, 2018 update)  

For those who are choosing to glamorize the Testimony

INSTEAD of, GLAMORIZING the Counsel, in your mind - to make it, "INACCESSIBLE", to your SOUL - INSTEAD of 'REFLECTING, on how PROFOUND! - the Counsel is, as "an EXCUSE! - NOT to apply it" - WHY not simply RESOLVE, from THIS MOMENT FORWARD, to be "the NEW you" - the New YOU!  And WE can ASSURE you - that as you DO so - you can ONLY be 'Fulfilled'. But it takes EFFORT - to establish 'a FIRM connection' with your Creator.  HE is 'teaching you something'.  The question IS, "HOW much, are you willing to LEARN, and apply?" (December 27, 2018 update)    

For all those who DON'T want to apply the Testimony to their lives, and yet, STILL want Daily Counsel?

If you DON'T want to apply the Testimony? - to your life - then you can STOP emailing.  Because - we are "VERY busy people" - and we DON'T have time, for PEOPLE, who want to waste THEIRS.  The Testimony IS "the antidote" -  and YOU need! - to desire the antidote MORE than! - "your afflictions" - in order to be healed. (January 03, 2019 update)   

For all those who are CHOOSING to simply "BLOW OFF! - the Counsel"?

And so, in as MUCH, as YOU are choosing to simply, "BLOW OFF! - the Counsel" - your CREATOR? - will treat YOU 'the same way'. (January 06, 2019 update)   
“Then the channels of the sea were seen, and the foundations of the world were laid bare, at your rebuke, O Lord, at the blast of the breath of your nostrils
(Psalms 18:15)
"Do you not know, that with ‘one Breath – from His Nostrils’: He can ‘sweep you away’, as though ‘you never existed’?!  Do you not fear: My SonDo you not have ‘a Holy Reverence’ – for ‘His Authority’?  Because I tell you Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed! – for ‘much less’, than ‘what is going-on now’." 

When you are tempted to email us "an illusion"?

You think that by RE-SENDING us the Counsel, SUMMARIZED - in your OWN words - that you can SOMEHOW, 'PASS-off, the ILLUSION, that you are choosing to GROW, and CHANGE, and be TRANSFORMED?'  WE are not "BUYING it.  But what you HAVE earned - through your ATTEMPT at "extreme flattery" - is an IMMEDIATE Just Response, from Jesus Christ the LORD. For YOU have gotten off "LIGHTLY" - for many YEARS. But THAT is about to change.  You need "a GOOD dose of the FEAR of the Lord" - as you have NEVER experienced - in order to "SNAP you OUT", of 'your FALSE image, of self'.  And in order 'to DETHRONE the queen', IN you. (January 09, 2019 update)
How much of the Counsel in the Testimony applies to YOU?
DON'T "LOOK for ways, to ACCUSE yourself!" - when you SEE that someone has RECEIVED "Counsel".  Because THAT'S actually "false HUMILITY".  Whatever APPLIES TO YOU? - applies to YOU.  But not EVERYTHING is going to! - not EVERYTHING written in the TESTIMONY, applies to YOU!  You HAVE to DISCERN.  BUT! - MAKING 'a HABIT, of rejecting the demonic ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS, and all SOUL and SPIRITUAL TIES with your FORMERS'? - will HELP! - as you seek to 'fill the VOID' - with the TRUE Holy Spirit, of your CREATOR. (January 13, 2019 update) 

WHY is it "not wise"? - to try REALLY, REALLY hard! - to paint YOURSELF, as "a living saint"?

Sending us a LIST of 'your HEARTFELT DESIRES'? - is NOT, the same as 'SEEKING Daily Divine Counsel'.  But it IS 'a way for YOU, to try to PAINT yourself! - as a living SAINT'.  And THAT is a manifestation of "self-righteous JEZZIE" - who UNFORTUNATELY? - is POSSESSING you!   Because your EMAIL, is FILLED with FLATTERY and affirmation.  We DON'T believe you know 'ANY other way to BE'.  We're LOOKING for 'YOU'! - but we can't FIND you - in your CORRESPONDENCE with us.  ALL there IS? - is 'a litany of, good INTENTIONS'.  Is that all you ARE?  You're HIDING.  But we SEE you.  And SO does Jesus. TURNING to "institutional MANTRAS"? - will not save you.  You NEED "spiritual SANITY".  You NEED to PRAY for "spiritual SANITY" - BEFORE! - you LOSE, 'ALL of it!'   (January 25, 2019 update) 

Have you ever NOTICED? - that when you COOPERATE with Divine COUNSEL, your burden gets LIGHTER!

You SEE how the Most High TRUE God, actually 'LIGHTENED, your burden' - because YOU chose, 'to COOPERATE', WITH! - the Divine Counsel.  You said "YES!" - to your Creator.  And SO? - He INTERVENED and HELPED you! - out of "a VERY, difficult SITUATION".  And SO? - NOW He's waiting, to 'watch what you do NEXT'.  Are you going to try 'to PLAY? - the SYSTEM? - to try to MANIPULATE His Response? - to future circumstances?'  Because now - you KNOW! - the FORMULA.  OR? - are you SIMPLY going to 'LIVE', and 'DO', as you were CALLED to! - by the TRUE Holy Spirit.  Are YOU going to, 'ACTIVELY, turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit' - as "a way of LIFE"? - OR? - JUST when you want God to DO something for you? - like the PROTESTANTS do.  The question IS, "What SEPARATES you, from the PROTESTANT faith?"  "HOW are you DIFFERENT? - than all the OTHER so-called christians OUT there?"  And the REASON we ASK this? - is because THAT is 'what your CREATOR is looking at' - THOSE are 'the QUESTIONS', that HE is asking, even THOUGH 'He already KNOWS the answer'.  He knows "EVERY move!" - that you will EVER make! - Billions of YEARS ago. (February 01, 2019 update)   
We can SEE that your emails - are actually "DESIGNED as a SNARE! - for US! - to try to get US to try to micromanage your LIFE". That is 'CREATING mischief'. BASICALLY what you are SAYING is, "If we DON'T email you BACK? - then you're GOING to create a PROBLEM!" And so? - we are ASKING the TRUE Holy Spirit and your Holy Guardian Angel "to MICROMANAGE YOUR life" - because that's what you DESIRE. But you will QUICKLY find out - that as 'you DESIRE to create MISCHIEF' - in order to get "a RESPONSE, from your Creator" - that it WILL BE! - "the RESPONSE you're not expecting". You sent us "a DISTRESS signal". Your HOLY Guardian Angel will respond from now on - EVERY TIME, you choose 'to BATHE, in being DISTRESSED'!  And he will 'TEACH you' to fear GOD instead.  AND, he will HELP you, to desire, to 'work WITH him'(February 04, 2019 update) 

A SPECIAL "compassion note" for ALL those who are EXHAUSTING themselves as they try to apply HUMAN understandings and human PERCEPTIONS, to living the TESTIMONY.

You said that you UNDERSTAND the message - but the TRUTH is, that if you DID "understand" it? - you would NOT be sending us "all the ways you are DEFENDING yourself".  But instead, you would be actually CHALLENGING yourself.  And so OBVIOUSLY - you need to RE-READ the Message - and  CHALLENGE yourself, instead of DEFENDING yourself. Can you see the DIFFERENCE?  Can you DO that?  BUILD on what you ARE doing right - and GROW!  You should be 'seeking to CHALLENGE yourself, to GROW'.  YOU need to be 'OPEN' to your Creator's love for your Soul - as YOU! - seek to love HIM! - by SERVING Him, with your entire BEING.  The only reason for your EXISTENCE? - is for YOU to 'get to know the One who MADE you' - as you, 'make your way BACK to him' - with "a purified SOUL"!  But REMEMBER throughout ALL, of it - you NEED to be 'lighthearted' - and it IS POSSIBLE! - but it is "supernatural".  You can TAKE your SPIRITUAL life "VERY SERIOUSLY" - while at the same TIME - be 'VERY lighthearted and JOYFUL'!  But it is the 'BEING lighthearted and JOYFUL', that takes the most EFFORT.  WHAT you're trying to DO? - is to apply HUMAN understandings and human PERCEPTIONS, to living the TESTIMONY - but to live the Testimony IS! - "supernatural" - it is 'ABOVE, human nature'.

And SO? - SHOCKING as it may sound, being "a Member of the Faithful Remnant", is SOLELY RESERVED for... "the Spiritually Challenged"... those who challenge themselves DAILY! - to grow CLOSER to their Creator.  (February 04, 2019 update)

What is "the one sentence snub"?

Your EMAILS, are getting "VERY short"!  ONE sentence? - ISN'T "where the bar is SET".  HOW can we 'HELP you'? - if you, ONLY want to share a SENTENCE or two? - from your DAY.  That is actually "a SNUB" - and so your CREATOR allowed you to get SNUBBED!  It's "a RED FLAG" for US - when PEOPLE only EMAIL, "ONE sentence, for the day".  Because? - then we KNOW! - they're CHOOSING to go it ALONE.  And there are "NO good rewards" on that path. (February 04, 2019 update) 

You don't live in "a TUNNEL".

And when we SEND you "Counsel"? - you can 'PRETEND', that, that is the ONLY piece of Counsel, you have RECEIVED - and you can LOOK at it 'at FACE VALUE'. OR? - you can ADD, the SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE, that we are sharing WITH you - to what you have already LEARNED, in OTHER areas of your life.  

But for those who PREFER "tunnel vision" - and who PREFER to pretend that all the previous Counsel we sent is no longer APPLICABLE, because we don't RE-SEND it with each email? - know that you ARE free to LIVE that way.  Just be SURE to turn off the tunnel vision, before getting behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle - for legal reasons of course.  The train wreck - that "legally blind" outlook will cause in your SPIRITUAL life? - is another story. (February 17, 2019 update) 

What IS the Gift of Forthcomingness? - with a prayer.

And when you EMAIL us - ALL you are going to GET? - is the TRUTH.  Because THAT'S what you NEED. If we were to AFFIRM, ANY of 'your poor decisions' - or to AFFIRM, 'your DELIBERATE weaknesses'? - THAT would be cruel! - of US.  But instead - you're CALLED, to open your HEART, to your CREATOR!  Only YOU can change 'your ATTITUDE', towards us - and towards your CREATOR. ONE of the spiritual Gifts, that our Creator, has BLESSED us with - is the GIFT of 'FORTHCOMINGNESS'.  And - EVERY! - time we EMAIL you - it WILL be COMMUNICATED in such a way - that FORCES you to CHOOSE! - EITHER, 'HUMILITY'? - or 'PRIDE'.  For that is the SAME way, OUR Creator - COMMUNICATES, with US.  And so WE are "just PASSING it along".  Because PEOPLE, of THIS generation - are 'SO! - HIGH on themselves', and PUFFED-up with PRIDE! - that they NEED! - to be HUMBLED, DAILY.  AND, if PEOPLE who EMAIL us, REFUSE to 'be HUMBLED, by the COUNSEL we send'? - THEN! - the Most High TRUE God, will 'HUMBLE them!' - in their PERSONAL life.  It's THAT simple!  But they WILL 'be HUMBLED'! - those who EXALT themselves - with their DEMONS.  And so when you get an EMAIL from us? - you can either 'knowingly CHOOSE, to WALK DOWN the Path of TRUE Humility; OR? - be KICKED! - and DISCIPLINED! - down the Path - as YOU claim, that YOU are "in the right!" - and that WE, are "in the wrong".  EITHER way we win!  EITHER way you get HUMBLED!  Because 'TRUE Humility', is the ONLY Path to HEAVEN - is the ONLY Path to the FULLNESS of the Era of TRUE PEACE.  And you need to KNOW, that 'True HUMILITY', IS! - "ACID", to the DEMONS - because they CAN'T walk it.  You HAVE to leave 'your demonic ENTOURAGE' behind you! - in order to 'FULLY, embrace your Creator - with your entire BEING'.   

And when people FIND the Testimony for the first TIME - and they CRINGE? - it's actually 'the DEMONS' cringing THROUGH them.  So NO, we don't take that personally - but their Just JUDGE, Jesus Christ the LORD sure does! - IF they ultimately refuse to separate from their DEMONS that is - and in order to cling to HIM. All it TAKES, is a HEARTFELT and sincere PRAYER, TO your Creator - and HERE is one:

Lord Jesus Christ Most High True God, please 'CUT the MILLSTONES', from my HEART - so that I can receive, 'Your WORD', instead.  Amen.
(February 20, 2019 update)     

What's THAT? - you're "hard DONE BY"?

That you would SEE YOURSELF as "hard DONE BY"? - as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT?  From what WE can tell? (- from your CORRESPONDENCE with us) - is that you have 'ABSOLUTELY, not ONE iota of gratitude - to your CREATOR - for ANYTHING!' And THAT! - is 'the PINK ELEPHANT, in the living room' - that, we can SEE! You NEED to STOP! - being 'so PETTY', in your emails.  It's NOT about 'externals'.  It's NOT about, 'portraying an IMAGE of yourself, that you THINK we want to HEAR'.  DO you! - DESIRE, to OVERCOME, the DEMONS? - and to CHANGE, for the BETTER? Or, do you JUST want to, 'have them stand DOWN, every once in a while', as you BATHE in 'some Peace from your CREATOR'?...  Your CREATOR, wants to SHOW you 'an accurate REFLECTION', of what YOU have been choosing...  You NEED to stop 'trying to MANAGE', your demons.  And REALLY 'resolve, to be DELIVERED from them' - NEVER more to return to them.  Because EACH TIME you DO? - each TIME you return to your DEMONS? - they are ACTUALLY 'STRONGER' - and if you don't STOP? - they will SIMPLY 'overpower you', one day - when you LEAST expect it. SO? - STOP "playing with fire".  And GET the Blessed Holy Water.   And make "BEST FRIENDS!" - with the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - instead. (March 02, 2019 update) 

For all those who have been PREFERRING to email us through "a false personae"?

We are NOT going to AFFIRM, "the false PERSONAE", that you are 'choosing to WRITE through'.  YOU, are "COMFORTABLE, playing DUMB!"  And, WE are not INTERESTED, in READING, "your IGNORANT THOUGHTS" - your "DELIBERATE ignorance".  You 'PRETEND' that you don't KNOW, 'what is being ASKED of you' - in order to deceive YOURSELF! - so that you can remain the SAME - and you have been DOING this for YEARS now.  YOU need to 'turn to your Creator' - and ASK Him for 'the Grace to apply the COUNSEL that you have already RECEIVED'.  Snap OUT of it! - before your CREATOR has to do 'something VERY drastic' - in order to 'SNAP you out of it'.  STOP 'the bad HABIT', of turning to 'a false PERSONAE' to WRITE through. (March 05, 2019 update) 

Did you know? - that you can FREELY SPEAK in your EMAILS - FREELY WRITE - the DISCERNMENT that you have gotten, from READING the updates?
There is SO! - much in the updates.  And you NEED to know, that you can FREELY SPEAK in your EMAILS - FREELY WRITE - the DISCERNMENT that you have gotten, from READING the updates - because, we are NOT 'hiding ANY intel', from the one world government - nor STIFLING the inspirations from the True Holy SPIRIT. WE suggest:  that you firmly RESOLVE! - that, you will PERSEVERE! - through the adversities, and through the "discomfort" - instead of, "habitually FOLDING, when things get TOUGH, and when you're in the SPOTLIGHT".  But THAT requires change.  DON'T turn your INTERIOR life, into 'an OPPORTUNITY, to embrace DRAMA!'  DON'T put your INTERIOR life, "on a SOAP box", for your personal DEMONS - to take ADVANTAGE of.  INSTEAD? - choose to live 'SIMPLY'.  RESOLVE problems QUICKLY.  AND? - just CHOOSE! - to forgive yourself, for 'your past failings' - AND others - and move ON quickly, with 'the next TASK!'  The problem YOU have, is you've made 'a BAD HABIT' of BROODING. And so YOU! - have to 'choose to STOP'. OR? - ALLOW your demons, to DEVOUR you!  You ONLY have! - 2 choices.  It's MUCH better to stick with, "JUST folding your laundry".  Of course it ALWAYS 'seams that way'. (March 05, 2019 update)
For the Members of the Faithful Remnant who have been CHOOSING to do nothing
And please do not email us back with "your immediate feelings REACTION", to our Counsel.  Instead, email it "as a person who was TRANSFORMED by it" - AFTER you apply it, and live it.  Don't let the DEMONS, STEAL! - the valuable LESSONS that we are sharing WITH you - by choosing to REACT, and become EXCITED - as you experience the GRACES - but then refuse to do ANYTHING! - on YOUR part.  BEING a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, ISN'T about "SEEKING a SPIRITUAL hit of GRACES" - and THEN? - 'SLIDING back, into your old WAYS" - and then SEEKING another 'hit', of GRACES!  But 'THAT'! - is how you have been TREATING your SPIRITUAL life - which is why you CONTINUE, to turn back to 'your old IDENTITY' - because that's the ONLY place you can end UP, by doing NOTHING! (March 28, 2019 update) 

Finally, the Most High TRUE God's PERSONALIZED Plan for YOUR LIFE! - is NOW being revealed!

We do not KNOW, the Most High TRUE God's, "full PLAN, and design for your life" - because that's between you and HIM; but He SIMPLY 'HELPS us', to CONTINUE to POINT you in the right DIRECTION - AND, to GIVE you 'the necessary Fraternal CORRECTION', in order to HELP you, stay FOCUSED, on 'what HE wants you', to FOCUS onHe REALLY, ONLY, GIVES us, 'the NEXT, step'

Simply stated: "His PLAN for your LIFE? - is that RIGHT now! - YOU! - would take 'the NEXT step', that HE is asking you to take, towards Him".  Hopefully, you won't find that TOO "overwhelming", or too "INCOMPREHENSIBLE", or too 'SIMPLE', to actually INCORPORATE, into "YOUR daily plans".  (April 01, 2019 update)

ONLY share what is NECESSARY: what is RELEVANT, what is HELPFUL, what is TRUTHFUL!

We notice that you are only sending us, 2 or 3 sentences, a DAY! - but THAT is "not enough for us to work with".  It's ACTUALLY "a SIGN to us", that you're SIMPLY 'REACTING!' - but you're NOT discerning, with the True Holy SPIRIT.  KNOW this:  The PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, ARE "ALL! - in reaction mode" - because THAT'S 'how the enemy, PUTS them! - and KEEPS them! - on AUTOPILOT!'  But it takes 'EFFORT!' - SELF-control and self DISCIPLINE, to FILTER your thoughts and ONLY 'share what is NECESSARY' - what is 'RELEVANT', what is 'HELPFUL' - what is 'TRUTHFUL'!  'TRUE Discernment', is "a GIFT from the Most High TRUE God" - and it is 'ABSOLUTELY! - essential to have'So you NEED to PRAY for 'that Gift', DAILYARE you PRAYING? - for the GIFTS, and the FRUITS, of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT? - DAILY? - because if you 'DON'T ask'? - you WON'T receive
"And so you NEED to ask the True Holy SPIRIT, 'WHAT do I send, the Two WITNESSES? - that will, HELP, CATAPULT me FORWARD, in my SPIRITUAL journey, WITH Jesus Christ the Lord'." (November 23, 2017 update) 
And THAT is very DIFFERENT than seeking the answer to the question, "How can I deliberately create problems for myself, to TRY to get them to respond?"  Remember, that your CREATOR will ALWAYS respond FIRST - to the bad inspirations that you choose to embrace, and then send us.  In other words, if you want to "create a PROBLEM", in order to activate your CREATOR as "a FIRST RESPONDER", then you are ALWAYS free to do so.

(April 13, 2019 update)

HOW, is the Counsel all TRUE?

Please take the time to READ! - our Counsel - TAKE it to heart - and TURN to your CREATOR, for 'HOW, it is all TRUE?' - INSTEAD of just 'DISMISSING, what you don't AGREE with'. You're EMBRACING so many spiritual TOXICITIES - and if you DON'T 'FACE them' - if you DON'T desire them to be exposed? - if you DON'T desire to be DELIVERED of them? - then you can ONLY 'perish by them'.  We're NOT HERE to TELL you, that "you did a good JOB!" - and that "everything is FINE!" - because THAT would in fact, be LYING, and WOULD kill you!  But? - WE desire, that you, would LEARN, to TRULY live, for your CREATOR.  But you CAN'T! - as LONG, as 'you HOLD on, to the SPIRITUAL TOXICITIES, of your FORMER life, and FORMER identity'. (April 25, 2019 update) 

Perhaps it SIMPLY needs to be stated, that it ISN'T a testimony of religious platitudes and formulas.

Perhaps we need to REMIND people, that the FASTEST way to tell us, that you are STILL yoked to your religious institution, is by SENDING us, or subtly HIDING, or even...

Deliberately 'HIDING! - behind a SMOKESCREEN of PLATITUDES and FORMULAS'? - is "NOT in your FAVOR".  And we can SEE! - 'the toxic IDENTITY', that you REFUSED! - to address.  Which would IMPLY? - that "you're going to hold ON to it!" - and "try to 'SNEAK it!' - by US! - and by your CREATOR".  That is "NOT! - going to go well".  OBVIOUSLY you have 'LOST, REVERENCE, for the TRUTH' [- just like all the people who are hiding from the Testimony, in their religious institutions].   You're COASTING, spiritually.  And that only goes, in one DIRECTION - and that's DOWNWARDSYou NEED to be 'honest with YOURSELF'.   You DON'T have much time left.  "False EXTERNALS" and "false ENTHUSIASM"? - will NOT get BY us.  What JESUS is ASKING OF YOU? - is "NOT hard".  But, you NEED to 'DESIRE it!' - MORE! - than your DESIRE, to be JUSTIFIED, as you ARE.  Because you CAN'T 'GROW, SPIRITUALLY' - if you CONTINUE TO TELL yourself, that "you're DOING everything! - the right WAY" - that "you're doing your PART".  Because we can TELL you:  You're NOT! - doing your partThe LORD Jesus Christ, requires "FAITHFULNESS".  And you SIMPLY need to be "FAITHFUL", each DAY - and get THROUGH the DAY - as, 'a FAITHFUL, MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT'.  But if you're TRYING to change yourself all at ONCE? - THAT'S how! - you'll get overwhelmed, and THAT'S how, you give yourself, 'the LICENSE! - to BROOD.  Because "BROODING" - GIVES you, 'the EXCUSE'! - NOT! - to make the necessary changes, in your life.  Trying to HIDE! - your BROODING, with false EXTERNALS? - isn't going to work EITHER.  Are you taking the time to WATCH? - the other Remnant VIDEOS, in order to be NOURISHED?  Are you even 'ALLOWING them to reach your heart'? (May 15, 2019 update) 

THIS isn't a Hollywood movie where you only have two hours to share all your pious thoughts.

And obviously, there ARE some people out there, who actually need to HEAR this.

We don't 'NEED', a LITANY, of "EVERY pious thought, that you HAD, during your DAY, or your WEEK".  WE need to know, 'how the True Holy Spirit, is working in your LIFE' - and your EMAILS, will REFLECT, 'the PRESENCE, of your Creator' - or 'His ABSENCE'.  You need to STOP! - "DESPERATELY, looking for SIGNS".  Because if you DON'T? - YOU might become "the Sign". (May 21, 2019 update) 

Did you remember to seek to be TRANSFORMED by the Truths in the Testimony? - because that's the whole point of it all.

And if the HONEST answer to that question is "no"? - then the following applies to you.

We READ, your emails - and we SIMPLY have ONE question - EVERYTHING that you have said, aside: WHAT are you DOING! - with your TIME?   There's NO INDICATION to US - that, you're even 'LIVING the Testimony'.  Be CAREFUL! - NOT 'to be ENSNARED', by your own WORDS!  Because as you FOCUS so MUCH, on 'how you want us to SEE you' - the DEMONS, are 'ROBBING you'! - of 'the TRUE Faith', WITH, YOUR consent.  The HARD Truth? - is that, you want to RECEIVE Truths - but WILL NOT BE TRANSFORMED BY THEM.  The same goes for OTHERS: THEY want the Testimony for INFORMATION, but they WILL not 'open their HEART' to it.  (June 23, 2019 update)

Whenever you are tempted 'to ACT OUT AGAINST us' as you email?

DON'T! - 'act OUT', against your CREATOR - or against US - JUST "BECAUSE, you want to get a back and FORTH going" - because that's "the WRONG! - kind, of relationship" - and it ACTUALLY 'heaps COALS! - on your head'.  Many have TRIED 'that approach' - and they are "NO longer WITH us".  You 'THINK'? - that you are "ENTITLED TO, and that you are DESERVING, of personal attention FROM US"? - because you are 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'?   But it is your CREATOR who 'drew you to His TESTIMONY' - and you KNOW this!   But if you 'want to PRETEND!' - that "it's about US"? - then you can ONLY! - send us "demonic inspirations" - because your HEART'S not FOCUSED, on your CREATOR - but ONLY! - on "playing demonic games".    And what this STEMS from? - is your DESIRE to be "demonically YOKED", to the INTERIOR lives, of your FORMERS - who have 'NOTHING but PURE! - HATRED! - and DISGUST! - towards US'.  And that is 'the CHOICE to share in their DISGUST towards us'.  And so how can ANY goodness, flow THROUGH you? - in 'that SPIRITUAL state'You have 'all the TOOLS', NECESSARY, to overcome 'these OBSTACLES'.  But? -YOU need 'to WANT to USE them'.  By NOT Commending, your FORMERS - to the Divine Justice of their CREATOR - by DEFAULT! - you're "commending US, to the MERCILESSNESS, of your FORMERS" - and your formers' BLASPHEMIESThis will not CONTINUE for much longer.  Because our Creator is going to put an END to it - ONE way, or another. (June 27, 2019 update)

Remember to take the time to THINK before emailing us?

It's REALLY "important" - that, you TAKE, the time - to THINK! - about "HOW you're going to respond" - to our Counsel.  HONESTY, is "VERY, important".  Being "TRUTHFUL and UPRIGHT" - is ABSOLUTELY essential! - when, you are EMAILING us - AND! - every minute of every day.  Because the MORE 'dishonest' you are, IN your emails TO us? - the MORE you choose 'to HIDE behind EXCUSES' - the WORSE it gets for you! - and you ONLY! - bring down 'the WRATH of your CREATOR' - upon, your HEAD!  BECAUSE! - we REPRESENT Him!  And if you 'TRY, to KNOWINGLY trip us UP'? - in your EMAILS? - it is YOU! - who will fall! - it is YOU, who will be 'BROUGHT down' - if you TRY, "to put us to the TEST"? - it is YOU! - who will be 'tested'.  Understand?  (June 27, 2019 update)   

For ALL the readers who SINCERELY want 'the KNOWLEDGE of what you are called to DO' - without DOING it?

And just in case, you may be tempted to 'THINK', that this is some sort of CASE study that applies to someone ELSE? - in FACT! - this COUNSEL is SO Universal, that it even applies to Adam and Eve in the Garden, after the fall.

We asked you, "What are you doing with your time?"   And YOU responded with "a litany of spiritual platitudes", based on 'your RELIGION', and HOW! - you want us [- referring to the Two Witnesses, AND/OR the Blessed Trinity...] to see you.  Because you WON'T "FACE, the UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS", that we have shared WITH you - in the COUNSEL. You want to live 'in a state of DELUSION' - where EVERY time you look in the mirror - that you see 'ALL of Heaven', BEHIND you.  But THAT'S not "REALITY". You were NOT even able, to answer, "a simple QUESTION" - a PRACTICAL question. Because you want to HIDE!  You DON'T want us to know 'what you're doing with your time'! - because you KNOW! - that we will 'call you OUT', on many things.  And THAT'S! - "reality".  Those who want to HIDE from the Most High True GOD? - those who want to HIDE their interior lives FROM HIM? - and HIDE behind "self-RIGHTEOUSNESS", and self-righteous THOUGHTS? - will be cast FAR! - away FROM Him. You have 'no DESIRE', to SHARE, 'HOW, the True Holy Spirit, is WORKING, in your life' - with "REAL, LIFE, examples" - that would GLORIFY your Creator - even in your CORRESPONDENCE with us.  But 'all you have'? - are "spiritual PLATITUDES", and "IDEALS" - that's ALL you want to SHARE.  And? - we're NOT interested, and NEITHER is your Creator. Because you're "ONLY interested, in glorifying YOURSELF! - and your OWN, thoughts".  And that's EXACTLY, what the DEVIL was interested in - and still IS - and you are "his instrument" - because you CHOOSE to be. You want 'the KNOWLEDGE of what you are called to DO' - without DOING it!  And that's EXACTLY 'the interior life of a satanist' - who KNOW the Commandments! - REALLY well! - ONLY so that they can avoid them - only so that they can say no to GOD, just as you HAVE been doing.

Woe to those who hide deep [- in their willful IGNORANCE, or in their CLAIMS of ignorance...] from the Lord their counsel, whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, “Who sees us? Who knows us?”  (Isaiah 29:15) 

(June 27, 2019 update)  

Whenever you get a really BAD report card from us?

We sincerely 'WISH' that you could have had a better REPORT card...  BUT?... it's "the very BEST we could do" - based on what YOU have decided to become.  YOU need to take 'a SERIOUS look' - at the COUNSEL that we have SENT you - EVEN over the last few MONTHS - and - ASK yourself: if YOU even CARE! - to apply... ANYTHING! - to your life - and make "REAL changes", for the BETTER.  If you DON'T! - apply - the COUNSEL - that we have 'ALREADY, sent you' - from the HEART? - then? - the next TIME, you EMAIL us - you can ONLY! - receive 'a WORSE report card'.  And YOU have actually become "an ANTI-testimony in YOUR household".  Because? - by EXAMPLE, you are 'SHOWING those AROUND you' - that they should NOT! - listen, TO us - OR to the Testimony - OR, 'apply ANY Counsel'! - or make ANY changes to their lives!  And 'THAT Heavy WEIGHT', is 'UPON you'!  (June 27, 2019 update)  

What happens? - when people want to DOCUMENT all the ways they are NOT applying the Counsel in the Testimony, to their lives?

It would be "HELPFUL", for you to go over, 'the last Counsel', that we SENT you - and 'go OVER it' - POINT by point - and DISCERN! - WHETHER or not? - YOU, have been 'APPLYING', the TRUTHS that we SENT you.  There's NO sense in us sending you any MORE - if through your EMAILS, you just want to boast that you're NOT! - applying our Counsel.  The DESIRE 'to WASTE our TIME!' - by NOT applying the COUNSEL? - the SAME way 'the demons waste YOUR time' - with YOUR consent? - IS 'a form of spiritual abuse'.  And WE! - will not tolerate it.

And unfortunately, that WRITTEN documentation, tends to make 'a STUNNING appearance', at their Final Judgement - as their own WORDS, send them on their way - as all of Heaven, turns away.  Because? - they ended up sending us 'a litany of REASONS', of WHY! - they are "UNFIT, for the Kingdom of HEAVEN", or for the FULLNESS of the Physical Era, of True Peace.  And 'their THOUGHTFULNESS'? - in DOING SO? - is greatly appreciated, by all of Heaven... as it ULTIMATELY 'keeps them OUT!'  (June 29, 2019 update) 

Have you resolved to Discern, Receive and Apply the Counsel?

Actual email: "My focus needs to be... on allowing the Words to transform my life for the better and helping the Words to take root and bear fruit in my life..." 

And so you are being CONVICTED that it is BETTER to discern the Counsel, that we send you - and RECEIVE it! - and SEE 'how you can APPLY it'.  Rather than simply 'REACT', to our emails.  And if you are TRULY SINCERE, in what you wrote? - then you are ALREADY going over, your previous Counsel -  WITH your Creator! - and are ALREADY in the process, of DISCERNING it, and APPLYING it.  Is that the CASE?  WERE you doing that? - BEFORE our reply?  Or was it just "lip service" - that you sent us?  And so, it is BETTER to be 'AUTHENTIC', in your CORRESPONDENCE with us - ALWAYS.  Than to 'PRETEND', and to put up "false EXTERNALS and SMOKESCREENS" - because they can ONLY! - turn BACK on you', in the END.  And 'the smoke' gets in YOUR eyes! - through any DESIRE - for you to 'CONCEAL', your INTERIOR life, FROM us… is 'the desire to LIVE, in a FOG'.  The SAME goes, for if you DESIRE, to conceal your INTERIOR life - and protect your DEMONS - FROM! - Jesus Christ the Lord - then He 'HIDES Himself' FROM you - and you are 'left, in a FOG'.  And so - the best ANTIDOTE? - is to ALWAYS! - desire, to LIVE! - IN, the Light, of His DIVINE COUNTENANCE! - and WILL.  And keep 'HIM', at the CENTER, of your HEART - and of your EXISTENCE. (July 12, 2019 update) 

What is our LAST resort when people stubbornly refuse to apply the Counsel?

One of the obvious SIGNS to us? - that people are refusing to apply the Counsel - is that they stop growing, and stop thriving - and start to literally "wither and die SPIRITUALLY" - to the point where we don't even recognize their emails, as being from them anymore…

And so the question BECOMES:  WHERE are you getting 'your INSPIRATIONS' from? - when you write TO us - if WE! - cannot, even 'RECOGNIZE' them, as coming FROM you.  KNOW that, YOU! - are 'the ONLY one', who can TURN to your Creator - for "GOODNESS".  But if YOU 'DESIRE', self-DESTRUCTIVE thoughts? - INSTEAD? - then EVEN your CREATOR, can NOT! - help you.   The FACT IS:  That YOU'RE causing yourself, 'PROBLEMS' - and "PAIN!" - by 'where YOU choose, to place, your FOCUS'.  ALL the Most High TRUE God DESIRES to do? - IS - 'wipe AWAY all the tears and the PAIN, of your FORMER life' - as YOU choose to live for HIM.  It's "a SIMPLE, Covenant" - that, He makes with "His TRUE, children".  But? - if 'what pleases HIM', makes you "UNHAPPY"? - that means you're 'siding with the DEMONS'We did "our PART".  The Counsel is there for your GOOD.  But if you DON'T want to apply it? - there's NOTHING we can DO.

And that's when we simply hand your file over to Saint Michael the Holy Archangel - to see if HE can get the point across?... (- and he NEVER! - fails… historically speaking of course!) (August 26, 2019 update) 

For all those who would claim that they have MISREAD and MISUNDERSTOOD 'the COUNSEL'?

You need to RECOGNIZE, that this is not 'the first TIME!' - you HAVE! - MISREAD - and MISUNDERSTOOD, 'the COUNSEL', WE, have shared WITH you.  In fact, YOU! - TESTIFY - that YOU! - have been 'DISTORTING!' - and 'RE-ARRANGING' - our WORDS - to BE? - "a REFLECTION, of what, you WANT, to see".  And SO? - DEEP down INSIDE - you, ABSOLUTELY, HATE! - the COUNSEL, that we share.  And NOTHING else will CONVINCE us, OTHERWISE.  No matter, HOW many times you say, "you love jesus"… you have been, 'HATING!' - His Word - moving THROUGH us - because it's... "SO uncomfortable! - to HEAR".

… and THAT'S "another reason why WE LOVE it!"  Because it keeps those who Truly 'HATE the Words of their Creator', FAR FROM us! (August 26, 2019 update)

For those who experience BITTERNESS? - as they read our emails, and as they read the Testimony?

We can TELL - from your EMAILS, that the PROBLEM you're HAVING? - is that you're CHOOSING to IDENTIFY, WITH! - 'the PEOPLE, who have 'ILL-FEELINGS', TOWARDS us, the TESTIMONY, and the Faithful REMNANT' - and you're IDENTIFYING, with their "WICKED, SENTIMENTS". And so YOU can CONTINUE! - to do that.  OR? - you can REJECT 'the demonic ENTITY of the assailants' - and ASK for the Grace, to desire to SEE: US, YOURSELF, the REMNANT, and the TESTIMONY, through the Eyes of the Most High True GOD. And of COURSE, then you will be able to SEE, in 'the Light of Truth', as WELL. But YOU! - are ULTIMATELY responsible, for 'how YOU want to see things'. PEOPLE? - who embrace 'the demonic ENTITY of the ASSAILANTS'? - are "the Creator's ENEMIES".  And they have NO! - 'True Joy'; but DESOLATION! - is 'ALL they feel'.  And they blame 'US' - for the desolation.  Is THAT the vocation you want INSTEAD? If NOT? - you know 'what to DO'. It will also HELP if you, 'BLESS your EYES', with the Blessed HOLY Water - and, you SHOULD 'FEEL, heat - coming out of your eyes'.  And know that 'that's the DEMONS!'  And the TRUE Holy Spirit, will help you See.  (September 09, 2019 update)
Fighting on the Battlefield
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you want to OVERANALYZE the Testimony, or do you want to LIVE it?

The temptation for SOME? - is 'to OVERANALYZE, EVERYTHING! - that the Testimony REVEALS', and ALSO? - overanalyze, all the COUNSEL! - that, they have received - in the same way that the devil likes to lead PEOPLE, through the BIBLE - by 'STUDYING the Scriptures', as they REFUSE! - to live, them.  And SO? - KNOWLEDGE of the Testimony, is ONE thing - but you SIMPLY need to 'resolve to LIVE it'.  And? - to trade YOUR desires, APART from your Creator - for 'HIS'! - continually.  CONTINUALLY renouncing yourself - that the Most High TRUE God's Will be done.  THAT is in ESSENCE, 'what all MEMBERS, are called to LIVE'.  It's NOT about, 'OBTAINING a POSITION in the Faithful Remnant'; it's ABOUT, your DISPOSITION, or ATTITUDE - towards the One who MADE you.  Do you 'FEEL', ENTITLED, to EVERYTHING, that you've been GIVEN, BY Him? - as though it was "your RIGHT"?  OR? - do you, have 'a HUMBLE attitude' - and "a grateful HEART" - recognizing that, EVERYTHING you've been given, can be 'TAKEN back', JUST as quickly! - if you, should, be DESERVING of that.  INSTEAD of 'focusing on your POSITION, in the Faithful REMNANT'? - YOU need to 'focus on being FAITHFUL, to your CREATOR' - in every MOMENT as "a LIFESTYLE choice".  The PEOPLE? - who made it to HEAVEN? - are ACTUALLY "Saints"!  Through 'their COOPERATION, with the Most High True GOD'? - they RESOLVED! - to be "HOLY and PLEASING in His EYES - at ALL costs!"  They SACRIFICED 'the esteem of the WORLD' - to be "ESTEEMED by their CREATOR"! Because He DELIGHTS in THOSE, who 'DIE to their selves - in order to live for HIM'.  JUST as, Jesus Christ the LORD - sought His Heavenly FATHER'S Will, as "a way of LIFE" - TEACHING all men, that 'THAT'! - is the Way! - to the KINGDOM, of HEAVEN! (September 13, 2019 update)

When people send us 'a DELUGE, of WORDS'? - in order 'to paint a PICTURE of THEMSELVES', with "such FINE DETAIL!" - that it is "UNNATURAL"? - and DEFINITELY! - "designed to MANIPULATE our perceptions of them"? - a RED FLAG! - goes up.  And THEN? - we HAVE to ASK the question:  WHAT does this person want to HIDE?  You see, because 'the DEMONS' are very "CRAFTY!" - and, THEY understand 'human psychology'; but they CANNOT 'pierce, through the very DEPTHS, of a person's HEART, or SOUL'.  For ONLY, the Most High TRUE God KNOWS "the inner DEPTHS, of a person's HEART, or SOUL".  And, HE knows YOURS!  And YOU have not been 'HONEST'; but you DO have 'a desire, to DAZZLE us!' - with words.  Which is in fact "the COMPLETE, OPPOSITE! - of the Testimony"(September 22, 2019 update) 

For ALL those OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, who are 'seeking to DECEIVE us' in their emails

We can SEE, that you have "WICKED intentions!" - and WE want NO part of it.  And that TRULY? - YOU, are 'DETERMINED! - to deceive us'.  And SO? - we ask the Most High TRUE God, to 'GIVE you', the Just Reward, for your EFFORTS - and to 'TEACH you', that it is… "INCREDIBLY STUPID", to TRY to deceive the TRUE Prophets of the Most High TRUE God, by LYING - by being DISHONEST - by being DECEPTIVE.  And so we COMMEND you - to the Divine Just WRATH! - of your CREATOR - that He may SCOURGE you, AND your entire family - that you may LEARN, to 'FEAR', "the God of the Two WITNESSES - the Most High TRUE God". (October 04, 2019 update) 

The lives of the people who are trying 'to PLAY us' and 'set legal SNARES' for us, can ONLY worsen!

Stop 'turning to your DEMONS!' - for how to PLAY us - and set legal SNARES, in your EMAILS to us.  BECAUSE you're choosing that, your Creator ISN'T helping you, and things in your life continue to WORSEN.  So WE suggest that you turn to your Creator with 'True HUMILITY' - and stop turning to the DEMONS! - for "how to solve problems" - because they can ONLY teach you 'how to create MORE', in the process; but your CREATOR, has "the perfect SOLUTION".  But YOU! - have been "very STUBBORN!" - NOT wanting to apply ANY of it!  (October 15, 2019 update)

ARE the Members of the Faithful Remnant called to communicate with each other REGULARLY?

They're… "Looking for Divine Counsel in ALL, the wrong places…" (- very similar to the lyrics of a popular country song…)

It's BEST if the Members of the Faithful Remnant - DON'T, HAVE, each other's EMAIL addresses - to communicate REGULARLY.  Because 'we TRIED this BEFORE'… and it RESULTED in MANY PEOPLE, becoming 'CONFUSED, and UNCERTAIN' - about, 'MANY things!' - as they 'turned to their PEERS!' - in the REMNANT, for "the answer" - instead of, to the TRUE Holy Spirit - to the TESTIMONY - or to US.  It caused 'GREAT DIVISION' in the Faithful Remnant.  And MANY people 'FELL! - away', as a result.  Of COURSE! - we learned AFTERWARDS - from the Most High TRUE God - that He was simply "SIFTING, His FOLLOWERS" - to find OUT, "who is AUTHENTIC", and who just wanted to BE… "on the NOVELTY bandwagon" at the TIME.  WE even encouraged "VIDEO chat".  Because THAT'S "what the Remnant wanted to DO".  And the Most High TRUE God 'ALLOWED it'.  But they ALL 'suffered CONSEQUENCES' FOR it - for "CHOOSING to turn to each OTHER", instead of 'to HIM'.   And so we do NOT "recommend" that Members of the Faithful Remnant EMAIL each other.  However they are "FREE to DO so!" - because they have "free WILL". (October 29, 2019 update)

SEEK Daily Divine Counsel by turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit BEFORE typing always

The following Counsel ONLY applies to the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant.

Please strive to send us at LEAST 10 sentences each day, as "the bare minimum" - by turning to the TRUE Holy Spirit always for 'what to send'!  This of course "WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE" - BUT! - it IS absolutely necessary - for your SPIRITUAL growth - 'to STRETCH yourself - OUTSIDE, your comfort zone'.  That 'MODE of DISCERNMENT' - that you seek to APPLY, for your VIDEO SCRIPTS? - you NEED to 'BE in', as WELL - when you EMAIL us.  To EMAIL us is 'REALLY quite SIMPLE': you just TURN to the True Holy Spirit - and ASK SPECIFICALLY, "what, you NEED! - to send us" - and He WILL SHOW you!  And then just start TYPING.

And for all the people who are turning to their personal DEMONS for 'what to email us'? - Know that WE are turning to our CREATOR, for "HIS Divine Just Response".  Really? - it isn't too difficult! 

To the private members:  And if YOU cannot STILL! - TELL the DIFFERENCE, between DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS and the WORDS of the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, that are EDIFYING, to the SOUL? - then YOU need, to REJECT 'the spirit of BLASPHEMY'.(November 02, 2019 update)  

For those who are 'still REFUSING to APPLY' the Divine Counsel?

We don't know, HOW many different ways to COMMUNICATE this! - but if you DON'T let "OUR WORDS", get THROUGH - to your HEART? - then you leave NO choice - but for your CREATOR 'to step in'.  And HE is "MUCH!" - more BLUNT! - than WE are! (November 02, 2019 update) 

Focus on turning your WEAKNESS into a STRENGTH.

"For when I am weak [- and fully RESOLVED to turn whatever weaknesses I HAVE into STRENGTHS?...], then I am strong."
(2 Corinthians 12:10b)
You need to turn to the True Holy Spirit - in PRAYER - before pressing send, from now on - as EMAILS can actually BECOME, 'a LITANY, of the enemy's ACCOMPLISHMENTS, in your SOUL' - if you're not CAREFUL, about, how you COMMUNICATE.  This is "a SPIRITUAL battle", that you are IN - and, keep in MIND! - that the DEVIL, is reading your emails, as well.  And 'his accomplishments' that YOU choose 'to BOAST about'? - is where HE is 'gaining ground' - and is what the psychotronic department is FOCUSED on - as you reveal your weak spots to THEM, for THEIR targeting pleasure, as well.  And so it's BEST to turn to your Creator, and ASK Him, to SHOW you 'how to turn, your WEAKNESS, into a strength'.  The opposite extreme? - is sending us "fluff cakes".  Send us 'what the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT puts on your heart', to send us.  NOT "what your DEMONS, want to GLOAT about".  (November 03, 2019 update) 

For those who chose to IDENTIFY with "the FACTIONS!" - in the REMNANT?

What you are beginning to REALIZE? - is that - if you would 'SIMPLY APPLY, our COUNSEL' - and 'the COUNSEL of the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT', in the MOMENT - TO your LIFE? - AS, "a CONFIRMED lifestyle decision"? - then your life WOULD 'get better' - MUCH better!  And YOU would be 'FULFILLED'! - WITH "your Creator's LOVE, for your SOUL" - and "YOUR, reciprocal LOVE, for HIM!"  BUT! - the PROBLEM? - that was HAPPENING - was 'your DESIRE to IDENTIFY - with "the FACTIONS!" - in the REMNANT'; the ONES who have 'branched-OFF' - and… are "quite COMFORTABLE! - with their little acts of REBELLION" - as they CONTINUE 'to read the TESTIMONY, from the SIDELINES'.  And so as you 'IDENTIFIED, with the WEAKER members'? - you 'became WEAK' YOURSELF.  And so you were GIVEN, 'the EXCUSE! - to WITHHOLD! - from your Creator' - CLAIMING yourself to be "WEAK".  And He 'Gave you OVER! - to those LITANIES of EXCUSES!'  And THAT'S why, you EXPERIENCED, that your 'INTERIOR life' - was "in the pit!"  But YOU 'chose to GO there!' - that's "NOT on HIM".  JUST like 'the FORMER members' - CHOSE! - "to dive" - and "turn to EXCUSES!" - and "DEMONS!" - so that? - 'they felt JUSTIFIED! - IN their weakness!'  And what YOU need to know! - is, JUST BECAUSE, there is "a HANDFUL of PEOPLE" who have CHOSEN, "to LOWER, the BAR!" - FOR their spiritual life? - and they 'APPEAR', to be "sustained" - BY their CREATOR? - that doesn't MEAN, that 'their SPIRITUAL life' is "SUSTAINABLE".  YES! - He is "KEEPING them ALIVE" - PHYSICALLY; but their 'INTERIOR lives'? - are "a MESS!"  And 'All of HEAVEN' can see it! (November 08, 2019 update)

For all those who have been choosing to simply ACKNOWLEDGE what we say by "parroting BACK" our Counsel? - without THINKING, or taking ANYTHING to heart! - We see you "as a PARROT!"

Can PARROTS discern the words of the English language? Or do they simply "parrot BACK", the words that they hear?  Are you a parrot?'  Do parrots have SOULS?  Can Jesus SAVE a parrot, and take it to Heaven?  Why do you sound so much like a parrot? These are simply some things we were wondering, as we sipped our morning coffees today. We wonder MANY things.

We know that you are comfortably "in the back seat", on "autopilot", as the demons steer you...  But WE are not "COMFORTABLE" with that... choice.  And it IS "rather shocking", that you ARE. We KNOW you want to be "comfortable".  And so yes, we DO understand.  But where will you BE? - SPIRITUALLY - when they finally drop you off, at the end of your time? You are "MASTERFULLY HIDDEN", behind jezzie antics! - and we DO Commend you! - for your efforts.

There's "nothing HUMAN" about a parrot! - except that it can pronounce 'WORDS', that it HEARS - but in NO WAY does it UNDERSTAND. (November 09, 2019 update)

What happens when people REFUSE to apply our Counsel - and only turn to their DEMONS for "their OFFICIAL response from Hell"?

"When people begin to deluge you… sometimes people will just feel the need, to ‘dump’ on you both – to vent their anger and frustration… because some of them will refuse to pray, and will only seek to vent.  Turn their venting and frustration: into a simple prayer request… Do not sit, and take peoples’ demons ‘lying down’… but when they do, simply turn it around on them… this will truly make the enemy enraged at the both of you." (- Jesus, October 20, 2010)

Notice how Jesus said, "a simple prayer request"?  He DIDN'T say, "an ongoing novena", or some sort of daily email prayer ritual… now did He!  WONDER what He was talking about… in that SIMPLE… ONE time… prayer request?...  Here it is:

With the LOVE, care, and ATTENTION that we put into the TESTIMONY - in order to NOURISH you, and the other MEMBERS, of the Faithful Remnant with 'words of TRUTH and LIFE'? - YOU would RESPOND? - with "such HOSTILE! - PROVOKING! - GARBAGE WORDS! - that are RIGHT FROM HELL!"  And, YOU need to 'take full RESPONSIBILITY', for the words that YOU SEND us.  Because they 'WEIGH AGAINST you'... or 'FOR you'... in the END.  This is 'NOT', what PEOPLE, have been TAUGHT - as EVERYONE is taught to SIMPLY... "SPEAK their mind"... and "SHARE their thoughts" - and that's one of the main REASONS, why there are 'SO many PEOPLE', in Hell!  You MUST LEARN, to BRIDLE your INSPIRATIONS - and to 'bridle your TONGUE'.  OTHERWISE? - the DEMONS! - will use 'your OWN MOUTH!' - to LEAD you AWAY from your Creator.  And so, you ARE "fully informed".  And… if YOU 'UNLEASH, those DEMONICALLY inspired WORDS '- in ANY other way! - ON us? - that's "an INVITATION for Saint Michael the HOLY Archangel to VISIT you" - and he WON'T wait 'for our cue'.  Because? - the PEOPLE must learn that they CAN'T 'get away, with COOPERATING with their demons' - that they want 'to HIDE! - in the REMNANT'.  "IMMEDIATE Consequences"… MUST come!  OTHERWISE? - the REMNANT won't LEARN.  THAT'S "what they TAUGHT us"!  And so, OUR ADVICE?... is to RESOLVE! - to "make friends" with the TRUE Holy Spirit - who ONLY! - speaks 'Words of Truth and Life' - and ONLY inspires 'Words of TRUTH and Life'… if YOU desire? - for your CREATOR, to prolong YOURS!

In other words, yes we ARE "really nice people"! - because the Holy ANGELS? - THEY'RE 'doing the clean-up'.  Best to clean YOURSELF up! - BEFORE they find you.  Either WAY?... you're going to get "cleaned up".  No pressure on the procrastinators whatsoever!  (November 15, 2019 update) 

How do you think your Creator will RECIPROCATE? - when you choose 'to WRITE-OFF our Counsel'?

Once again you 'BRUSHED off all the COUNSEL'.  And guess WHAT! - your CREATOR? - is "getting READY, to brush YOU off" (- REGARDLESS of 'the little healing IMPROVEMENTS', that you have RECEIVED, from His ABUNDANT Mercy).   If you "WRITE-OFF our COUNSEL"? - IN your heart… then? - your CREATOR, has "NO other course of action" - than to begin "writing YOU off!" - and "blotting YOU out" - AND your MEMORY - from HISTORY!  He's 'SHOWING you!' - WHAT! - "the severe CONSEQUENCE" IS, for CONSISTENTLY, 'REBELLING', against 'what you KNOW to be True'.

AND now: …for "a VERY rare side-bar moment" - as in "the LEGAL bar". Through our Counsel, we have actually been 'FIGHTING for your Soul'.  And with your personal DEMONS? - YOU have been habitually responding… NOT with "gratitude, fuelling your cooperation with the Counsel, and motivation to apply it, and actually applying it…" - but with CONSISTENTLY fighting ALL our efforts, to help you, help yourself.  And do you know WHAT? - YOU! - are "closer to YOU" than WE are… and if?... from YOUR point of view… and with ALL your PERSONAL experience with that individual - YOU don't want to 'FIGHT for YOURSELF'? - to actually LIVE? - to have LIFE with her CREATOR?... then know that… "we respect your professional opinion" - and will relay that IMMEDIATELY to your Just Eternal Judge (- as there is REALLY no point in 'dragging out the case UNNECESSARILY'…).  (November 21, 2019 update) 

For those who are "having TROUBLE" receiving our COUNSEL? - and 'UNDERSTANDING, what we are SHARING - WITH them', on a spiritual LEVEL.

The devil is "an absolute IDIOT!" And EVERYTHING he DID? - ensured his 'REWARD', would be IN the Eternal Lake of Fire.  Every 'MOVE' that he made; every THOUGHT; every PLAN, that he HAD - for 'how HE would be great!' - and 'how he would CAUSE, the Angels in HEAVEN, to rebel AGAINST the Most High True God' - ENSURED! - "his ultimate DEFEAT!" - IN, the Eternal Lake of FIRE - where he is 'burning with absolute HATRED' - for EVERYTHING! - of the Creator… EVERYTHING! - that REMINDS him, OF "the Creator" - HE, 'shuns!'  Not only THAT - but he 'seeks to DESTROY'. 

LOOK what he DID! - to MANKIND - to CAUSE them to FALL, into "GRAVE sin!" - to 'turn AWAY!' - from their Creator - to be "a REFLECTION, of HIM", the father of LIES.  And NOW? - EVERYONE! - has 'a PALATE', for lies.  EVERYONE, has "an INSATIABLE, APPETITE, AND thirst - "to be LIED to!" - "to be DECEIVED"! - when it COMES to 'their SPIRITUAL state'.  THEY would 'RATHER' - LIVE, in a DELUSION - that they are ALL "GOOD, holy and SAVED" - than RECOGNIZE, 'how they have NEGLECTED, to do THEIR part' - to ENSURE, their Salvation'.  And 'the DEVIL!' - is absolutely 'THRILLED! - with the PEOPLE' - as they have ALL! - embraced - the DELUSION, of the End TIMES.  And he 'has them ALL!'  And the Most High TRUE God? - is NOT going to 'TAKE, THOSE PEOPLE', from the devil!  Because 'THOSE PEOPLE'? - WANTED, "what the DEVIL, had to offer".

AND so - when 'the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT', have "DIFFICULTY, receiving Fraternal CORRECTION, from US" - who are 'OF Heaven'.  When the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, 'choose to close their EARS', and their HEARTS, to our WORDS - to 'the WORDS of the TESTIMONY' - to 'the WORDS of Jesus Christ the LORD', and 'the Blessed Virgin MARY', and 'ALL the Saints' - and yes EVEN 'the Unborn'… they are 'CHOOSING! - to embrace 'the spirit of the DEVIL' - who ALSO manifests, in 'the DEMONIC entity, of the assailants' - "the wall of DEMONS", that PREVENTS, PEOPLE - from RECEIVING, "the TRUE SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT for their SOULS".  But, REALLY? - it is "quite SIMPLE":  Either the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT, are 'CHOOSING! - to be filled WITH! - the TRUE Holy Spirit; CHOOSING to be Transformed - by the WORDS in the Testimony; or they're CHOOSING! - TO be filled, WITH 'the spirit, OF the devil' - CHOOSING to be 'formed by HIS! - REBELLIOUS thoughts, IDEAS, propositions, and TEMPTATIONS'.

And so 'each ONE of you' is "RESPONSIBLE, for who YOU CHOOSE to be FORMED by".  But you ARE 'being FORMED'.  And THAT? - you CAN'T control!  And when we SAY, that there has been "no GROWTH"? - we are REFERRING, to 'OUR Team' - "Team HEAVEN!"  You haven't been "GROWING, for OUR Team" - but you HAVE been 'GROWING! - for the DEVIL'S team' - the DEVIL who "ABSOLUTELY! - HATES us! - hates our WORDS! - HATES the Things of HEAVEN - HATES Fraternal CORRECTION!" - that's WHY he is in the Eternal Lake of Fire!

And TRULY! - only "IDIOTS!" - would CHOOSE, to follow AFTER him.  IF you DESIRE to be WISE? - then you will follow 'the TESTIMONY of your CREATOR'.  If you DESIRE to be "FOOLISH"? - then you will follow the DEVIL - and his 'TEMPTATIONS'.

On a side note: Did you KNOW that if EVERY organization, simply 'spat OUT' all the IDIOTS therein? - the world would be "a MUCH nicer place"… "nice" like US that is…

MANY OF YOU? - are 'CHOOSING! - to be clothed, in the ARMOR, of satan!'  And THAT MAKES you "an ENEMY! - OF the Creator - and OUR enemy".  And we are 'taking you ON!' - in our PRAYER life!  And "DIVINE Just Consequences" are coming to EACH of you! - as 'your WORKS' deserve. 

We are ASKING the Most High True God to "fast-FORWARD the APOCALYPSE" - to "the BEST Chapter!"  Because 'THIS Chapter'? - is GETTING… "QUITE boring!" - for US.

And so if 'YOU PEOPLE!' - in the FAITHFUL Remnant - are NOT "BURNING, with a HOLY ZEAL, and FIRE! - in your HEARTS"? - then you're 'CHOOSING! - the devil! - to snuff it OUT'; you're listening to his 'LIES!' - as he 'SLAYS the Truth', INSIDE you - WITH?... YOUR cooperation!  "OUR CREATOR"? - Slays 'PEOPLE like that!' - people who PREFER to listen to LIES, and EXCUSES, from the DEVIL'S kingdom. So GUESS "what's coming NEXT"?  And He ALWAYS starts! - Our Creator ALWAYS starts! - with 'His OWN, House!'  Either, our WORDS, will 'kindle a FIRE', in your HEARTS - and "wake you UP"? - OR - they will 'BURN you up!' - and you'll be CONSUMED - by 'the DEVIL, and his demons'.

 “And if any one would harm them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes; if any one would harm them, thus he is doomed to be killed.” (Revelations 11:5)   

"For ‘fire’ does pour forth from their mouths, so that their foes are ‘utterly consumed’." (-Jesus, Monday March 12, 2012) 

And "our FRIENDS" - are the ones who see our COUNSEL as "friendly".  For 'to hate' our COUNSEL, IS 'to hate your Creator' - and HE takes that very personally!  Whereas, WE have learned to be 'MUCH more detached' (- not that, that makes us "BETTER than Him"; just ontologically DIFFERENT - with a VERY different role, in YOUR life!) (November 29, 2019 update)
NEVER share your dreams! - in your emails to us
If you 'SHARE your dreams', in your EMAILS to us? - then you're TELLING, the ONE world government - that they have 'broken THROUGH', and that you're still "BOTHERED, by the dream" - thus INVITING them? - to 'bully you' even FURTHER! - in your SLEEP.  Is THIS… "what you WANT"?   STOP!... SHARING!... your DREAMS!...  Stop DWELLING on them!...  The MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT are 'called to DISCERN', what they're called to DO! - in each and every MOMENT - and LISTEN! - to the True Holy Spirit's INSPIRATIONS.  And if they're 'FOCUSED, on their DREAMS'? - then they're 'NOT! - LISTENING! - to the True Holy Spirit' - THAT! - is for sure. (-excerpt from the December 03, 2019 update) 

For all those who THANK us for our Counsel by REFUSING to apply it?

WE don't KNOW you!  Because you're HIDING [-DELIBERATELY hiding - behind SO many  masks!].  And for THAT? - we COMMEND you! - to the DISCIPLINE, of Saint Michael, the HOLY Archangel.  And do NOT! - tell us that "you're THANKFUL for the Counsel", again!  BECAUSE? - we KNOW that you're NOT! - because you WON'T! - apply it, and change.  And we are ASKING the Most High TRUE God to send "PREVENIENT JUSTICE" - ahead of 'ALL your FUTURE emails' - that are 'DESIGNED! - to deceive us'. (December 08, 2019 update) 

What happens to those who EMAIL us while they are STILL "living in DENIAL"?

If we read your email, and it sounds like you're writing to a "Dear Abby" column? - in the NEWSPAPER?  And you send EMAILS to us, as though we were "guidance counselors"? - or "self-HELP gurus"?  Then KNOW that 'we DON'T take you seriously'.  There is no indication in your EMAIL, that you are 'LIVING, as THOUGH, it were the Time of the APOCALYPSE'.  Which means you're STILL "living in DENIAL" - and we 'COMMEND you! - to the DIVINE DISCIPLINE, of your HOLY Guardian ANGEL' - for wasting our TIME! [- because our CREATOR'S Time, is NEVER wasted!] (December 11, 2019 update) 

For all the Remnant Members who are STILL 'living 2 lives'?

What WE have discerned? - is that you are still LIVING, 2 lives!  ONE? - where you ADHERE! - to the Testimony, and 'what is REVEALED, by your Creator'.  And TWO? - where you SEE it as "your ABSOLUTE RIGHT!" - to SNUB! - the inspirations that WE share with you - PERSONALLY.   You SEE? - BEING "a PROTESTANT" - means "to PROTEST, the INSPIRATIONS, from the True Holy SPIRIT".  It means 'to prefer "your OWN inspirations!", over what your CREATOR is revealing'.  And He DOESN'T have "a WARM spot in His HEART for PROTESTANTS" - those who 'pick and CHOOSE!' - WHAT inspirations from the True Holy Spirit, they are 'WILLING to embrace' - WHAT inspirations, they 'REFUSE to embrace'. This is 'what He MEANS', when He says that "He will have ALL of you, or NONE of you"? -  this means that, either 'ALL OF YOU'?- is "WILLING, to do His WILL" - as in, 'doing ALL of it' - OR? - 'NONE of you is'.   Because? - if you CONTINUE to 'pick and CHOOSE', WHAT inspirations you 'LIKE', that we SHARE - and 'ones that you DON'T like'? - you will end up with 'NOTHING' in the End.  And THIS is 'what happened to the former MEMBERS'.  They enjoyed 'READING the Testimony' - and they believed 'MOST of it'!  But 'SOME things'? - they just 'REFUSED! - to embrace'.  And MOSTLY? - it was "the UNCOMFORTABLE, but very SURGICALLY accurate Counsel" - that we SENT them! - to STOP them from 'diving, OVER a cliff'.  Unfortunately they PREFERRED 'the cliff'.  The "FORMER members of the Faithful Remnant"? - REFUSED to 'face' the Bronze SERPENT being lifted UP in the WILDERNESS - after 'the SNAKES'! - had poisoned 'MANY of them'! - against us.  They REFUSED, to face, 'the bad CHOICES', that they were making.  And so they COULDN'T be healed!  Because? - for THEM? - there WAS 'no problem!' - there was 'NOTHING to FIX!' They "LIKED themselves JUST how they were!"  And "how dare WE! - ask them to change!"  Guess WHAT? - the DEVIL! - 'likes them! - JUST how they are!'  And THEY can 'go WITH him!'  (December 14, 2019 update) 

For all those who 'LOVE' to take OUR words out of CONTEXT and 'USE them against us'? 

Actual email: "You said in the past that it would be a continual flow once the True Holy Spirit fills you..."

Here is what we wrote in the proper context:

"WHEN you get to 'the point in your SPIRITUAL life' - when "NOTHING ELSE matters", but 'the TRUTH!' - then, you WILL have 'a continuous FLOW', of, "INSPIRATIONS from the True Holy SPIRIT" - like "a WATER fountain", of Eternal YOUTH - FLOWING, from 'the Throne of the Most High True GOD'."  (- from the July 5, 2017 update)

"PROTESTANTS"! - LOVE! - to take 'OUR words' out of CONTEXT! - and 'USE them, against us'.  Just as they 'LOVE!' - to take 'the words of the BIBLE', out of CONTEXT - to USE 'in FAVOR', of their own JUDGEMENT!  As they try 'to use JESUS' own WORDS! - to JUSTIFY themselves'.  And that's "a TERRIBLE idea!"  And TRULY 'the PLAGUES', have been 'ADDED', to those people.  Because THIS is 'what is MEANT', when JESUS, said 'NOT to ADD, or take AWAY, from the WORDS'. 

“I warn every one who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if any one adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book [-the Testimony], and if any one takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy [-the Testimony], God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.”  (Revelations 22:18-19)  

 And so, people who DESIRE, 'to only receive PART, of what we SHARE with them'? - desire to "part PATHS!" - eventually.  Because EVENTUALLY? - they end up 'PROTESTING! - THEMSELVES, all the WAY, into HELL!' - as the DEVIL? - simply 'chips AWAY', little by LITTLE - with 'their LITTLE acts of REBELLION', at the True FAITH.  He DOESN'T 'need', "a MAJOR slip!" - to cause someone to FALL; he SIMPLY needs, 'a HABITUAL series, of SMALL slips' - to keep them DOWN!  So DON'T, 'WORK with the DEVIL!' - PART of the time - and then 'work with your CREATOR' - PART of the time; you NEED to 'work with your CREATOR' - ALL! - of the time.  You need to 'recognize the enemy's SNARES'! - and 'DESIRE!' - to SEE! - the enemy's snares; for that is 'the ONLY way!' - that you CAN, OVERCOME them - by TURNING to your Creator.

INSTEAD, of 'choosing to BUILD', on the ENTIRE Truth; "protestants" choose to 'take a PIECE of it'.  And that 'KILLS it!'  And we are "NOT interested" in helping people, SURVIVE, the Apocalypse, or gain ENTRANCE, into 'the PHYSICAL Era of TRUE PEACE' - who ONLY desire, "PARTIAL Truths" - woven into 'the religion that THEY have created' - APART from the True Roman Catholic Faith.

And so it would be "GOOD for you", to reject 'the PROTESTANT spirit' - and - to reject 'the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, of the PROTESTANTS' - who are REALLY "rebellionists"And ask for the GRACE, to DESIRE, to be 'DOCILE, to the "WHOLE Truth!" - and that is? - to the ENTIRE Testimony! - and to ALL! - of the Counsel, that we have EVER! - shared WITH you - and WILL, be sharing with you in the FUTURE.

But? - when PEOPLE respond in their EMAILS - to our Counsel - "… but YOU said… THIS!..."  A red FLAG goes up IMMEDIATELY.  They're "not INTERESTED", in growing SPIRITUALLY, in those MOMENTS.  They are 'more INTERESTED, in USING!... our own TESTIMONY!... AGAINST us!... against the COUNSEL, that we SHARE."  Which is "ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! - and self-DEFEATING".

And when WE say, "You WROTE:…"  THAT is, so that YOU know! - EXACTLY, WHAT we are ADDRESSING - FROM the emails that you have SENT us.  You NEED to take this Counsel 'EXTREMELY Seriously!'  BECAUSE?...we're NOT going to have "PROTESTANTS!" - SPEAKING, on behalf of the CREATOR, in the TESTIMONY! (December 15, 2019 update) 

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