The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

Living in the TRUE Reality
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.)

"...and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.''
(John 8:32)
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Are you having trouble REMAINING in the True Spiritual REALITY?

With regards to your SPIRITUAL struggles:  If YOU are 'having TROUBLE, REMAINING in the True Spiritual REALITY'? - THEN, WHEN you can find some time, it would be GOOD, to SIMPLY go TO, "The TRUE Spiritual Reality" PAGE, on the WEBSITE [- this page] - and BEGIN, READING, "The True REALITY" section.  And SIMPLY, AS you read - GIVE! - "the ASSENT, of your WILL", to your CREATOR - to be 'TRANSFORMED, BY the Truth, that you, are READING' - because 'those WORDS', were all inspired BY, the True Holy Spirit.  AND, MANY! - of those PASSAGES, actually ADDRESS, 'the MAIN struggles', that you are having.  And WATCH, "your PERCEPTIONS", SHIFT! - in 'a GOOD way'.  And ANY time you read the Testimony - GIVE, 'the ASSENT of your WILL' - to your CREATOR; and HUMBLY, INVITE Him, to TRANSFORM you, through 'His WORD'.  The CHANGE is "PALPABLE". (November 09, 2017 update)
Where Real Fulfillment IS
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

They do not know what they are missing out on, with Me

What a sad lamentation, this current Earth you are dwelling on, has become.  How sad it is that for some: this is ‘their own personal heaven’ –  they do not know what they are missing out on, with Me.  How all I want to do, is fulfill them: with My love – not tolerance, not affirmation; but pure, Holy – no strings attached, love; and they in turn could love Me.  How foolish mankind is, to believe that they can find love, and fulfillment, in these earthly things.  Verily I say, unto you both: it would be easier, for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than, for a rich man to enter, the Kingdom of Heaven. (-Jesus, Thursday, November 25, 2010) 

I said that I would make “a bold statement”... and I have
"When, Fukushima’s Reactor Four goes, they will have no one to blame but themselves.  And then they will have all of the evidence they need to understand, that they are in the End Times.  No one can escape the toxicity, of the physical reality of Fukushima, and the spiritual realities, within the institutions.  I said that I would make “a bold statement” My children and I have…  I have sent, My message, to the Four Corners of the Earth, in a physical way, through this disaster.  But who is awake and who is listening?  I sent, this disaster to tell everyone that ‘something is seriously wrong’ with the World.  But who is listening?  I have sent My Two Prophets out, to inform the people, of the spiritual equivalent, of Fukushima, and the spirit of the antichrist descending upon the churches.  But who is listening?"  (-Jesus Monday, May 28, 2012)

They... cannot escape... ‘the reality’, of radiation poisoning

"What, is within all the churches around, the World My children?... the answer is:  the abomination that makes desolate, the souls, of all who attend, to worship: the false ‘gods’ in that place...  I am separating: the sheep, from the goats.  And people are not listening, to My Messages on line, about the Abomination of Desolation, within all of the religious institutions…  If they ask something of Me in ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, then they will be ‘quite surprised’ with what they get – as I do not answer those prayers; but ‘the enemy of souls’ does…  This is very “unpleasant” to hear - as the Truth, can be discomforting.  Perhaps people will realize: that no matter how much they reject the truths in front of them, they still cannot escape... the reality’, of radiation poisoning: everyone, on the Face of the Earth; and ‘the reality’, of the coming, mutations." (-Jesus Saturday, October 6, 2012)

Every facet of life... has managed to embracesome sort of poison’

"All of Heaven, is rejoicing, at the Justice, that is to befall – the Face of the Earth!  For the ‘wickedness’ of mankind, has been ‘demanding’ – ‘a Just response’...  And the only ones, who will escape, are the ones who refuse to attend, the institutions; and desire ‘true repentance’ from their hearts...  When Fukushima happened this was ‘an outward sign’, - or ‘physical representation’, of ‘the spiritual realities at work in this World...  For every facet of life, on this Earth, has managed to embracesome sort of poison’...  and ‘incorporate it into their realityTelevision, is ‘one, of those poisons’Movies, are another one.  Violent video games – another.  Immorality and licentiousnessall of these things, are part of ‘the enemy’s kingdom’!  So if people want to embrace those things, that are of ‘his kingdom’, then he will ‘rule over them’ – to a point.  And they will be ‘beasts – like ‘irrational animals’, with no common sense, and no reasoncompletely devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  And the ‘desire’ for the True God, that is in the depths of everyone’s being, will ‘simply be removed’!  Because they cannot have Him, and the false gods, and false comforts of this World!  For He will ‘not be shared’, with their idols..." (-The Blessed Virgin Mary Sunday, December 9, 2012)

The governments, are ‘working together’... to distract the people

"They are ‘setting the stage’, for “terror, attacks”, on homeland soil...  The United States of Americatheir Government, and, the Russian Government, and, the Chinese Government, are ALL, working together, against, the people –foreign, and, domestic...  They are only interested, in “power” – the power, to inflict pain, and suffering...  Because, they are sociopaths, and, psychopaths...  But what is most important, for people to realize, is that all of the governments, are ‘working together’...  They will only appear, as ‘political enemies’ – to distract the people, from everything, the leaders all unanimously agree on.  The media’s role in all of this, is to make sure the people, see that there are two sides – to keep them in the illusion of ‘good guys and bad guys’ – when in reality, all the politicians are luciferian..."  (-Jesus Monday, February 23, 2015)

The True Reality of Hell, is... manifesting FOR REAL

"People in society as a whole, have trained themselves, to respond to the experience of observing a Hellish situation, with “DENIAL”... “And what is the first stage of grief?”...    And so, NOW, in THESE current End Times in which we ALL are now living - when the True Reality of Hell, is revealed, manifesting FOR REAL, in a person’s life... ALL of them, enter into… DENIAL...   But here is the TRULY SHOCKING part of the story: the people who want to live “in denial”, of the True Spiritual Reality – those people, have actually chosen to embrace, the false identity, of “the split personality”, that was created in them, and in turn fostered, by watching all the horror movies.  And that split personality I am speaking of is a reference to "the denial personality"..." (-PPTL Saturday, July 11, 2015)  

Hell, is about to fully manifest on the face of the Earth

"When CERN opens the portal to the Abyss on September 23, all the demons in Hell, will be unleashed - in a series of massive waves, upon the inhabitants of the Earth.  It will be "a flood of demons"... That "flood", will emerge from the Abyss, and will manifest in "waves", that coincide with the massive releases of "dark matter", or "antimatter", from CERN..The spiritual reality of Hell, is about to fully manifest on the face of the Earth.  As it does, the spiritual reality of Purgatory, will also fully manifest in the lives of the Faithful Remnant, on Earth.  Because the Kingdom of Heaven, is ALSO about to come down to Earth - as the Fullness of the Era of Peace, on Earth.  Because the Souls of the Unborn, in Limbo, will soon be given back the physical lives that were stolen from them, ON Earth.  But first, the Remnant will have to endure the coming 1335 days, that will begin with the opening of the CERN portal to the Abyss, on September 23..." (-PPTL Tuesday, September 1, 2015)

The devil... will be ‘ANNIHILATED from the Face of the EARTH’

"SOON, there will come ‘a TIME’ – when people will ‘no longer STRIVE’, to live ‘the Kingdom of HEAVEN’; they will just ‘LIVE it’ – because, it will be ‘NATURAL, to them’; because the devil, and his minions, will be ‘ANNIHILATED from the Face of the EARTH’!  And when ‘THAT day’ comes, ‘ALL of Heaven’ – on EARTH, will Rejoice! – as we ALL COME down, to be, WITH, OUR people. AND I, WILL walk, on the FACE of THE Earth – ONCE again, in the Flesh.  And I TRULY WILL be King – OVER, My PEOPLE!  No matter, HOW much, ‘the catholics’ –the FALSE catholics – ‘BRAND’, that ‘spiritual REALITY’, as, ‘MILLENNIALISM’ – it IS ‘the TRUTH!’  I AM coming back!  Because ‘HEAVEN’, is ‘a MONARCHY’!  And SO, ‘ONLY those’, who subject THEMSELVES, TO ‘the WILL, of My TRUE Holy SPIRIT’ – NOW! – will be ‘ALIVE, on the Earth’, when My KINGDOM comes..." (-Jesus Wednesday, September 2, 2015)

That ‘WALL of demons’... actually CHANGES, their PERCEPTION

"Even NOW – MANY members, of the Faithful REMNANT, are EMBRACING, that ‘WALL of demons’, that actually CHANGES, their PERCEPTION, of the True REALITY; of the both of YOU; of My TESTIMONY; and of ‘the concept, of TRUE Salvation’.  MANY, MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT, are being, ‘PRESSURED’, by PROTESTANT, theology – to REJECT! – the TRUE, theology, of My TRUE, CATHOLIC, FAITHFUL, REMNANT, Church!...  Buddha did not ‘MAKE it’ – to HEAVEN; HE is in one of the lower LEVELS, of Hell. And THAT is where, PEOPLE are headed – who CONTINUE, to FOLLOW, that FALSE prophet’s way of thinking; he was ‘BLINDED, by self’. YES, he sought “ENLIGHTENMENT”; but the DEVIL tricked him, into seeking ‘enlightenment through HIMSELF’ – apart from the Source of TRUE Light – apart, from ME.  And SO, in fact, what BUDDHA, ended UP, ‘POSSESSING’ – IN the end – was COMPLETE, and UTTER, darkness!  Yet all the WHILE, he ‘FELT’, very peaceful – as, he was so VERY, ‘asleep, in the world’."  (-Jesus Wednesday, October 7, 2015)
The TRUE Reality - is 'the ONLY Reality', where the Most High TRUE God IS
AS for, 'DEALING, with those, in 'the BEAST STATE', and THOSE with 'the mark of CAIN' - YOUR call, is to stay in the TRUE Reality - and that is 'the ONLY Reality', where the Most High TRUE God IS.  All OTHER realities, are false!  And HE does not DWELL in them.  What YOU are struggling with, is 'your old IDENTITY', and 'your old WAYS'.  ANY time, you have 'flashbacks to your PAST' - especially past MOVIES, or VIDEO games - you SIMPLY need to RECOGNIZE that, as "false REALITIES". Your PAST no longer exists!  All you HAVE is 'your present MOMENT', with your CREATOR.  And IN your past, those DESIRES, were for the PURPOSE, of KEEPING, your heart and MIND, 'locked UP' - for the ENEMY's purpose.  NOW, the Most High True God, has 'set you FREE', in the TRUTH.  And NOW, you must fight, to STAY, 'FULLY awake', and IN the Truth - ALWAYS.  NOT 'just when it's CONVENIENT'(-PPTL, May 11, 2016)    
You NEED to realize, that YOU are in 'a BATTLE - FOR your SOUL!'  The DEMONS are fighting! - "for it".  And so YOU need! - to change your ATTITUDE, towards your SPIRITUAL life - so that, you are 'focused MORE, on what YOU can do, to draw closer - to the ONE who made you'; NOT so much, on "what HE can GIVE you".  The whole PURPOSE, of 'ASKING, SEEKING, and KNOCKING'? - ISN'T "to get RELIEF, from AFFLICTIONS!" - it is, "to draw CLOSER, to your CREATOR - by DESIRING, to be filled with His TRUE Holy Spirit".  For 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', IS, "the Love BETWEEN! - GOD and man."  You need to 'SUBMIT yourself' - and "YOUR will!" - to the TRUE Holy Spirit, and to 'being LED, BY, your CREATOR!'  OR! - you can choose, to be "independent", and "USE Him!" - while 'keeping your distance'.  Don't FORGET - Jesus Christ the Lord, IS! - "MAN, in the FLESH".  He is ALSO God.  He HAS a Soul! - AND a personality.  He is "a PERSON"!  And YOU are called to have, 'a BLESSED relationship, and FRIENDSHIP, with Him'.  (June 21, 2017 update) 

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
(at 3:29) "Is Jesus WORTH it?"

Have you ever been tempted to give in to feelings of DESPAIR?

It TRULY IS, "WORTH it" - PERSEVERING, on this Journey.  And BECAUSE, you can "EASILY" turn, to Jesus CHRIST the Lord - AND to His Blessed MOTHER -there is 'NO excuse!' - for EVER! - giving in, to "feelings", of 'DESPAIR'.  You have 'ALL the tools' - to PERSEVERE on this Journey.  SO! - USE them WISELY.  FOCUS on 'BUILDING, RELATIONSHIPS, WITH! - your CREATOR, AND His Blessed MOTHER'.  It is ALSO going to HELP you, to BLESS your EYES - by making 'the SIGN of the Cross', OVER them - GENTLY!  And in THIS way - you are INVITING 'the True Holy Spirit', to anoint your EYES, so that you can SEE, 'clearly'- the TRUE SPIRITUAL Realities - so that you can see YOURSELF! - through the EYES of the True Holy Spirit; and so that you can 'DISCERN, with TRUE, SPIRITUAL Vision'. (August 15, 2017 update) 

The True Reality isn't like a light switch
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"The True Reality" - DEFINED

The True REALITY? - IS! - "the ONLY, REALITY" - as REVEALED, by the Most High TRUE God.  The MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - are CALLED to live "IN the True Reality".  And this means, that ALL, of 'the LAYERS', that SOCIETY, has PLACED UPON them - can be 'PEELED BACK', to reveal, "their AUTHENTIC self".  Each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is encouraged to be "REAL"! - and "AUTHENTIC". And WHAT does "authenticity" MEAN?  But to be HONEST, TRUTHFUL, and FORTHCOMING - in ALL, that they DO, think, and SAY - as 'a MATTER! - of Conscience'.  For THOSE, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, have learned, to EMBRACE "FALSE realities" - that have been CREATED, by those AROUND them; and THEY, have been TAUGHT, to WORSHIP! - "FALSEHOOD"; and WORSHIP, 'that which OFFENDS, Jesus Christ the Lord'.  But EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is ENCOURAGED to LEARN, 'WHAT Jesus Christ the LORD, TRULY EXPECTS from them', AND 'how He has CALLED, each one of them, to LIVE!' - and 'HOW, they CAN embrace, their TRUE Vocation, in THIS life - OUTSIDE of, and APART from SOCIETY'S expectations, FOR them'.  NO one! - is "brainwashed"!  EVERYONE, has "FREE will", to CHOOSE, how, they are going to live 'their LIFE' - IN the Faithful REMNANT. "SOCIETY'S perceptions", are FLAWED! - and, their CONSCIENCE, is 'DEAD!' - or "DEFORMED".  And, they can't SEE the difference, between, "good and EVIL"; because "whatever FEELS good"? - is what SOCIETY says, is "GOOD"!  But EVERY religion, has its OWN basis, of 'what THEIR STANDARD is' - on HOW, they live ACCORDING, to what 'THEIR definition, of CONSCIENCE is'.  And in the Faithful REMNANT, they are ENCOURAGED, to KNOW, Love, AND Serve, THEIR Creator - with their ENTIRE beings.  ALL of Society, goes AGAINST 'what the Testimony teaches'.  But THAT doesn't MEAN, that the TESTIMONY, is "BAD".  FOR, "the MAJORITY", went against Christ at His FIRST Coming - does THAT mean, that CHRIST, was BAD?  ACCORDING, to the PEOPLE, who CRUCIFIED Him - He was 'SO bad!' - He was "DESERVING of DEATH!"  But, HISTORY REPEATS itself; and, we ALL know, "AFTER the fact" - that, Jesus Christ the LORD, was, and IS, "completely INNOCENT"; and He DID no WRONG; but 'HIS Ways' - were not "POPULAR"; and therefore, He was SEEN as "a THREAT".  And in THESE TIMES? - the TESTIMONY, of the TWO Witnesses, is "NOT popular", and IS seen as "a threat"; but, it is "a THREAT, to the FALSEHOODS! - that people are STUBBORNLY, choosing, to hold ON to".  It is "a THREAT, to, the social CONSTRUCTS, that SOCIETY, has BRAINWASHED people into ACCEPTING - as the NORM".  It is "a THREAT, to the OPINIONS of others".  And it is "a THREAT, especially to those who are STUBBORNLY choosing to remain in 'the STATE of mortal SIN' - as it is 'a constant REMINDER to them' - that they are OUTSIDE, of the MOST High True God's FAVOR".  The TESTIMONY, is in FACT, "a SPIRITUAL threat" - to the DEVIL, and his KINGDOM, of DARKNESS - because, the TESTIMONY EXPOSES, 'the works, of the devil' - who IS in fact WORKING, in ALL the lives, of those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - to KEEP them 'AWAY!' - from the Testimony, at ALL costs!  The TESTIMONY is "the ONLY Path to Salvation", in THESE End Times - PERIOD!  (September 28, 2017 update)

Note: There are currently THOUSANDS of different "personal religions", being embraced by people around the world - religions that are all 'at ODDS' with one another, and that radically CONTRADICT one another.  And the one world government's PSYOP - that is designed to KEEP everyone "in a FOG, of their own personal FALSE reality" - is the concept that "all paths lead to HEAVEN".  And almost EVERYONE in these End Times is USING that 'one world RELIGION'! - as an excuse to live in 'their own personal spiritual FOG' - AND they are free to continue doing so! - to their own spiritual peril.  But then there are "the assailants" - who discovered the Testimony, and then REJECTED it - even though 'they KNOW it to be TRUE!'  They THEN chose 'to WILL their FOG and spiritual BLINDNESS', on the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  THAT is "not acceptable"; and WILL not be tolerated, by their Creator.  And so when a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant SEES "the FOG bank" rolling IN - they are CALLED in THAT MOMENT - to TURN to Jesus Christ the LORD, and ASK Him "to CALM the storm" - BEFORE it causes ANY spiritual damage - just like He did BEFORE, in the Holy Scriptures.  HERE, let us SHOW you:

"And they went and woke him, saying, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” And he awoke and rebuked the wind and the raging waves; and they ceased, and there was a calm." 
(Luke 8:24)

Did you know, that you can ALWAYS ask your CREATOR, to PROVIDE CONVERSATIONS, for you to GROW from?

In TERMS of "WORLDLY conversation": You can ALWAYS ask your CREATOR - to 'PROVIDE, CONVERSATIONS, for you to GROW from!' - as you LEARN MORE, about "the CULTURE, of today's YOUNG people' - and HOW! - "toxic" - it truly IS!  You can EVEN ask, the Most High TRUE God, to 'SHOW you the True Reality', in each and every MOMENT - and ASK Him! - to HELP you, to 'REMAIN in the Truth' - and EVEN to 'put His HAND, on ALL of the people around you' - "His HEAVY Hand, of JUSTICE! - that HIS Will be done!" - and YOU simply, "LIVE!"  You see, it IS 'your formers' - that are "without LIFE"; ALL they have, is 'the VAIN stories', that they share; and 'their EGOS'; but they don't HAVE, "a RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - their CREATOR"; and so they CAN'T accomplish 'ANYTHING of importance'.  But YOU CAN! - WITH Him!  AND so, do NOT be "ANGRY", with those AROUND you - as LONG as you KEEP the conversations "in the TRUTH" - then you CAN, 'SPEAK to people'!  JUST because THEY! - want to remain "in false REALITIES", and "in self-DECEPTION" - and they want to talk about, "FRIVOLOUS things" - doesn't MEAN, that YOU'RE required, to 'MEET them at their LEVEL'.  BE! - "a Beacon of Light"! - and IF PEOPLE begin to HATE YOU? - BEAR that with LOVE in your HEART; but at LEAST! - they WON'T be ABLE, to SNUFF out, 'your LIGHT'.  (September 30, 2017 update) 

You can't finish the race by focusing on "the finish line".
"Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it. [- that you may receive 'the INHERITANCE of the SAINTS', by persevering.] Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. [- "a SPIRITUAL Crown of VICTORY"]  Well, I do not run aimlessly [- without PURPOSE], I do not box as one beating the air [- I do not fight in VAIN]; but I pommel my body and subdue it [- I live outside my COMFORT zone, and PUSH my BODY - BEYOND, 'my HUMAN strength' - as it is no LONGER 'ruled by the flesh'; but by the SPIRIT of the Most High True GOD], lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified."
(1 Corinthians 9:24-27)
WHAT you need to DO, is STOP focusing, on the destination, of the PHYSICAL Era of Peace - because THAT'S "a distraction" - because the ONLY way to GET there is through "a BLOSSOMING RELATIONSHIP", with your CREATOR - and THAT'S 'what you need to FOCUS on'.  Because if YOU, are focused on 'simply FINISHING the RACE'? - then THAT is actually "a DISTRACTION from the present MOMENT" - as you FOCUS, on "the UNCERTAINTY, of the OUTCOME" - of, the end of your JOURNEY.  And so INSTEAD of, focusing on the RACE; FOCUS on your CREATOR, who is 'the ONLY One', who can HELP you, in each and every MOMENT.  (November 08, 2017 update) 
We have noticed that MANY Members of the Faithful Remnant have been TEMPTED to treat us like "FORTUNE tellers".
We do not KNOW, the Most High TRUE God's, "full PLAN, and design for your life" - because that's between you and HIM; but He SIMPLY 'HELPS us', to CONTINUE to POINT you in the right DIRECTION - AND, to GIVE you 'the necessary Fraternal CORRECTION', in order to HELP you, stay FOCUSED, on 'what HE wants you', to FOCUS on.  He REALLY, ONLY, GIVES us, 'the NEXT, step'.  AND so, YOU need to realize, that ALTHOUGH you ARE 'FOLLOWING the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE' - Jesus Christ the LORD, is ALSO, "MAN" - and THEREFORE, He knows 'EXACTLY', what it is LIKE, to 'LIVE, as, a human BEING'.  Back in 'HIS time', things were "pretty BAD - MORALLY, and SPIRITUALLY"; but they are SO much, 'WORSE' - now.  You NEED to recognize, that JESUS Christ the LORD prefers to walk with 'each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT', as a MAN! - even THOUGH, He is FULLY, God.  And SO, YOU are NOT going, to EVER! - get, the FULL PICTURE, of your LIFE - because, you're NOT "GOD"!  And ANY 'DESIRE', for YOU, to know, 'EVERYTHING, OUTSIDE, the MOMENT, that you're called to LIVE'? - is not COMPATIBLE, with JOURNEYING, WITH Jesus Christ the LORD - to His FATHER in HEAVEN, and to the FULLNESS, of the Physical Era of PEACE on Earth - because you're 'CALLED to be, like a CHILD - being LED, by your True SHEPHERD'.  Either, "you're your OWN shepherd - and YOUR ways, are ABOVE God's Ways" - or, "you are being LED by the inspirations, that COME, from the Fraternal CORRECTION, moving through your brothers and SISTERS, and through US, and through your CONSCIENCE". But it takes 'True HUMILITY' - in ORDER, to embrace this VOCATION. This is NOT! - "a GLAMOROUS! - GLORY-GRABBING! - LIFESTYLE".  YOU are called, to be 'DESPISED', by the WORLD; and 'LOVED', by your CREATOR - for ENDURING. (November 20, 2017 update) 
Where your heart is when the Boat starts to ROCK
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you have the DISPOSITION of a TRUE child towards your CREATOR?

Your SPIRITUAL life, REALLY has to do with 'your DISPOSITION, towards your CREATOR, THROUGHOUT the day'.  Are you "GRATEFUL"? - for being, a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT; and GRATEFUL, for EVERYTHING, that your CREATOR has BLESSED you with?  Are you, 'RISING, to the challenges, that are placed in FRONT of you'?  OR, are you choosing to become 'EASILY irritated, when things DON'T go your WAY'?  Because if YOU have 'a TENDENCY, to COMPLAIN in your INTERIOR life' - AND! - to become "IRRITATED" or "AGGRAVATED" easily? - by 'SITUATIONS, that are beyond your CONTROL', and by 'what the PEOPLE, in the BEAST state, SAY - in order to push your BUTTONS' - then you can GUARANTEE! - that the Most High TRUE God, will CONTINUE to 'ALLOW you, to be faced with those CHALLENGES', UNTIL you learn to OVERCOME them! - by turning to HIM, for 'HIS Strength'!  By CHOOSING, to have FAITH; and to be "a ROCK" - UNMOVED! - by "the CURRENT of SOCIETY" - with "the HEART of a CHILD".  "A TRUE child, of the Most High TRUE God", is filled with LIGHTHEARTEDNESS, and CHEERFULNESS, "TRUE Joy", and 'a LOVE! - for, the Most High True GOD'.  And NOTHING will SEPARATE, 'HIS children', from 'HIS Love, FOR them'.  "A TRUE child, of the Most High TRUE God", is FILLED! - with the FRUITS, and GIFTS, of the True Holy SPIRIT - and they are "Supernatural"; they are NOT! - 'based on HUMAN understanding', or 'HUMAN reasoning'.   What ARE "the Fruits of the True Holy Spirit"? - and what are 'His GIFTS'?  DESIRE them!  And find OUT!  RESOLVE, to be FILLED - with the FRUITS and the GIFTS of the True Holy SPIRIT - always! - despite WHATEVER "adversity, OR trial" - you may GO through.  BE as "a little CHILD", when it COMES to, 'worldly THINGS'.  THIS means, it is 'MUCH better', to be, "an ADULT" - in the things of the Most High True GOD; than it is, to PARTICIPATE, in 'the WICKEDNESS, that SOCIETY, says, is OK!'   (December 21, 2017 update) 


Messages that address "the FALSE reality"
that EVERYONE has been 'CONDITIONED to embrace'
The GREEN, is 'what, is SPIRITUALLY toxic' - that you have been EMBRACING.
The ANTIDOTE is there as WELL.

Ain't no such thing as the best of both worlds
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Even those righteous... deluged by a false reality
"My priests... are living in sin with one another, by neglecting the souls in the pews... for there is no speak of Heaven, no speak of Hell, no speak of Purgatory – that would offend the Protestants attending.  There is no room for Truth nor Justice, nor Peace and nor Love; for actual hate is coming from the hearts of most priests towards their flock...  You will see and hear the poison being spread to My flock. I am disgusted with what My church has become: a coven of satanists, even those righteous, are becoming polluted and deluged by a false reality.  I am not a pushover priest.  I am not a pushover God, and recompense must be paid for the souls that are lost through neglect."  (-Jesus Wednesday, September 16, 2009)

It was the devil in him... trying to brainwash you into a false reality

"And this is how the Church got into trouble, in the first place... having her own mind; her own thoughts; and her own plans; apart, from what I was asking of her.  That is why, so many souls, are cut-off from My presence, because: they have been filled with pride; and sought their own way of thinking, and doing things...  It was the devil in him, taunting you, and trying to brainwash you into a false realityHis sole purpose in life, is to spread propaganda; and so is the devil’s.  You have met ‘one of his sons’... for he has indeed chosen teams."  (-Jesus Saturday, November 6, 2010)

People, do not embrace, ‘reality’

"For what the devil, ‘tries to do’, and is successful unfortunately (- a lot of the time): he tries to stop people, from ‘desiring to become Saints’ - from desiring ‘holiness’; and he seeks to scare them, in their ‘interior lives’, that they will be ‘attacked by him’ – if they persevere ‘in closeness to their Creator.  But this is not so! - for the Lord will protect those – who abide in Him; and ‘the attacks’ will feel like ‘fleas’, if their focus, is on Him. But as Elijah said, when he came to the both of you, “there are so many distractions”! – so that people, do not embrace, ‘reality’...  If people would only realize that ‘the Gifts of Heaven’ are of far more value, than any 'comfort or conveniences' on Earth.  For the Lord’s Wrath has been ‘kindled against this generation’... because of their refusal, ‘to get their houses in order’, and ‘to repent and turn back to Him’."
(-Saint Padre Pio On Saturday, December 15, 2012)

People... seek to preserve, their false reality

"And so, people, will continue, to seek to preserve, their false reality – that they have created; or, have allowed others to create for them; and they will seek to preserve their viewpoint, and their opinions – with a Price!  Remember, the enemy tempted Me as well, with power and riches and kingdoms!  And what have all the false prophets received – and what do they all have in common – but those three abominations...  They do not acknowledge the Truth... Therefore, I will deny, all of them, before My Father, who is in Heaven..."  (-Jesus Saturday, April 18, 2015)

EVERYONE on the Planet is now living... “a false reality”

"EVERYONE on the Planet is now living... the false identity, of “the split personality”, that was created in them... by watching all the horror movies.  And that split personality I am speaking of is a reference to "the denial personality"... The people want to embrace that “personality of denial”... that was created to DENY, “the HORROR”, and call it, “a false reality”...   And that, is why, most people are not using ‘the Blessed Holy Water’, and getting their Souls back.  Because they all believe falsely... that they are “good, holy, and saved”... apart from God, and apart from their Creator..."  (-PPTL Saturday, July 11, 2015)

Get, ‘REAL’, and stop LIVING in ‘a false REALITY’

"STOP ‘PLAYING, both TEAMS’... get, ‘REAL’, and stop LIVING in ‘a false REALITY’ in your INTERIOR life...  You focus WAY too much, on ‘what the DEMONS are doing’; and NOT enough, on what I am doing, within you...   ENTERING into ‘a false REALITY’ to escape ‘uncomfortable SITUATIONS’ – that is what YOU, have grown ACCUSTOMED to.  You CANNOT do that with My TESTIMONY, and ‘expect to SURVIVE’!.. take EVERYTHING, that I SPEAK to your heart, ‘SERIOUSLY’.  OTHERWISE, you SIMPLY WILL not, ‘MAKE it’." (-Jesus Tuesday, November 24, 2015)
The Gameplan
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been FLIPPING back and FORTH between the past and the present?

The PROBLEM that you are HAVING, is that you have 'GROWN into a HABIT', of "FLIPPING, back and FORTH" - between TWO OPPOSING realities. You CANNOT live, "in the PAST" - and DO! - what your CREATOR is ASKING of you, in the PRESENT.  The PAST no LONGER exists.  But ONLY, the present MOMENT.  MANY "horrible THINGS", have happened TO you - as, "HORRIBLE THINGS", have happened, to 'MANY, MANY, MANY PEOPLE'!  But the Most High TRUE God, has called you to HIMSELF - to be HEALED! - of those painful MEMORIES; and of your former IDENTITY.   So DO not 'look at the world AROUND you', through "foggy VISION" - ESPECIALLY, when you have been GIVEN, 'the LIGHT, of Jesus Christ the LORD'S, TESTIMONY' - in THESE Times.  Do NOT focus, on 'COMPARING yourself', to OTHER PEOPLE - OUTSIDE, 'the Ark'; or even, comparing yourself, to your brothers and sisters, 'IN the Ark' - YOU are a different PERSON - and the Most High TRUE God, expects 'DIFFERENT things', FROM you - that, are UNIQUE - to what YOU can give - ACCORDING, to His Divine WILL.  YOU need to turn, to Jesus Christ the LORD - for STRENGTH - EVERY time! - you experience, "demonic ACTIVITY" - you need to GRAB, the Blessed HOLY Water - and PRAY the Deliverance Prayers - from the HEART!  Take "YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE" - and "the SALVATION OF YOUR SOUL" - MUCH more SERIOUSLY, than you HAVE been; it is "TIME to get OFF the BLEACHERS"!  Do NOT be "a SPECTATOR", of your own LIFE! - but LIVE!   TURN, to your TRUE SPIRITUAL MOTHER, for the necessary GRACES - through the Gift of the Holy ROSARY - to TRULY LIVE! - for her Son JESUS.  Yes, you have "DAILY plans", and "ROUTINES" - and yes, the Most High TRUE God, IS helping you; but WHAT are YOU doing! - to bear FRUIT? - for the Kingdom of HEAVEN?  Do not 'BURY, the Gift of the TESTIMONY' - under a BUSHEL basket; if you want to keep your LAMP LIT - then SHARE your faith, with the MULTITUDES, through video TESTIMONIES(September 02, 2016 update)

Have you been OBSESSING over difficult situations?

KEEP in mind that, you CANNOT 'SEE, the bigger PICTURE' - and that is 'HOW your CREATOR is working BEHIND the SCENES'.  But, He most DEFINITELY has HAD, 'His Heavy HAND' on EVERYONE involved.  And there IS "a PERFECTLY good reason" - but you DON'T know 'what that IS'; and neither do WE... And we don't NEED to.  You CAN'T "control" ALL of the CIRCUMSTANCES, in your LIFE.  SOMETIMES, 'THINGS', will SIMPLY UNFOLD - and you WON'T know WHY, they UNFOLD that way.  And that is 'how life IS'.  But, you are called to TRUST, in your CREATOR; and to have CONFIDENCE, in HIS Divine Will AND Plan.  But we can TELL that you are 'OBSESSING' - over, your situation.  But THAT is 'the WORLDLY WAY', of dealing with PROBLEMS.  If you WANT to, 'DEAL', with DIFFICULT situations and PROBLEMS - in 'an EFFECTIVE way', then you simply 'lift it UP to the Most High True GOD' - all your WORRIES and concerns.  AND, you do "the BEST that you CAN" - and you 'TRADE those worries and CONCERNS' - for 'knowledge of HIS Divine Will' - and focus on THAT instead Because the ENEMY has you 'OBSESSING', over MANY things!  And it ISN'T going to help your SITUATION; but it WILL, make you "very TIRED", and waste TIME.  ANY concern; ANY care that you HAVE - that YOU have 'first done YOUR part' - you can SIMPLY, lift up to the Most High TRUE God - and pray that "HIS Will be done" - concerning that situation. (August 19, 2017 update) 

Do you find "the Narrow Path" to be quite HARD?

We LAID it out very SIMPLE - so that PEOPLE, would have the EASIER way - even THOUGH, the narrow PATH, is "quite HARD" - that doesn't MEAN, that you are CALLED, to make everything DIFFICULT for yourself.  And so you NEED to reject your desire, to MAKE your life "difficult" - and ASK for the GRACE, to DO things, that will HELP you! - in your SPIRITUAL journey and WALK, with Jesus Christ the LORD. (August 19, 2017 update) 

Have you been choosing to see "your CREATOR'S Ways" as UNJUST and UNFAIR?
What about how 'those PEOPLE, who chose to FORFEIT, their inheritance - "their SPIRITUAL inheritance" - out of PRESSURE, and out of GREED'!  They were "wicked CHILDREN".  And they are no LONGER 'part, of, His FAMILY'. You can ONLY see, your CREATOR'S ways as "unjust" - if YOU are 'yoked, to the WICKED'!  Because the Most High TRUE God's Ways will NEVER be "fair" to them.  YOU have been GIVEN so MUCH - and you have been ENTRUSTED with much.  But what are YOU choosing to do, with 'the Gift, of Life'?  We are not here, to make you FEEL "comfortable"; or to ACCOMMODATE, 'your self-deception' - and THAT! - makes "JEZEBEL", or 'the DEVIL' - EXTREMELY angry!  But, GOOD news for EVERYONE: WE are not HERE to PLEASE THE DEVIL - or AFFIRM jezebel - because we CARE about people's Souls.   And, WE Truly, desire, to HELP, EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, to find out 'WHO they are - apart from HELL'! (August 23, 2017 update) 

WHERE is YOUR desire to serve your CREATOR

The BIGGEST problem you're HAVING, is that you STILL desire, to be "a SPECTATOR at your own LIFE".  And YOU are actually "the ONE EVALUATING YOURSELF" - INSTEAD, of doing "an examination of CONSCIENCE" - and turning to the True Holy SPIRIT to REVEAL, your "imperfections" to you - so that, you KNOW 'what you need to work on'.  HOW you choose to LIVE - tells your CREATOR - WHERE you want to BE.  So you SAY "you have all these good DESIRES".  But are you PRAYING? - for "good DESIRES"?  Are you ASKING your Creator, to REMOVE 'the WICKED DESIRES' from your interior life?  Are you ASKING Him, 'what it is HE wants you to work on'?  Or, IS your whole life, SURROUNDED by, 'what YOUR Creator, can do for YOU'?  You have "a STRONG desire to be SERVED, by the CREATOR" - but WHERE is 'YOUR desire to serve HIM'?  And you will ONLY! - be fulfilled, in your SOUL - by serving HIM - if, that is 'where your HEART is'!  (August 28, 2017 update) 

Are you CHOOSING to IDENTIFY with what the demons FEEL

If your HEART, ISN'T 'WITH', Jesus Christ the LORD? - then, you will, be SAD! - and "BEGRUDGINGLY", do, what HE asks of you.  Reject your desire to RESENT, your CREATOR, for 'what He's ASKING of you'.  If you WEREN'T able to GIVE - He WOULDN'T ASK!  Does "giving SELFLESSLY" hurt?  Yes!... (- it hurts...) the DEMONS!  (August 28, 2017 update) 
The Road to Freedom
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been getting sucked into "the VORTEX of the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of the world"?

The AMOUNT of 'FALSE' and 'AUGMENTED realities' that PEOPLE are embracing - has actually created "a VORTEX" - that TRIES to 'suck, the REMNANT, INTO'.  And so the WAY you avoid "getting SUCKED into the WORLD, AROUND you" - is by, REJECTING, "the collective CONSCIOUSNESS, of the world" - and ASKING for 'the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY', instead.  But, what JESUS Christ the LORD has revealed, TO us - is that BECAUSE He allowed Hollywood, to 'make MOVIES' - and, to 'create false REALITIES for people' - that according to 'the Spiritual Laws' - HE CAN! - in fact, 'ALLOW, their worst NIGHTMARES' - to FULLY manifest in the physical WORLD.  (September 18, 2017 update) 

A Laser through all the smokescreens
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been experiencing "PERCEPTION ATTACKS"?

You MUST understand, that the whole WORLD is in the power of the EVIL one- and that HE has, almost EVERYONE, embracing, 'false PERCEPTIONS, of THEMSELVES, and of OTHERS'.  And SIMPLY, he is trying to break into YOUR mind - by sending you "PERCEPTION attacks".  Because the Truth IS, YOU have 'broken FREE! - FROM, the devil's SATANIC MIND control PROGRAM' - that, EVERYONE is currently attending!  They are ALL! - being fed, 'LIES', and 'DECEPTIONS', and 'FALSEHOODS', in their INTERIOR lives CONTINUALLY.  But YOU, are "DIFFERENT" - and THEREFORE, the enemy, sees YOU! - as "a threat", to his KINGDOM.  And SO, he PROTESTS! - by GETTING his "little MINION", "SHELLS of human BEINGS" - to MANIFEST - DEMONS, and demonic GESTURES.  It IS, like, HE is claiming his TERRITORY - THAT'S all. It is VERY animalistic.  But YOU are called, to SEEK! - the things of HEAVEN; while EVERYONE AROUND you, is "COMFORTABLE, LIVING in a REALITY, where the Most High TRUE God, doesn't EXIST" - and He's 'NOT watching THEM' - and, there are 'NO consequences, to their chosen LIFESTYLES'.  Basically, they are "COMFORTABLE living HELL".  But YOU! - are called, to seek HEAVEN! - ALWAYS.  And to STAY, 'united, to your CREATOR' - while the entire WORLD, unites AGAINST Him, in EVERY possible WAY.  YES! - you ARE going, 'AGAINST, the TIDE' - against the CROWD; and you are CALLED, to CONTINUE! - to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit, for 'the STRENGTH, to SWIM upstream'; while EVERYONE, is 'ASLEEP, and COMFORTABLE' - GOING with the CURRENT -"the current TIMES" that is!  DON'T, 'expect', to be POPULAR!  And don't 'DESIRE, approval' from ANYONE - EXCEPT, your Creator; because absolutely EVERYONE! - can ONLY! - disapprove, of "YOUR good choices"! (October 05, 2017 update) 

DEEP DOWN inside - have you been CHOOSING to SEE the TESTIMONY, as "an INSURMOUNTABLE TASK, of APPLYING to your LIFE"?

The PROBLEM you are having, is that, 'DEEP DOWN, inside', you SEE the TESTIMONY, as "an INSURMOUNTABLE TASK", of APPLYING to your LIFE.  But THAT is because, you're 'LOOKING for the EASY way': simply, "FOLLOW rules"; simply "DO WHAT YOU'RE told"; simply "FOLLOW instructions"... and THEN! - you'll be 'in HEAVEN!' - one day.  But "TRUE selflessness", is ACTUALLY 'CARRYING your CROSS, with JOY'; NOT with, "SADNESS, and BITTERNESS".  For what MERIT! - can you POSSIBLY gain, on this JOURNEY! - if you 'LOOK, at ALL of the GOOD! - your CREATOR has BLESSED you with - as a BURDEN'?  The ONLY REASON you are "BURDENED, by what is being ASKED of you" - is BECAUSE, you are 'UNWILLING, to CHANGE, and to TRULY! - RENOUNCE the DEMONS', and 'EMBRACE the CROSS of PURIFICATION'.  And SO! - YOU need to decide, 'what is MOST IMPORTANT to you'? - Your RELATIONSHIP with your Creator? - or being 'locked OUT, of the KINGDOM of Heaven'?  He MAKES it, "VERY simple!" - to FOLLOW Him; BUT, you MUST HAVE "the heart of a CHILD", in order to DO so.  And so, what you NEED to DO, is 'PRAY a decade of the Rosary' - and ASK the Blessed Virgin MARY, UNDER her title "MOTHER of Divine Grace" - to GIVE you the GRACE, to DESIRE! - to have "the HEART, of a CHILD - who is DOCILE, to the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the moment".   ALL we can do - is POINT you in 'the right direction', and GIVE you 'the REMEDY, for your SPIRITUAL illness'; but it is "COMPLETELY up to you!" - to APPLY it - WITH Faith, or NOT! 

Note:  ONE of the Most High TRUE God's HOLY Angels - gave THIS Message, to Saint JOHN on the island of PATMOS.  It is a MESSAGE, to ALL! - "LUKEWARM, christians":

"Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve [- Blessed Holy Water] to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock." 
(Revelations 3:18-20a) 

Have you finally discovered "your OWN PERSONAL connection" with God's spirit?

To HELP you with your "spiritual growth" - it is IMPERATIVE! - that you reject 'the spirit of the antichrist' - FREQUENTLY!  And THAT'S 'the spirit, that TELLS you, that you don't NEED, ANYONE'S, help! - because you have, your OWN connection, with God's spirit'. But WHAT you need to REALIZE, is that you're called to be "UNITED, with the TRUE Body of Jesus Christ the Lord" - as in united WITH, the Faithful REMNANT - LIVING, the SAME spirituality - the UNIVERSAL spirituality, OF the True Roman Catholic FAITH.  And you need to ASK for this Grace - to LIVE, the SPIRITUALITY of the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith.  You NEED to, PRAY to the BLESSED Virgin Mary, UNDER her title, "DEFENDER of the TRUE Faith" - and THIS, is so, you do not "go off, and do your own THING", in your INTERIOR life.  Something to think about. (November 24, 2017 update) 

And so, HOW has "your OWN PERSONAL interpretation" of the Testimony been going?

It's only fair to WARN the Members of the Faithful Remnant, that in the FULLNESS of the PHYSICAL Era of Peace on Earth - there WILL be no 'VARIATIONS on the True Roman Catholic Faith' that EVERYONE is called to live; there will be no "protestant SECTS"; there will be no "DENOMINATIONS"; or "PERSONAL interpretations"... for LONG! - that is...  (You can find the full November 25, 2017 update at this LINK) 

Is YOUR version of Christianity "a religion where God does ALL the work"?

YOUR religion, is actually closer to BUDDHISM - a religion of flowery MANTRAS, where YOU ARE not "a DOER", nor will you EVER be, a DOER of the Word - as you cling TIGHTLY to "Your personal religion".  YOUR religion, is a religion where YOU work - with ALL your being, to stubbornly REFUSE to change - while you SIT back, EXPECTING your CREATOR, to change YOU, APART from any effort or DESIRE to do so on YOUR part.  A PERSONAL religion, where you simply do NOT change, ANYTHING, about yourself - and that is referring to 'your INTERIOR life', of course.  The TRUTH is, that your refusal to grow and change in your INTERIOR life, has been, and CONTINUES to be, a SPIRITUALLY TOXIC lifestyle decision, that is poisoning you - SPIRITUALLY.  And you have been doing so while FULLY informed, of the harm that you are causing your Soul - and you have been doing so as though you no longer have a Conscience.  (November 26, 2017 update)  

Do you have a TENDENCY to get sucked IN to the CONSCIOUSNESS of those around you?

ONE of the BIGGEST struggles, is that when you are around "OTHER PEOPLE" - you have a TENDENCY, to get 'sucked IN', to THEIR "consciousness".  And, this is ALSO, because, you have LIVED in the WORLD, for so many YEARS - and, you are 'AWARE', of 'HOW the world OPERATES' - and 'what KIND of worldly DEPRAVITIES there are OUT there'.  And SO - it is much EASIER for you, to "tap IN, to the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of the world" - but it TAKES, 'an ACT of your will', and "a sincere EFFORT" - to, DESIRE, to REMAIN, 'DIALED in', to the True Holy SPIRIT - and 'what your CREATOR is asking of you'.  BASICALLY in your OLD life - you 'HONED, worldly gifts', of a SOCIAL nature.  And NOW in your NEW life, you are CALLED, to 'hone your SPIRITUAL Gifts', and THAT is, 'the Gifts of the True Holy SPIRIT'; and you are called to bear FRUIT, for the Kingdom of HEAVEN - as in, the 12 FRUITS, of the True Holy SPIRIT.   And SO, YOU need to PRACTICE, 'SHUNNING! - EVERYTHING, that you ONCE, entertained - in your INTERIOR life' - when you were "IN the world".  SHUN! - ALL wicked thoughts, AND desires - and TRADE them! - for 'the DESIRE, to SATISFY the HEART, of your CREATOR'!  Sacrifice 'ALL desires, to LIVE for the flesh' - that is, "DEMONS" - for, the SINCERE desire, to LIVE, FOR the True Holy Spirit - WITH the True Holy Spirit, and IN the True Holy Spirit. (December 01, 2017 update) 

For those who have REDUCED the Testimony to... "some READING material"

So the QUESTION is, "DID Jesus Christ the Lord, DIE, for YOU? - so that, YOU, could live for YOURSELF?" Did WE, the Two WITNESSES, bring the TESTIMONY, to YOU! - so that, you would have "some READING material" - WHILE you CONTINUE, to "live for YOURSELF"? 

The HARD TRUTH is, that YOU STILL! - DESIRE, to LIVE, for YOURSELF - as you, 'seek to INCLUDE, Jesus' - in "YOUR plans". But THAT is actually "a PROTESTANT relationship" WITH Him.  And, when we SAY in the TESTIMONY, to "invite JESUS, into everything you DO" - we, are COMMUNICATING, that, 'you NEED to desire HIS WILL' - so that, He is PRESENT, WITH you, and PLEASED, with 'what He sees' - as you seek to fulfill 'HIS Will!'  And the Most High TRUE God's Will, is 'NOT to fulfill, YOUR plans, and desires' - apart from HIS.  Because, the Most High TRUE God does NOT, 'BOW, to the will, of MAN'!   But what YOU need to RECOGNIZE, is that when YOU have "a SERIOUS aversion, to DOING something" - because your CONSCIENCE, is TELLING YOU? - that you "NEED, to DO IT"? - but, your FLESHLY DESIRES, are giving you, 'a AVERSION, to what's being asked' - THAT'S "an INDICATION, that you're CALLED, to follow THROUGH"! - with the MOVEMENTS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit.  The TRUE Holy Spirit, is GOING, to ask things of you, that require "GROWTH, change, and DISCOMFORT". The ENEMY! - is going to ask things, of you, that require, 'SLOTH, TURNING inwards, and FEELING good'But you're not CALLED to be "governed by your FEELINGS", nor "GOVERNED by your FAILINGS".  YOU are in FACT called to RISE, to the daily CHALLENGES in FRONT of you - to LIVE for your CREATOR - no MATTER WHAT, those challenges are.  If YOU, would simply FIGHT, to SERVE the Most High True God - the WAY you fight to serve the DEMONS? - YOU would be "on your WAY, to Holiness"!  (December 03, 2017 update) 

Have you been TIME TRAVELLING to the PAST when you FIRST found the Testimony?

The problem IS: the DEMONS, have you "TIME-travelling, to the PAST, when you first found the TESTIMONY".  And, THAT'S how it STARTS - as they BEGIN to drag you BACK, to "your former SELF".  They're "TURNING on you"  And it's ONLY going to get WORSE!  Because you're CHOOSING "REBELLION" - OVER, and OVER again, in your INTERIOR life.  PRETENDING that you don't KNOW! - that you're rebelling.  We SAW it!  The demon's FEELINGS, IN you, were "HURT"!  And so you MANIFESTED, "WRATH!" - towards us.  And THAT was "a bad MOVE"!...  The MORE 'power' you give OVER to the demons, in your INTERIOR life - the MORE they will DEMAND of you.  And, they SIMPLY, will NOT, 'allow the Testimony to reach your HEART'; but they will CONTINUE to HARDEN it - because, you're TAKING a stand, WITH them - AGAINST us - and against GOD.  SELF-worship, SELF-idolatry, INTELLECTUAL pride, and HAUGHTINESS - will "KEEP you OUT!" - of the fullness of the Era of PEACE - AND! - OUT! - of the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  The PROBLEM is, that, you're SEARCHING for "a false PEACE"; you're LOOKING for a false peace; and you WANT "false peace".  But the TESTIMONY DESTROYS! - "the false peace of the ANTICHRIST" - so that ONLY 'the True Peace of the Most High TRUE God', can Reign - and THAT means, 'the Peace of a HOLY and awake CONSCIENCE' - TRULY at PEACE, with their CREATOR.  FOLLOWING the Testimony, takes EFFORT! - AND, 'RENOUNCING yourself!' - what YOU want - and trading it for 'what your CREATOR wants'.  But you're NOT 'THERE' yet.  You need to 'conform to the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT' - by desiring "TRUE Unity", in the TRUE Church of Jesus Christ the Lord - OR, conform to DEMONS.  The TRUTH is, that you SEEK "friendship with the WORLD" - therefore you can ONLY be, 'at enmity, with GOD'. (December 06, 2017 update)

WHAT reality are YOU choosing living in?

Did you KNOW? - that the TRUE spiritual REALITY, for PEOPLE who are living "OUTSIDE of God's Grace" - those in the BEAST state - is "REALLY bad!" - their 'STATE' is TERRIBLE!  But did you ALSO know, that you're NOT CALLED to COMPARE YOURSELF, to 'those in the BEAST STATE' - nor 'FOCUS on how POOR their STATE is, in order to REMAIN in the True REALITY'? The "TRUE REALITY"? - that the Faithful REMNANT, are called to LIVE? - is 'BEYOND! - ANYTHING! - ANYONE! - could POSSIBLY imagine' - the GOODNESS, and the MERCY, and the LOVE - that the CREATOR of the Universe HAS, for EACH MEMBER? - is "OFF EVERY scale".  The BLESSINGS - the CONTINUAL 'OUTPOURING of CONSOLATIONS' - are 'IMMENSE!'  THAT'S! - the TRUE REALITY, of a FAITHFUL REMNANT Member.  So WHAT reality are YOU living? (December 13, 2017 update)

Have you ever been tempted to believe that YOU are the center of your own UNIVERSE?

WHAT you need to REALIZE, is that ALL "GOODNESS", COMES, from the Most High True GOD.  And, ALL the people 'outside the ARK of SAFETY', take 'His GOODNESS', for GRANTED; and they BELIEVE that they are "ENTITLED, to an EASY life", to a LIFE of comfort, and to 'a LIFE of, self-FULFILLMENT', by enjoying PRESTIGE, position, and POWER.  THINK of the average HOME owner - and their "CASTLE" - it's "their KINGDOM"! - and THEY, are 'their OWN rulers'.  BUT! - when you BECOME a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, you are called to 'SUBMIT, YOUR will', to the WILL of the Most High True GOD - that 'HIS Will', will be ACCOMPLISHED, in your LIFE- and, you can only do this through 'FULLY, relying on Him, for EVERYTHING, that TRULY matters'.  In the WORLD? - they're FILLED, with RICHES, and EXCESS, and TECHNOLOGY.  But, in the Faithful REMNANT, you are called to FULLY RELY, on Jesus Christ the LORD - to get you THROUGH, each DAY; while at the SAME time, doing 'YOUR part' - to make your cross lighter.  This means, doing 'your BEST, to take care of your own NEEDS' - for the LORD! - Most High TRUE God, "helps those who help THEMSELVES!"  What YOU need to "WEAN OFF of", is 'your BELIEF, in a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, where GOD, bows to YOU!' - where GOD "solves ALL your problems!" - without you doing ANYTHING - where GOD, 'SERVES you!' - "good THINGS"! - where God 'AFFIRMS you!' - in your SINS! - as you continue to receive "good THINGS", even THOUGH? - you were doing 'WICKED things', with your LIFE.  IF you desire "an AUTHENTIC relationship with Jesus Christ the LORD"? - then you will 'COOPERATE!' - with His WILL; then you will 'SEEK! - HOW He is calling you to LIVE' - according to HIS Ways! - then you will ASK! - the True Holy Spirit, 'what you're called to do NEXT?' - as a way of LIFE.  No MORE! - can you simply 'sit BACK, and DO whatever you LIKE', and, BELIEVE, that "Jesus Christ, HAS to SAVE you?"  Because He DOESN'T!  NO one, is ENTITLED to Salvation; yet EVERYONE, in their CHURCHES - expect, to be 'SAVED'!  But when they DIE, they QUICKLY find out OTHERWISE.  And there are ONLY 'the hot FIERY flames of HELL' - WAITING for them - BECAUSE! - they ONLY wanted to 'APPEAR as good', in the eyes, of others; but NOT! - to BE "good"! - in the Eyes, of their CREATOR.  And so YOU! - need to CHOOSE - to renounce "YOUR way of DOING things"; and resolve, to do EVERYTHING! - according to 'the Divine WILL of the Most High True GOD' - and He will HELP you, if you Truly, 'DESIRE', HIS Will - you will SIMPLY have 'the infused KNOWLEDGE', of what that IS - but we can GUARANTEE! - that "His WILL", is not 'to serve YOU!'  He serves, 'the Will of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN' - and YOU are called to do the same. (December 18, 2017 update) 

Do you believe yourself to be "INVINCIBLE"? - or to be "ENTITLED, to ANYTHING"?

Well this is what HAPPENS when you choose to REBEL - and REFUSE to do 'ANYTHING that is being asked of you' - UNTIL! - it comes to "CRUNCH time" - and it is EITHER, 'you FOLLOW the Counsel' - OR - your life CONTINUES, to get worse.  And so you THOUGHT you were "invincible".  But you WAITED, until, the last, minute.  And so you are going to need to LEARN, "a very valuable lesson" - about putting the Most High True God to the TEST. NEVER put the Most High True God to the test!  NEVER deliberately PUT yourself in 'a SITUATION' - where your Creator, 'MUST intervene!' - in order to prevent you, from "self-DESTRUCTING" - and from 'a total and complete MELTDOWN'.  The Kiln DOES test 'the Potter's VESSEL'; but, "the VESSEL", does NOT! - "TEST", the Potter's PATIENCE.  Understand?  Because "the VESSEL that refuses to be MOLDED, the way the POTTER, intended" - can very EASILY, throw it all OUT! - and, START, over - with "FRESH clay".  So NEVER believe yourself, to be "INVINCIBLE" - or to be "ENTITLED, to ANYTHING". (January 04, 2018 update) 
"There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil." 
(Romans 2:9a)

You are NOT! - "a distressed INDIVIDUAL" - but THAT is the identity, that the DEMONS have given you - that you NEED to break out of - because you can ONLY use it to DECEIVE us - AND yourself!  And your DEMONS want you to IDENTIFY as "a deceiver" - because that's what THEY are!  And so we INVITE you to pray a decade of the ROSARY to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under her TITLE, "Conqueror of deceivers" - and ASK her, to CONQUER, the spirit of self-deception IN you - and to DELIVER you from it! - so that you can SEE yourself "CLEARLY, in the light of Truth". (January 04, 2018 update) 

Women who want to identify as a distressed individual, clothe themselves in the devil's "damsel in distress jezzie" profile.  You can find that profile summarized on the State of Women page.

Don't allow irrational thoughts or fears to lead you into a false reality

Whenever you EXPERIENCE, "irrational thoughts or fears" - you need to RECOGNIZE, that those are "TEMPTATIONS, to enter into a false REALITY".  And BECAUSE! - YOU have, KNOWINGLY CHOSEN, SO many times - to "give IN" - to the irrational thoughts and FEARS? - it DEFINITELY has, "a STRONGHOLD, in your Soul".  And WITH 'that SATANIC stronghold' - it will be "VERY! - difficult - for YOU, to have, TRUE DISCERNMENT" - of what you are called to DO.  And 'TRUE Spiritual VISION' comes WITH, "True Discernment".  And so what you NEED to do - is REJECT your desire, to EMBRACE! - 'FALSEHOOD', as a way of LIFE.  And ASK INSTEAD, for 'the Grace to desire, to live ONLY by the Truth'.  The ONE World Government "alien TECH" - PLAYS on peoples' FEARS. And THAT! - is how they got into your INTERIOR life, in the FIRST place.  Because YOU began to fear, 'THEM' - INSTEAD, of 'fearing your CREATOR - out of LOVE for your SOUL'.  And YOU 'let THEM! - fill, your MIND, with all KINDS, of false REALITIES, and FUTURE situations, and APOCALYPTIC scenarios'.   And 'ALL of that', took the place, of "True DISCERNMENT".  YOU! - actually allowed the One World Government - to PROGRAM, your INTERIOR life - to LIVE "in opposition of the TESTIMONY" - even though 'OUTWARDLY', you professed your faith, IN it.  And SO? - YOU need to work with your CREATOR! - EVERY day; and, ASK Him to "INFUSE in you the TRUE REALITY" - and 'the TRUTHS of the TESTIMONY'; and ask Him to restore TO you, "your spiritual SANITY".  Because THAT, REALLY is 'a Gift', in THESE Times.  (February 09, 2018 update)

The Daze of the Dead
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And this video reveals MUCH about those who are currently OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety

An important WARNING that goes out to all those who are "CHOOSING to LIVE in a false REALITY"

You CAN'T "CHOOSE to LIVE in a false REALITY" - in the REALITY, that everyone outside the REMNANT is living - UNLESS you're ACTIVELY "choosing to DEADEN! - your CONSCIENCE".  And... you HAVE been!  With EVERY admonishment, that we have GIVEN you - with EVERY piece of COUNSEL, that we have INSTRUCTED you with -you LOOKED at it, as though, it was "some HUMAN advice" - that you could ADHERE to or NOT.  But, the TRUTH is, that the Most High TRUE God, is GIVING us, 'the DIVINE inspirations' to share WITH you, in ORDER, to help YOU, 'be HONEST with yourself'.  But if you DON'T want to be honest with yourself? - then the REMNANT, is "a place, that, you don't BELONG" - because, the REMNANT, IS "for THOSE, who CHOOSE! - to, RENOUNCE this world - and IN so DOING, save their SOULS - for the COMING of the PHYSICAL, Era of TRUE Peace on Earth.  And, YOU allowed 'the DEMONS' to tell you, that, "if you FOLLOWED, our advice, then you would be submitting, to the will of MAN" - or "putting your faith in MAN".  But the TRUTH, is, that WE, put OUR Faith, IN the Most High True GOD. And YOU are called, to put "YOUR faith", in the Most High True GOD.  But, it CAN be "in VAIN"! - if you DON'T "LIVE, by HOW, He is CALLING you to live".   Do YOU, want to be "a HEARER"? - or "a DOER"?  Do YOU, LOVE? - the Most High True God, above EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE ELSE in the WORLD?  Or, do you see the Most High True GOD, as "a MEANS! - to be USED! - towards, WHATEVER END or PURPOSE, YOU desire to USE Him for"? The WORLD, is FULL! - of "ILLUMINATI thinkers" - and THEY are the ones, who 'USE people', to gain advantage.  But YOU, are called, to be "a TRUE Disciple", OF your Creator.  And, HE is not messing AROUND!   The God OF the Old Testament, HAS arisen!  AND! - He is UNLEASHING, His Divine WRATH, upon ALL flesh, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  But HE is the One! - who is DISCIPLINING the INTERIOR lives, OF each Member.  And, He is ALSO the One, who is GUIDING, each Member, OF the Faithful Remnant.  But YOU! - have been 'seeking to be your own SHEPHERD' - just like, "all the PROTESTANTS", out there.  You CAN'T! - be "your own SHEPHERD", and make it to HEAVEN! - or make it to "the PHYSICAL Era of Peace".  You NEED to read the updates, and CHOOSE! (February 16, 2018 update) 

Have you been struggling with "SCRUPULOSITY", or "FALSE guilt"?

You NEED to reject your desire, to "PSYCHOANALYZE, yourself". Because, that can LEAD you, into "spiritual insanity" - as you choose to "pick apart EVERY, LITTLE, ACTION", that you DO - and go OVER it, in your MIND - trying to figure out 'what your MOTIVE was, in that past MOMENT'.  THIS is, "very DANGEROUS living"!  And it is 'the SUBSTITUTE, for simply, 'turning to your CONSCIENCE, to be LED by the True Holy SPIRIT'.  YOU need! - to SEEK, to be SANE! - in EVERYTHING that you do.  And EVERYTHING that you DO, think and SAY? - needs to make SENSE!  EVEN though it is before the THRONE of the Most High True GOD - when He LOOKS at you - He wants to see you, 'making GOOD choices!' - that draw you closer TO Him.  He is NOT asking you 'to BEAT yourself' - with your slips and FALLS, in the moment; but He IS asking you! - to SEEK His Will - ALWAYS!  That's ALL!  If you're 'seeking HIS Will' - then, "SIN", isn't an OPTION. The ASSAILANTS! - are 'the ones', who are ANALYZING, the Remnant.  THEY are the ones, "PICKING apart", their MOTIVES, and their ACTIONS.  THEY are the ones, who are trying, to LOOK for WAYS, to "LABEL the Faithful Remnant" - as a cult, and as "MENTALLY insane, PEOPLE!"  But YOU need to realize, that EVERYONE OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, is "mentally insane".  They are "SPIRITUALLY insane", and "DEPRIVED, of Graces, and TRUTH". Because they DON'T want, 'what GOD, has to OFFER them'.  But YOU - as "a Member of the Faithful REMNANT" - DESIRE, 'what the Most High TRUE God, is OFFERING your Soul' - and THAT is, "SANITY!" (February 19, 2018 update)  

Have you been CLINGING to MEMORIES of the past?

What is REALLY going to HELP, you - is if you LIFT up to the Most High True God, ALL the past MEMORIES, that you HAD - with everyone who is AFFLICTING you'. And TRADE, 'THOSE MEMORIES', for the GIFT to LIVE, IN, 'the True Holy Spirit, of the MOMENT.  Because by 'CLINGING, to the MEMORIES, of the people, and THINGS that they DID' - as 'a SUBSTITUTE for GRACES? - YOU, are actively, 'SHUNNING, the TRUE Holy Spirit, IN the Moment'.  And YOU, are "FULLY responsible", for when YOU choose, to DO that.   And you are RESPONSIBLE, for 'the AFFLICTIONS, that COME, with TURNING, to NOSTALGIA'.  But YOU! - are called, to ACTIVELY 'seek to be FILLED, with the True Holy SPIRIT' - and with the FRUITS and the GIFTS, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN!  But you are 'STILL! - FOCUSED! - on the PAST!' - and AS such? - there is "LITTLE ROOM, for your CREATOR to MOLD you in the Present".  You are 'so USED to ALLOWING your MIND to wander BACKWARDS'; but that can ONLY, "STUNT your spiritual GROWTH" - in fact that is 'the FASTEST way, to LOSE Gifts - from Heaven - and to forfeit GRACES' - because your CREATOR is "ONLY interested in HELPING you 'in the NOW' - in the ETERNAL Now".  There is NOTHING! - you can do - to fix 'the PAST'!  And your CREATOR - ISN'T "focused on the past"; "the PAST" doesn't EXIST, to Him.  So if YOU want to 'EXIST in His PRESENCE'? - and GLORIFY Him? - THEN YOU, will 'seek to BE, IN, the PRESENT!  Therefore, ASK the Most High TRUE God for 'the GRACE to DESIRE to ONLY LIVE - in the Eternal NOW'!  And what THIS means - is that you are ALWAYS mindful, of the CONSEQUENCES, of your ACTIONS - in the PRESENT! - moment; and you are MINDFUL - that 'your CHOICES', ULTIMATELY LEAD you, to 'your Eternal DESTINATION'. (February 22, 2018 update) 

Have you been choosing to FOCUS on the attacks of the ENEMY?

You need to KNOW, that, it DOESN'T do any GOOD, to FOCUS, on 'the attacks of the ENEMY' - because while you are "FOCUSED, on his ATTACKS"? - your DEFENSES are down.  THAT'S why when you RECOGNIZE, that your INTERIOR life, is "under attack" - that YOU, IMMEDIATELY! - Commend the INDIVIDUAL - who is ATTACKING YOU - to 'the DIVINE JUSTICE of the Most High True GOD'; or call on Saint MICHAEL, to 'DEFLECT the attack', back at those who SENT IT, or into 'the ETERNAL Lake of Fire'.

But, you NEED to switch your FOCUS back to your CREATOR - because HE is 'the only One who can TRULY help you, OVERCOME, the daily TEMPTATIONS, that you face'

It is QUITE easy! - to OVERCOME, "temptation" - WHEN, you RESOLVE! - to stay 'dialed-in to the TRUE Holy Spirit', and RESOLVE, to DO! - what it is your Creator is ASKING of you - because THEN there isn't any ROOM for temptation - not for LONG! 

And "the ATTACKS" are, ONLY! - meant to DISTRACT you from the CALL of the moment - and, to EAT up your TIME.  The DEMONS? - ARE distracting EVERYONE! - OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - from 'WHAT it is, that the people need to DO' - in ORDER to work out their Salvation.  Because, 'EVERYTHING else!' - is more important - to 'the people OUTSIDE the Ark, of Safety'. Stop 'SERVING your feelings'  - that "the DEMONS" offer you, and start 'SERVING! - your CREATOR'. (March 03, 2018)  

Have you been choosing to focus on NOT being overwhelmed?

If you choose to focus, on "NOT being overwhelmed" - then, you are ACTUALLY 'FOCUSED, on BEING overwhelmed' - because, you are called to be 'focused on the TRUE Peace, of your Creator' - which has NOTHING to do, with 'being OVERWHELMED'.   YOU can CHOOSE, to be 'FILLED, with TRUE Joy', in the TRUE Holy Spirit; OR - filled with ANXIETY, over the many "CHALLENGES and TASKS" that you HAVE, in FRONT of you.  But the MAIN reason that you're STRUGGLING - ALL comes down, to 'a DESIRE, to take CONTROL, of your LIFE' - INSTEAD of SUBMITTING, to the CALL of the MOMENT, of your CREATOR(March 15, 2018 update) 

Have you secretly resolved to keep your Creator "at a DISTANCE" and APPROACH Him on YOUR terms?

The devil, will give you THOUSANDS! - of excuses, to HIDE behind - so that you can "JUSTIFY yourself" - and "your SMALL STEPS, towards your Creator".  But, when you take, 'a STEP towards your Creator' - HE takes 'a step towards YOU'.  And you can USE 'that, STATEMENT', in the TESTIMONY - AGAINST yourself.  But with 'True Spiritual Vision' - JESUS, was saying, "if you DRAW NEAR to your CREATOR, He WILL draw near to YOU".  But the  PROBLEM you have - is that, you WANT to keep HIM, "at a DISTANCE" - and, 'APPROACH Him on YOUR terms' - and "as fast as YOU want" - or, "as SLOW as you want"!   But YOU, do not 'CONTROL the FLOW' of the True Holy SPIRIT, in your LIFE.  And if you 'put up WALLS' - between YOU, and your CREATOR - then you can 'EXPECT Him, to WITHDRAW, His SPIRIT, FROM you' - and, give it to someone ELSE! - who, 'DESIRES!' - to be 'as CLOSE to Him as POSSIBLE'.  Drawing close to your CREATOR - 'EXPOSES, the WICKEDNESS, IN your INTERIOR life'! - the WICKEDNESS that you're "not WILLING, to give UP!" - and that is 'that secret hidden ROOM, of demonic EXCUSES, from HELL' - that the DEMONS feed you - as they SEEK 'to STEAL! - ALL GOODNESS! - or "DESIRE for goodness"! - FROM you!'  And what this ALL! - comes DOWN to: is that, YOU are "ADDICTED! - to REBELLING! - AGAINST God". And 'the satanic HIGH', that COMES - with, 'being MISCHIEVOUS', and 'DESIRING to have POWER, OVER His Anointed Ones'.  But it ALL comes down, to "CHOICE".  Because you are "PERFECTLY capable, of CHOOSING: LIFE, AND Truth".  BUT! - what you have SHOWN us, is that 'you are EQUALLY! - capable - of choosing, "death and LIES" - in your INTERIOR life'.  And so, YOU need to CHOOSE: what SIDE? - YOU are going to BE on"Your FORMERS" - are 'AGAINST the Testimony' - and THEY have "a LITANY! - of excuses" - as to WHY! - they will not FOLLOW it! - even though they KNOW, "it is their CREATOR, speaking". (March 20, 2018 update) 

Have you been choosing to be "a self-serving Remnant Member"?

Because if you HAVE been secretly choosing to be "a SELF-serving Remnant Member" - then the following applies to YOU: The QUESTION is, "DO YOU, DESIRE, to be HEALED from your AFFLICTIONS - and to TRULY, give up, your old LIFE - for you NEW life?" Because, we see NO EVIDENCE, of "a sincere DESIRE", to be "an authentic MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT" - but we see "SOMEONE who is very CLEVER!" - and "who is ABLE, to get what they WANT! - with no trouble at ALL!".  Do you STILL, desire, to have "a divided HEART"?  - and that is to have, PART of your heart, WITH your Creator - but the OTHER part is "reserved SOLELY, for YOU! - and YOUR plans - and YOUR desire, for your life". You show NO interest in following the TRUE Holy Spirit - but we DO see "someone who is ready to launch, their OWN PLATFORM! - as SOON as the big SIGNS manifest!" - and to exalt YOURSELF! - and claim to have the TESTIMONY, long before many OTHERS did!  And we see someone who TRULY desires "to lord it OVER others" - NOT acceptable!  YOU need, "a SERIOUS change of heart!"  And YOU need to REPENT, of "choosing to BE a SELF-SERVING, REMNANT Member"! We DON'T WORSHIP "you" - and NO one is going to! - in the REMNANT.  But you DEFINITELY want to be worshipped!  And THAT is "PRIDE"!  You CAN'T "steal your way into the Kingdom of Heaven".  You need to STAND, on your OWN, WITH your Creator - because you can't "HIDE" - BEHIND, 'that false PERSONAE' - for much LONGER!  Because we SEE you! And SO does your Creator. It's "DECISION time!" (April 19, 2018 update) 

Are you severely AFFLICTED when you are INTERACTING and doing things 'in the WORLD'?

We have discerned, that you are "severely AFFLICTED" - when you are INTERACTING, and doing things 'in the WORLD' - because 'your HEART, is not ROOTED, in the TRUTH - and in the True REALITY'.  And you have been treating the TESTIMONY, as "an ESCAPE, from the WORLD" - JUST like you would, when reading a NOVELBut it ISN'T "a STORY book" - OR a novel - it is "the WORD, of your CREATOR".  And so the BIGGEST problem, that you HAVE, is that you 'LACK REVERENCE', for the WORD of your CREATOR - and you DON'T SEE, or DESIRE to see "the SACREDNESS" - OF, the GIFT, of the Testimony.  You're CALLED to 'LIVE! - the Testimony IN your heart - 24/7!'  But you're ALSO called to 'CHANGE, by the WORD, of your CREATOR - transforming you from WITHIN' - and this means that you choose to do things 'HIS Way'! - NO longer, "according to your OLD ways of THINKING and DOING things".  WHEN you read, the Testimony - there is "a RIGHT WAY" and "a WRONG way".  YOU need to prepare your HEART - with 'the PRAYERS' - so that you can RECEIVE! - 'the Words of your Creator' - as though you were RECEIVING, "HOLY COMMUNION" - WITH! - Jesus Christ the Lord. But that is NOT how, you have been TREATING the Testimony.  You have in FACT, been seeing it MORE, as "some sort of INSTRUCTION manual" - some RULES that you follow - and then, the Most High TRUE God - will, 'let you into the Era of PEACE'! - if you just "do what you're TOLD!"  BUT! - YOU are FORGETTING - that you HAVE "FREE WILL" - and that you are CALLED to LIVE! - the WORDS of your CREATOR - IN the WORLD! - NOT "OF the world".  You should ONLY be doing, 15-20 minutes of prayer - and THEN! - a full ROSARY - a DAY!  You are not CALLED, "to PUMMEL! - your HEART and SOUL - with, prayers - that ACTUALLY turn into "incantations" - and BRAINWASHING".  You're NOT called 'to BRAINWASH yourself!' - WITH the Testimony.  The TESTIMONY is "a TOOL" - to GROW closer to your Creator - NOT to ESCAPE! - the WORLD!  YES! - escape the WICKEDNESS of the world by ROOTING your HEART! - in the TRUTH - but DON'T use the TESTIMONY as, "a means of ESCAPE, of REALITY - that everyone ELSE IS LIVING".  The Testimony reveals "the TRUE Spiritual Reality" - that everyone is DENYING(April 22, 2018 update)  

Have you discovered yet - that YOUR plans, APART from the True Holy Spirit, never seem to work out?

We have DISCERNED, that you DESIRE, to be "in FULL CONTROL", of, EVERY process, or situation in your LIFE - as you FOCUS, on 'the final OUTCOME' - the one that YOU want to bring about.  INSTEAD of, 'taking the necessary STEPS', in ORDER to be "an INSTRUMENT"! - of your CREATOR'S Divine Will and Plan.  And THIS is why you didn't COOPERATE with the True Holy SPIRIT, in order to FACILITATE, a good OUTCOME.  YOU need to learn to be "a DOCILE instrument of your CREATOR" - and STOP trying to lead yourself.  And STOP living in the FUTURE, and trying to go AHEAD of your Creator's Plans. (May 14, 2018 update) 

What do YOU hold in high esteem?

You NEED to know that "self-esteem", is a BUZZ word, that was CREATED, by people, who wanted to 'ESTEEM themselves, for DOING what they KNEW was wrong in their HEARTS - and GOING against their CONSCIENCE'.  There is no ROOM for "self-esteem", in the KINGDOM of Heaven.  For there is ONLY "room to ESTEEM, the CREATOR".  And, you NEED to FOCUS, on 'having HIS Love, in your heart'.  You CAN 'overcome', by APPLYING the Counsel, and LISTENING, to your CONSCIENCE - and turning AWAY from your feelings. ASK Him! - to TAKE your FEELINGS FROM you - and to REPLACE them! - with the True Spiritual REALITY - and, the INFUSED KNOWLEDGE of 'what you are called to do NEXT'. Make 'THAT' a good habit. (May 27, 2018 update) 

Have you been TOLERATING BAD inspirations?

Desire GOODNESS, ONLY! - and 'the GOOD INSPIRATIONS', will BE there.  You are "leaving the door OPEN, to wicked inspirations" - THAT'S the problem, you have. (June 11, 2018 update)

Do you desire to see things through OTHER people's eyes?

One thing we discerned, you are STRUGGLING with - or that you have 'a TENDENCY to embrace' - is your DESIRE to SEE things, through OTHER peoples' EYES - OR - "through the eyes of the DEMONS".  And THIS really, is "SPIRITUALLY destructive".  What you NEED TO DO? - is 'DESIRE', to see EVERYTHING, "from your CREATOR'S point of view" - with COMPLETE! - "impartiality, and HOLY detachment".  And THAT'S 'how you see CLEARLY, through ALL the deceptions' - and SEE, 'your Creator's WILL'!  DESIRE to LIVE, 'a simple LIFE' - living 'the TRUTH' - as a WAY of life - and CLING! - to the Truth - and, you WON'T get "confused" - because there will be no ROOM for it.  It is BECAUSE, you're leaving 'ROOM', for "deceptions" and "CONFUSION", that they're getting INMake room for the TRUE Holy Spirit INSTEAD.  And ASK your CREATOR, to REMOVE from you - ALL! - of the satanic strongholds - that have EVER! - been built up, IN you.  YOUR Creator - can work "VERY fast!" - ALL it takes is 'an act of YOUR will' - WORKING with 'the GRACES', that He OFFERS.  KEEP "your LAMP" LIT - with, the EVER-burning FIRE, of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - NOT "for others" - but 'for your CREATOR' - who SEES you, ALWAYS - and who WILL! - "Justly REWARD you, for your Perseverance, in the True FAITH".  (June 30, 2018 update) 

Do you have a desire to be OVERWHELMED by mere HURDLES and INCONVENIENCES to the point of 'LOSING IT'?

Your desire to be OVERWHELMED, and your desire to OBSESS, to the point of 'LOSING IT' - IS "a choice".  YOU decide, how you want to live.  That's on YOU.  If YOU want to be 'COMMANDEERED by your personal demons'? - then that is YOUR lifestyle decision.   Better to give ALL your personal demons, to your Creator, for immediate disposal - and turn to the Queen of Heaven, to be filled with Divine Grace and the Divine Love of your Creator.  But YOU decide! - what you want to be FULL of.  TREATING every TASK that is being ASKED of you, as THOUGH - 'you are being asked to CLIMB mount EVEREST' - IS! - "a lifestyle decision" - one that will leave you "very POOR" - SPIRITUALLY, in the End.  But one of the BIGGEST, "STRONGHOLDS", IN your Soul - is "your DESIRE, to be DISTRESSED", when faced, with PROBLEMS!  There ARE 'people', going through "REAL problems", in the world.  There are PEOPLE, who are being 'AFFLICTED' - by "FLESH EATING DISEASE". Their HOMES are being burned down and DESTROYED, by RAGING wildfires.  Their INTERIOR lives? - are "a COMPLETE disaster" - and they're "BURNING up!" - as the demons TURN on them.  THOSE are "real PROBLEMS"!   What YOU HAVE? - are simply "hurdles", or "inconveniences", that you have EVERY means! - to overcome; but ONLY "if you want to".  The TIME for you to seek "NEGATIVE attention", by creating PROBLEMS, is NOW over! (July 30, 2018 update) 

Do NOT allow 'the dark FORCES' to PULL you BACK into 'a false REALITY' and into 'a CLOUD of CONFUSION and UNCERTAINTY'
Have COURAGE - and KNOW, that you are CALLED to ENDURE, these evil TIMES - where, 'the dark FORCES', are doing 'what THEY can', to PULL the REMNANT BACK, into 'a false REALITY' and into 'a CLOUD of CONFUSION and UNCERTAINTY'.  And DURING these Times, you need to exercise 'your free WILL' - to CHOOSE your Creator - to choose 'HIS Divine Will AND Plan', for your LIFE - no matter 'HOW bad' the attacks BECOME.  MANY, did not 'persevere' - but they CHOSE, 'WORLDLY riches' once again - and they FORFEITED, or "CASHED OUT", of their SPIRITUAL rewards - BECAUSE, they chose, to turn INWARDS and focus on SELF - AND! - on everything that they were 'WITHOUT' - and they LONGED for 'the comforts of their old LIFE'.  And SO?  That's their REWARD.  It isn't 'EASY' being 'a True CHRISTIAN' in these TIMES - and that is 'FOLLOWING the Divine WILL of the Most High TRUE God' - to the best of your ABILITY. ESPECIALLY when 'the WORLD, is spiraling out of CONTROL', and trying to PULL you into, 'the VORTEX, of falsehood and LIES'.  But you MUST resist - with EVERY iota of your being - and fully SUBMIT, to Jesus Christ the LORD, and 'HIS Reign', over your Soul.  The PEOPLE outside the ARK, are RULED, by their FEELINGS, and by 'their own DESIRES' - APART from the Creator.  And so - YOU, have to choose DAILY - WHO you are going to submit to: Jesus Christ the LORD? - or - the FEELINGS, that want to 'GOVERN your day'.  The PEOPLE  who are 'absorbed in their FEELINGS', are the ONES, who are UNDER "the great DELUSION", of these End Times.  The one world GOVERNMENT - is pulling ALL the stops - they are doing 'EVERYTHING, they can', to FINISH off, the Faithful Remnant.  And THEY, are TRYING to DESTROY, 'the Blessed FRUITS', of the TESTIMONY - that have TAKEN, 'ROOT' in the Souls, of the Faithful Remnant Church - BY 'sowing seeds, of DOUBT, despair, discouragement' - while they SLEEP.  But, ONCE you realize, that DREAMS are not 'BASED in REALITY' - and ONCE you have resolved, that you are going to LIVE the Truth, and SHUN the false realities, that are being PRESENTED to you in your dreams - THEN it becomes MUCH EASIER to live the TRUTH.  But if you give the enemy 'an inch', and begin to DESIRE, the FALSEHOODS, he is 'SOWING, in your SOUL' - during the NIGHT? - then! - you're giving HIM, "the VICTORY". You need to RESIST the devil - with EVERY fiber of your BEING.  SUBMIT to your Creator - and the DEVIL will flee!  It's THAT simple.  The devil is simply TRYING, to get the Members of the Faithful Remnant, to BELIEVE, that they CAN'T OVERCOME, their old lives.  But they CAN! - THROUGH, the continual Divine Intervention OF, the Creator of the Universe in their lives.  And only THROUGH Him - WILL they be led, to Fullness of the Physical Era of TRUE Peace, on earth. (July 31, 2018 update)  

For those whose HEART is starting to be HARDENED by "the collective consciousness of the world".

Your HEART is starting to HARDEN - and so YOU need, to turn to your TRUE Spiritual Mother - and, ask HER, to SOFTEN your heart - towards her SON, and towards, 'what He is ASKING of you'. YOU need, to SEVER  yourself, from 'the collective CONSCIOUSNESS of the WORLD - and CHOOSE! - what "FAMILY", you want to BELONG to: your CREATOR'S FAMILY? - or - the SATANIC family that MANKIND has become?  The "LURE", into, the DESIRE, for your old LIFE? - comes from your DESIRE to embrace "ignorance". What if you never FOUND the Testimony? - then your life would be "very DIFFERENT" wouldn't it! - and you could CONTINUE, "the SOCIAL antics" - that FEED YOUR DEMONS! STOP FEEDING YOUR DEMONS! - and start FEEDING your SOUL, "GOOD food". "IGNORANCE", is "BLISS, for the FOOLISH".  And that BLISS, turns INTO, 'a Lake of FLAMES', at the End.  Understand?  You CAN'T have "a foot in both DOORS" - the door to your "FORMER life" - and the door to the Kingdom of HEAVEN. (September 20, 2018 update)    

For those who REFUSE to be spiritually minded, and in DOING so, choose to live as ATHEISTS?

You are PLANNING the Creator OUT of your day.  And you are CHOOSING to THINK and LIVE, like "an ATHEIST"You are CALLED, to discern the Testimony - and UNPACK, the TRUTHS.  But if you're not 'SEEKING, to be SPIRITUALLY MINDED'? - then you won't HAVE ANYTHING - except, 'what's in your INTELLECT'.  Your "INTELLECT" IS not GOD! WE want to LEAD YOU, to HEAVEN.  And, if you DON'T want to FOLLOW? - our COUNSEL? - then you don't want to GO there!  It's THAT SIMPLE. (September 21, 2018 update)     

Have you been remembering to REJECT, 'the DEMONIC clusters' of ALL of the people that you come in CONTACT with?

It would be GOOD for you, to REJECT, 'the DEMONIC clusters', of ALL of the people! - that you come in CONTACT with - and ESPECIALLY 'RIGHT after MEETING them'.  DON'T wait!  And ASK, for the GRACE, to be 'FILLED, with the TRUE Holy Spirit - and the GRACE to desire to embrace, 'YOUR True identity', instead.  Because, in these Times, PEOPLE are 'UNITED, in the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' - and in "the GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS" - their 'MINDS', FEED, OFF of each other's.  THAT is why SO many people 'THINK the same way' - and that, is 'OPPOSED', to the Ways of the Most High TRUE God.  And so it will ALSO help, to REJECT "the collective consciousness of the WORLD" - and ask, for the GRACE, to desire to 'ONLY be tuned IN', to the True Holy Spirit. Whenever, someone 'APPROACHES you', when you are "in the MIDDLE of a TASK" - and they are 'SENT to BOTHER you' - SIMPLY ask Saint MICHAEL to REMOVE them - because PEOPLE, are 'being PUPPETED, by their DEMONS' - EVEN MORE so now, than EVER before! (October 02, 2018 update) 

Know that EVERYONE in these Times is growing spiritually

WE suggest, that you seek to grow spiritually... UPWARDS!  Because "GROWTH" isn't good, if it isn't towards the Kingdom of HEAVEN - even though you may TELL yourself, that, "you have grown".  So it would be BEST to ask for the Grace to always be MINDFUL of the DIRECTION, that every inspiration you are tempted to consent to, is POINTING you in - BEFORE you consent to itBE "a better ROLE model" - WHY? - because you CAN!   Make better CHOICES - because you CAN!  Live "SANELY"! - because you CAN - IF for NO other reason.  Understand? TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD - the ONLY True Jesus - and DESIRE to LIVE, 'AS He has CALLED you to' - and the PATH, will BE, 'laid out in FRONT of you' - it will BE "at the FOREFRONT of your thoughts" - as you will SIMPLY 'KNOW', what you're called to DO, each DAYBUT! - if you WANT to leave, room open, in your Soul - for CONFUSION, and DISTRACTIONS, and DEMONIC INSPIRATIONS? - then those will come TOO - with 'a FURY'! - to FLOOD OUT! - the Truth.  YOUR choice.  Choose LIFE!  CHOOSE wisely(October 21, 2018 update)  

Are you still clinging tightly to a DESIRE for WORLDLY success and financial SECURITY in THIS life?

Your "DESIRE for WORLDLY success, and financial SECURITY, in THIS life" - is actually 'BLINDING you'! - from 'what your CREATOR is calling you to do'.  Can you NOT "see the SNARE!" - with SPIRITUAL VISION?  But know THIS: The ENEMY, is ALWAYS laying snares! - he NEVER stops!  And so YOU need! - to be "SMART!" - by turning to the True Holy SPIRIT - for 'how to NAVIGATE, around the PITFALLS'.  And DO! - what your CREATOR is asking of you; NOT "what YOU want", for your life.  Because TRULY, YOU do not KNOW, 'what is BEST for you'. But Jesus Christ the Lord DOES. You can 'USE the Testimony', as "a TOOL to survive" - PHYSICALLY!  But it won't LAST.  YOU are actually "here to serve your CREATOR".  But your DESIRE to "be COMFORTABLE", and to PRESERVE your life - for THIS world, can ONLY be "your MILLSTONE".  For then, what SEPARATES you, from 'all those OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety', who are CHOOSING 'the SAME'?  Get SERIOUS!  As a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant, HEAVEN will hear your PRAYERS.  But THOSE PRAYERS being HEARD? - can 'heap COALS upon your head'.  OR? - they can be "a Blessing".  YOU choose!  (November 06, 2018 update) 

For those who enjoy SEEKING to be controlled by FEAR?

There is no VIRTUE in 'seeking to be controlled by FEAR'.  UNLESS? - of course, it is "a Holy FEAR, of the Just CONSEQUENCES, that COME, from being DISOBEDIENT, to your CREATOR".  But 'the fear YOU are speaking of'? - is "irrational".  And IF you choose 'to give-IN to it'? - if you CHOOSE to worry, about EVERYTHING! - then you're SACRIFICING 'the True Peace of your CREATOR' - for, 'the DEMONIC FEELINGS', that the DEMONS are sending you.  You NEED to know that 'the FEAR', actually stems from "lack of TRUST, in your CREATOR" - AND - "indifference", on YOUR part - to what HE is asking you to do.  Because, if you TRUSTED Him? - then you would be "FRUITFUL, and PRODUCTIVE" - and you would GROW, SPIRITUALLY.  But you CAN'T! - grow spiritually CLOSER - if you CHOOSE to be, 'WORRIED and AFRAID all of the TIME'Where is "your CONFIDENCE! - in your CREATOR"?  You lack "CONFIDENCE IN Him" - because you're not DOING "what is right BEFORE Him" - and you KNOW this.  The MORE you ACKNOWLEDGE, 'the WRONGS' - and TURN to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, for 'HELP in MENDING, your relationship' - the MORE 'TRUST and CONFIDENCE' you will HAVE! - in Jesus Christ the LORD.  DO 'what is RIGHT BEFORE Him' - and you will have 'Pure JOY' - which is NOT "a feeling". (December 18, 2018 update)   

There's NO denying 'the state that YOU have chosen to live in' - and so, to set the record STRAIGHT?

The BEST thing, that you can DO? - for your SPIRITUAL wellbeing, is REJECT your desire, to LIVE, in 'a state of denial' - and ASK for the Grace to DESIRE, to LIVE, according to 'the SOUL-piercing TRUTHS! - that YOU have received, from your Creator - either DIRECTLY, through infused knowledge - OR - through reading the TESTIMONY'. You need to STOP living in denial, of, the TIMES, that you are living in - and start EMBRACING, the TRUTH! - at ALL times.  OTHERWISE? - your CREATOR, will have to do 'something VERY! - drastic' - in order to 'HELP you ESCAPE', from the DENIAL, that you LOVE to dwell in.  (March 03, 2019 update) 

For ALL those who "don't understand"?

WE know for SURE! - that you "FULLY! - understand, the MAJORITY of what is shared, IN the Testimony".  And so 'to PRETEND'? - that you DON'T UNDERSTAND? - to imply that, you are "CONFUSED ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS"? - DOESN'T 'fly' with US, OR your Creator.  BECAUSE? - you have EVERY, 'tool' NECESSARY - to TURN, to the TRUE Holy Spirit - for 'what the TRUE Holy Spirit is ASKING of you' - to KNOW! - what your Creator expects.  But if YOU want to turn to 'JEZZIE', INSTEAD? - then you'll EXPERIENCE 'the FRUITS', of that demonic SPIRIT - which ARE? - depression, anxiety, tiredness, fruitlessness, frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, wrath, and self-LOATHING.  And it is ACTUALLY, 'THOSE fruits', that make you sick.  And SO? - you must LEARN to 'TURN AWAY from that which OFFENDS your Creator' - and TURN towards 'having a BETTER ATTITUDE, towards EVERYTHING'!   You need to be 'SPIRITUALLY minded' - but in your OLD LIFE? - EVERYTHING was JUDGED by 'WHETHER or NOT it GRATIFIED your FLESHLY desires'.  You HAVE 'a SOUL' now - that YOU - are called to CARE for - to LOVE - and to NURTUREIn your OLD LIFE? - you FOUND 'STRENGTH', in turning to the DEMONS - as they SYSTEMATICALLY weakened, your CHARACTER, and your MORALS - WITH your consent.   And NOW? - in your NEW life - you are CALLED, to find 'STRENGTH', in Jesus Christ the Lord - and in 'SERVING Him' - with 'JOY'!  THAT is "WHERE, the bar is SET" - for you.
Know that, JUST because your Creator is 'systematically SHUTTING down the AIRLINES' - DOESN'T mean, that your INTERIOR life can't fly with your Creator!  WE "fly" with "Remnant Airlines".  Our DESTI...NATION?  The FULLNESS of the Era of TRUE Peace on Earth.  And yes! - we DO know that 'that OFFENDS MANY people'.  Too bad! - for them.  Know that ONCE everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant is "FULLY traumatized"? - the REMAINING survivors, are THEN invited to check the "Contact Us" page, for the current status.  (March 23, 2019 update)

Did YOU know that 'ALLOWING your thoughts, to drift to the PAST', will PREVENT you from growing SPIRITUALLY?

Rejecting 'the spirit of nostalgia' is GOOD.  But it is even BETTER, to reject 'your desire to TIME travel', when you FIND that 'your THOUGHTS are drifting to the PAST' - ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE! - to be MINDFUL of the present MOMENT - and 'the desire to LIVE! -in the present moment'. DISTRACTIONS will come. But what is MORE important - is 'how YOU have resolved to DEAL with them' - when they TEMPT you. It may not 'SEEM' like "a big deal", at first - but, the ENEMY, is 'trying to gain a STRONGHOLD in your SOUL' - that will PREVENT you from growing SPIRITUALLY.  So? - you need to STOP! - allowing your thoughts, to drift.  CONTROL your thoughts.  ASK the True Holy Spirit for 'the GRACE of self-control'(April 09, 2019 update) 

For those who are LOOKING for "a FORMULA", that you can be COMFORTABLE FOLLOWING, to sneak into the Era of PEACE

You have SET up 'SO many distractions' - from your SPIRITUAL lives.   And you're doing "EXACTLY, what the ENEMY wants you to do". You REFUSE to THINK! You want us to TELL you EXACTLY, 'how to live your LIFE'. But THAT isn't our Vocation. You have 'the TESTIMONY'. You have COMMON SENSE, and REASON. You have the DELIVERANCE prayers. You're "LOOKING for a FORMULA", that you can be "COMFORTABLE FOLLOWING, to sneak into the Era of PEACE". It's NOT going to HAPPEN!  There's no FORMULA for 'following the CREATOR' - because you're CALLED, to FOLLOW Him in the MOMENT - and the CALL, will make 'SENSE'! (April 25, 2019 update) 

For those who are working FULL time, to guard their HEART, from the Testimony.

While you 'GUARD', your HEART - from the TESTIMONY - and from 'being CHANGED, for the better' - by, your Creator's Transforming GRACES? - you are INSTEAD, 'FOCUSED on false EXTERNALS' - and 'all the EXTERNAL THINGS, that YOU! - SEE, as "a reflection of HEAVEN".'  But THAT isn't HEAVEN!  Because 'REAL Heaven' - the AUTHENTIC one - where JESUS Lives and REIGNS? - is "invisible" - and is "spiritual" - it is 'a SPIRITUAL reality'.   But YOU! - have been 'STUBBORNLY looking', for "Heavenly SIGNS".  But 'those SIGNS'? - only REVEAL, that, "you are IN your Heaven!" - WITH your formers.  INSTEAD of 'seeking to LIVE the Kingdom of Heaven' - you want 'to REFLECT, on POSITIVE externals', as "a CHEAP substitute" - because 'for YOU'? - it is "too DIFFICULT to LIVE it!" - and MUCH more comfortable, "to REFLECT on it".  From 'the SKY' - to 'the SUN' - to 'the CLOUDS' - to 'the BIRDS SINGING' - to 'the FLOWERS in bloom!'? - THAT'S "your HEAVEN"!  But 'that' ISN'T "our Heaven".  For while ALL of these 'NORMAL', things - CONTINUE - DAILY? - they are NOT "supernatural, EVENTS"; granted they are CAUSED, by 'the INTERVENTION, of the Most High True God'.  But they are not "a SUBSTITUTE"! - for LIVING the Kingdom of Heaven, in your HEART.  But that's 'how you have been USING them'...  You have CONVINCED yourself! - like 'SO MANY! - false christians OUT there' - that 'by DROWNING yourself, in POETIC thoughts, and IDEALS, and MANTRAS - and self-AFFIRMING, IDEAS - and 'POSITIVE, OUTLOOKS! - on LIFE' - that? - by DOING these THINGS? - you can BE, "a True CHRISTIAN"!  But NONE of those things 'matter' to your CREATOR.   And if you WANT to go, to "the REAL! - Kingdom of HEAVEN"? - then you NEED! - to HAVE, 'SOMETHING'... that He DESIRESWHERE are 'the FRUITS and the GIFTS of the True Holy Spirit' - in "YOUR daily living"For PRACTICING THOSE? - is 'the ONLY thing'! - that your CREATOR, is "interested" in.   Admittance denied.  (May 21, 2019 update)  

And there is no virtue in checking off a list of the Fruits and the Gifts of the True Holy Spirit at the end of each day - and then telling yourself how "righteous" you were that day, through your daily score.  And yes - we know that some readers WILL follow through with the temptation to do that, if we don't clarify.  But why?  WHY are people NOT called to go through that list each day?  Because "the FIRST Commandment" - is to love your CREATOR, the Most HIGH True God, with your entire BEING - and if that COMMANDMENT is TRULY embraced, and desired, and LIVED with your heart? - then choosing THAT lifestyle, will DRAW the Gifts and Fruits of the True Holy Spirit, FROM Heaven, to flow THROUGH you, as you do so!  In fact, it is so SIMPLE, that even a child, WITHOUT the list, of the Gifts of and Fruits of the True Holy Spirit, can do it! 

Jesus said: It is only by 'LIVING the Gifts and the FRUITS, of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - that ONE, can BE, "Blessed" - BY Me. [- and that is 'a VERY subtle way' of saying, that the vast majority - who have chosen to LOVE THEMSELVES, ABOVE their Creator - who IS "the Tree of Life", can only be cursed, as they CONTINUE to do so - as...] The FRUIT, ABIDES, with 'the Tree'.  The FRUIT, can ONLY 'WITHER and die', APART from it.  Therefore, when I SAID, "to abide IN Me" - and that "I will make My abode, in YOU"? - it is, so that you would 'be BLESSED! - with Eternal LIFE - with the GIFT, of Eternal Life' - in, the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  For "the WAGES of SIN!" - is Eternal death, and SEPARATION, FROM Me. BUT! - "the WAGES of the True Holy SPIRIT" - who is 'a MANIFESTATION', of "the WORKS", of God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven - can ONLY bring, and GUARANTEE! - Eternal Life.  THEREFORE:  One can NOT! - LIVE, the Kingdom of HEAVEN, WITHOUT, 'the True Holy SPIRIT' - who KNOWS! - 'what it IS, that ONE must DO - in ORDER, to receive the Kingdom of HEAVEN, "as a CHILD".

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. If a man does not abide in me [- if one is 'cut OFF from the Spirit of Life'...], he is cast forth as a branch and withers; and the branches are gathered, thrown into the fire and burned. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you will [- as the INSPIRATIONS for what you ASK, will come FROM Me - and they will be PERFECTLY united to MY Divine Will...], and it shall be done for you. By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be my disciples [- as you are DISCIPLINED]. As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you [- referring to the ones who do not SHUN the WORDS of the Son, that are ALSO revealed in His Testimony]; abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love... I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit [- referring to the FRUITS of the True Holy Spirit] and that your fruit should abide [- in the True Holy Spirit, of LIFE; not in 'the spirit of the world'...]; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you. This I command you, to love one another [- through fraternal correction, that comes from USING the Gifts and Fruits of the True Holy Spirit].  (John 15:4-10, 16b-17) 

(May 22, 2019 update)

For all those who believe that THEY are the experts of their OWN spiritual life? - and yet are unable to really learn ANYTHING, revealed in their Creator's Testimony.

WE can see 'where that thinking is going to LEAD you'.

What do YOU think? - is going to happen to your SPIRITUAL life? - and, what do YOU think, is going to be 'the FRUIT, of your SPIRITUAL life'?  The PROBLEM YOU have - is that you THINK, you KNOW! - everything.  You think that you know, 'the ANSWERS'!  But you DON'T.  And you DON'T have 'CLOSURE', either.  Because 'you WANT to hold on to the PAST'.  YOU! - are called to carry, 'the Presence of your Creator' - BUT?... you have been CHOOSING, 'the DEMONIC, energy, from your PAST' [- or "your demonic cluster"…] - to FUEL, your decisions, in the moment.  And THAT'S why you KEEP, REPEATING, the same mistakes.  And Jesus Christ the LORD? - IS "far FROM you!"  Because, YOU have been pushing Him awayCan you see how ANY of this? - is TRUE!  Painful and upsetting MEMORIES? - are SOME TIMES, given, to THOSE - who 'DESIRE!' - "an ANCHOR, to self-DESTRUCTION".  Those MEMORIES are THERE - so that they can... DIVE! - SPIRITUALLY! - OR physically - ANY time they 'FEEL' like it.  But it is "MUCH better", to be ANCHORED, to 'the TRUE, JOY, of BEING, on BLESSED TERMS, with your CREATOR' - by choosing to be 'HIS docile instrument'.  No WONDER you CAN'T! - be - Jesus Christ the LORD'S, "docile, INSTRUMENT" - BECAUSE, you PREFER, 'the DARK MEMORIES, of your PAST'!  Which is WHY - you ALWAYS, RESPOND! - by saying "you're going to start OVER! - from scratch".  But in order to DO so? - you have 'to throw everything OUT'.  And THAT'S how the demons, have been DECEIVING you.  And this is WHY, you haven't been able to LEARN, on this journey.

It IS of course much better to BUILD on the Truths that you HAVE received - but that is ONLY possible with "a conscience" - with "a personal CONNECTION with one's Creator".  And those who PREFER "a personal connection with their DEMONS"? - have no access to their conscience - as they turn to their DEMONS, instead - as they seek "how THEY are justified", APART from their Creator.  (August 26, 2019 update) 

For all those who are applying RANDOM passages in the Testimony to their lives while REFUSING to discern

YOU need to, TURN to your CREATOR - and "SINCERELY ask Him", to WRITE! - His TESTIMONY, on your HEART.  But WE can tell, that you're "COMFORTABLE, DOING your own THING - YOUR way! - reading the TESTIMONY, YOUR way! - going where YOU! - want to go - reading the pages YOU want to read!  But you're "NOT, INTERESTED, in where your CREATOR is leading you".  And so? - your APPROACH to the TESTIMONY? - is 'all WRONG!'  You CAN'T "just click on random LINKS, and apply the REMEDY". IF, the SICKNESS does not 'APPLY to you'? - you HAVE to DISCERN! - AND you have to 'THINK'.  YOU! - are "complicating, your RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High TRUE God" - by 'FLOODING yourself OUT', with TESTIMONY quotes.  And as you DO so? - you actually, 'MISS the LESSON'.  And WE are posting "daily updates" - and expect YOU, as 'a Member of the Faithful Remnant' - to be READING them! - because they ARE "your daily nourishment".  But the HARD Truth is: that YOU have built "a FORTRESS! - of SELF-justification AROUND, your HEART! - and YOU have "RESOLVED to protect, your DEMONS from the TRUTH".  And EVEN the Most High TRUE God CAN'T! - get through 'that WALL'!... EASILY… He will have to 'SMASH it to PIECES!' - and even THEN? - we can't GUARANTEE, that you'll SURVIVE. (November 09, 2019 update)

What to do when you find yourself 'getting pulled BACK into your former IDENTITY'?

Best to offer up a decade of the Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title "Conqueror of false realities" - as 'your old identity' IS "a false reality" - because? - WHILE you are IN your old IDENTITY? - your PERCEPTIONS, are 'off' - and NOT a reflection, of the TRUTH.  And THAT'S where the ENEMY wants to KEEP you.  Do you want to STAY THERE?  Or do you want to see YOUR situation, YOURSELF, and your CREATOR - and your spiritual JOURNEY - through the Eyes of the True Holy SPIRIT?  You CHOOSE!  (November 14, 2019 update) 

For all those who after FINDING the Testimony, have resolved to use "POSITIVE THINKING" as a COPING mechanism?

The HARD TRUTH is that YOU have made 'a PACT'! - with the DEVIL! - that you WILL! - hold ON to "institutional CHRISTIANITY" - that is 'FILLED with positive THINKING', and 'positive WORDS' - thus ENSURING! - that you will end UP, in the Eternal Lake of FIRE - TOGETHER with… 'all the OTHER, positive THINKERS, who are THERE!  And 'that PACT'! - that "SPIRITUALLY TOXIC PACKAGE", that YOU have received? - is 'what is SURFACING', in your EMAILS.  If you DON'T stop 'living two LIVES'? [- referring to the… "I believe the Truths revealed in the TESTIMONY" - OR - "I can only bear to recall the socially acceptable POSITIVE STATEMENTS in the Testimony"…] - then? - you'll be cut-OFF, from the Faithful REMNANT - ETERNALLY!  And you WON'T find your way back!  Because 'the CHASM' between, those who DESIRE TRUTH and LIFE - and those who desire, "positive THINKING", as they commit all KINDS of wickedness, in their INTERIOR lives? - has grown "VERY! - wide".    "Positive THINKING" has spawned the GREATEST of evils, that PEOPLE continue to EMBRACE, on a DAILY basis.  Positive thinking is "NOT! - compatible", with being 'a FAITHFUL! - Remnant Member'.  If you CAN'T 'HANDLE'? - being "a TRUE PROPHET of the Most High TRUE GOD"? - then you SHOULDN'T be "a Member".  If you can't BEAR to hear, 'the uncomfortable TRUTHS SHARED'?  If you 'CRINGE!' - at what is REVEALED in the TESTIMONY? - then you SHOULDN'T be "a MEMBER" of this church.   And you 'do the VIEWERS!' - of your video - or FUTURE videos, "a GRAVE! - disservice" - by seeking to be "POSITIVE" - and FILTERING-OUT, the SWORD-Piercing TRUTHS, that are 'meant to PIERCE the heart', of the LISTENER - to 'WAKE them UP!'  Which makes you "a prophet of the DEVIL! - who ONLY wants to keep people… "COMFORTABLE! - and asleep!"(November 30, 2019 update) 


All BETTER NOW?  Not according to the True Spiritual Realities!
The SPIRITUAL life, is ‘FAR more SIMPLER’, than ‘all of THAT’, My child.  It is ‘ALL about your RELATIONSHIP, with JESUS Christ the LORD’, and your ‘DEVELOPING a RELATIONSHIP’, with ‘the Saints, in HEAVEN’.  Because THEY, have already ‘made it HERE’, with ME.  SEEK, to be ‘in COMMUNION’, with THEM, as you are doing your PRAYERS; AND, ‘in COMMUNION’ with ‘the SOULS, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH’, AND, in COMMUNION, with ‘the UNBORN Souls’ – with the VICTIMS of ABORTION - who are ‘in LIMBO’.  You need to BE, ‘as a little CHILD’ – ASKING ‘the TRUE Holy Spirit’, WHAT, the next step IS, in your INTERIOR life.  It IS so EASY; but ONLY for small CHILDREN.  For WHAT does the LORD Jesus Christ HIMSELF say?  “Suffer NOT, the little Children, to COME to Me.” – and that MEANS, the Lord Jesus Christ, will ONLY receive, ‘the heart, of a child’. SEEK, to unite YOUR will, WITH, the Sacred Heart, of My Son, AND, My Immaculate Heart.  But the KEY to living ‘the SPIRITUAL life’, is to FOCUS, and PRACTICE LISTENING, AND ‘ACTING on the INSPIRATIONS', of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – My WELL-beloved Spouse!  (From the August 6, 2015 archived Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary)  
Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.  Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?  I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.  The wild beasts will honor me, the jackals and the ostriches; for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to my chosen people, the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise."
(Isaiah 43:18-21)
What is MOST important, is that you REMEMBER, "YOU are IN, PURGATORY!"  And SO, you are BEING, "PURIFIED" - of all EARTHLY, and worldly DESIRES.  AND so, this IS going, to BRING, 'MORE lead', to the surface; and it is "ONGOING", and it never STOPS!  Remember THAT!   NOT that, there isn't, "CONSOLATIONS", and RELIEF - along the way; but, the PURIFICATION period, DOES not END! - UNTIL, you are WALKING, in, "the PHYSICAL Era, of Peace".  I hope, that gives you, "a TIMELINE, perspective" - as to how LONG, you will need to ENDURE!  But the MORE, you RENOUNCE, your FORMER self, and your FORMER ways - and your FORMER LIFE! - the MORE you choose NOT to remember, 'your old ways' - and 'who you once WERE' - the more you choose, to FOCUS, on 'who you are NOW' - and 'who, your CREATOR, has CHOSEN you to be' - it WILL, get 'a LITTLE easier'; but what the ENEMY, tries to DO, with EACH member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant, is 'GET them back, into their OLD IDENTITY - as QUICKLY as possible!'  BECAUSE, THEN, their PRAYERS, are "INEFFECTIVE"!  And THEN, they wonder WHY, their prayers aren't being heard; but THAT is because, they are CHOOSING, to live in 'a false REALITY' - or 'in a HELL, APART from the Most High True God'.  The MOST High TRUE God, hears 'the PRAYERS, of His True CHILDREN'; but what you were BEFORE, HE does not RECOGNIZE - that is WHY, it is "CRUCIAL", that you REMAIN, in your TRUE, identity - striving ALWAYS, to break FREE - from EVERYTHING that CHAINS you - to the PAST, and to 'an OLD identity', that SIMPLY, 'ONLY exists, in the MINDS! - of your former FAMILY, AND friends'.  You must REALIZE, that what 'the ASSAILANTS, of your PAST', are holding ON to - is 'a false IMAGE of you' - based, on, "DECEPTION!" - because you are 'no LONGER, that INDIVIDUAL' - BUT! - when you SLIP back into your old WAYS - that's WHEN, the attacks, are "more EFFECTIVE" - and that BEGINS "the SPIRAL - DOWNWARDS"!  You SEE, the ASSAILANTS, 'NEED', the Faithful REMNANT, to IDENTIFY, with "their former SELVES!" - in ORDER, to PULL them away, from the TESTIMONY, and from 'the ARK' - INTO, 'COMPLETE, death! - AND destruction'.  REMEMBER, what it says in the SCRIPTURES, "Remember NOT! - the former THINGS; BEHOLD, I am doing a NEW thing! - NOW it springs FORTH; can you PERCEIVE it?"  Your "FORMER FAMILY", CANNOT, PERCEIVE - what YOU have BECOME!  Understand?  But YOU can.  (October 08, 2016 update)
Where Is Your Focus?
So WHAT'S the devil's ROLE in all this?

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world his invisible nature, namely, his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse; for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man or birds or animals or reptiles. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen. For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a base mind [the beast state] and to improper conduct. They were filled with all manner of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malignity, they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents [-referring to God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven and the Blessed Virgin Mary], foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. Though they know God’s decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them but approve those who practice them."
(Romans 1:18-32)

If you WANT to simplify, 'the REASON, WHY the Most High True God, is ALLOWING, mankind, to BE, on their OWN, WITHOUT discernment' - WITHOUT the True Holy Spirit; and has given them OVER, to the devil - SIMPLY, REALIZE, that it is BECAUSE, of mankind's WICKEDNESS; and their "disordered NATURE" - and "DESIRE, to suppress, the TRUTH!"  THAT is WHY, He gave them OVER, to "a DELUSION"... He GAVE people, 'the OPPORTUNITY to be born', in order to CHOOSE Him; to choose to KNOW, Love, and SERVE, 'the Most High TRUE God'.  The ENEMY, the DEVIL - HIS role, in human history - was to take as MANY! - Souls - to "Hell" - to ETERNAL Hell, AS possible; and, his ROLE, is to PREVENT, PEOPLE, from finding the TESTIMONY; and finding the ARK, of SAFETY.  His role is to "INFLUENCE", THOSE, who have GIVEN themselves, 'OVER to him' - to PERSECUTE, the Faithful Remnant Church; and to INFLICT, 'pain, AND injury' - on 'the Faithful Remnant to BE' - so they simply do not DESIRE, to BECOME, "a member of the Faithful Remnant". HIS role, is, to try, to PROVE, to the Creator - that there is "NO love, left, in MANKIND" - and that they are ALL, "ONLY worthy, of DESTRUCTION" - EVEN the Faithful Remnant!  HIS role is to, 'TEMPT', the Faithful Remnant, to believe their CROSS is "too heavy" - so they FOLD.  His role is to ACCUSE! - the Faithful Remnant CONTINUOUSLY! - and "BADGER", their INTERIOR lives, "like a NAGGING WIFE!!!" - UNTIL, 'he gets his WAY'; until he has PULLED, THEM away, from, 'the Ark of SAFETY'.  The devil's ROLE, is COMPLETELY, OPPOSED, to the CREATOR, of the UNIVERSE!  The PEOPLE under his INFLUENCE - that is 'ALL those with the mark' - UNTIL they're "set FREE" - can ONLY! - BE! - ON! - the devil's TEAM! - and 'working for his KINGDOM'. The DEVIL, will "MORPH, into, the PEOPLE, with the MARK" - because he HAS been GIVEN, 'THAT POWER', at THIS time - IN, human HISTORY.  BUT! - the Most High TRUE God, is MUCH, more powerful - THAN, "the enemy, of SOULS"!  And HE, CONQUERS, the DEVIL, his KINGDOM, and ALL his followers - IN the End.  GOOD! - TRIUMPHS, over EVIL. But STILL! - the WICKED, will do "WICKEDLY" - up UNTIL, their LAST breath. (October 08, 2016 update)
Do you have the SECURITY of, "A REAL, and AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN"?
"When people say, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as travail comes upon a woman with child, and there will be no escape."
(1 Thessalonians 5:3)

In 'the SPIRIT of the WORLD', people have "ALL SORTS of security blankets" - that they HOLD on to; or that they INVEST in; BUT, they will NOT "invest" into 'what is MOST important' - and that IS - "a REAL, and AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, WITH! - God the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN".  IF! - you REFLECT upon it, it is QUITE easy, to SEE, that, ALL of "the PEOPLE, OUTSIDE the Ark" - have TRADED their INHERITANCE, of HEAVENLY RICHES, for "WORLDLY riches"; and in the END - they are going to END up "QUITE poor".  So [- if you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, then...] let YOUR heart 'rejoice' - NOT in "earthly gain" - but IN! - the BLESSED ASSURANCE, of the ROAD, that you have CHOSEN to take, and 'WHERE', that Road is going to LEAD you - "the NARROW Road". (March 07, 2017 update)

When Vanity spoils
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The Message below is not quoted in the above video
What do the Members of the Faithful Remnant need to pray for the most, in order to be more successful in the spiritual life?

Well, simply resolving every day, to live your TRUE identity, as "a CHILD of the Most High True God"; and to DO, 'what it IS, the Most High True God is ASKING you to do' - FOR that day - will KEEP you "on the Narrow Path".  But, REJECTING the demonic clusters of 'those that you are in CONTACT with', REGULARLY - is going to HELP; because "DEMONIC CLUSTERS", build UP - in people.  And so you need to be 'VIGILANT', in TEARING down 'the enemy's kingdom' every day - AS, you seek to be 'built up IN, the TRUTHS, in the TESTIMONY'.  ASK, to be FULLY immersed, in the TRUE Spiritual Reality - FOREVER!  The SPIRITUAL REALITY, that YOU HAVE, "an IMMORTAL SOUL" - that you are called to CARE for; the fact, that, you have "a CREATOR, who is VERY much involved, in EVERY aspect of your life"; the fact that, you are "a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT" - and that is, 'the TRUE, MYSTICAL BODY of Jesus Christ the LORD'.  The fact that, you have ACCESS, to the BEST, COUNSEL, in the UNIVERSE - from the King of HEAVEN, Himself!  THESE are "only SOME", of, the Spiritual Realities. But THIS is 'what you're called to FOCUS on' - AS "a Member".  Yes, the DEMONS, and the DEVIL - DO exist! - BUT, they ONLY want 'to pull your attention AWAY' - from ALL of the BLESSINGS, and the GRACES, and the GIFTS - that your Creator IS bestowing upon you, and will CONTINUE to bestow upon you.  He HAS 'the rest of the world' - the DEVIL - HAS! - ALMOST the entire human race.  HOWEVER, he DOESN'T 'have', the small, few, "Faithful Remnant FOLLOWERS".  He is "HELLBENT on DESTRUCTION".  He has ALREADY, destroyed, the PEOPLE - with their CONSENT.  BUT! - the FAITHFUL REMNANT - HE is trying, "VERY hard!" - to 'take, AWAY, FROM the Truth in the Testimony'.  Because, WHY would he FIGHT - for, 'the ones he ALREADY has'?  He SIMPLY needs to keep them "subdued, in their STUPOR, and in their ILLUSIONS"; but, his MAIN focus - the devil's main focus - IS, to destroy the Faithful REMNANT.  The Most High TRUE GOD - will SIMPLY 'NOT allow that to happen'.  AND, the devil KNOWS this.  But he will try ANYWAY; BECAUSE he is "FUELED by pride".  He CANNOT! - SUCCESSFULLY, DESTROY, Christ's CHURCH, from the face of the EARTH - as he BOASTED, that he would TRY!  "The gates of HELL" (- that are sometimes translated in Matthew 16:18 as "the powers of death") - ALSO refer to, "the CERN portal to the Abyss" - WILL NOT prevail, against Christ's TRUE Flock. (March 15, 2017 update)

We are living in a Spiritual Battle
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
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It's TIME for the Members of the Faithful Remnant to STAND your GROUND!

YOU are in 'a SPIRITUAL battle', and WAR - for your SOUL!  You're NOT battling, "flesh and blood".  The INSPIRATIONS, that the PEOPLE, are HAVING - outside the Faithful REMNANT - ARE, 'AGAINST, the True Holy Spirit'; and, they cannot HELP, but 'be against, the True Holy SPIRIT' - because they are 'WITHOUT, GUIDANCE'; they are 'WITHOUT, their LIFELINE'!  They have been 'cut OFF - from their CREATOR' - and how TERRIBLE an EXISTENCE, they have been SENTENCED to!   And so YOUR call, is, to embrace 'the TRUE Spiritual Reality', ALWAYS!   And to keep CONVERSATIONS, 'SHORT', with those, 'OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant' - who are "HOSTILE".  TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit, IN the Moment, for 'WHAT you are called to SHARE'!  STAND, your ground; do NOT ALLOW them, to 'walk all OVER you'; or to TRY, to 'instill FEAR' - in your INTERIOR life - as 'the ENEMY', DESIRES, to 'wear OUT' the Saints, by 'his CONTINUAL coming, to ACCUSE them, before, the CREATOR'.  You are CALLED to LIVE, with 'a CLEAR CONSCIENCE', every DAY - knowing, that 'you DID your best', for that DAY! - RESOLVED in your HEART, to 'do BETTER', for the NEXT day. So KEEP, ALL conversations, IN the Truth; and the TRUE Holy SPIRIT will HELP you - and GIVE you the words, to share - to, 'STOP the enemy!', and to CLOSE his mouth! (May 06, 2017 update)

Are you aware of the spiritual battle that is going on right now?
Right NOW - there are, 'MILLIONS, of people', praying AGAINST the Faithful Remnant - as this IS, "the BATTLE of Gog and MAGOG" And, 'the ARMIES of the ENEMY' - are "ENCAMPED", AROUND, the ARMIES of the SAINTS, and the Saints THEMSELVES. (- And if you happen to be one of those people "encamped", and you are reading this right now... then know this: the vast MAJORITY of the people prayed AGAINST Jesus Christ the Lord too - and it didn't go well for them either... you will find out even MORE specifics when you finally meet them).  We are LIVING, 'IN!' - the Book of Revelations - at THIS time in human HISTORY.  And NOW! - more than EVER! - you are called to RECOGNIZE, as 'a Member of the Faithful REMNANT' - that YOU, are IN, "a SPIRITUAL battle" - for your SOUL!  And SO, it is CRUCIAL, that YOU do 'YOUR part' - in PURIFYING, and being CLEANSED, in your INTERIOR life, of all WICKEDNESS - because it is 'the WICKED ones' - who are going to perish.  Remember, 'FEAR of the LORD' - is "a GOOD, and HOLY, thing".  But MOST people, do NOT 'Fear Him', or have ANY reverence, FOR him.  With the TESTIMONY, you have been GIVEN, 'the ARK, of the COVENANT' - and, it can be "a BLESSING", or "a curse" - DEPENDING, on 'the DISPOSITION of your SOUL', to it.  So the more 'PURIFIED' you are, the MORE 'Truth', you are able, to receive - FROM, the True Holy Spirit (May 9, 2017 update)

What is "the FAST track" way?

PEOPLE, who live by 'the SPIRIT of the world' - and "FULLY immersed in the spirit of the world", in their INTERIOR lives - SIMPLY, 'say whatever comes to MIND' - and, they do not DISCERN, their INSPIRATIONS - because they CAN'T!  And YOU have been given 'every TOOL', that you NEED - in order to DISCERN your inspirations, before SHARING.  But it DOES take "an act of the WILL".  Because YOU need to choose, to "ONLY share the Truth" - and "your CREATOR", can WORK with that, 'desire'.  AND, WHEN you get to 'the point in your SPIRITUAL life' - when "NOTHING ELSE matters", but 'the TRUTH!' - then, you WILL have 'a continuous FLOW', of, "INSPIRATIONS from the True Holy SPIRIT" - like "a WATER fountain", of Eternal YOUTH - FLOWING, from 'the Throne of the Most High True GOD'.  That is 'one REASON, why people, outside the Faithful REMNANT, cannot stand the TESTIMONY' - because, the TESTIMONY is FILLED, with, "INSPIRATIONS from the TRUE Holy Spirit, that are 'COMPLETELY! - opposed, to the CARNAL mind'.  And SO, it is 'SO important', to use the Blessed HOLY Water, OFTEN - THROUGHOUT the day - and as you DO - ASK!- your Creator, to FILL you! - with 'His INSPIRATIONS', with His TRUTH! - with His Divine LOVE.  ASK Him, "to RECREATE you!"  Because 'the PERSON, SOCIETY, BUILT, up, IN YOU' - is SIMPLY "an abomination!" - and "NOT compatible, WITH, the LIFESTYLE, of a Faithful REMNANT Member".  And SO, YOU need, to RESOLVE, to SHUN! - your FORMER life - and "your FORMER ways" - and "your former IDENTITY"! - EVERY DAY!  And MOVE FORWARD, in 'your walk, with the Most High TRUE God' - and ACTUALLY, 'SEEK Him OUT!' - SEEK to be "RENEWED" - every MORNING! - with 'the GIFTS of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  RENOUNCE 'the devil and his kingdom - OF illusion'.  And TURN! - to the True Holy SPIRIT!  This ALSO takes "an act of the WILL"!  People in the WORLD, have LEARNED, to simply, 'GO where their DEMONS, TAKE them'; but THOSE in the Faithful REMNANT - are CALLED to be 'CARRIED, BY Grace'.  ASK the Most High True God - to GIVE you 'the necessary GRACES' - to get THROUGH the DAY!  Because THAT'S all you NEED.  DON'T worry about "TOMORROW"; the day's 'TROUBLES', are ENOUGH, of 'a test', to GET through!  RESOLVE to LIVE in His PEACE - CARRIED by Grace; and be RE-Created.  That is "the FAST track", way (July 5, 2017 update)

Have you been seeking refuge in "your OWN personal truth"?

KNOW that, WE are not asking you, to stop SEEKING "what is TRUE" - BUT - you cannot seek refuge in "your OWN personal truth" - and THAT'S what the people outside the Ark are DOING; they ALL have "their perceptions, of what THEY believe to be TRUE".  And YOU are called, AS "a Member of the Faithful Remnant" - TO conform, to the MOVEMENTS of the TRUE Holy Spirit, IN the moment.  BUT, the TRUE Holy Spirit will ONLY, guide you, if you are 'seeking HUMILITY'.  We are NOT ASKING you to put "ABSOLUTE FAITH and TRUST" into EVERY WORD that WE say.  BUT - YOU are required to also THINK for YOURSELF and make DECISIONS, in accordance with 'the FORMATION of your CONSCIENCE'.  We are here to give you spiritual COUNSEL, that you are free to RECEIVE or NOT to receive at ANY given time.  BECAUSE you are "a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant" - you are CALLED, to have FAITH, in what your CREATOR has REVEALED in the TESTIMONY - and that IS, "ALL of it!" - not just "some of it".  Because those Revelations are COMING from "YOUR KING"YOU need, to 'REPENT!' - and TURN your HEART! - towards your Creator.  Make sure you use lots of Blessed HOLY Water. (August 18, 2017 update) 

Is "the OLD you" trying to devour your NEW identity in the Faithful Remnant? - "BOOK your ROOM" NOW! - make "reservations" for "the NEW you"!

It would be BETTER, to live in the TRUE Reality - and fix "your CURRENT problems" - rather than travel back to the PAST - and RELIVE, how you solved problems BEFORE...  The biggest problem you're HAVING - is that your old IDENTITY, is trying to DEVOUR! - your NEW identity.   You see the TESTIMONY, is "new WINE" - and can ONLY! - be poured, into "NEW! - wine skins".  Therefore ONLY, "your NEW identity", can RECEIVE, the TESTIMONY, and APPLY it.  There is no ROOM for "the old YOU" -  in the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  YES, there are many ROOMS, in the Kingdom of HEAVEN! - but "the old YOU!" - will not BE there. (August 19, 2017 update)
Did you know that occult and WITCHCRAFT attacks often physically manifest in the form of a spider?
The physical manifestation of the spider, is ACTUALLY 'the Most High TRUE God's MERCY' - on YOU! - so that YOU have 'VISIBLE confirmation' of what YOU, have DISCERNED.  And it is SIMPLY "a WARNING" that SNARES are being SET for you! - through WITCHCRAFT.  And you're simply going to need to fight HARDER! - to stay in 'the front seat of your INTERIOR life' - and to have CONFIDENCE, that your CREATOR is SHOWING you, the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES manifesting AROUND you.  And so ASK, the Most High TRUE God  - to simply 'SEND, prevenient GRACES, ahead of ALL the enemy's snares'.   And ASK that you would be GIVEN enough GRACE, to get THROUGH that DAY - because that's ALL that's required.  A lot of FORMER MEMBERS became "OVERWHELMED", with the occult and WITCHCRAFT attacks - because they CHOSE to 'SWITCH their FOCUS - to IDENTIFYING as, Members being AFFLICTED, all the time'; INSTEAD of, USING, the ATTACK, as a MOTIVATION - to TURN to the Most High True God - for 'HIS Strength, in overcoming EVIL'.  REMEMBER where your focus needs to BE.  SIMPLY, on FOLLOWING 'the CALL of the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT'.  The DEMONS? - WORKING through OTHERS; the demonic GAMES - SIMPLY want to, 'ZAP you' - of your SPIRITUAL focus; and TAKE up all your TIME!  THEREFORE - DON'T GIVE them any of your attention, EXCEPT, with 'your VIGILANT desire', to ASK your Holy Guardian ANGEL, to DELIVER YOU; asking Saint MICHAEL to deliver the HOME - using the Blessed HOLY Water often. And simply FOCUSING, on, 'CALLING out, the WICKEDNESS that you SEE!'  And THEN "you've done your PART". (August 22, 2017 update)

The Eyes Tell it All
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
And this video speaks about the eyes being the window to the Soul

Have you been focusing on "the judgments of others" around you?

WHAT you need to understand, is that 'the DEMONIC entity of the assailants', IS, 'the EYES of the WORLD'.  And SO, when you are AFFLICTED, by 'that evil SPIRIT' - it TRIES to change 'the WAY that you PERCEIVE, YOURSELF, and OTHERS, AND your VOCATION' - to LOOK at your situation, through 'the JUDGMENTS, of OTHERS'; INSTEAD of, FOCUSING, on using "TRUE Spiritual VISION".  Now, WHEN you look at 'a situation', with TRUE Spiritual Vision - it WILL! - be "the COMPLETE OPPOSITE", of WORLDLY vision.  And so when YOU are "Fraternally Correcting" - in the TRUE Holy Spirit - THAT is when 'the ENEMY' attacks, your MIND! - to try to get you to DOUBT, your DISCERNMENT - by accusing YOU, of 'the same THINGS', that you Fraternally CORRECTED, someone ELSE, about.  But EVEN THOUGH, you MAY, be "GUILTY, of EMBRACING the same SINS"? - you are STILL, CALLED, to BE, "your Brother's KEEPER" - by SHARING the Gift of DISCERNMENT; by TELLING him, 'what you have DISCERNED, is the PROBLEM' - or, what the evil SPIRIT is, that is AFFLICTING him.  YOU are called, to DESIRE, to SPEAK the TRUTH, ALWAYS!  And WHEN, you are 'in the HABIT of DOING this' - the PERCEPTIONS of others, WON'T MATTER; their "OPINION of you", won't matter - because as "a TRUE Prophet, of these End TIMES" - you are CALLED, to look at EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE, with 'TRUE Spiritual VISION' - and THAT "VISION", is the way that the Most High TRUE God, sees them, and their situation.  "The WORLD"! - has turned EVERYTHING, upside down - by calling "GOOD", evil - and "EVIL", good.  And THEY are SUFFERING for it!  And their SUFFERING will INCREASE - BECAUSE, of the CREATOR'S, "Just Wrath!"  And SO, AS 'His TRUE Prophet' - YOU, are CALLED, to SPEAK! - HIS Word - BOLDLY! - and to STAND, for 'what HE stands for!' - and to VALUE, 'what HE Values' - and to LOVE, 'what HE Loves - and to HATE, 'what HE Hates'.  And HE hates "sin".  BUT! - HE Loves, "the sinner". (August 30, 2017 update)

Does it really MATTER? - what the people OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant think of you?

You NEED to REALIZE that "it DOESN'T MATTER", what the DEMONS think of you! - because, THEY'RE 'the ones, who are FILLING people, with "bad THOUGHTS ABOUT you, when you are AROUND them".  And they CAN'T GIVE 'any good inspirations'; but, YOU are called to ONLY 'concern yourself' with 'HOW you stand before your CREATOR'. And, what YOU, have NOW, FINALLY! - come to understand, is that 'you CAN'T persevere on this NARROW, Walk, or "narrow JOURNEY" - without PERPETUALLY! - DESIRING, to TURN, to Jesus Christ the LORD - and asking for HIS Strength'.  EVERYTHING that you DO, THINK, and SAY? - NEEDS to BE, 'UNITED, with His TRUE Holy SPIRIT'.  And that is "the Spirit of TRUTH", "the Spirit of TRUE Love", "the Spirit of TRUE Hope", "the Spirit of True PEACE", and "the Spirit of True FAITH".  But 'the DIFFICULTY you are HAVING' - is that, there are STILL "strong DESIRES to GRATIFY, the FLESH!"  And, "the flesh", wants to be "COMFORTABLE" - and DOESN'T want, to DO! - what 'the SPIRIT' - the TRUE Holy Spirit, is CALLING you to do.  In OTHER words - the TRUE Holy Spirit is 'WILLING'; BUT "the FLESH" is weak.  And the ONLY way to OVERCOME, 'the DESIRE to be COMFORTABLE' - is by 'CONTINUALLY - CHOOSING, to DO things - out of LOVE, for your CREATOR' - because it is "the RIGHT thing to do!"; NOT because 'you're going to be, IMMEDIATELY satisfied'.  "The WORLD", teaches PEOPLE, to "self-INDULGE"; but the TRUE Holy Spirit - TEACHES 'His DISCIPLES' - to DESIRE, WHAT the Most High True God 'Desires'.  The TRUE Holy Spirit is, "the DIVINE Love", BETWEEN, GOD the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN - and His SON, Jesus Christ the LORD.  THEREFORE, YOU NEED, to 'SEEK, to be FILLED, with the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT - ALWAYS!'  Because APART - from the Most High True God - you can do NOTHING!  And the Truth IS, your SOUL, can ONLY be fulfilled! - by 'LOVING, your Creator - and what HE is asking of you' - every DAY!  AND, by the WAY - THIS approach - "STARVES, the demons" - IN you; and will make it MUCH easier, to be 'DELIVERED of them'.  It IS in fact the first COMMANDMENT - to LOVE, the LORD thy GOD - with ALL your HEART, with all your SOUL, and with all, your STRENGTH; and to love your NEIGHBOR, 'out of LOVE for the Most High True God'.  And THIS means - LOVE to share the TRUTH!  And love to KNOW 'what the Truth IS'; and love to LIVE it! - to the BEST of your ability. (October 10, 2017 update) 
Special Note: The people in the Remnant need to desire to be like overflowing WATER fountains - when it COMES to all the Gifts, Blessings and GRACES that they've been GIVEN. Just because people - as in 'those OUTSIDE the Remnant', aren't DRINKING from the WATER, doesn't mean they stop FLOWING - doesn't mean they "DAM, the STREAM".
"Then he showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb."
(Revelations 22:1) 

It is now time to FULLY understand the implications of embracing "irrational fear".

You need to REALIZE, that, more than a million people, die, EACH week - ONLY to find out, at the END! - of their lives - that THEY, WERE in fact 'LIVING, in the time of the APOCALYPSE'.  But, YOU - are 'one of the BLESSED Souls' - who, has been "INFORMED", BEFORE death.  And NOW you have this TIME - to Truly FOCUS, on 'LIVING for your CREATOR' - and "dying to YOURSELF".  NOW you have this time to RECOGNIZE, that, NOTHING else MATTERS! - except that YOU, 'COOPERATE with the Most High True God, and MAKE it! - to the Fullness of the Era of PEACE'.  BUT! - if you TURN to, "IRRATIONAL FEAR" - every TIME, something is ASKED of you? - then that IS! - "a PRAYER request" - to ACTUALLY, be GIVEN 'SOMETHING', to be TRULY AFRAID of!  And if you 'GIVE IN', to, 'the fear' - then it CONTROLS you.  Is that what you WANT?  Or do you simply 'CHOOSE', to live for your CREATOR - and to do EVERYTHING "out of LOVE for Him" - to the best of your ABILITY?  If YOU are "AFRAID"? - of, not getting a passing VIDEO? - most LIKELY, your VIDEO, will not PASS!  If YOU are "AFRAID"? - of OFFENDING your Creator? - most LIKELY, you will, OFFEND Him!  IF YOU are "AFRAID", of 'the DEMONS' - then, you GIVE them! - "power OVER you".  If you are 'afraid of CHANGE'? - then 'CHANGE', can ONLY be, "undesirable", and "UNCOMFORTABLE" - and most likely 'you WON'T change'.  If you are 'afraid of PEOPLE'? - and 'their secular OPINIONS'? - then, you are 'SUBMITTING yourself, to them'; but NOT to your CREATOR.    THEREFORE, embrace 'TRUE Love' in your HEART - for PERFECT LOVE, casts OUT, 'FEAR'.  And whenever you are 'AFRAID' - you need to, lift UP, all "FEARS, doubts, worries and ANXIETIES" - and TRADE them! - for "TRUE Peace".    "FEAR of the LORD!" - means, that you 'choose to make WISE decisions' - that will HELP your spiritual life. If you 'fear the DEVIL'? - and, the people who are part of his kingdom? - then, you will, make "FOOLISH decisions" - based on "irrational FEAR".  "The FEAR of the LORD" is "HEALTHY" - as, you DESIRE, to USE it, to MOTIVATE you - to do "GOOD"; but, it is NOT "an END in ITSELF".  For 'the DEMONS', are ALSO! - "afraid", OF the Most High True God. (October 16, 2017 update) 

Do you know what you're called to do ?

What is REALLY going to help you - is if YOU have the attitude, "WHAT, am I called to do NEXT?"  And THEN, simply WAIT, for 'the INFUSED knowledge' - and your CREATOR, will make sure that you KNOW - in 'a WAY, that, you won't DOUBT'; but that you will BELIEVE, that He is CALLING you! - to DO something.  It is NOT so much important, to "stay BUSY", as a Member of the Faithful Remnant, as it IS, to 'being PRODUCTIVE', to, STAYING in TUNE, with the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - in order to 'build yourself up in the TRUTH' - THROUGH the Testimony; and, in order to build up, the REMNANT, in the Truth - through 'SHARING', your PERSONAL experiences, and 'the Gift of FAITH, with them.   Because THAT is how, the Most High TRUE God is ASKING, His Remnant, to be - COMPLETELY! - 'contrary, to the world'!  JUST like, JESUS was, and IS.  When JESUS Christ the Lord, CAME to the EARTH - He DID not come, to "fit IN" - to be "one of the crowd"; He actually CAME, to SHOW the crowd - "the RIGHT way to be" - to SHOW them "the Way, to HEAVEN!" - to SHOW them! - the Path, to Salvation.  Over 2000 YEARS ago, the Path to SALVATION, was "NOT popular"!  And "the Christian REMNANT", at the TIME - that is, "the Disciples" - ACTUALLY, were being PERSECUTED, from town to town - as they SPOKE, about, 'who Jesus WAS', and, 'how He was CALLING people to LIVE'.  And THROUGH 'the Message of Salvation' - MANY! - people, were made, to feel 'UNCOMFORTABLE'! - to the POINT, of 'INCITING, the Religious elders, to PERSECUTE the Disciples of Jesus' - because they THREATENED, 'the HIERARCHY', at the TIME.  But thanks be to the Most High TRUE God - in THESE Times - His REMNANT are not CALLED, to endure, 'severe persecution'; except "a WHITE Martyrdom" - and that IS, "DAILY! - interior sufferings" - as they carry the TRUTH, in their HEARTS - KNOWING! - that most PEOPLE, will NEVER! - embrace it; and that they CAN'T even SHARE it, with 'their neighbor'.  The "interior SUFFERING", IS the fact, that 'the whole WORLD', has rejected, "the REMNANT" - BECAUSE! - the REMNANT, are NOT, "OF, the WORLD"!  JUST as, Jesus Christ the LORD, is NOT "of, the WORLD".  Because if He WAS "of the world" - the world would ACCEPT Him; the world would RECEIVE Him, "as He TRULY is".  Likewise, the REMNANT, are not "of the world" - otherwise, the world would 'RECEIVE them', and the MESSAGE that they bring - from the KING of HEAVEN!  The REMNANT, IS 'so SMALL' - that even, 'a CHILD', can write down, 'ALL, the names!' - at this TIME, in human history.  BUT! - THAT is going to CHANGE! - as 'the WORLD', is "brought to its knees" - BY the Creator - ONE plague - ONE disaster, AT a time.  And EVENTUALLY, the world, WILL! - Repent, OR, "perish". (October 22, 2017 update) 

Have you been choosing to be OVERWHELMED by the spiritual BATTLE all AROUND you?

The PROBLEM that YOU have: is that, you have 'a TENDENCY, to get sucked into the DRAMA of the End TIMES', and the fact that, 'there is a BATTLE, for peoples SOULS'.  So, you SEE that the Most High TRUE God, is "fighting for your Soul", with your cooperation; but also that the ENEMY, the DEVIL, is "fighting for your Soul".  And REALLY what it comes DOWN to, is "ALLEGIANCE".  No MATTER, 'how bad it GETS', or 'how BIG the TEMPTATION' - where is your ALLEGIANCE?  If YOU have been "CONSENTING", to the TEMPTATIONS? - and 'ENTERTAINING THEM'? - then it DOES make it more DIFFICULT, to say "NO".  Because, "TEMPTATION", is like 'a DRUG' - and, the DEMONS are 'ADDICTED'.  So, if YOU CHOOSE, to 'give IN to temptation', when it's OFFERED to you - then, the DEMONS, inside, get 'more HUNGRY'.  THAT'S why, as SOON as "temptation" comes, you RECOGNIZE, that it is spiritual DEATH to consent - and then you choose LIFE.  That's 'how SIMPLE it is'.  "Your FORMERS", are 'trying to DESTROY you', by their WITCHCRAFT.  And so YOU need! - to fight THEM!   The "ONLY way", that the REMNANT are sustained - is by, "the Grace of the Most High True God".  So there is NO surprise there.  It is "the ONLY way to live", in these TIMES, in ORDER to remain "spiritually sane" - to be CARRIED by Grace, and "in the Most High True God's FAVOR".  And WHEN you EXPERIENCE, "severe TEMPTATION" - are you TURNING to your CREATOR for HELP?  OR, are you READING, the TESTIMONY, to get "RE-ROOTED, in the TRUTH"?  "Falsehood" is being spread EVERYWHERE - and SO, in order to REMAIN in the Truth, you have to FIGHT! - to DO so.  Whereas it's SO EASY! - to get 'sucked in to the FALSEHOOD, that is being BROADCAST and DISPLAYED, everywhere'! (October 25, 2017 update) 

And HERE is a Message from the Blessed Virgin MARY, where she speaks about "PERCEPTIONS": 

"Block out all, that is not from God.  Put on your ‘spiritual vision’, every morning, and every evening.  Look through the World as you see it, and learn to see it through God’s Eyes.  It is good to put on ‘the Helmet of Salvation’, but you must not forget to clothe yourself in ‘the Mind of Jesus Christ the Lord’, for that is where the enemy of your souls attacks you the most – through your perceptions of the reality around you.  Pay no attention to the demons’ protests, they cannot harm you as long as you stay in the state of grace, and under my Maternal Protection." (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, Friday, January 1, 2010

Some encouraging words for those who are "working towards repenting wholeheartedly".

May the Most High TRUE God, CONTINUE, to SHOWER, 'HIS Graces', UPON you - so that you can CLEARLY see, "your state", BEFORE Him; AND, May He GIVE you 'the NECESSARY GRACES', to LIVE, 'the True Spiritual REALITY' - that has been REVEALED, by all of HEAVEN.  And, MAY you find, "Eternal JOY", in LIVING! - the True Spiritual Reality, as well.  We DO want to see you get better.  And you NEED to recognize, that JUST because, you HAVEN'T been able to repent "wholeheartedly", YET! - doesn't MEAN, that it's IMPOSSIBLE.  DON'T embrace "DISCOURAGEMENT" - for that is 'the enemy's WEDGE', between SOULS, and their CREATOR; but INSTEAD, ASK! - the Most High TRUE God, to SHOW you, 'what TRUE Humility is' - it ISN'T "just a WORD", or "a CONCEPT"; it IS in FACT, "a SUPERNATURAL - as in, 'ABOVE human NATURE' - VIRTUE! - that ONLY! - your Creator can give.  And it is "an ESSENTIAL Virtue" - in ORDER to have, "a FRUITFUL JOURNEY" - towards 'the PHYSICAL, Era of Peace' - when YOU have learned, to embrace 'TRUE Humility' - and THAT is, 'SEEKING, to ALWAYS be pleasing, in the Eyes of your Creator' - because THAT'S "how you were MADE to be" - as YOU were actually 'MADE, for HIM to delight in YOU'. (October 27, 2017 update) 

The assailants WANT the Faithful Remnant to 'ABORT' the Truth like THEY did! 

You SEE, in these TIMES, the ASSAILANTS, are 'working HARD', at praying AGAINST, the Faithful REMNANT, to plant 'SEEDS, of the EVIL one' - ESPECIALLY, while they're RESTING.  Because they WANT, the Faithful Remnant, to 'ABORT', the Truth like THEY did!  It SIMPLY makes SENSE to them!   And SO! - you SIMPLY 'need', to hold FAST! - to ALL the Truth that you have been ENTRUSTED with.  That's WHY, it SAYS, in Revelations, "HOLD FAST! - to what you HAVE". Because! - the implied meaning - is that PEOPLE, or 'demonically INFLUENCED, people' - and 'evil SPIRITS' - will try to TAKE! - or STEAL, the Truth, FROM your heart.  In these TIMES, it's NOT just a matter of, 'LIVING the True Christian Faith'; you HAVE to 'FIGHT, to hold ON! - to the True Christian Faith'.  Because, there are TEMPTATIONS, coming - in EVERY direction - SENT! - by 'the enemy, OF Souls'.  And the Most High TRUE GOD? - is simply ALLOWING it - in order to TEST each MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant, as WE were tested!  But He will NEVER 'allow', ANY Member of the Faithful Remnant, to be 'TESTED, beyond their STRENGTH' - and He ALWAYS! - provides, "a way OUT of the temptation". The question IS! - "How FAST are the Remnant going to RESPOND, to ASKING, the Most High True God, to SHOW them the way out, of the temptation, to FOLD, when it COMES?"(November 15, 2017 update) 

How have YOU been choosing to look at "your OLD life"?

You need to RECOGNIZE that everything in your OLD life, was, 'OFFENSIVE to the Most High TRUE God'!  Your "ATTITUDES", your "BELIEFS", and 'the way you LIVED' - were "OFFENSIVE to Him!" - and "an ABOMINATION! - in His Eyes".  THAT'S how you have to look, AT, "your OLD life" - RECOGNIZING, that in the TESTIMONY, you are CALLED, to learn 'HIS Ways' - and BECOME "a NEW Creation" - BORN, of the Blessed Holy Water and the TRUE Holy Spirit(January 24, 2018 update) 

Now you KNOW what to do with 'that desire to CONFORM'

KNOW that, YOU are not CALLED, to BE, "LIKE other MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT" - because YOU! - are "a UNIQUE, individual" - CREATED, by YOUR CREATOR, WITH 'unique QUALITIES and GIFTS' - that only you HAVE - that He has BLESSED you with.  If there is 'a DESIRE in you to CONFORM'? - then CONFORM - to 'the WILL! - of your Creator' - TRANSFORMING you, from INSIDE - to be 'more PLEASING to Him'.  CHOOSE, to be 'DOCILE, to His WORD'. For, you are called to LIVE, 'by His WORD' - NOT 'by the desires of the flesh'!  Because, 'the DESIRES of the flesh', will ONLY LEAVE you, with 'wanting MORE'; and you will be 'as EMPTY, as you were, before'.  Because, ONLY! - the True Holy Spirit can SATISFY the Soul of man - and THAT is 'what YOU need to realize' - and FOCUS on. ONLY! - DESIRING to be 'UNITED, to the WILL of your CREATOR' - will SATISFY you!  But 'the DEMONS', only want to pull you 'AWAY, from what your Creator is asking' - INTO 'the spirit of the WORLD' - where they want to FILL you with 'EMPTINESS'.  BUT it takes "TRUE Docility", to the TRUE Holy Spirit's CALL in the MOMENT - to KNOW 'what it is, you're called to do' - and, the TRUE Holy Spirit, will ALWAYS, share, 'INSPIRATIONS, that make, SENSE!'  FOR example, if you KNOW that there are 'MANY things, that you are CALLED to do, in a DAY' - BECAUSE, you STILL! - 'live in the WORLD' - then you need to actively 'work WITH the True Holy Spirit', in DESIRING, to ACCOMPLISH! - ONLY! - what, the True Holy Spirit 'DESIRES you to accomplish'.  But you must 'be WILLING, to DO!' - that is ALL the True Holy Spirit NEEDS, to WORK with you; He simply NEEDS, YOU, to 'be WILLING!' - to DO! - the WILL! - of your CREATOR!  And He'll show you HOW! (February 26, 2018 update)   

What is "the SECRET to praying for MUCH! - BIGGER problems"?

If EVERYTHING! - is "an OPPORTUNITY for you, to EXPLORE your feelings" - then? - WHAT are you going to DO? - when, life gets "REALLY tough", and COMFORTS and CONVENIENCES are REMOVED? - and you are FORCED, to live, "by the DAY"? - FROM day to day. Right NOW, you have it "very GOOD"!  But by CHOOSING to obsess over the small THINGS? - you're TELLING your Creator, that YOU NEED, "MUCH! - BIGGER problems", to DEAL with - so He can show you "the DIFFERENCE" - between "SMALL inconveniences" - and "HUGE! - problems". (October 24, 2018 update)

For those who have been "STRUGGLING", with their SPIRITUAL lives

You NEED to reject 'your DESIRE, to STRUGGLE, with your SPIRITUAL life'.  That's "your BIGGEST, obstacle". You're "OVER THINKING", what you're called to LIVE.  The TRUE Holy Spirit, is CONTINUALLY giving 'inspirations'.  And ALL He NEEDS? - is for YOU, to 'desire to RECEIVE them'. But if you desire 'to STRUGGLE INSTEAD, as a way of LIFE'? - then, that's ALL you're going to GET:  STRUGGLE... after STRUGGLE... after STRUGGLE... with "STRUGGLING"... being your REWARD! (November 10, 2018 update)  

Who do you want to be?
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Have you been experiencing "PERCEPTION shifts"?
It would be GOOD for you to reject 'the demonic entity of the assailants'.  And ask for the Grace of the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY! - in your heart, body, mind and Soul.   And to REALLY 'PRAY! - until you EXPERIENCE! - the SPIRITUAL, and PHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGE - that WILL! - take place - as LONG as you're 'sincere'.  And THEN! - WATCH how 'your PERCEPTIONS' shift - back to "the TRUE! - reality".  And then REMEMBER! - 'the DIFFERENCE'! - as "your REFERENCE point", for WHERE you are at Spiritually. When 'the corresponding TRUTH' is - that it is 'the DEMONS', and the "electronic TORTURE", of the alien TECH department, that seek 'to break-DOWN the minds, AND the hearts, of the Members of the Faithful REMNANT' - through PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL WARFARE. But 'WHAT are you DOING! - to be STRENGTHENED?'  WHAT are you doing, 'to BUILD up your FAITH'? - and to BUILD, "an even STRONGER RELATIONSHIP" with your CREATOR?  Because you CAN'T just let it 'be STAGNANT' - and expect that HE'S going to maintain it!  YOU need to do 'your PART'!  YOU need to 'seek what is EDIFYING for your SOUL' - what is 'TRUTHFUL'. What are YOU doing! - to PROTECT yourself, from 'the alien TECH attacks' - and, from the demonic DELUGE, being SENT to you? Are YOU! - turning your HEART? - to the Most High TRUE GOD? - or to the Blessed Virgin MARY? One thing that is VERY helpful - is 'TURNING to the Blessed Virgin Mary', and ASK her, to WRAP you, in "her HOLY Mantle, of PURITY and LOVE" - and YOU would be 'SURPRISED!' - at how 'the ATTACKS AGAINST YOU'? - just 'BOUNCE off!' THIS would be "a good habit for you to START". Remember, that YOU'RE called to be 'the new YOU'.  And YOU are called to be BLESSED by your Creator, and NEVER, to DIMINISH or ASHAMED, of 'those Blessings'.  And you are called 'to have CONFIDENCE! - in your Creator at ALL times' - and RECOGNIZE, that you DO have! - "an important role" - as ALL Members of the Faithful Remnant do.  And that, you WERE in fact "Commissioned by your Creator", to bear FRUIT - not 'to BURY your Gifts, under the OLD You. (March 06, 2019 update) 

Those who love the TRUTH above ALL ELSE? - ARE 'taking us VERY seriously'!

The people who AREN'T taking us seriously? - ARE taking the 'SPIRITUAL flames', SERIOUSLY - in each and every moment of the day - as THEY get "warmed-UP!" - for what's coming next.  And serious "PHYSICAL consequences", are ALSO manifesting in their daily lives, as well.  Why not simply RESOLVE to... LOVE, the Most High TRUE God, and love the TRUTH - above EVERYTHING else.  Because those who choose 'the OTHER path' - SOON discover, that there is 'NO End', to the torments - that ONLY get worse, over time - CONTRARY to what they HEAR from the pulpits, and to what the "short term ENTICEMENTS", appear to offer.  Play 'the LONG game' - and choose to WIN! - WITH your Creator - who in His most EXCELLENT Design, Created "the ONLY WINNING team", on HIS side!  And that is "REALLY quite clear", with 20/20 hindsight, to EVERYONE, in the afterlife.  (June 14, 2019 update) 

Have YOU resolved to be "SPIRITUALLY SELFISH" today?

So, WHY not RESOLVE! - to remain "in the TRUE Spiritual REALITY" - ALWAYS!  As we can CLEARLY see - that this brings you 'great JOY!'  WHY not CONSECRATE, 'YOUR, spiritual PERCEPTIONS' - TO! - the Divine Will of the Most High True GOD - and ASK Him to 'INCREASE! - your spiritual perceptions' - so that you can ALWAYS 'PERCEIVE, according to the TRUTH'.  If you don't ASK? - for "SPIRITUAL Gifts, and BLESSINGS"? - then you DON'T RECEIVE; and there is 'NOTHING WRONG' - with being "SPIRITUALLY SELFISH! - for the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - and 'DESIRING, the things of Heaven'; but it is 'the DEMONS', that CONTINUALLY TELL you - and TEMPT you - to BELIEVE, that 'OTHERS, are MORE important, than what YOU have to contribute to the Remnant'; because that's "the PERFECT excuse!" - to KEEP you 'withholding, the GOODNESS, that you DO have!'  Are you GOING to make that VIDEO? (September 02, 2019 update) 

"Just HOW DIFFERENT are things NOW?" - you really SHOULD be asking!

The Faithful Remnant, are NOT called to go 'OUT of their way', to be "GOOD" or "NICE" to people - because it IS, 'the TIME of Divine PUNISHMENT' - where the Most High TRUE God, is 'personally SCOURGING!' - all of His ENEMIES.  And SO? - when "your NEIGHBOR", outside the Faithful REMNANT? - has 'a bad DAY'? - or something goes WRONG? - you are not CALLED to 'COMFORT', OR! - 'console' them, in ANY way, whatsoever.  LEST? - "the CURSE", the Most High TRUE God, has brought on THEM? - fall BACK on you!  In THESE TIMES, each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - is simply CALLED, to 'DEDICATE their LIVES' - to JESUS Christ the LORD, the Most High TRUE God, AND 'His WAYS'! - and 'SHUN!' - the approval, of anyone ELSE.  The REMNANT? - must NOT! -'go LOOKING', for AFFIRMATION, from OTHERS.  For 'the ONLY affirmation', that MATTERS? - is from one's CREATORThe Faithful REMNANT? - are called, to 'take CARE of their SOULS'.  And, to PURIFY - from, all WORLDLINESS, and all EVILS, that this world PRESENTS, TO them! - on a daily BASIS.  As 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'? - your NEIGHBOR? - is "your CREATOR", AND the other Members, of the Faithful Remnant...
What's THAT?... once AGAIN?...
Your NEIGHBOR? - is "your CREATOR", AND the other Members, of the Faithful Remnant.  And SO? - do NOT 'WITHHOLD, GOODNESS', from your Creator - lest HE! - 'withhold', GOODNESS - from YOU!  HE is 'WITHDRAWING His BLESSINGS'? - from the WORLD! - even MORE so!  And He is 'REPLACING them with CURSES'.  And PEOPLE 'OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT', are going to 'FEEL', "HIS Abundant WRATH!"  And SO? - to desire 'to console', or 'to COMPASSIONATE'? - those who ARE 'suffering' and WILL be 'suffering'? - is to be "outside His GRACES" - and to be COUNTED, among "the WICKED" - and therefore 'SHARING in the same Punishment'.   In SHORT? - these are 'the End TIMES' - and things are quite DIFFERENT now.

If YOU'RE convicted to the core of your BEING? - that "your CREATOR", is CALLING YOU, to BECOME, 'a MEMBER of His Faithful REMNANT'? - DON'T withhold! - that "GOODNESS", you COULD! - offer Him - lest HE withhold, ALL Goodness from you.  For eventually, EVERYONE - will become 'a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant' - or they will PERISH - because they will NOT be "sustained", by the one who MADE them, for much longer.  Therefore, YOU need to recognize 'the call to BECOME a Member' - is actually "a COMMAND". (September 18, 2019 update) 

For all THOSE who have a tendency to switch back to the TRUE REALITY, every time you see "something BIG! - happens"?

The TRUTH is:  That if YOU, would 'just stay FOCUSED, on PLEASING your Creator'? - and following the TESTIMONY? - and allowing HIM, to change your PERCEPTIONS, of REALITY? - so that you can SEE the world 'CLEARLY through his Eyes, all the TIME'? - and you would SIMPLY, 'FOCUS, on RECEIVING the Kingdom of HEAVEN! - in your heart'? - there would be "no ROOM, for these jezzie ANTICS", that you like to SEND us - and TALK about, in your EMAILS.  And we UNDERSTAND, that you are "WORKING" - and that there are "PRESSURES", at work - to CONFORM - to your COWORKERS, or to your MANAGER'S STANDARDS.  HOWEVER, if YOU 'CHOOSE', to focus, on DOING! - what your Creator is asking of you? - all OBSTACLES are REMOVED!  Because JESUS does not 'DESIRE', that His Faithful REMNANT, have "STUMBLING blocks" and "OBSTACLES" in their WAY - as they seek, 'to WALK the narrow PATH'. The MORE - the Faithful Remnant SEEK, 'the WAYS, of the Most High True GOD'? - the MORE! - He SHOWS them! - HOW to overcome (- by TURNING to the True Holy SPIRIT) - their OWN weaknesses, and failures - and the weaknesses and failures of OTHERS - so that they can 'SUCCEED, at being FRUITFUL, members'.  SO there is "NO excuse" - for you to KEEP 'switching back between REALITIES' - where you see "EVERYTHING is fine!" - and "the WORLD is as it was!" - and then "something BIG! - happens" - and then you TURN, to the TESTIMONY - and 'get EXCITED!'  Then "the TESTIMONY, novelty" wears off - and you get 'STEEPED, BACK, into the WORLD' - and the perceptions of OTHERS - OUTSIDE the Ark.  And this is "a HABIT you have made"!  And it NEEDS to STOP! - before you can 'NEVER! - see the WORLD, through the CREATOR'S Eyes' - but you become "BLIND! - like those, outside the ARK" - who will NEVER find 'the Door' - nor ESCAPE the Most High TRUE God's "Divine JUSTICE".

In other words, the people who enjoy "switching REALITIES" when it is CONVENIENT? - if they don’t STOP doing that and FAST? - are going to find themselves in "an INCONVENIENT place", where they CAN'T switch realities, no matter HOW much they DESPERATELY try.  BETTER to focus on pleasing your CREATOR, at ALL times... we can ASSURE you of that!  (October 27, 2019 update)

When you experience "a STABBING pain in the HEAD"?

It is the perceived spiritual reality of demons LITERALLY trying to drill THROUGH, "the Helmet of Salvation" - so that they can CLOTHE you, in the 'helmet of corruption' - the devil's TOP fashion accessory.

The "stabbing pain in the HEAD!" - is caused by 'WITCHCRAFT'.  As 'SOMEONE' wants you 'CLOTHED! - in the helmet of CORRUPTION' - and 'FOCUSED', on "THEIR point of view"THIS is "a continual BATTLE" - in seeing EVERYTHING, through "the CREATOR'S, Eyes".  And, 'the TRUE Spiritual VISION' - that He 'BLESSES', the AUTHENTIC Members of the Faithful REMNANT, with - is CONTINUALLY, "under attack".  Because? - the PERCEPTIONS of the WORLD! - are "a REFLECTION from the VIEWPOINT, of how they're JUSTIFIED, in EMBRACING! - wickedness! - and demons!" - and "how they are JUSTIFIED, IN! - their standpoint".  And they 'want YOU' to see that as WELL!   And so when SOMEONE? - is "in the SPIRIT of the world" - and HEARS "the piercing TRUTH"! - that convicts 'YOUR heart' - they have two CHOICES: to be DOCILE, in RECEIVING! - the Universal TRUTH; OR? - they can choose, to 'SEE how they're JUSTIFIED'.  And, the PHARISEES are 'the ONES, who were DETERMINED to see! - how they were JUSTIFIED in ALL their WAYS' - EVEN as they sought, 'to PLAN', and 'CRUCIFY!' - Jesus Christ the LORD. It was 'their DESIRE to be JUSTIFIED' that LED to His EXECUTION and Death.  Now the WORD "incarnate"? - DWELLS, within EACH 'AUTHENTIC', Member, of the Faithful Remnant.  And 'the SPIRIT of the WORLD'? - DESPERATELY, wants 'to snuff OUT', the TRUTH - because 'the TRUTH'? - is "offensive TO them"; and "makes them LOOK bad!", and "FEEL bad" about themselves.  And this is how it is MEANT that 'you lay your LIFE down', for your brother or SISTER in the Faithful Remnant - that you 'SHARE the Truth', and 'refuse to COMPROMISE' - no matter 'how many PROTESTS…' they have!  And SEE 'their protests'! - as "CONFIRMATION! - that, you have DISCERNED well! - EVEN as they CHOOSE! - to HATE you - for 'having SHARED, the TRUTH with them'TURN to your Creator! - USE the Blessed Holy Water - and ASK Him to "Bless your perceptions" - so that you can 'PERCEIVE with your HEART' - in the True Holy SpiritAnd so ONCE again,  Because 'the MIND' - can EASILY be 'influenced', and 'tricked'.  This will make it 'EASIER for you to DISCERN', who is BEHIND "the witchcraft attack" - so that you can "COMMEND them all the more!" (October 29, 2019 update) 

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