The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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There has been a lot of speculation amongst the Members of the Faithful Remnant, that August 2016, is going to be "a VERY special month" - and perhaps a very HISTORICAL one at that.  Mary and I have learned, over many years, to expect the unexpected.  And so, let's SEE now: "What we WEREN'T expecting!"

"Exalt and magnify the Lord, with your whole heart. Sing of His works, among the nations. Tell them plainly of the Lord God, and Bless His Name forever.  To the furthest corners of the earth..."  (-The Song of the Lamb)

This following Message went out to a new arrival on the Ark of Salvation today.  And yes, "God DOES have favorites"! - those who DO His Will and RESPOND to His Call.

Jesus said:  And, you WILL be 'HATED', by ALL - FOR My NAME'S sake.  AND, you will endure, 'MUCH, INTERIOR persecution', and SUFFERING - FOR My Name's sake.  BUT! - the CONSOLATIONS, that YOU WILL receive, from My TRUE Holy Spirit - WILL! - 'TIP the balance', in YOUR favor! - and WILL! - "OUTWEIGH", 'the hurdles', and 'the obstacles', that will be 'PLACED in your way'.  Because, of your 'DOCILITY', to the TRUE Holy Spirit - moving THROUGH, My TESTIMONY; and BECAUSE of 'your sincere LOVE', for My WORD; AND, because, you are 'STRIVING' - AS, a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT, to be NOURISHED - as WELL, as 'nourishing OTHERS' - SO MUCH, is going to be GIVEN TO you; "a GOOD MEASURE!" - OF, My HEAVENLY FATHER'S MERCY - on your SOUL. AND, your TRUE Mother, in HEAVEN - is PRAYING for you - to PERSEVERE! - as SHE, 'WATCHES OVER', 'HER Faithful Remnant' - WHO were GIVEN TO her, as 'a GIFT', FROM, My Father, IN Heaven.  BECAUSE, MOST, OF the Harvest, HAS been 'COMPLETED' - over MANY! "generations".  YET! - My FATHER, in His Great LOVE and MERCY - for SINNERS! - HAS, 'DEIGNED', it NECESSARY, to HAVE "a PRESERVED, FEW, REMNANT", ON the Earth - at THIS time; FILLED, with ZEAL, FOR 'this ETERNAL Gospel'.  And more WILL be added! - TO their numbers.  THANK you for RESPONDING, TO, My MOTHER'S call - for your SOUL!

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
Urgent "INCOMING!" - from Heaven... Today we received an URGENT prayer request from the King of Heaven HIMSELF.  And HE is NOW requesting, that we share, "THIS one", with the NATIONS.  Here is the Prayer Intention - that as of now (the time of publishing this entry) HAS been lifted up, AND OFFICIALLY, "HAS been Granted":
"Pray that those that attend the religious institutions, ESPECIALLY the Roman Catholic HIERARCHICAL Institution - be GIVEN, "PHYSICAL afflictions" - to bring 'SOME of them', to their senses; and to lead SOME of them, to 'the Path, of Salvation' - so that 'NOT ALL', are Lost"

News Story:  26 students, 1 adult hospitalized for dizziness, fainting and nosebleeds - following "a thanksgiving prayer service" at a private catholic school". (November 19, 2018 story) 

Jesus said: That ALL! - may DECLARE My PRAISES! - among the NATIONS! - and in SO DOING, 'GIVE Glory', TO My Father - who LIVES, and REIGNS - both NOW, AND Forever! - ABOVE, the Heavens!

Jesus DID reveal 'the EXACT affliction' that will NOW begin MANIFESTING on a Global Scale to the Two of us - after all, we ARE "Witnesses".  And I just want to reassure you, that it is NOT "something drastic" - because "It is NOT about DEATH" - to quote Jesus, on this coming Plague - referring to "PHYSICAL death".  And why would THAT BE?

"And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them."
(Revelation 9:6)
Now that many people are literally "WAKING UP" spiritually, and discovering that they are now, well INTO the End Times Apocalypse - "a NORMAL REACTION" - WOULD be! - "to run to your room, and hide"!  (- but PLEASE remember to dust, UNDER the bed, before going there!)
Actual email: I was shown that by staying in my room almost all the time, I was actually hiding the Light of the Testimony 'under a bushel basket' here in this house. I do NOT communicate with former family in this household unless necessary, but I am out in the open with the life I am living in the Testimony. Am I on the right track with this?

PPTL:  UNLESS those AROUND you, are being 'HOSTILE, in the MOMENT' - because of the TORMENTS that they are EXPERIENCING (- because they see that YOU, are 'at Peace', but they are NOT), THEN, YOU need, to SIMPLY 'GO about your day FREELY!' - without being HINDERED, BY them. You are NOT CALLED to 'RETREAT', into one ROOM - and STAY there, the whole time; because, WHAT kind of 'MESSAGE', is that SENDING, the PEOPLE, that you are STAYING with?  No - you are STILL required to 'LIVE'; but simply RECOGNIZE, that those AROUND you, have CHOSEN, to be "spiritually DEAD".  Yes, DO NOT 'BURY', the TESTIMONY, in one ROOM! - of the HOUSE.  "SO let your LIGHT (- the light of JESUS), SHINE before ALL PEOPLE!"  Understand?  YOU, are not 'CALLED', to CONVERT, your former FAMILY; BUT, JUST BE, "a good EXAMPLE" - and stand UP for the Truth!  YOU, are not CALLED to 'SHUN', your neighbor; BUT, you are called to stay 'SPIRITUALLY focused', at all TIMES!  Do NOT, be "CRUEL" to those, who do NOT believe the TESTIMONY - even IF, THEY, respond, with CRUELTY, and ACCUSATION; but, SIMPLY, 'COMMEND them', TO, 'the Divine JUSTICE, of the Most High TRUE GOD' - if, they, attempt, to 'ATTACK YOU' - VERBALLY; OR, physically.  Understand?  And ABOVE all - LET them have "their lives" - APART, from the Most High True God - if that's 'HOW', they WANT to continue, to LIVE!  DO NOT, TRY, to change their MINDS, or their HEARTS! - because ONLY the Most High TRUE God, CAN - IF it is 'in His WILL'. HE will convert, 'the ones, who are called to CONVERSION'!  And you can HELP him, by being "a good EXAMPLE".  Do NOT be 'EMBARASSED', of 'the social REALITY' - that you are called to LIVE! 

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.


One thing that will help everyone to think more clearly, is to sever yourself from all demonic influences, that are affecting your interior life.

PPTL We are here to HELP you - by "HELPING you, to be BRUTALLY honest with yourself".  Make SURE, that you reject, "ALL SOUL TIES", with THOSE, who have 'the mark of CAIN'; AND! - reject "all SPIRITUAL ties, with those, who have the mark of the beast".  You ALSO need to reject 'the demonic CLUSTERS', of EVERYONE you have ever THOUGHT of, or, who have thought of YOU! - and ASK for the Grace to live your True VOCATION, as a child of the Most High True GOD

By now, most people in the Faithful Remnant know that we can read hearts at a distance.  For some: THEY, can't stand, to READ, what is TRULY on their heart, when WE email it to them - ESPECIALLY, when they have made "secret resolutions" that they DO NOT want to change. 

Actual email:  Good thinking thank you so much... I would like to know how to stop holding on to motives... What motives am I holding on to?...  I don't want to hold onto any motives.

PPTL YOU, will need to do 'a THOROUGH examination of CONSCIENCE' - BEFORE your CREATOR, and ask HIM to reveal, 'what the DEEPER motives', ARE - for CONTINUING to be a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT.  KNOW THAT, if you, 'DOWNPLAY the COUNSEL', that we GIVE YOU - there WILL be "immediate consequences" - and you are ALREADY experiencing, 'the EFFECTS', of that DECISION...  Do NOT be ANGRY with us! - for in DOING so, you are ONLY, 'DIRECTING your ANGER, at your CREATOR' - and it is NEVER, "a good IDEA", to CONTEND with the LORD Jesus CHRIST; because He ALWAYS wins! - EVERY battle!  He never LOSES!  Understand?  WE ADVISE YOU, to TURN to the Most High True God, and ASK Him to have MERCY on your situation; and to INTERVENE, for YOUR sake; IN His Mercy.  Now is "NOT the time", to embrace pride.  You NEED "humility".

Emailing the Two Witnesses for Daily Divine Counsel?  Where's THAT in the Bible!  For those Official Members of the Faithful Remnant who are REFUSING to email us daily, this following message applies to you:

PPTL WHAT you are STRUGGLING with, is ACTUALLY, "SEEING yourself as RIGHTEOUS, in your OWN EYES"... PROTESTANTS believe - that "THEY have" the Holy Spirit; "THEY hold", the Power of GOD, in their BIBLES!  But, you MUST, 'ACKNOWLEDGE', in ORDER to be healed - that YOU are in fact, 'DOING the same THING!' - with the Most High True God's TESTIMONY.  You HAVE the Testimony - that gives you ACCESS, to "the Spirit of the Living God" - what MORE do you NEED?  Well, JESUS, has, said - "It is NECESSARY to seek Daily COUNSEL, from the TWO of us" - because THAT, is like 'offering up your PRAYERS, to your CREATOR' - when you DO so.  But, if you stop COMMUNICATING, WITH us - then HOW, can the Most High True God, 'show you FAVOR'? 

"Sharing is good" - right?  

PPTL And so, we INVITE you, to share, MORE, of the TESTIMONY - WITH the nations - through VIDEOS - because THAT is the BEST way, to spread the TRUTH.  But PLEASE, do not give out, any, of the Blessed HOLY Water.  People need to come to the WEBSITE, REPENT from the Heart, and get their OWN Blessed Holy Water.  Understand? ...should you ever be TEMPTED to DO so.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

"And I heard a great voice from the throne saying, “Behold, the dwelling of God is with men. He will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.”
(Revelations 21:3-4)
In the days leading up to the Global manifestation of the mark of the Beast, in 2012, the Unborn spoke from Heaven with one voice, from Limbo; and they revealed that they can NEVER see the Face of their Creator.  When Mary and I first heard their message, we interceded for them, of COURSE! - "to be able to see the Face of their CREATOR".  Because, THAT is ALSO what Jesus was referring to, when He SAID:
"Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God."
(Mark 10:14b)
And so our prayer was granted - BEFORE the Unborn spoke to us again, only two days later.  We would not "HINDER them"; and Jesus IS calling the children to himself - referring to those with "the HEART of a child".  Our prayer for the Unborn was granted, BEFORE they spoke to us again, only two days later; and there was unprecedented rejoicing in Limbo!  But at that time, we needed to get their URGENT message out to the WORLD, so that people could understand all the more, why the Mark of the Beast was about to manifest, on Christmas Day, 2012 - the primary reason, was because of the SLAUGHTER of the Unborn.   Today, more than 3 years later, we received an important email from a PERFECTLY contrite Member of the Faithful Remnant, who wanted to know more, about her aborted child.  And because of her sincere and heartfelt email, the Most High True God's Secret Plan for the Unborn, is NOW being FORMALLY Declared, to the Nations - BECAUSE, HERE, is the reply, TO that email:

Jesus said:  You NEED to forgive yourself, FOR 'what happened', to your child.  KNOW that, HE is in "a safe place" - as ALL of the children, who went THROUGH, 'their SUFFERING', ARE, 'IN the perfect PLACE, FOR them' - as they WAIT, for 'their TIME', to RETURN - TO the Earth.  YES! The UNBORN, ARE, 'coming BACK'; BUT, THEY, WILL not REMEMBER, 'ANYTHING, of the past', nor ANY, of the TORTURE, or REJECTION - that they EXPERIENCED.  Every TEAR, WILL, be WIPED away.  As you are TRULY sorry - for 'what you DID', KNOW that, 'you ARE Forgiven', and that your SON forgives you! KNOW that, YOU have FOUND, 'the ULTIMATE SOURCE of LIFE' - for your SOUL! - in THESE Times.  And HE DESIRES, that YOU! - would work, on YOUR Purification - so THAT, YOU! - WILL be 'FULFILLED', in ME, your GOD.  Know THAT, 'his TRUE Mother', is the Blessed Virgin Mary; and that, there is NO 'maternal TIE', between YOU and him.  You SIMPLY need to ACCEPT this fact.  And WHEN he RETURNS, 'HE', will have 'a NEW life'.  But, it is going to take TIME, BEFORE, the Unborn, will be ABLE, to come BACK.  Their LIVES, were 'stolen FROM them' - BUT! - I, am GOING to GIVE them, 'LIFE' again.  They EACH, HAVE, 'a white ROBE'; and are SIMPLY, 'waiting PATIENTLY', for 'their BLOOD', to be avenged - ON, the Face of the Earth.  Understand?  Those who are in My REMNANT - who have COMMITTED the act of abortion - ARE Forgiven, FOR 'the act'.

And so, is there going to be some sort of "social REUNION" between the aborted children of the Faithful Remnant, and their former parents, who made it to the Physical Era of Peace on Earth?  On December 4, 2012, the Unborn said, "Now we are ‘forever separated’, and you cannot know us as your sons, and your daughters."  In other words, WHEN the Unborn return, TO "Heaven on Earth" - they won't even be able to even remember their time in Limbo; it will in fact be a COMPLETELY new beginning for them.  Understand?  The promise found in that above Scripture passage, WAS extended to the Unborn - AFTER we interceded for them, on December 4, 2012.  It IS time to close this most WICKED Era in human History.  It IS time to RIGHT the wrongs, and to RENEW the Face of the Earth.  
Jesus said:  I am the First, and the Last; the Alpha and the Omega; the Beginning, and the End.  And I have been with: God the Eternal Father in Heaven, from since before the beginningYou are ‘finite creatures’ – but I am Infinite, and, I know: All, things.  I know the past, the present, and the future.  I know: what mankind has chosen to do, with: the gift of Life – either in the womb or elsewhere.  I know the pain and suffering, that has been caused, upon ‘My little ones’ – the unbornthey cry out to Me, begging Me, to End, this Era.  And I am granting their prayers.  Because so much sin, and vice, and evil – is in the World, today, that the World has become: like Sodom and Gomorrahto Me. (-Jesus, November 26, 2012)

Clarification note:The Blessed Virgin Mary under the title Mother of Divine Grace, reminded us today, that were it not for Her intercession, there would BE no Remnant, in these End times!   And so, today's above entry in the Testimony, reminds the reader, that there is SO MUCH going on "BEHIND the scenes" - and that is, behind each posting in the Testimony - so much that you CANNOT see.  There are Holy Ancestors in Heaven praying for Graces to be poured out upon their descendents, so that they would take the initiative to reach out to us for help. There are immediate prayers being offered as we intercede for each situation that is brought before us.  There is often dialogue between us and Heaven as we seek 'clarification', about the exact situation that is presently before us.  There are often hidden implications, behind the words in the emails, that are revealed by Heaven - before a reply is given.  This is just PART, of how the Most High TRUE God has chosen to close this Era - by working WITH, the human race; and by working WITH those who actually want to do everything THEY CAN, to be PLEASING in His Sight - His TRUE Faithful Remnant.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

In response to an email from a protestant, who used Bible references to express his rejection of the Testimony - and that was NOT, "a good idea", by the way!

Jesus said: Do YOU know, what I say to "PROTESTANTS", who come BEFORE Me, at their JUDGMENT - WAIVING, the BIBLE, and the SCRIPTURE passages, THAT they REMEMBERED? - as "some LEVERAGE", in their case.  I SIMPLY TELL THEM: "the WORD, HAS Judged you".  THEY in fact, condemned THEMSELVES - by their WICKED, LIFESTYLES. The BIBLE, will not SAVE you!  And, My TESTIMONY, IS! - "the antidote" - to MANKIND'S, "WICKEDNESS".  But ONLY, if they CHOOSE, to APPLY, "the REMEDY".  YOU! - are 'of your father' - the devil.  YOU! - are WITHOUT Mercy, and WITHOUT Grace.  YOU! - have 'demons' - and MANY OF them!  And you CONTINUE, to 'UNLEASH them', on My True REPRESENTATIVE - so 'a CURSE' has FALLEN up on YOU, AND your household.  You BROUGHT it on yourself.  JUST as - I cursed, 'the FIG tree', that bore no FRUIT - because I CAME, at 'an HOUR', and 'a TIME', that even 'IT', wasn't expecting.

Actual email:  Today my heart simply holds a great value and love and appreciation for finding... our creator and his divine love, will and mercy... This journey for us is an intense purification we have witnessed so many miraculous signs.

PPTL: You received, SO many IMPORTANT, and DEEP INSIGHTS, ON, your JOURNEY... that WOULD have been 'BENEFICIAL', to the NATIONS!  Then WHY, have you 'WITHHELD', your TESTIMONIES?...  the ENEMY, is tempting you - to "EXALT, yourselves", and your EXPERIENCES; and to WITHHOLD! - those 'VITAL, INSIGHTS', FROM, the NATIONS!  This is 'quite SERIOUS', and NEEDS to be REMEDIED! - as your CREATOR, CONTINUES, to DO, 'SO much' FOR you. WHAT, are you WILLING, to do for HIM?  HAVE you MADE, "VIDEOS"? - and, you are "simply WITHHOLDING THEM"? - till LATER?... Remember, to TESTIFY before the NATIONS - HELPS you to gather GRACES

Did you know that the Bible is actually full of contradictions?  And so is the TESTIMONY!  Like THIS example - this email, from a Member of the Remnant.

Actual email:  We have encountered many who have been extremely kind to us and have demonstrated what appears to be a Soul. Their generosity, their kindness their sincerity of heart, their devotion to their families, honesty, truth and kindness, has me pondering on their fate. There are times where I find it hard to believe that God would allow these people to perish or burn or suffer in anyway shape or form - especially for Eternity. These are not false externals that I am witnessing these are authentic, loving, kind people. They have turned off the TVs, disconnected from the culture in the world and the institutions. They go out of their way to help others in trouble they express gratitude in their words and actions, they share the same joys and pains of daily life.

PPTL: You are 'slipping BACK', into, 'the REALITY, that OTHER people are living' - as they SEE themselves, as "good CHRISTIANS".  You even PROCLAIMED, IN your EMAIL - that YOU were not SEEING "false externals" - but "REAL AUTHENTIC, KINDNESS!"  HOW does that make SENSE? - when THEY, are 'without their SOULS', and have received 'the mark of the BEAST'?...  This is 'quite SERIOUS', and NEEDS to be REMEDIED! - as your CREATOR, CONTINUES, to DO, 'SO much' FOR you. WHAT, are you WILLING, to do for HIM?...  Do NOT 'BURY', the Light of the TESTIMONY; OR, HOW, will YOU, be ABLE, to OVERCOME, the ENEMY, and his TEMPTATIONS?...  the ENEMY has ACTUALLY, 'SUCCESSFULLY DISTRACTED you'...  while he STEALS, your GIFTS! - FROM you; and SENDS you, "FEELINGS"... in their PLACE!
"A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand; but it will not come near you. You will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked."
(Psalm 91:7-8)

Actual email:  I have been under serious attack all day and a good portion of last night... there has been almost no stop to fighting... I can only liken it to an all out assault.  I've been getting a ton of faith attacks...  How can I shorten or pass this period of testing? It's like the faith attacks are increasing in frequency and intensity and I really don't like it. I'm trying to cling to Jesus and I'm asking for His Mercy really often but this is getting ridiculous.

PPTL: WE have asked the Most High TRUE God, to REMOVE, "the faculties", of THOSE people, who are taking... YOU... 'on' - so that, "their WICKEDNESS", remains with THEM!  "FAITH ATTACKS" - they HAPPEN! - and during 'THAT TIME', IS! - "the FIRE, of PURIFICATION", turned UP!  If you WANT, to be 'PURIFIED', the FASTEST - THEN you SIMPLY need to ENDURE, the TRIBULATION! - and TURN, to, the Blessed Virgin Mary - under her TITLE, as "MOTHER of Divine GRACE"; and SIMPLY ASK her, to FILL you! - with 'HER Faith'! - in her Son; AND, to FILL you! - with Graces.  WHEN you are 'FILLED', with SO many Graces, FROM Heaven - THEN there is 'no ROOM', for the DEMONS!  Remember, there are PERIODS, of CONSOLATION - followed by 'periods, of ADVERSITY'!  Who are you FOLLOWING?  Are you "a REED"? - shaken by the WIND?   Or are you "a ROCK"!  The ENEMY, IS, "the ACCUSER, OF, the BRETHREN" - and HE, HAS 'a WHOLE ARMY!' - of ACCUSERS!  BUT! - WHEN you are, 'the Lord's Anointed' - it ONLY takes, 'YOU', AND, 'the Lord Jesus Christ' - against, TEN THOUSAND!  So, THOUSANDS, will FALL, on your RIGHT, and on your LEFT - as LONG, as you CLING, to "the ROCK - of your SALVATION!"  Understand?

Actual email: I do not want or need personal power... But I need the power...  I need the power...  I need the power... 

Jesus said:  YOU need, to be HUMBLED... and LEARN, that MY WAYS, ARE, 'the PERFECT Way'.  You have been 'SEEKING, POWER, PRESTIGE, POSITION, and STATUS'...  But THESE, are NOT, 'of My KINGDOM'!  My KINGDOM, is 'PURE', HOLY, and SPOTLESS - and YOU MUST, 'STRIVE', after THESE - STARTING with your THOUGHTS! - and 'how you SEE yourself'.  HOW can you be "RIGHTEOUS", when you are 'SEEKING, POWER'? MUST be HUMBLED.  TURN, to your TRUE MOTHER - FOR, "HUMILITY", LOVE, and POVERTY of SPIRIT - so that, YOU, can RECEIVE, 'MUCH' - from My FATHER, in Heaven.  YOU do NOT, 'CONTROL', My SPIRIT - the POWER of, the TRUE, Holy SPIRIT.  The PROTESTANTS, seek, to CONTAIN Me! - for 'the sake of POWER'.  BUT! - I WILL not be CONTAINED!  I GO, where I WILL to go!...  HAVE MERCY, on YOURSELF!  And BE! - "an AUTHENTIC, SEEKING, BELIEVER".

Actual email: One thing I did was I was not having mercy on myself at all.. I kept focusing on how much I failed... 

PPTL: And SO, with ALL of these 'THINGS', you have been 'holding ON to' - all of these "MILLSTONES" - of COURSE! - it would be "impossible", to grow SPIRITUALLY - in 'an AUTHENTIC, relationship', with the Most High True God.  The FACT, that you can RECOGNIZE! - these EVILS, is "a good sign".  BUT! - DO not, 'EMBRACE', those THINGS - as 'part of your IDENTITY'.  Remember - Jesus Christ the LORD, 'LOVES', the SINNER; but HATES the SIN.  So TOO, must YOU have, 'the same ATTITUDE' - towards SIN, and towards EVIL.  THEREFORE, PRAY for the GRACE, to LOVE yourself - out of LOVE, for the Most High True God; and the GRACE, to see your SINS, through HIS Eyes! - SO that, you will QUICKLY want to SHED them! - like "a dirty RAG".  Right NOW - YOU are being TESTED!   Are you "ALL IN"?  OR, is this "something CONVENIENT", for you, AT the time?  ARE YOU, "a FAITHFUL MEMBER", of the TRUE ROMAN CATHOLIC FAITH?  OR, "UNFAITHFUL"?  Now, to BE "unfaithful" - MEANS, to stop 'DOING' - WHAT, is REQUIRED - AS 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - and THAT is "to HAVE FAITH". SO! - when the doubts COME - are you "ENTERTAINING them"?  OR, ARE you, 'TURNING, to the Most High TRUE God', FOR the Gift of FAITH?  BECAUSE - WE are ALL, "FAITHLESS, CREATURES!" - WITHOUT, Jesus Christ the Lord.  THEREFORE - TURN to 'the ONE who HAS the ABUNDANCE' - of VIRTUES, GRACES, GIFTS, and BLESSINGS - NOT 'for the SAKE of these, to obtain'; but so that, you can SHARE them! - with the NATIONS.
Once 'the children who have a SOUL', reach 'the age of reason', they are FULLY responsible before their CREATOR, for going against their conscience.  Here is some Divine Counsel we shared with one of the children in the Remnant, at the request of their parent. 

PPTL: WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED, that YOU have NOT been LISTENING, to INSTRUCTION; and you HAVE been, "talking BACK", and "BEING REBELLIOUS".  You need to STOP! - IMMEDIATELY! - and THINK! - about, your SOUL!  You HAVE one!  And you are "VERY, Blessed".  SO many children, ARE 'without theirs'.  WHY don't you, FOCUS, on being "a good EXAMPLE", TO them.  LISTEN, to INSTRUCTION.  DO, AS you're told.  If you NEED, 'HELP', ASK!  But DON'T talk back.  BECAUSE, the Most High TRUE God - has His "SPANKY paddle" - READY!  Understand?  If YOU want to be 'FILLED, WITH Joy' - FROM, your Creator - then YOU, will DO! - what, He TELLS you to.  Understand?  It's SIMPLE.  Even THOUGH YOU'RE young - you HAVE "a conscience" - and YOU KNOW, the difference, between GOOD and bad.

On the topic of spankings: Ironically, we encourage parents to REFRAIN from physical spankings.  How is that ironic?  Because there are MILLIONS of "children", who are NOW in ETERNAL Flames -  who would gladly trade their CURRENT situation, for "a SPANKY bum", ANY day of the week!  At one time in history, a spanking was "a humiliating punishment" that was given as a form of discipline; but in these End Times, parents are actually 'SLAMMING their DEMONS of WRATH and FRUSTRATION', into their children - when they administer 'the spanking'.  And just in case it isn't obvious - that only FORMS 'wrathful and frustrated children', who misbehave in an even worse way, following that act. But the Most High TRUE God's discipline - His "spanky bums", as we like to call them - are carefully chosen to point the recipient of that discipline, towards 'seriously reconsidering their current course of action'.

This following Universal Message is for all those who are still attending the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution.

Jesus said: My child, YOU, are ANGERED, by the TRUTH, that is WRITTEN, in My TESTIMONY.  And your HEART, has become 'HARDENED' - as STEEL!  SO much, HAS, been given TO you; AND, SO much, is ABOUT, to be TAKEN, away.  I, demand MORE, of My PEOPLE - in these TIMES, than, "EMPTY, LIP service", and "EMPTY, prayers" I am not, 'HEARING', the prayers, OF those, WITHIN, the ROMAN CATHOLIC, HIERARCHICAL, institution. I am NOT "WITH them".  And if YOU CONTINUE, to GO - TO, 'THAT ABOMINATION, of DESOLATION' - THEN, you WILL be LOST - forever!  For YOU can ONLY, be FILLED, with FALSEHOOD, and DEMONS - BECAUSE, My ANOINTING, has been REMOVED. Have I DONE this BEFORE?  Can I DO it AGAIN?  I HAVE done it!  I am doing "a NEW thing" - WITH, My Faithful REMNANT; and they are 'FILLED, with TRUE PEACE, and TRUE JOY' - as THEY have FOUND, ETERNAL LIFE!  YOU, are CHOOSING, to SHUN! - the LIFE, I OFFER you! - for, "DEMON-FILLED-SERMONS", and "the WATERED-DOWN VERSION, OF My Gospel".  THIS is My TESTIMONY, for the CHURCHES. They BURIED, the LIGHT, of TRUE Faith; they TOLD, the PEOPLE, "they were WELL" - when THEY, were AT, 'the VERY, POINT, OF death!".  They REFUSED, to SPEAK, of SIN, HELL, JUDGMENT, CONSEQUENCES for OFFENDING, ME; BECAUSE, THEY want! - "MONEY!"  THAT is ALL, they are AFTER!  AND, THEY do 'NOT care', for, your Soul. THEY, do NOT CARE, for YOU!!! - AT all!  BUT! - YOU are 'JUST LIKE them'.  THEREFORE, YOU do not care! - EITHER!  And JUDGMENT, HAS come down, UPON you!  YOU, have TOLERATED, 'SIN'; and I do NOT!  YES, I AM, "a most LOVING God".  BUT, I REQUIRE, that REPARATION, be MADE. YES, I DIED, ON the Cross, FOR, your SINS! - BUT - that does NOT! - GIVE you, "the EXCUSE", to keep on SINNING! - going to CONFESSION! - giving LIP SERVICE! - and then SINNING again!  No.  I am CALLING My PEOPLE - to "SPIRITUAL, Life" - to be REVIVED; but ONLY the ones, who RESPOND to My Call.  MANY - are 'LIKE you'; and, have said "No!" - to their Salvation.  THEY, have CHOSEN, to BE, "AS the Pharisees".  They have CHOSEN, to be "AGAINST Me", and find FAULT with My Word.  I am OFFERING YOU Mercy - even THOUGH, YOU! - have not been SHOWING, 'any'.  The OLIVE BRANCH has been EXTENDED, "ONE last time!"  CHOOSE!

Actual email from someone who stopped listening to Jesus, when Jesus stopped the Bayside prophecies:  The message of Bayside counsels us to remain in our parish churches.

PPTL: WE are WELL beyond 'the TIME', where CHRIST SAID, to REMAIN in the parishes, and the institutions; AS He was referring to 'a time in HISTORY', when the PROTESTANTS, would INFILTRATE, the Church - and CHANGE, the COURSE, OF, the institution - from WITHIN.  Yes, NOT, ALL, PRIESTS - were 'FALLEN' - AT that time.  AND NOW, WITH, 'the MARK of the BEAST' - they have ALL! - LOST, their anointings. The DESOLATING SACRILEGE - AS, SPOKEN of, BY the Prophet DANIEL - INDEED! - STANDS, in EVERY church! - in EVERY, sanctuary.  And ALL, of the "prophets" - OUTSIDE, the FAITHFUL REMNANT Church, HAVE been fed, and CONTINUE to be fed, "WORMWOOD"; YOU, YOURSELF included!  The BAYSIDE, "PROPHECIES", ACTUALLY, POINT, TO the Testimony; BUT! - you are 'SO PROUD', in your THOUGHTS - and in "your OWN! - interpretation", that you cannot SEE.  NOW, is 'the TIME', to FLEE! - the institution, of the ROMAN, catholic, HIERARCHY.  FOR the devil HIMSELF - IS! - GOVERNING, OVER it! - AS, HE IS, 'IN' - the HIGHEST, ranks, OF, the Vatican.  You 'THINK', that YOU, will be 'SAFE'? - in "a SINKING, OIL TANKER"?  NEVER! ! "FLEE! - WHILE there IS, 'STILL, time'."  BECAUSE, YOU do not 'HAVE', much TIME left.  You have 'JUDGED', the Words, of YOUR! - Creator, to be "FOLLY!" - when it is YOU! - who, HAVE, chosen! - to be "FOOLISH" - IN the Most High TRUE God's Eyes!  HE is 'PULLING His People', OUT of the institutions - INTO, "NEW Life". The BLESSED Virgin Mary, is NOW, ONLY speaking, THROUGH, the Testimony. And SO, it IS "quite sad" - as ONE, who 'FOLLOWED', the Bayside, "prophecies" - to NOT, be ABLE to RECOGNIZE, 'the VOICE, of YOUR, CREATOR!'  The BLESSED Virgin MARY, SPOKE, TO us, last EVENING - EXPLAINING, what "the BALL, of REDEMPTION" - was MEANT by.  WHAT, was SHE, REFERRING to?  The BALL, of FIRE! - "the CHASTISEMENT"; she HAS explained; AND, she CAME, UNDER 'the title', "MOTHER, of DIVINE, Grace":  The WORLD! - is GOING, to be 'SET, on FIRE!' - both PHYSICALLY, AND, spiritually.  She has ALSO, INFORMED us, THAT! - WE, have not SEEN YET, 'WHAT, GOD, the ALMIGHTY and Eternal FATHER, can DO, WITH, the SUN'!  WE suggest, that you BECOME, 'a MEMBER, of HER! - FAITHFUL, REMNANT Church' - while you STILL HAVE time.  The PUZZLE PICTURE, that was GIVEN, TO, Veronica Leuken - HAS been SOLVED!  And, it POINTS, PEOPLE - TO, the Testimony, of Jesus Christ the LORD.  WE are MERELY, "His, Ambassadors".  IF you DON'T "LIKE", our MESSAGE - then you can 'TAKE it up', with HIM! - PERSONALLY.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: CHRIST, IS, "FAITHFUL", TO His PROMISES; and, He HAS NOT, "LEFT YOU, DESOLATE".  BUT! - it is YOU, who must CHOOSE - to follow HIM, INSTEAD, of the ENEMY, of your SOUL - whom you HAVE been following.  My WARNINGS, were not 'HEEDED', IN TIME.  "The PUZZLE", was NOT 'SOLVED', in TIME.  AND! - the LORD Jesus CHRIST, KNEW, that it would NOT, be SOLVED, in TIME.  But NOW, you ARE! - "without EXCUSE".  These ARE, "OUR, Two Witnesses"; to HATE THEM, IS, 'to TAKE a STAND, AGAINST, your OWN Salvation; and AGAINST, ALL, of HEAVEN.'

Actual email: I have read your testimony on your website and I believed it as soon as I read for I had known it to be true... is it too late to repent?  

PPTL: It is NOT TOO Late - as LONG as you are "WILLING to DO what is NECESSARY".  You have FOUND "the Narrow PATH", and NOW, you must CHOOSE: WHETHER OR not, you are GOING, to WALK it!

This Counsel is for all the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who saw themselves as being married in their former lives, but whose former spouse, has rejected the Testimony.

PPTL: Well, they KNOW now, 'what is NECESSARY', in ORDER, to BE, 'IN, a Blessed MARRIAGE, WITH you'.  IF! - they choose, NOT, to listen, to their Creator - THEN, THEIR WORDS - as in, 'your former SPOUSE'S words' - were FALSE!  If they truly, LOVE you - then THEY will 'DESIRE', your SALVATION.  It's THAT simple!

Actual email (transcribed from a video email) : Are YOU, "the TREE of LIFE, in these End TIMES"?

Jesus said: I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, AND the Life.  And this IS, My TRUE REPRESENTATIVE - POPE PETER the LAST, who represents ME, to the Nations. THEREFORE, ALL BLESSINGS, and GRACES, FLOW, from ME - THROUGH him, TO the Nations.  And THEREFORE, he IS, "the Tree, OF Life" - through which, 'the BIRDS', WILL COME, and 'NEST, IN, the branches', and they WILL find, 'NOURISHMENT', for their SOULS!  I AM, 'the ULTIMATE Source, of TRUTH, and LIFE'.  I AM, Jesus; and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES.

Actual email: I had a very intense experience last night... It's quite hard to explain because it was like I was kind of mostly in this reality, but this darkness was trying to suck me into somewhere else. 

PPTL: It was simply 'the ENEMY', prowling around.  Whenever that happens AGAIN - REMEMBER to call on Saint MICHAEL, IMMEDIATELY! - for protection.  The ENEMY, has LOST, 'a STRONGHOLD' IN you - but he WANTS to REGAIN it.  DON'T LET him!  STAY HUMBLE!  CLING, to HUMILITY! - as THOUGH your LIFE DEPENDED on it!

Actual email: I just read the updates on the Unborn, it brought up a past memory...  I had a miscarriage.

Jesus said:  IT was, 'a VERY difficult time' FOR you; but NOW, you MUST 'let go', OF the past; and KNOW, that your CHILD, IS "Safe".  Do NOT, turn INWARDS, and CONTINUE, EMBRACING "GUILT" - OVER the SITUATION; because NOW, YOU are 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT' - AND, your PAST, SINS, HAVE BEEN, 'blotted OUT'.  NOW, you need to work, on being PURIFIED - on a daily BASIS, of the DEMONS, and AFFLICTIONS, that CAME with those sins.  USE the Blessed HOLY Water; PRAY the Burning BUSH prayer; and FORGIVE, yourself.

As the Battle of Armageddon intensifies, so too do the Gifts being poured out upon the Members of the Faithful Remnant.

Actual email: When I pray the rosary, I get these visions of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, both on each side of me... Do you know if that could be real? It was comforting. Plus, when I first started praying the rosary, I believe it was the True Holy Spirit. It would tell me that she didn't know me well enough to show up.  She finally did with Jesus, but wow, what an experience. I want to believe that was not my imagination and that was completely real. Since been being on the Ark and praying the prayers. I find myself using the Holy Water much more day in and day out... I FEEL that my interior life is being attacked more intensely than ever before... 7 fold. Quite, unbelievable. I feel like we of the FAITHFUL REMNANT have been recruited into a spiritual war... I can see the battle!  I am also starting see physically what the Testimony does to those who read it and don't believe. People have small fits of rage... This I believe is... demons inside those people. Would that be correct? I can also see the soullessness of everyone.

PPTL: YES you ARE most definitely seeing, 'REAL, SPIRITUAL, Visions' - FROM Heaven, in ORDER to CONSOLE you - DURING, 'the AFFLICTIONS', that soon FOLLOWED - AS IN, 'the INTENSITY, of the SPIRITUAL battle', for your SOUL!  Yes, it is 'a SPIRITUAL War'; and the Most High TRUE God, in a SENSE, HAS, recruited, His Faithful REMNANT - in order to bring about 'the END', of DARKNESS, and the enemy's KINGDOM; in order to bring IN, the Era of PEACE.  Yes, PEOPLES' response TO the TESTIMONY - is becoming "INCREASINGLY hostile"; and THEN, the HAMMER comes down - IMMEDIATELY!  BECAUSE, THEY are 'choosing to JUDGE, the Words of their CREATOR' - AS, being, "from the DEVIL"!  THAT, NEVER, "goes over well", with the Most High TRUE God.

If ever you experience, the onset of 'a sudden Divine Scourge', remember to always discern, 'what it is in response to'.

Actual email: I’m not freaking out but I got... problems.

PPTL: Did you DISCERN, WHY, "the SCOURGE" has COME TO YOU? WHAT, have YOU, been EMBRACING - in your interior life?


Are the Members of the Faithful Remnant called to see themselves as being invincible?  Here is an example of some practical advice, that we sent out to one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, after they informed us that they were reading from their prayer notes while driving.

PPTL: While 'the LETTER of the Law', concerning "Distracted Driving Laws", focuses on ELECTRONIC devices - such as cell phone and texting devices; the SPIRIT of the Law - really has to do with READING from an object in your hand, while the vehicle is in motion.  FACT: IF you DID get in an accident, while reaching for or reading from your binder - you WOULD have been guilty of "Distracted Driving", or perhaps even "Dangerous Driving"... Please stop endangering the PHYSICAL lives of yourself and OTHERS - through your INDIFFERENCE to their safety - as that is ACTUALLY 'an act of hatred'.  Understand? 

"Rash judgment" isn't a virtue.  But HOW can your CREATOR - ever so subtly, teach you this important lesson?  Hmmm.

Actual email:  I seem to have this type of rash under my left eye that has not seemed to fade away...  Is this an affliction of some sort?

PPTL: Are you seeing yourself as "BETTER" than those AROUND you? - because, you ARE, "ONE, of the Faithful REMNANT"?  BECAUSE you have been given MUCH - MUCH is EXPECTED - ESPECIALLY "Humility".  You MUST be "HUMBLE in your OWN eyes"

Female fashion accessory tips?  Try this: "WHAT, would the BLESSED Virgin Mary wear?"

Actual email: I was in the Catholic store trying to find a necklace... I wanted to ask you, if it would be ok to get a necklace of the holy spirit?

PPTL: Let the people, who enjoy 'bathing, in the spirit of the antichrist and false EXTERNALS' - wear "an EMBLEM, of, the dove", on the OUTSIDE.  YOU, need to embrace the TRUE Holy Spirit, ON the inside.  NO, NECKLACES.

In other words, the Queen of Heaven doesn't wear necklaces... OR earrings! (- so please don't email and ask, for our Blessing to stick metal objects through your skin - even if they have religious art on them).

There are all sorts of different opinions out there; but only the opinion of ONE person REALLY matters.  We received an email from "a hostile floater", who judged the personal Message sent to them from Jesus, as being "from the enemy"; and basically declared that the author - who WAS in fact Jesus Christ the Lord - was barred from the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said: The Judgment, YOU have passed, on My Two WITNESSES, and on My TRUE, REPRESENTATIVE, has ONLY fallen back, upon yourself - and UNLESS you repent, then, YOU! - WILL be, 'WITHOUT Eternal Salvation', FOR your Soul.

What happens, when a person who was married in 'their FORMER life', becomes a Member of the Faithful Remnant, but their "former SPOUSE", does NOT? 

PPTL: KNOW that, ALL marriages, were ABOLISHED, and DISSOLVED, when the MARK of the BEAST, was given, on December 25th, 2012.  And that, all BAPTISMS, were rendered "NULL and VOID, FRUITLESS and FORGOTTEN" - as well.  THEREFORE, you NEED to understand, that AS 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - in your RELATIONSHIP, with your "FORMER spouse" - you, are NO longer, 'BONDED', in ANY way; as CHRIST, has, 'DISSOLVED', the marriage bond.  YOU have found "Eternal Life" - for your SOUL; and the PATH, to Eternal SALVATION.  And NOW - your FORMER family, will need to CHOOSE, 'what THEY want to EMBRACE', and 'what THEY want to LIVE'.  The ONLY way, for YOU, to LIVE, in a BLESSED MARRIAGE - IS for, "your FORMER spouse", to BECOME a MEMBER, OF the Faithful Remnant.  Is this "a HARD THING", that the LORD Jesus Christ, is ASKING, of His PEOPLE in these TIMES?  YES! - it IS.  BUT, it is NECESSARY; and is ONLY possible, with His DIVINE Grace.  The WORLD, has dealt 'MERCILESSLY', with God; and THEY, have put THEMSELVES, first - AND their neighbor! - FIRST.  And THEY have NEGLECTED, to put, the Most High TRUE God First, in their lives - so as to be ABLE, to HELP their NEIGHBOR, the RIGHT way.  THEREFORE, the Most High TRUE God, is NOW demanding, that HE be 'put FIRST and foremost' - and that, peoples' FORMER FAMILIES, have NO, 'ENTRANCE', INTO, the KINGDOM of Heaven - UNLESS, they DO, as, 'the MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT', DOES - UNLESS, they choose to walk, "THE same, Path". Because, the Most High TRUE God, IS "a jealous God"; He EVEN said so, HIMSELF.  And HE was NOT "messing AROUND" - in the OLD TESTAMENT; and He is NOT "messing around", now.  It IS "the Cross" - THAT the Most High TRUE God, is ASKING, His FAITHFUL Remnant, to carry.

Everyone with the mark, is following their OWN resolutions and plans for their life.  And once an individual becomes a Member of the Faithful Remnant, they need to switch their focus.

Jesus said: The MORE, YOU 'SURRENDER yourself' - TO, My Holy WILL, FOR your life; the MORE, I will HEAL you, IN this life - both PHYSICALLY, AND spiritually.  You SIMPLY need, to STOP! - relying on your OWN STRENGTH; and, INTELLECT.  APART from Me, you can do 'NOTHING' - BUT, if you SEEK, 'MY Way', above your OWN - THEN, you can DO, 'THE Will', OF, My Father.  And THEN you will be "fulfilled". You WILL, be filled - WITH, the FULLNESS, OF Joy - that COMES, from FOLLOWING, AFTER Me - with 'a HUMBLE, and CONTRITE heart'.   "HUMILITY", is key.  PRIDE, can ONLY! - 'get you flames'.  But HUMILITY! - WILL, BE, "your CONSOLATION", in THIS life.  I ONLY, want, 'what is BEST, for your SOUL!'  My child.  And YOU! - must, 'WANT that', too.  The REASON, you are so 'DISSATISFIED', with YOURSELF - is BECAUSE, 'PART of you', wants to CONTINUE, to do things, 'on your own TERMS'!  BUT then, 'that' would make YOU, "ME!" But YOU are NOT "Me".  You ARE, 'who you ARE'; and I AM, 'who AM'!  Therefore - MAKE, BETTER, decisions!  RESOLVE, to make CHOICES, that are 'GOOD', FOR you; and OTHERS.  STOP focusing, on 'the dark MATTER', and the DEMONS; but only FOCUS, on 'where your HOME, Truly IS': in My ERA, of PEACE.

Actual email:  Sometimes when people in the beast state are around... I feel things... and it is weird!  So I need your help to know what I need to pray for .

PPTL: You NEED to reject 'your DESIRE to FOCUS on PEOPLE in the BEAST state' - because NO GOOD can COME from that, desire.  INSTEAD, FOCUS on your CREATOR. It IS difficult - because, of HOW, SOCIETY, has managed to PROGRAM people - to interact, with one ANOTHER, on, a SOCIAL level - based on "FALSE EXTERNALS", and "FLATTERY".  BUT, YOU are CALLED, to FOCUS, on JESUS Christ the LORD - and NOT 'the PEOPLE', who HATE Him! If you FOCUS, on the people who hate GOD - THEN, HOW can you PROTECT yourself, from their HATRED?  ALL it TAKES, is 'the CONSENT of the will', in the moment - to see YOURSELF, and to see your CREATOR, THROUGH, the eyes, of the people, in the BEAST state; and with the mark of Cain.  So SIMPLY focus, on 'STAYING in PRAYER', and COMMENDING them, to the Divine Justice, of the Most High TRUE God, in your INTERIOR life!  And REMEMBER, "ALL of the good THINGS, that you RECEIVE" - come FROM, your CREATOR!  EVEN PEOPLE, who 'SEEM', to be "KIND", or "GENEROUS" - it is ONLY because, the Most High TRUE God's, 'HEAVY HAND' - is 'UPON them' - to MAKE! - the DEMONS, 'STAND down'.  Understand?

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined. Thou hast multiplied the nation, thou hast increased its joy; they rejoice before thee as with joy at the harvest, as men rejoice when they divide the spoil."
(Isaiah 9:2-3)

And the Light exposed their dark deeds, and MOST of them FLED from the Light, by which they will be Judged.  For Light casts OUT darkness - and those people who BELONG to the darkness, cling TIGHTLY TO it, and FLEE from the Light, WITH the darkness.  And so, what does all this MEAN? - "practically speaking"?  It means that "former family members" are either going to be DRAWN to the Light of Truth; or they are going to try to take down 'Faithful Remnant Members' WITH them - as they FLEE from "the Light of Truth, in these End Times" - and that IS: the TESTIMONY of the Two Witnesses. 

PPTL: Everyone needs to CHOOSE 'the path, that THEY are going to walk'.  The ones 'OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant', HAVE their PATHS, 'FIXED on destruction, ONLY' - because, they are 'APART from' the Most High TRUE God. SO, IF at ALL possible - do NOT listen, TO 'WHAT, they have, to SAY!' - and DO NOT take their words to HEART - as they are 'AGAINST, their OWN SALVATION', and WILL NOT 'LAST long'.  The REASON, N., is LEAVING - is because he "CANNOT stand, the LIGHT!"  So, WHAT does 'LIGHT', HAVE, in common, with DARKNESS?  Nothing!  They are OPPOSED, to each other.  YOU! - STILL need to work, on your PURIFICATION; and 'FIXING', things.  BUT, HE has made his choice.  LET him be. 

Remember: the One World Government employees (- the ones who end up sitting at the actual PHYSICAL CONTROLS of Project Bluebeam) - after they stumble into WORK, are suffering from "a plague of sleeplessness" - and so they are a little upset.

Actual email: Last night... I was awakened by this 'flash of some kind' across my head. That is the best way I know to describe it. I'm thinking it's blue beam?

PPTL: Now that you HAVE 'BECOME, a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - YOU, WILL be even MORE 'TARGETED', by the ENEMY of your SOUL.  THEREFORE, WHENEVER you EXPERIENCE, 'DISTURBANCES in your SLEEP' - SIMPLY, CALL on Saint Michael - FOR protection, AND deliverance; and USE the Blessed Holy Water, as OFTEN, as necessary.  RE-consecrate, your sleep, to 'the PROTECTION, of the Holy ANGELS', AND Jesus Christ the LORD - and THEN go back to sleep.

Because the True Roman Catholic Faith is "the UNIVERSAL Faith" - quite often, we are asked to send the SAME reply do DIFFERENT Members of the Faithful Remnant, in the same day.  That happened today, in response to the following two emails.

Actual email: I have been having intrusive interruptions when i pray. Then I restart... many times today it happened. I've never had to fight to be stronger in anything until now.

Actual email: I have had an opportunity to enjoy recent Faithful Remnant videos today and I had the strong sense of true family... as our new family which is all the heavenly host, Blessed Virgin Mary , Jesus, The True Holy Spirit and both of you... Why would anyone not want to be a part of His family?

Jesus said: YOU are IN, the MIDST, of "the GREAT TRIBULATION", AND, "the BATTLE, of ARMAGEDDON".  And SO - you are NOT to be "COMFORTABLE".  YOU need to turn to ME, for Strength; OTHERWISE, YOU WILL NOT, be ABLE, to OVERCOME, your WEAKNESSES!  THEREFORE, when you PRAY - CLOSE the door, and PRAY, in SECRET!  And, your FATHER who SEES  you in secret - will REWARD you!  UNDERSTAND, that the FAITH, you are being 'CALLED to LIVE' - is 'REAL', and 'AUTHENTIC'.  THIS is NOT, 'the FAITH, of LUKEWARM, HALF-HEARTED, CHRISTIANS - who are only "CHRISTIAN by NAME".' - NO!  As a MEMBER of the FAITHFUL Remnant - your CALLING is HIGHER!  'The BAR', is set 'MUCH higher' FOR you - YOU, are CALLED, to, 'BE a Light', to the nations; and SHARE, My TESTIMONY - THROUGH, making VIDEOS, and PROCLAIMING from the ROOFTOPS - that I am HERE! - NOW! - IN My Testimony!  And that I am CALLING, 'EVERYONE!' - to SALVATION; but not EVERYONE WILL COME.  They want "SALVATION" on their OWN terms.  They want "SALVATION", without doing ANYTHING, that I ASK of them.  "SALVATION", is NOT, for PEOPLE, who WANT to DO things, 'on their OWN terms' - and with their OWN conditions, SET.  Did My FIRST FOLLOWERS - My TRUE, "APOSTLES" - have ANY! - "CONDITIONS"? - on FOLLOWING ME?  ONE! - DID! - and 'his END', came SWIFT!  But My 'TRUE Followers', are CALLED, to HAVE 'COMPLETE DEVOTION', to My every WORD! - that I SPEAK to them! - WHEREVER, I speak to them.  I make NO 'distinction' - between, "RELIGIONS", "RACES", "ETHNICITIES", "CULTURES", and "CREEDS". I am JESUS!  And I MAKE Peace! - WITH those, who DESIRE, 'TRUE Peace'!  And THIS means, 'who DESIRE, to BE! - My FAMILY'!

And now for some practical advice for Faithful Remnant Members who enjoy cycling:

Actual email: Over the last few months N. has been easing me into cycling. He started me off with easy routes and short rides and now we have moved on to 14 mile rides!... Now I actually enjoy the cycling!

PPTL: Be CAREFUL, NOT to "OVEREXERT yourself" - when CYCLING.  It SHOULD be "ENJOYABLE" - as WELL, as 'PUSH you, OUTSIDE, your COMFORT zone' - JUST enough, to BE in 'SLIGHT discomfort' - but 'IN no PAIN'.  And WHEN you're ON the bike - be SURE, to take, in, 'the scenery' all AROUND you!  THIS is very important!  "CASUAL bike rides", ARE the best!  Make SURE, that the BOTH of you, have lots of PADDING - EXTRA thick, BICYCLE SEATS, are IMPORTANT, to ABSORB, any 'bumps', on the ROAD.  "CASUAL, BIKE riding" - IS, advised - by JESUS!  But do not "PUSH yourself"! - by going too FAST - because, the bike, can actually be 'VERY hard', on the back. Understand?  14 miles a day, SEEMS "a little excessive" - but if you CAN do it, without 'pain', then, 'GO for it!'  Make SURE, you are staying 'WELL-hydrated' - as in, 'drinking, water' - BEFORE, and AFTER, your bike ride.  AND take "aspirin" - EVERY 4 to 6 hours - to HELP with the blood circulation. You are getting YOUNGER - so ENJOY it!

WHAT we were expecting?  Yes, we have NEVER received an email like this before... EVER!:

Actual email from someone who is not yet a Member: Hi Petrus my name is N. ... I was at my church this morning and I walked out...  something inside me tells me that it was not right to be in that church... I'm willing to learn and I want to be a part of what is real.  I'm sending out this email to get in touch with you.  I hope you can return my email.  I somewhat feel lost but something's calling me.

PPTL: You MADE a very IMPORTANT DECISION, that WILL, 'IMPACT', the rest of your LIFE! - if you ALLOW it to.  HERE are some VERY important instructions, on 'HOW, to BECOME, a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT', in these End TIMES - AND,this will be 'the BEGINNING', of your JOURNEY - to being 'FULLY, full-FILLED'! - WITH Jesus! - the TRUE Jesus! (Specific instructions followed)

Actual email: I was reflecting today and realized wow, I am a member of the Faithful Remnant. It hit me kinda hard - almost a couple moments of amazement to be a member of GOD's true church; coming era of peace; so on and so on.  I just feel really blessed and grateful.  I "cant believe" I am living in the end times, AND aboard the ark of safety!
Jesus said: I am Jesus and this is My Testimony for the churches.

Funny Story: As we were posting the updates on the website today - BECAUSE this IS Jesus' website, and BECAUSE HE is actually "the website designer" - He asked us to put a specific quote above His picture - the picture HE chose, on the Home Page.  Using the instructions on how to find a word string in the Testimony, we searched high and low for the quote He shared with us; but we could not find it.  And so, since He actually spoke those words to us today, I simply quoted Him and put that quote at the bottom of today's posting, and then put a link to it on the Home Page.  Then, on August 8, Mary and I were preparing more unposted emails from August 5th, and found the exact quote Jesus was referring to, in one of the emails.  The reason we are sharing this story, is simply to remind the reader, that editing this website, is like no editing task that has ever been undertaken before, in human history.  And so, from time to time, I will make "editorial decisions", that may SEEM, shall we say, "a little unorthodox" - to SOME; but that is simply because, this is the True, Roman, CATHOLIC, Faith.  Get it?


After people become a Member of the Faithful Remnant - IF they CHOOSE to stop growing, something very UGLY happens to them - on a spiritual level of course.  Here, we will let JESUS explain it to you.

Jesus said: WHY have you been 'EMBRACING' anger, HATRED, resentment, UNFORGIVENESS, and WRATH - TOWARDS, My Two WITNESSES; and towards My TESTIMONY?  Is it because, 'the TRUTHS', are 'SO UNCOMFORTABLE', for you to HEAR? - that you REFUSE to 'CHANGE, your WAYS'?  You CANNOT embrace! - "COMFORT", in THIS LIFE - AS, 'your GOD'; AND embrace, "the Cross", that I am calling, ALL of My TRUE Followers, to carry.  If YOU are not 'FULFILLED', in FOLLOWING AFTER Me, then why are you 'DOING so'?

Actual email: While working on the video... I discerned that the demons REALLY didn't want me to work on this video. How can I get them to shove out while I'm working?

PPTL: Whenever, you are working on a VIDEO, or EVEN, on READING the TESTIMONY - CALL on Saint MICHAEL, to be WITH you - and to DEFEND you, against 'ALL, of the ATTACKS, coming AT you' - at that TIME.  ASK the Most High TRUE GOD, to send 'PREVENIENT Graces', AHEAD, of, 'the TIMES, when YOU, are going to be WORKING, at SPREADING, the TESTIMONY' - or even READING it!   ASK the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the TITLE, Mother of Divine GRACE, to FLOOD you with Graces! - AS you are working; and CONSECRATE, your WORK EFFORTS, to the Protection, of the Holy Angels.  And SIMPLY resolve, to STAY in tune, with the TRUE Holy Spirit, and FOCUS, on 'the TASK in FRONT of you'.  Simple.

Actual email: I fully remember thinking at one point not too long ago, the feeling of The Lord lifting his protection on the world as I watched the worldly events happen. Then I found your website. And I haven't been able to put it down. It's amazing we're to this point in history.

PPTL: And so the Most High TRUE God has been 'REACHING OUT to you' - for a good PORTION of your LIFE... and He HAS been in FACT, PREPARING you, to FIND His Testimony - so that, you could PROCLAIM, to the Nations, 'the TRUTH', about the Times we are LIVING in; and, that there is 'a WAY', in order to spiritually SURVIVE.  Yes, you HAVE indeed, 'FOUND, the Golden PLATTER'.  And the Most High TRUE God, is 'NOT INTERESTED', in TITHING - AT all!  No, HE desires, 'a HUMBLE, and CONTRITE heart' - for HIM! - that IS, "the PERFECT sacrifice". 

People are so distracted with Signs in the End Times, that they cannot even SEE, 'the BIGGEST Sign' that was sent TO them: The Testimony.  So please keep videos focused "on the BIGGEST Sign of them all".

PPTL: If an evil and ADULTEROUS generation, seeks for a SIGN, and the ONLY SIGN, that will be given TO it, is 'the Sign of JONAH' - WHAT are YOU, telling the Most High TRUE God - when YOU want...  to FOCUS, on "physical SIGNS", and "physical DISASTERS, with SPECIFIC dates"? Jesus Christ the LORD, does NOT WANT to attract 'PEOPLE, who are INTERESTED, in SIGNS'.  HE is looking FOR, 'His FAITHFUL Remnant to BE' - who WILL be drawn, to His TESTIMONY, because they RECOGNIZE, 'the VOICE of their CREATOR'. The ONES who are 'drawn IN', for the SAKE, of "physical SIGNS", WILL NOT, "persevere" - WILL not 'MAKE it'.  Understand? 

This Message went out to a new arrival on the Ark today.

Jesus said: You are NOW... called, to PRACTICE, 'the TRUE, ROMAN Catholic Faith', UNDER, the TRUE Pope - that I, have, Anointed: Pope PETER the Last - ALSO known as, "PETRUS Romanus".  Indeed, these ARE, 'MOST, EXCITING Times', that you are LIVING in; BUT remember, to stay "SPIRITUALLY focused", and LISTEN, to instruction - and you WILL! - grow SPIRITUALLY.  LISTEN to My Two WITNESSES, and seek, 'DAILY Counsel' - FOR the Good of your Soul.  You HEARD, 'the Call' - to flee, the abomination, of desolation, in your church - and NOW! - AS a Reward - you are 'on FIRE!' - WITH the True Holy Spirit.   THAT is what, you are 'REFERRING to', as "a FEELING" - but REALLY, it is 'a STATE of BEING' - a STATE, of BEING in the STATE of Grace!  SO, YOU, HAVE been, "in the desert" - for a long TIME! - and NOW, you have "Come to the WATER", AND, you have 'FOUND an oasis' - FOR your Soul.  WELCOME HOME to your TRUE FAMILY!  ALL of HEAVEN is rejoicing - THIS day!  For what ONCE was lost, HAS now been found.

Actual email: Can you please bring the assailants who have been taking me on, to The Throne of The Most High True God, Jesus Christ The Lord - for faculty removal.

PPTL: Remember not to focus on the ATTACKS, when they COME - BUT, on the SOLUTION!  You HAVE 'the TOOLS', that you NEED - to OVERCOME, "the ASSAILANTS"; you SIMPLY, need to turn to JESUS; PRAY your DELIVERANCE prayers, FROM the heart; change your FOCUS - so you are NOT, 'focused, on HELL' - ESPECIALLY, "the Hell they are LIVING"; but FOCUS, on all of HEAVEN INSTEAD.  The PEOPLE, 'OUTSIDE the ARK', can ONLY be, ENRAGED, at the REMNANT - because the Faithful REMNANT, are 'the ONES, who have ESCAPED Hell' - THROUGH, the Strength of the Most High True GOD - through True REPENTANCE, and through the USE, of the Blessed HOLY Water - FILLED, with the True Holy SPIRIT.  THEY, are 'IN, Eternal TORMENTS' - until they REPENT!  So, "can you BLAME them"? - for "being ANGRY".  THEY do not 'HAVE', many "emotions", to CHOOSE from.

Actual email: I have been trying for months to make a video... Why are there so many blocks to making a video?
PPTL: Because you don't WANT to serve your CREATOR.  In fact, you PROVED to all of HEAVEN, that you would RATHER... [do whatever YOU preferred] - rather than DO, what the Most High TRUE God, has ASKED, of you.
One way that the demons try to pull people OFF the Ark of Safety - is with THEIR consent: to opening "spiritually toxic" communications, from those who are down BELOW, the water line.  A letter or card in the mailbox; a voice message; a text message; relentless emails and phone calls; an unexpected encounter at a public place; impersonating a stranger on the phone; spamming the comment section under videos; spiritual bullying through incessant prayers to their father down below - those are all, "tactics the assailants use", as they try to "spiritually poison", the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  OUR COUNSEL on this matter: Don't get BIT!  Don't get BIT - by COMMENDING the assailants to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice of the Most High True God - EVERY time they 'TRY' - just ONE of those tactics.  THEY, will "get the message".  How?  Through the Holy Angels - a.k.a. "Messengers of Divine Justice" - and through the intercession of Our Mother of Divine Justice - the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Remember to offer up at least a decade of the Rosary each day (- to her under that Title), for her JUST intercessory response, to the efforts of the assailants in your personal life.  Their "unholy perseverance" WILL not go unnoticed - as was the case with Pharaoh and his army: it DID not, "go WELL", FOR them! - in the End.

Actual email[On the topic of...]  Social texts from people in the beast state - especially those who have rejected The Testimony.  How should I handle this?

PPTL: If the DEVIL comes knocking on your DOOR, WHAT are you called to DO?
Photo of "a very RARE rainbow" taken by a Member of the Faithful Remnant yesterday

The people outside the Faithful Remnant, are all looking for signs.  But what good are Signs, if they can't even SEE, that they are CUT OFF from their CREATOR - and if they REFUSE to SEE, the Words of their Creator? - in "the Biggest sign of these End Times", the Testimony.  And so, THIS, is how the Members of the Faithful REMNANT - are called to see 'THAT rainbow'.
Jesus said: The RAINBOW was given TO you, My son, as 'a SIGN', OF, My FAVOR! - ON you, AND 'your situation'.  For "the MERCILESS", WILL not obtain Mercy; but the MERCIFUL, shall, RECEIVE, Mercy.  The WICKED, WILL RECEIVE, 'a FULL MEASURE, OF MY DIVINE WRATH' - UPON their HEADS!  But 'the UPRIGHT of Heart', will INSTEAD, receive 'a CROWN', on, their heads.  For 'the UPRIGHT', of heart, DESIRE, that My FATHER'S Will, be ACCOMPLISHED - IN, THEIR lives!  YOU! - My son - EVEN WITH, 'your FAULTS, AND failings' - have CHOSEN, to persevere, in DOING, 'what HAS BEEN, REQUIRED of you'; and THEREFORE, YOU, shall be, "RICHLY Blessed"! - BECAUSE, of your Faith.  You showed "FAITH, FIRST" - and THEN! - I could show you, "a BEAUTIFUL rainbow", as 'a SIGN', OF, My COVENANT - WITH, My FAITHFUL Remnant - that they will "NOT be destroyed", as LONG as they, remain, 'on the Ark of SALVATION'.  My Faithful REMNANT - WILL be 'kept Safe' - from ALL, of the PHYSICAL, "CATASTROPHES", that, WILL, COVER, the FACE of the Earth!  My Faithful REMNANT, will be PROTECTED - by the HOLY Angels - from "the SPIRITUAL Scourges", that are about, to MANIFEST; AND, ARE manifesting.  BLESSED ARE you, OF MY Father, IN Heaven.  And BLESSED, ARE those, who COME, in MY HOLY Name.  Amen.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
 Remember, you are ALL, NOW, living in the time of the Spiritual Battle of Armageddon, that was spoken of in the Bible.

Actual email:   I see that I really need to work at not desiring to be afflicted... but sometimes I see like a crystal clear entity moving in the house... Today... I actually realized...  that I must fear the Most High True God with all my heart, Soul and being...  These two weeks they have been pretty intense like the battle is getting pretty intense.

PPTL: The BATTLE, IS "intensifying" - BUT, you HAVE - ALL, of the TOOLS, that are NECESSARY, to FIGHT; and you HAVE, 'the ARMOR, OF, the Most High TRUE God'. The BIG Problem, you are having, is 'the DESIRE, to ENTERTAIN temptations' - and to KNOWINGLY, FOCUS, on the EVILS - that are SURFACING INSIDE you.  UNTIL, you become so DISTRACTED, that your PRAYERS, become "FRUITLESS".  THIS is, 'ONE tactic', the ENEMY has been using, on the REMNANT - to SIMPLY, "BLINDSIDE them", with their FAULTS, and failings.  Now, YOU, are CALLED, to turn to Jesus IMMEDIATELY! - when 'bad things' SURFACE - and give them TO Him! - and ASK Him for 'the corresponding GRACES' - while FOCUSING on, 'HEAVEN' - JESUS; the ANGELS; the SAINTS.   The ENEMY, wants the REMNANT, to turn INWARDS, and FOCUS, on their FEELINGS - and 'the ATTACKS' - to give HIM 'more power'.  The Most High TRUE God, is ASKING His REMNANT - to focus on HIM! - focus on being DELIVERED! - focus on all of HEAVEN!  THEREFORE, you SIMPLY need to CHOOSE! - WHERE, you want, your heart, to FOCUS! - on HEAVEN? - or on, 'the DEMONS' - TORMENTING you.  You HAVE 'the DELIVERANCE Prayers', AND 'the Blessed Holy Water'.  Whenever you see 'that ENTITY' - HOW are you RESPONDING? - with FEAR? - or do you call on Saint MICHAEL, and ask him to REMOVE it! - FROM your home!  Do you grab 'the Blessed HOLY Water' - and, 'SPRAY it!' - at the ENTITY [- referring to "the demonic entity of the assailants"] - and then Bless your HOME! - and then YOURSELF!  YOU need, to be 'ACTIVE'. You see, when you had 'the MARK' - it was 'the DEMONS', that were, 'INFLUENCING', your INTERIOR life - and NOW, you must use your free WILL - to use your INTERIOR life, to GLORIFY, your CREATOR! - and to draw CLOSER to Him.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
(Composed and Revealed to the Nations on 16.08.11)
"He who conquers and who keeps my works until the end, I will give him power over the nations, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, even as I myself have received power from my Father; and I will give him the morning star."
(Revelations 2:26-28)
Note: When praying with others, the prayer can be prayed by two choirs, the second choir cued by the pause after each title.
Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, "Pray for us" (repeat "pray for us" - referring to the Faithful Remnant, after each of her titles.)
Mother of Jesus Christ the Lord,
Mother of Divine Grace,
Mother of Divine Love,
Mother of Divine Life,
Mother of True Hope,
Mother of the True Spiritual Realities,
Mother of Purity,
Mother of Divine Counsel,
Mother of our Creator - the Most High TRUE God,
Mother of our Savior - Jesus Christ the Lord,
Mother of Divine Justice,
Mother of Divine Praises,
Mother of Perpetual Heel,
Mother of True Compassion,
Mother of Miraculous Healings,
Seat of True Wisdom,
Cause of True Joy,
Most Blessed Spiritual Vessel,
House of the Testimony,
Protectress of the Ark of Safety,
Conqueror of the Jezebel Spirit,
Conqueror of false visionaries,
Conqueror of false prophets,
Conqueror of deceivers,
Conqueror of false hope,
Conqueror of false realities,
Conqueror of blasphemy,
Conqueror of "the great harlot" of Rome,
Conqueror of false christians,
Defender of the True Faith,
Gate of the Kingdom of Heaven,
Bright Morning Star,
The New Jerusalem,
True Spiritual Mother,
Refuge of True sinners,
Comforter of the Faithful Remnant,
Help of the Faithful Remnant,
Queen of True Humility,
Queen of True Docility,
Queen of True Divine Inspiration,
Queen of the Faithful Remnant,
Queen of the Holy Angels,
Queen of the Unborn,
Queen of True Prophets,
Queen of True Prophetic Visions,
Queen of the Two Witnesses,
Queen of True Apostles,
Queen of True Martyrs,
Queen of all the Saints in Heaven,
Queen of all Hearts,
Queen of the Immaculate Conception,
Queen Assumed into the Kingdom of Heaven,
Queen of the Apocalyptic Mysteries,
Queen of True Peace,
Queen of the True Roman Catholic Faith,
Triumph of the Immaculate Heart,
Queen of the End Times.
God, the Almighty and ETERNAL Father in Heaven
 - Have Mercy on us.
Lord Jesus Christ, the Most High TRUE God
- Hear our prayer.
True Holy Spirit, of the Most High TRUE God, and Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
- Be, WITH us!  
Note: The Members of the Faithful Remnant are being asked to pray this New Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is a list of titles that were compiled at her request, and through our intercession - the intercession of the Two Witnesses.  It is important to pray this New Litany - so that the Members of the Faithful Remnant are NOT "drawn into satanic unity" with 'the people in the religious institutions', as they pray "the institutional version".  Understand?  It is now a permanent part of the Song of the Lamb page - with some NEWER titles added to the Litany, at that page.

As The Litany of the Queen of the Testimony has now been revealed to the nations, many questions are beginning to surface.  We will share some of them with you - here are some of our personal favorites:  Is the Testimony an introduction to the Litany?  Is the Litany a summary of the Testimony?   Is the Litany, Heaven's response to all "the spammers", who have been sending Remnant Members "litanies of excuses", as to why they prefer Eternal Flames, to ANYTHING the Most High TRUE God is asking of them?  The Litany IS being presented, almost a year, after the Song of the Lamb was revealed - and why is that?  Why that exact timing? - you might be wondering.  On August the 10th, as Mary and I were lifting up our Rosary intentions - we interceded  for all the Members of the Faithful Remnant (- at the beginning of one of the decades) - we prayed that they would be given infused Graces, to Live their True Identity, in the True Reality, in the True Holy Spirit of the Present Moment; and THEN! - the Litany was given.  This next question is easy: What is 'that FLOOD of GRACES', the Members of the Faithful Remnant experience, as they pray it?  And now, one LAST question: Is the TESTIMONY, simply "a litany of answers", to questions?  What's THAT? - you want to "CALL a FRIEND"?  Ok then...

"My TESTIMONY, IS "the answer"!" (-Jesus, July 27, 2016)


Actual email: I'm experiencing something unusual... It's so painful when I pee, I think it's from not drinking enough water lately.

PPTL: You NEED to be drinking more WATER.  You HAVE the SOLUTION.  However, there IS, "a deeper, SPIRITUAL problem" - that NEEDS to be addressed.  KNOW that, WHENEVER you choose, to BE "resentful towards us" - OR 'CONTEND', or ARGUE, with the Most High True God, in your INTERIOR LIFE - after EVERYTHING, that He has DONE FOR YOU - EVEN the DESIRE, to COMPLAIN! - will PUT you, in, "a very POOR, PHYSICAL, AND spiritual state"; BECAUSE of the Times, that we are LIVING in - where THERE ARE "IMMEDIATE consequences", for being SELFISH, and SELF-serving.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

Actual email: I believed your messages... but then things didn’t add up.

PPTL: You BELIEVED, the words, of the Testimony - BECAUSE, you KNOW! - that they ARE! - from your Creator.  BUT! - YOU allowed 'the DEMONS', to TAKE you, "ON, a ride" - and PUT a WEDGE of BLASPHEMY, between YOU, and 'your ONLY hope, of Salvation'.  BECAUSE, 'the WORD, OF, the Most High TRUE God' - did NOT 'take ROOT' in your SOUL - you LOOKED for, an OPPORTUNITY, to REJECT, "the Golden, Platter".  And NOW, you have been SET, 'on a DIFFERENT path', and your ANCESTOR'S, prayers - have NOT been fruitful, in your life - BECAUSE! - of the PRIDE, STUBBORNNESS, AND rebellion, AGAINST the Truth.  YOU, SUPPRESSED the Truth - and THEREFORE, can ONLY PERCEIVE.  ONE LAST TIME, we extend TO you, "an OLIVE branch".

When the Greatest Saints (- referring to the ones that ARE actually in Heaven) walked the face of the Earth, 'the very concept' of Personal Daily Divine Counsel from Heaven - at the press of a button - would have been like, "a science, fiction, fantasy"!  And NOW that so many people are personally experiencing "THAT REALITY" in their LIVES, what has the response been like? 

Actual email: I'm constantly thinking and brainstorming on how to put together a video but still not able to produce one - I'm still trying to set aside time to do it, but it's just really hard to do so...  I always end up finishing my prayers but then not enough time to read the testimony. 

PPTL: RIGHT now, it is VITALLY important - to your SPIRITUAL survival, that you START 'producing fruit'.  THIS IS NOT, "a CRUISE ship"; this IS "the ARK" - and EVERYONE, who is 'ON the Ark', is REQUIRED, to LEND a helping HAND.  THEREFORE, HOW, are you to DO SO?  But by doing EVERYTHING, that you possibly CAN - to do YOUR part, and to DO 'what is being ASKED of you'.  You are called to be NOURISHED, by the TESTIMONY - in order, to nourish OTHERS.  You CANNOT "GLEAN", from the BENEFITS - and expect our BLESSING; that is "NOT, how it works".  YES! - AFFLICTIONS, ARE, "DISCIPLINE", from the Most High True God - because of SIN...  Therefore, START doing your PART.  When you have your HANDS full - of doing, 'the WORK, that the Most High TRUE God is CALLING you to' - THEN, HE, 'holds BACK', the afflictions - BUT! - if YOU, are CHOOSING, to be "SLACK" - and NOT do - THEN, He SENDS afflictions!  Because, either, you, are "an ACTIVE Member of the Faithful Remnant", or "a PASSIVE Member".  Either, you are 'GIVING', or 'RECEIVING'.  It is BETTER to GIVE, than to receive... Understand? 

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
What can we possibly say to the so-called christians, who claim that the Jesus WE Worship, isn't the same jesus who speaks to them in the Bible?
"Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I proceeded and came forth from God; I came not of my own accord, but he sent me. Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word. You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But, because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. Which of you convicts me of sin? If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me? He who is of God hears the words of God; the reason why you do not hear them [-referring also to the Two Witnesses, in these Times] is that you are not of God.”
(John 8:42-46)
"The Passover of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. In the temple he found those who were selling oxen and sheep and pigeons, and the money-changers at their business. And making a whip of cords, he drove them all, with the sheep and oxen, out of the temple; and he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables."
(John 2:13-15)
"There were some present at that very time who told him of the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And he answered them, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered thus? I tell you, No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. Or those eighteen upon whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”
(Luke 13:1-5)
"And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God."
(John 3:19-21)
"Now there was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do, unless God is with him.” Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Nicodemus said to him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?” Jesus answered, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit."
(John 3:1-6)
"Now the man who had been healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had withdrawn, as there was a crowd in the place. Afterward, Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you are well! Sin no more, that nothing worse befall you.” The man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had healed him. And this was why the Jews persecuted Jesus, because he did this on the sabbath. But Jesus answered them, “My Father is working still, and I am working.” This was why the Jews sought all the more to kill him, because he not only broke the sabbath but also called God his Father, making himself equal with God."
(John 5:13-18)
"The Father judges no one, but has given all judgment to the Son, that all may honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him. Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me, has eternal life; he does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life."
(John 5:22-24)
 “I can do nothing on my own authority; as I hear, I judge; and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me. If I bear witness to myself, my testimony is not true; there is another who bears witness to me, and I know that the testimony which he bears to me is true. You sent to John, and he has borne witness to the truth. Not that the testimony which I receive is from man; but I say this that you may be saved. He was a burning and shining lamp, and you were willing to rejoice for a while in his light. But the testimony which I have is greater than that of John; for the works which the Father has granted me to accomplish, these very works which I am doing, bear me witness that the Father has sent me. And the Father who sent me has himself borne witness to me. His voice you have never heard, his form you have never seen; and you do not have his word abiding in you, for you do not believe him whom he has sent. You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness to me; yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.
(John 5:30-40)
"The jesus", those outside the Faithful Remnant worship, is "a jesus" who is a reflection, of their tolerance towards every sin in their lives, and in the lives of people around them.

Actual email from a follower of the antichrist: There are many things which you claim to be words spoken by Jesus which stand in contradiction to the word of God... Jesus... made no such bold statements of judgment... He revealed Himself to mankind, in a gentle, patient way... he revealed greater things to those who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the Gospel. 

PPTL: You have JUDGED the WORDS, of your CREATOR  - moving through the TESTIMONY, AS being "FALSE"; EVEN though, you KNOW, that 'His WORD', moving through His TESTIMONY, is PIERCING, your INTERIOR LIFE.  YES, there are MANY "SO-called christians", OUT there, who are SACRIFICING their LIVES, for the SAKE of "spreading the GOSPEL, of the ANTICHRIST"  - and at the END, of their lives, they WILL receive, "the FULLEST measure, of their REWARD".  The LORD Jesus CHRIST - the Most High TRUE God, SENT us, with His TRUE Gospel - not "watered DOWN, in ANY way!" - and HE, is requiring, "CHANGE"!  YOU, DON'T like, to hear the WORDS, of 'the TRUE Jesus' - because you are STILL, 'SO ENAMORED', with the FALSE Jesus - who CANNOT save you!  YOU, HAVE embraced, SO much 'SELF-DECEPTION', throughout 'MOST of your life' - that, you ARE, 'WITH, the MARK', at this TIME - BECAUSE, YOU were NOT, 'SPIRITUALLY AWAKE, SOBER, AND ALERT', at the COMING, of The LORD Jesus Christ.  He CAME! - "LIKE a thief in the night" - and He CAME - "like LIGHTNING".  And TRULY! - it IS! - ONLY, because He is 'NOT, going, to APOLOGIZE, to Sodom, and Gomorrah'. THIS "generation", of human BEINGS - or those who LOOK like human beings - IS 'the MOST, WICKED!' - of ALL Generations! The PROBLEM with 'so-called CHRISTIANS', is that THEY, have made ROOM, for WICKEDNESS, SIN, AND DEPRAVITY - as PART, OF their daily LIVES! - AND daily ROUTINES! -"PROFANITY" - BEING, ONE, OF the worst.  JESUS - the TRUE Jesus - the ONE, that WE Worship, and Serve, HONOR, Love, and OBEY - DEMANDS, that TRUE Christians, 'CLEAN up', their INTERIOR lives - BECAUSE, their SINS, "STINK!" - and "WREAK!" - THERFORE,He has SENT, 'His Blessed HOLY Water' - for THOSE, who DESIRE, to be PART of 'the FAMILY, of the Most High True GOD' - and who DESIRE, to be CLEANSED! - and RENEWED - EVERY DAY! - Who DESIRE to be "DELIVERED" - FROM self-deception; AND! - from 'the LEGIONS, of demons!'  AND so, in THESE Times, "the WICKED", will CONTINUE, to DO "wicked things"; AND the RIGHTEOUS, will CONTINUE to grow - in TRUE Righteousness!  And THEREFORE, the LORD Jesus CHRIST - 'SEPARATES', THE sheep, FROM the goats.  The SHEEP, are 'His TRUE Followers' - the ONES who work, on CLEANSING "the INSIDE, of their cups".  The GOATS - ONLY, WANT, to LOOK clean, ON THE outside; as INSIDE, they are FILLED! - with "GANGRENE"; and they are SORE - AT, the Most High True God.  Thank you for proxying, on behalf, of ALL those PEOPLE, who PROTEST, the Testimony of Jesus Christ the LORD.

This above reply, ALSO answers the unforgettable and timeless question, "How WAS The Most High TRUE God Justified in GIVING people 'the MARK'?"

It may surprise MANY, that I have included the following in the Testimony; but to make a long story short, it really IS the best way, "to GET the Justice FLOWING"!

Actual email from a hostile witch: I am praying...  I have all of the saints in heaven interceding for me.  My mother mary... is... interceding for me...  I get that you are frustrated with some in the church.  But we... are only to look at the cross of jesus, flowing with mercy and grace and love..  I have prayed a prayer over you, one that is quite telling: I have asked the lord to care for you in a special way; Not a good way; You are rotting from the inside out; you are being eaten from the inside, both you and Mary; you do not have much time.  

PPTL: You are "a CONNIVING WOMAN".  And YOU! - are SO FOCUSSED, on "your BELOVED, INSITUTION", that you CANNOT see, "the WRITING on the wall".  The DAYS, of 'THAT INISTITUIONAL HIERARCHY', are NUMBERED!  Jesus Christ the Lord, has ALREADY, REMOVED, His Presence; and YOU, are "desolate" - with 'the SPIRIT of the antichrist', as "your CONSOLATION".  You have ONLY: your TRADITIONS, and your ROUTINES, and your "satanic RITUALS", for comfort.  And ALL of Heaven, is 'closed TO you' - as it is CLOSED, to Antipope FRANCIS.  YOU are 'AGAINST, the Most High TRUE God'; and you are 'DETERMINED, by USING, the powers of HELL' - AND, 'the WILES, OF women' - and 'the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL' - to TRY, to 'KILL, SPIRITUALLY', the PROPHETS - the TRUE Prophets! - OF the MOST HIGH TRUE God.  But you WILL NOT prevail!  The PRIESTS of BAAL, HAVE been slain! - by 'the WORD, OF the Most High True God'.   So WHO is 'COMING to your DEFENSE'?  But 'the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL'!  SHE will NOT "PREVAIL"; but the QUEEN of HEAVEN! - the TRUE Blessed Virgin Mary, WILL CRUSH! - your "FALSE, mary" - and your FALSE DEVOTIONS; and your INCANTATIONS; AND your witchcraft.  And YOU! - will be 'SORELY AFFLICTED', BECAUSE you 'TOOK ON', the Faithful Remnant; and the WORDS, that you UTTERED AGAINST us! - shall CONSUME you.

The phrase, "rotting from the inside out", is of course a precise reference, to what the dark matter IS doing - SPIRITUALLY - to EVERYONE, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - as they prefer to live, "IN, the belly of the beast".  Not "the Sign of JONAH", they were EXPECTING! - IN, these End Times.  But "poetically JUST" - just, the same!

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
Today we added "Mother of True Compassion" and "Mother of Miraculous Healings" to the Litany of the Queen of the Testimony - just after her "HEEL of Divine JUSTICE and DISCIPLINE" is mentioned.  And why is that?  Simply, because, JUST as there are "former FAMILY members" who are in NEED of "extreme HEELing" - there are ALSO Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are in need of EXTREME interventions, for Divine HEALing, in their lives.  So GIVE all Praise, Honor and GLORY to the Most High True God - but NEVER forget His Mother, because SHE, NEVER, leaves His side! 
And here is "a special tip" (... let's see now, WHERE'S that can of protestant spray?... oh, HERE it is! - thanks Saint Anthony!)  When praying a decade of the Rosary from the HEART, for a special intention - did you know that after the words, "Holy Mary", you can insert one of her titles from the Litany of the Queen of the Testimony?  For example, if you are praying for a miraculous healing (- NOT referring to conversions, as the time of converting one's neighbor has been over since 2012), you can pray, "Holy Mary, Mother of Miraculous Healings, pray for us sinners now and at each moment of temptation".  If you are praying for Justice to befall the assailants, you can insert "Mother of Divine Justice".  If you have been afflicted with doubts towards the Testimony, invoke her intercession under the title, "Conqueror of blasphemy".  Does a warlock/pastor from a former parish come to mind often, because they are spiritually bullying you? - pray to her as "Conqueror of false prophets".  Are "former family members" using the bible as a propaganda tool? - pray to her as "Conqueror of false christians".  If secular news stories are pulling you out of the True Reality, you can pray to her as "Mother of the True Spiritual Realities", or "Conqueror of false realities" - or both!  If you need to hear the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit more EASILY, then you can pray to her under the title, "Queen of True Divine Inspiration".  Whenever your Faith is under attack, you can pray to her under the title, "Defender of the True Faith".  If you notice that the CERN waves are at gale force, then pray to her under the title, "Protectress of the Ark of Safety". Right now ALL the Members of the Faithful Remnant, need to invoke her intercession under the title, Queen of True Humility - and do you know why THAT IS?  Because, as they FOLLOW in the footsteps of the Two Witnesses, the Members of the Faithful Remnant in TURN (- turning from the spirit of the WORLD that is), have been "BLESSED beyond BELIEF!" - as "ALL those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, have in fact, NOW, been cursed, beyond, belief" - to quote the Creator of the Universe.  Now THAT'S "rather humbling", don't you think!  So WHO are you going to turn to, when a "former family member" or OTHER stranger, reaches out to you for "a hug", or "a handshake", or "a reciprocal salutation"? - The Blessed Virgin Mary under the title, "Mother of TRUE Compassion".  In other words, "show NO FALSE compassion", to those who have been "CURSED, BEYOND belief".  Understand?
For those who "DON'T, understand".  If someone - a stranger perhaps - says... "Hell-LOW!"  The TRULY compassionate reply, is... "Heaven's HIGH!"  It's now time to re-learn EVERYTHING folks!

Actual email: I just looked at the Faithful Remnant Playlist and it shows me below the waterline? I make a video and I get below the waterline? Why?

PPTLN., MAKING videos, when it is "CONVENIENT", FOR you - and "on your OWN schedule" - is NOT, "a SACRIFICE"!  It is "a CHOICE", actually - to put YOURSELF first; INSTEAD of your CREATOR - and THAT! - is why, YOU are, "BELOW the WATER line".   YOU have SO much "SPIRITUAL, potential" - but you CHOOSE, to BURY it, in 'the DEMONS'. That IS, ACTUALLY, "BLASPHEMY"! - BECAUSE, you are CALLING, 'the DEMONS', that you, are embracing - STUBBORNLY - as "GOOD".  YOU, can NOT! - survive, as 'a MEMBER', of the Faithful REMNANT - with 'the ATTITUDE', you HAVE - TOWARDS, your Creator.  Members, are MAKING, "ALL-IN" testimony videos. They are NOT, being, "SHEEPISH", or "SHY"! They are, being 'BOLD, IN the True Holy Spirit'.  BUT! - WHAT have YOU been choosing, to DO, WITH the Gift, and EVERYTHING, your Creator, has given TO you?  YOU must CHOOSE! - to PUT, JESUS, first. Let us KNOW, what you DECIDE.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
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