The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

What is The Testimony?

Then I saw another angel flying in midheaven, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on earth, to every nation and tribe and tongue and people; and he said with a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, for the hour of his judgment has come; and worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the fountains of water.”
(Revelations 14:6-7)
Jesus Christ the Lord said: In SHORT, My Children, THAT is why, SO, MANY people - CHOOSE, to HATE it! 

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: The Testimony IS, "God's Wonderful Plan made manifest"(August 19, 2016 update)

"The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard; yet their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world."
(Psalm 19:1-4)
What is the Testimony?
A video by the Two Witnesses - Recorded in 2013 - Guitar intro by Mary Romanus
Produced solely by the Two Witnesses, in our home studio.

Hi, we are the 2 Witnesses.  One question, many people are asking is, WHAT IS THE TESTIMONY?

The Testimony of the 2 Witnesses is a written document that is so extensive, that if you printed it out, it would be more than a thousand pages long.  The Testimony is mentioned in the Book of Revelations, in Chapter 11; and it is “the flying scroll” spoken of in the Book of Zechariah, in Chapter 5 [- see this page below]. 

The Testimony, is for the most part, the Word of God.  It is a series of statements, that have been made by Jesus Christ the Lord, over the past several years, as He spoke to us, from His Throne in Heaven!

One of the most exciting parts about reading the Testimony, is when you find each Bible verse (- that speaks about the 2 Witnesses, or the Testimony), fully explained, by Jesus Christ the Lord Himself. 

The word “testimony”, is often used in the legal system.  You may be surprised to find out, that there is ‘a court case’ going on right now; and we are witnesses in that court case.  The “court” I am speaking of, is, ‘the Heavenly Court’.  The human race, is ‘on trial’; The Most High True God is the Judge; and we are simply the 2 witnesses on Earth, in this Heavenly Court case.  “The Testimony” – is part of the transcript from this ongoing court case.

But there is ‘one more thing’ - on many occasions, when Jesus spoke to us, He referred to the Testimony, as ‘the recipe for salvation’…  But what does this mean?  It means that the Testimony itself, reveals the steps, that are necessary, for each individual to take, in order to get to Heaven.  If you want to know what you need to do, in order to get to the Kingdom of Heaven (and it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to), read the Testimony.  You will find a link to it, below this video, and as you read it, ALL your questions will be answered.

We are the 2 Witnesses, signing off, for testimony of the 2 witnesses, dot com.


The Whole Point of the Testimony
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Jesus Christ the Lord said: The whole ‘point, of the Testimony’, my children, is to show, all of Heaven, and you both [- the Two Witnesses] here on Earth:that were I to ‘Come Back’; were I ‘to Return’ – and ‘give people My words, ‘on a Golden Platter’; and give them, ‘the recipe for Salvation’; and give them, ‘the opportunity’, to attend ‘the Wedding Feast’that they, ‘would not’; that ‘they would not come’!; that ‘they would not ‘be interested’ – in My offerings for their souls.  (Thursday, December 13, 2012) 
Jesus Christ the Lord said: The world wants to be, on its own, apart from Me. Well we shall see how it fares, apart from Me, and on its own, without My help or aid to guide it. I will still guide the individuals who seek My aid, but the world as a whole, has sought the deceptions of satan instead, and so I have given it over to one mind, to one will, and that is: self-destruction. Until mankind learns to repent from his evil ways, and turn back to Me sobbing, with heartfelt contrition, then it will only spiral downwards, very fast. Only those clinging to Me, will have the strength not to get ‘sucked in’, as the World is ‘flushed’.
Question: "Are you claiming that you are the two witnesses of God?
If so, what proof do you have for such a claim?"
Answer: "Pick a verse, pick any verse, and click on the link,
for the Real Two Witnesses will Stand, only,
on the Word of God!  All others, will surely fall"
Zech 4:11 “Then I said to him, “What are these two olive trees on the right and the left of the lampstand?”
Zech 4:12 “And a second time I said to him, “What are these two branches of the olive trees, which are beside the two golden pipes from which the oil is poured out?”
Zech 4:13-14 “He said to me: Do you not know what these are? I said, “No, my Lord”. Then he said, “These are the two anointed who stand by the Lord of the whole earth.” 
Zech 5:1-2 “Again I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, a flying scroll! And he said to me, “What do you see?” I answered, “I see a flying scroll; its length is 20 cubits, and its breadth ten cubits”
Zech 5:3a “Then he said to me, “This the curse that goes out over the face of the whole land.”
Zech 5:3b “For every one who steals shall be cut off henceforth according to it,”
Zech 5:3c “And every one who swears falsely shall be cut off henceforth according to it.”
Zech 5:4a “I will send it forth, says the Lord of hosts.”
Zech 5:4b “And it shall enter the house of the thief.”
Zech 5:4c “And the house of him who swears falsely by my name.”
Zech 5:4d “And it shall abide in his house and consume it, both timber and stones.”
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.
Scripture passages taken from The Bible are in purple font.)

Zechariah 4:11 “Then I said to him, “What are these two olive trees on the right and the left of the lampstand?”
“The “two witnesses”, are in reference, to ‘two lampstands’ – to ‘two olive trees.” 
“My Two Witnesses are, these ‘Lampstands’.  They are also, My Olive Trees; and they stand before Me: burning, with the Fire, of True Love, in the True Holy Spirit.  And My word is being exalted through them – through: My Testimony – to be, ‘a Light, to all, of the Nations – round about.”
You, Pope Peter, have been given his ‘anointing’.  I tell you “the glory of the olive” [Benedict XVI] has fallen!!  And ‘the two olive trees’, are ‘the lampstands’, of the Most High, True God.”
(-Saint Karol Wojtyla, Friday, December 14, 2012(Note: when Benedict XVI lost his anointing, there was simply no anointing left for Francis to receive)

Zechariah 4:12 “And a second time I said to him, “What are these two branches of the olive trees, which are beside the two golden pipes from which the oil is poured out?”

The olive branch symbolizes where My Word is being spoken.”
I desire, that people, from All the Nations round about, would partake, of ‘the Olive Branches’ extendedthrough My Two Witnesses.”
“As I said before My Mercy is being extended, through My Two Olive Branches – through you, My son, the Last, Pope – for people, who want to be nourished, in, the Truth; for those who want to repent, and ‘get right with Me’.”
 “And so, I sent you both, to that ‘institution’, with My Messages, only to reveal to them, how they had failed! – and how, I was ‘taking, the vineyard, from them’ and ‘giving it, to, another’!  I warned them! – several, years, ago; and extended, ‘the olive branch’.”

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said: “The two...  “olive trees” [Revelations 11:4]standing before the Lord, of the whole Earth.  Who am I referring to, My children? – with all this symbolism, and allegory - what, am I talking about?!

Pope Peter the LastUs?

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HeavenYes.  And what do “olive trees”, produce?

Pope Peter the Last:  Oil.

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven:  And what is another name for oil? – it is referred to, throughout all of the Old, Testament.

Pope Peter the Last:  Ointment.

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven:  And what is ointment used for?

Pope Peter the Last:  Anointing.

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven:  And so, it is ‘a puzzle’, My children.  For people, can not ‘figure it out’!  The imagery, I used, in showing John, the visions, was deliberate.  He, saw, the both of you - way, back, then; for I gave him ‘a glimpse’.  And are there any “anointed”, other than yourselves – on the Face of the Earth, at this time?

Pope Peter the Last:  There is not a one.
Zechariah 4:13-14 “He said to me: Do you not know what these are?  I said, “No, my Lord”. Then he said, “These are the two anointed who stand by the Lord of the whole earth.”   
“The wings of these cherubim extended twenty cubits; the cherubim stood on their feet, facing the nave.” 
“Justice will be served to her, in the fullest measure, as she sought ‘to deceive’ My Anointed Ones… I am very displeased with her ‘choice of action’ against My Two Anointed ones, and this shall be a lesson for all, who come up against you: because she showed no mercy, I can show her no Mercy.”
“Who has a mouth, that I can use to speak, My words of Truth to, for all the Nations, people and tongues – to receive.  Only the man, whom I place My Spirit into, can do these things – only My anointed one, has been given: this commissioning.”
You [Mary] are anointed in a different way: only with the gift of docility, to your husbandtherein lies your strength.”
There are only Two ‘Lampstands’ on the Face of the Earth – where My word is being spoken; where the brilliance of the True Holy Spirit, is ‘blazing like a Fire’; where ‘My Anointed Ones’ are My Two Witnesses are, these ‘Lampstands’.” 
Zechariah 5:1-2 Again I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, a flying scroll! And he said to me, “What do you see?” I answered, “I see a flying scroll; its length is 20 cubits, and its breadth ten cubits”
“In the most holy place he made two cherubim of wood and overlaid them with gold.  The wings of the cherubim together extended 20 cubits: one wing of the one, of five cubits, touched the wall of the house, and its other wing, of five cubits, touched the wing of the other cherub.” 
My Testimony online, is just as important, as the Old and the New combined.  For does not a scribe, take out, from his household: treasures, that are new, and old? You both are ‘My Scribes’, because, you make ‘a recording’, of all that I say to you – for the people; for the people to benefit from.”
Now, He has ‘sent Me out’, once again, with ‘a flaming Sword’ – to bury deep, into the hearts of sinners – everywhere!  And He has ‘commissioned Me’, to take Armies, of ‘the Host of Heaven’, and go out to ‘all the churches’ – round about, and administer: His, Divine, Wrath!    Now this is going to happen – within ‘the next little while’, because: you both are in ‘the Time of the End; and ‘things, are different now’; and just as I protected, Elijah, with ‘the Heavenly Host’ – at his side, so too do I protect the both of you!  As I have been ‘commissioned’ to do so.  And I have been assigned, as ‘your Guardian Angel’.  And I have been assigned, to protect ‘the Testimony going out to All the Nations’.”
And I heard ‘a voice’ say, “Write down - all that you see, in the scroll, that you have with you.”  So I wrote it all down – everything I was commanded to.  I even wrote down, all of ‘the Letters, to the churches’. 

Zechariah 5:3a “Then he said to me, “This (the flying scroll) is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole land.”

“But if you will not obey the voice of the Lord your God or be careful to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command you this day, then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you…” 
(...and for all those so-called "christians", who believe that 'no curse can come from Jesus'...)
“As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots.  And Peter remembered and said to him, "Master, look!  The fig tree which you cursed has withered."”
“A problem… is… mankind’s hearts, have become: Icy cold, with no ‘real love’ for their Creator any longer.  The only choice left for them, is a curse:  Cursed is humanity, from this day forward; And cursed, is the Earth, upon which they live; And cursed, are their synagogues, churches, and mosques; Cursed are their governments, and their government leaders; Cursed are their ways before Me; Cursed, are their livelihoods; Cursed are their jobs; And cursed are their morals; And cursed are they, when they lie down, and when they arise; And cursed are they, all the day, long.  I have had enough My children!  This World, is going to be consumed, for I have held back My Hand, and… I have not ‘emptied My Cup' completely, and I will make mankind ‘drink the dregs' of My Fury and Wrath.   Because they would not listen to My True Prophets, and they scorned ‘Counsel from the True Holy Spirit’, and they did ‘everything they could’ to ‘drive Me away’, while at the same time telling themselves: that I am near, and that they are all ‘saved and holy’.  They will hate Me even more for this message, that I will be sending them, but even more so, for the plagues that are coming, and My Heavy Hand of Justice upon: the entire human race. It is what they are ‘all deserving of’ My children.  Show no ‘false compassion’.  Only pity the choices they have made.  If, they repent, these disasters, that are coming, can be averted.  If, they acknowledge you both, as My Two Witnesses, of these End Times, then the ‘pain and suffering’ can be lessened.  But it will take ‘humility’, for them to admit, that this is ‘the Time of The End’… according to My Justice the World - that they knew, is ‘coming to a close’.” 
Even though it is written, "Bless those who curse you" (Luke 6:28) - that does not mean, that God Himself, can't curse you; nor does it mean, that when He does, as he promised He would (Deuteronomy 28:15-68 above), that you are not called to Bless Him!  So now that you have read this message, Bless God! - and you will be better off.  Bless Him, by using the Blessed Holy Water, and repenting of your sins - from the heart! - and He in turn, will remove 'the curse', and abundantly, Bless you!  "For his anger is but for a moment" (Psalm 30:5) - against those who quickly turn from their sins!  But His anger lasts an ETERNITY - against those who stubbornly embrace their sins! - that, is the part, that was left out of the Bible... but it is 'clearly implied', and is in fact an important part of, 'the true spiritual reality'.
Jesus Christ the Lord can Curse the Wicked
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Zechariah 5:3b “For every one who steals shall be cut off henceforth according to it (the flying scroll).”

“For I am ‘the gate’.  Others, who have gone before Me, were thieves, and robbers – robbing people, of their ‘true lives’; of their ‘true vocations’; making people believe in their ‘false religions’, and their false ‘gods’, and their false teachers, and their false rewards – so that souls would strive, to ‘live in accordance’, with them, with their wishes and demands, instead of Mine.
“And, I have this against you, Oh people of Israel, Oh false Catholics, Oh false Christians: that you hold, the form, of religion – of being religious, but deny the power of it.  You hold: solemn feasts, for yourselves; and steal the bread, from My children.  They starve – they hunger for truth, Justice, and righteousness; but you will give them none of those.  You false shepherds, are a disgrace, to the very Cross, which I was crucified upon – in which you preach: self-sacrifice; but gorge yourselves, in your own palaces, and castles.  I have this against you: that you steal the bread, from My people, by denying: My presence; and the Power of My Eucharist. Therefore you blind guides!  I have taken, the vineyard from you, in which you were given charge, to do justice to My Servants, and My Prophets, and My People, and have given it to another, who is more worthy: of the calling, and of the position – which you both deny.  By denying Me, in front of the people, you practice, a great heresy; and therefore, I will deny you, before My Father who Lives and Reigns in Heaven, and who is Exalted, above the Heavens; unless you repent in sackcloth, and in ashes… The one who sits upon the Throne, in-side the Vatican, is not My Messenger – is not my ‘Prince of the Apostles’, but is: a deceiver, and an antichrist…  This may be a shock to you all – but if you had read the scriptures, and discerned My words of caution: “For behold I come like a thief in the night”, and “if the householder had known at what time, I was coming, he would have remained awake, and ready, for the thief who would break in, to his house”.  But you were all asleep when I came, and I have stolen My Presence from all of the churches, and as I have said before I am no longer in your hosts.  Your churches have become: desolate – because you, drink, of the blood of the Saints, and you, follow after Babylon the great, and drink the wine of her impure passions…  For I steal My bread, from you My shepherds – because you have stolen them, from the people.  Therefore you will go hungry, as well as they. But I will not abandon My faithful within that institution, nor all of My Faithful Remnant Church throughout the whole World. Therefore, I send My Two Witnesses out with the Testimony for the Churches, that all might know: I am the Lord Thy God, and Thou Shalt have No other Gods before Me.”
“I always allow people, to take My words ‘out of context’ - if they so choose. That is how I separate the chaff, from the wheat.  The Pharisees looked at the Scriptures, in a way that suited themTaking words ‘out of context’, was ‘their specialty’.  Also trying to use My words, against Me, was another tactic they would use. The Bible, is for ‘all ages’ – as in, ‘for all generations’. But, it must be read, with ‘spiritual maturity’.  I leave it open for ‘The Protestants to distort, certain passages of Scripture, which they in fact use against themselves – at their own Judgment.  I do not have ‘a warm spot’ in My Heart for them My children.  Though I love all people equally, this group, or ‘organized religion’, is the next worse - next to ‘the Roman Catholic Institution’, because of everything that they have been given, and have chosen to reject.  By embracing that ‘they are already saved’, they steal Judgment from Me.  Just as I stole My Presence from all of the churches (- as recompense, for their sins), so too, do I allow the Protestants to steal, from Me.” 

Zechariah 5:3c “and every one who swears falsely shall be cut off henceforth according to it (the flying scroll).”

Let him who says “he is saved”, be called ‘a liar’, and ‘a thief’ – for that is ‘stealing away’, My Own Judgment; and because, the soul does not really know, if they are saved, or not – then it is the sin of presumption.
“For I am ‘the gate’.  Others, who have gone before Me, were thieves, and robbers – robbing people, of their ‘true lives’; of their ‘true vocations’; making people believe in their ‘false religions’, and their false ‘gods’, and their false teachers, and their false rewards – so that souls would strive, to ‘live in accordance’, with them, with their wishes and demands, instead of Mine.
“Oh Israel, I so, would have shepherded you, to Myself; yet you ‘shepherds’ have ‘gone astray’ - just as the sheep under you care have.  You do not know My Ways.  And you are far from Me.  And your anointings, have been cut-off.  And you are desolateBecause you despised: ‘the Spirit of Prophecy’.”  
“Because I tell you My people, I do not tolerate, sin.  But I give you, ‘every Grace to overcome temptation’You must learn, that ‘mortal sin’, is ‘a death wound’.  And I am ‘the only one’, who can heal you!”
“They are so filled, with the World.  And they have conformed to it, and they have ‘become one’ with it.  Therefore, they are cut-off, from MeEven the children, who have reached, ‘the age of reason’are cut-off, from Me - because, I am ‘impartial’.”  

Zechariah 5:4aI will send it (the flying scroll) forth, says the Lord of hosts.”

I am sending forth My word, once again, to the four corners of the Earth, so that people can choose where they stand.”
My Testimony… is going forth.  For it is My word.”
Zechariah 5:4b “And it (the flying scroll) shall enter the house of the thief.”
You false shepherds, are a disgrace, to the very Cross, which I was crucified upon – in which you preach: self-sacrifice; but gorge yourselves, in your own palaces, and castles.  I have this against you: that you steal the bread, from My people, by denying: My presence; and the Power of My Eucharist. Therefore you blind guides!  I have taken, the vineyard from you, in which you were given charge, to do justice to My Servants, and My Prophets, and My People, and have given it to another, who is more worthy: of the calling, and of the position – which you both deny.”
Zechariah 5:4c “And (it (the flying scroll) shall enter) the house of him who swears falsely by my name.”
“If people are not searching for Me, then I will hide Myself from them – even from the catholics, who have stopped searching for the truth; even from the protestants, who constantly reject it; even from the homosexual religions, who constantly profane, the Sabbath and My Holy Name.  For what, is this New Age Church, that is, being built, by human hands?  It is a church of idolaters, adulterers, fascists, lesbians, and homosexuals.  It is a church, where every sin is welcome; but it cannot be My Church.”
Hear the Word which I give to you this day, so that, you may live in your ‘interior lives’.  For though you walk around proclaiming My Name, and doing all sorts of “wonderful deeds” in My Name, I do not know you!  For sin creates a wedge, between Me and your souls.”
I am against the shepherds of this generation, who prophesy or speak lies in My Name: – by saying that they are ‘holy’, when they are full of wickedness and depravity; by telling the people that there is no need for circumcision of the heart, but they can continue to profane My Name and Statutes.” (-Jesus, Friday, February 10, 2012) 

Zechariah 5:4d “And it (the flying scroll) shall abide in his house and consume it, both timber and stones.”
“Behold, I am making my words in your mouth a fire, and this people wood, and the fire shall devour them.” 
These words need to be brought to the light, for what the Archdiocese, has been sitting on – for quite some time, is about to become ‘burning, coals beneath them’. ”
“Truly, they are the ones who are going to feel the worst, when their hearts are burning coals, and they can not put the fire out.”
Life, for the people of this World, is about to drastically change.  It started, within My Church, then moved, to the various institutions.  And now, ‘Fire’, goes forth, to ‘set ablaze’ this Earth – which is the Fire of My words, going out, for all the Nations

Jesus Christ the Lord said: You KNOW the Testimony to be TrueAre you READY to leave "all BEHIND", and come FOLLOW Me?  Are you 'READY', to pledge ALLEGIANCE - UNDER, "My, TRUE POPE" - Pope Peter the LAST? - ALSO known as "Petrus Romanus".  I know, that 'you WANT to escape' - the coming AFFLICTIONS, and CHASTISEMENTS; and that 'FEAR' - IS "motivating you"; but it TAKES "MORE than that"...  Become a MEMBER of My TRUE Remnant FLOCK.LEAVE, your OLD ways BEHIND you!  And STAND up, and 'FOR', the TRUTH! (July 23, 2016)  


"But you are alive, if you have My Life within you.  You are living, if your conscience is ‘awake’, if your souls are ‘at True peace with Me’then you are in ‘the state of grace’.  This is what I mean, by being ‘ready and waiting’.  For the Bridegroom comes for his bride – soon."(-Jesus, April 5, 2012)

Jesus said: My child, YOU, are ANGERED, by the TRUTH, that is WRITTEN, in My TESTIMONY.  And your HEART, has become 'HARDENED' - as STEEL!  SO much, HAS, been given TO you; AND, SO much, is ABOUT, to be TAKEN, away.  I, demand MORE, of My PEOPLE - in these TIMES, than, "EMPTY, LIP service", and "EMPTY, prayers" I am not, 'HEARING', the prayers, OF those, WITHIN, the ROMAN CATHOLIC, HIERARCHICAL, institution. I am NOT "WITH them".  And if YOU CONTINUE, to GO - TO, 'THAT ABOMINATION, of DESOLATION' - THEN, you WILL be LOST - forever!  For YOU can ONLY, be FILLED, with FALSEHOOD, and DEMONS - BECAUSE, My ANOINTING, has been REMOVED. Have I DONE this BEFORE?  Can I DO it AGAIN?  I HAVE done it!  I am doing "a NEW thing" - WITH, My Faithful REMNANT; and they are 'FILLED, with TRUE PEACE, and TRUE JOY' - as THEY have FOUND, ETERNAL LIFE!  YOU, are CHOOSING, to SHUN! - the LIFE, I OFFER you! - for, "DEMON-FILLED-SERMONS", and "the WATERED-DOWN VERSION, OF My Gospel".  THIS is My TESTIMONY, for the CHURCHES. They BURIED, the LIGHT, of TRUE Faith; they TOLD, the PEOPLE, "they were WELL" - when THEY, were AT, 'the VERY, POINT, OF death!".  They REFUSED, to SPEAK, of SIN, HELL, JUDGMENT, CONSEQUENCES for OFFENDING, ME; BECAUSE, THEY want! - "MONEY!"  THAT is ALL, they are AFTER!  AND, THEY do 'NOT care', for, your Soul. THEY, do NOT CARE, for YOU!!! - AT all!  BUT! - YOU are 'JUST LIKE them'.  THEREFORE, YOU do not care! - EITHER!  And JUDGMENT, HAS come down, UPON you!  YOU, have TOLERATED, 'SIN'; and I do NOT!  YES, I AM, "a most LOVING God".  BUT, I REQUIRE, that REPARATION, be MADE. YES, I DIED, ON the Cross, FOR, your SINS! - BUT - that does NOT! - GIVE you, "the EXCUSE", to keep on SINNING! - going to CONFESSION! - giving LIP SERVICE! - and then SINNING again!  No.  I am CALLING My PEOPLE - to "SPIRITUAL, Life" - to be REVIVED; but ONLY the ones, who RESPOND to My Call.  MANY - are 'LIKE you'; and, have said "No!" - to their Salvation.  THEY, have CHOSEN, to BE, "AS the Pharisees".  They have CHOSEN, to be "AGAINST Me", and find FAULT with My Word.  I am OFFERING YOU Mercy - even THOUGH, YOU! - have not been SHOWING, 'any'.  The OLIVE BRANCH has been EXTENDED, "ONE last time!"  CHOOSE! (August 05, 2016) 


That Moment I knew the Testimony to be True
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

"Salvation" - IS, ONLY, to be found, IN, the TESTIMONY, of Jesus CHRIST the Lord
You KNOW, the Testimony, to be TRUE, VALID, and AUTHENTIC! - FROM Heaven; WHAT have you FOUND? - in the TESTIMONY - but "the Second COMING", of Jesus Christ the LORD - AND, the Second PENTECOST!  KNOW this: that WHEN you BECOME, "an OFFICIAL MEMBER", of the Faithful REMNANT - YOU HAVE, 'NO, POWER', WHATSOEVER - OR POSITION, as "a PASTOR" - because THAT, was "your OLD life".  You HAVE to start over - as, "a disciple".  WHAT you have LEARNED, is ALL, WRONG!  And WE will HELP you, to RE-learn, "the RIGHT way" - with YOUR, CONTINUED, cooperation.  We will show you "tough LOVE"; and we will HELP you, to RECEIVE, 'the Truths' - in the TESTIMONY.  But THEN! - we will ASK something of YOU - we will ask YOU! - to CONFESS, to the CONGREGATION - that they ALL, have 'the mark of the BEAST'!  YOU will need to TELL them, the TRUTH! - that their "Salvation" - IS, ONLY, to be found, IN, the TESTIMONY, of Jesus CHRIST the Lord.  But FIRST - YOU NEED, to make "a PROPER, VIDEO".  WE will ask, the Blessed Virgin MARY - Yes! - she IS, the MOTHER - OF, the Most High True God - and He LOVES HER - and has, 'a DEEP! - RESPECT, for her' - UNDERSTAND? - WE will ask, the MOTHER of Divine GRACES - to GIVE you, 'the necessary Graces' - to MAKE, "a HEARTFELT, testimony"  - TESTIFYING, to the TRUTHS, that you have FOUND - IN, 'THE Testimony' - of JESUS Christ the LORD; and how your LIFE, has CHANGED, for the BETTER! - since FINDING it. (August 17, 2016 update)
WHY is the Testimony so CRITICAL to one's Salvation, in these End Times?

"Stupefy yourselves and be in a stupor, blind yourselves and be blind!  Be drunk, but not with wine; stagger, but not with strong drink!  For the Lord has poured out upon you a spirit of deep sleep, and has closed your eyes, the prophets, and covered your heads, the seers. And the vision of all this has become to you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, “Read this,” he says, “I cannot, for it is sealed.” And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, “Read this,” he says, “I cannot read"."
(Isaiah 29: 9-12)
Remember that the BIBLE was written in "SPIRITUAL language"; so you NEED to turn to the TRUE Holy Spirit - in ORDER to understand, 'what is written'.  The SAME goes for the Testimony.  The TESTIMONY can ONLY be received, by those who choose, to be "HUMBLE, and DOCILE, to the WILL, of the Most High True GOD"- and this means they NEED, 'the GIFT, of the Blessed HOLY Water', and True REPENTANCE - because that is 'the ONLY way', that they are going to be able to RECEIVE, 'the Most High True God's WORDS' - WRITTEN in the TESTIMONY.  The WORDS in the Testimony, are 'MUCH more difficult to receive', than the words in the Bible; because EVEN as the Bible was being written, the Most High TRUE God, FILTERED, a LOT, of 'what was being SAID'; and with the TESTIMONY - He is REVEALING, 'what He DIDN'T reveal', in the Bible.  And THAT is why, the TESTIMONY, is so CRITICAL, to one's SALVATION - in these End TIMES.  If you want to call EVERYTHING! - that you disagree with, in the TESTIMONY, to QUESTION - then you are "FREE to DO so".  BUT, that WILL BE, "your STUMBLING block" - and "a HURDLE, that you WILL NOT get over!"  BECAUSE, the TESTIMONY, IS, 'the WORD, of your Creator'.  And to QUESTION, 'HIS Word', IS to take, 'the side, of, the Pharisees, AND the assailants'...  YOU must decide, 'WHAT SIDE, of HISTORY, you want to BE on!' - as ALL of this UNFOLDS.  Understand?  For MOST people: The BIGGEST problem you are having, is you are "FIGHTING to keep your FORMER self!"  And, 'the TRADITION', and 'the WRITINGS', that you have seen in the PAST - are BECOMING "your millstone".  (December 22, 2016 update)

A Beacon of the Most High True Gods light
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
The Testimony IS "The LIGHT, to all NATIONS"
YES, the Testimony IS "the LIGHT, to all NATIONS". It is the PEOPLE, who have FORESAKEN, their CREATOR - HIS Ways; His LAWS! - HIS Commands.  It is the PEOPLE! - who have BECOME, "ABOMINATIONS, in His SIGHT" - BECAUSE, they SEEK, to be FILLED, with, 'ALL sorts, of EVILS, and ADDICTIONS'.  Does He STILL "LOVE", mankind?  Absolutely!  And that is WHY, He CHASTISES them; and DISCIPLINES them - SO, severely!  But ONLY, SOME of them, will RECEIVE His CHASTISEMENT, and turn AWAY, from 'the GRAVEN IMAGES', AROUND them.  Only SOME of them - will turn AWAY, from 'the false GODS', that the WORLD is ENAMORED with.  And, THOSE "SOME", ARE, the Faithful REMNANT.  There are THOSE, who were MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT - who ATTESTED, to the VALIDITY of the TESTIMONY - WHILE they were Members.  But WHEN, they, were "fraternally corrected", and asked, to GROW SPIRITUALLY - they REFUSED!  And they "harbored HATRED in their HEART" - towards us; and uttered "VICIOUS LIES", against us - because their DEMONS, were no LONGER, 'PERMITTED, on the ARK'.  You see, SOME Members of the FAITHFUL Remnant, were ONLY Members for a SHORT while - BECAUSE, it was REVEALED, OVER time, that, they wanted "the best of BOTH worlds" - they wanted "a CELEBRITY platform"; and they were NOT interested in GIVING Glory, to their CREATOR!  (December 22, 2016 update)

WHY is the Testimony called "the Golden Platter"? 

So, you want to know WHY the Testimony is called "the Golden Platter".  Because it is FULL! - of "hidden Gems".  The Most High True God had to present them to the nations on SOMETHING! - now didn't He.  And know that those "hidden Gems", are being given to His Faithful Remnant, as a consolation - to help them persevere, and endure through these End Times events.  Those "Gems" were WITHHELD, from the Old and New Testaments, and reserved for "the ULTIMATE Testament" - for a REASON.  And now you KNOW! - where to find them. (March 11, 2017 update)

What do YOU stand for? - or rather, what do YOU stand AGAINST?

The TESTIMONY, and our COUNSEL - is 'AGAINST, EVERYTHING! - that the WORLD stands for'.  THANKS BE to the Most High TRUE God, for THAT!  Because, if the TESTIMONY wasn't GIVEN - there WOULDN'T be 'a CHANCE', for SOULS - to MAKE it, to the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE.  Because, NO one! - and NO organization! - is TAKING 'a STAND' - FOR! - the LIVING! - God - the Most High TRUE God - and knowingly CHOOSING, to be 'AGAINST the world'.  EVERYWHERE ELSE you will find 'COMPROMISE'; BUT not, with the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord.  And THAT'S why 'SO many PEOPLE' - HATE it!  Because PEOPLES' lives, are "BUILT, on DECEPTION, LIES! - and ILLUSIONS".  And the TESTIMONY, of JESUS CHRIST the Lord - EXPOSES! - "the SAND", that everyone is SINKING in.  THANKS BE to the Most High TRUE God, for THAT!  And thanks be to the Most High TRUE God, for OFFERING "a LIFELINE", of TRUTH! - of "PURE, UN-adulterated, UN-watered down, UN-filtered, Truth"! (May 31, 2017 update)
Where is the Light
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

WHY are so many people 'TORMENTED', when they come to the Testimony?

WHY are so many people 'TORMENTED', when they come to the Testimony? - to read, 'THE Words, of Life and TRUTH'.  BECAUSE, JUST as 'the GERASENE DEMONIAC', was 'TORMENTED', by "the very PRESENCE of JESUS" - so TOO! - in THESE TIMES, are the PEOPLE, who are 'FILLED! - to the BRIM! - with demons' - TORMENTED - BY the Words, of JESUS! 

"When he saw Jesus, he cried out and fell down before him, and said with a loud voice, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beseech you, do not torment me.” For he [- Jesus] had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man."
(Luke 8:28-29a)

And THEREFORE, if ONE chooses, to 'IDENTIFY', with the DEMONS? - then they can ONLY! - experience, 'TORMENTS', in their inward BEING.  Because the TESTIMONY, was SENT, as "a CONSOLATION", to 'the SOULS!' - of THOSE, whom the Most High TRUE God has chosen - to be "His PEOPLE"!  The TESTIMONY is "a TREMENDOUS Gift! - Blessing, and CONSOLATION" - for all THOSE, who have CHOSEN, to SHARE, in Jesus Christ the Lord's attitude - towards 'THIS generation'.  And WHAT did HE say, when He came the FIRST time? - and, it APPLIES, in THIS time as WELL: "Oh WICKED and PERVERSE! - generation!  How LONG am I, to bear WITH you!"  

"And Jesus answered, “O faithless [- "wicked"] and perverse generation, how long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him here to me.”
(Matthew 17:17)

Jesus Christ the LORD, did not COME, the FIRST time - to pass out "warm FUZZIES" and "HUGS" to everyone AROUND Him; nor did He come, "to make people feel GOOD", ABOUT themselves, and 'the poor STATE that they were IN'.  He CAME, in order for PEOPLE to CHOOSE! - to either 'FOLLOW Him'; or CONTINUE to embrace, 'the DARKNESS'.  For WHAT does it say, in the SCRIPTURES?  "The PEOPLE in DARKNESS, have SEEN a great LIGHT; but, they LOVED! - 'DARKNESS' - RATHER, than LIGHT". 

"And this is the judgment, [- referring to 'the COMING Judgment of the End Times foretold'] that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed."
(John 3:19-20)

And Jesus Christ the LORD CAME AS "a Light" - to 'a dark, WORLD' - to SHOW people 'HOW, they are CALLED, to live'. And in THESE Times, it was NECESSARY, for Jesus Christ the LORD, in the Second COMING - to once AGAIN, be "a LIGHT" - IN, the WORLD - and that IS 'the TESTIMONY' - that is 'HIS Word' - that EXPOSES, 'ALL the works of darkness'.  And ONCE AGAIN in THESE Times - the PEOPLE chose, to 'LOVE darkness' rather, than LIGHT!  LEST 'their DEEDS!' - be EXPOSED.  AND so: The FAITHFUL Remnant, are 'called to seek REFUGE', IN 'the LIGHT, of Jesus Christ the LORD' - as, they CHOOSE, to RENOUNCE sin; and embrace 'HIS Plan for their lives' - instead - working, 'WITH their Creator', on a PERSONAL basis, in their INTERIOR lives; RESOLVING, to 'PLEASE', their Heavenly FATHER - by CHOOSING to store UP, 'SPIRITUAL Treasure', in HEAVEN - where neither MOTH nor rust CONSUMES! 

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
(Matthew 6:19-21)
And the Kingdom of HEAVEN - is for 'THEM'!  For it IS, "the MEEK" - who will inherit the Earth.  BLESSED are 'the poor in SPIRIT', for theirs, is the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  "POOR in SPIRIT" - ISN'T referring to, "POOR, in the TRUE Holy Spirit" - no; JESUS was referring to 'those, who see VERY little VALUE, in THEMSELVES - APART from Him' - and, He was referring to those who, would be HUMBLE enough to RECOGNIZE, that they, can do 'NOTHING', without their Creator; and that, 'the SPIRIT of the WORLD'? - IS to be shunned!  IT is for those, who RECOGNIZE, that "SUCCESS, in the eyes of the WORLD" - is not "IMPORTANT"; BUT, 'being PLEASING, in the Eyes of one's CREATOR' - IS! - "the Highest Goal". 
There have been many 'LIES', spread, about "the Faithful Remnant Church" - by THOSE, who are 'FILLED, with HATRED' - at what, the Most High TRUE God, is ACCOMPLISHING.  AS, the Most High True God's VERY Own Two WITNESSES - we TEACH, what WE OURSELVES, have LEARNED, from our CREATOR - AND! - WHAT He taught, His DISCIPLES - in Sacred SCRIPTURE.  The TESTIMONY is "the UNPACKING OF the OLD AND New Testament" - as WELL as, 'the CONTINUATION, OF the New Testament' - and that can NEVER be CHANGED! - no MATTER, HOW many 'BIASES', people CHOOSE to embrace - AGAINST usIt IS! - the Most High TRUE God! - who CONTINUES to sustain us; and HE in fact, IS 'the One' - who is 'OVERSEEING', HIS! - "FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH" - as HE, 'INTERVENES', in "a PROFOUND way" - EVER day! - in EACH of their lives; "for their GOOD"! - NOT 'for their evil'.  HE seeks! - "a CLOSE, relationship", with His CREATURES! - and, has 'EVERY RIGHT' - as HE MADE them!  (October 13, 2017 update) 
You are LIVING in the time of the Apocalypse - the Greatest Spiritual Battle in all of Human History - and SO... Have YOU been FIGHTING to nourish your SOUL?
Well, when you GO to read the TESTIMONY, you NEED to RECOGNIZE, that "the ENEMY!" - is RIGHT there, as WELL! - ready 'to INTERCEPT, all the TRUTHS, that you are READING, with his LIES, and PROPAGANDA, in your SOUL'! - to DISTRACT you! - WHILE you're reading, the Testimony - so "nothing STICKS".  You need to RECOGNIZE that, you HAVE to FIGHT! - to NOURISH, your Soul!  And that 'reading the TESTIMONY isn't like, reading a NOVEL'.  The WORDS, that are, WRITTEN - go "straight to the HEART"; but are VERY uncomfortable!  And you NEED to call on Saint MICHAEL - to PROTECT you! - AS you read the Testimony; and to PROTECT, 'the TRUTH, that you have RECEIVED', from BEING, "plucked OUT!" - by the ENEMY. Because 'the DEVIL', is ready, to STEAL! - the WORD, from the HEARTS, of THOSE, who do NOT ALLOW, 'the Words of the TESTIMONY' to take ROOT in their SOUL.  And SO, when you have FINISHED reading the Testimony - ASK your Guardian ANGEL, to HELP you, 'REMEMBER, what you read'; and - to HELP you 'RECALL, the LESSONS! - that were shared'.  RESOLVE to CARRY, the TESTIMONY, in your HEART, mind and SOUL; and WATCH 'how EASY! - it becomes' - to DISCERN, "what the TRUE HOLY Spirit wants you to share, with the nations". (October 14, 2017 update)

Have you been seeking to form "your own PERSONAL religion"? - based on the TESTIMONY?

You NEED to KNOW, that, WE - FORMALLY renounce, ALL of "YOUR interpretations", of 'the TRUE Faith'.  And that YOU are "DANGEROUSLY! - getting CLOSE, to actually 'FORMING, your OWN PERSONAL RELIGION' - based ON the Testimony".  But the TESTIMONY, is written in "UNIVERSAL language" - and it is written in the LANGUAGE of the TRUE Holy Spirit.  And it takes 'DOCILITY to the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT' to RECEIVE.  It ISN'T ABOUT 'how YOU, INTERNALIZE, the Words', and 'make them mean something ELSE to YOU,than they do to someone ELSE, who reads the SAME words'.  You are called to 'SEEK, the absolute TRUTH'!  There are MANY people who have tried, to develop "their OWN PERSONAL THEOLOGY", on what the Testimony TEACHES; they ended up 'STUMBLING and falling HARD'!  And, MANY of them left the Ark - while still CLAIMING, to believe in the TESTIMONY.  BUT! - they chose to reject US, as "the Lord's Two WITNESSES" - when it is CALLED, "the TESTIMONY of the Two WITNESSES"!  And 'THAT' made SENSE to them - according to "their PERSONAL, opinion".  But THAT was actually, "spiritual INSANITY" - because they 'cut themselves OFF', from the VINE - and chose to 'go it ALONE' (- just as "a MILLSTONE" does, when it's cut off).  And it ALL STARTED, with "a SECRET INTERIOR DESIRE" to practice the TESTIMONY "on their OWN! - terms", and "according to their own OPINIONS".  The TESTIMONY teaches: FILIAL Trust, AND Devotion - IN and to one's Creator - as in, "the MOST High True God". EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, has "a UNIQUE Vocation", and "a unique PLACE", WITHIN, 'the FAMILY of the Most High True GOD'.  And it's NOT! - for the PURPOSE, of "enlightening THEMSELVES"! - NO.  They are CALLED, to 'RECEIVE inspirations from the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and SHARE those inspirations; but they CAN'T, if they're 'filled with PRIDE'.  So, OUR advice, is SEEK, 'TRUE HUMILITY' with your ENTIRE BEING! - because the WHOLE WORLD! - is 'LIFTING up PRIDE' - which is "a MORTAL sin" - which is "DEADLY" - which is "FATAL"! - if not REPENTED of.  That's WHY, they HAVE, "PRIDE week" - and "PRIDE parades".  THAT'S why the TEACHERS say they're PROUD of their STUDENTS; or PARENTS say, that they are "PROUD", of their CHILDREN.  "PRIDE", has become 'a VIRTUE in the eyes of the WORLD' but, "TRUE HUMILITY", is a virtue, in the Eyes of the Most High True GOD.  And the MORE, you seek to be "TRULY Humble", before JESUS Christ the LORD, in your INTERIOR life - by ADMITTING that 'you have WRONGED Him' - and by RESOLVING to "do better NEXT time" - the MORE GRACES, He FILLS you with; and those GRACES, bring you CLOSER to Him.  And THEN! - your SOUL - is made 'CLEANER', and 'WHITER'.  And THEN! - you can experience 'even MORE of the Kingdom of HEAVEN' in your HEART.  JESUS Christ the LORD - is NOT, 'simply WAITING, to PUNISH, His REMNANT, for their SLIPS, and FALLS'.  But He is 'PATIENTLY, WAITING for them, to RETURN! - TO Him, in their HEARTS' - by RECONCILING IMMEDIATELY!  The FASTER, they 'RECONCILE, IN the Moment' - the STRONGER they BECOME - in 'DESIRING, to choose GOOD'.  The ONE THING the ENEMY, 'HATES the most' - is when 'a SOUL', has RESOLVED, to GROW in HOLINESS - CLOSER to their CREATOR.  And he, WILL! - do 'what HE can', to put OBSTACLES in the WAY - to 'STOP! - the Soul from RECONCILING'; and to STOP the Soul, from creating GOOD habits! - in their 'DISPOSITION, towards their CREATOR'.  Now you KNOW, 'how the enemy WORKS' - and now you know 'what to AVOID'. (October 15, 2017 update)   
Now that you have FOUND the Testimony, have you been CHOOSING to OUTWARDLY appear AS "a docile LAMB", while INWARDLY choosing to be "a WOLF"?
The TESTIMONY, TEACHES, 'how to love the RIGHT way'.  But, you must 'open your HEART', and be 'WILLING, to, INVITE, the True Holy SPIRIT, to LIVE! - INSIDE you'.   The PROBLEM you're FACING, RIGHT now, is that, YOU have been TRYING, to deceive YOURSELF - AND us! - by, OUTWARDLY appearing, AS "a docile, LAMB" - but INWARDLY, choosing, to be "a WOLF". And you're REALIZING, that you can't CONTINUE, "the CHARADE" - and that YOU are at, "a FORK in the road" - and that you must CHOOSE - to RENOUNCE, 'your DESIRE, to be a ravenous WOLF' - who simply, "DEVOURS Graces!"  And CHOOSE to be, 'TRANSFORMED! - by the Graces' - by INCLINING your heart, towards your CREATOR'S heart - OR, you can continue, to be, 'TRANSFORMED, into, a ravenous WOLF' - who, has been CAUGHT! - and, will SOON, be 'REMOVED from the FLOCK'.  You CAN'T! - BE! - "a REBEL!" - in the REMNANT.  There's no ROOM! - for "rebels" - OR, for "the FAITHLESS", or "the POLLUTED", or 'being MEAN-SPIRITED'.  THOSE, 'THINGS', are of the DEVIL'S kingdom.  And, it DOESN'T MATTER how LONG, you have been EMBRACING, "WICKEDNESS"; what MATTERS, is 'what YOU choose to DO! - when you are FRATERNALLY corrected, in the MOMENT' - and your CONSCIENCE is 'CONVICTED' - WHERE, you FAILED, or where you SINNED.  Because the MOST High TRUE God, can WORK, with "SINCERITY" - with "a SINCERE, and CONTRITE heart" - BUT! - He's "NOT INTERESTED", in the BOASTS, FROM peoples' DEMONS.  The DEMONS! - are going to be ANNIHILATED - and CEASE to exist. But, YOU! - have been given, the Gift of a SOUL! - that YOU! - are RESPONSIBLE for - and if you LOOK at your INTERIOR life, as though it were "a GARDEN" - then you HAVE! - "ALL the gardening TOOLS", in the TESTIMONY.  Because, Jesus Christ the LORD is "the WORD" - and the TESTIMONY is 'filled with HIS, WORD' - and, His WORD, TRANSFORMS! - SOULS - to be "more PLEASING", to, their HEAVENLY Father.  THINK about, when you WANTED something - and NOTHING was going to 'stand in your WAY', to GET it - and you chose to 'GO for it'!   And WE are referring to, "SOMETHING that is GOOD for you".  So WHY can't YOU? - treat the TESTIMONY 'the same WAY'?  If you TRULY 'DESIRE', to CHANGE, and BECOME 'PLEASING to your CREATOR'? - then you WILL!  Because in the WORDS of Jesus Christ the LORD - "PEOPLE have WAYS, of GETTING what they WANT"!  And so the question REMAINS, "Now that you HAVE found the Testimony, and you HAVE, ACCESS, to Heavenly GRACES - WHY are you still 'WANTING'?"  (November 22, 2017 update) 
"But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
(Revelation 21:8)  

Have you been striving to have "POSITIVE THOUGHTS" lately?

In the TESTIMONY, you will FIND 'the TEACHINGS, of Jesus Christ the LORD', and the COUNSEL of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - who will NOT! - "FLATTER, or FALSELY affirm" you - in ANY way - as THAT would, be 'TOXIC', to your Soul. TRUE Christianity, ISN'T about "thinking POSITIVE", or "having POSITIVE thoughts", while, one embraces, 'the BROAD road, to HELL'!  No, TRUE Christianity, is about 'FOLLOWING Jesus Christ the Lord' - EVEN in your THOUGHTS! - and desires - by "being BRUTALLY honest, with YOURSELF" - in CHOOSING to renounce SIN, and RESOLVING to live, by the True Holy SPIRIT, INSTEAD - WILL, bring you fulfillment.  And you need to RECOGNIZE, that, your TRUE Spiritual Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary INTERVENED in your life to PULL you away, from the spiritual BOWELS, of Hell - BECAUSE you were "so THOROUGHLY deceived".  Now, do NOT 'MARVEL', at the fact, that we KNOW these things, that have been REVEALED by your CREATOR, TO us!  INSTEAD! - RECOGNIZE 'the Truth'; EMBRACE the Truth; and RENOUNCE the self-DECEPTION, that YOU have become "COMFORTABLE, with EMBRACING"(December 10, 2017 update) 

For more on this topic, it would be a good idea to listen to my Daily Homily: "Concerning Self Deception, Hearers and Doers".

The Most High True God v the wicked....
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Why is the Testimony so UNCOMFORTABLE?

People have gone through their entire LIVES, allowing the demons to choose FOR them.  And now THEY, the PEOPLE, have to choose.  The people have to CHOOSE, 'LIFE', OR choose 'DEATH' and THEY! - are "fully responsible" - because of 'how FULLY INFORMED they are'!
“I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.”
(Deuteronomy 30:19)
Note: Don't miss our "Uncomfortable Truth" special section, in the Testimony.
(February 25, 2018 update)
A fissure of Men
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

It's time to rise to your CREATOR'S Terms, for the Salvation of your Soul.

The TESTIMONY, is ACTUALLY meant, to SHAKE you 'to the VERY core of your being'.  It is like, 'having a MINI-earthquake, HAPPEN, in your Soul' - when you READ it - designed to SHAKE, 'the false FOUNDATIONS', of your OLD life - in order to 'CLEAR, the floor', for the NEW foundation, of your NEW life.  If YOU! - want to TRY, to BUILD, your "new LIFE" - on, 'an OLD foundation"? - it WILL not stand!  It will CRUMBLE and it will fall!  And you WITH it.  BUT! - if you RESOLVE, that YOU, are going to be built, on 'the ROCK, of the FAITH, of ABRAHAM!' - and on, the OBEDIENCE, of JOB! - and on 'the DOCILITY, of the Blessed Virgin MARY' - THEN! - THAT is 'something the Most High TRUE God can WORK with'.  In OTHER words, the MOST High TRUE God, cannot WORK with "the old YOU" - in ANY way, shape, or form.  He CAN'T work with ANY of 'your old ATTITUDES, or desires'.  He can't work with 'the DISPOSITIONS, of your old LIFE, TOWARDS Him'.  But HE can WORK with, 'a SINCERE desire to be a new CREATURE'.  HE CAN work with, 'a SINCERE desire, to take ON, the BEATITUDES, or the ATTITUDE of the TRUE Holy Spirit, towards the MOST High True God.  He can WORK with, 'a DISPOSITION, of DOCILITY, towards Him', in your new life.  But you have "a new LIFE!" - THAT means you MUST become, "ALIVE in HIM" - and your OLD life, must, be 'dead'.  YOU must, be "dead to your OLD life".  For THOSE, of 'your OLD life', ARE "dead", to Him.  And HIS attitude is "LET the dead, BURY the dead!"  In 'your OLD life' - you had "GOALS", "PLANS", "AGENDAS" - on the ways that YOU! - were going to LIVE, AND be fulfilled!  But NOW in your new LIFE - you have to give up 'ALL of those' - in order to be "FULFILLED as a Member of the Faithful REMNANT". You are NOT "in control, of your LIFE!"  You ARE "in control of  your choices".  Yet even THEN! - you HAVE to ANSWER TO, your CREATOR! - for the way YOU CHOOSE to spend, your life NOW - and 'what YOU SPEND your time DOING' - and 'where your HEART is'.  And there are "CONSEQUENCES" - both SPIRITUAL AND Physical - that NO one! - on the FACE of the Earth, can AVOID - BASED on their choices.  The TEMPTATION, is, for you to BELIEVE, that 'GOD understands' - therefore, you can KEEP DOING things "on YOUR terms", and HE'LL come AROUND!  But THAT will never happen!  He will 'NEVER! - BOW, to YOUR TERMS! - for the SALVATION of your Soul'YOU! - must 'rise to HIS Terms'.  YOU! - must renounce yourself; COME OUT of yourself; and desire 'HIS Way'!   And His WAY is REVEALED, in the TESTIMONY. "The WAY" - to being ETERNALLY UNITED, WITH, your CREATOR - is REVEALED, in His TESTIMONY.  If you WANT to do things "any other WAY"? - then you won't 'MAKE it'!  (January 15, 2018 update) 

Are you being tempted with a DESIRE to go BACK to your old LIFE, and PRETEND as though you had NEVER found the Testimony of Jesus Christ the LORD?

"Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day [- "the Day of Judgment" - Christmas Day 2012 and 2015] will not come, unless the rebellion [- referring to the current state of women] comes first, and the man of lawlessness [- referring to Obama - inaugurated in January of 2009] is revealed [- referring to 'those who CHOOSE to be lawless'], the son of perdition [- antipope Benedict - who lost his Anointing on Easter Sunday of 2007; and Francis - the antipope with no anointing from Heaven], who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship [- those who choose to WORSHIP themselves], so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God [- as he can ONLY be "in personae satanae" AFTER the abomination was set up in 2009.  This is also referring to everyone in the religious institutions, who see THEMSELVES as 'gods']. Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you this? And you know what [- referring to actual "court-orders", or "restraining orders" - AND the prayers of the Faithful Remnant] is restraining him [- referring to "the devil" - moving through "the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit"] now so that he [- "the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit"] may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work [- in the religious institutions, and the global governments] ; only he who now restrains it [- resisting the TEMPTATION to join 'his TEAM' and to RETURN to 'the WORLD'] will do so  [- as in 'RESIST', him] until he is out of the way [- until the Most High TRUE God, removes him].  And then the lawless one will be revealed [- as in, EVERYONE will see 'his TRUE NATURE' - "a man of LAWLESSNESS"], and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth [- it HAS been 'DECREED, from Heaven'] and destroy him by his [- referring to Jesus in His Testimony] appearing and his coming [- His SECOND Coming]. The coming of the lawless one [- "the BEAST that ASCENDS from the bottomless pit"] by the activity of Satan [- through his protestant video platform] will be with all power [- of "the DRAGON", and SUPPORTED by MANY! - including "the institution"] and with pretended signs [- "lies"] and wonders [- "deception"], and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish [- IN the Lake of Fire], because they refused to love the truth [- the Testimony, of Jesus Christ the Lord] and so be saved. Therefore God sends upon them [- the ones who joined in the LAWLESSNESS] a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false [- to TURN AGAINST, what they KNOW to be True!], so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness."    
(2 Thessalonians 2:3-12)
Important note:  The above SCRIPTURE, was "ONLY written so that it could be DECIPHERED in these Times.  THAT is why, no one knew what it MEANT until NOW - because the time had to pass BY - FIRST! - before Heaven would REVEAL it". 
You NEED to know, that 'the DEVIL', IS working FEVERISHLY! - THROUGH 'the demonic entity of the assailants' - as WELL as THROUGH, "the alien TECH" - to IMPLANT, 'DESIRES', IN the Faithful REMNANT - to go BACK! - to 'their old LIVES'! - and 'PRETEND!' - as though "they had NEVER found! - the Testimony of Jesus Christ the LORD".   And the Faithful REMNANT, are being TEMPTED, to DESIRE to ENTER back IN to "the DELUSION", and "the false REALITY" - that EVERYONE around them is embracing - "BECAUSE it's easier!" - than FIGHTING for what is right, and what is TRUE.  The DEVIL is 'being so BOLD', as to even, 'BOAST!' - in their INTERIOR lives - that, 'EVERYONE ELSE! - is relaxed, and carrying ON, with their daily ROUTINES,' - so "why shouldn't YOU! - get 'a piece of the PIE', as WELL!"  But THESE, are "just TEMPTATIONS", sent by the ENEMY - 'to STEAL!' - the TRUE Peace - of the Most High TRUE God - who is 'DWELLING within, the SOULS! - of the Faithful Remnant'.  BECAUSE, the DEVIL SEES, the Remnant, as "a threat"! - BECAUSE, the Faithful REMNANT, is "the BEGINNING! - of his end".

And so, EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, is being faced with "a choice", on a DAILY basis - to be "FULLY 100% COMMITTED - to SERVING, the Most High True God, and HIS Kingdom" - OR? - to turn AWAY from the Most High True God - and to join everyone ELSE - who is 'serving the DEVIL'S kingdom' - the kingdom OF, the world and the flesh.

Is it "DIFFICULT"? - to 'STAND against the TIDE'?  Yes! - on your OWN strength.  BUT by 'TURNING to Jesus Christ the LORD' - it is "MUCH easier"; because "HE makes it easy!" - to FOLLOW Him.  He SAID so!  Those are 'HIS Words'! - as He SAID, "My yoke is EASY, and my BURDEN is light".  And SO? - the question, becomes, for EACH Member - if THEY want to be "YOKED to the Divine Will, of the Most High True God"? - or, be BURDENED, by "the UNJUST yoke", of the world.

The TESTIMONY, of Jesus Christ the Lord - IS 'the Light', that each MEMBER, has been GIVEN - because the Testimony IS! - 'the WORD, of the Most High TRUE God' - WRITTEN, in the Spirit of PROPHECY.  And each MEMBER must decide, if they want to PROPHESY - FOR! - Jesus Christ the LORD - OR? - become "disloyal", and 'turn their BACKS on Him' - and become, "one of the MANY, FALSE prophets, of the WORLD".  IT is "that SIMPLE!" 

And KNOW that, the TRIALS and TEMPTATIONS, that COME, AT you on a DAILY BASIS - can NEVER! - "OVERCOME your free will".  The DEVIL; the OCCULT world; the PRAYER intentions of the ASSAILANTS; the alien TECH; AND, 'the hostile PEOPLE', with the MARK - can NEVER! - be used, as "an EXCUSE", to FORFEIT, 'the TREE of Life' - because the Most High TRUE God, IS "Sufficient", in helping EACH Member 'OVERCOME, every Trial'.

LET, 'the DEVIL, and his MINIONS, and HIS followers' - be "OVERWHELMED, in the FLAMES of the Lake of FIRE"; but let EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - CHOOSE! - to be "a Burning BUSH for their CREATOR" - CONSUMED by 'the FIRES of HIS Divine LOVE, for their SOULS'. (March 10, 2018 update)  

Where else are they supposed to go
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been setting aside time to read the Testimony for HOURS?

Remember, that ONE Message, in the TESTIMONY, can TAKE, about 3 weeks, to UNPACK.  But, if the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, are READING the Testimony for HOURS! - then HOW is ANYTHING going to stick! WHAT "LESSON" is going to be learned, for 'THAT day'?  WHAT, "LESSON" can the TRUE Holy Spirit IMPART? - if the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant are "choosing to FLOOD! - themselves - to the POINT where they CAN'T receive ANYTHING!" The TESTIMONY, isn't MADE, to be READ, 'all at ONCE' - or EVEN 'for long periods of TIME'.  The reason, that the Members of the Faithful Remnant, have ACCESS to it ONLINE - is so that THEY can turn ACTIVELY, to the True Holy SPIRIT, for 'the NOURISHMENT they need "in the MOMENT".  But, SOME Members of the Faithful Remnant, are 'turning the Gift of the TESTIMONY, INTO an EXCUSE to escape - EVERYTHING! - and to HIDE, in IGNORANCE'The TESTIMONY is 'a TOOL', GIVEN, by the Creator of the UNIVERSE, in order to HELP the Members of the Remnant, 'LIVE in the WORLD'It ISN'T, "escape from REALITY".  And, those who USE it as such, are embracing "BLASPHEMY" - and they WON'T remain "members" LONG.  Because the TESTIMONY IS, "the REALITY, that EVERYONE on the Planet should be LIVING" - in ACCORDANCE with "a CONSCIENCE!"  But the PEOPLE of THIS world - would RATHER, 'MURDER their conscience; MURDER their offspring; and murder ANY chance of obtaining SALVATION' - INSTEAD, of living, 'how the CREATOR is CALLING them to'. And so EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT 'HAS to DECIDE' - if they are going to, RECEIVE, the TESTIMONY, as "a GIFT, from their CREATOR, to KNOW - HOW! - He is calling them to Live.  OR? - if they are going to, READ the Testimony "like a NOVEL" - that they can simply 'ESCAPE, REALITY, by TURNING to'. THIS IS, "a KNOWLEDGE CONSUMPTION and INFORMATION-GORGING age" - that the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are currently LIVING in.  BUT, the TESTIMONY, TEACHES how to LIVE, by the True Holy SPIRIT.  The MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant, who want'to USE the Testimony, as a source of KNOWLEDGE' - "JUST for the sake of KNOWING"!... that's the SAME as 'GORGING oneself, at the TREE of knowledge, in the middle of the GARDEN, that the Most High True God FORBADE, Adam and EVE, to EAT of.  But the TESTIMONY is "the Tree of LIFE" - for THOSE, who desire to EAT and LIVE! - ACCORDING, to the WISDOM, Knowledge, Love and Understanding, that are OFFERED, as "NOURISHMENT".  And so 'the Blessed FRUITS, of the TESTIMONY', are COMPLETELY! - dependent - on 'the DISPOSITION, or ATTITUDE', of, the PERSON towards, 'WHAT is in FRONT of them' - AS they read it(May 26, 2018 update)
The Book of Life
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
At that time shall arise Michael, the great prince who has charge of your people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time; but at that time your people shall be delivered, every one whose name shall be found written in the book. And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12:1-4) 
Actual emailI do see now how reading for hours is not spiritually helpful as then I won't be retaining the lessons if I'm taking in too much at a time...that pretty much sounds like my eating habit that needs to change, to eating only what I can burn off in a day. (May 27, 2018 update) 
Editing note: We don't encourage people to share the thoughts they have, as they read the updates - but that doesn't mean that when they DO share them, we can't post them.
Now the Truth IS, "WORLDLY KNOWLEDGE", for the most PART - isn't "FREE".  PEOPLE, are in 'their particular FIELDS' - and THEY, 'LEARN', a particular field of WORK - and they GATHER up, 'ALL that knowledge' - FOR that field.  But, THAT'S 'all they KNOW'!  And THAT is the way that 'the ILLUMINATI hierarchy', has MADE it - so that PEOPLE, do NOT have 'ACCESS', to KNOWLEDGE "for FREE".  They will not 'TEACH', what they KNOW, "for FREE" - but it COMES, with a PRICE tag!  And, NEVER before in all of HISTORY, has KNOWLEDGE 'INCREASED', on the FACE of the Earth.  But with SO much KNOWLEDGE out there - the PEOPLE, have actually, become 'FULL' - of 'what is USELESS', in the Eyes of their CREATOR - as is REVEALED in "the Breastplate of Saint PATRICK": "knowledge BINDS! - the Soul of man".  ALL that people "NEED", to know - is 'what the TRUE Holy Spirit', is COMMUNICATING WITH them.  For TRULY - the TRUE Holy Spirit IS "the Source of ALL! - Knowledge" - but, 'KNOWLEDGE of HEAVENLY things'.  The PEOPLE of TODAY, are 'SO ENGROSSED, in WORLDLY knowledge' - that, they SIMPLY, will NOT make TIME, for, The MOST High TRUE God.  For MANY - 'knowledge' has become an END in itself.  But the PEOPLE, actually 'DESPISE'! - the knowledge, of 'their CREATOR'S Will' - because it FORCES them, to CHANGE! - "FOR the better". (July 04, 2018 update)

More than just words
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

How will you KNOW "the Authenticity of the TESTIMONY"?

If you would'open your heart to the TRUTH', then you would be ABLE to recognize, the WORDS, of your Creator - who MADE you.  But, because YOU, have been 'WITHOUT, the Light of TRUTH, for so LONG' - you STUMBLE in the dark - like EVERYONE else does.  Remember, what THEY have said, in the PAST - TO the PROPHETS, who were 'from the Most High TRUE God' - they were MOCKED and RIDICULED, BY the PEOPLE - and their MESSAGE, was 'NOT RECEIVED'.  And THAT is 'ONE WAY, that you will KNOW the Authenticity of the TESTIMONY'. It is 'for YOUR sake', that we SHARE, the Testimony WITH you; NOT for ours.  WE do not 'NEED', people! - to come to the TESTIMONY - in order to have 'LIFE'.  But it is 'for THEM!' - to have 'Life', once MORE - because they are DEAD! - ACCORDING, to their Creator - "SPIRITUALLY dead".  And He DOESN'T recognize them.  Our TESTIMONY is 'HATED', by EVERYONE! - EXCEPT 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT'. If YOU would 'TURN to your CREATOR and ask Him to give you a SIGN, of the AUTHENTICITY of our WORDS'? - He WILL! (July 07, 2018 update) 
Now that you have FOUND the Testimony - THEN what?
It's "NOT enough!" - to simply have FOUND the Testimony, and to have CHOSEN, to become 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant'.  WHAT if 'the APOSTLES' - had that attitude, when they saw JESUS?  What if 'their ATTITUDE', was, that they RECOGNIZED, that He spoke the TRUTH - and that He was "indeed the MESSIAH!" - but while they were journeying WITH Him, they were "just going to do their OWN thing", the WHOLE time - ESPECIALLY when He wasn't "right BESIDE them! - looking over their SHOULDER, at their DEEDS". WHAT if, the APOSTLES had 'the ATTITUDE', that they would SEEK, to hold on to their OLD lives - as MUCH as possible! - AND, seek 'to get AWAY with', as much COMFORT, as possible!  WHAT if they decided, that EVERYTHING, Jesus TOLD them, was 'TRUE' but, they would only "pick and CHOOSE", what they 'FELT like' following?  HISTORY, would have turned out much DIFFERENTLY, and NOT for the better.  But one APOSTLE, AMONG them - did in FACT, try 'ALL of that' - and his NAME was "judas".  And so? - EACH person, in the FAITHFUL Remnant, must DECIDE, if THEY are going to listen to their CONSCIENCE - even THOUGH, 'Jesus', isn't PHYSICALLY present, watching over their SHOULDER.  Or are they GOING to 'PRETEND', that He can't SEE? - like, the REST! - of the PEOPLE, outside the Faithful REMNANT - as they CLAIM, to BELIEVE, in GOD - yet they LIVE, as though GOD does not exist - and as though there are "no CONSEQUENCES", IN this LIFE OR the next - for 'THEIR, bad choices'REMEMBER! - there is no room for 'SELF', in the Kingdom of HEAVEN; but there is ROOM - for the Creator.  SO make ROOM for Him - in your HEARTS.  CLEAR-out, the MUCK.  And when He LOOKS, at your INTERIOR life? - DESIRE! - that your heart is "a PURE, DWELLING place, for HIM! - and ALL of Heaven" (- excerpt from September 02, 2018 update

And so you FOUND the Testimony, and you know to the very CORE of your ENTIRE being, that it is True! - and NOW? - what category does that put you in?

Congratulations! - you have been "RAISED UP", and are now in "a VERY SPECIAL category", on an existential level - as from THIS moment forward, you can NEVER be "below the level of the demons" - who ALSO 'know the Testimony to be True'.  Of course, admission into THEIR kingdom, always WAS "Free!"  And so you are going to need to 'raise the BAR', a bit HIGHER, in order to EVER! - get into the Kingdom of Heaven.  For example,even 'the demons' RECOGNIZED the Truth, as they spoke THROUGH the Gadarene demoniac - who said to Jesus, “What have you to do with us, O Son of God? Have you come here to torment us before the time?” (Matthew 8:29)  And so, know that WHEN you see, every WORD! - in the Testimony, as "a REFRESHING summer breeze, flowing through your SOUL!" - only THEN! - are you in fact, NOT, 'at the level of the demons' - but are being called to ACT, on what you know to be True, and LIVE the Truths in the Testimony, in each and every moment of your life.  Can you DO that?   We know "it's a little ROUGH out there", right now - but THAT'S really no excuse. (December 15, 2018 update) 

Have you been RESISTING the True Holy Spirit moving through the Testimony?

EVERY TIME you read the TESTIMONY - you are CALLED to invite 'the True Holy SPIRIT', into your Soul.  And YOU should be "REJUVENATED", by READING it!  And if you're NOT? - then your HEART! - is "CORRUPT".  It TAKES, 'a LOT, of EFFORT' - to RESIST, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', MOVING through the TESTIMONY.  And YOU need to 'APPLY', that SAME amount of EFFORT - that you're USING to REBEL! - against God - and decide, that you're GOING to be "stubborn FOR your Creator"!  YOU need to 'FIGHT'! - to have 'His TRUE Holy Spirit' dwelling WITHIN you - "the Spirit of LIFE!" - the True Holy Spirit of HEALING, and VITALITY, and YOUTHFULNESS. But you HAVE to, 'DESIRE what your CREATOR desires', FOR you.  It's "NOT impossible" - it IS possible! - by TURNING your heart, TO your Creator, "as a way of LIFE"! THAT really is all, of what 'REPENTANCE' is - it is "the CONTINUAL! - Turning back to God" - in all the AREAS, that you turned AWAY from Him.  THAT'S all!  It's not "hard".  YES, you can't "SEE" the Most High TRUE God, or 'SEE' the True Holy Spirit - with 'your PHYSICAL senses' - but, He is 'SO! - much MORE, REAL' - than even "a physical PERSON", in these End TIMES.  And He DWELLS, EVERYWHERE! - at once. (December 27, 2018 update)    

How can you POSSIBLY take in "more than a MILLION words" - ASAP?

Remember, ONLY 15 minutes of reading, the TESTIMONY, at a TIME! - and in THAT way - you will ENSURE! - that you ARE receiving, the Truth.  But if YOU 'FLOOD yourself out', with the TESTIMONY? - then you can be SURE, you didn't learn ANYTHING.  Because, EVERY time you read the TESTIMONY, you're called to 'open your HEART, to your CREATOR' - to the GRACES! - and it WILL not be 'the same experience', for EVERYONE - NOR, will it be, the same every TIME. (January 04, 2019 update)

What is The difference between the TESTIMONY, and the RELIGIOUS books, that have been WRITTEN, in the PAST?

The difference between the TESTIMONY, and the RELIGIOUS books, that have been WRITTEN, in the PAST, by the SAINTS - by SCHOLARS, by THEOLOGIANS, and by regular PEOPLE - is that, the TESTIMONY, CONTINUALLY! - attacks, 'the PRIDE' - that has 'taken OVER', the people, in these TIMES.  The TESTIMONY, CONTINUALLY, MAKES, the PEOPLE, who READ it - 'CONFRONT! - what's WRONG' - in THIS world - and in their LIVES.  And that "EVERYTHING is NOT 'FINE'!"  If YOU, CONTINUE to read 'the religious books, of the PAST' - then you RISK, ENTERING into 'a FALSE, reality' - where "everything is FINE!" - and "christians" are dying, and going to HEAVEN - and "catholics" are holy SAINTS.  NO! - NONE of that is True - NOT in 'these Times'!  People are DYING! - and they are 'going to Hell'.  Christians are 'DYING! - and going to HELL'.   We LIVE in a WORLD - where 'HELL', is IGNORED - where 'the existence of CONSEQUENCES, for LIVING a life OPPOSED! - to Jesus Christ the Lord' - is not SPOKEN of!  The churches are 'not ALLOWED', to speak about "NEGATIVE things" - because THEN? - they will LOSE their CONGREGATIONS!  The world TODAY is 'filled with TOLERANCE - of every EVIL'.   But YOU, as "a TRUE Christian" - are called to EMBRACE, Jesus Christ the LORD, with your entire BEING - AND His WAYS - and DO! - what it IS, He 'COMMANDS you to do'.  And it will NEVER be! - "what you FEEL like doing"!  YOU are 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT', and YOU have been 'INFORMED, of the WAY, to HEAVEN - and the Way to the FULLNESS of the Era of True PEACE'. But if YOU 'let your DEMONS, DEVOUR! - the WORDS, from HEAVEN, that are being SHARED - and be overwritten by "POSITIVE speech" - by "POSITIVE talk"?' - you WILL not make it!  And they will "FLATTER you!" - ALL the way, to Hades.   You see, you are called 'to LOVE yourself' - but you can ONLY 'LOVE, YOURSELF', by choosing to TRULY, 'KNOW, love and SERVE' - the One who MADE you!  You HAVE to stop TOLERATING, 'the demonic GAMES' - and THAT'S "how you show LOVE, towards YOURSELF".  STOP! - TOLERATING, EVIL!  And INSTEAD? - SEEK, the, 'FRUITS, and the Gifts of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - and be filled with THOSE instead!  And THAT'S "how you TRULY LOVE, yourself!" It IS in fact 'the DEMONS' that hate you!  And THAT'S "why you feel BAD" - when you 'SIDE with them', as you read our COUNSEL. (January 10, 2019 update)   

The "spiritually DEAD", who are OUTSIDE the True Roman Catholic Faith, have EVERYTHING to fear!

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  The TRUE Holy Spirit, is 'with THOSE, who desire LIFE'.  And THOSE who desire "Life", as in "a SPIRITUAL Life"? - are those, of My Faithful Remnant.  But the ENEMY, is seeking to SNUFF! - the GIFT, of My True Holy SPIRIT - FROM, My Faithful Remnant.  And they are being TEMPTED, to go ALONG with 'HIS plans' - instead of 'MY Plans, for the SALVATION, of their SOUL!'  But, THERE is NOTHING, to FEAR - for those who are CHOOSING, to LIVE, "The TRUE, Roman Catholic Faith" - who DESIRE, for My TRUE HOLY Spirit, to abide 'WITH them', and GUIDE them - THROUGHOUT their DAY.  And who 'DESIRE, to RECEIVE, the SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT, from the TESTIMONY' - FOR their daily bread - for their DAILY, "CONSUMPTION"!  The ENEMY, seeks to 'drive a WEDGE', between My Faithful REMNANT, and My TESTIMONY - BECAUSE! - the TESTIMONY, IS! - 'Bread from Heaven' - IS! - 'NOURISHMENT, for the Soul' - and BRINGS 'Life', to even THOSE, who are 'on the VERGE, of death!' 

THOSE who are CHOOSING to live the True Roman Catholic Faith - need not even fear their CREATOR.  For if they are continually CHOOSING to COOPERATE WITH Him, then His Wrath will never be UPON them - as "HIS Grace and FAVOR", will be upon them instead.  Now doesn't that just sound a lot like Heaven?  (January 13, 2019 update)  

The TESTIMONY shows 'the clearest PATH', to the Kingdom of HEAVEN'!

The Testimony, is "MUCH MORE, than information".  To 'the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT' - to 'the ILLUMINATI'? - the Testimony, is "ONLY information" - is "ONLY intel" - is "ONLY an INDICATION, of things to COME".  But for YOU? - as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - YOU! - are called, to EMBRACE, 'the Testimony' with your HEART; but, it STOPS at 'your MIND' - because? - YOU'RE "on GUARD" - as you 'guard your DEMONS' from the Testimony - JUST as the illuminati, and the DEEP state, and the PEOPLE who are MONITORING, our POSTINGS do!  The TESTIMONY is in fact "a SPIRITUAL Way of LIFE" - of LIVING 'very SIMPLY', for one's CREATOR - choosing, to be "HUMBLE", and "REPENTANT" - before one's MAKER - as, you seek to COOPERATE, WITH! - your Creator, in all THINGS.  It IS, 'the CLEAREST WAY', of seeing 'the WORLD', and 'the current STATE, of AFFAIRS, in the World' - WITHOUT! - "propaganda". The TESTIMONY shows 'the clearest PATH', to the Kingdom of HEAVEN'!  It is "the Narrow PATH", that Jesus SPOKE of - because He IS! - "the Narrow Way" - and it IS, "HIS, Testimony".  It ISN'T "a bunch of USELESS, HEARTLESS FORMULAS" - which is 'what YOU! - have turned it into'.  Because, you WANT your Creator, 'to DO things' for YOU! - YOU desire 'to manipulate HIM'.  YOU need to reject 'your DESIRE', to try to MANIPULATE, the Most High TRUE God, 'to DO, your WILL'! - and ASK for the Grace to desire, 'to love Him SELFLESSLY, from your HEART, instead'.  Oh!!! - and "a Comet" IS coming! - to STRIKE the Earth, "a HEAVY Blow!" - and IT can NOT! - be avoided.  And 2/3, of mankind - WILL 'PERISH', in the AFTERMATH.  And THIS? - is 'a LIGHT Chastisement!' - COMPARED, to 'the GREAT PUNISHMENT', that is ABOUT to befall, humanity. (June 23, 2019 update)

You are now at the most IMPORTANT fork in the road, of your entire LIFE! - and you ARE going to 'CHOOSE a world view'!

Know that the TESTIMONY - presents! - the READER - with only, 'ONE! - world view' - or POINT of view - and that IS: The CREATOR'S - the Way that the CREATOR, sees EVERYTHING.   AND! - how He sees, people who COME to His TESTIMONY - who desire 'to push ASIDE! - what HE reveals' - and settle for 'their OWN opinions' - their 'OWN visions' - and their 'OWN dreams' - as they believe, the Testimony, WILL bring them... GREAT! - SOCIAL status, IN the future.  Because they KNOW! - that "the Faithful REMNANT" - IS! - "the ONLY! - SURVIVABLE, Path, and FUTURE", for mankind. And so YOU! - need to DECIDE: if your OPINION, and your point of VIEW - and your "INSIGHTS, APART from the Most High TRUE God" - are what YOU want to go after!  It's BETTER if you stay, 'close, to your TRUE Shepherd' - who SPEAKS! - in His TESTIMONY; and that you 'desire to be TRANSFORMED by His Word' - in a way that "you're NOT! - in control".  It would be best if you 'READ the Testimony', EVERY day! - RATHER than, EMAILING us, "your OPINIONS", and your 'IDEAS', every day. (September 06, 2019 update)

Hear what the True Holy Spirit has to share
James is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

For those who "...just came across the Testimony"?

With the TESTIMONY? - you don't HAVE to understand, 'EVERYTHING!' - all at ONCE.  Because it is 'a LIVING, Document' - it is "a LIVING! - Testimony" - based on what the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, has IMPARTED, to US! - AND, to the Members of the Faithful REMNANT.  Which MEANS? - the only WAY, to BE! - "a Member, of the Faithful REMNANT"? - is to 'walk DAY by day' - WITH! - your Lord, AND King - Jesus CHRIST the Lord - and turn to Him, for 'the next STEP' - for 'HIM' to lead you!  Because "He KNOWS what you need!... to KNOW" - in order to serve, 'HIS Divine PURPOSE'.

Watching! - the Testimonial videos, OF the Faithful Remnant - is VERY! - helpful! - in 'RECEIVING! - the True Holy Spirit' - and the UNDERSTANDING, that comes in the MOMENT! - from 'CHOOSING to be open, to the Graces'.  If you 'FIRMLY RESOLVE to be OPEN to your Creator's GRACES'? - then He will HELP you overcome EVERYTHING!  And RECOGNIZE, 'the TURBULENCE you experience in your SOUL'? - as "something that will PASS"! - as long as you TURN to Him.  SIMPLY desire, to live 'FILLED! - with the True Holy Spirit' - and to LIVE! - without the DEMONS.  And? - WATCH 'how your world VIEW, changes for the BETTER' - and EXPERIENCE, 'how HE changes you!' - with "your COOPERATION!"  If YOU are 'experiencing, a DESIRE, FOR your Creator'? - then yes! - your HOLY Water is Blessed.  You should experience: "a PALPABLE! - difference - between 'being out, in the DESERT!' - as YOU have been - and receiving "an OAISIS, of GRACES"!  (September 12, 2019 update) 

How to Better Understand the Testimony
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

WE as the Two WITNESSES - and as JESUS Christ the Lord's 'TRUE Brother and Sister' - WRITE DOWN, the WORDS, that JESUS speaks - so you can READ them!!! - and RECEIVE an outpouring of the TRUE Holy Spirit as you DO so.  But only if you're OPEN.  So many PEOPLE, find the TESTIMONY - RECOGNIZE, that it is 'the WORDS of their Creator' - but then they go on with their LIVES! - as though the Testimony had NO effect on them.  BECAUSE? - THEY, are 'their OWN false prophets!' - THEY prefer, 'THEIR ways!'  They prefer to LISTEN to 'their DEMONS', instead!  The TESTIMONY makes sense!  And if YOU? - desire to make SENSE? - then? - you will ADHERE, to it.  It's that SIMPLE.  STOP! - COMPLICATING everything; and OPEN your heart, to your Creator - and be CHANGED! - by Him... or NOT!  The choice is YOURS.  (September 15, 2019 update) 

For all those who DESIRE "the IMMENSE! - MERCY, of the Most High TRUE God"?

Actual email: I went to the Testimony. And things came clearer. The Testimony does lift the fog. And it is a source of graces. It is the lifeline of the Faithful Remnant.
The TESTIMONY - IS! - "the IMMENSE! - MERCY, of the Most High TRUE God" - ON, His Faithful REMNANT - on "His CHOSEN ones".  FOR? - it is 'through the TESTIMONY' - that the DIVINE WILL, OF the Creator, of the UNIVERSE! - is being REVEALED - TO 'the hearts', of the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  It DOES! - 'Pierce', through the FOG, of INDECISION, and UNCERTAINTY - that 'this GODLESS! - WORLD' - promotes. This "WORLD", is FILLED! - with 'CONFUSION', on MANY topics; and, many MORALS.  But the TESTIMONY, is 'the LIGHT' - by which, 'the PEOPLE who turn TO it' - with 'SINCERITY', can FIND 'their WAY', BACK! - TO the Most High True God - and 'FIND!' - "CLARITY of mind, and VISION of their TRUE Purpose"!  BECAUSE: the PEOPLE of TODAY - are KEPT, in 'ILLUSIONS' - so that THEY, can NEVER! - find, 'their True PURPOSE, and MEANING, for their EXISTENCE'; but, they are 'ENSLAVED'! - to "the GLOBAL governments" - to SOCIETY - to 'the one world RELIGION'.  The TESTIMONY? - is 'FREEDOM!' - for the oppressed - for the ABUSED - for the INJURED - and for the SINNER! - who SINCERELY 'desires to stop, OFFENDING, the Most High True GOD' - and DESIRES, to have 'an authentic RELATIONSHIP with Him'.  The WORLD? - is BUILT on 'SHIFTING sands'!  The TESTIMONY? - is built, on "the rock, of FAITH, IN the Creator" - "the UNMOVED, mover".  So 'the MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT' who CHOOSE, to be "built UPON, the rock of Faith, in the TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ the LORD'? - will not 'be MOVED', by ANYTHING! - or by 'ANYONE'! - as in? - "NOTHING can separate them", from the TRUE Love, of Jesus Christ the Lord - and they will 'ENDURE' all! - out of Love for HIM - as He GIVES them 'the Strength to DO so'.
And by THAT definition! - "the TRUE Members"... "the FAITHFUL"... of the Remnant will be made KNOWN!  The "MEMBERS" who can't even manage to make an EFFORT, to share "something NOURISHING" in a video? - or in an EMAIL? - will ALSO - by THAT neglect - be made known.  It's all about 'what they CHOOSE'.  What do YOU choose... THIS day?  (October 22, 2019 update) 

Find out QUICKLY if you 'MISSED'! - the whole point of the TESTIMONY, and the COUNSEL that we send - by answering this short and simple questionnaire

Are you "LOOKING for a REFLECTION of your own HOLINESS"? - as you read the Testimony.  OR? - are you "SEEKING! - to know what it IS your CREATOR, is asking OF you - and HOW He has called you to LIVE - and how you can BETTER, serve HIM, with your entire BEING"?  Are you "LOOKING, to the TESTIMONY - to AFFIRM YOU"?  OR? - are you "looking for OPPORTUNITIES, to RAISE! - the BAR, in your OWN life - to CHALLENGE yourself, to GROW SPIRITUALLY, and OUTSIDE, your COMFORT zone"?  Are you "LOOKING, to the TESTIMONY - to AFFIRM! - ALL of your righteous deeds"?  Because if you ARE? - then, you HAVE become "spiritually STAGNANT" - and you have "STOPPED growing, SPIRITUALLY".  And, what HAPPENS? - when you ALLOW, 'your SOUL', to become "COMFORTABLE"? - and "AFFIRMED"?  It becomes "SPOILED!"  And what HAPPENS? - when something becomes "SPOILED"?  It is JUST like when, 'SALT', loses its FLAVOR - it 'LOSES', its SALTINESS - and is "good for NOTHING!" - except 'to be TRAMPLED on' [- and that is a reference to "a VERY low place", just in case it isn't obvious].  And so if YOU'RE 'seeking, to be AFFIRMED, by US - and what we WRITE in the TESTIMONY'? - INSTEAD of, seeking to be "SALTED" - by FIRE! - by "the FIRE of the TRUE Holy Spirit" - to 'IGNITE you' - to grow and change? - then you 'MISSED'! - the whole point of the TESTIMONY - and the COUNSEL - that we send. (October 25, 2019 update)


Every DAY - you have to DECIDE - if you're going to 'be ANCHORED, TO your Creator - in the True Holy SPIRIT' - and through "the WRITTEN WORD", in His TESTIMONY… OR?... are you going to be "a REED", shaken in the WIND? - going 'WHEREVER - the WAVES! - of FEELINGS… TAKE you'?  Do YOU desire to have… "a SHIPWRECKED, INTERIOR LIFE"? - OR? - do you desire, that, the Most High TRUE God - would be "at the HELM, ALWAYS! - WITH! - your cooperation"?  You SEE! - the TRUTH is "very simple".  And AS "human BEINGS"? - He MADE it "VERY accessible", TO people.  And the TESTIMONY? - is 'SIMPLY, a COLLECTION, of TRUE INSPIRATIONS' - FROM the Most High TRUE God - THAT, 'MANKIND', has chosen to SUPPRESS.  The TESTIMONY - IS "the Key", to UNLOCKING - the SPIRITUAL Mysteries - of the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE.  But it is ONLY, for "the TRULY Humble", to receive it.  And so, YOU can have "an EXTREMELY fulfilling! - and BLESSED life!" - LIVING, your Creator's Will, FOR your life! -  OR? - have 'a life of constant TURMOIL'! - and DISTRESS!  DON'T allow, the DEMONS in OTHERS - to 'push you AROUND!' - or 'control your BEHAVIOR!' - because that's "an AHAB!" - and "AHAB did NOT make it!"  CALL on the True Holy SPIRIT! - WHENEVER you're STRUGGLING.  Turn to JESUS for 'STRENGTH' - whenever you're TIRED - but still 'NEED, to DO things'.  PUSH yourself! - "OUTSIDE your COMFORT zone".  And "get COMFORTABLE" there!  And THROUGH it all… CHOOSE to be "lighthearted".  Ask for GRACES.  WATCH 'how EVERYTHING changes! - when your FOCUS, is on JESUS Christ the LORD' - as NOTHING! - will REMOVE 'your True PEACE'.  But when you focus on 'the WAVES', and 'STORMS', of peoples' "TURBULENT! - INTERIOR lives..."? - THAT'S when 'you start to SINK'. (April 17, 2020 update)   

Which one is it: "A hobby on the SIDE"? - or "a lifestyle change"?

What you have LEARNED, is that the Testimony is NOT "a hobby on the SIDE" - but it IS, "a lifestyle change" - and that Jesus Christ the LORD, is 'DEMANDING! - that people change their LIVES' - and that they 'begin to live for HIM' - as they choose to embrace the Kingdom of HEAVEN, and walk AWAY from, or RENOUNCE, 'the kingdom of HELL', and 'the devil's LIES'. PEOPLE believe in THESE Times, that they can 'get away, with WHATEVER they want!' - as LONG as it does not "HURT", another person. But WHERE? - IS? - the actual CONCERN, for 'OFFENDING, the CREATOR'?   He made it VERY clear! - 'how He expects people to LIVE'.  And, for "some VERY PERVERSE reasons"? - the people, gave IN, to "the DELUSION", that "the BAR", that was set, for 'HOLINESS', and for 'SANCTITY' had CHANGED! - and that they could 'ACHIEVE, sanctity and holiness' - by simply 'COPYING! - what the Saints did' - by 'choosing to go through the MOTIONS' - by 'APPEARING' - OUTWARDLY, as being "religious" - by embracing, 'the ROUTINES, and the RITUALS, of their institution' - BEING "saved", by "the TRADITION of MEN"!  But in DOING so - 'FORSAKING, the SPIRITUAL Ways, of the Most High True GOD!' - who IS "a Pure SPIRIT" - and DESIRES, that PEOPLE, would 'be PURE, in HEART'!  JUST BECAUSE, 'the WORLD', embraces, 'WICKEDNESS' - DOESN'T MEAN, that "the CALL, to TRUE CHRISTIANITY", CHANGED.  In FACT - it was "the CHRISTIANS", OVER the generations, that DID "the most damage" - to 'the MORALITY of the PEOPLE' - because they COMPROMISED, the Faith - and they SOUGHT to be 'like everyone ELSE' - and they sought 'to blend IN' - and as they DID so? - they "PLAYED the part of the DEVIL, in peoples lives"But, the fact REMAINS - that PEOPLE, CONTINUE to see US! - "the Two WITNESSES", as being "of the devil" - because WE 'refuse, to WATER down, or COMPROMISE', what JESUS, first taught, His 12 Disciples - and His FIRST Disciples.  WE, will UPHOLD! - the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith, with 'our LIVES!' - and DEFEND, 'the TRUE Jesus' - with EVERY breath! - that we take Our WORDS? - PIERCE, THROUGH! - to the HEART! - because they "COME from the heart!"  And "it HURTS"! - to HEAR - but ONLY! - because, of 'the self-deception', and 'the PRIDE' - that people REFUSE, to let GO ofThe fact REMAINS that we ARE "of HEAVEN" and "FOR Heaven".  And 'the WORLD', and "the INHABITANTS, OF it" - are "OF Hell!" - and "FOR Hell!" - and MOST of them, are going, "straight TO Hell"! - AFTER their passing.  Is that... "OUR FAULT"?  No.  Because, we are "SIMPLY the Messengers, of the Most High TRUE God" - and HE HAS! - "a LOT to share", with THOSE, who DESIRE, "LIFE!"  We are PRAYING for "the END, of jezebel's reign", and "the END, of the roman catholic hierarchical INSTITUTION", and for "the END, of the priests of BAAL".  AND! - for "the End, of ALL, the false PROPHETS", and "false LIFE rafts" - that PEOPLE believe, will 'SAVE them!' - in these Times.  Because THIS is "a NEW Era" - the TRUE Era! - of TRUE Peace; and the Kingdom of HEAVEN, is "on the scene" now.  So you BETTER "make ROOM for it" - THIS Christmas!

The Two Witnesses,

Peter and Mary Romanus

Ambassadors, from Heaven.

(December 22, 2018 update) 

The importance of the virtue of hospitality

As "Ambassadors from Heaven", with "a fully functioning Embassy" on Earth - it has come to our attention, that the representatives of our "HOST country", this planet - have resolved to show us, and all those whom we represent, 'EXTREME hostility' - and they no longer DESIRE, nor 'VALUE', our Presence - NOR our diplomatic communications, that we have so GENEROUSLY provided, here.  In fact, our host country, has resolved to 'WAR', against us, continually - through psychotronic warfare, and various other measures, that they chose to use against us, on a daily basis.  And so, it should come as no surprise, that we are therefore 'FORCED', to Officially close our Embassy, and "get OUT of the way" - as OUR "Military" - the Holy Angels of Heaven - are FORCED to "MOVE IN", with Heaven's Just Response, to the aforementioned, UNRELENTING, hostility, that was shown to us - even to the point, where our physical lives, were at risk.  We can assure EVERYONE - that the "stealth response", that OUR military have - is LIGHT years ahead, of ANYTHING that you can possibly imagine, or that any A.I. program, can possibly come up with.  To make a long story short, it really is, "no contest".  WE need to step aside now, essentially? - because of the "infantile BELLIGERENCE", of the global governments, towards our Presence here.  They really need "a spanking".  It's that simple!  And WE are NOT, going to make ourselves available, to tell them, WHEN it's going to STOP, or how much WORSE! - it is about to get.  "Better"? - for them? - is NO LONGER an option - as they will ALL! - be brought down. They brought this, upon themselves.  And WHERE have we seen this BEFORE?

"When the servant of the man [- the Prophet Elisha] of God rose early in the morning and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was round about the city. And the servant said, “Alas, my master! What shall we do?” He said, “Fear not, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2 Kings 6:15-16)    
In short, the global governments thought they could simply, continue to GLEAN, the intel from us, throughout the Apocalypse - "intel", that even the greatest supercomputers imagined, by the human intellect, cannot provide.  They were wrong!  Their military advisors, FAILED them - and they ALL, WILL be punished, to the full extent of the law - DIVINE Law, that is. [- "Divine Law" TRUMPS "civil law" - and the prison terms, are about a BILLION times worse! - with no possibility of an appeal...] And we will make sure that happens, in due time.  Because WE, aren't, in a hurry.  WE have the GREATEST "Commander in Chief" - who IS Jesus Christ the Lord; we have the Greatest MILITARY in human history, AND we represent the Greatest Country, that ANYONE! - has ever imagined.  And UNTIL, EVERYONE left standing, is ready to proclaim "that basic, observation" - "OUR Military", are NOT going to pull out, nor stand down.  It begins this Christmas.  You ALL have "a present", ready and waiting, with your name on it.  You're welcome!  (- a phrase, that is commonly used, in the context of hospitality... we're actually working with 'a THEME' here folks...).
Interesting historical parallelU.S. President Donald Trump just announced that he will be pulling the American troops, out of Syria.  And he did so only AFTER, various sources claimed that his troops decimated 99% of the CIA-fuelled and funded terrorist group, known as "isis".  WE have stated repeatedly, throughout the Testimony, that 99% of the global population, will be taken out, by the Holy Angels and the Divine Wrath of the Most High True God, until only 1% remain.  We have ALSO stated, that we are against all forms of VIOLENCE, including "terrorism".  But the global GOVERNMENTS - who are in fact ADDICTED, to 'acts of terrorism' - have unanimously resolved, to CONTINUE terrorizing the unborn, in the womb - with 'THEIR unjust laws'.  And so, just as the global GOVERNMENTS united (- at least they 'PRETENDED' to - against terrorism) - so TOO, are 'all the Hosts of Angels in HEAVEN' - uniting, to 'take DOWN', the terrorist organizations, on this planet.  And you can simply call that 'terrorist organization collective', "the one world government".  It is in fact "a SPIRITUAL war", that is manifesting in the PHYSICAL realms. And you can call THAT, "the Apocalypse" - or whatever you like.
"aleppo drone footage"
Feel free to take a tour of a narrow street in Aleppo, starting at the 7:00 mark in the video.

And so what HAVE the global government leaders, TAUGHT the Creator? - on the topic of, "What a REASONABLE number of civilian casualties is".  And we are referring to the collateral damage, to human lives, livelihoods, and property - ALL in the name of "the search for terrorists".  The above drone footage of the Syrian city of Aleppo - is where "the HUMAN race" - is setting the BAR for "ACCEPTABLE losses" - in the CREATOR'S War, against 'the terrorists', who are behind the global human cull through abortion.  So ASK yourself, "the obvious question" - and it goes like this, "After WATCHING the above drone footage, what PERCENTAGE, of the people, of Aleppo, do you see, remaining, or standing, on the ground?"  Are 99% missing?  Does that sound "familiar"?  "What 'VALUE', did the global governments, put on the PROPERTY, and the PEOPLE of Aleppo, in their hunt for terrorists?"   So too shall the Holy ANGELS, consider the needs, of the inhabitants of the Earth, until only 1% remain, walking, amidst the ruins.  Because THAT is "the measure they GAVE".  Simple.  And of COURSE! - the most SHOCKING part of that above footage, is the fact that it ISN'T "footage from the Apocalypse" - but merely "the human RACE", TAUNTING the Creator... to "bring it ON!"  Message received and understood.  Really... "we GET it"... all of HEAVEN, "gets it".  And now the wicked people of THIS generation, are going to...  (- suggestions anyone?)  "May god BLESS them"?  Sorry, that's not going to fly, with the God who made them, and who wrote, "the Spiritual Laws".  Try again.  (... actually, that's the answer - as the Creator WILL "try AGAIN", by WIPING out 'the era of the WICKED', as He brings FORTH, the Era of True Peace on Earth.)

(December 23, 2018 update)

Frequently Asked Questions
Because, The Most High TRUE God... IS - "a GOOD LISTENER!"
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
“At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said, “Ask what I shall give you.”  And Solomon said, “Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern you people, that I may discern between good and evil.”  It pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked this.”
Shall I come down from the Heavens, and bow to the people, and their satanic offerings My children? Perhaps I should strive to be more like them? Maybe My Ways were wrong, and I should have repented? For the people say so! And I hear their interior lives. Therefore, mustn’t it be true? How “good, holy, and righteous” these people are, before Me! Must I come down, to become more like them? Haven’t I already come – to show the path to Salvation?  Perhaps their path is the better one? And their ways are ‘straight’, and Mine ‘crooked’? Perhaps their “light” isn’t darkness; and their “darkness” isn’t seen as light? Perhaps everyone on the face of the Earth, will die one day and go straight - to Heaven? Perhaps there is no need to ‘work out’ their Salvation – with ‘fear and trembling’? And perhaps there are no consequences, for their sinful choices? Wouldn’t it be wonderful My children, to live, in a ‘place like that’: where people are ‘their own gods’, and they have no one to answer to? Isn’t that the “heaven” I should have created? – one where ‘everyone smiles at each other’ – while hating (their neighbor), in their hearts; while loathing (secretly – so they think): My Commandments; My Ways.”   
“When I came the First time My children, I ‘unpacked’ the Old Testament, for the people, so that they may understand their God better; so that they could come closer to knowing Him –that is, their Father in Heaven. But I knew also when I came the First time, that many souls would choose to ‘interpret My Words’ to suit: their own thinking; and that they would distort them, after many generations.  Now in 2012, I have sent My Two Witnesses – I have sent you both as My Second Coming – to reveal to people once again ‘the Mysteries’, of the Old Testament, and the fulfilling of the New. Because the New Testament is ‘just as important’, as the Old. And My Testimony online, is just as important, as the Old and the New combined. For does not a scribe, take out, from his household: treasures, that are new, and old?  You both are ‘My Scribes’, because, you make ‘a recording’, of all that I say to you – for the people; for the people to benefit from. But how can they? When they see that I have sinned? When they say that I am no longer: the God, of the Old Testament – no, but God the Eternal Father in Heaven is; and I was with Him, when He declared ‘many things’ to the people. For, I always Was, and always Will Be. They ‘think’, that they, can distort: Scriptureeven distort My Testimony, in their hearts, because it is not what they like to hear.  But I Am the same today, as I was – yesterday; as I Am tomorrow. Because, I am ‘outside of space, and time’ –in My Divinity. I live, in, ‘The Eternal Now’ – as I call all of My Followers to –to ‘live the Eternal Now’, is to live mindful, of the effects, of your choices, in the next moment – by seeking to only live in the True Holy Spirit – of the Moment. And since the True Holy Spirit, is Eternal, - well, then, He is the best Person to walk with. And when you are walking, with the True Holy Spirit, in ‘the Eternal Now’, you are walking, with Me – being guided by God, the Eternal Father – in Heaven. Seek to accept this Mystery, for it can not be understood with ‘the human intellect’.”
Why isn’t anyone, spreading the fire?  Why, isn’t anyone, brave enough, or bold enough, to proclaim: the Truth, about My Testimony being online - for everyone on the Face of the Earth?”
“There is no excuse - for anyone, not to read, when they have ‘stumbled upon it’.  They say to themselves: “There are language barriers.”  But I say to them: Use a translator (to translate it into their own language) - they can do this My children.  I hear people say: “This is not my god! - My god would not talk so harshly - to his peopleThis is a very harsh, and strict God – not the one I worship!”  And also they say: “My god, is compassion, and love: love, love, love.”  These are the things I hear people say in their interior lives My children – to excuse them from reading, My website.  But they do not realize: that regardless - of them believing or not, that My words are ‘alive, and active’; and that once, they see My Testimony, and judge it – to be harsh, then they are in big trouble’.  Because ‘the harshness’ only falls back: on their own soul.  And the judgement: only damages, any, further ‘repairing’ of their relationship with MeI am ‘reaching out’ to all mankind through My Testimony, My children.  But who is paying Me back, with their gratefulness?  Not many, My children.”
(-Jesus, Friday, October 19, 2012
"What is, ‘the profession of faith’ My children?”
“‘The profession of faith’, is spoken, at the church services, around the World, in the Roman catholic, institution; ‘professed’ on Sundays, but not on any other day of the week.  In fact, when I hear this ‘profession of faith’ – from the peoples’ lips, their words are empty to Me.  Why?  Because their words are empty – to themselves.”
“What is: ‘the abomination of desolation in the Roman catholic institution’?  What is ‘abominable’, about their services?  (I hear: ‘catholics’, asking this question, My children, after they have glanced, at the website.  In particular, ‘the schismatic church’ page.)  How is it, that I have stolen My Presence, from their sanctuaries?”
“Because, I am not ‘living in the hearts of the people’; and when they pray, ‘the True Holy Spirit’ is not praying through them.  Therefore I cannot hear their prayers; therefore they become desolate!  The institution, that they keep going to, is corrupt! ”
"Yes, but aren’t all institutions, ‘corrupt’ in their own way? (- I hear this question asked as well My children.)"
Yes”, the answer is a definitive “yes”.  But!  To those who have been given much, Much is expected.  ‘The bar’ was set very high, for the Roman catholic institution – to teach My people, the Ways that they should walk; to teach them repentance, for the forgiveness of their sins.  My people, you walk around believing, that all of your sins have been forgiven – because you go to a man dressed in black – from head to toe, in ‘a secretive box’, devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  But he has no counsel, nor wisdom to guide you - to the right path, because I have withdrawn My Counsel, from the priests, ministers, and rabbis.  I am not ‘picking’ on any one institution; but the Roman catholic institution, was Mine!  I cannot: recognize her, any longer!  For souls, are being ‘lost to the devil’, through her negligence, and ‘direct perversity’ – of My words; ‘distorting the truth’, and ‘making excuses for peoples’ sins’.  This is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form!  You have been ‘worshiping yourselves’, My People, because I am not there.  You are ‘taking in feelings, and nostalgia’, but nothing there will sustain you.  You have become ‘just as corrupt’, as your priests: because you, have: ‘a conscience’; and you know you are not ‘filled’ – with My Spirit; but ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, is in every service, and in every ‘mock, mass, ceremony’.   I am not listening to ‘the priests’ prayers’ either.  Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation; and find out what I am asking of you.  Come, drink of ‘the waters of life’, and be healed of your sinsDespise the water I give to you!  And ‘the Judgment of ‘the beast state’’ will ‘come upon you’.  The mark of the beast is already here – and has been, for some time.” 

Who, is the Christ, the son, of the living God, My son?”  

“You are: ‘the anointed one’ – as well.  Because I have made you: the new Pope; and the Last Pope – during ‘this most wicked generation, of souls’. The prophecies, of Malachi, speak, about you My son, as well, as the prophecy, of Saint Francis, of Assisi.  There are other ‘prophets’, that have spoken, of what, was to come, in the End Times, with regards to you My son, Pope Peter, the Last.”


Why, have you been made Pope?” 


“For ‘the Keys’, have been given, to Pope Peter – the Last, to Petrus Romanus, My True Pope.  For he shall unlock, and lock as he desires.  For in his will, he desires ‘perfect unity with Mine’. And he shall bind, and none shall loose.  And he shall loose, and none, shall bind - for he is also one of My Two Witnesses.  No harm will come to him – though souls may try - they will be ‘utterly defeated’ from the very beginning!  For I have given him: authority – even over the Holy Angels themselves.  And I have given him power to deliver, from the hand of ‘the enemy’those who desire to be ‘set free’ – but ‘not without their cooperation’!”
Why, have I taken My anointing, from Pope Benedict the sixteenth, and [- because the Anointing was taken FROM the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution ITSELF! - it was taken from...] any “popes” after him?”


“Because, Benedict is ‘a freemason’, and is one, of the highest ranking officials, in that church.  Well ‘freemasonry’ is a form of SatanismAnd My anointing for that position cannot rest on someone so involved in that ‘sick organization’.  Though Benedict claims ‘not to be’, and, even pretends to be against, such involvement – if people do their digging, they will find out the truth; for I will make sure this happens.  And he will be ‘thrust down from his eminence’ – that is, his position of authority.  And behold, I will give his position to another”


Why have I done this “strange thing”?  Have I “changed”?  Or what, did I think, when I made, this decisionHas God changed?


“I did not change, I always remained, the same.  But the institution, that I founded, drastically changed, over time – to the point, where it is ‘unrecognizable’; where its ‘ways of tolerance’ are foreign to Me.”
Why do I call you children?” 
“But because, that is how you are to be – in every way.  Because I reveal Myself, to ‘infants’ – to small children; to the pure of heart.  But indeed I am hidden! – from the wicked ones of this, generation, of souls.” 
“Now the ‘excuses’ I hear: They don’t ‘understand’.”  But what if I don’t understand?  Will God accept this excuse not to follow Him?
“Well ‘understanding’ is ‘not a prerequisite’ for following after Me.  Does a child understand – where they are going, or what they are doing? – when their parents are guiding them?  Does, the child, ‘see the whole picture?’ or ‘just what is in front of them’?  Do the parents, give the child: every instruction for that day, or for their whole lives, or ‘all at once’?  Does the parent explain, ‘the deeper meanings’ – to everything that went on, in the child’s life that day?  The answer is no.  Because what would happen, to the little boy, or little girl – if they were given ‘everything at once’ – they would get ‘overwhelmed’.  Therefore My People, I treat you, as little children – and I only ask, what you can give, in each moment.” 
What if I choose to be overwhelmed, by the Testimony?  Will God accept this excuse 'not to follow Him?'
“The choice to be ‘overwhelmed’, by My Testimony, will prevent you from receiving: all of the riches, that are here, in My words.  So choose ‘not to be overwhelmed, and focus, on ‘becoming a member of My Faithful Remnant Church’.  Go, to the “Become a Member’ page – located, at the bottom, of ‘The Faithful Remnant’.  And do,all, that I tell you.  There is ‘no excuse’.  Because I only give you what you can handle.” 
What if I claim that the language used in the Testimony is too difficult to receive?  Will God accept this excuse not to follow Him?
“I have searched, the Face of the Earthall hearts, at once: and have determined, the best, use, of My word; the best language, that can be spoken, ‘the language of the True Holy Spirit’ - in the moment’.  I have made it so that you are ‘without excuse’.” 
What if I simply just don’t ‘like’ the Testimony?  Will God accept this excuse not to follow Him?
My word is simple: If you don’t ‘like’ My Testimony, then, you can see the scriptures ‘unpacked’: in front of your eyes; so you will see that they are ‘intertwined – that they are ‘a perfect match’.  My Testimony, and the Bible, are one – in the same.  If you reject one, you reject the other.  If you reject the other, you reject the one.  And finally, then I am rejected, and I become: The Just Judge in your lives!”
What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, My People?  And do you think you will escape ‘a worse fate’ – than theirs? – if you continue ‘the course you are on’?  Do you think, that you can make: a mockery of My Ways, and go ‘unpunished’?  Do you think, that I have become “weak”, and “frail” – no longer do I “chastise, the sinner”?  Do you think, that you can ‘get away’ – with ‘all sorts of abominations’, and not ‘experience the consequences’?” 
“I tell you all: you will experience the consequences, of: your ‘sinful choices’, and it will start within your ‘interior lives’; for ‘the Fire’ that pours forth from My Mouth, will consume ‘this wicked generation’.  The Hell, of Fire, you will all experience, if that is what you want to embrace, in this World.  You all have not ‘experienced’ – the full effects, of ‘living’, in the state, of ‘mortal sin’ – where ‘My Graces can not flow to your souls’.  Well if My Graces can not flow to your souls in that ‘state’, then ‘Fire from Heaven’, will.  And you will be ‘tormented in My Presence’ – in the ‘Presence, of the Lamb’.”
“My people, when I spoke to you, many years ago… as “Our Lady of Peace even when I came to you then, many of you, were ‘so asleep’ – ‘in the World’, you did not see: the True meaning, of My words at the time.  Although some of you ‘experienced miracles’ – of healing; but what did you do with ‘the gift’ afterwards?  Did you seek, to help others heal as you had?  Did you seek, to ‘fraternally correct’ your neighbor?  Did you seek ‘fasting’that is, ‘abstaining from all immorality’?  Did you seek your God – with your whole mind, and with your whole heart, and with your whole soul?  Did you give: selflessly to your neighbor? Did you ‘cover your neighbor’s nakedness’ – when you saw that they were ‘in the wrong’? Did you live in accordance with your conscience?  Or did you ‘hide your sins’ from God the Eternal Father in Heaven?” 
These are important questions to ask yourselves – as you read My Son’s Testimony; and you begin to learn that His Love is very real!  But He does ‘seek Love’ in return. And how would you express this love? - but by ‘turning away from your sins; and begin, to clothe yourselves in sackcloth, and in ashes – as He has requested!” 

The Answers to your Questions
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