The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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You people thought the little ones did not have a voice
But The Most High True God heard their cries...

What you are about to read is a shocking Declaration from The Throne of Jesus Christ the Lord in Heaven.  It is a Declaration that shook the Spiritual Realms.  It is "Thee Declaration", the Souls of the Unborn in Limbo, have been waiting for.  It is the Declaration of their Coming Liberation, from Limbo!
Jesus said: SUFFER not, the LITTLE ones, to COME to Me.  For theirs TRULY, WILL be, the KINGDOM, of the ERA, of Peace. 
And since what you are about to read, is going to shock you, you had better make sure you are sitting down, first, before reading this.  When CERN opens the portal to the Abyss on September 23, all the demons in Hell, will be unleashed - in a series of massive waves, upon the inhabitants of the Earth.  It will be "a flood of demons" - and will be clearly visible, for those who have "the True Gift of Spiritual Vision".  That "flood", will emerge from the Abyss, and will manifest in "waves", that coincide with the massive releases of "dark matter", or "antimatter", from CERN.  ONLY those who are aboard "the Ark of Safety" - the Members of the Faithful Remnant Church, will be able to escape "the flood".  That was just "the introduction".  Now, are you ready?
The spiritual reality of Hell, is about to fully manifest on the face of the Earth.  As it does, the spiritual reality of Purgatory, will also fully manifest in the lives of the Faithful Remnant, on Earth.  Because the Kingdom of Heaven, is ALSO about to come down to Earth - as the Fullness of the Era of Peace, on Earth.  Because the Souls of the Unborn, in Limbo, will soon be given back the physical lives that were stolen from them, ON Earth.  But first, the Remnant will have to endure the coming 1335 days, that will begin with the opening of the CERN portal to the Abyss, on September 23. 
You see, what the inhabitants of the land, and what ALL "the UNJUST judges" did not take into consideration - as the modern day "slaughter of the innocents", covered the entire planet in the blood of the Unborn - is "the SPIRITUAL laws".  The Most High True God GAVE the Unborn, "the Gift of Life".  And so, just because that Gift was stolen FROM them, does NOT mean, that the Creator of the Universe, cannot change "the SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL realities", in order to RESTORE that Gift, to its rightful owner.  The Unborn, WILL receive the Divine Gift, of a PHYSICAL, Human Life.  And No One - not even the illuminati - not even the luciferian One World Government leaders -  not even the CERN portal to the Abyss - and most CERTAINLY not even the devil himself - will be able, to stop it.
"Thus says the Lord: “A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping.  Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are not.” Thus says the Lord: “Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for your work shall be rewarded, says the Lord, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. There is hope for your future, says the Lord, and your children shall come back to their own country."
(Jeremiah 31:15-17)
You had ALL, BETTER, fasten your seatbelts.  You are going to be in for quite a ride, aboard the Ark.  The door is shut.  The windows are about to be locked.  The people treading water, are fading fast, as they literally "faint" for fear, of what is about to befall the inhabitants of the Earth...

ACTUAL EMAIL:  “Been a little rocked about the 44 month revelation leading us to 2019.  I will ask Jesus, MHTG, for the strength to get through each day.”

ACTUAL REPLY from PPTL: Believe it or not, you are going to need to do that each and EVERY day, for all Eternity.  And yes, it would be best, to start now.  When you pray “The Breastplate of Saint Patrick”, remember that when you pray for “God’s might to uphold me” – “might”, means “strength”.  And the Blessed Virgin Mary DID proclaim, in “the Song of the Lamb”: “He is your strength”.

When the children of the Members of the Remnant misbehave, and can’t seem to stop, it is usually the result of a spiritual affliction.

Jesus said: N., is being ‘AFFLICTED’, RIGHT now, by ‘a DEMON’… The ‘BIG one’ – AFFLICTING him, the MOST, is ‘the DEMONIC ENTITY, of the ASSAILANTS’.  When he REJECTS this DEMON – from the HEART! – THEN he will be ‘a changed BOY’.  He ALSO needs to reject, ‘the demonic CLUSTER of his FORMER identity’; as WELL, as ‘the SPIRIT of rebellion’.  HE needs to ASK, for ‘the GRACE, of the INDWELLING, of the BLESSED Trinity’ – IN HIS Soul.  HE needs to ‘understand’, that ‘the WAY he has been BEHAVING’, is MUCH like, ‘the children OUT there, who HAVE no SOULS!’  Many “CHILDREN”, have never EXPERIENCED, ‘a relationship WITH Me’ – BEFORE; but HE, HAS ‘that Gift!’  He needs to PRAY for the Grace, to SEE himself as, ‘MY child’.  The DEVIL, has ‘LOTS of children’.  But, N., is ‘one of MINE’. 

Here is ‘a friendly reminder’, that the people who are not OFFICIALY on the Ark, right now need to focus, on getting their Soul back, before they become “a WRITE-off” in the eyes of their Creator.  The Members of the Faithful Remnant, right NOW, need to FOCUS, on what the True Holy Spirit is calling them to do, right NOW.  Simple.

Jesus said: What N. needs to do, My children, is FOCUS on the inspirations, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the Moment.  Because, it is, My TRUE Holy SPIRIT, that will LEAD him – THROUGOUT, each DAY.  In TODAY’s world, it has, ‘ALL, become, about’ PLANNING, AHEAD!  In fact, PEOPLE, walk AROUND – very BUSY, each DAY – CONSTANTLY, THINKING, about “the FUTURE”.  BUT, THAT is for, ‘the WORLDLY minded’; and NOT for ‘My Followers’.  My TRUE Disciples, are called, to ‘DISCIPLINE’, their IMAGINATIONS, AND, their SPECULATIONS, about, ‘how Future EVENTS will UNFOLD’; and, how things will UNFOLD, in their own HOUSEHOLD.  MY True Disciples, are called to ‘LIVE’, IN, “the MOMENT” – and THIS, takes, ‘DISCIPLINE’. But if they ASK Me, for ‘the GRACE’, I will HELP them, to just, ‘BE’.  And what THIS means, is I will HELP them, to ‘STAY, focused’, on ‘WHATEVER task’, they are DOING, in, the Moment.  For they DO NOT know, ‘WHAT is coming NEXT’ – from ONE day, TO another.  ‘The troubles of the DAY’, are sufficient.  So, MY True Disciples, will NEED, to ‘DETACH themselves’, from “PLANS” - ALL their plans!  And SIMPLY allow Me, to GUIDE them, IN, each, ‘moment’.  JUST as My FIRST Disciples lived – IT was ‘difficult at first’; but they ‘got USED to it’.  And then THEY began to hear, The True Holy Spirit SPEAK to them.  And then THEY went out and ministered – TO others.  The PEOPLE in ‘the beast, STATE’, are going to simply become ‘a WRITE-off’.  And they will 'Cease'; to NEVER exist - IF they do not ‘do EVERYTHING that they can’, to get their Souls back NOW.  And that is why I TELL, My TRUE Disciples to be DETACHED from EVERYTHING, and ‘everyone AROUND them’.

Several Members of the Faithful Remnant have simply ‘STOPPED growing’.  Perhaps they need to be motivated, by the simple fact, that the dress code, for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, that begins on September 23, is “a White Garment”,   Here is ‘a UNIVERSAL message’, that now goes out to all of them.

Jesus said:  What he needs to DO, is reject, his DESIRE, to LISTEN to ‘the EXCUSES’, the DEMONS GIVE him - to REBEL!  He needs to ‘ASK for the Grace’, to be DOCILE, to the Movements, of the TRUE Holy Spirit.  The Spiritual life, ISN’T complicated.  BUT, SIN, MAKES it, MORE complicated. The SPIRITUAL life, IS, about growing CLOSER to ME; it is about, ‘shedding off, the old DIRTY garment’ – so that I can, ‘CLOTHE you’, in a WHITE garment.  The old ‘DIRTY N.’, was ‘self-ABSORBED’, and obsessed with [various things] The NEW N., MUST, cast-off ‘ALL the deeds of DARKNESS’; and TRULY, desire to LIVE, as ‘a child, of the LIGHT!’  The ONLY obstacle, to YOUR “improvement” – to, “your CLIMBING” – is YOURSELF!  You HAVE to DIE, to YOURSELF! – in order, to live, for ME!  OR, you can LIVE – to YOURSELF, and DIE, to Me.  There are only TWO “paths”, in FRONT of you.  CHOOSE wisely!

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know more about Saint Joseph.

Jesus said: You can tell him, Saint Joseph is the PATRON Saint, of those who work with their hands, doing 'TRADE work' - the "Skilled Trades" - ESPECIALLY carpentry, and WOODWORKING.  HE is also 'the patron Saint' of Canada!  And 'a PERFECT model', of being 'a MAN - of the LORD'.  For he LOVED his Spouse - PERFECTLY; and he had 'a DEEP connection', WITH 'God the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL father in Heaven' - as he PROXIED for Him IN My Life.

How to discern the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the Moment.

Jesus said: HOW do you KNOW, that ‘you are having trouble, LISTENING, to the inspirations, of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT’ – in the MOMENT? – AND, how do you KNOW, if you, ARE listening, to the Inspirations, of the True Holy SPIRIT – in the moment?  WHEN, YOU, are FOLLOWING, ‘the INSPIRATIONS’, of the TRUE Holy Spirit – in the Moment – YOU, will HAVE, ‘tremendous PEACE’; and, ‘an ASSURANCE’, in your Soul. You will SIMPLY ‘receive the KNOWLEDGE’, that ‘what you are DOING’, IS “the CALL, in the Moment”.  It DOES take PRACTICE; but, you JUST, have to, DESIRE it! – no MATTER, how, ‘UNCOMFORTABLE’, the call, may be.  IF YOU ARE, ‘TRULY DESIRING’, to LISTEN – to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, in the MOMENT, then HE will make SURE, that you ‘heard’.  So there’s ‘NO excuse’ - for ‘IGNORING’.  Because THAT is how, ‘MY True Holy Spirit works’.  HE will SPEAK to you, at ‘a LEVEL’, that you can RECEIVE – in your HEART; or in your INTELLECT.  ALL you have to do, is ‘DESIRE, to LISTEN’; and the INSPIRATIONS, will BE there.  WHY do ‘BAD INSPIRATIONS’ COME?  Because ‘the SOUL’, desires to HEAR them.  HOW do you ‘shut-OFF’, the bad THOUGHTS?  Practice ‘DESIRING, to LISTEN – ONLY – to My VOICE – SPEAKING, within you’.  WHY, are PEOPLE in ‘the BEAST STATE’?  Because they ONLY, desire, to LISTEN, to ‘BAD, inspirations’; and DO, ‘what the DEMONS, TELL them to’. THEY, have BECOME, ‘WILLING, hosts!’ – for ‘the LEGIONS, of DEMONS’ – that will POUR, OUT, of CERN.  But ‘NOT SO’ with YOU!  YOU are called, to ‘ONLY, make ROOM’ - That’s WHY, ‘the DELIVERANCE prayers, are SO important!  You are called to ‘make ROOM’ – for MY Spirit; and ‘ONLY My Spirit’.  As LONG, as you do nothing to ‘SERIOUSLY offend’, My TRUE Holy Spirit DWELLING within you; He will REMAIN there.  He IS, ‘the SPIRITUAL embodiment’, OF, ‘the LOVE between ME, and, GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in Heaven; and where HE IS – WE are too!

Still, some of the weaker members of the Faithful Remnant, are currently being outsmarted by the demons they embrace, and many are now becoming physically sick.

Jesus said: You MUST understand, that ‘the EVIL spirits’ are ‘SMARTER’, than YOU.  THEY are smarter, than ‘flesh and BLOOD’.  And THEY have ‘been AROUND’, for MANY, MANY; many, many years!  For GENERATIONS! – upon, GENERATIONS! – upon, GENERATIONS.  So INDEED, THEY, have, ‘STUDIED’, ‘HUMAN, BEHAVIOR’.  THEY, have ‘found a WAY’ – ‘the evil SPIRITS’, have ‘found a WAY’, to ‘ENTICE people’ – with ‘self-DECEPTION’.  They will EVEN HAVE them, ‘PROCLAIM’ – the individual’s ‘OWN SPIRITUAL STATE!’ – THROUGH the individual – while at the same TIME, CONVINCE the individual, that they are, talking about, ‘OTHER people’.  “HYPOCRISY”, IS, NOT, ‘a VIRTUE’.  THOSE in the REMNANT – who are NOT applying, the same TEACHINGS, that they are GIVING, SHOULD not be “TEACHERS”!  FIRST, My Remnant need, to be, “DISCIPLES”; and, to be ‘TRAINED’ – in the True Holy SPIRIT.  THOSE who are ‘STRONGER’, are called to be “teachers”.  THOSE who are “STRUGGLING”, are called, to LEARN.  It is VERY simple.  NOT all are STRONG; NOT all are WEAK.  And the STRONGER ones – must help to NOURISH, the weaker ones.  And the WEAKER ones, must LEARN, from the STRONGER ones!  For there are MANY – IN, MY Remnant – who have been ‘TRAINED’, by DISCIPLINE! – by what SOME call, ‘harsh TRUTHS!’  THEY are the ones who have ‘CHOSEN’, to EMBRACE, ‘the MOST uncomfortable TRUTH’, ABOUT THEMSELVES – so that they can FIX it!  MANY of My REMNANT, have chosen to ‘FIX’ – what is WRONG, with them; but FEW, are desiring ‘CHANGE’.  The WEAKER ones, want to REMAIN weak – THAT is ‘a bad IDEA!’  BETTER for ‘the STRONGER’, to get STRONGER! – and the WEAKER, to become STRONG!  THAT is called “SPIRITUAL sanity!”  And it is “HUMILITY”, to ADMIT, that, ‘one is WEAK’; but ‘OTHERS are STRONG’.  But it is “PRIDE”, to SETTLE, IN THAT weakness! – and to HAVE ‘the ATTITUDE’: “that is JUST HOW I am!”.  I do NOT “BUY it!”  The WEAKER ONES, MUST learn, that ‘the FRUIT, OF rebellion’ – is SICKNESS!  Better to LEARN, AND grow; than become ANGRY! – because of your INFIRMITY – lest, ‘something ELSE’ – be ‘added TO it’!

ACTUAL EMAIL:  Dear Pope Peter and Mary Romanus, In response to what Jesus Christ the Lord said; to sever from those in the beast state, i decided to travel from home to have some quiet time with the Lord. I observed something when i went to my laundry shop to wash. I washed two bedspreads in one machine but that machine would not drain them. So i removed them and placed them in the next machine but that one too would not drain them. (Note that the machines were not faulty). I was a bit frustrated. I decided to put them in the 3rd machine which i had much confidence it would not fail but that one too failed to drain. I became more frustrated that i said to myself, “Why not stop and leave them alone?” Then the small voice said, “Why not have some patience, because Christ was patient with you? Separate the two bed sheets and see the outcome." I separated them and placed the smaller one in the second machine while the bigger one still in that third machine. I started the two machines and lo the third machine started spinning while the second wouldn't. After the third finished the bigger one i remove the smaller bedspread from the second machine to the third machine but still it wouldn't drain it. I have had enough!  So i left it behind and came the next day to see it done but it had an unpleasant smell.
It had meaning to it:
Bigger bedspread - Myself
Smaller bedspread - My wife
1st machine - Our former Church.. ( it washed us but did not drain the dirt from us) so we left it.
2nd machine - [Our second church] They made us come out of [the first abomination of desolation] But still could not drain us out of dirt.
3rd machine - The Faithful Remnant.. but it’s unfortunate my wife does not want to join me so we have to separate. Most High True God, Please grant me the Grace of Holy Detachment.  And if possible grant my wife the grace to make a U-turn. Amen.

Jesus said: FOR indeed, the SPIRITUAL, and PHYSICAL realities, are INTERTWINED.  AND when, he was ‘LEAST expecting it’ – THEN I gave him ‘a Sign’. But ‘the FIRST SIGN’ – THAT was most important – was when, his Guardian ANGEL spoke to him, and TOLD him to be patient!  WHY is patience, so IMPORTANT?  BECAUSE, when a SOUL, CHOOSES, to be PATIENT, in the MOMENT – and THAT is, ‘patient with THEMSELVES’ – AND, ‘their circumstances’; when a SOUL, CHOOSES this ‘DISPOSITION’, towards Me, THEN! – I can SHOW them things! – they NEVER would have seen, otherwise!  And SO, he has correctly DISCERNED, ‘what HAPPENED’, and ‘what it all MEANS’.  And MY Response, is that I WILL petition GOD, the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father in Heaven, to GIVE his wife, ‘such a SEVERE dose’, of JUSTICE, that SHE will be forced to choose – what path, she wants to take.  And THIS is ‘how I am showing Mercy’.

This is A SPECIAL WARNING to all those who are not OFFICIALLY aboard the ARK.  I am referring to those people who have not received a personal email from your Creator, in response to your Personal, VIDEO, Testimony.

Jesus said: EVERYONE, MUST make, ‘a VIDEO, Testimony’, in ORDER, to GET aboard, My Ark, of Safety!  And WHY?  Because, HOW SHOULD THEY, BE, ALLOWED, to COME aboard, My ARK – My Refuge – for the Faithful REMNANT, when they have not TESTIFIED, to the NATIONS, of the TRUTHS – the Life-saving TRUTHS, that are in My TESTIMONY.  The VIDEO TESTIMONY, IS their ‘CHANCE’, to ‘reach OUT’ – to OTHERS; to PUT, the LIGHT, ON a lampstand – FOR the World to see!  The video TESTIMONY, is SO important – because of the GRACES that COME, from ‘desiring to BE’ a LAMPSTAND, in THESE ‘End Times’.  The LONGER, a PERSON waits – to MAKE, their VIDEO TESTIMONY, the LESS light they will have IN them, TO share – with OTHERS.  That is WHY – EACH, VIDEO, TESTIMONY, gets ‘WEAKER’ – because PEOPLE are waiting – TOO long, to SHARE, the LIGHT, that is IN them! – MY Light.  SO!  If they want to BURY, the Light UNDER ‘a BUSHEL BASKET’ - and expect to be WELCOMED, into My Faithful REMNANT – that IS, ‘self-deception’.  THEY can be, ‘USING the HOLY WATER’; SAYING the Deliverance Prayers – UNTIL they are BLUE, in the face; but UNTIL they make, their VIDEO Testimony – they are ‘OUTSIDE, My ARK, of Safety’.  For I am “Impartial”.  EVEN, small, CHILDREN! – can make ‘video Testimonies’.  THERE is ‘no excuse’.  EVEN those who are IMPAIRED – if THEY, try HARD ENOUGH, THEY will ‘find a way’.  PEOPLE, have ‘WAYS’ of ‘GETTING WHAT THEY want’ – IN, THIS, ‘most WICKED generation’.  NOW – they are GOING to have to, ‘find a WAY’, to get what they need, in ORDER to survive.

One reader asked, “How can 'the state of Grace' be achieved?”  Hmmmmmm.

Jesus said:  By NEVER, seriously, OFFENDING Me; by avoiding ALL, ‘serious, SINS’.  FOR example: Desiring, to turn BACK, to ‘one’s old WAYS’, and STAYING IN ‘that MODE’ – IS ‘a SERIOUS offence’.  BECAUSE, EVEN when ELIJAH, PUT, his CLOAK, over ELISHA – what was ELISHA’s RESPONSE?  He WENT, back; SETTLED HIS affairs; BURNED his LIVING; FED the POOR; and FOLLOWED! – LEFT everything!  NO one who puts his HAND to the PLOW, and ‘looks BACK’, is WORTHY of the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  THAT may sound “SEVERE” – because it IS!  It is ‘a SEVERE reprimand’ – to EVERYONE, in My Faithful REMNANT – to NEVER look back at their OLD lives – to desire to STAY there.  BUT, if they have ‘MEMORIES’, of the PAST, they can USE that, as ‘a REFERENCE’ for ‘the PRESENT’ – like seeing ‘a BEFORE and AFTER photo’; BEFORE the beast state – and ‘when they got their SOUL back’.  THAT is, ‘the most SERIOUS sin’ – that ‘SOME of the Remnant’, HAVE been, embracing.  Because, ‘GRACES’ flow, in ‘the NOW’; they DON’T flow, ‘into the way you once WERE’! – they don’t FLOW into the past.  BUT! – Graces CAN be sent to the FUTURE; and THESE, are called, “PRE-VENIENT Graces”. And THAT is when you ASK Me, to GIVE YOU, ‘the NECESSARY GRACES’, AHEAD of time – waiting for ‘the next TEMPTATION’ – so that My Graces will BE there – to HELP you, ‘Spiritually FOCUS’, AND overcome.
The Official Change To The Traditional Hail Mary Prayer
"On this mountain the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of fat things, a feast of wine on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wine on the lees well refined. And he will destroy on this mountain the covering that is cast over all peoples, the veil that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death for ever, and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth; for the Lord has spoken."
(Isaiah 25:6-8)
PPTL: Is it now time to officially change the Hail Mary Prayer?
Jesus said: YES.  Because THAT will help, My Faithful REMNANT – SEVER – their INTERIOR lives, from ‘the Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION’ – even MORE so.  As even ‘some of the WORDS’ – WILL, be drastically changed.
PPTL: Is the wording, “Pray for us sinners NOW, and at each moment of TEMPTATION”?

Jesus said: Yes, THOSE words, are ‘much more appropriate’. As “death” – PHYSICAL death, is ‘NO longer an option’.  FOR it is written in the scriptures, “DEATH, WHERE is your sting?”

"Lo! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. For this perishable nature must put on the imperishable, and this mortal nature must put on immortality. When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.” “O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain."
(1 Corinthians 15:51-58)
The Hail Mary
Hail Mary, full of grace. 
The Lord God of Hosts is with thee. (Luke 1:28)
Blessed art thou among women,
And Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus Christ the Lord. (Luke 1:42)
Holy Mary, Mother of The Most High True God,
Pray for us sinners, now and at each moment of temptation. (Rev. 5:8)

ACTUAL EMAIL:   Thank you Thank you I love you this is the gratitude song thank you thank you I love this is thank you for everything I love you song!!! Thanks be to God and for the Angels and Saints !!! For everything you gave to me!!! Oh my gosh thank you I love you! 
Jesus said: And NOW, let the WEAK say, ‘I am STRONG’; let the POOR say, “I am RICH!”;  BECAUSE of what, I HAVE done, for My PEOPLE – AS the song, GOES.  And SO, CONTINUE, to give, ‘THANKS’, with a GRATEFUL heart; because the more GRATEFUL you ARE, for everything you have RECEIVED! – the MORE, you will want to SHARE that Light – WITH others!   So do NOT be AFRAID, of the LIGHT, that is IN YOU – Now! – and THAT is ‘MY Light!’; NOT ‘a cheap, fluorescent bulb’; or ‘incandescent LIGHTING’ – THOSE bulbs have to be CHANGED – BECAUSE, ‘THEY burn out!’  But the Light that I give, IS ‘ETERNAL’! – as LONG as you keep it ‘FANNED’; as LONG as you keep ‘the Fire of TRUTH’ – burning INSIDE you – you are LIKE ‘the burning BUSH’ – that was ‘NOT consumed, in ASHES’.  And I SPEAK, IN your interior life.  And I GIVE you words – FROM the Spirit, TO share with others.  You are ‘a BLESSING’ – though the WORLD, ‘SEES otherwise’.  So LET your light, SHINE, before MEN!  You ARE ‘the salt’ – OF the Earth – BECAUSE you have ‘My True Holy SPIRIT Dwelling’ - WITHIN you. SEEK to PRESERVE Him there! – by being ‘OBEDIENT, IN your INTERIOR life’ – TO His Inspirations!  BLESS you child, for your GENTLENESS! – and your ‘HEARTFELT gratitude’!  Hopefully MORE, will ‘catch ON’!
Speaking of "catching ON"... it is sure beginning to sound like “a SCHISM” to me!  Especially as even MORE, and still MORE “so-called catholics” - flee ‘the haunt of demons’, that is more commonly known as ‘the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution”.

Jesus said:  WELCOME, aboard, the Ark! – My child – FOR indeed, YOU have found ‘FAVOR’, with GOD, the Almighty, and ETERNAL Father in Heaven.  For YOU, have, TESTIFIED, TO the Truths, that you, have found – to ‘the NOURISHMENT’, THAT, YOU are receiving – ON ‘a daily BASIS’.  Because you KNOW in your HEART, where My TRUE Vicar IS. YOU know, where My TRUE Pope, is feeding HIS flock – amidst ‘GREAT Tribulation’.  CONTINUE, to KEEP, in CONTACT, with Pope PETER; and RECEIVE ‘the necessary COUNSEL’, for your SOUL.  Because ‘the WAVES’ – COMING out of CERN, are GOING to GET, even BIGGER!  YOU will need to stay ‘ANCHORED’, ON the Ark – of Safety; Anchored to ME, your TRUE Shepherd; Anchored to My TRUE Representative; AND Anchored, to OUR Blessed Mother. 

When people get their spiritual houses in order and get their Souls back, they must then put their physical houses in order, as one new Member learned today.

Jesus said: FOR indeed, My SON, you will ONLY continue, to GROW stronger – IN Me – both PHYSICALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY – as YOU have received, ‘the LIFE-SAVING Truths’, that are IN, MY, Testimony.  And, you STILL, will have ‘YOUNGER days’, AHEAD of you.  YOU do not ‘FULLY understand NOW’; but, YOU will!  THANKYOU, for, ‘YOUR Testimony’.  WELCOME, ABOARD, the Ark!  HERE, you WILL find, ‘SALVATION’ – FOR, your Soul.  PERSEVERE!  I AM ‘NOT finished with you’ – yet; OR, your BELOVED wife.  YOU have ‘much LEARNING’, AND GROWING to do – together.  You ARE ‘the head’, of your household.  JUST, as I, am ‘Head, OF, My CHURCH’ – My TRUE, FAITHFUL, REMNANT, Followers.

The Ark is ONLY for those who are TRULY Humble - as one new Member learned today.

Jesus said: The MORE, that you, ‘DECREASE’, the MORE that I can INCREASE, IN you.  YOU, are LEARNING, ‘DOCILITY’ – to the ‘INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the Moment’.  And you HAVE indeed, ‘MADE it!’  WELCOME, aboard, ‘the ARK’!  HERE, you WILL find ‘REFUGE’ – for your SOUL – AND, ‘TRUE Peace, of Mind’; an ABUNDANCE of Graces, AND Blessings, are being POURED out, in these TIMES – on THOSE, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church.  And YOU are RECEIVING, these Graces; but, you are ‘NOT, JUST receiving’: After, you have been FILLED – THEN, you desire, to SHARE, ‘what has been given – TO you’; AFTER you have ‘applied, the TRUTHS’ – to your OWN life, THEN, you want to teach OTHERS – what you have LEARNED – and THAT is, “TRUE humility”. 

How do "the toddlers" - the very young children, become Members of the Faithful Remnant?

Jesus said: AS for, your SON, CONTINUE to USE, the BLESSED Holy Water, on HIM – and, INVITE him, to spend ‘time’ WITH you, DURING your prayers – but, for a TWO year old – less than 5 MINUTES, would be ‘appropriate’. AND, HE will ‘AWAKEN’, and become, ‘one of MY sons’! I will CONTINUE, to STRENGTHEN you – DURING these Times – so that your JOY, can CONTINUE, to be FULL.  ALL I need, is your “YES!” – in the Moment.  CONTINUE, to KEEP, in CONTACT, with POPE Peter - and YOU WILL receive, ‘Divine COUNSEL’ – FOR your SOUL! – and GROW, rapidly.  AND, ‘NOTHING the world, throw AT you’, will HAVE ‘an effect, ON you’ – as LONG as you keep, your FOCUS, on ME; and do your DELIVERANCE prayers; and USE the Blessed Holy Water.  THEIR “comments”, WON’T matter – because it is ‘only COMMENTS’ – from EVIL spirits.  But HERE, in My FAITHFUL Remnant – they build each other UP – IN Truth. WELCOME to your NEW family!  WELCOME Home!

One Member of the Faithful Remnant asked Jesus if offering the physical suffering of "discomforts" would help the people in the beast state - to desire a Soul, and turn back to their Creator.  And yes, that is TRULY, "a Sign of the Apocalypse".

Jesus said: There is NO need, to endure, “PHYSICAL suffering”, My CHILD – for in THESE times, it is the DEMONS, that are ‘AFFLICTING people’ – with ‘PHYSICAL pain and SUFFERING’; BECAUSE – it is, My PUNISHMENT, for their SINS.  But RATHER, what is MORE IMPORTANT, is that, you UNDERSTAND, EACH time, you DENY yourself – and do, ‘what it is, I am asking, of you’; and EACH ‘ACT, of self-DENIAL’; and EACH act, of CARRYING, your CROSS – IS, ‘in ITSELF, a suffering’; but, it is ‘suffering that has MEANING’.  And through ‘MEANINGFUL suffering’, I CAN, ‘SAVE’, MORE, people.  SO yes, I accept, your ‘GIFT’, of sacrifice.  BUT, ‘NOT in the way’ – that YOU have requested. EVERYTHING, that you do – REMEMBER, to, DO it out of LOVE for ME – and THAT is ‘a Sacrifice’ as WELL!  WHAT, I am LOOKING for, is ‘the SACRIFICE, of a HUMBLE, and CONTRITE, heart’.  So when you SIN, repent IMMEDIATELY; ask, for FORGIVENESS – FROM Me – in your INTERIOR life; I am LISTENING.  Do not ‘HIDE your sins’ – from YOURSELF! - or FROM Me – because, THAT is what ‘calls DOWN’, My JUSTICE – when a Soul, decides to HIDE their sins; but, BE always as, ‘a LITTLE child’; and NEVER, seek to CONCEAL – when YOU, have done something WRONG; and ASK, for the GRACE – to ALWAYS, CONFESS, the MOMENT you have FALLEN – that is ALSO “self-denial”.  IF only people KNEW – it is ‘the acts of self-DENIAL’ – that wash away their SINS; but, ONLY with ‘True REPENTANCE’.  I know, that ‘ALL of mankind sins’ – it is ‘SOMETHING, that My Faithful REMNANT, are striving to OVERCOME’; but if THEY would seek to be ‘HONEST, with THEMSELVES’, and ‘HONEST, before ME’ – well, THAT is how “Love COVERS, a MULTITUDE of sins” – when My REMNANT, are HONEST – with ME, THAT is ‘how they are showing their LOVE’. HERE is “the saddest PART”: if “the FIRST Adam and EVE” had TURNED to ME, instead of ‘trying to HIDE from Me’ – after they had ‘FALLEN’ – well, LET’s just say, that “HISTORY, would have been ‘a little DIFFERENT’.” - FOR I can See the FUTURE – THIS Future; but, I can ALSO see, every ‘OTHER future’ – at the SAME time, I look at the ONE, that is being fulfilled!  And I am AWARE – of each PATH, that a person TAKES – where that will LEAD them; and I am AWARE, of ‘all the paths they COULD have taken’ – and where ‘all those paths would have LED them’.  SCIENTISTS, call that “a parallel UNIVERSE”; but, there’s only ONE Universe!  BUT! – THERE are ‘different OUTCOMES’, DEPENDING, on peoples’ choices.  ONE person’s actions, does not, ‘create a RIPPLE effect, in a parallel universe’ – THAT, is ‘UTTER nonsense!’ And WHAT is COMING – through the CERN portal, is NOT, ‘a PARALLEL universe’; it is ‘ONLY a FLOOD of DEMONS’, AND ‘alien beings’.  And still there are ‘MORE surprises on the way’; not ALL surprises are “pleasant”.

Some members of the Faithful Remnant are noticing that it is not safe to look into the eyes of the people in the beast state; it is not safe to shake their hands, to hug them, or to take their advice.  In fact, Remnant Members are finding that whenever they do so, they become afflicted with ‘the demonic cluster’ that inhabits those “mere human shells”; and they must use THE DELIVERANCE PRAYER to find relief.  Does God have “a Soul LAYAWAY plan?”  Was “the mark of the beast” an act of God’s Justice, or His Mercy?  FIND out:

Jesus said: It is NOT good, to shake HANDS, with ‘people – IN the beast STATE’.  It is ‘not GOOD’, to HUG, people – or ‘allow people to HUG you’ – IN, the beast, STATE. You can SIMPLY, ‘TELL them’, that, ‘YOU HAVE, your OWN, PERSONAL, space’. THEY, will ‘SIMPLY, have to RESPECT that’.  REMEMBER, THEY are in ‘the BEAST state’; and YOU, have been given, ‘a SOUL’.  YOU have Life; and THEY are ‘without, theirs’.  DO NOT allow them to CONTROL, or INFLUENCE, your decisions.  Because THOSE in ‘the BEAST state’ – THEY do not ‘OWN you’.  And YOU owe NOTHING to them.  BECAUSE, THEY have ‘CHOSEN, that state’, for THEMSELVES! – but, YOU have responded, to ‘a higher CALLING’ – TO ‘a higher PURPOSE’. THOSE in ‘the beast state’, will CONTINUE to “DEVOLVE”; and their MINDS, can ONLY get weaker – WITH time.  And SOON, there will be ‘NO humanity left IN them’ – WHATSOEVER.  BECAUSE, they are ‘wicked’; and they are ‘STUBBORNLY, CHOOSING to REMAIN, in their WICKEDNESS’. THOSE, in ‘the BEAST state’, ONLY want ‘false compassion’ – for ‘BAD, CHOICES!’ – THEY CONTINUE to EMBRACE!  Their HABITS; their RITUALS; and their ROUTINES – are ALL, that they have left!   THEY have “expectations” – OF you; but YOU are not required to ‘FULFILL their expectations’; JUST, as, YOU are not ‘REQUIRED to FULFILL, the EXPECTATIONS, of the DEVIL’ – HE wants you, to be ‘ONE of them’ - But, ‘with a SOUL’! – to be ‘a DEMONIAC!’ – COVERED, in ‘the SLUDGE’ – from ‘ALL of their MUD-slinging’.  THAT is what THOSE in ‘the BEAST state’ DO: they SLING mud at one another, and CALL that “LOVE”; and when someone gets ‘TOO dirty’, they just ‘DAB them in WHITEWASH’ – cover UP the mud; but they NEVER, get “clean”. And THAT is what ‘false EXTERNALS’ are for.  THOSE in ‘the BEAST state’ work, SO hard, at “false externals” – that, they NEVER, stop. It is like they are ‘WEARING a MASK’ – and they CANNOT see, ‘the STATE that they are in’ – UNLESS I have called them OUT of that ‘state’.  YOU, have ‘a SOUL’.   And YOU do not have to do ‘ANYTHING that those in the BEAST state COMMAND you to do’.  You can WORK, where I CALL you to work.  You can go to SCHOOL, where I CALL you to go to school.  SIMPLY, BECAUSE, WITH Me: ALL, THINGS, are POSSIBLE; but I will ONLY choose ‘the best PATH’, for you.  I will ONLY lead you along ‘the PATH’ – to, Eternal LIFE.  I will LEAD you, AWAY, from those in ‘the BEAST state’ – to be ‘CLOSER’ – to THOSE, in the Faithful REMNANT.  You JUST need to PRACTICE, ‘LISTENING’.  REJECT, your DESIRE, to embrace DISTRACTIONS; AND, ASK ME, to make TIME for you, to READ the Testimony; ASK Me to ‘set aside TIME for you’, to DO your daily prayers; to USE the Blessed HOLY Water – and I WILL!  NOW that you know, ‘those in the BEAST state’, will do ‘everything they CAN’ – to be ‘an OBSTACLE’, to YOU receiving NOURISHMENT – what more “SIGNS”, do you NEED?  NOW it is ‘time to FOCUS’.  ASK Me, for the Grace, of ‘SPIRITUAL focus’ – IN the TRUE Holy Spirit, and I will HELP you.  REJECT! – your DESIRE, to LISTEN, to the ACCUSATIONS of the DEVIL! – and HE will ACCUSE you, ‘LESS’ – once he SEES you are not ‘LISTENING’.   REJECT, your DESIRE, to be ‘AFRAID of the devil’ – because, if you DON’T, HE will USE, ‘THAT little OPENING’ – to GET into your DREAMS; if he is ‘UNSUCCESSFUL’, throughout your DAY. You NEED not EVER! – be AFRAID of the DEVIL – when you are following ME – striving to do, ‘what I ask of you.’  YES! – the DEVIL is ‘very REAL’ – BUT! – he ONLY has ‘a much power in your LIFE’ – AS you give him.  WHY, is the whole WORLD, in the power of the EVIL ONE?  Because, they GAVE him, ‘that power’.  And NOW, he expects to ‘COLLECT’.  They SHARED, in his ‘satanic POWER’ – THROUGHOUT their LIVES – those in the BEAST state.  He gave them ‘GIFTS’, STATUS, POSITION, and ‘SOCIAL AUTHORITY’.  And SO, he ‘OWNS them’; that was only GIVEN in EXCHANGE – FOR them.  The PEOPLE, who do not ‘CLAIM, their SOULS BACK’ – those in ‘the BEAST state’ – who REFUSE, to DO ‘what is NECESSARY’ – to GET their Soul BACK? – are GOING to ‘suffer’  - A LOT! – both PHYSICALLY, and SPIRITUALLY. I’m NOT going to “KEEP their souls on LAYAWAY” forever!  EVENTUALLY, their Souls will be, ‘THROWN into the PIT’ – with ‘the ENEMY’, and his MINIONS; and THEY, will be ‘TORTURED FOREVER’ – UNTIL they ‘cease to EXIST’.  In FACT it was My MERCY – in ‘TAKING their Souls FROM them’ – so that they would have ‘a CHANCE to get them BACK’!  It was ‘My MERCY’ – to PLUNGE Mankind into ‘SUCH desolation’ – for SO many YEARS! – so that when they found My TESTIMONY – and they used ‘the Blessed HOLY WATER’ – while they REPENTED, from the HEART! – THEY would be ‘ABLE to recognize’, the DIFFERENCE!  HOW else, would PEOPLE, come BACK to Me?

And still, MORE people are turning to the Testimony to have the mark of the beast removed.

Jesus said: SHE, can THANK, her Blessed MOTHER, for HER Intercession.  And NOW, she has RECEIVED her Soul back. The MARK of the BEAST – HAS indeed BEEN removed!  Because, she CHOSE ‘DOCILITY’ – TO ‘the DIVINE Will’ – IN the Moment.  And TRULY, she IS, ‘one OF My children’!  AND, she, HAS, REVEALED, ‘her LIGHT’, to ‘the NATIONS’ – and, what IS ‘that LIGHT?’  It is her “FAITH, in, ME!”  For NO ONE, LIGHTS a LAMP, and PUTS it UNDER ‘a BUSHEL basket’ – but on a LAMPSTAND! – so that THOSE who ENTER, can SEE the LIGHT!   THANK you, for your TESTIMONY!  YOU have received, ‘a TREMENDOUS outpouring, of the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – because YOU allowed yourself, to be ‘CONVICTED, in the TRUTH’!  For THAT is what ‘My TRUE Holy Spirit DOES’! – He CONVICTS the world of SIN, and JUDGMENT.  THANK you! – for PROCLAIMING, to the NATIONS, the JUSTICE! – that befell, the INHABITANTS, of the EARTH.  And THANK you, for SHARING, ‘HOW you have RECEIVED’, MY Mercy, on your Soul.  For TRULY I HAVE, ‘an Ocean of Mercy’; but ONLY for THOSE, who will TURN to it. YOU have been ‘brought low’; and NOW, I have ‘LIFTED you UP to Myself.  WELCOME aboard, the ARK!  Your ‘TRUE Family’, IS waiting.  KEEP in CONTACT, with Pope Peter – My TRUE Vicar; and YOU, WILL receive, ‘NECESSARY nourishment’ – for your CONTINUED growth, and Healing.

Have you noticed, that NO new Members of the Faithful Remnant have been coming from other religions?

Jesus said: AND so, I can use ‘ALL KINDS of symbols’, to SPEAK to people – WHERE they are AT – BECAUSE I TRANSCEND, ‘space and TIME’; I am ALSO, ‘OUTSIDE, of ALL, “RELIGIONS”- and THAT is, ‘the ONES pertaining to ‘an INSTITUTION’, or ‘a TEMPLE’, or ‘a MOSQUE’, or ‘a SYNAGOGUE’. I, CAN, AND, very OFTEN, SPEAK, THROUGH ‘other peoples’ RELIGIONS’ – IF THEY would ‘ONLY listen!’  But UNFORTUNATELY for MOST – they are ‘TRAPPED, in their ROUTINES’, in their RITUALS, and in their ‘HABITS’. AND, THEY believe, that they are, ‘SELF-enlightened’. But, ‘not SO!’ – because ‘THEIR light’, is ACTUALLY, “darkness”.  So, ‘WHAT KIND of LIGHT’, is THAT?  HOW, is that to help, ‘ANYONE?’ – OUT of, ‘THEIR darkness’ – that they are ‘GOING through’?  THAT is why, ALL the self-enlightened, religious, LEADERS – are NOWHERE, and CAN, go NOWHERE – without My TRUTH!   And ‘the Truth IS’ – there is only ONE of Me!  THOUGH, I am ‘PART of the TRIUNE GOD’ – there is ‘STILL, only One’!  But there are MANY, MANY, MANY “false gods” – OUT there – who are ACTUALLY ‘fallen ANGELS’! – that the PEOPLE, have been ‘DECEIVED, into WORSHIPPING’.  I am ‘the ONLY One’ who can bring LIFE – ‘TRUE Life’ – as in, ‘TRUE, SPIRITUAL, ENLIGHTENMENT, THROUGH, the TRUE Holy Spirit’.  REMEMBER, the devil, is ALSO ‘an angel, of LIGHT’.  But HIS “light”, is ‘a FALSE light’.  The TIBETAN monks, and the BUDDHISTS – SEEK after, HIS light.  The Dali LAMA – ALWAYS seeking AFTER, ‘the LIGHT, of the devil’; because that’s ALL, they can HAVE, when they, REFUSE to COME to me.  For I AM, ‘the LORD, Jesus CHIRST’; and I CREATED, EVERYONE! – on the PLANET! – EVERY, PERSON, who has ‘a beating HEART’- I Made! – I formed!  THEY ‘never EXISTED’, before Me. AND yet, ALL, THESE ‘religions’ – will not ‘ACKNOWLEDGE Me’ – as I Truly AM – because to ACKNOWLEDGE ME, is ‘to ADMIT that they have SIN’; and that they are ‘in the BEAST state’.  THAT takes ‘HUMILITY’ – to admit the TRUTH; to admit ‘the TRUE state’, that one is in.  And the religious LEADERS, are ALL GOING TO burn – in the Lake of Fire; AND in ‘the Sea of Forgetfulness’.  BECAUSE I am ‘a JUST God’; and THEY, are ‘UNJUST’.  THAT is ‘their Fate’ – UNLESS they repent – FAST!:

Still, more people are being welcomed aboard the Ark

Jesus said: NOW, you are ‘TAKING, My TESTIMONY, SERIOUSLY’…  YOU, did NOT, allow the DEMONS, to ‘PUSH you ASIDE’; but INSTEAD, YOU pushed THEM aside! – so that YOU, were ‘MORE free’, to SPEAK, ‘what is on your HEART’!  You have ‘RECEIVED, My Testimony’… use, the Blessed HOLY Water.  WELCOME, aboard, the ARK!  You PERSEVERED, until YOU, broke through!  And you HAVE your Soul back – now.  FOR indeed, ‘the MARK of the beast’ HAS been ‘removed from you’, AND, YOU are ‘ONE of MY children!’.  CONTINUE to STAY in contact with ‘Pope PETER’ – My TRUE Vicar, so that you can RECEIVE, ‘the NOURISHMENT’, AND Counsel, that, you are in NEED of.  You ARE ‘My friend’; and I am YOURS – WHEN, you DO, ‘what I ASK you’, to do.  You HAVE ‘a GUARDIAN Angel’ – who is ‘WATCHING over you now’. DON’T be afraid, of ‘your FORMER family’ – as YOU are protected.  THEY can do NOTHING, TO harm you.  YOU have found ‘TRUE Peace’ and ‘TRUE Joy’; STRIVE, ALWAYS to protect, THESE Gifts – that are of ‘FAR more VALUE’, than anything THIS world, has to offer.  WELCOME, home, to your TRUE Family.

The people outside the Faithful Remnant will either be renewed - with a Soul, or they will perish.  The problem the people outside the Remnant are experiencing, is that as the dark matter coming out of CERN strips them of their humanity, their desire to be renewed, is being removed with it.

Jesus said: For My ANGER lasts, ‘BUT a MOMENT’; but My MERCY endures, FOREVER!  For THOSE, who want to TURN to My Mercy – it is ALWAYS, being, offered.  But FIRST they must, ‘RECOGNIZE’, that they ARE in fact, ‘SINNERS’, and ‘HELPLESS’ – without, My Graces.  PEOPLE, have been ‘MADE’ – to feel ‘SO COMFORTABLE’, about THEMSELVES, that they leave ‘no room, for growth’ – for ‘SPIRITUAL growth’ – in the True Holy SPIRIT.  ‘MANKIND’, is ‘AGAINST ALL of My WAYS!’.  AND so, in ORDER for them, to ‘break FREE’ – from ‘the PERCEPTIONS, of the WORLD’ – THEY are going, to have to CHOOSE, to be ‘FOR Me’; they are going to have to ‘choose TEAMS’; because ‘LIP service’ – DOES, NOT, MERIT, ‘ANYTHING good’ – FROM Me.  Do I, GIVE, ‘Lip SERVICE’, to My PEOPLE? – OR ‘TRUE NOURISHMENT’ – for their SOULS?  And so I EXPECT, to receive My Peoples’ HEARTS – in RETURN. YES! – of COURSE My Love IS, ‘UNCONDITIONAL’.  EVERYONE on the Face of the EARTH can ‘guarantee THAT’!   But ONLY those, who ‘have a SOUL’, can EXPERIENCE, My Love – My DISCIPLINE, My JOY!  I am ‘offering, PEOPLE’ – ‘ALL of HEAVEN!’  And so, I EXPECT them, to be ‘honest – with themselves; and honest, WITH Me’ – in ORDER for them to RECEIVE, ‘these GIFTS of the SPIRIT’. SOON, there will come ‘a TIME’ – when people will ‘no longer STRIVE’, to live ‘the Kingdom of HEAVEN’; they will just ‘LIVE it’ – because, it will be ‘NATURAL, to them’; because the devil, and his minions, will be ‘ANNHILATED from the Face of the EARTH’!  And when ‘THAT day’ comes, ‘ALL of Heaven’ – on EARTH, will Rejoice! – as we ALL COME down, to be, WITH, OUR people. AND I, WILL walk, on the FACE of THE Earth – ONCE again, in the Flesh.  And I TRULY WILL be King – OVER, My PEOPLE!  No matter, HOW much, ‘the catholics’ –the FALSE catholics – ‘BRAND’, that ‘spiritual REALITY’, as, ‘MILLENIALISM’ – it IS ‘the TRUTH!’  I AM coming back!  Because ‘HEAVEN’, is ‘a MONARCHY’!  And SO, ‘ONLY those’, who subject THEMSELVES, TO ‘the WILL, of My TRUE Holy SPIRIT’ – NOW! – will be ‘ALIVE, on the Earth’, when My KINGDOM comes.  WHAT do you think! – you PEOPLE of this EARTH, have been PRAYING for – when you prayed your ROSARY?! – when you prayed the ‘Our FATHER’? [“Thy Kingdom Come… on earth…”] THAT is why the devil, hates, the ROSARY!  Because it is THROUGH, ‘the Holy Rosary’ – prayed PROPERLY, and from the HEART – that, HE – the DEVIL – will be ‘CHAINED’ – to the Lake of Fire! – with ‘HIS minions’ – as THEY and all those who follow HIM – wait, to ‘NEVER have existed’.  And THAT is how ‘the Spiritual REALITIES’ are BALANCED!   The DEVIL is destroyed; AND his followers – and I come back PHYSICALLY as it’s King.  WHY, did I SAY, that My KINGDOM is not ‘of this WORLD’?  Because the people of this WORLD – chose, to CRUCIFY Me – they CRUCIFIED, their KING!  But soon My Kingdom will BE, ‘OF this world’ – AS ‘the Era of Peace’, has begun to REIGN, in, ‘My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers’. AND from THERE, it WILL CONTINUE, to Spread.  And WHEN, the WICKED, are WIPED off – the FACE OF THE earth – THEN! – it will be ‘TIME for Me to return’ – in My Third Coming; but NOT before!  For NOW, My Two WITNESSES, have been ‘sent’ – on BEHALF OF Heaven. THEY are My TRUE ‘flesh’, and TRUE ‘blood’; and, THROUGH them, the world, will be, ‘renewed’. And, ‘ALL THOSE’, who want to be ‘PART of My Kingdom’, WILL be renewed; OR they will perish!

Some members of the Faithful Remnant are making plans to live closer together, so that they can actually socialize – or should I say, “SOULcialize”, with people who have…

Jesus said: …HE will be ‘MUCH better off’, with THEM – with his TRUE family.  HE needs this.  So INDEED, I will make it HAPPEN for him.  HE will need to decide - what he is going to DO, with his personal effects, and his personal AFFAIRS.  The TRUE Holy Spirit will Guide him; He WILL know!...  You see I have EVERYTHING planned – PERFECTLY!

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know more about the holocaust.

Jesus said: THIS is ‘all water under the BRIDGE’ My children.  It IS ‘a distraction’, from what she needs to be FOCUSED on, RIGHT now!  And THAT is ‘her PURIFICATION’.  What she DOES need to know, is that the holocaust DID happen –but NOT according to ‘recorded HISTORY’; MANY of the historical records, were ‘TAMPERED with’; AND! – were MIS-recorded.  AND yes, it was ‘the Zionist JEWS’, that made SURE that happened.  The BIGGEST holocaust – that, is going on in the WORLD, is abortion.  I REMOVED the Souls, of the Unborn – after December 25th 2012 – no more “SOULS” were GIVEN, to their mothers.  There was no Soul GIVEN, at ‘the moment of conception’.  But STILL, abortion continues.  IT is ‘still murder’, in My Eyes – BECAUSE of ‘the intent’; it IS against My LAWS, and My COMMANDS.  Thou shalt not KILL?  Why did I SAY that?  Because, there would come a time when PEOPLE, would make excuses, for ‘killing’, another human being.  EUTHANASIA – an EXCUSE to ‘kill the ELDERLY’.  SUICIDE – an excuse to kill, ONESELF.  “THOU shalt not kill” – means ‘across the BOARD’, in ALL circumstances; EXCEPT, when one’s life is threatened directly – in the moment, of self-defense.  VERY simple!

The Gift of The Holy Covenant of Marriage in the Era of Peace

Jesus said: Heaven is REAL!  And YOU are experiencing, ‘a small TASTE of it’.  You are ‘getting a GLIMPSE’, at ‘WHAT is set aside’ – for ALL BLESSED Marriages, in the ERA of Peace. IT is no LONGER about, ‘selfish INTERESTS’ – but, IT is about, “SELFLESS giving” – TO one another – in ‘the HOLY Bond’, of ‘a True FRIENDSHIP’, and ‘True LOVE’. You are being ‘BLESSED’, because, you are ‘SEEKING’ – MY Love; NOT ‘WORLDLY love” – that has “CONDITIONS”.  YOU are being BLESSED, because YOU are CHOOSING, to Love – WITH My DIVINE Love! – your SPOUSE.  And he in TURN, IS loving you back – WITH, ‘the TRUE Love’, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, that you FILL him with – when you are ‘DOCILE’ – to, his NEEDS.  YOU, are ‘LEARNING’ – that you are ‘a TEAM’ now.  You are NOT “two”; but you are ONE.  And TRULY, you HAVE won – the BIGGEST prize! – the Gift of YOUR Spouse’s – SOUL!!!  YOU two, ARE becoming, ‘LOVE birds’ – TWO doves – filled with TRUE Peace and TRUE Joy; and the SPIRITUAL life, is getting ‘EASIER, by the DAY’ – because your FOCUS has changed.  You are ‘SPIRITUALLY focused’ NOW!  AND you are BETTER off – than you were, before.

In this spiritual battle, once a person has a SOUL, the secret is “FOCUS” – ‘SPIRITUAL Focus’ to be exact.  Pray for that Grace often.  And remember do not allow those in the beast state to impose their demonic inspirations on you.

Jesus said:  WHAT he needs to DO, My children, is STOP FOCUSING on the DEMONS. THAT is his MAIN problem...  His FOCUS needs to change.  He NEEDS to FOCUS on HEAVEN. FOCUS on what he is CALLED to do NEXT.  And STOP, letting, those AROUND him, ‘SPIRITUALLY bully him’.  THAT is not ‘NECESSARY’ – for HIM, to BOW, to THEIR will?  He needs to turn to ME, for Strength.  REJECTING the DEMONS, is IMPORTANT; ASKING, for the Gifts of the True Holy SPIRIT, and the INDWELLING of the Blessed TRINITY, are IMPORTANT as WELL!  Because THAT is how, he will HEAL, the FASTEST!  He needs to stop FOCUSING on ‘the WAVES’; and start FOCUSING on ME! – and his ‘LOVE’, for Me; for his BROTHERS, and SISTERS, in the REMNANT.   HE needs to STOP! – focusing on ‘ALL the negative’! Because in DOING so, HE IS living HELL.  He needs to EMBRACE Truth – CHANGE! –for the better.  He can ONLY do this, with ‘SPIRITUAL focus’.


One of the members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know if her deceased parents made it to Heaven. She informed us that her mother passed away before Christmas day 2012, and her father passed away after Christmas day 2012 with the mark of the beast.
Jesus said: Yes, she DID! – her MOTHER, made it INTO Heaven, with YOUR Masses, MY son – as ‘all of PURGATORY’, was released, INTO Heaven.  But her ‘father’ – No, he DID not ‘MAKE it’ – BECAUSE “pride”, IS ‘the BIGGEST obstacle’ – TO Heaven.  One must have ‘a HUMBLE and CONTRITE heart’ – in order to ENTER.  They must RECOGNIZE - that they CANNOT, do it, ‘alone’.  It is ‘NOT possible’.  For ‘SO easily’, people ‘STRAY’, after ‘false IDOLS’.  If they are NOT ‘quickly CORRECTED’ – in order to stay on ‘the RIGHT course’.  Many PEOPLE have DECIDED to BE ‘their OWN judges!’  But they are ‘FINDING OUT’ – at the END of their LIFE – that “their JUDGMENT was WRONG!”  And I TELL them, when they come BEFORE Me – SO they are ‘FULLY informed’ – in HOW they ‘erred’ – throughout their lives.  But by THEN – FOR most, it IS too late; their ‘WILLS’, are ‘fixed’.  And would you BELIEVE, that ‘MANY OF THEM’, actually ‘PROTEST’, DURING their JUDGMENT!  And THAT’s why they ‘END up’ in Hell – because they LIVED their whole LIVES, AS “protestants”. I HEAR – HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, of ‘CASES’ – a DAY!  And I HAVE to TELL them – “THEIR time was UP!” They LIVED their lives, ‘COMPLETELY for themselves’; they HAD “their heaven”; and now they HAVE their Hell.  The ONES, that die in ‘the BEAST STATE’ – the ones that PHYSICALLY DIE – WITHOUT their SOULS? – THAT’S where their Soul GOES – AFTER I TELL them, “the Judgment that they have received”.  THAT is WHY I ENCOURAGE, ‘THOSE who are ‘TREADING WATER’ – to GET on board the Ark – before they ‘RUN out of time’.  Because right NOW – the MAJORITY of them, are “RUNNING on BORROWED time”.  And, I “COLLECT”, each day.  They do not KNOW when ‘their NUMBER’, will ‘come up’.
The Official Declaration on PURGATORY
PPTL: Is 'the spiritual destination' for those who now only exist outside the physical body known as "Purgatory", now empty?
Jesus said:  YES! The only PURGATORY, that is LEFT, is for THOSE, in My Faithful REMNANT, who are being ‘PURGED’, and PURIFIED – of all ‘WORLDLY desires’.  And the Faithful Remnant to BE – whom I will call OUT, of ‘the beast state’ – to ‘LIFE-giving Waters’. 

Interesting note: The enemy of Souls once spoke to Saint Jean Vianney (- a.k.a. the "Curé d'Ars" – the patron Saint of Priests) and said, "If there were three such priests as you, my kingdom would be ruined."  At this point in human history, everyone in the Faithful Remnant is well aware of the fact that the enemy's kingdom is being systematically destroyed, along with all those who adhere to it.  And so, the obvious question remains: "Who were the three priests?"  A priest refers to “God’s Anointed” – and that may be an impossible concept for 'the protestants' to receive; but that doesn’t really matter, now does it!  "The Two Witnesses and The Great Monarch" - is the answer.  As I was attending the Seminary – the name of which is quite obvious here, I would often walk past a giant mural, of Saint Jean Vianney kneeling before the monstrance, in adoration of his King; and as I would do so, I would reflect on that Saint's prophetic words, about "the three priests".  And in hindsight, it is somewhat amusing, how throughout my studies, My Holy Guardian Angel, would from time to time, whisper the word “Pope!” into my ear, and I would simply respond in my interior life with, “That’s impossible!”  Of course, I was pondering the current state of the Institution at the time as I said that - because it truly WAS “impossible”, for anyone like me, to ever be anointed with that title, within an institution that tolerated Jezebel.  Now back to our regular correspondences.

Unlike those who are now aboard the Ark, many people OUTSIDE the Ark have made Testimony videos – videos that testify to the fact that they still have the mark of the beast.

Jesus said:  Unfortunately SHE is still in ‘the BEAST state’.  SHE is going to need to ‘work HARD, AND fast’, in her SPIRITUAL life, in ORDER for her, to JOIN, ‘the TRUE Remnant’.  RIGHT now, it IS, as though she is ‘SITTING back’, and allowing the DEMONS, to bear ‘a very WEAK testimony’.  THERE is ‘no DIFFERENCE’, between what, SHE has observed, and what OTHERS in ‘the beast state’, have observed, as WELL.  But they will not ‘DO, ANYTHING, about it’.  THEY, give Me ‘LIP service’; but their hearts, are SO far away.  SHE is going to need to use the Blessed HOLY Water, and PRAY, the Burning Bush Prayer, from the heart – until SHE notices a difference; until SHE can tell, that SHE is changing for the better…  SHE is going to need to take this ‘MUCH more seriously’.  Because ‘THIS is not a game’.  THIS is LIFE! – that is being OFFERED!  The QUESTION is, “Will she DO what is NECESSARY? – to OBTAIN that PEARL of Great PRICE; and a PLACE, at My WEDDING Banquet?  Does she want to KEEP her dirty blanket? – or TRADE it for ‘a WHITE Robe?”  The CHOICE is hers. BEST, she FOCUS, on ‘WORKING out her OWN salvation’ – LET alone, the REST of HER family. 

It is always good to be up front with the Most High True God.  Do you know why?  Because those outside the Remnant who are not, now have the mark.  And those in the Remnant who are not, are being sorely afflicted, in these times.

Jesus said:  THEY ARE NOT ‘up front – WITH Me’ in their INTERIOR lives; and THEY ARE NOT, ‘up front, with the BOTH of you’. They expect you to KNOW, ‘EVERY aspect’, of their life situation; and THEN, when you SHOW that you do NOT, they have ‘an EXCUSE’, to judge.  IT is ‘not nice’. BUT, it is how, they have CHOSEN to communicate WITH the both of you.  And I can ONLY help them in as MUCH as they are willing to share.  For the measure they GIVE, WILL be ‘the measure they receive back’.  They want HELP without doing THEIR part – then they can ONLY receive ‘afflictions’ – IN these Times.

Here is a hard lesson that some of the afflicted Members are receiving at this time.

Jesus said:  WHAT, you are ALL called to do, is WORK on, your OWN purification – getting RID, of ‘all of the BAD things’ – that you have been EMBRACING, in your INTERIOR lives; and EMBRACE, instead, MY Will, for your lives.  For, MY Will, is ‘TRULY Peaceful’.  BUT, you REBELLED, against, ‘what I was asking’… and chose INSTEAD, to FOCUS, on ‘WORLDLY distractions’, and ‘THOSE, in the BEAST state’. And so you have become ‘AFFLICTED’ – by THEIR DEMONS; and ‘the FRUIT of REBELLION’, is sickness.  SO, you HAVE, ‘SICK ones’ AROUND you now – to DISTRACT you, from, your INTERIOR purification. If you won’t DO ‘what I ASK of you’, THINGS are ‘NOT going to go WELL’.  You NEED to start OBEYING ‘as a FAMILY’ IN, YOUR, hearts!  YOU need, to ‘LET go’ of all THOSE, who are ‘IN the beast state’; and STOP trying to ‘PUSH the TESTIMONY’, ON them.  Because your EFFORTS will be FRUITLESS.  If YOU, are not ‘doing well’ – HOW, can you help OTHERS? – who are doing ‘far WORSE’, than you are?  I, want to help make, your FAMILY, ‘SPIRITUALLY strong’ – in ME.  When YOU are ‘STRONG ENOUGH’ – THEN it will be POSSIBLE, to REACH out, to THOSE around you; but the PEOPLE in the BEAST state ONLY want to ‘DRAG you DOWN’ – WITH them; with their PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL sickness.  IF, YOU want to help THOSE, who are SICK – AROUND YOU – HELP yourselves FIRST! – and THEN I can ANSWER your prayers.

Sometimes the Members of the Remnant may be tempted to believe that The Most High True God has abandoned them.

Jesus said: I have not ‘LEFT you’, My daughter; NOR ‘abandoned you’.  DO not listen, to the accusations, of the DEMONS! – IN your INTERIOR life.  If YOU are ‘SEEKING Me’ – with ALL, of your HEART; with ALL, of your MIND; with ALL, of your STRENGTH; and with ALL of your SOUL – you will FIND Me, on a DAILY basis.  SEEKING, to be CLOSELY, UNITED, to your Guardian ANGEL, and to your Blessed MOTHER, and to My Divine WILL – for your LIFE – will HELP you – to be PURIFIED, EVEN faster.  You JUST need to ‘PERSEVERE’, IN Truth.  YOU, will know IF, and WHEN, you are CALLED to LEAVE there.  Let, the TRUE Holy Spirit, GUIDE you.  YOU, are STARTING, to DESIRE, to WALK, WITH the TRUE Holy Spirit – in EACH and EVERY MOMENT.  THIS is ‘a good PRACTICE’; and is VERY important – that YOU, have been ‘TRAINED, to LISTEN’ – to WHATEVER the True Holy Spirit is TELLING you.  Let ‘THOSE in the BEAST state’ – be ‘ATTUNED, to the SPIRIT of the WORLD’. AS for your CHILDREN – THEY need to FOCUS on using the Blessed HOLY Water – MORE frequently; and simply, PRAYING, the BURNING BUSH Prayer, from their HEARTS! 

Now is a good time to be spiritual focused.

Jesus said: It is BEST, for him to FOCUS, on his OWN purification, right NOW – staying ‘spiritually ROOTED, IN Me’; NOT in any desires, that he has, to spread the TESTIMONY – APART from My True Holy Spirit.  When he is called to SHARE it – HE will simply know. UNTIL THEN, he needs to FOCUS, on ‘PRAYING from the HEART’, and LISTENING to his CONSCIENCE; AND, NOT allowing the PEOPLE – in the BEAST state, to ‘CONTROL his DECISIONS’.  He IS, ‘of age’ – to MAKE his own choices!  And I am ‘WITH him’ – to PROTECT, his SOUL.

Now is a good time to focus on one’s spiritual purification, and to commend all those outside the Faithful Remnant, to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine Justice of the Most High True God.

Jesus said: What N., needs to FOCUS on, IS, his OWN purification -  AND, his STRENGTH and ABILITY, to reach OUT, and STRENGTHEN, ‘OTHER Members, of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church’.  I DID reveal to him… that I am no LONGER IN the churches.  And so HE is going to have to make ‘a CHOICE’, and DECIDE – WHO is more IMPORTANT? – his FAMILY; or ME…  ONLY time will TELL – WHETHER or NOT, he ‘COMES around’.  IT is BEST, if N. ‘COMMENDS’, his brother’s FAMILY, to My IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice.  THAT is how he can help them.

For some people what is most important in life, is to dig their heels into the floors of their religious institution, “come Hell or high water”.  But for the Members of the Faithful Remnant… well…

Jesus said: WELCOME, ABOARD, the ARK! – My child.  For TRULY, YOU have FOUND, ‘a SAFE, HAVEN’, AND, ‘a REFUGE’ – FOR your Soul!  You KNOW, NOW, ‘WHAT, it IS’, that is MOST IMPORTANT, IN your life. You have RECEIVED, “the PEARL, of Great PRICE”.  YOU are EXPERIENCING, ‘the GIFT’, OF, ‘a SOUL’ – of ‘a CONNECTION, WITH Me’; and I am POURING out GRACES, and BLESSINGS, UPON you – in ORDER to HEAL you! – from ALL, of your ‘EMOTIONAL afflictions’.  I am HEALING you, from all your PAIN; BECAUSE, in these TIMES, I DWELL with My People! I am their GOD; and THEY ARE My PEOPLE! – My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, Church.  FOR it is WRITTEN, that I will WIPE away, every tear!   So the PAIN, is ‘COMING OUT’; and ‘tears of JOY’, are GOING in!  CONTINUE, to PERSEVERE; and ‘hold on TIGHT!’ – because you are ‘IN, for a BUMPY ride’.  YOU have GOTTEN on BOARD the Ark, ‘JUST in time!’  Because NOW, you have ‘the BLESSED Protection’ – against, ‘the DEMONS’, and ‘the DARK matter’ – that is PRESENTLY ‘Scourging’ – the Face of the Earth. 

Actual Email: "Jesus please help me to always Be humble and obedient towards your Holy Will not me own. I hope I never make Eve’s bad choice. Help me to grow to love Your Will not me own. Help me to grow and learn to never ever be separated from Your Will. I hope one day I shall see God in all of His Glory and to Hold His Hand as a child that never ever hurts Him and ALWAYS seeking to please HIM and not myself. Help me to never be eternally separated from you, and grateful for others getting to see God in Heaven. Feeling weak but you are STRONG. We shall overcome this together! As a child needing humility I come with my weakness and sadness. Thank you for what you gave and give to me this is the will for me I love you thank you song.  Thank you for this will for me help me to be humble and obedient and grateful song! Let YOUR Will BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN... AND MOST NEVER MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jesus said: PRAY, for these GRACES, My child – that you have MENTIONED.  For these ‘GIFTS’, are PLEASING in My Eyes.  For TRULY, what I desire, is ‘a HUMBLE, OBEDIENT, and DOCILE Soul’ – to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, IN the Moment. WHY, would you WANT, to be INSPIRED, by ANYONE else?  The SAINTS, are ‘PERFECT examples’, of ‘WHAT the call to HOLINESS’, is all about.  The SAINTS, LISTENED to Me – SPEAK to them, in their INTERIOR lives; AND I Guided them.  EVEN though there were ‘times, OF trial’; and they were ‘PUT, through GREAT Tribulation’; THEY are thankful – EVEN now! – for that ‘GIFT of purification’. Because the MORE, they sought, to be ‘PURE, and SPOTLESS’ – BEFORE Me; the MORE in TURN, I would FILL them, with ‘ALL of HEAVEN’ – IN their INTERIOR lives; and THEY would GROW – EVEN closer, to Me.  PURIFICATION, is ‘not a PUNISHMENT’; IT is ‘what is NECESSARY’ – for SOULS, to be filled, with ‘True JOY’! Once they SEE, that ‘EVERYTHING THIS world, HAS to OFFER’ – DOESN’T! – fulfill them – because they are ‘EMPTYING themselves’ – of the DEMONS! – THEN, they will come to ‘QUICKLY realize’, that ‘ONLY I can fill them’! – and give them ‘what they TRULY need’; AND, ‘what they TRULY want’!  The DEMONS! – trick people, into ‘DESIRING things of this WORLD’.  BUT! – WITHOUT the DEMONS, peoples’ DESIRES would CHANGE.  THAT is why, I EMPHASIZE, the DELIVERANCE prayers; the BLESSED HOLY Water, and the BURNING Bush PrayerThe SONG of the LAMB is ALSO, ‘VERY Helpful’! – in DIRECTING your FOCUS, towards HEAVEN.  I AM ‘pleased with you’ My child – because, you are CHOOSING to be ‘as a LITTLE child’; and, you want to be LED, each moment, by My Hand – JUST as ‘MANY of the Saints’, desired.  KEEP persevering!  KEEP OBEYING the inspirations, of the TRUE Holy Spirit – in the moment.  BE purified! – AND renewed, EVERY day.

ACTUAL EMAIL: "I want to share with you the song of my soul. I have been hearing it for the last 3 days and it is simple and beautiful… All Glory, Honour and Majesty belong to you Jesus!  Jesus Christ The Most High True God is worthy of our praise! He is great in power, justice and love. I will sing of the supreme majesty of His reign forever and ever. Amen."

Jesus said: It is SIMPLE, My CHILDREN; it is CALLED, ‘EXPERIENCING FULL COMMUNION, with the Saints, in HEAVEN’ – for THAT is how, they are ADDRESSING Me and PRAISING Me.  BECAUSE of, My GREAT LOVE and MERCY – for the SOULS of the UNBORN, AND! – for the FAITHFUL REMNANT to BE! – who I am STILL Calling, to Myself.  For in HEAVEN, they PRAISE Me for My JUSTICE – AND, My Mercy.  And I in TURN, give THOSE Praises, TO My Father – Who LIVES, and REIGNS, FOREVER, and EVER.  Amen!  For what PEOPLE, do NOT realize – ESPECIALLY, My FAITHFUL Remnant – that ‘WITH a SOUL’ – they have ‘GREAT potential’ – to BE, in the FULLEST Communion, with ‘ALL of HEAVEN’, if they CHOOSE this!  For, ALL of the Saints in HEAVEN – it is their SOULS, that are there; only FEW went with their BODIES!  And for My Faithful REMNANT – THEY have Souls as WELL! THEY can experience, ‘ABSOLUTE Bliss!’ – in their INTERIOR lives – EVEN amidst, ‘ALL of their suffering’ – if THEY would just TURN – towards HEAVEN – and desire to SHARE, in the DIVINE Praises, of MY Father.  Because THAT is ‘HOW they were MADE’ – they were MADE and DESIGNED – TO worship Him – in SPIRIT, and in TRUTH!  BUT! – THOSE without, My TRUE Holy SPIRIT, CANNOT worship My Father – it IS NOT possible!  BECAUSE – if THEY are not ‘BORN, of WATER and the SPIRIT’ – THEY will NOT! – ENTER, the KINGDOM of HEAVEN!

It wouldn’t be called “being born again”, if there weren’t a few “birth pangs”, now would it?

Jesus said:  And NOW, My son, NOW that you KNOW, ‘what the problem IS’, YOU can most CERTAINLY, EASILY, ‘FIX it’. You have ‘ALL of the tools’, that you need – in ORDER to be delivered, from your ‘OLD self’.  And now you must CHOOSE, to USE, ‘the tools’, that are given – for you to BENEFIT from.  WHAT can YOU DO for ME?  WORK, on being ‘HONEST, with yourself’ – on being ‘DOCILE, to the Inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT, in the MOMENT’ – like the WAY that you WERE, when you ‘FIRST, BOARDED, My ARK’.  DO NOT Turn, BACK, TO YOUR VOMIT!  BUT, EAT, the FOOD, that is SET in FRONT of you – My TESTIMONY.  The DEMONS, HATE, EVERY Word, that I speak – to your Soul.  And they HATE, My WORD – MOVING THROUGH, My Testimony.  YOU MUST DECIDE, in EACH and every MOMENT – if YOU, WANT to LIVE; OR! – if you JUST want to ‘FEEL’, what THEY feel.  The DEMONS will GIVE you ‘a BUFFET of FEELINGS to CHOOSE from’; but, I offer your SOUL – life – SAVING Truths…  DON’T, LET, the DEMONS, ‘take you out’!  FIGHT, THEM, BACK!  LISTEN, to Pope PETER!  LISTEN to his COUNSEL, for your SOUL!  And STOP, LETTING, the DEMONS, ‘EAT up’ the COUNSEL, that is GIVEN to you.  YOU need to ‘KICK THEM out!’ – of your SOUL!  MAKE time.  DO, YOUR deliverance prayers. PRAY the Holy Rosarythe new ‘EDITED version’ – PRAY, the BURNING BUSH Prayer, and, POUR out your heart – to HEAVEN! – to My FATHER! – in SECRET!  So that, He can REWARD you.  You do NOT NEED to be ‘on a PEDASTEL’; YOU need to put My FATHER ‘on a Pedastel’!  Because ONLY then, will you find ‘TRUE Joy’. YOU were MADE to Worship Him. SO stop fighting it!  RENOUNCE your old ways! – and CLING to Me!  I, will never let you GO! – BUT! – YOU can always let go of My Hand.

Already, in the Testimony, the Most High True God has revealed, that He has influenced the storylines of some major productions – like Pinocchio for example.  And so, it should come as no surprise to find out that the storyline in the Hollywood film, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, has some profound “Biblical parallels” as well.  In the Testimony, it has already been revealed, that some Members of the Faithful Remnant, are becoming sick, because they did not “choose WISELY”.  Keep that in mind, as you read this next message.  And remember, that in the storyline of the adventure movie, Indiana was searching for the Holy Grail – the cup of Eternal Life.  Of course the Members of the Faithful Remnant wouldn't forget about THAT promise...

Jesus said: She NEEDS to REJECT, her DESIRE, to SEE herself, AS, “forgetful”.  AND, she needs to consecrate her MEMORY, TO, the PROTECTION, of her GUARDIAN Angel.  THIS will give him, ‘SOME work to do’. It IS, ‘the GENTLE promptings’, of her GUARDIAN Angel, that will HELP her, to REMEMBER, the IMPORTANT things – ESPECIALLY with regards, to her SPIRITUAL growth; AND, “reverse aging”.  Is it ‘so SHOCKING’, that, ‘I would DO such a thing?’  When SARAH, ABRAHAM’S WIFE – was ‘WAY beyond, her YEARS’ – for giving BIRTH!  IT was ‘PROMISED TO her’ – that, she would have a SON; but she did not BELIEVE!  BETTER, to BELIEVE, in the TRUTHS, REVEALED – IN MY TESTIMONY! – even, “the ONES, that ‘seem, TOO good to be True’.”  AND, so I SAY, that ‘the OLD’ – WILL become young AGAIN! – first, in their HEARTS; THEN, their bodies will FOLLOW!  For ‘the PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL realities’, ARE, “INTERTWINED”.  NEVER, before have I BEEN, so, ‘CLOSE’, to My PEOPLE! – EVEN, in the TIME OF Moses!  The PEOPLE, did not ‘HAVE’, DAILY Counsel; all they HAD was ‘the LAW’ – to GO by; but in THESE Times, it is ‘the SPIRIT of the LAW’ that ‘LEADS My People’.  “DEATH” is ‘a PUNISHMENT for SIN’ – the ULTIMATE punishment!  But in THESE Times I am ASKING My PEOPLE to LIVE! – WITHOUT committing “DELIBERATE sins”; and so “THEREBY they WAVE the punishment – of DEATH!” By DRINKING ‘the Blessed HOLY WATER’ – “THOSE WHO ARE worthy” will LIVE! – unto, ETERNAL Life. BUT, they CANNOT DO it without a SOUL!  The PEOPLE, of, this, Earth – CANNOT HAVE, ‘The FOUNTAIN of Youth, and of ETERNAL Life’ – without FIRST, ‘REPENTING WHOLE heartedly’; PRAYING the BURNING Bush Prayer; ASKING for My TRUE HOLY Spirit, to come INTO THEIR water; and ASKING ME to set them FREE from ‘the mark of the BEAST’ – from the beast STATE.  The INSTRUCTIONS, are ‘SO simple’ – “a CHILD, can understand!” – THAT IS WHY “the WICKED”, NEVER, will!

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant informed us that in light of ALL the revelations from Heaven, he had resolved to hold fast to his worldly pursuits.  He admitted that he is already struggling to cope with ‘the waves of feelings’ that are now surfacing in his Soul, as a direct result of the CERN firings.  And yet he pretends, to be completely ignorant, of the antidote.  And instead, he has resolved to associate with the worldly “intellectuals”?  Interesting “MOVE” indeed!

Jesus said: HE needs, to ‘QUIT, his WORLDLY pursuits’; and WORK on ‘the PURIFICATION, of his own SOUL’ – in ORDER to survive.  BETTER, to be ‘passed THROUGH, My FIRE of PURIFICATION’, than, to TRY to overcome, the CERN waves, WITHOUT, being purified. For what, HE is EXPERIENCING, what HE, is ‘FEELING’, is TRULY, ‘JUST the beginning’!  That HE, would BE, ‘SO proud, to BELIEVE, that his FAITH, would SURVIVE’ – among ‘ALL of the learned PEOPLE’; the INTELLECTUALS – who are ‘COMPLETELY devoid, of, My Spirit’.  WITHOUT, My SPIRIT, HE will ‘SURELY, lose, his faith; because, HE IS, ‘TOO weak’, in ‘the SPIRIT of the world’.  It is ‘TIME for some tough CHOICES’!  HE is OLD enough to live on his OWN.  It is ‘TIME for SURVIVAL!”

“In the whole land, says the Lord, two thirds shall be cut off and perish, and one third shall be left alive. And I will put this third into the fire, and refine them as one refines silver, and test them as gold is tested. They will call on my name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘They are my people’; and they will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’”
(Zechariah 13:8-9)
“In that day the remnant of Israel and the survivors of the house of Jacob will no more lean upon him that struck them [- otherwise, those who they are “enslaved to”], but will lean upon the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, in truth.  A remnant will return, the remnant of Jacob, to the mighty God.  For though your people Israel be as the sand of the sea, only a remnant of them will return.  Destruction is decreed, overflowing with righteousness.  For the Lord, the Lord of hosts, will make a full end, as decreed, in the midst of all the earth.”
(Isaiah 10:20-23)

PPTL: The “EDUCATION SYSTEM”, is RUN, BY, the government.  NOW choose!

Now it may shock some people to learn, that after we respond to emails, we keep on talking, with Heaven.  Here is the continuation, of that conversation – words that were NOT sent by email.

Jesus: He has ‘met his MATCH’ My children!  “CHECK mate!”  NO time for “games”!  What happened when Jacob wrestled with his own Angel?

PPTL: His hip went out, and it was ‘an ongoing affliction’ [Genesis 32:25].

Jesus said: and So THAT is ‘a lesson, for people, NOT to wrestle, with Me.

PPTL: WHY does it SEEM like we are not getting ANY Members of the Remnant from India and CHINA?

Jesus said: It HAS to do, with “TWO thirds, will be CUT off”. WHAT does “cut OFF” mean, My CHILDREN? 

PPTL: Severed from the vine.  Decapitated.

Jesus said: Which means, NONE of those COUNTRIES – WILL be able, to attend, the WEDDING feast – SIMPLY based, on: ‘Where they LIVE’.  WAS “the OLIVE BRANCH” – extended – TO THOSE COUNTRIES?  THOUSANDS of times!  - My Children; when I would DRAW, the AMBASSADOR, for that COUNTRY, to My TESTIMONY – and they cast ‘IT’ aside, like “a dirty RAG!” – ONLY, bringing, down, ‘SEVERE Justice’, upon their land!  BECAUSE, ‘the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT’ – has ARISEN! – is BACK!  And ‘OLD TESTAMENT Justice’ – WITH Him!

As the spiritual battle heats up even more, one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant became confused, about ‘WHO the enemy IS’.  Perhaps now is a good time to share that Jesus Christ the Lord has often revealed to us, that unlike the enemy of Souls – who simply hates all human beings; my wife and I, are in fact “the two MOST HATED people on the planet” – in the Biblical sense of the phrase, of course. So one of the Members emailed us to share that they “perceived a spiritual attack against you while praying in the last decade this morning.”  They said the attack made them “feel week at the moment.”  They said that the attack made them “feel evil, and feel bad” They said that they felt the spiritual attack roll off of us onto them.  Now remember, this just one manifestation of a spiritual affliction manifesting in a Member of the Faithful Remnant - BEFORE CERN opens the portal to the Abyss.

PPTL: That sounds like a manifestation of 'the demonic entity of the assailants' in [your] interior life.  Because the assailants KNOW, that we are ALL, deflecting their attacks, with Divine Justice attached - back at them, and back at everyone who embraces their demonic entity.  They are all, getting hit hard.  And WHEN they get 'hit', some of them will know, intuitively, where that 'hit' is coming from.  But just for True Peace, in your interior life, I will check my discernment with the King. 

Jesus said: IN as Much as she is EMBRACING it - THAT is 'what she FELT'.  BEST for her, to reject, 'the demonic entity of the assailants', daily.  EVEN 'just in her INTERIOR life'; and ASK for the Corresponding Grace, to live her TRUE identity, AS My child.

Some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant are quickly realizing, that when their doctor sentenced them to “a life sentence as a drug dependent”, he did so with his pocket book in mind.

Jesus said: ALL Big Pharma, “psychotropic”, medication, was ‘DESIGNED’, BY the manufacturer, to KEEP people ‘DEPENDENT’, ON them – on the PRESCRIPTION, and on the DRUGS, themselves.  NO drug, is ‘the SOLUTION’, to the PROBLEM – of ‘the SPIRIT’ – the ‘EVIL spirit’, that is LINGERING, INSIDE people – TELLING them, that THEY, are ‘BAD’, HORRIBLE, and even STUPID.  Now THIS, may be TRUE – for some PEOPLE; BUT I TELL you, the DRUGS, actually CAUSE, the INDIVIDUAL, to HEAR, ‘demons’!  IT, IS, ‘the COUNTERFEIT, SOLUTION’, to ALL their problems.  The biggest problem right NOW – IS that the people ARE, without their SOULS!  But the SECOND biggest problem, is that, the PEOPLE, in the REMNANT, have become so DEPENDENT, on the GOVERNMENT – on the DOCTORS, and on the CHURCHES – that THEY must learn to ‘WEAN, their SOULS”, from, these ‘abominations’. The TRUE HOLY Spirit, is ‘the ONLY, antidote’; HE is ‘the antidote, to EVERYONE’s problems.  But the ONLY WAY for PEOPLE, to receive the ANTIDOTE, is by USING ‘the Blessed HOLY Water’.  The WAY, to STOP being ‘DEPENDENT’, on DRUGS – for ‘FEELINGS of affirmation’, is to STOP! - Is to ask ME, FOR ‘the Grace’; and then just STOP!  TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit, INSTEAD.  Ask the TRUE Holy Spirit – for the ones who have their SOULS! – that is; ask the TRUE Holy Spirit, to FILL you, with His LOVE; with His HEALING.  Reject the SPIRIT, of infirmity – the spirit, OF illness; and ASK for the Grace to be WELL!  ASK Me to HEAL you – from your ‘dependency’, on drugs; and I will DO this!  I will ‘CUT, the serpent’, that BINDS you – TO the medication.  But YOU must do ‘YOUR part’.  You must desire to go ‘WITHOUT, the demonic CONSOLATIONS’ that YOU have become accustomed to – THROUGH the use of drugs.  “DRUGS”, is ‘a big PROBLEM’, in the world today;  because, PEOPLE have REJECTED, MY Counsel – so, they were turned OVER, to receive “counsel”, from the MINDS, of THOSE, “INTELLECTUALS”, whose MINDS and HEARTS, have been ‘DARKENED’ – by GREED!  If PEOPLE continually REFUSE, My COUNSEL, the ENEMY always offers them, ‘a COUNTERFEIT solution’ – that, ‘LOOKS like, a solution’; but will ONLY cause more PROBLEMS for them – in the TIME to come.  I offer, ‘the COUNSEL of My TRUE Holy Spirit’ – to THOSE who DESIRE, to be SET free – from ALL of the snares, of THIS world – “drugs”, only being ONE of them!

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant was offered thousands of dollars worth of gifts; but with the condition that he would have to ‘bow to the will of man’, as a “debt slave”.  After turning to the True Holy Spirit, he declined.

Jesus said: He has discerned WISELY; it IS "a snare". He needs to CONTINUE, to follow the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, IN THE Moment; and RECOGNIZE, that INDEED, he DOES, HAVE ‘the GIFT’, OF DISCERNMENT.  This WILL make, ‘his life CHOICES’, much EASIER.  Because, he has ‘some HARD ones’, to make – AHEAD of him.  BETTER, to be NOURISHED, BY, My TESTIMONY – than to be offered ‘ALL, the TREASURES of the WORLD!’ – ONLY to perish by them.

In the wake of the August Tianjin China Explosions, the Media quickly pointed the public eye to a space satellite weapon known as “the rod of god” – as the cause of the explosions.  One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know if this was a rare case of the media telling the Truth.

PPTL: It is what is known as “a DOUBLE Psyop”. The One World Government leaders, know about the Testimony, but they want the people to associate “the Rod of God” with THEIR destructive power.  And at the same time, they want to reduce the Global population, by having the Governments turn on their own people – as they did in the West Texas explosion.  They also, want people to believe, that the space technology, is all about weapons and travel, when really it is all about surveillance. So all THREE of these PsyOps in fact, are manifesting in the online chatter – that is being carefully scripted and propagated by the CIA, and other Government media agencies.  I will now ask Jesus, to add His insights, on the topic of “the Rod of God” weapon, and the explosion in China.

Jesus said: AND by DOING so, My children, the ONE World Government – LEADERS, CONTINUE, to MAINTAIN, “CONTROL” – OVER the peoples’ BELIEFS – AS, they CONTINUE to ‘STEER’, ALL of the PEOPLE, in ‘the beast, STATE’ – towards ‘THEIR, agenda’ – for the rest, of the world.  The DEVIL knows, that ‘his TIME, is short’. And SO, he is ‘STILL doing’ – EVERYTHING, he POSSIBLY, can – to KEEP, “the SMOKESCREENS up!” – and KEEP the PEOPLE, ‘AS, his PET goats!’ – STUCK! – in a BOX! – FORCED, by their OWN, ‘CHOICES’ – to be ‘MESMERIZED, and HYPNOTIZED’ – BY the media, IN front of them.  BECAUSE, they SUPPRESSED the TRUTH; and REJECTED, MY Spirit! – the GIFT, of ‘DISCERNMENT’. IS it so HARD, for PEOPLE, to BELIEVE, that their OWN, GOVERNMENTS, would TURN, AGAINST THEM?   WHAT happened, to NERO, of ROME? – when HE ‘DECIDED, that it was a good IDEA to BURN, his own CITY?’.  WHO did the ROMANS, end up BLAMING, for ‘their city’s DESTRUCTION?’ – but the CHRISTIANS, at the time.  And NOW, in THESE, MOST, WICKED, TIMES – the ONE, WORLD, GOVERNMENT, “NEROS” – ALL, want their ‘STAMP’, on THEIR “AGENDAS, for humanity” – ALSO known as, “the UNITED Nations”.  THEY want, to CLAIM, that THEY are the ones RESPONSIBLE – FOR ‘the DESTRUCTION’ – in the WORLD. BUT! – in SUCH a WAY, that the PEOPLE, WON’T, BELIEVE it – the MAJORITY of them.  THEY WANT to ‘put their STAMP’, on ‘the WICKED, evils’ – that they DO against their own PEOPLE. BUT! – in SUCH a WAY, that the PEOPLE, cannot SEE, ‘what is GOING on’ – RIGHT, in FRONT of them.  The TRUTH, of ‘the MATTER’ – is that CHINA, BOMBED, their OWN FACTORY – their own BUILDING.  CHINA, and the US, are “FRIENDS!” – with one ANOTHER; AND they are “FRIENDS”, with RUSSIA!  THEY are ‘only PRETENDING!’ – to be ‘at war’.  And the PEOPLE, are ‘BUYING’, their LIES – over My TESTIMONY; it is “VERY, sad!”  THERE is NO ‘ROD, of GOD’ – WEAPONIZED satellite; NOT like THAT!  THERE IS however “the STAR WARS program” – where they DO have ‘the ABILITY to burn a HOLE’ in the earth – FROM satellite, undetected [- the most famous example of this is "the Guatemala Sinkhole"].  THERE, it’s OUT now.  SO much for ‘ONE, WORLD, GOVERNMENT “TOP SECRETS!”’  THEY, do not realize, that I, am at ALL their meetings; and I hear EVERYTHING, that they are PLANNING!  And EVEN, what they are PLANNING to DO, with the LARGE Hadron Collider.  It’s NO SECRET NOW!  THOSE who ‘want the TRUTH’! – they HAVE it!  For THOSE who want to ‘CONTINUE to suppress the TRUTH in their INWARD beings’ – they can have “all the dark MATTER they want” – and perish IN it.  Because it DOESN’T matter – if the WICKED ‘choose to perish’ WHAT is THAT to Me!!  Of COURSE, I desire that ‘NONE, would perish’; but UNFORTUNATELY FOR the world – THEY do not ‘desire the same’.

We get many interesting video Testimonies from people who STILL have the mark of the beast.  They believe falsely that it has been removed - because of ‘the plague of self-deception’, that has currently been unleashed upon the entire face of the Earth.  And as the ongoing CERN waves strip more and more of their humanity away, their ability to gather sane thoughts, is now rapidly diminishing.  Perhaps the reaction from Heaven says it all…

Jesus said:  Dancing in WALMART? – is ‘NOT a good sign’. Because ‘the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST’ ESPECIALLY, pours out over the airwaves, in THAT place!  He has some WORK to do if he WANTS to survive.  HE is going to have to get rid of ‘that ANGER’.  He tried to muster up some false EXTERNALS, and pretend that ‘THAT was JOY’.  Not BUYING it!  NOT for a second!  HE needs to find out, ‘what course he is going to take NEXT’. Because WITHOUT ‘True REPENTANCE’; and without REAL Blessed Holy Water? – ALL he HAS is ‘false externals’ – and ‘the FEELINGS the demons GIVE him’.  He is NOT GOING to deceive My Two WITNESSES! – NOT, even, for ‘a SECOND!’ …use the Blessed HOLY Water – ONCE, it is Blessed; because right NOW, it ISN’T.  WHEN, their HOLY Water, IS Blessed – if HE decides, to ‘be REAL’, and to BECOME, a Member, of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH – THEN, he will be ABLE, to help his WIFE – to begin HER healing.  AS it stands NOW – the UNFORTUNATE Truth REMAINS – there is VERY, LITTLE, ‘left in her’ – to WORK with.  I can help her heal.  But only with HIS cooperation.  Let THAT be ‘his motivation’.

These are strange times indeed.

Jesus said: What ‘ALL those, OUTSIDE the Ark’ – reading the TESTIMONY, ‘have, GOING on INSIDE them’… They ARE being chased by their DEMONS, and their SINS! – and THEY are not ‘IN, a safe place’, RIGHT now; they are ‘WANDERING, the DESERT’ – looking, for “NOURISHMENT”; when, they HAVE it – RIGHT, in FRONT of them! – IN, My TESTIMONY!  They are ‘LOOKING for their THIRST, to be SATISFIED’; but they won’t DO, ‘what is NECESSARY’ – to ‘GET aboard, My ARK’. MANY of them, are simply ‘EXPECTING Me’ – to let them, ‘pour IN’, at ‘the last, minute’.  THEY believe ‘FALSELY’, that I am ‘so MERCIFUL’ – that I will just ‘open up all the DOORS’! – BUT! – what ‘the PEOPLE OUTSIDE the Ark’ – looking IN – do NOT ‘REALIZE’ – is that ONCE the FLOOD, of DEMONS is UNLEASHED – UPON them! – I CANNOT open the door, for the SAKE of those, who are ‘still INSIDE!’ – My Ark, of Safety.  MANY people are ‘waiting TOO late!’ – to be LET in.  And SO! – they are GOING to be left, WITHOUT! – “protection, from the demons”.  WHEN SEPTEMBER 22nd, comes.  THEY, WILL, WANT to COME on BOARD the ARK! – even MORE!  And it’s ONLY ’cause the DEMONS are ‘DRIVING them!’  Understand?  My CHILDREN?

And more people are being clothed in white Robes!
Jesus said:  WELCOME, aboard, the ARK, My Daughter!  For TRULY, you HAVE ‘found FAVOR’, with GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL Father, in Heaven. And YOU have ‘GIVEN, a SOUND Testimony’ – of your ‘NEW-FOUND faith’ – IN Me; in ‘the TRUE, Roman Catholic faith’ – with My TRUE Representative – Pope PETER, the LAST – at ‘the HELM’, of ‘the SHIP’.  For, ACCORDING to, Don Bosco's VISION – his ‘prophetic VISION’, YOU, are ON, ‘THAT ship’, NOW!  It IS, ‘a MOST, EXCITING time’ – to LIVE in! - FOR, My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers.  BUT! – a MOST ‘TERRIFYING time’ – for ‘ALL those’, who are ‘OUTSIDE My favor’.  For TRULY, “the veil”, IS being ‘lifted OFF’ – OF your intellect; and, YOU are ‘just BEGINNING’, to SEE, ‘with SPIRITUAL vision’.  INDEED, YOU are ‘waking UP’ – from ‘a deep SLEEP’; and YOU, have FOUND, ‘Eternal LIFE’.  For I AM your GOD; and YOU are MY child.  SEEK to PERSEVERE!  And LIVE, ‘the Era of TRUE Peace’ – in your INTERIOR life.  The PEACE, that I can ONLY GIVE to you – when you are being ‘HUMBLE, obedient, AND docile’; the ATTITUDE, you are CALLED to HAVE, is, ‘YOUR Will be done ETERNAL FATHER IN Heaven – both NOW AND Forever’!  Amen.  For in HIS WILL – YOU will be, fulfilled.
And still, more people are sending in videos.  But not all the people on video, have a Soul; and that is what is required, to board the Ark of Safety.
Jesus said: What, you have ‘found’, is My TESTIMONY – the ONE, WRITTEN about, in the Book of Revelations.  And PETER, and MARY, are My Two WITNESSES.  They are ALSO, My True BROTHER, and True SISTER.  But these ‘TRUTHS’, YOU cannot receive, IN ‘the state’, that you are IN.  It is like, you are looking through ‘FOGGY glasses’.  HOW, can you SEE, ‘CLEARLY’, what is in FRONT of you, with ‘the VEIL’, COVERING, your intellect? – covering your MIND.  RIGHT now, the TRUTH is, you have ‘the mark of the BEAST’; you are ‘without your SOUL’ – and ‘what this means’, is you have ‘NO connection with Me’.  YES, you have ‘RECOGNIZED’, My WORD – as being ‘FROM Me’ – BUT! – SO, DO, The DEMONS!  You STILL, have, ‘a LOT of ANGER’ – INSIDE you – that YOU need to get RID of.  You NEED to PRAY, the BURNING Bush Prayer – ON, ‘the DAILY Prayers’ page; and USE the Blessed Holy Water; and REPENT, from the HEART – of ALL, of your sins – and you SINFUL ways.  ASK, the TRUE Holy Spirit – to REVEAL to you ‘WHERE you have sinned’.  YOU need to REPENT from the HEART; and EXPERIENCE, ‘the NEW, Pentecost’.  YOU need My Blessed HOLY Water; but it is ONLY when you have REPENTED – that My SPIRIT, will ‘COME UPON, THE Water’ – and the MARK of the beast will be removed; and then YOU will be given your Guardian ANGEL.  Because Guardian ANGELS, Guard ‘SOULS’ – and YOU are ‘WITHOUT yours’ – UNTIL you do, ‘what I ASK of you’.  I WANT YOU aboard My ARK – so YOU are going to have to take your own ADVICE – and HUMBLE yourself, in order to GET there.  DESIRE to LOVE Me –your CREATOR; I will FILL you with My LOVE – ONCE the mark has been REMOVED.  You STILL have ‘much READING to do’ – to UNDERSTAND ‘what is in FRONT of you’.  But you are free, to ‘skip all of THAT’, and go RIGHT to ‘the Burning BUSH Prayer’.  You NEED, My TRUE Holy Spirit INSIDE YOU – in order to RECEIVE, My TESTIMONY.

Sometimes, when the people who are wearing the Sign of Jonah on their foreheads, fail to repent from the heart in their first video Testimony, they ask for a Sign.

Jesus said: She IS ‘a scared little child’ My children.  She ‘DID bad’, she got punished, and she KNOWS it.  She has felt the power, of ‘the OLD Testament God’, My children.  And, she KNOWS NOW, that My TESTIMONY is TRUE.  Remember, how I spoke of people wanting SIGNS.  And, WHAT sign, does ‘a WICKED generation’ receive?  BUT ‘the Sign of JONAH?’  And if THAT is ‘not ENOUGH’ – then ANOTHER “Sign” is added – a Sign of My Disapproval, and JUSTICE – on the individual.  SHE has been humbled.  And KNOWS now, that, I have INVITED her to ‘the Wedding Feast’.  And NOW, all she NEEDS, is ‘a white GARMENT’ – AND, she can ATTEND – to be ‘CLOTHED in Graces’.  The WINDOW is open. And YES, her TESTIMONY IS “true”. BUT!  IT, is BETTER, FOR HER, AND for others, if she spends more TIME, USING ‘the Blessed Holy Water’; PRAYING ‘the Burning Bush Prayer’ – FROM the heart; SEEKING Repentance – from ‘the VERY depths, of, her being’.  She needs to PERSEVERE.  I want her to be, ‘at PEACE’, when she gives her Testimony.  PEOPLE, do NOT always, GET ‘ADMITTED’, the first, ‘TIME’; the first ‘VIDEO’.  NOW she KNOWS, the Truth; and KNOWS ‘what to WORK on’.  And N., can HELP her. 

When the women of the Faithful Remnant aren’t filled with the True Joy of the True Holy Spirit…

Jesus said: PRAYING, for ‘HOLY DOCILITY’, to My DIVINE Will and PLAN – FOR your LIFE, WILL help, ‘TREMENDOUSLY’ -  in GETTING rid, of ‘that VILE spirit’ – “JEZEBEL”. Because, she SIMPLY hates, ‘My HOLY Will’; and ONLY wants to DO, ‘the WILL, OF, the DEMONS’.  So you MUST REJECT, ‘the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL’ – EVERY day! – and ASK for ‘the GRACE of the INDWELLING, of the BLESSED Trinity, in your SOUL’ – INSTEAD.  WHENEVER, people AROUND you, ‘REJECT’, My TESTIMONY – YOU are CALLED, to COMMEND them, to MY DIVINE Justice; and THEN, ‘CARRY on’ with your day.  FOCUS, on ASKING, the TRUE HOLY Spirit – ‘what it IS’, that  HE wants you to accomplish; and DO, ‘what MY HOLY Spirit’, TELLS you to.  SEEK to PLEASE Me in EVERYTHING that you do; and your ‘JOY’, will be full.  In FACT, YOU will BECOME, “JOYFUL!”.  

Once people lose the mark of the beast, and get aboard the Ark of Safety, there is a strong temptation to focus on everything BUT, what is being asked of them.  Jesus understands that choice – REALLY, He does.  Here, I will show you…

Jesus said: AND so, there is ALWAYS ‘a CHOICE’ - to FOCUS on ‘feelings’; or focus on the TRUTH, that is in FRONT of you.  It is MUCH better, to FOCUS, on ‘the TRUTH that is in My TESTIMONY’; than to listen to the DEMONS – GIVE you ‘ALL SORTS of FEELINGS’ – in order to DISTRACT you – FROM ‘the healing BALM’; from My Healing WORDS.  YOU decide, HOW much, YOU – want to BENEFIT – FROM, My Testimony – by ‘how much TIME’, YOU put in, to READING it!  My WORDS, they give ‘LIFE’; SO ‘desire LIFE’.  The DEMONS’ FEELINGS, and even THOUGHTS – ONLY STEER you AWAY – FROM, My LOVE, for, your SOUL.  It DOES NOT ‘matter’ – what ANYONE thinks; what ‘MATTERS’, is ‘what is TRUE’. You HAVE ‘the WAY’; it is ‘right in FRONT of you’.  NOW choose to WALK it!  But do not, give Me ‘a LITANY of excuses’ – as to ‘why you CAN’T’.  So the WORLD ‘EXPECTS things from you’; and YOU expect things from IT!  THAT’s “a PROBLEM”.  WHAT is more IMPORTANT? – what the WORLD, ‘expects, you to DO’; ‘expects, you to BE’ – or what ME, your ‘GOD’, IS, DEMANDING of you – IN, these Times.  Do I have ‘a RIGHT to demand’?  Of COURSE I do.  FOR I MADE you!  YOU belong to ME.  SO, let Me MOULD you; let me FORM you – the way, you were MEANT to be MOULDED, and FORMED – on the INSIDES!  LET Me ‘SHAPE you’ – the way I pictured you – BILLIONS of years ago!  DO NOT, ‘RESIST’, being FORMED by ‘My TRUE Holy Spirit’; OR, ‘YOU will crack!’; and ‘HARDEN’.  Because I am “the potter!”  And YOU, are “the clay”.  Do NOT, ‘RESIST’, My WATER!  YOU NEED, ‘Blessed HOLY WATER’; you need My TRUE Holy Spirit - In order for YOU, to be ‘FORMED’ – the RIGHT way!  There are ‘ONLY two choices’: to be ‘FORMED BY Me’; or be DEFORMED, by ‘the demons’

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant was watering her Soul, as she watered her garden.  The simple act of heartfelt prayer, is now so uncommon, that it actually shook the spiritual realms all around her.

Actual Email: Yesterday during watering in the blueberries and praying for the Holy Mother to speed up my purification and also praying to the Lord Jesus Christ to heal me from my sins, i raised my hands up into the air and closed my eyes to continue praying and heard the wings of a bird fly by. I opened my eyes up and saw a turkey vulture in a tree about 50 feet away and it looked at me and then turned and flew away. Those birds fly around here but in 15 years on has never landed near us while we were outside. And so I thought I should go write down what just occurred; but then it came into my head to pray the deliverance prayer. So i was wondering what in the Spiritual realms was happening.

Jesus said:  The turkey vulture, was simply ‘a SIGN’, of ‘the enemy’s PRESENCE’, while she was PRAYING.  WHAT, do VULTURES, ‘ENCIRCLE’? – but their ‘PREY’; and ‘ESPECIALLY’, rotting flesh; rotting ANIMALS.  AND, where I am, the ENEMY is ‘close By’ – because, he seeks to DEVOUR the Graces, that are being POURED from HEAVEN – so that ‘the DEMONS WITHIN the Remnant’, EAT them UP! – so that ‘the GRACES’, do NOT ‘GET a chance’, to REACH, the Soul.  The DESIRE, for ‘a FASTER Purification’, is ‘a GOOD and HOLY desire’.  And some of the Saints, THEMSELVES, would leave HEAVEN, and ‘come down to EARTH’ – JUST so they could be ‘PURIFIED even MORE’ – SO that I could FILL them – EVEN more!  So NEVER, neglect, ‘the Gift, of Purification’! – so that your JOY, may, be full.

The Members of the Faithful Remnant, who are DOING what is being asked of them, are CALLING on the Name of the Most High True God, and He IS coming to them – to fill them, with GOOD things!

Jesus said:  For where, TWO or more are GATHERED – IN, My Name, THERE, I AM, in the MIDST of you – in the midst, OF, your FAMILY; because you CALL UPON Me;  because, you CALL, UPON My NAME – in TRUTH! - and, YOU are STRIVING, to be ‘UPRIGHT’ – in HEART.  YOU have, REMOVED, from your HOME, ‘the ABOMINATIONS’, that, were in your MIDST.  So I COME, TO you, when you call – SO that, I can FILL you – WITH, My TRUE Peace; My TRUE Love, AND, ‘HEAVENLY Consolations’. YOU, are GROWING – IN, the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT.  BECAUSE, you have stopped, ‘RESISTING’; and, are ‘TRULY desiring’, to be ‘formed’ – to be ‘MOULDED’, in My IMAGE and LIKENESS.  That YOU would DESIRE THIS, with ‘SUCH, SINCERITY’ – is ‘TRULY a Gift’ – TO, My Father – that YOU, would Desire, ‘PURIFICATION, of YOURSELF’ – AND, your family – is ‘TRULY a Blessing’, upon, your home. And, EVEN as, ‘the BIGGER, CERN waves’ approach, as LONG, as you KEEP your MIND, and HEART – FOCUSED on the TRUTH; and let NOTHING DETER you, from ‘your PRESENT course’ – YOU will be ‘on TOP of the waves’!   REMEMBER to keep your EYES focused – on ME, ALWAYS!   And THAT is how you will ‘MAKE it’ – through ‘the DELUGE’ of demons – that is ‘ABOUT to be released’.  WELL done! – GOOD, and FAITHFUL, servant!

One of the Members of the Faithful Remnant wanted to know if her Grandmother and Cousin made it into Heaven.  She also wanted to know if she saw a real UFO in the sky, on one day in particular.

Jesus said:  YES, she DID!  Your GRANDMOTHER MADE it!  Into Heaven.  But only AFTER, spending TIME, IN Purgatory.  Your COUSIN, did NOT. BECAUSE, of her OWN, PERSONAL, SINFUL, CHOICES.  BECAUSE, I look, on the INSIDE – because THAT’S, what TRULY counts, BEFORE ME.  ‘EXTERNALS’, mean NOTHING to Me – if they are NOT, CONNECTED, with ‘the HEART’ – and, I Judge by what, men CAN’T see.  Because, they must have ‘TRUE SPIRITUAL vision’ – in ORDER to ‘SEE’, what I see.  So PEOPLE may SAY, that, N., MADE it to HEAVEN - and EVEN, ADD, ‘a CELBRATION, and REJOICING’ – of her MAKING it there; BUT! – that, does NOT, MEAN, THAT, ‘she MADE it!’  HEAVEN is NOT for ‘lost Souls’, that REFUSE to be found!  HEAVEN, is for ‘SOULS – who WANT to ADMIT, that THEY, are SINNERS – in NEED, of ME – their SAVIOR!’  And in THESE Times –NO one can ‘GET INTO Heaven’, without ‘a SOUL!’  And YES, that WAS ‘a UFO’ – that was SEEN flying; THEY are here! – in their ‘OWN, made, ships’; and PEOPLE, are about to become, ‘TORTURED, by them’ – because they REFUSED ‘the GIFT’, of the Blessed HOLY Water; AND ‘the Gift of REPENTANCE and Purification’.  

Mary Romanus: Just as my husband, has been shown many of the True Spiritual Realities, through disturbing spiritual experiences, the same thing happened to me last night.  While I was sound asleep, and in my dream, I suddenly began to experience intense waves of bad emotional feelings.  In my dream, I called upon Jesus - asking Him to protect me, and telling Him how much I love Him, over and over again.  In my dream, I could not remember any of the prayers for deflecting spiritual attacks. The waves continued to increase, and they would not stop. I felt as though I was drowning in the demons; but I knew in my heart, that Jesus was with me, in those moments. It was so tangible - what I was experiencing, that it was as though I was in an Ocean, with large waves. I then realized, that it was ‘waves of dark matter’ - coming from the CERN machine that I was being afflicted with, in my sleep. All of this happened within about 5 minutes; but it seemed like it was much longer at the time. It was as though ‘the dark matter’ was washing over me, like a wave - taking something from me, each time. The True Holy Spirit, revealed, that the dark matter, was trying to take my humanity from me, by flooding my soul, with bad feelings and demons.  Within micro-seconds, the waves went out and then returned. They were literally washing over my head. It was as though I was being submerged.  I felt as though I was drowning. I was determined to focus on Jesus, the whole time. I started fighting back, by saying “no!” to the demons - that they cannot have ANY of me! Then I kept praying, “Jesus I love you!” But surprisingly I couldn't even remember to cry out to Him for HELP during the flood. I just stayed focused on Him, as the bad feelings were trying to wipe me out. They were just flooding my mind - and my Soul especially. It was not as though the demons, were entering my mind or Soul; but it was as though they were washing over me.  I woke up, and was completely paralyzed spiritually. I was not able to move physically, and I had a strong reluctance to use the Blessed Holy Water. But I knew I needed to get the Holy Water because, I had this heat building, inside me, and all I could see in the room, were demonic apparitions. It was horrible. They were angry and evil-looking faces and creatures. I then stopped focusing on my "feelings" and grabbed the Holy Water, from the night stand, and began doing some deliverance prayers.  I turned to Jesus to ask Him what it was that happened, and heard Him say "The True Holy Spirit has given you a small sample of what people are going to experience."  As I was discerning last night’s spiritual trial on my computer this morning, I remembered, that during the Rosary yesterday, I was offering to Jesus, through the Blessed Virgin Mary, every decade of the Rosary for the End and total annihilation of the devils kingdom. More specifically, I was praying for the end of the devil's kingdom in the lives of each Member of the Faithful Remnant.

And so, that was “just a little blowback from the enemy’s camp”, as Jesus likes to call it.  But what is life like, for the people with ‘the mark of the Baphomet’ on their foreheads? What is life like, for all those who are dwelling ‘OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety’?   Perhaps this will help…

ACTUAL Email: Greetings Pope Peter… I am writing to you because I had a strange dream yesterday. The part I am most concerned about is where I was chased up by two Chinese looking male zombies; one bit me on my left hand - that hand. I woke up and prayed the deliverance prayers and asked Jesus and Saint Michael for help. I do not understand that dream and need your help to understand what is happening to me please. Is it my sins? Or something else which had allowed that vicious attack on me. Please help me Mr. Petrus Romanus. Yours sincerely…

ACTUAL REPLY from PPTL: Yes, you could please help Me, by simply DOING, what YOU need to do, to get on board the ARK.  Because right now, I have 50 passengers to attend to; and all you have to do, is simply follow the instructions to get on my passenger list.  If you don't want to do that, I understand.

After corresponding with another person for weeks now, this is what they wrote.

Actual Email: I beg and plead to Jesus to remove the mark of the beast.  I have left my family, I have had no contact with them whatsoever.  I have prayed the burning bush prayer, I have prayed for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, I have prayed for Jesus to make me humble, I have prayed for Jesus to come into my soul, I have prayed to Jesus that I repent from the heart and to heal me of my sins, I have prayed for Jesus to allow me on the ark and to remove the mark of the beast.  How will I know that the mark of the beast has been removed?.  Please I beg of Jesus to help me.

ACTUAL REPLY from PPTL: Make a video, and we shall see, if you speak the TRUTH; we shall see, if the mark has been removed.  Because one thing you neglected to say, is that you Repented of ALL your sins, from the VERY DEPTHS of your heart, in TRUTH, and in SINCERITY, before your CREATOR, desiring NEVER to turn back to those sins, EVER, again:  "I have prayed to Jesus that I repent from the heart?"  NOW DO IT! - or be forever chained to them.

And still another person outside the Ark, sent us a video Testimony today.

Jesus said:  He knows, ‘the TESTIMONY to be TRUE’; but, that is ‘NOT enough’.  For even ‘the DEMONS’ know My TESTIMONY to be True.  And the One World Government – they KNOW My Testimony to be True; but they DO not FOLLOW Me! – they follow ‘their OWN plans’, and ‘their OWN agenda’.  He CANNOT ‘read, the Testimony’ – SPREAD, the Testimony; and at the same TIME – ‘DISREGARD, EVERYTHING I am ASKING, of, My Faithful REMNANT’.  He STILL has ‘the MARK’, because his MIND, is ‘in a CLOUD’.  IF the mark of the BEAST was removed, HE would not be drawn to ‘all the false PROPHETS out there’ – who ‘PRETEND to heal people’; who call down ‘FIRE from HEAVEN’; and do ‘SUPPOSED, MIRACLES, in FRONT of the beasts’ – by ‘the power of the DRAGON’ – and THAT is ‘the DEVIL’s power’.  Of COURSE, the DEVIL will permit ‘all SORTS of false HEALERS’ – to PRETEND to heal PEOPLE, of their PHYSICAL AFFLICTIONS – BUT! – THAT is because they do NOT have ‘SOULS’!  He CANNOT, ‘PRAISE people, PRAISE their works – AND, please ME’! – because those PEOPLE, that he is TURNING to – on YOUTUBE, AND ‘various other PLACES’ – ARE, ‘without SOULS!’ – they ARE in fact ‘My ENEMIES!’ – steeped, in ‘VERY, HEAVY, SINS’. If PEOPLE, want to be ‘TRULY HEALED’, then, they must repent.  I will FORGIVE them – the SIGN that I have FORGIVEN them, is ‘the MARK of the BEAST’ is removed.  UNTIL then, they are ‘CHAINED, to their demons’!  SELF-DECEPTION, IS, ‘NOT a virtue’!  He CANNOT take ‘BITS and PIECES’ OF, My TESTIMONY, and ‘CAST aside, all the rest’. The MARK of the BEAST CAME upon EVERYONE, December 25th, 2012 – because THAT is when their hearts, were FURTHEST from Me. I WANT to give him his SOUL back! – so that HE may be ‘ALIVE’!  His “Blessed HOLY Water”, has NOT been Blessed; and SO, HE can either ‘PERSEVERE, in PRAYING the Burning BUSH Prayer FROM the heart’ – and, ‘make the RESOLVE’ – NOT to TURN to any of the ‘false PROPHETS’ OUT there; and DO what he needs to DO – in order to get ABOARD My Ark; OR! – CONTINUE to lose MORE of his humanity – EVERY day! – CONTINUE to, ‘DEVOLVE’ – AND for his mind, to SLOW down, even MORE so.  SOON, it will be ‘VERY DIFFICULT’, for PEOPLE, to even desire ‘ANYTHING, of My KINGDOM’ – THAT is ‘how BAD it is going to get’ – and FAST!  The CLOCK is TICKING down... TRUE Christianity, is NOT about making EVERYONE AROUND you ‘FEEL good’, or ‘COMFORTABLE’; in fact, THAT, is ‘an act of HATRED’ – AGAINST them!  If you KNOW that someone is DROWNING, and you have ‘the MEANS to HELP’ – and they ASK for ‘a LIFESAVER’ – are you going to THROW THEM ‘some CANDY’? – or ‘the REAL thing?’  TRUE, CHRISTIANITY, IS! – “FRATERNAL, CORRECTION’ – when your NEIGHBOR, is IN, the WRONG.  And I am ‘the best EXAMPLE’, of ‘a True CHRISTIAN’ – IN These Times

When my wife put together the page on ‘the state of women’, for the website, the only real reference to “joy” on that page, was the look on the face of the Jezebellian, who was “happy as a pig in a pit”, as she fully immersed herself in muck.  Not so for the women of the Faithful Remnant – at least that is not how they are called to be.  But one of the Remnant women emailed us to complain that she was experiencing - and I QUOTE, “No real joy to speak of”.  And what she got in return, was immediate “JOY”! – 'the joy of hearing the TRUTH' that is.

Jesus said: YOU have to choose! – who YOU are going to be ‘ANCHORED to’ – in EACH and EVERY moment.  Are you GOING to ‘ANCHOR yourself’ – to ME; OR, are YOU going to ANCHOR yourself, to ‘the DEMONS’, and ‘the FEELINGS that they give you?’  Because they WILL, ‘take you for a RIDE’ – if you LET them.  WHERE, IS, your “SPIRITUAL BACKBONE?” And WHO is your STRENGTH?  If I am your STRENGTH, then there is NO excuse, to BE “without Joy”.  BUT, if the DEMONS, and the ‘SATANIC POWER’ they offer you, are ‘MORE important’, than having ‘the HEART of a CHILD’ – you can HAVE them!  BECAUSE, YOU HAVE ‘ALL the tools NECESSARY’, to ‘WORK out, your SALVATION!’  YOU are becoming ‘spiritually LAZY’; and ‘EXPECTING to FEEL, MY Love’ – expecting to FEEL, ‘the BENEFITS’, of BEING a MEMBER, of My Faithful REMNANT?  YOU need to take your ‘SPIRITUAL life’, ‘more SERIOUSLY’, than you HAVE been. BECAUSE, if you are TURNING to the demons NOW – for ‘CONSOLATION’, WHERE, WILL you BE, when the CERN waves, are poured OUT UPON MANKIND? – when ‘ALL you will have’, are negative FEELINGS? – UNLESS your focus is on ME.  AM I your KING? – OR, are YOU your own QUEEN? – in ‘a DIFFERENT kingdom’?  WAKE up!  Do NOT fall ASLEEP! – lest YOU get ‘WASHED, OVERBOARD’.  LISTEN, to WHAT I am TELLING you; AND, LIVE!  BE ‘a DOER, of My WORD’, and YOU will have JOY!  Do NOT be ‘a VOICBOX, for evil SPIRITS’!  Of COURSE the DEMONS are ‘WITHOUT Joy’ – because all they can DO is ‘HATE’; they can REJOICE in WICKEDNESS; but THAT is ‘NOT the same THING’ – that is ‘NOT, the VIRTUE of Joy!’  AWAKE, and STRENGTHEN what REMAINS, of you!  Do NOT allow the DEMONS, to ‘STRIP you of your HUMANITY’!  FIGHT! – THEM! – by COOPERATING with ME! – in EACH and EVERY moment!  For ‘the KILN’, tests, the potter’s VESSEL!  Are you going to ‘CRACK’!  Or ARE you going to allow ME – to ‘GENTLY mould you’?  The CHOICE is yours.

Many of the Members of the Faithful Remnant have noticed that their computers and internet connections would suddenly stop working, at various inopportune times.  And many of them have asked us, if that is the result of the Government trying to put 'a stop', to them receiving the Saving Truths they need.  Of course they already know the answer, when they write us.  And we usually remind them that Jesus and Saint Michael are our “tech experts” - and they should be called upon in prayer, by name, to fix the technical problems, whenever they suddenly arise.  Here is an official response from Heaven, to yet another email, asking about the True Source of the ongoing Technical problems.

Jesus said:  YES, YOU, as well as OTHER, MEMBERS, of My FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH, have had their COMPUTER systems TARGETED – BY the Government – through the USE of their “BACK door” – into EVERYONE’s COMPUTER.  But TRULY, it is ONLY ‘a MILD problem’ - because it WILL pass.  And yet, I am ALLOWING these ‘technical difficulties’ to happen, as I purify My Remnant – through ‘the FIRES, of INTENSE, purification’.  REMEMBER, My TESTIMONY – it is NOT only ONLINE – but it is WRITTEN in your HEARTS!  When you READ My WORDS, and ALLOW yourself to be TRANSFORMED, in the TRUTH, then you have ‘My WORD WITHIN you’.  I am WITH you – EVEN amidst, these ‘TRIBULATIONS’, that you are going through.  TECHNICAL difficulties PASS – JUST as ‘the SPIRITUAL trials’ – I permit you to go through, PASS, as WELL.  Your “Tribulation” is NOT forever; but NEITHER are ‘the spiritual Consolations’.  There is ‘a BALANCE’; and I KEEP the Balance – of EVERY Soul – on My HEART – in CHECK!  I, know EXACTLY, what LEVEL of difficulty, EACH Member, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church, can HANDLE.  And I make sure, that YOU, are NEVER ‘tested’, beyond your STRENGTH!  And THAT is – your ABILITY to turn to ME, FOR Strength.  SO, when these ‘TECHNICAL difficulties’ arise, REMEMBER to ‘stay focused on Me’ – ALWAYS! – and they WILL pass.  DEATH will pass you over – JUST like in the time of Moses – in ‘the PASSOVER’. You HAVE the antidote to physical, AND spiritual death – MAKE sure you USE it, ‘WORTHILY’ – and THAT is “ALWAYS, with a HUMBLE and CONTRITE heart”.

“Hear the commandments of life, O Israel; give ear, and learn wisdom!... Who has gone up into heaven, and taken her, and brought her down from the clouds?  Who has gone over the sea, and found her, and will buy her for pure gold?... This is our God; no other can be compared to him!  He found the whole way to knowledge, and gave her to Jacob his servant and to Israel whom he loved.  Afterward she appeared upon earth and lived among men.”
(Baruch 3:9, 29-30, 35-37)
"Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me."
(Revelations 3:18-20)

Sometimes, in order that we may become purified like gold, Jesus asks us to take a very specific social stand, against those in the beast state; and to not waver as we do so.  When one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant chose to do that, she soon realized, that the social realities around her were drastically shaken.

Jesus said: She had FAITH My children.  What MORE is there to SAY?  I will TELL you: YOU, HAD, FAITH! – and you LISTENED, TO, My WORDS! – because I COUNSELLED you, to buy GOLD, from Me.  WHAT does this MEAN?  But that, ‘the RIGHES’, of, My COUNSEL – FAR, out WEIGH, the HURDLES, and the TRIALS, that YOU will CONTINUE, to undergo – as people become WORSE – in ‘the STATE that they are IN’ – as they lose MORE, and MORE, of ‘their HUMANITY’ – to the DEMONS – THEY will become, ‘MORE, and MORE, AGGRAVATED’, and ‘ANGRIER’, than they were BEFORE. ‘SMALL things’ – will begin to IRRITATE them, about you – BECAUSE – they HATE, EVERYTHING of My Kingdom!  BUT! – with My COUNSEL, you will ‘OVERCOME’ – ALL, Tribulations and TRIALS; as LONG as you CONTINUE, to APPLY, My WORDS – the WISDOM, that I GIVE to you; as LONG, as you CONTINUE, to be ‘a DOER’ – YOUR Faith, will INCREASE!  WELL done! – you MADE your STAND, with ME - your GOD; and ‘the DEMONS’ were FORCED, to back DOWN!  I TOLD you once before, “they ONLY have, as MUCH power, as you GIVE THEM!”  But YOU did NOT get, ‘OVERWHELMED” – by ‘the DELUGE’ – from THOSE in ‘the beast STATE’; but INSTEAD, you USED ‘the Blessed HOLY Water’, and TURNED to My TRUE Holy SPIRIT, and PRAYED – and YOUR Prayer was HEARD!  
"And behold, one came up to him [the rich young man], saying, “Teacher, what good deed must I do, to have eternal life?"
(Matthew 19:16)
"And behold, a lawyer stood up to put him to the test, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”
(Luke 10:25)
"And a ruler asked him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?"
(Luke 18:18)
"He who believes in the Son has eternal life; he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God rests upon him."
(John 3:36)
"Whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; the water that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life."
(John 4:14)
"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me; and I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand. I and the Father are one."
(John 10:27-30)
"He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life."
(John 12:25)

Today, as usual, Mary and I began our day, watching video testimonies from people around the world, who want to get on board the ARK.  Of course, now that it has been revealed from Heaven, that the Blessed Holy Water is Truly “the Fountain of Youth for those who are worthy and on board the ARK” - there is a lot of “last minute scrambling”, in the lives of “the Testimony spectators”. Unfortunately for them, ALL the people in the videos we watched this morning, are going to need to do at LEAST one more video, before we will be able to take their request seriously.  But how could a video testimony not be serious? - you might be wondering.  Because the CERN waves are washing away more than just “the HUMANITY” of the people - the waves are also washing away their intellectual abilities.  Of course most people know by now that becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant doesn’t require money; but that fact doesn’t stop people from believing they can get on board the Ark by “paying their respects” to the TRUTH - through a video.  It takes more than that; it will cost people, the mark of the beast.  People will need to lose the mark, and get their Soul back, before they will be welcomed aboard.  From December 25, 2012, to this point in their journey, people are quickly discovering – especially those who are now scrambling to make a video, that all this time, their most valuable possession, wasn’t their intellect, or their personality, or their money – it was their “Pearl, of great Price”.  Funny, how they really didn’t miss it, until now.

Jesus said:  You HAVE, ‘ALL the right words, to SHARE’, in your TESTIMONY, BUT you have NEGLECTED, the most IMPORTANT – and THAT is, ‘TESTIFYING to My JUSTICE’ – that EVERYONE received ‘the mark of the BEAST’, December 25th, 2012; and that they need to REPENT, from the HEART! - and USE the Blessed HOLY Water, in order for the MARK, to be REMOVED.  YOU are like, ‘the RICH man’, who said to me, “Teacher, WHAT must I DO, to INHERIT, Eternal Life?”  And when he HEARD, My ANSWER, he went away SAD, because he had many RICHES. YOU need to renounce, ‘your old LIFE, your old WAYS’; REPENT, from the HEART!  It is ‘NOT a FORMULA’ – of REPENTANCE.  YES, I HEARD your prayers, before – when you were “YOUNGER” – in your EARLIER years; YOU had ‘a SOUL then’. But can you HONESTLY say, to YOURSELF – that, you have a SOUL – when you NEGLECTED, to even MENTION ‘the USE, of Blessed HOLY Water?’  You see, My SPIRIT, My TRUE HOLY Spirit – MOVES, through, ‘the Blessed HOLY Water’ – AND through My Testimony.  YOU must be “BORN, of WATER, and the SPIRIT”.  You want ETERNAL LIFE!  I have PROMISED, that you shall not DIE, that you will LIVE – but ONLY, as you DO, ‘what is EXPECTED of you’. YOU have ‘received the KNOWLEDGE’; now it is time to put it into PRACTICE!  You WAITED so LONG! – to share with OTHERS, ‘how CONVICTED, you are – in the TRUTH!’  And now YOU will have to wait.  READ the page, on the HOLY Water, and the Sacraments; and UNDERSTAND: THAT, IS, ESSENTIAL!  ‘OTHER, prophets’, out there – like the one that you MENTIONED – do not ‘HAVE, the prophetic ANOINTING’; but they can SHARE words, from the DEMONS – ‘JUST enough TRUTH’, to KEEP their CONGREGATION, “ensnared!” – and ‘AWAY from My Testimony’.  YOU put that prophet ‘on a PEDASTEL’! – beside My Two WITNESSES.  THAT is ‘not right’!  For HE is, ‘WITHOUT a Soul’.  And this SHOWS that, ‘you are STILL divided’.  You MUST choose: either you are ‘all FOR Me’; OR you are against Me.  You CANNOT go seeking for Truth ELSEWHERE – when YOU have found ‘the ultimate SOURCE’ – and expect Me to ‘BLESS your endeavor’.  If YOU were ‘COMPLETELY detached’, from that “prophet” – which you are NOT! – you NEVER would have mentioned his name.  As it stands NOW, HE is to be ‘blotted OUT’, of the Book, of Life.  Do YOU desire, ‘the SAME?’  REPENT!  And COME to your senses!  Allow My LOVE, to transform you, by DOING, what, is required. Do NOT ‘PRIDE yourself’, on ‘how much you have COOPERATED with Me’ – in the PAST!  Because ‘ALL is VANITY!’ – “VANITY, OF, vanities!” All that is IMPORTANT, is your ‘PRESENT’; and HOPEFULLY – your FUTURE, with Me.  SHARE, what you have LEARNED – what gave YOU life.  DO NOT SHARE ‘what brought you DEATH’!  But TESTIFY, to My JUSTICE! – THERE, is ‘a CHALLENGE for you’. 
Even those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, who use the Blessed Holy Water “UNWORTHILY”, are experiencing the effects of their poor choices. 

Jesus said:  She NEEDS to use, ‘BLESSED, Holy Water’ – and APPLY IT, to [the area of affliction]; and ASK, for Me, to HEAL her! – by TURNING, TO MY MERCY. There is ‘SO much LIFE’ – that has been ‘SET out, in FRONT of her’; and YET, she is STILL ‘resisting’ – because, she does NOT want to ‘let GO’, of ‘her former SELF’.  SHE must ‘let GO’, of her former self, and ‘desire to be renewed, AND, recreated’.  SHE needs to DO! – what I am asking of ALL those, who want to come aboard My Ark, of SAFETY!  She needs to LOSE ‘the ATTITUDE of ENTITLEMENT’; and ask for the Gift of TRUE Humility, in the True Holy Spirit.  She needs to stop QUESTIONING – WHY, the End TIMES, is UNFOLDING? – the way it is; and stop COMPLAINING – in her INTERIOR life.  She needs to ask the TRUE Holy Spirit, to REVEAL to her, the SINS, she is still EMBRACING; and ASK for ‘the corresponding Grace’ – to FIX it!  Because time IS running out!  HOW much time, did My, Disciples have, when I called them? – who later became My Apostles.  ALL of thirty SECONDS! – and their response was “Yes!”  And NOW, people have two WEEKS!  There are ‘a lot of SECONDS’ – within those weeks.  So, perhaps, there is ‘no rush’, for them.

Sometimes, when Mary and I watch a personal testimony video for the first time, we are not absolutely certain, if a person made it on board the Ark, or not.  But we ALWAYS “call a friend” – either way…

Jesus said:  Yes he DID! – My children; he GOT his SOUL back!  I TOLD you, 30 SECONDS!  If PEOPLE, would ONLY, WAKE up, and REALIZE, ‘how TRULY EASY it is’ – to leave EVERYTHING BEHIND’, and to FOLLOW My Ways, once again – they would be filled with ‘TRUE Peace, TRUE Joy – AND, True LOVE!’ – the KIND of Love, they CAN’T get, ANYWHERE else – but FROM Me!  BUT alas! – most PEOPLE, are ‘SEARCHING for Love’, in ‘the wrong PLACES’ – and they are LEFT – “EMPTY, AND VOID” – of My Spirit.  ALL they have, is their PAIN, their HURTS, AND their UNFORGIVENESS – to hold ON to! – AS ‘their COMFORT’!  And TRULY, THAT is ‘ONE manifestation, of the SIN, OF blasphemy!’ – TURNING, to what ONE KNOWS, is EVIL – and CALLING it, “GOOD!”  TURNING AWAY, from My TESTIMONY – that is GOOD; and calling it “EVIL” – is ALSO “blasphemy”.  And that IS, “the satanic WEDGE”, that KEEPS people, from receiving, ‘TRUTH’…  For MANY are CALLED; BUT! – FEW are CHOSEN.  I have called MANY, to MYSELF; and STILL DO, every DAY; but it is ‘the CHOSEN ones’ that RESPOND, TO, My CALL…  For to him who HAS – MORE, WILL BE ADDED!  And to him who has LESS – even THAT will be taken from him…  Now for those WITHOUT their SOUL – eventually, if THEY do NOT ‘get it BACK’ in TIME; THEY will SIMPLY ‘cease to exist’

The married women in the Remnant, are quickly discovering that their spiritual focus, also needs to be on their husband.

Jesus said:  WHAT you are doing, child, is ‘SEEKING My VOICE’; and THAT is what you are CALLED to do – ALWAYS.  For when YOU are ‘SEEKING Me OUT’ – in you DAILY LIFE, I am ‘just WAITING to be FOUND’!  - I am just WAITING, to ANSWER you.  What, YOU Need to do, is be PATIENT, with YOURSELF; and, ‘LEARN to WAIT’ – on the inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit, in the MOMENT – ESPECIALLY, when you are RESPONDING, TO, your HUSBAND.  THINK, of your HUSBAND, as ‘an EXTENSION’, of ME – IN your house.  YOU, are ‘called’, to Love, Honor, and OBEY him – whom you CAN see!  How much MORE, are you called, to love, honor, and obey, ME! – whom you CAN’T see! 

Ask and it shall be given; and don’t stop asking.

Jesus said:  JUST because you cannot, see Me – PHYSICALLY – doesn’t MEAN, that I am ‘far AWAY!’ – for I am ‘RIGHT, beside you’ – throughout your ENTIRE day!  JUST focus on ‘ASKING’, the right THINGS! – and YOU will have your prayers ‘HEARD’! – because you have a SOUL; and BECAUSE you have a SOUL – you have ‘the OPPORTUNITY’, to STRIVE, to PLEASE Me, in EVERYTHING, that you do.  ASK the True Holy Spirit to GUIDE you; YOU can TALK to Him – as He LIVES, inside you: WHAT, am I called to do NEXT?  And ‘ALL of a SUDDEN’ – there, you will HAVE, ‘INFUSED, KNOWLEDGE’.  Because THAT’s ‘how the Spirit works!’ – COMMUNICATING, with EVERYONE! – within My FAITHFUL Remnant Church – AT their own LEVEL! – of Spiritual MATURITY!  They JUST NEED TO BE “ready, and waiting”; and then SAY, “YES!” – when PROMPTED, to DO something – BY Him. 

As the CERN event rapidly approaches, some Members of the Faithful Remnant may be tempted to make their lives even MORE complicated, by reaching out to their former family members…

Jesus said: AS for, ‘contacting, FORMER family members?’ – THAT is ‘NOT necessary’. Just as THEY are being ‘BLOTTED out’, of your MEMORY and your LIFE! – so TOO, are YOU, being ‘blotted out’ of THEIRS! – BECAUSE – between Heaven and HELL, there is ‘a GREAT, chasm’.  YOU have no need to cross-OVER there; NOR should you WANT to!  STAY in ‘the Era of Peace’. If ONE of them is DRAWN to the Testimony, YOU will know; but the OTHERS – THEY are ‘HAPPY, in their Hell’

Many people have embraced the SELF-deception, that they can put-off their Salvation, until the last, possible, moment.  That approach to Salvation has not been going well for the so-called Catholics, who have been laying on their death beds with the mark of the beast, and thinking that the local priest, who lost his anointing, could magically wipe away a lifetime of sin.  And it will not go well for those who think they can wait until the end of this countdown, before they get around to jumping on board the Ark.

Jesus said:  Last minute ‘DEATH bed confessions’, are ‘NOT the safest WAY’, to go.  In fact, they are ‘VERY risky!’ NO, he did NOT ‘MAKE it’. PEOPLE, cannot hang on ‘the COATTAILS’, of ‘OTHER people’s FAITH’, and EXPECT, to be WELCOMED, into HEAVEN – BASED, on ‘the WAY – someone ELSE, lived, their lives – FOR Me.’  THAT is ‘a DECEPTION’, that MANY people, have CHOSEN to embrace – ONLY to find OUT – when they are BEFORE My Throne, that they are ‘locked OUT’ – OF Heaven.
As the CERN event gets closer, more people are trying to RUN up the mountain…

Jesus said: It is ‘ALL the excitement’, of being, a NEW Member OF, My Faithful Remnant CHURCH!  It IS, as though, you are trying to jog, UPHILL; and you, WANT to get to the TOP – SO much FASTER, than is possible – without ME, that is.  You need to learn, to ‘rely on ME’, AS “your Strength”; because, I will ‘CATAPULT you to the TOP, of My Holy MOUNTAIN’ – WITH, your cooperation. The HURDLES, that you run IN to, every DAY – are NOTHING, COMPARED, to the GRACES, that are being, ‘given TO you’ – so that you CAN do, ALL, that My FATHER, is requiring, OF you: TO be Perfect – as your Heavenly FATHER is Perfect! – means to love ME, AND, your True FAMILY – UNCONDITIONALLY. But, do NOT ‘be AFRAID, of slipping, and falling’ – THAT is actually ‘a DISTRACTION’ – because, it is, ‘when you are AFRAID’, of falling, that most LIKELY you will FALL – BECAUSE! – your FOCUS is on FALLING!  BETTER, to focus on the CLIMB, in FRONT of you; and keep your EYES, FOCUSED, on ME.  If you SLIP! – GET back up!  THROUGH your SLIPS and falls; and your CONTINUAL ‘turning to ME for Strength’, you will get ‘STRONGER’, each time.  PERSEVERE!  Be CHANGED, and formed, IN My Image, and Likeness.

Some of the Faithful Remnant members are starting to realize that it is ONLY Direct Divine Intervention, that preserved them, to the point where they could find and benefit from the Testimony.

Jesus said: What REALLY HAPPENED? – I INTERVENED, in, your life – TWICE! – in very ‘TANGIBLE, ways’.  And YES, of COURSE! – the… accident – would have KILLED you – had I not ‘PROTECTED you’ – THAT day, from DEATH!  YOU did not HAVE, a Guardian Angel – so, your ‘PROTECTION’, was REMOVED.  HE looked the other WAY.  I allowed, the accident, to happen – in ORDER to bring you, to your SENSES.  I could see ‘the future choices’, that, you would MAKE – BETTER choices! – IF you were ‘given more TIME’.  I could see you ‘FINDING, My Testimony’, and, ‘SHARING it’... I could SEE, ‘all of the WORK’, that you, would ACCOMPLISH… and ALL, of the SOULS, that you… would HELP – BRING into My FLOCK.  And so EVEN with all of your BROKENNESS; AND your SINFULNESS, I saw, that ‘BRINGING you LOW’, was ‘the BEST thing FOR you’. 

Each member of the Faithful Remnant has an important role to fulfill.  But first they must repent, AND forgive.

Jesus said: I intervened, once again; because, I knew, that YOU were ‘DIFFERENT’ – APART from the DEMONS.  And I SAW you, as, My future, “child”… you had ‘an IMPORTANT ROLE’, to fulfill; AND, you still DO… You have FOUND, My TESTIMONY; and you have brought ‘LIFE’ – TO your household… You STILL have your WEAKNESSES, and your SINS; but YOU have resolved, to strive to OVERCOME them. You see, I have EVERYTHING, “PERFECTLY planned”… NOW you KNOW, WHO, IS ‘in control’ – of EVERYTHING! – I AM!  Who AM I?  I am, the God, of Abraham; the God of Isaac; the GOD of Jacob; the God of Moses and Aaron; I am the God of NOAH! – and of ALL the Saints, IN Heaven. I want YOU to experience, ‘the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace’ – in your HEART, MIND, SOUL! – and EVENTUALLY, in your entire BODY. I want to HEAL you, of ‘your past wounds’, AND ‘wipe away, all the tears’.  AND so, HAVE Mercy on YOURSELF! – by FORGIVING yourself! – of ‘the WRONGS’, that you DID.  Have Mercy on ME! – by FORGIVING yourself; by ‘letting GO’ – of ALL, those memories.  You NEVER need ‘to LIVE there’, again!  YOU have ‘a NEW Life now’!  YOU left, your FAMILY – FOR Me.  And NOW – YOU have, “BROTHERS, and SISTERS” – and a FATHER, and a MOTHER!  Because you ARE, “WORTHY, OF ME”.

Once again, the educational institutions apart from the Most High True God are all spiritually toxic.

Jesus said: CONTINUE, to PERSEVERE, My son. YOU, do not NEED, “UNIVERSITY” – where they ONLY teach, ‘what is SECULAR’, and CONTRARY, to the TRUE Holy Spirit. Your former MOTHER, will not ‘understand’ this, BECAUSE, she is ‘WITHOUT a SOUL’ – THEREFORE, she does not need to be FED with, ‘My SPIRIT’. But you DO have a Soul! – and right NOW, YOU need to NOURISH your Soul, with TRUTH! – with ‘MAKING time, to READ the Testimony’; and MAKING TIME for your DAILY prayers – ESPECIALLY, ‘Deliverance Prayers’. 

What do I do if I sleep in late one day and then have to run to school or work?

Jesus said: UNDERSTAND, that, YOU do not ALWAYS, have to do ‘FORMAL prayers’, IN the morning – before you go to WORK; you can SIMPLY, GET up, and DO ‘a small CONSECRATION prayer’ – even something, as simple as, “I consecrate My ENTIRE being, to the WILL of the BLESSED Trinity”.  JUST, ‘LIFTING, your HEART, towards HEAVEN’ – and asking for GRACES! – and THANKING Me, for EVERYTHING! – that I have given TO you – is ENOUGH! – UNTIL you can ‘MAKE time’ – for ‘FORMAL prayers’.  THAT WAY – you do NOT ‘leave, the enemy, any ROOM’ – to take advantage of your NEGLECTS – if you DO, your prayers in the MORNING – very SIMPLE! – AND short! [...and remember to unite your sufferings to the sufferings of Jesus on the Cross and to the sufferings of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the foot of the Cross - that way NONE of your sufferings will be in vain.]

It really is about focus – constant, SPIRITUAL, focus!

Jesus said: If EVER, you ‘ACCIDENTALLY, shake, someone’s HAND’ – JUST, reject their ‘demonic CLUSTER’; and ask for the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY.  REMEMBER, to reject ‘the demonic ENTITY, OF the assailants’ – EVERY day! – and ASK, for the Grace of the INDWELLING, OF the Blessed Trinity.  TURN to Me, for Strength!  Remember, RESIST, the Devil; SUBMIT, to what I am ASKING of you – and he will FLEE!...  YOU, are ‘NO WORSE OFF A sinner’, than ANYONE else!  DO NOT think BADLY, about yourself! – when the whole WORLD! – thinks badly of you!  Allow MY Love, to TRANSFORM you; let ME mould you – in My IMAGE, AND likeness.  LET the WORLD – have their ‘HATE’; YOU are called to be ‘DIFFERENT’.  DO NOT focus on your SINS! – FOCUS INSTEAD, on LIVING the KINGDOM of HEAVEN in your HEART!  And REMEMBER, I am WITH you – EVEN though, ALL of your former family are AGAINST you; they can do nothing TO you!  HAVE faith, in ME!  They CAN not, FORCE you, to do ANYTHING, against your will.  HAVE faith!  Believe!  And I will ACT, upon, your belief
Did you ever wonder how our global society reached the point - where it is now seen by its Creator, as Sodom and Gomorrah"?  The following reveals what is now happening on a global scale...

Jesus said: IN Truth, I CREATED all MEN, to be ‘COMPLETED’, by ‘a WOMAN’.  But, WOMEN, have ‘DEFILED themselves’, and MADE themselves ‘UGLY’, and ‘UNATTRACTIVE’, to MEN.  And, they HURT men, WHEREVER, they GO.  And SO, ‘SOME men’ USE that, as ‘an EXCUSE’, to be ‘ATTRACTED to’, their SAME sex – their ‘SAME gender’.  But, I Created Adam and EVE, first – IN the Garden – with EVERYTHING, they could POSSIBLY, need.  It was NOT, “ADAM, and STEVE!” – in the Garden... The CULTURE – YOU are living in, TODAY – WILL ‘affirm’ – ALL KINDS of sins – NOT JUST THIS one – BECAUSE, ‘THEY are WITHOUT their SOULS!’ - And, THEY do NOT want their Souls BACK!... THIS, is not ‘EASY’ – for ‘today’s CULTURE, to RECEIVE’ – BUT! – it IS, ‘the TRUTH!  You see, the DEVIL, wants PEOPLE, to deform THEMSELVES! – by LABELLING THEMSELVES, a certain way... PEOPLE are not BORN, “gay” – THAT, is an ILLUSION, that is being ‘FOSTERED by SOCIETY’ – in ORDER to DISTORT, YOUNG peoples’ PERCEPTIONS of THEMSELVES, AND their peers. 

- and there is still even MORE content to be posted for today.
If you don't work on your spiritual purificaton, NOW, you are going to need a good supply of umbrellas!  Because if you don't move 'that mountain of sin' and soon, it will simply land on your head, like the heel, of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Jesus said: YES, ‘SPIRITUAL purification’, IS, ‘ONE of the GREATEST Gifts’ – that MY FAITHFUL REMNANT Church, have ‘the OPPORTUNITY’, to PARTAKE of.  You SEE, there are ‘DIFFERENT LEVELS’, of HEAVEN – and EACH level, IS ‘DEPENDENT UPON’, HOW MUCH LOVE, I, have POURED INTO, that INDIVIDUAL – which MEANS, HOW much, have THEY, ‘EMPTIED themselves’, of THIS life – so that I can FILL them! – with HEAVENLY Gifts, and BLESSINGS.  It ISN’T, about just, ‘MAKING IT through the DOOR, of Heaven’ – BUT, My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers, are CALLED, to STRIVE, to LIVE, the FULLNESS! – of the Era of Peace, IN, their, INTERIOR Lives!  RIGHT Now, MANY of them, are ‘JUST experiencing’, a SAMPLE, of what ‘the STATE, of BEING, in HEAVEN, is really LIKE’.  The DIFFERENCE, between, ‘where My SAINTS are now’, and ‘where My FAITHFUL Remnant, are’ – is that My SAINTS, have FINISHED, their purification – and THEY, are enjoying, ‘ETERNAL Bliss’ – ALWAYS!  BUT, My FAITHFUL Remnant, STILL, will go through ‘TRIALS’, TRIBULATIONS, DISCOMFORTS, INCONVENIENCES, PROBLEMS, HURDLES, and even ‘MOUNTAINS’ – ALL this, is for their ‘EDIFICATION’; ALL this is for their ‘spiritual GROWTH’.  EVERY, ‘ADVERSITY and Trial’, that I allow, My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers, to go THROUGH, they have TWO choices – in FRONT of them: to GROW, and become STRONGER – IN Me; OR, to LET the TRIAL, or ‘the ADVERSITY’, to CRUSH them.  THAT is WHY, there ARE, ‘no PLATEAUS’ – in the SPIRITUAL life.  My Faithful REMNANT – THEY are called to keep CLIMBING!  AND, SOMETIMES, the ROCKS, will give WAY – and even some ‘BOULDERS’ will come – RUMBLING, down, the mountain.  So, My Faithful REMNANT, must, be LISTENING – ALWAYS – to the True Holy SPIRIT – so they KNOW what to DO – when those ‘ROCKS’, start FALLING.

Mary Romanus: THAT’S why you have to be at the TOP!!!

Jesus said:  NOW you are ‘SEEING it’, My child.

"Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the generals and the rich and the strong, and every one, slave and free, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand before it?"
(Revelations 6:15-17)

"For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck!’ Then they will begin to say to the mountains, ‘Fall on us’; and to the hills, ‘Cover us.’ For if they do this when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?"
(Luke 23:29-21)
Should I stay or should I go?  
Jesus said: SOME, REMNANT Members, are called to be with OTHER Remnant Members – BEFORE the CERN Portal to the Abyss opens. But YOU, are ‘called to REMAIN’, where you ARE; and to WORK, on your OWN purification – of your SOUL! – to ‘stay ATTENTIVE’, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the True Holy SPIRIT, in each and every MOMENT.  FOR the caves, and the REFUGES, that I SPOKE of, were ‘FIRST and FORMOST’ – REFERENCES, to the IMMACULATE Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary; AND, to My SACRED Heart. IT is called, ‘CODED language’, or, “ALLEGORY”.  BUT, there are ALSO ‘PHYSICAL refuges’ – and not ALL, are called to GO to ‘one of THOSE’.  But SOME are. THEY must DISCERN, ‘the call, in the MOMENT’.  They will SIMPLY know, when the time COMES.  But as for YOU – remain ‘STEADFAST IN YOUR home’. CONSECRATE your home, to the PROTECTION of Saint MICHAEL.  BLESS your HOUSE – MORNING and EVENING; JUST as you BLESS, your SOUL, ‘morning and evening’ – with the Blessed HOLY Water, you must do the same THING, within your DWELLING place. Ask the TRUE Holy SPIRIT – to REVEAL to you, ‘WHAT it IS you need to WORK on’.  And, He WILL!  And KNOW that you are ‘NOT alone’, in THIS life; BUT you MUST ‘reach out’ – to OTHERS, in the REMNANT. REACH out, to your ‘TRUE brothers, and TRUE sisters’; BUILD, one another UP, in ‘FRATERNAL charity’, and LOVE!  As ‘a TRUE Christian community’ – YES! – WORK OUT, your own SALVATION with “FEAR, and TREMBLING”; BUT you must SHARE your GIFTS! – with OTHERS, in order to DO so!  Your LAMP has been ‘LIT’ – SO – let ‘your LIGHT’ shine, before all the NATIONS!  I INVITE you to do another VIDEO! – on how your JOURNEY is going THUS far – ON the Ark.  Perhaps, THIS will encourage, OTHERS, to ‘join the voyage’. But DO NOT ‘BURY your Gifts’; BE SELFISH about HEAVEN – until you are ‘OVERFLOWING’, and you ‘NEED to SHARE, what you have RECEIVED’!  But DO not ‘bury your Gifts’.  And YOU will be rewarded for ‘SHARING your Gifts with others’ – IN the Remnant.
The Faithful Remnant have a LOT in common with the Unborn!

Jesus said: When my FAITHFUL Remnant, are PRAYING their ROSARIES, they are CALLED to ask, Me, to SEVER, ALL ties, with their former lives. BECAUSE, in their ‘FORMER lives’, there was ONLY, ‘SHAME, and HURT, and UNFORGIVENESS’; but in their NEW lives, as they are being ‘CREATED, and RENEWED’ – every DAY; in their NEW lives, they are CALLED to have JOY! – even TEARS of Joy, at times.  FOR, it is like, when a WOMAN, gave BIRTH.  THERE WAS pain, THERE WAS suffering; but, the JOY of holding ‘a newborn CHILD’, was MORE, than ‘ALL the DISCOMFORTS’, during her LABOR.  THAT was when, a MOTHER, had ‘a SOUL’ – AND, a SPIRITUAL, AND, an EMOTIONAL connection – with her newborn child.  THE Truth is – My Faithful REMNANT, have ‘a LOT in common’, with the UNBORN – with the VICTIMS, of ABORTION – AND, the INNOCENT victims, of MURDER.  For WHAT they EXPERIENCE, from those AROUND them – IS ‘equal to murder’ – in MY Eyes!  Because they are being ‘HATED’, for My Name’s sake – and BEING ‘despised’ – and EVENTUALLY, ‘ABORTED’, from their homes – JUST, LIKE, ‘the UNBORN Souls’, were.  And My FAITHFUL REMNANT, are SHARING in My Divine JUSTICE – on the REST of the inhabitants of the Earth – JUST as ‘the UNBORN’ are – as I HEAR them proclaim – LOUDLY, “PRAISE BE to the Most High TRUE God’s Justice!” – and ‘THAT SAME attitude’, My Faithful REMNANT are called to have.  SHOW no false COMPASSION for those who HATE you; THEY will be DRAWN to you to RECEIVE the Testimony; OR, they will CONTINUE to HATE you, and RUN away – as FAST as possible! (February 9, 2018 update) 

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the number of emails we are responding to on a daily basis, we are simply unable to post all the messages we receive each day, on the website.  Helping those treading water, escape the tentacles of the bottom feeders is our number one priority right now, until September 23. So starting today, we will be posting Divine Counsel highlights instead.  Perhaps, at a future date, when things quiet down a little, we will be able to go over all our correspondence, and add a few more... or not.  We shall see.
Mary and I were having a little discussion about how some of the Members of the Remnant are treating their Pope, like the Protestants treated the succession of Popes in Rome, before the chair of Peter in Rome, became the seat of the antichrist, in the persons of Benedict and Fancis.  But then Jesus chimed in the conversation with these words about the Faithful Remnant.
Jesus said:  They NEED to learn to receive your Counsel, BECAUSE, you are ‘My VISIBLE Representative.  To DISRESPECT YOU is to DISRESPECT Me.  ENOUGH, ‘self-deception’! – in the Remnant. To desire NOT, to contact YOU, IS, THEIR ‘ADMISSION’, to their own GUILT – IN their relationship with Me. To REFUSE, to EMAIL you, is to REFUSE, to be ‘on good terms’ – with ME!  IT is REALLY, THAT, simple!   YOU, will FEED THEM, My JUSTICE! – for ‘the GOOD, of their SOULS!’ The ONES, who can ‘HANDLE’, My DISCIPLINE – will be ‘the ONES, to SURVIVE!
Apparently some of the bottom feeders are now switching up their tactics - as one of the Members of the Remnant brought to our attention today.  Instead of trying to WHIP those aboard the Ark with their long slimey tentacles, they are now using those tentacles to lovingly pull the Members towards their gangrenous beaks.  Hmmmm.
Jesus said: If, HARSH words, and ANGER, WILL not work, in DISSUADING you, My son, from FOLLOWING your TRUE vocation, then the ENEMY, will try, to LURE you, BACK! – into the ARMS of the PEOPLE in ‘the BEAST state’ – by SIMPLY, SHOWING, ‘FALSE, love’ – through their ‘EMBRACES’, through ‘PHYSICAL touch’. KNOW, that PEOPLE in the BEAST state, can ONLY desire ONE thing – to TRANSFER THEIR demons, INTO, those AROUND them.  IT is like, they are playing CARDS – they are ‘HOLDING a hand’, AND ‘passing a few cards to their NEIGHBOR’ – and, their NEIGHBOR passes a few cards to THEIR neighbor.  But it is ‘a DANGEROUS game that they are PLAYING’! – so DO not, ‘PARTAKE, in their hand’!  The ENEMY, will appear ‘SOFT, GENTLE, and even say SWEET things’ – in ORDER to get YOU, to CONSENT, to BELIEVING, that the INDIVIDUAL, in FRONT of you, is actually “HUMAN”.  REMEMBER, THOSE in the BEAST state – THEY are ‘not human’!  And WHAT have I given, “HUMANS” dominion over?  The BEASTS!  So THERE is no need to be ‘AFRAID’, of them – nor ‘FEARFUL, of them’ – BUT, be CAUTIOUS!  And DO not give the devil, an INCH! – because he WILL ‘walk ALL OVER you’ – if  your DO!  He IS ‘LOOKING’ – MORPHING into PEOPLE AROUND you – TRYING to find ‘an OPENING, to your SOUL’ – DON’T let him IN!  IF you are ‘My SHEEP’ – YOU will not listen to a STRANGER’s voice! – you will listen to MY voice! – SPEAKING in your CONSCIENCE!  DO NOT focus, on PEOPLE in the BEAST state!  JUST, as you are called, to NOT focus, on the DEMONS!  DO the deliverance prayers, by REJECTING the evil spirits; and MAKE sure, you are DILIGENTLY rejecting, the DEMONIC clusters, of the PEOPLE you come in CONTACT with!  Otherwise, THEIR demons BUILD up INSIDE you – UNTIL you EVENTUALLY ‘break’, and FALL to ‘PEER pressure’. THAT is WHY you MUST be doing ‘SPIRITUAL HOUSECLEANING’ daily! KEEP your Soul! – as CLEAN, as you CAN, for ME, to dwell there.  Because I, should be ‘the ONLY Guest inside your Soul!’  AND of course, ‘all of HEAVEN’! – but THAT is understood.  EVEN Faithful Remnant MEMBERS – they are ‘NOT inside your SOUL’ – because THAT, is ‘reserved, for ME!’  THEY are ‘inside your HEART!’ – as you PRAY for them, DAILY.  I am to be, the NUMBER ONE focus, IN YOUR Life; EVEN your REMNANT brothers and sisters, COME second!

Staying in the caves and refuges
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Mary Romanus: After my husband gave me 'the unfathomable task' of responding to all the emails from the women in the Faithful Remnant, we both noticed that there was a sudden change, in how they communicated.  And so, last night, my husband and I, began to discuss the topic of, "Why women communicate differently with women".  We then began to discuss "affirmation", and how there is a desire in all women “to be falsely affirmed” and “to falsely affirm” one another.  I told him, "It is like a drug, or chemical release in the brain - like a high". So then He said, "There is now a prohibition on the use of 'the drug known as affirmation'!" As soon as he said that, it was as though a light bulb went on in my head; and it was like those words, were “the most UNCOMFORTABLE Truth”, that a woman could hear; but at the same time, I realized, “It’s TRUE!” And so I turned to him and said, “It IS a drug!” We then discussed the topic with Jesus, and we learned even more, about how women have created a sub-culture where they can traffic "false affirmation".  They do it when they are alone, in front of a mirror.  They do it immediately, upon meeting others.  They do it in restrooms, behind closed doors.  They even enable others with the drug, only to get 'a hit' of that drug in return.  Truly, the addiction has now spread across the entire planet.  Women will even paint masks on their faces, so that they will find it easier for others to falsely affirm, 'what they DON'T look like'.  It is truly sick!  It is a global pandemic of addiction.  It has gone on long enough.  And so then, after reflecting on the seriousness of that mental illness called “affirmation”, I began to ponder where it all began - back in the Garden of Eden.  What happened?  Eve was first affirmed by the serpent, and was told that she would become like God, if she would only bow to ‘the will of the serpent’ and eat the apple.  And after that plague started, then Adam turned to Eve, and away from God; he turned away from God in that moment, and sought to falsely affirm his wife instead.  And so I realized that ‘the high’ a woman gets from being falsely affirmed, is actually ‘a hit’ of satanic power – a reward that is immediately sent from Hell, when she steals the PRAISES and ATTENTION away from her Creator - and applies those praises to herself instead.  The woman desires to be falsely affirmed because she wants to be on "a pedestal of adoration" – even if unjustly for a moment. That moment takes away the focus, her Creator alone is worthy of. In short, women have a desire to be praised above God, in order to exalt the demons they embrace, above God. So now you know why MOST women don't want people to see what they TRULY look like: because it is "all an illusion"; because the enemy of Souls is “the father of lies”, and he works with illusions in order to deceive others - in order to create “god”, in his own image and likeness - no matter how many false externals are required.  And that is actually “the watered-down version”; but it is enough for now. After reading this, it would be best for the women and the jezebellian men to reject their desire to embrace ‘the spirit of false affirmation’, and to ask instead for the Grace of True Spiritual Vision, The Grace of CLARITY of mind, and the Grace of Vision of Purpose.


This was sent to an individual who still had MUCH more work to do, in order to get her Soul back - according to her CREATOR that is.

Jesus said: ...And SO, what she NEEDS to DO, NOW that she HAS, ‘found the TRUTH’, is USE the Blessed Holy Water; REPENT from the heart, of her SINS; PRAY, the Burning BUSH Prayer.  She MAY need to DO this, for a WHILE – UNTIL, she KNOWS that her Soul has been GIVEN back, TO her.  Because the DEMONS, KNOW who I AM; and SHE is LOOKING, through ‘FOGGY glasses’, because ‘the VEIL’, has NOT been lifted, OFF, her forehead... Because her ‘BEST defense’, is BLESSED HOLY Water – against the CERN Waves that are COMING.  And so she HAS read a lot of My TESTIMONY; but SHE is going to need to get the Blessed HOLY Water, and REPENT WHOLEHEARTEDLY, so that I can SHOW her MERCY, and REMOVE the mark.

Have you been choosing to COOPERATE with the Graces and LIVE?

Jesus [- speaking to a Member of the Faithful Remnant] said: KNOW, that ALL I am asking, of PEOPLE, is to RESPOND, to their DESIRE, to LIVE.  EVERYTHING wants, to exist; but THAT is not the same as “LIVING”.  MANKIND’S definition, of “LIVING”, is “to EXIST”.  But, the DEMONS exist as WELL.  And THEY do not WANT, to ‘CEASE, their existence’.  I am ASKING people to SEPARATE themselves, from the DEMONS, and ‘SIN’ – so that THEY can live, as I have called them to live.   AND so, YOU, ARE, CHOOSING, ‘the better PORTION’.  RATHER, than desire, to be ‘WRAPPED up’ – in the ANXIETIES, of the WORLD, AROUND you; YOU have CHOSEN, ‘TRUE Peace’ – in the TRUE HOLY Spirit.  You took, My Counsel, to HEART – and NOW, YOU are receiving ‘the FRUITS, OF it’.  But ONLY because, you CHOSE to COOPERATE – WITH the GRACES.  YOU did NOT allow your HEART to be ‘HARDENED’, by ‘the uncomfortable TRUTH’; but INSTEAD, you ALLOWED Me to MOULD you; and to help FIX, what was broken

Here is a response that was given to one of the MANY people out there, who thought it would be a good idea to refer to "the God of the Two Witnesses", as 'the devil'.

Jesus said: IF HE WANTS to call Me “a BEAST” – THAT is not wise!  HE is running out of TIME; the CLOCK, is TICKING.  His “PRECIOUS SCRIPTURES” will NOT ‘SAVE HIM’, from the COMING Judgment, UPON the Face of the EARTH.  And he will NOT, HAVE ‘the STRENGTH to escape’ the SECOND Death – as LONG as he REFUSES to ‘HUMBLE himself’, BEFORE Me, and ACKNOWLEDGE the Truth, that is ‘LAID out in FRONT of him’. It is “VERY CONVENIENT” for PEOPLE, who HAVE RECEIVED, the mark, of the beast – to SAY that I am ‘OF the devil’ – even THOUGH, I am ASKING them, to RENOUNCE, “the DEVIL”, his KINGDOM, his WAYS, and SIN – in their OWN lives.  HIS RESPONSE, is “very INTERESTING” – to My, “INVITATION”, to My WEDDING Banquet; and, is “DULY noted, before ALL of Heaven”!

Here is a helpful note that was sent to someone who just found the Testimony.

PPTL: I want to do everything I can to help you.  But in order to receive the Truth, in these End Times, there are certain things that you must do.  And this is because of God's Justice, manifesting, in the lives of everyone on the planet.  Until you use the Blessed Holy Water while praying the Burning Bush Prayer, it will simply be impossible to actually RECEIVE the saving TRUTHS in the Testimony, into your being.  You need to go to that link first.  After you do that, you need to look at the page that explains all the false prophets out there.  Remember, even Pharaoh's magicians, could match the Signs that The Most High TRUE God performed through Moses.  And all the people, outside the Faithful Remnant, have become false prophets.  That has been revealed from the Highest Heavens.  If however you want Salvation APART from God, the enemy of your Soul, has an infinite number of paths ready for you to follow.  Choose wisely.  The clock is ticking.

Here is yet another unforgettable "welcome ABOARD" Message...
Jesus said: Thank you, for your TESTIMONY, My SON. For TRULY, YOU have DECIDED, to ALLOW yourself, to be, ‘TRANSFORMED by the TRUTH’ – so that YOU may be ‘ALIVE’.  And NOW, most ASSUREDLY, you ARE alive!  For YOU have been ‘GRANTED your SOUL’ – back TO you!  And YOU are NOW ‘a MEMBER, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church’.  YOU have ‘BOARDED the ARK’, JUST in time!  THANK you for RESPONDING to MY Call!  There is MUCH for you to learn, so that you can GROW – RAPIDLY; so that you can HEAL from your FORMER life.  PERSEVERE! – in FAITH! – AND, in ‘good WORKS’!  For, the edification, and the BUILDING up, OF, My FAITHFUL Remnant, Church.

How one person chose to FIGHT! - in order to get her Soul back today, in order to Board the Ark of Safety.

Jesus said: Yes, she DID My children!  She DID get her Soul back!  EVEN though, there is still ‘much LEAD, SURFACING’ – BECAUSE she chose to FIGHT! – the DEMONS, by RECEIVING, ‘the Transforming GRACES’ – INTO her LIFE; INTO her BEING.  BECAUSE, she chose ‘DOCILITY’, to ‘what I am ASKING, OF her’; BECAUSE, she REPENTED, FROM, the very DEPTHS, OF, her BEING – SHE has her SOUL now!  And that IS, ‘the GAP, HAS been BRIDGED!’  She NOW, HAS, ‘a CONNECTION, WITH Me’ – IN, the Truth!  PEOPLE without SOULS, have SIMPLY NOT done, ‘what is NECESSARY’ – to ‘MEND the BRIDGE’, so that, they are ABLE, to ‘cross OVER’, to My Kingdom; but she CHOSE, ‘wisely’.  HOPEFULLY, MORE WILL do, the SAME!  WELCOME, aboard the ARK, My daughter!  For TRULY you have FOUND, ‘a REFUGE, for your SOUL’, IN these Times!  BUT! – DO not become ‘spiritually LAZY’; INSTEAD, FOCUS, on your PURIFICATION – so that YOU, will be able to withstand, ‘the COMING CERN waves’. STAY away from those, who are ‘SPIRITUALLY toxic’.  And be SURE, to REJECT ‘the demonic CLUSTERS’, of EVERYONE who comes to your mind; and ASK for the GRACE, to LIVE your TRUE identity, AS ‘My child’ ALWAYS!  Persevere.

Today another MAN was welcomed aboard the Ark of Safety.  And perhaps the reader TOO, can better "UNDERSTAND, ‘what it MEANS’, to LIVE – the ERA of PEACE, in your HEART"

Jesus said: For TRULY I shall extend, ‘PROSPERITY’, TO you, AS ‘a FLOWING river’; NOT, ‘the PROSPERITY of earthly RICHES’; BUT, ‘the PROSPERITY, OF, YOUR spiritual life’.  For NOW, you DO have, your SOUL back. And YOU are beginning to LISTEN - to TRULY Listen, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, IN the moment.  You KNOW that the ARROGANT and the HAUGHTY, are VERY FAR away FROM Me; but you ALSO know that I will LIFT up the LOWLY.  And SINCE YOU have HUMBLED yourself – IN truth and IN SINCERITY, you WILL, be ‘lifted UP’! – IN your household!  For YOU, TRULY have acknowledged ME – before ‘ALL the NATIONS’; and you are no LONGER burying, ‘the LIGHT’, that has been given TO you.  And SO YES, you ARE the HEAD, OF, your own HOUSEHOLD; and your WIFE, is called, to ‘RESPECT you’; and to HONOR, your headship – as you NOW, represent ME, IN, your HOME!  YOU are just, ‘BEGINNING’, to UNDERSTAND, ‘what it MEANS’, to LIVE – the ERA of PEACE, in your HEART – EVEN amidst, ‘ALL, of your DAILY activities’ – YOU NOW HAVE ‘a PEACE’ – that NO MAN, WOMAN, OR child, can GIVE to you; BUT, ONLY My Father – who HAS, ‘GIVEN Me this PEACE’ – SO that, I may pass it on, to THOSE who are Worthy of it... You have ‘much to LEARN’! – BUT your GROWTH has ALREADY begun! – PERSEVERE!

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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
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Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
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as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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