The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.25 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)

Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of my people of their right, that widows may be their spoil, and that they may make the fatherless their prey!  What will you do on the day of punishment, in the storm which will come from afar?  To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your wealth?  Nothing remains but to crouch among the prisoners or fall among the slain.  For all this his anger is not turned away and his hand is stretched out still.”

“All, of the Hollywood ‘horror movies’ combined, can not even match, what the One World Government leaders, have planned for their victims.  These government leaders are part, of a cult - not an ‘average cult’ either, but a cult of luciferians.  They have their ‘agendas’ for humanity, and they intend to fully implement them; and I am not going to intervene - except with My Great Warning ExperienceThat is the extent of My Mercy, upon My people.” 
“For those who prefer the hot fires of Hell because of rebellion - against the Truth that is in them, well then that is where they will go - because they choose to.  It’s very simple: people must choose teams, and they must know who their allegiance is to.  The introduction of ‘the Verichip’ is simply ‘a concrete manifestation’ of what they have already chosen; of the spiritual realities at work in them.”
(-Jesus, Friday, September 04, 2009)
“Man cannot create beauty as I can Create beauty.  If they try to add anything to My Creation, they end up taking away all the more beauty.  What was once flavorful and full of life, becomes dead, and lacks nourishment for the body.  Mankind thinks he can tamper with My foods I created, and get away with it, unharmed, with no consequences?  There are consequences, and they are quickly to be poured out upon mankind.”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, January 26, 2010
“When a child dies, through abortion, at least the child will continue on in happiness, because it was free from sin - except ‘original’.  Though these souls can never truly 'see' My Face, or behold My Presence because I am a Just God, they are ‘Forever Content’; but at the same time, they are crying to Me daily, for Justice upon ‘those who stole their lives away’.”
“In the case of ‘the gamer’, who ‘married’ his game, what did you expect?  And this is not the end of the sickness, but people will just become worse, and worse, until there is no hope for humanity... Soon men will be marrying their cars, and then they will want to marry their beasts - and this will be allowed, and accepted by many, as just ‘one more step upward for humanity’.  Oh foolish men they are, for what they believe is climbing upwards’, is only going to spiral them down, deeper and deeper, into sin upon sin, and hell.”
(-Jesus, Sunday April 4, 2010)
“More frequent and larger earthquakes are going to be happening from now on, My children...  The next one will be in an Ocean, and will be very large, and a Tsunami will follow it...  'The just' as well as 'the wicked' will die, in this next event.  So great will be the number of deaths, that all of Heaven will ‘shutter’, and look away.”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 11 months before 'the nightmare')
“Watch the news carefully, and always be discerning carefully the stories you hear and read.  The Holy Spirit will share some ‘Truth’ with you – ‘Truth that is necessary’ to filter through the current propaganda.”
“I do not bless ‘Bob’ and ‘Larry’, to marry, or to date in preparation for marriage.  I do not bless ‘Cindy’ and ‘Sue’, to marry, or date in preparation for marriage.  This is insanity! – that the “churches” have gotten together, and “blessed” this group of people and their lifestyles.  A ‘Heavy Hammer’ is coming down upon this city, and it will not be 'let up' until Justice has been served... For I have had enough of their parading around in ‘vibrant colors’, and I am going to be ‘taking My rainbow back’.”
“Because of what mankind has chosen to do, to tamper, with the weather –  this tampering, is having adverse effects upon the whole ecological system of the World.  The animals, the birds, will begin to behave in ways that are not normal.  They will be hindered much, by the growing effects of extreme weather patterns.”
The oil spill, in the Gulf, will absolutely not get better, despite what the experts themselves are saying to each other.  Yes, optimism is good, but when common sense, and reason, as well as scientific proof and evidence are ‘thrown out the window’, how can the scientists stand by what they say?  They can not, and their scientific experiments, are producing no real results.  They are fruitless, just as their ‘father’ is.  They do not want to be governed by Me, by My Counsel, so let them counsel themselves.  Oh still greater things are about to happen.  You will see.  Watch the news, and carefully discern everything.  That is all that I have to say to the both of you for now.”
“You are right, My son, in asking the question: “Where is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers?” in all of this.  I’ll tell you, where they are: they are busy with something else – far more extravagant than you could imagine: They are focused on ‘the next big staged terrorist attack’ upon North America.  The people, running the White House and all of the U.S. delegates, are hoping that BP will sink, ‘like the titanic’.  This mammoth company, if it does go under, they can no longer afford the oil drilling in the Americas, and as a result, the price of oil will increase – ten fold.  This is not good.  This will also sink the U.S. economy’s money 'down into the toilet' – because BP will need to make all sorts of payouts to compensate for peoples’ grief, and to deal with the cleanup.  You see how it’s all planned, My children?  Everything is now in place for the One World Government takeover, and it will be soon, I assure you both of that.”
(-Jesus, Friday, June 18, 2010)
The chip, once it is implanted, in men, all over the world, will be a means, of bringing every man, woman, and child, under the security and false pretenses, of the One World Government.  The chip will bring them together as one family of beasts.  Do you think the elite will have these chips, My children?  Do you think, they will allow this foreign object, into their own bodies.  Absolutely not, but through deception, they will pretend to take the same implants.  See how clever, and arrogantly evil they really are?  The people, are no longer, to be seen, as a population, of humans.”
“Television, is the enemy, of My children; but those who would engage, in viewing such acts of violence and sexual promiscuity, and lewdness – revel in the viewing of it.  Those who condone the television – can never be My friends; as long as that satanic altar is set up in their hearts, there is no room for Me.  I am not referring to people who watch a few hours here and there, of what would be called ‘wholesome shows’; but those who make television their 'god', to exclude Me from their lives altogether – these are the ‘worldly people’, and they go to Church on Sundays; and you will be seeing and witnessing what happens to people, when they make television first and foremost, at the center of their lives – that icy cold box of hell; and those who authentically seek to worship Me.”
“Jesus said: I want you to witness, My children: this Christmas season, and what it has become, thus far, and where it is going... See ‘through Heaven’s eyes’: why ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ must be destroyed.  Pay particular attention to the children’s toys, this year, and ask yourselves this question:  What is the producer trying to build up in these My little ones?  It would be better "for a millstone to be put around his neck and thrown into the sea", rather than make the toys he has made - his too will be a Heavy Judgement.  You will know what company or person I am referring to when you see it for yourselves.”
“Christmas has become no more, than a political statement…  For so many, I have been removed from the center of their Christmas, and from the center of their families, and from the center of their homes - but I have been 'pushed aside', and the image of "santa claus" has taken My place, who isn't even a real person.  What hope can there be for a society, that clings to falsehoods, and teaches them, to their children? - No hope… The spiritual insanity within man, is now going to increase - worse than it has ever been before.  With the lunar eclipse, and the moon darkened by blood - it is a sign, My children, that: the Tribulation, is about to begin - though it has begun, for many.  The One World People, are ready to implement their plan - in full.  The ‘blood-red Moon’, is a sign of the coming wars, and carnage, to North America, and the World.  It is also a sign, of My Graces, being withdrawn - even from My Elect... This is My Christmas present to the World:  Meet, My Justice!”
(-Jesus, 'Christmas Eve', 2010, 2 1/2 months before 'the Fukushima Nightmare')
“The government, has found a way, to simulate, human emotion, My children: the use of the H.A.A.R.P. technology, by Nikola Tesla.  He is in Hell - make no mistake about that.  And why?  Because he chose, to make technology, that was destructive and powerful.  It was his own ego, and desire for power, that fed him, so he could continue in his work.  Now, many years later, you both are feeling the effects, of that technology, being used, to its fullest capacity.  People are literally walking around in a daze, brainwashed, into believing everything is fine, and acting on impulses, that do not, come from them; but they are being manipulated, in every way possible to man's bitter end.”
“Man created technology, and now technology is about to become man's worst enemy.  I create things, and good comes from it.  Man tries to create things, and always falls short, because he did not include Me in his invention.  Oh what a pity it has come to this!  You will see for yourselves what I am referring to in due time.”
(-Jesus, Saturday, January 8, 2011, 2 months before 'the Fukushima Nightmare')

Real Life "zombieland"
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“The governments, have turned up the very low frequencies, in all the Walmarts, across the Globe, My children, for they believe, and have proof, that the majority of the populations of people, are drawn to that particular department store... Now this is just 'a testing phase' for the One World Peoples.  They want to see what sort of response they will get when the people are bombarded, with Low Frequency Brainwaves, and the certain message is this: "shop, until you drop"; "do not stop shopping"... This is in essence, what the One World People are broadcasting over the P.A. systems, over the radios, and even over the silent advertisement TVs.  The effect is simple: people are put into: a sleep-like zombie state, or euphoria, in which their thinking processes, are literally put on hold, and only emotions and the drive for more goods, is pressing them forwards.  Literally, they are being brainwashed, into accepting, their current state of being in that place.  That is all the government wants.  That is all the government needs, to have complete control over the peoples - over their very wills.  They simply turn them into 'docile lemmings'.  It is a new kind of evil, My children, one of the worst.”
“What has happened to Japan is most devastating… The HAARP machine is the chief culprit in this mysterious earthquake that happened all of the sudden.  More of these are to come in the future; but as I said, the USA, will be the next one directly affected.  Trust My children that My words are True.  You will see the California earthquake in your time, and you will witness such devastation, just through the media, for even now I tell you, they are not telling you everything.”
“Most people are not stupid My children, but the governments are betting on their naivety.  The governments are gathering together, and betting upon the power of the press, to bombard people into believing in falsehood - and that is the number one government agenda next to genocide.”
(-Jesus, Monday, March 14, 2011, 3 days after 'the nightmare')
“The nuclear crisis, is now, at level 7 - but you will not hear this on the news. As ‘china syndrome’ is under way.  There is nothing the governments can do about it, except resort to a media blackout.  There will be more media blackouts like these, in the coming future, for as the natural disasters get worse, it will become harder for the people to report on them… The fallout, will soon become deadly, but you may not hear of any of this on the news reports unless you dig, and dig deep.”
(-Jesus, Sunday, March 20, 2011, 9 days after 'the nightmare')
“Oh my children, what has come to North America, is very great indeed, for the radiation has reached here, and even in Vancouver, the radiation levels are much higher, than what they have told, the locals.  It is all about ‘saving face’ My children.  But people are going to die from this and it cannot be stopped.  Think of it this way My children: the “radiation leaks”, the “China Syndromes”, the “Chernobyls”, the “reactors out of control”.  All of these combined make for a very terrible situation.  It would be good if they could find a solution, but it will be too late, once that happens, for enough radiation will leak from the Fukushima Plants, to poison two thirds (2/3) of the population of the Americas.  Yes you heard Me My children.  For some it will be slow.  But others – especially the elderly and infants, will die very fast.”
(-Jesus, Wednesday March 30, 2011, 3 weeks after 'the nightmare')
“Oh My children, if you only knew, the true number of casualties, from the nuclear fallout.  Already people are beginning to become very sick, over in Japan; but you will not hear of this, unless you ‘dig deep’.  Look for independent news reporters.  Alex Jones, is ‘a good independent news reporter’.  There are others like him.  You can find the truth, if you search hard."
“Remember this is not just clear water, coming out, of the reactor – this is ‘nuclear reactive’, and so, I tell you now, this not a permanent solution.  Again the Japanese officials are lying to the people, as everyone in Japan is poisoned, by the toxic chemicals being released – into the atmosphere. People are going about crying peace, safety and security – all the time being poisoned themselves.”
(-Jesus Thursday, April 07, 2011, 4 weeks after 'the nightmare')
“Even though people are closer than they ever have been before, in proximity to one another, they equally have never been farther apart.  Why?  Because technology - instead of being useful, in bringing together families, and simply enhancing the gifts, I gave them; they chose to use technological advances for their own selfish purposes.” 
“And now, it has come to this, that people are more disconnected from reality and their neighbor, than ever before in history. That is why the Great Warning must come to unite hearts and souls to their Creator – if possible.  For right now, hardly anyone is ready to meet Me, at their Judgement.  And so, the microchip implant, has come, and will be implemented very soon.  I must reach souls before this chip becomes the next convenient way, in order to live.”
(-Jesus, Thursday, May 12, 2011)
“Once they fire the H.A.A.R.P. machine, just as you have experienced, every place you have gone, then the weather will turn cold.”
“The truth about 9/11, has now come to the surface, in many different circles on the internet  You can see from all of the videos you now have watched, that it truly was one of ‘the biggest hoaxes in human history’.  There never was a plane, My children, nor were there passengers on the ‘supposed plane’.  But everything that the media told the people, was a straight-out-lie.  No truth can come from such deceivers… it was all a manipulated event. You will see even more videos, which will show the media’s ‘holes’, in their representation of the facts.   This truly is an example, of ‘do not believe everything that you see or hear.  There were no real terrorists, only hired ones, on a different plane, heading somewhere else.  The people were murdered.  Those in the Towers were sacrificed.  I tell you now My children: because you have this truth, you will be hated even more by people – especially by those who bought into the 9/11 media propaganda.” 
(-Jesus, Friday, September 30, 2011)
“These ‘mad scientists’, can continue to use the H.A.A.R.P. machine, but they are only destroying nature’s natural resilience.  They are going to ‘push the weather beyond their control’, and it ‘will act against them’ and ‘not in their favor’. Playing with the H.A.A.R.P. machine, to fire down at the Earth – to create ‘certain quakes’, in different areas, may seem like ‘a great scientific feat’.  All of the minds: put together, to defy nature, and to create destructive forces – will be instrumental, in destroying the Earth.  They are ‘playing with fire’ My children – with molten magma.  They are the ones waking up ‘the Ring of Fire’.”
“Forced mandatory abortions are coming as well.  The women have their rights now, to choose life or death – for their little one, for their baby.  But the time is coming when they shall have no choice.  They call themselves “pro-choice” as of now but soon they will realize, they have indeed been working for ‘the wrong team’; and they will be ‘the ones who are sacrificed’ and ‘their child’s future’ - ‘for the sake of society’, for the ‘good of humanity’. How can mankind be good without Me my children?  People with common sense and reason can see through the façade the government puts in front of them.  But common sense and reason are very scarce even now; and soon, their there will be none left.  I am going to allow humanity to turn on itself.”
“What better way, to get the people to vote for their own death then to say that the World is overpopulated.  "Increase and multiply", was My blessing upon all peoples.  And so the enemy wishes to do the opposite, by getting people to focus on 'depopulation'.  Look at all the abortions that are going on My children.  Look at all the wars and the killing.  Look at the movies and books and CD's people entertain themselves with – not to mention violent and crime filled video games. See the world is desensitized to death.  They will be told that the weak must die for the sake of the strong and “mercy killings”, will become legalized and rampant in society”
(-Jesus, Tuesday, October 25, 2011
“The devil has come in many different colors My children, and has approached each of the candidates for presidency, and has offered them all: large sums of money.  Why?  Only to step down, as being a viable candidate.  Because they, already know who they want My children, to run for president and to win.” 
“When the people vote this time My children, they are going to be ‘fully informed’.  They know how R.P. is being treated, by the mainstream news, and so there is no excuse, for voting for any of the other, ‘candidates’.  Time and time again, I have shown their ‘true colors’ to the people… The people, need to wake up, and see the truth about what is happening – to their country; and how many tyrants, have taken over in the past; and how history will repeat itself, if they do not pray and vote, for R.P., to win: the Republican nomination, for President of the United States.  They have, ‘many paths in front of them’; but only one, is the right path; only one, is, ‘the narrow road’; only one, will return, America – upright – at least for a time. But know this: if any of the other presidential hopefuls, get into office, then Woe to the World, in which you live.  If Obama stays in office: then a double Woe to the World, in which you live.  Know that this will be one of the signs, that The Great Warning is approaching fast: it all depends on this next election, what the future will be.  I am ready ‘to pull My people out’.  If the American people refuse My Mercy, I will ‘pull them out’ sooner, and all, of the evil designs of the One World Government Forces, will fall upon the people at once.  Even now they are making ready.  They have their soldiers in place.  They know exactly what to doexcept with R.P., for My Hand is upon him – at all times; and I will uphold him through this ‘dark time’ that he is in.  The establishment may have thought that they have won, but I will give the voice back to the people and let them decide: the fate of their own country.  For I am Merciful, but also Just; and sometimes the need – is for both.”
“I have had enough My children!  This World, is going to be consumed, for I have held back My Hand, and even though Justice has been severe: with Fukushima, with Chemtrails, with poisoned water, with poisoned GMO foods, with poisoned air; even though, they have received plagues of tornados, and all sorts of un-natural, and un-wanted disasters - I have not ‘emptied My Cup' completely, and I will make mankind ‘drink the dregs' of My Fury and Wrath.” 
“FEMA, also known, as Federal Emergency Management Association, is nothing like, what is stated, My children.  You, have been doing your research for many years now, and it, is about, to pay offFEMA has been mandated, to build ‘large detention centers’.  They are not there, to aid the people, in their survival.  But they will be the primary workers, in the ‘Global Population Reduction Program’.  They are the ones in charge: of the FBI, of the SWAT teams, and, the Department of Homeland Security.  “Homeland” - what does that sound like My children?  Perhaps it sounds a bit like ‘what Hitler referenced’ – his own home country to: his “motherland” or “homeland”. 
“The enemy’s victories will be very short-lived I assure you.  And the punishment that is coming, to the One World Government leaders, and their kind, is going to be severe as well.  For did I not, punish Nebuchadnezzar, in his haughtiness?  In his desire to be worshiped above Me?  Was he not cast down to the beast state?  And all of the glory of his kingdom removed?” 
(-Jesus, Tuesday, May 8, 2012)
“The war, in Iran, will not end, My children.  Neither, will the ‘staged wars’, within Syria.  And, neither, will the government, stop ‘staging’, hoax-attacks, on different countries, as they want all the resources, that are available, for the people.  They want to take, and covet deeply: that which they do not possess.  They are power-hungry warlords, My children.  The more wars, carnage, and atrocities, the better, they feel, inside, about themselves.  This is way beyond ‘the conscience’ My children.  These people, are spiritually and mentally insane.  And their ‘thirst for blood’ cannot be quenched.  For they receive their ‘marching orders’, from the enemy’s camp – from the evil one himself.  And just as he is a murderer, and a liar, so too are they ‘taking on the image’ of their father.  The lies, the propaganda, the constant ‘holes’, in all of the governments’ stories, are going to be ‘brought to the light’ now.  This will be part of My Mercy, on the World.”
(-Jesus, Wednesday, June 6, 2012
“Eat, drink and be merry”, is all that they will say – to each other, “For death will come one day, and we will meet it then.  But now, we are young, and our lives, are ‘just fine’ – without any: new knowledge, or understanding, of the World around us; and no desire, to think about ‘bad things’.” - Oh foolish these people are, My children, to have ‘such prideful thoughts’ – to believe that ‘their reality’ trumps the truth, and that their opinions, matter more, than just, plain, factsOh they are all ‘so deceived’ – by their governments, church leaders, families and friends.” 
“I am about to do ‘a great thing’ and to ‘make everything right’; to make ‘order’, out of: all of the chaos that is coming, upon the Face of the Earth.   The ‘New World Order’ the government wants is very different, from the one I am building.  For there will ‘come a time’, when I will ‘start over’ again; but man will have learned by then, to overcome sin, by living, the Commandments, in their hearts – not just ‘on the outside’.”
“The coming, of “the lawless one”, by the activity, of the devil, is about, to manifest – to the fullest degree!  Because he hates man, and desires: that all their souls be lost.  Obama may have “triumphed”, in this “election”, but he forgets, that: I, win, the war.  Indeed, I have already won it!  He is not ‘just a mere man’, but is ‘the desolate one’ – the one, who makes ‘all things desolate’By his very nature, he has an inclination to murder, to mayhem, to chaosOn the surface, he seems personable, friendly and popular with all of the people.  But underneath ‘all of that’, is a heinous plan: for world governance - of all of the nations, by ‘the enemy incarnate’… Obama is ‘not at all’ what he seems like on the surface; but is a tyrant, who will rule ‘very hard’ this term.  He is not, ‘sent, from above’; but from beneath, the surface of the Earth… It is better to run away and flee, from the Abomination of Desolation, in all of the churches.  And it is better to flee, ‘the Obama Nation’, that is set-up, in, “the white house” - not “white” at all, but “drips with the blood of the innocent” - here, is the leader, that you wanted; instead, of My Laws, and My Commands, and My Love.”
(-Jesus, Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - U.S. Election Day Results) 
“On the Earth: government leaders, are gathered together, around their table – and what is in the midst of them? – is the antichrist.”  
“The One World Government, and FEMA, are working closely together, for a plan, to depopulate, the United States.  For they will even cause worse disasters, than Hurricane Sandy.  And they will do worse things to the people, and thenpretend to solve their problems’.  This is how they operate. The enemy is ‘an angel of light’, and they, are ‘operating on his behalf’.”
I was given, visions – of four ‘beasts’… But what does it all mean?  It was ‘later revealed’, in this time, to the both of you – the Lord’s Two Witnesses.  And now, it is to be revealed, to the World!... ‘All pastors, ministers, rabbis, and all shepherds’have lost ‘the Counsel, of the True Holy Spirit… ‘the freemasonic agenda’, working, within ‘all the major religions, of the World’ – to form ‘a One World Religion’!...  The freemasons, seek ‘to use’ women, to bring all religions, under One ‘World Religion’; and to use, ‘their Jezebellian tendencies’, against God…  the freemasons want to foster, anti-male headship’ in the women – they ‘use’; so they go against ‘the Command of the Lord’ [(1 Timothy 2:12-13) – that is: to keep silent, as they are not to have ‘any authority’, or ‘to teach’ other men… ‘how fast, the One World Religion, is ‘moving’, in these ‘times’; and how fast, it is growing… ‘the false holy spirit’guiding these people: away from their Creator! – towards themselves… the climax, of the One World Religion’… it is merciless! – and will make war on the saints (-those called to be Saints), and will have them ‘kill, their faith!’ – so ‘no longer, do they believe, in the True God’; but ‘the saints’, will only believe, in themselves – that ‘god’, “has saved them”!! – but apart, from repentance... ‘the greediness’, of this One World Religion – as their main focus, is on ‘taking from the people’ – their money!...  this One World Religion, seeks ‘to crush peoples’ souls, to send them down! – to Hades!”
“The governments are about to be ‘hailed as heroes’ in this next coming disasterupon the United States.  They have ‘a big one’ planned.”

"What they are not stating, My children – but what they are making ‘perfectly clear’ – in that film, you just watched [- Episode 2 from the first season of the TV series “Intelligence” (at the request of Jesus)], is that anyone can become, “a terrorist”.  If someone within the intelligence agency – with all their training, and all their background knowledge, can be ‘turned’ – then anyone can be. But what is ‘the Truth’ – in real life My children?  How does the CIA truly operate, behind the scenes?  [PPTL: They (the CIA) are the ones, recruiting the terrorists.]  And that, is ‘the part’, they so conveniently left out of the script – so conveniently, did they ‘forget’, to write, ‘that reality’, into, the plotThey didn’t forget though.  The writers, and the Hollywood producers, knew exactly, what, they were doing – when they wrote the lines’, for the actors to recite – when they wrote the plot, that painted, the CIA, as ‘the heroes’ of the country.  When ‘in reality’, they are against, their own country; when ‘in reality’, secret operations, within, the Department, of Homeland Security, are in fact, training, “CIA soldiers” – so to speak.  And what am I referring to?  ISIS, My children – for one.  The United States, of America, trains people, to work against them.  Now why would they do that? Why would they pay, ‘the opposition’, to sometimes, attack them – but for the most part, ‘pretend to’?  What could be possibly gained? – the skeptics, will ask.  [PPTL: So that they can justify military invasions of foreign countries, and billions of dollars worth of military spending.]And, what of, ‘at home’ - on home soil?  They are ‘setting the stage’, for “terror, attacks”, on homeland soil.  Why, would they do such a thing?  How could they possibly benefit?  [PPTL – By declaring martial law, and taking away even more from the people.]  Indeed.  The United States of Americatheir Government, and, the Russian Government, and, the Chinese Government, are ALL, working together, against, the people –foreign, and, domestic.  They don’t care. They are only interested, in “power” – the power, to inflict pain, and suffering.  These ‘political leaders’, get ‘a high’, from it.  Because, they are sociopaths, and, psychopaths. So, they treat the world, as ‘a chess game’.  But what is most important, for people to realize, is that all of the governments, are ‘working together’ – behind the news, behind the scenes.  They will only appear, as ‘political enemies’ – to distract the people, from everything, the leaders all unanimously agree on.  The media’s role in all of this, is to make sure the people, see that there are two sides – to keep them in the illusion of ‘good guys and bad guys’ – when in reality, all the politicians are luciferian.  And that’s, your, ‘political forecast’ My children – for the times you are living in.  Understand?  Not, what, the government, wants people to know – especially coming from Me.  But their secrets, are only “secrets” for so long. And never, ever, were they successful, at keeping “secrets”, from Me – from Heaven.  I see it all.  I’m at their “meetings”.  Though I am invisible – and most definitely, “unwelcome’; I am still thereI see, what they are up to.  But it’s too late for anything to change.  You do not understand this – right now, but you will, My children…  That series that you are watching is very important – because, the CIA leak a lot of information, and ‘boasts’, about what they are really up to; what their technology is really capable of.  Getting to space, through “the debris belt”, isn’t going to happen. But they do have a lot of technology they are keeping secret, from the people.  Can you guess what their boast is, in this series? [PPTL: Time travel.]  Yes!  And microchip implants.  They are getting people, ‘ready’.  Not everyone will receive, ‘the chip implant’; most people don’t need it – they are already ‘programmed’, and easy to control, through nanotechnology, and ELF waves.  Understand?  But you, will be even more ‘intelligent’, than they are, with their technology – because you have ‘access’, to ‘the Source of all life’.  And what is more “intelligent”, than having ‘a personal relationship with your Creator’?"(-Jesus, February 23, 2015)
 Note: You can learn more about what is coming to the United States, by visiting this page on our website, "WAR".

Choose the Right Side
Mona is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
A Just Decree from Heaven concerning: the fate of the one world government underground cities
"Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the generals and the rich and the strong, and every one, slave and free, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand before it?”
(Revelations 6:15-17)

While the ONE world GOVERNMENT, 'THOUGHT', that they would be "safe" - in their "UNDERGROUND, caverns - and CITIES" - what they are "ABOUT to find OUT" - is that 'THOSE'  WILL be "their TOMBS!"  And, WILL become "their BURIAL grounds" - for they WILL! - NOT! - escape, "the WRATH, of, the Lamb, of the Most High TRUE God" - BEGGING! - to the ROCKS - and, to the HILLS, to "fall ON them!"  For THEY believe, that THEY will be "safe", during 'the TIME, of, the Apocalypse' - and that 'their UNDERGROUND CITIES', would be "the LAST place"! - that the Most High TRUE God, would "STRIKE with a VENGEANCE!".  Yet, it IS 'being Decreed, from HEAVEN' - that, "their UNDERGROUND cities" WILL be 'the first, to be STRUCK! - by the Creator of the Universe - the MAKER, of ALL things! - BOTH VISIBLE, AND invisible'.  Amen.

"So the last will be first, and the first last.”
(Matthew 20:16)
And so? - "fair notice", has been given.  The one world government thought that "merciless and incessant alien tech attacks" on the Faithful Remnant, "at THEIR leisure", was... "a good move".  Sure; whatever!  So let them have "THEIR PIECE, of the Apocalyptic pie"... FIRST!  Why?  Because... "that's FUNNY?"  No.  Because, they thought that - while "hiding in their underground cities", they would be "the very LAST!" - ones, who would be AFFECTED, by 'the End Times Apocalyptic Chastisements'.  And SO?... "PIECE!" - BE with them!... let Us OFFER them, a SIGN, of "PIECE!" (March 14, 2018 update - "international Pi day")    

The illuminati will marvel at THIS
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

How the OWG is conditioning people through the media, to reject the Testimony - when they find it, or HEAR of it.

In the New York Times Newspaper - the SAME "New York" that HEAVEN recently pronounced a JUDGEMENT against - just a few days later, on May 21, 2018, presented an article titled, "What’s So Good About Original Sin?"

HERE is an excerpt, from this ARTICLE:

"The doctrine of original sin has often been held to be intolerably dark, a counsel of despair. It says we are by nature morally flawed, that we are born in error and live in it irremediably, that each of us deserves punishment and will receive it, unless redeemed by God’s arbitrary grace. It insists that we cannot cure ourselves by our own efforts, and it has led some people to make extraordinarily disturbing claims, such as that children who die in infancy could burn in eternal hellfire."

We SIMPLY, replaced the words, "doctrine of original sin", with the word "Testimony" - the Testimony that actually speaks of 'the CONSEQUENCES, of original sin', in these TIMES.  And when we DID so, it became QUITE apparent to us, that the GOVERNMENT, was simply 'putting this OUT there', to CONDITION the PEOPLE, on HOW, they should SEE and RESPOND TO 'the Testimony of their Creator' - WHEN, it becomes available, again.

In short, the governments want the PEOPLE, to reject the Testimony, after they QUICKLY judge it as being "extraordinarily disturbing"

Choosing The Higher virtues of Excellence!
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
IRONICALLY - it is important to STATE - that EVERYONE in prison, or everyone who is on their WAY to prison, after hearing "their JUDGEMENT" proclaimed, PUBLICLY - SEES that JUDGEMENT, as "an EXTRAORDINARILY disturbing milestone", in their life.  THAT is why the governments, chose 'THAT term', for people to focus on - as they want everyone who FINDS the Testimony, to DISTRACT themselves, from the INSTRUCTIONS on how to REVERSE the Judgement, in their own PERSONAL lives - before the door to their Eternal destination is forever locked, with them BEHIND it - and the key is FOREVER thrown away.

And so? - just to be FAIR - WE in turn, then asked the Most High TRUE God, to reveal, what all of HEAVEN sees as "extraordinarily disturbing", with THIS most WICKED generation of souls, in the HISTORY of the Human race - referring of course, to everyone who is currently OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant Church - on this entire planet. And THIS is what He said:

1. Abortion - the fact that a woman, WOULD choose to murder "her OWN flesh and blood" - in the NAME, of "defending her RIGHT, to have the RIGHT, to KILL! - when she is inconvenienced".  The fact that the WOMB, that was called, to be "the safest PLACE, on EARTH, for a CHILD, to GROW and be NURTURED, and CARED for and LOVED" - WOULD in fact, become "a TORTURE chamber", of EXCRUCIATING pain, and SUFFERING - INFLICTED, on the one IMPRISONED.

2. Pornography - the fact that PEOPLE, who 'LOATHE themselves ENTIRELY'; and, who are WITHOUT a CONSCIENCE; and COMPLETELY 'EMPTY' - would TURN, to DEFILING, their NEIGHBOR, in their THOUGHTS - to UNCOVER, their FLESH - to gain "SATISFACTION", by SEXUAL lust - INVADING! - the sexual PRIVACY of others - AND! - their sexual GOD-GIVEN identity.

3. Child exploitation - the fact that PARENTS, will SIT their CHILDREN, in front of a SCREEN, for HOURS - and ALLOW them to soak up EVERY evil, and ABOMINATION, under the SUN - under 'the DISGUISE of watching cartoons' - so that THEY can grow up and LEARN, to be 'like the CARTOONS, they see - COMPLETELY ANIMATED by demons'.  And THEN, they are SUPPOSED to 'be EQUIPPED to DEAL, with life's SITUATIONS, as an ADULT' - as an ADULT would! - when they WERE in fact 'FORMED, as LITTLE psychopaths'.  The FACT that parents will expose, their CHILDREN to 'EVERY imaginable EVIL, and sexual IMAGE' - so that, THEY get to a point, that they CAN'T, tell the DIFFERENCE, between 'what is REAL', and 'what is FAKE' - what is 'ACTING', and what is 'AUTHENTIC'.

4. Woman empowerment - has LED to the death, of BILLIONS of children! - for GENERATIONS - has LED to, women, EXERCISING, their right to kill! - their right to PROTEST 'TRUTH', and ULTIMATELY 'LIFE'!  THEY have been 'EMPOWERED', by "the SERPENT" - and they USE the devil's power - to GET "what THEY WANT"!  They use 'the GIFT of the FORM that was given TO them', to manipulate OTHERS, to "gain ADVANTAGE".  They do "WICKED things", WITH their bodies - and their INTERIOR lives are "CESSPOOLS of filth"!  They "UGLIFIED themselves" on the INSIDE - by SACRIFICING themselves to the devil - by BECOMING 'a MURDERER'! - JUST like "their father". For the DEVIL, MADE, women's BODIES, 'HUMAN SACRIFICIAL temples'.  And the WOMEN derive power, from 'SACRIFICING their CHILDREN', and from 'HAVING abortions'.

5. The systematic 'atheistic TRANSFORMATION' of society - 'TRUTH' has been REDUCED to "an OPINION" - and THEREFORE "EVERYONE is right!" - about 'WHATEVER decision they make'.  "LAWLESSNESS" is PREVALENT - and the DEVIL, HAS become, 'a GOD', to the people.  'UNIVERSAL TRUTH', is "a THREAT" - to, the ENEMY, and those who FOLLOW him.  And those who desire to PRACTICE, 'Universal TRUTH' - are PERSECUTED!  The CONSCIENCE, has been REDUCED to "WHATEVER someone feels, in the MOMENT" - INSTEAD of, "What is simply TRUE?"  The PEOPLE can NO longer tell the difference - between 'TRUTH' and 'FALSEHOOD' - as they EAT, from BOTH! - as they, are "GOATS"; and they WORSHIP the baphomet.  The DEVIL, presents 'an ILLUSION' to the global POPULATION, that they, are STILL practicing "Christianity" - when HE "switched it OUT - SYSTEMATICALLY - for satanism".  And so ALL of the people, are "SATANISTS".  The ONES who worship the devil by NAME - are "luciferian".

6. The people have 'the MARK, of PERDITION' - the FACT that, the WORLD is 'so BAD', that it HAD to come, to a POINT - where EVERYONE! - was "locked OUT, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN" - BECAUSE they received 'the mark' - and that millions of PEOPLE, a WEEK - are going to 'the Eternal FLAMES' - IS! - where, 'mankind', has GOTTEN to - at THIS point in human history.  The "INDELIBLE seal, of BAPTISM, has been REMOVED, from ALL christians" - and they ALL have! - 'the mark' - as in 'they HAVE been marked, for death, and Eternal separation, FROM Heaven'.  And 'THAT'? - is "the fruit, of mankind's POOR choices" - DISTURBING as it is.  The fact that 'HEAVEN', would have to WITNESS, "such an EVIL generation" - IS "most disturbing".  The FACT that 'people are getting WORSE by the DAY' - and 'PLUNGING, into DARKNESS, in their INTERIOR lives' - to TRY to get "some RELIEF" - from, 'any GOODNESS', or 'LIGHT', or 'TRUTH' - IS! - "the sign, to all of HEAVEN", that, the WORLD, is "RIPE, for the Harvest" - "the HARVEST of the DAMNED".

7. The GLOBAL WORLD MAFIA organization - the FACT that, ALL of the world LEADERS are "corrupt TO the very CORE"! - and they DO "GOOD WORKS", in the sight of the PEOPLE - in order, to HIDE, 'their EVILS' - IS! - 'a sign', to all of HEAVEN, that, 'the WORLD', needs new LEADERS! - ones, who will LISTEN, to 'a WELL-informed CONSCIENCE'; AND who will OBEY the 10 COMMANDMENTS - AND, teach, the PEOPLE, 'the Ways of their CREATOR' - the TESTIMONY.  The MAFIA organizations, have INFILTRATED, EVERY organization! - on the planet - INCLUDING, the RELIGIOUS ones - who are "RELIGIOUS", in NAME! - only.  EVERYONE takes "a bribe"!  And, 'EXTORTION', and 'MONEY laundering' - IS PREVALENT!  NO one is 'Just' - and NO one seeks 'TRUE Justice'.  But 'the MAFIA BOSSES' require "HUMAN sacrifice" - THROUGH abortion.  And THAT is why they RAISE up 'women, in the MEDIA'.

8. Mass SURVEILLANCE, and alien technology - the PEOPLE have absolutely 'NO privacy, WHATSOEVER' - as EVERYTHING they DO - as they LEAVE, "an electronic FOOTPRINT", is RECORDED!  And EVERYTHING is stored - and their INFORMATION, is being 'SOLD'!  Their PICTURES - their CONVERSATIONS, and their PURCHASING habits, are being 'sold'.  The BEHAVIOR of the PEOPLE, has become 'MODIFIED', to the POINT, where THEY think! - they are simply 'BEHAVING, NORMALLY'! - when the Truth IS, ALL of the PEOPLE, have "ABNORMAL behaviors" - as they are ALL "under the control, of the alien TECHNOLOGY" - EVEN 'their thoughts' aren't their own - but they are 'IMPLANTED' by COMPUTER technology.

9. Mass media deception - the fact that ALL of this is going ON, EVERY day! - in EVERY household, on the PLANET - to 'ONE extreme' or the OTHER.  And the PEOPLE? - DON'T care! - and are "COMPLETELY indifferent" - because they have been PROGRAMMED to be. Because the PEOPLE have been PROGRAMMED, through "TRAUMA-based MIND control" - THROUGH, the media - as they take in 'a STEADY DIGEST, of DISTURBING! - images'; and NEWS stories.  And, they have become 'DESENSITIZED, TO death'.  The FACT that most of the "NEWS", that is being PRESENTED, is "one-SIDED", and "FAKE!" - AS, the GOVERNMENT, 'creates', FAKE NEWS stories, and FALSE FLAG events - so that the PEOPLE can't tell the DIFFERENCE between 'the ACTORS, in a MOVIE' - and, the "CRISIS actors" - who are following their SCRIPTS.  The people can NO longer tell the difference between 'REAL, emotion', and 'FABRICATED emotion'.  But the biggest DECEPTION, is that, the GOVERNMENT-controlled MEDIA, has gotten the PEOPLE, to the POINT, where they CAN'T 'TRUST' their own perceptions.  And the PEOPLE? - in RESPONSE? - choose 'NOT to care'!

10. That the PEOPLE prefer to LIVE, in "their own BUBBLE", or "false REALITY" - each ONE of them! - made up of 'their OWN! - beliefs, and opinions'.  And therefore they are not 'OPEN', to Universal Truth - is "VERY disturbing"!  The fact that the people can KNOW! - that these things are happening - and that they ARE in fact "COMPLETELY owned, by their governments, AND their religious leaders" - and, STILL! - have NO desire to do ANYTHING, ABOUT it - IS 'revealing' - that this, "most wicked GENERATION, in all, of human HISTORY"... IS "cooked!"
The PEOPLE PREFER "a false UTOPIA", to 'the TRUTH, of the TESTIMONY' - and SO? - the Most High TRUE God MUST remove, 'their FALSE utopia' - so that they will DESIRE! - the Testimony. (May 21, 2018 update) 

What YOU need to do - whenever you are within 100 feet of an armed person in a uniform (- see #7 above)

In THESE End times - it is actually "COMMON knowledge" - that if you are NEAR an armed person in a uniform, and let's say, your phone vibrates in your pocket - and you REACH for it a little too QUICKLY... in THESE Times - that "armed person", may simply 'FEEL threatened', 'THINK it's a gun', and EXECUTE you, on the spot! - with COMPLETE legal immunity... they may even get some paid time off, as a result - so that they can hone their reaction times - as they play 'first person shooter video games' at home.  Of course, that isn't how they PRESENT their occupations on the recruiting posters.  But as the Last and Final True Pope, I DO have a desire to protect my flock, from the absolutely PSYCHOPATHIC, trained killers, in uniforms - that are currently "FREE to walk among the public".  And so it is NECESSARY to speak on this most SERIOUS topic.  First of all, know that it would be BEST to keep your distance, from them - but ONLY in such a way, that you DO NOT draw attention to yourself.  NEVER make sudden moves - like reaching for your wallet too fast, or answering your phone too fast, when you are near them - or that may very well be, "your LAST move".  And AS you ponder these "SIMPLE facts" above - here is "the UNCOMFORTABLE question", that EVERYONE really needs to ponder, on this topic, "What do TERRORISTS! - and ARMED people in UNIFORMS, have in common?"  Everyone is of course, entitled to 'their OWN answer' - but just to get you STARTED, here are a few BASIC comparison points that WE would like to share: They are both known to carry weapons.  They are both part of PAID CORRUPT organizations.  And they are both paid by "the illuminati STATE" crime syndicate.  They are both trained to kill.  They both will NOT hesitate to kill someone - given the right opportunity.  They both DESIRE to have "satanic POWER" over others.  They both desire "the BRAGGING rights", that will NATURALLY follow, their use of 'satanic power' over others.  While doing practice shooting at human silhouettes, they have both taken "time to think it THROUGH" - and IMAGINED what it would be like to KILL another human being - and even AFTER thinking it through, they BOTH decided, that doing so WOULD be something that they would be content to live with - given "all the kick-backs" of their job.  But they ALSO share "a deadened conscience" - because they weren't CALLED to carry a loaded weapon, by their Creator - and WITHOUT 'a conscience that is ANIMATED by the TRUE Holy Spirit', their inspirations to KILL, when given the opportunity, WILL be influenced by "guess who"!  And know, that with a resume like THAT - all the PEOPLE, who WORK for, BOTH organizations! - are "BARRED from the Kingdom of Heaven".  And so, ALL the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are called to COMMEND ALL the people in uniforms, who carry weapons, to the Immediate and Ongoing Divine JUSTICE of their CREATOR, WHENEVER you even think of them... and yes, that would be... "NOW". (July 05, 2018 update) 


Heaven Matters Most to Everyone...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Today, we PRAYED for "the EXECUTABLE Judgements of the Most High True God" to go out - to ALL the nations.

To the Inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah - Let the Reader Understand:

"It was of these also that Enoch in the seventh generation from Adam prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord came with his holy myriads, to execute judgment on all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of ungodliness which they have committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.” These are grumblers, malcontents, following their own passions, loud-mouthed boasters, flattering people to gain advantage.
(Jude: 1:14-16) 

To the Two Witnesses:

But you must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; they said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.” It is these who set up divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit."
(Jude: 1:17-19) 

To the Faithful Remnant, in the Last DAYS:

"But you, beloved, build yourselves up on your most holy faith; pray in the Holy Spirit; keep yourselves in the love of God; wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And convince some [- by making 'heartfelt TESTIMONY videos', for those...], who doubt; save some, by snatching them out of the fire; on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."
(Jude: 1:20-23) 
(November 14, 2018 update)

The citizens of the town of Paradise California had 'to learn FIRST-hand', what "Severe Consequences" means. The one world government? - STILL isn't listening!

Jesus said:  "Was it not Jezebel, who tried to silence My prophets - My holy ones - the ones, set aside for Me?  Was it not 'she', who desired, 'the destruction, of My people'?  It did not go so well for her - nor for ANYONE, involved with her.  Her kingdom - was quickly brought to an end.  It is "NOT A GOOD RESOLUTION!" - 'to desire to silence My messengers, at all costs'.  It will 'not go well' for those who come up against them - for are they not 'under my Protection'?  Wasn't Elijah 'under My Protection' - from the hard and cruel hand of Jezebel?  The Spirit of Elijah, dwells within these, My Two Messengers - and you would seek to douse this Holy Spirit, from them?  This is NOT A GOOD MOVE!  For those who want "justice" on 'the INNOCENT'? - "JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED" - upon the right one, accordingly.  I do not 'bow', to 'the whims of jezebellians' - no matter if they are 'wearing a collar', or not; she comes in all shapes and all forms.  I warn you not to go against My Two Witnesses; but let them be, so they can do 'the tasks I have set before them' - in peace.  If you do NOT abide by My wishes? - there will be 'Severe Consequences' - of which you will feel the full effects immediately. This is to be your "Last Warning". (-Jesus, Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - the only posting of this Message)

Jesus said:  My VERY HEAVY HAND, is about to 'come DOWN', UPON, the UNITED STATES, of AMERICA - in "an UNPRECEDENTED, way".  The ESCALATION, of disaster, UPON disaster - CONTINUES - and will ONLY! - increase, with TIME.  As I, 'BEAT'! - the INHABITANTS, of the Earth - the SAME way! - that THEY, have chosen, to 'BEAT'! - My Two Witnesses, and My FAITHFUL Remnant Church.  WOE! - to the MILITARY, of the EARTH.  And, WOE! - to 'the false PROPHETS', of this age.  And WOE! - to the ONE WORLD government, and the ILLUMINATI - who believe that 'THEY! - are in control, of the world narrative'. YOU are "NOT in control!"  YOU do NOT control 'My SPIRIT' - as, I move! - as I Will.  I am the One, who FORMED YOU.  I am the One, who will 'BRING you down'! - from "GREAT heights" - because of 'your ARROGANCE' - you MIGHTY men! - of this earth.  Do you not KNOW? - that I TOO! - am "a WARRIOR"?  Do you not KNOW, that 'the EARTH', is "My FOOTSTOOL"? - and that I, 'Formed the HEAVENS', and 'the SEAS', and 'ALL the Living CREATURES'?  I am "the LIVING One".  But YOU people! - embrace 'FALSE gods' - who cannot SAVE YOU, who WILL not save you! - and you are "doomed".  For I AM "the God of the OLD and the New TESTAMENT" - and I am 'making WAR'! - upon the EARTH - that all may KNOW, that I AM, "the Lord GOD, of HEAVEN" - and that they may 'LEARN', to fear Me - with 'a HOLY reverence'SO much 'pain', and 'SUFFERING', is coming!  And in My MERCY - I, have allowed, President Donald Trump to be installed.  And so: IF, PRESIDENT Donald Trump, does NOT get "HIS, border wall"? - then there will be 'SEVERE consequences'! (November 21, 2018 update)

How is YOUR report card?

Today Jesus Christ the Lord revealed that one of the Nations that is about to be REMOVED from the face of the Earth - only has about 4% of ALL its deceased citizens, throughout the course of human history, in the Kingdom of Heaven - referring to the Eternal Kingdom of the Most High TRUE God, of course (- not "THEIR heaven" - the one THEY 'created', through their HUMAN religious structures and humanistic belief systems).  And the Creator, in His Great Love and MERCY, WILL 'preserve that RACE' - by bringing the very FEW, who MADE it to the Kingdom of Heaven, BACK, in the Fullness of the PHYSICAL Era of True Peace on Earth.  In other words, it isn't about "RACISM", at all.  But 'the END' - is about putting an END, to cultures, and countries, and social structures, that ultimately STEER, the citizens who are IMMERSED in them - STRAIGHT into the Eternal Flames of the abysmal Lake of Fire. Does putting an END to those "UNSUSTAINABLE human systems" sound FAIR - to YOU?  Sure it does!  But it WILL surprise those, who are still BREATHING afterwards - WHICH first world nation, we are referring to.  Hope you like surprises!  And if you're WONDERING where we are in the book of REVELATIONS? - at this point in human history - see the FOLLOWING: 

“Come, gather for the great supper of God, to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great.” (Revelations 19:17b-18) 

"The marriage supper of the LAMB", is referring to the Faithful Remnant - THOSE who are called to 'nourish their SOULS, with Food from HEAVEN, THROUGH the Testimony.  Whereas, "the Great Supper of God" - is a reference to those OUTSIDE "the Marriage Feast", "the Wedding Banquet", "the Faithful Remnant" - a reference to those OUTSIDE, being CONSUMED - as in 'EATEN, WHOLE and ALIVE' - by the Divine Just Wrath of their "very FAIR, and PERFECTLY impartial", Creator.  See the DIFFERENCE?  We do! The Most High TRUE God SAID He is "a WARRIOR", and SAID there will be "Severe CONSEQUENCES" - but somehow, the global military industrial complex, translated that to, "Barney hugs for everyone, lol!"  HOW is God 'JUSTIFIED' in what He is DOING? Because of what the PEOPLE, chose to DO, to the Unborn Souls - to "the innocent children".  The PEOPLE have "an appetite for flesh".  And so in fact THEY! - 'TAUGHT'! - their Creator, "how THEY want to be TREATED".  And now "according to the SPIRITUAL Laws", it IS going to manifest physically.  How the nations treated the UNBORN, was "personal", and "physical" - as in, it physically manifested.  And now the CREATOR, will step in, and "make it PERSONAL" - and it will PHYSICALLY manifest, as did "such a VERY SMALL SAMPLE", in Paradise California.  The citizens of this planet, have come to "the UNCONSCIONABLE, and EXTREMELY SELFISH, and UNJUST consensus", that the Unborn, belong in crematoriums.  And NOW the Creator will 'correct the CONSCIENCE, of man' - as He corrects 'their SELFISHNESS', with "JUST Consequences!"  If 'MANKIND' didn't WANT to be CREMATED? - then they should NOT have, 'SLAUGHTERED! - and CREMATED! - the UNBORN!'  (November 22, 2018 update) 

A special Surprise! - for ALL 'those in the government agencies'

To ALL 'those in the government agencies' - who HAVE been given, 'the TASK, to MONITOR us, on a daily basis':  KNOW that "Your CREATOR" - SEES you! - and knows "EXACTLY! - what YOU! - are choosing to DO, with 'the Gift of TIME' - on a daily BASIS".  And 'how YOU, are all COMFORTABLE' - INFLICTING:  HARM - towards US! - and the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant.  But 'that TIME'? - is "coming SWIFTLY, to an End" - as "YOUR CREATOR", is 'about to Act against YOU!' - in "a VERY! - PROFOUND and DEEP way".  And YOU will NOT "see it coming".  As it WILL 'happen', SUDDENLY, and "without WARNING" - to EACH of you.  BECAUSE? - 'YOU people'! - know "WHO we are" - and KNOW! - 'what WE are called to DO' - in THESE End TIMES.  And YOU! - have SEEN! - "the FRUITS, of the Testimony" - in peoples' LIVES - as you even 'monitor THEM'!  You have seen "the HEALINGS".  You have SEEN and HEARD, "the IMPOSSIBLE! - situations - being made 'POSSIBLE' - by DIVINE Intervention".  And YET? - you STILL! - 'STUBBORNLY respond', with ARROGANCE, and PRIDE - towards US! - and the Testimony, and the Most High True God.  YOU! - are "the MIGHTY men" - whom the CREATOR has PROPHESIED, that "HE! - WILL! - bring down!"  And yours WILL be "a most BITTER End".  BECAUSE, of 'what you KNOW', and 'what you REFUSE, to turn to', in order to be HEALED - yourselves.  Your "LIVES", COULD be "healed", and "MENDED".  But ONLY! - if you would 'TRULY humble yourselves'.  But you WON'T 'do that'!  Therefore our Creator is "FORCED to Act against you".  (November 28, 2018 update) 
Pharaoh ALSO had HIS spies, informants, and covert ops - as he sought to have "the upper hand", over MOSES and the Israelites.  And THOSE "workers" of his? - weren't even worth mentioning, in the Bible - as THEIR 'fate', was ALSO 'Sealed', by THEIR "poor choice", of a vocation "to go AGAINST the Lord's ANOINTED".  And so it IS a little late, to encourage people to consider a career change - at this point in the unfolding of the Biblical Apocalypse. And Immediately after we posted 'the above update' - the True Holy Spirit led us, to this PASSAGE in the TESTIMONY. Because 'His WORD', is "Living and ACTIVE" - as He SPEAKS "outside of space and time":
Jesus said: Well done, Good and faithful servants.  What more can you do?... You are doing your part; and that is all that matters.  And now, it is time for Me to act. You give 100% My children, that is all that I ask.  For you do not see “History unfolding” as I do; nor, can you see ‘the big picture’ in its entiretySo much, is about to happen.  Strive always to remain in My Peace. (-Closing Comments, February 24, 2013) 

IS the Most High True God "bringing DOWN, the mighty MEN"?  See for yourself: Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel's plane forced to land.  There was a communications system breakdown on the plane, and it was forced to turn BACK to Germany - and was met by fire trucks at the airport, due to overheated brakes. 

Illuminati front man, George Bush Senior dies at the age of 94  (November 30, 2018 story) 

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
How much LONGER will the one world government seek to afflict the Members of the Faithful Remnant?

What the MEMBERS of the Faithful Remnant need to KNOW:  is that for EVERY "wicked and evil THING", that is done to THEM - BY, 'the one world GOVERNMENT agencies', and 'their occult cronies' - WILL! - be done to them! - but on a MUCH LARGER scale.  Because 'THEY believe', FALSELY - that THEY, are 'the ONES, who are INVINCIBLE' - to the Most High TRUE God's Divine JUSTICE.  BECAUSE, He has 'ALLOWED them', to GET away, with 'SO much!' - over the YEARS.  He has 'ALLOWED', the ONES, who are 'trying to "pinch US in" - or "pinch the REMNANT in",' - to BELIEVE! - that THEY, can KEEP, 'GOING as they are'.  And that they can CONTINUE, their 'ATTACKS' - and 'evil DESIGNS'.  Oh FOOLISH! - people, they are.  For the Most High TRUE God, is 'UPHOLDING', His REMNANT - the FAITHFUL Remnant who DESIRE, to WORSHIP, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, in 'TRUE Peace'.  So let 'all of THEIR peace'! - be taken.  Let 'the FALSE peace' - that has been 'allowed', in this world - to be taken FROM it; and be REPLACED, by "utter TERROR, and FEAR".  Because 'THAT'! - is what 'the one world GOVERNMENT, AGENCIES', are trying to INFLICT the Members of the Faithful REMNANT with.  You see: the ONE world government agencies, are 'USED to', doing WHATEVER they want, without ANY consequences.  Because when HAS? - "a Higher Power" intervened?  When HAS God Intervened, to STOP them?  But in these TIMES - the GOD of the Old TESTAMENT, is 'ACTING, in a BIG Way!' - with "ONE Divine Intervention", on a MASSIVE Scale! - after another.  Because, the Most High TRUE God, will 'most CERTAINLY balance', the scales - IN His favor.  And, 'FOIL!' - the plans, of "the WICKED".

The one world government, "pinch in", the Remnant, so THAT, "THEIR paradise", can be 'put through the WINE Press' - as was Paradise California.  So 'PINCH away'! - as WE pray, DAILY - that the Creator will keep up, and keep BUMPING up, and EXPEDITING, HIS "New and Improved" Divine Just Responses, on "an APOCALYPTIC Scale"!  The Anchorage Alaska 7.0 earthquake, was "JUST a sample". The NEXT major earthquake - will NOT be, as merciful.  WHY has the Creator been "so MERCIFUL", in His RESPONSES?  So that He can "show them the DIFFERENCE", between His MERCY, and NO Mercy.  We can assure the o.w.g., and all their agents, that it will be "a lesson they will NEVER forget". (December 03, 2018 update) 

Anchorage, Alaska, on the right - "His MERCY", on the left

Above: December 04, 2018 screen shot of USGS earthquakes near Anchorage Alaska, with dots that show the epicenter of earthquakes in the last 24 hours - ranging from 1.3 to 4.6 in magnitude.  After a recent 7.0 struck that State, ACROSS the inlet, thousands of aftershocks were still manifesting - in what is commonly known as "a swarm".  Notice how, at the time this image was taken, the U.S. state of Alaska's "functioning capital city", on the RIGHT - a city of 300,000 people, had NO earthquakes, directly underneath it.  And so, using "True Spiritual Vision", what does this mean, for "America's BIGGEST cities"?  WHAT is "at the DOORSTEP"?  What "Apocalyptic PLAGUE", or "Calamity" is 'LOOMING' - and about to take OVER, American cities?  It isn't "Avon calling" - THAT'S for sure!  But it IS in fact "a Sign", that America is about to get "a makeover".  (December 04, 2018 update)  

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