The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

The Kingdom of Heaven
The Era of True Peace
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
The Lord has established his throne in the heavens, and his kingdom rules over all.  Bless the Lord, O you his Angels, you mighty ones who do his word, hearkening to the voice of his word!  Bless the Lord, All his hosts, his ministers that do his will!  Bless the Lord, all his works, in all places of his dominion.  Bless the Lord O My soul!”


“Soon the World will be remade. Soon the World will be reborn - anew, refreshed, so to speak. I will Create all things New, and for those who want to come to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Door is always open - it’s there for them. And for those who prefer the hot fires of Hell because of rebellion - against the Truth that is in them, well then that is where they will go - because they choose to. It’s very simple: people must choose teams, and they must know who their allegiance is to. My name is Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and My name is Jesus Christ. I am coming back as Ruler over all the nations of this Earth. Those who are with Me, are with Me. Those who are against Me - against My plans, against My Kingdom, and against Peace, Truth, Justice and Love: Woe to them, they will be cast into the Ever-Burning Lake of Fire, because they have denied Me, and to deny Me, in fact, is to hate Me; to hate Me is to hate Life and Truth. There is no Life in Hell, neither is there any Truth there.” (- Jesus, Friday, September 04, 2009)   

No One Else Holds the Keys
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“It only takes one mortal sin to keep a soul out of Heaven.  But why is this not preached in the pulpit?”
“No one is predestined, for Heaven, for Hell, or for Purgatory, but I simply know the choices that they will make to end up in one of those places  mentioned…  Everyone must choose the path that they will follow - either good or bad.  And they must continually embrace the effects of their decision in the afterlife, because when it comes down to it, the decision they make in this life, on how they will live their lives, will ultimately affect their destination.”
Holy Detachment is Necessary
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“If they cannot open the door of their hearts to Me, how can I expect them to ask for the door of Heaven to be opened to them as well?  The doors of Heaven are closed to many souls and opened to few, because souls choose self and refuse to open their hearts to Me
"My Kingdom is not of this World, but is still here, on the Earth - in few chosen souls.  And My Kingdom will remain for Eternity… Good will triumph over evil…”
“But those who follow Me, have an even greater gift waiting for them - in Eternal Paradise, where there is no more sin, no more conflict, and above all, no one who offends God.  There is only Love, Peace, Truth, Hope, and Justice, and equality as children of God, for all these have inherited the Kingdom of Heaven…”
“Be at peace My children, and know that I love you.  I am watching from Heaven, and I am at your side, always - as long as you do nothing to offend Me seriously, and with full intent to hurt My heart.”
“Money cannot get you Heaven, but graces can - if you cooperate with them, and buy the right things.  Think of graces as ‘Heavenly currency’, far greater than any gold in the entire World.  For graces are from God, and they are meant to directly help the soul to get to Heaven.”
Living Forever For the Most High True God
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“But only some will receive the Truth, hear it, and receive it into their hearts by applying it to their lives and making the necessary changes – adjustments demanded of them.  These will be My Faithful Remnant, who will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Trust that you will be meeting more of them.”
“I am The Great Paraclete, My children.  And I will show you the Way to Eternal Life, with God the Father, God the Son, and Me – the Holy Spirit.  I will fill your hearts and minds with Truth – from Heaven, that only babes can understand – mere spiritual babies, God’s little ones.”
"There is no money in Heaven, nor will there be, in the Era of Peace; but all that is needed, is My Love – for My Love sustains all. I told you, that the World would become a hundred billion times better. That was no exaggeration. If anything, it will be even better, than that! Woe, to mankind, for they have sought so eagerly to store up treasure for themselves; and now the clock has ticked down and ‘the hour glass’ is almost empty. It is foolish to store up treasure in this life; but it is so much better to focus on one’s own soul, and that of your neighbors. Oh foolish ones that spend all of their time collecting."

Now is the TIME to make some Good RESOLUTIONS
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“I mean to make Myself very clear, My children: God is Eternal, and He is even above the Heavens, and if you want to be with Him, then you must not slack, in putting Him first and foremost in your lives.  For isn’t that what Heaven is: continual glorifying of God, praising His Holy Name for all of Eternity, loving Him selflessly?”
“Ignorance is bliss for most people my children; but, truly I tell you both: It will be very hard for people who choose ignorance, over the Truth – to enter in, to the Kingdom of Heaven.” 
Humble Docile Soul
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“Those who are wise in their own eyes, can never reach the Kingdom of Heaven, because the Kingdom of Heaven is a place, for humble, docile souls.”
“Let him, who would partake, of the wedding feast, come!... for there is but one sacrifice, that is pleasing to God the Eternal Father in Heaven, and that is the sacrifice, of a docile soul: who is willing, to do, God’s will, over oneselfGive me a man with a humble and contrite heart, and I will show you the heart of a docile soul.” 
“I have even removed My presence from the rebellious priests, and laypeople – for the spirit of rebellion, is not welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

All of Heaven is WITH TheFaithful Remnant
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“…The consolation, of enjoying life, when you are worshipping, God, The Eternal Father in Heaven – in truth, sincerity, and love; and including Him in all, that you seek to undertake – with My Blessing…”
“For there is no tolerance in the Kingdom of Heaven – only love.  But if love is a burden to you, then you have no place in that Kingdom.  I do not want ‘to shut the door, to 'the wedding feast’…”
“When you come, to My Mass, My children, it is as though the Kingdom of Heaven, has come down to Earth – for I am Truly Present in My Hosts.”


The grass is not ‘greener’ out here.  This is not ‘heaven’; and all of your ‘comforts’ are about to be taken from youTherefore I ask you to make your souls ‘right with Me’, so that your ‘lamps are lit’ at The Great Warning when I come.  Only with your ‘lamps lit’ then,can you escape what is coming; only then can you go to a refuge, or shelter that I have prepared – to shield you from all the One World Government’s plans and designs.  But if you will not render your hearts soft – to be conformed to the Spirit and not to ‘the flesh’, then you will be left behind.  Make ready for ‘the bridegroom’ approaches. (-Jesus, February 29, 2012)  
“this is what you are all called to strive for; to be in complete union with My Will for your lives; to be children of the Divine Will; so that you can enjoy Eternal happiness with Me.   This is what I desire for all people everywhere. However only some are responding with a “yes”.  Most of the people have said “no” to what I am asking of them, and “yes” to their own plans and ambitions for their lives.  This cannot be so with My Elect.  With My Faithful Remnant Followers I am asking more: total renunciation of self – is what I require, from all of My children. But so few, know that this is where ‘the bar is set’:  I ‘set the bar’ for your lives.  No one sets their own bar and can make it to Heaven…” 

Keeping the Converstaion Going...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“There is no room for self in the Kingdom of Heaven.  But there is room for others.  You must be selfless in this life, in order for Me to fill you in the next; and in order for Me to fill you in this life, you must be emptied-out, of all of your worldly desires.”
“There is no room for ‘the humanitarian movement’, in society, nor for ‘global governance of the World’, in the Kingdom of Heaven… For I tell you: religion, and the state, have become one; religion, and the government have become one.  If you have faith seek to preserve it.  You know who is speaking to your hearts, and you must make a decision on how to respond to this message. ”

"The consolations - of following Me, always outweigh: the hurdles and trials, of this Era.  Yes, there is Great Tribulation in this World.  Yes, the World has become ‘spiritually toxic’ - as well, as ‘physically’.  And yes, this Era is coming to an End.  For I, have overcome the World, My children.  So seek to be with Me, and you will overcome as well.  Seek to live in the Truth and abide in My Ways, and you will find ‘salvation for your souls’." (-Jesus, Sunday, April 1, 2012)
Heaven is for All Repentant Sinners
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


"Heaven, is for ‘all repentant sinners’.  Heaven is for all people everywhere, who ‘respond to My Graces’ – who ‘respond to the Truth, with love’;who ‘desire to live in the Truth’.  For I am the Truth, and those who knowingly embrace falsehood and ‘false realities’, have no part in My Kingdom.  There is no television in Heaven.  There is no ‘video games’.   There are no movies, or ‘worldly entertainment.  There, is only room for: peace, love and joy.  Those other things are mere distractions, and rob souls of these." (-Jesus, Sunday, April 1, 2012)
“The Kingdom of Heaven is still here, but souls have been preferring: their own kingdom, in their hearts of steel, in their hearts of stone.  To ‘break through’ these icy cold hearts; to ‘melt through the steel’ My children, I am going to bring people, to their knees.  Because that is what is best, for all of their soulsThen let the chaff continue to be chaff if they so choose.  But the wheat I will gather, into My barns, which is also allegory, for the refuge, of, My Heart.” 

Nourishing Fruits of the Testimony
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“I gave you all, this life, to ‘bear fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven’; to produce ‘good things’ with your hands.  I gave you this life, so that you may be blessed in all that you donot cursed.  But when you refuse My Ways and My Commandments, then problems start to emerge, in your lives.  What is life, My People?  Without, purpose?  Without, love?  Without hope?  Life, can be good – but only if you reconcile, with, your Creator – who desires to be your Savior.” 

For the sake of the little children, this era must end
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“I am ‘unpacking’, the Holy Scripturesfor them, and ‘unlocking’ the Kingdom of Heaven once againso that souls can wake-up, and start to live’ in accordance’ with My Commands.  Because let’s face it My children: there is only one King, in Heaven.  And I do not share My Throne – with anyone!  However, there are ‘thrones’ available, for those who are willing, to drink the cup that I drank, and My messengers are drinking from.”

To be Last, To be Poor, To Be Blessed
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


What I want, from all, of My followers: sackcloth and ashes; self-denial; self-sacrifice; and true povertyThese, things, My Two Witnesses represent – for they are MyTrue Followers; and they have been assured, of their place with Me.  I desire, that all My Followers have this assurance. But right now, they are very, few.” (-Jesus, Thursday, November 1, 2012) 

“It is ‘not easy’ for people to ‘die to themselves’, and their own plans, and their own desires, and their own sins, and their own addictions, and their own ‘personal struggles’and ‘start to live’, for ‘what truly matters’.  But ‘the road I walked’, was ‘not easy’ either.  For the excruciating torments, and torture, I had to endure – was much more, than ‘what I am asking’, from My True FollowersI lived, ‘the brutal, and grotesque death’, so My Followers would not have to.  Because ‘My death’ was ‘what was necessary’, in order to appease the wrath, and anger, of God the Eternal Father in Heaven – for mankind’s sinsYes I died ‘out of love’, for mankind; and I am ‘living’ once again – so that souls, can now come to the Kingdom of Heaven – through Me.” 
“I will pour out, My Spirit of Prophecy: upon all Nations, all Tribes, all Peoples, and all tongues; and they will all speak ‘a common language’ – of the True Holy Spirit.  And all hearts will be united – once again.  And there will no more be found: division, strife, discord, disunity, war, pestilence, or famine – in My People.  They will all, become onein the Truth: under My Headship; and they will all: praise My Name – for ever, and ever.  Amen.  ‘This time’ is coming soon… For I too cry out ‘in labor pains’.  I cry out for ‘the rebirth of nations’ – for the rebirth of peoples, tribes, and tongues – to be born, in the True Holy Spirit, in My Eraof Peace.” 
Man and man; woman and woman – this can never be; nor will souls, who practice such ‘wicked abominations’, enter ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’.  These people, only ‘deceive themselves’ – but they are ‘so far’, from the Truth.  Man and woman – they were CreatedThat, is how, it has been, from ‘since the beginningIt is how: the Most High True God, ‘has Ordained it’!  Shall you ‘presume to be ‘gods’ in His Presence?!   Do you not know, that with ‘one Breath – from His Nostrils’: He can ‘sweep you away’, as though ‘you never existed’?!  Do you not fear: My Son?  Do you not have ‘a Holy Reverence’ – for ‘His Authority’?  Because I tell you Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed! – for ‘much less’, than ‘what is going-on now’.”
The Things I've Seen...
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
If you desire, ‘Heaven’, My People, then you will accept, His invitation, through me, to Come, to ‘the Wedding Feast’; to be nourished for, a time, times, and half a time.   But do not say in your heart, “that you have made ‘all sorts of excuses’, as to why you cannot come”.  Because before the World was made, He saw those “excuses”, you would make.  And He knows your hearts – ‘through and through; and He will not accept ‘any excuses from you’.  Better to be ‘nourished, with His Divine Love for your souls’, than to be ‘punished with Fire and Brimstone’.  Better to ‘allow His Love inside you’, than to walk around ‘filled with hate’.  For is that not what the souls – in Hell experience?... And right now he is ‘inviting “wheat” into His Barns’.  He is inviting ‘the wedding guests’ to His ‘Banquet’.  Outside are ‘the demon worshipers’, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all those who are ‘polluted’.  The revelers, and ‘the drunken men and women’.  I tell you none of these will ‘enter’, into the Kingdom of Heavenunless they repentMy people, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven – unless you repent of your ‘wickedness’.  For there is no wickedness in HeavenOnly Love, True Peace, and Joy.  Let those who would ‘enter’ - enter.  Let those who would prefer to stay ‘outside’ - stay outside.” ”
Year Three with the Cherry Trees
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

“As I ‘begin to behold, the Majesty of God’!  Then my ‘alarmment’, turned to excitement - as I realized, I was beholding the Kingdom of Heaven.  And as I wrote down the visions of the End Times (– which are ‘these times now’), all I could truly focus on, was the Majesty, of the Creator of the Universe!  I saw, other Saints in Heaven as well as Angels.  But nothing could compare, to the Glory, of ‘the Immortal Godhead’.  And in My heart, I had ‘a foretaste’ – of this ‘Heavenly Abode’.  And all I could think of, was how I wanted everyone! – to come here.  And even though, I saw ‘the visions’ – for these End Times, it is still nothing compared to the Glory, of the Lamb of God, whom I am with now!  And I encourage all souls, to listen when Heaven speaks! – so that they too can experience, ‘the fruits of it’.  For isn’t, the Most High True God bringing Heaven, down to Earth?!   For He wishes to dwell with His Peopleafter this Age is over, once again… You need ‘a yearning in your souls – for this ‘Heavenly Abode’.  For God the Eternal Father in Heaven, has ‘many mansions’, and many rooms.  He desires, to fill them all, with souls – who are ‘yearning for Him’.  But as Our Blessed Mother said, “You need to repent of ‘all forms of wickedness’, and all ‘idolatry’, and pray!” – Pray like you’ve never prayed before!  Seek like you’ve never sought before!  Knock on the Door to Heaven like you’ve never ‘knocked’ before.  Because the Door, to ‘the Wedding Feast’, is only ‘Open’ for a time, times, and half a time.”
“The Lord gave me Strength, to become a Saint, in Heaven.  But only because I cooperated; and I sought Him, in ‘times of trouble and distress’.  And I learned, to rely on Him, for my ‘victories’.  And I learned, ‘righteousness.  Not that I was always ‘in the right’; but I learned ‘true righteousness’ – and that is ‘steadfastness, in the Truth’… But, do not think, that the Mercy, of the Lord, will protect you, if you ‘stubbornly embrace’ – those things that offend Him.  For He is ‘Holiness’.  And He asks all, of his Disciples to become ‘Holy’ – that is ‘sinners, striving – for holiness’!  As He came to call the one, that is, ‘lost’; not ‘the ninety-nine self-righteous’.”
Throw out your televisions!  Remove them from your homes! This, is an order! – from the Queen ‘of Heaven.  Repent! Turn back, to the Lord Jesus Christ, with all of your heart, soul, and mindThrow it out I say!!! - if you ever hope to enter, the Kingdom, of God! There is ‘nothing good’ upon it!  It is in fact ‘a gateway, into Hell’!  No good can come from it!  But evil, pours forth, to blacken your souls!!”  
“But souls ‘still have time’, so that they do not lose everything – that He has given them!  They do not need, to lose their joy, peace, patience – as long, as they repent – from their heart; and return to the Lord Jesus Christ – they do not need to lose, the gifts, of long suffering, goodness, self-control; they can keep these, if they repent – from their hearts.  Of course, these gifts are ‘fruits’, of the True Holy Spirit; and are ‘stored up for souls’ – to enjoy, in the Afterlife - in Heaven!” 
“The Most High True God owns the Heavens, and the Earth.  Owns, the kingdoms, and palaces, and kings!  And that ‘all royal authority, and dominion, and power, belongs to Him!  And He gives it to ‘whomever he chooses!’…all Glory, Honor, Praise!!, Power and Dominion, belongs, to the Holy of Holies!... “The God of the Holy Gods”… truly‘there are no other ‘gods’ – before Him.”
“I have ‘sorrow’ in my heart (– as I do ‘have a heart’ – as all Angelsbeat’, ‘with one pulse’)… but Joy also at serving, the Living God!: the God, above all other ‘gods’ – the One who Made me; the One who Created my friends (- the other Angels); the One, who fills me with His Love, each day – as it is ‘Eternal Day’ – in HeavenAs I do His Will He fills me, with the Love, that He desires ‘all mankind’ to embrace.”
“I tell you, not many souls ‘make it, to Heaven’- not in these ‘times’.  We know – Heaven, because as soon, as someone, is ‘admitted’, there is a great celebration, followed by feasting, and rejoicing - in the Most High True God’s Presence.  People, are not ‘putting their Creator – first’!  So when they die, he puts them ‘last’.  So continue to warn, about ‘the dangers’, and ‘the perils, of sin’ - so that people, can choose to ‘flee far from it’!”
“At the end of the forty days, I ‘opened’, the small windowinside the Ark, and ‘let out’, a dove… A few days later, I sent her out, but this time she came back, with an olive leaf… Then a few days later, the Ark, ‘opened’! – and we came out – into ‘a new World’, new land, ‘completely renewed’ and re-createdThis was to be ‘an allegory, for the coming ‘Era – of Peace’ – where the Saints will come and dwell – upon the Earth – once again!


For when, a soul, makes The Most High True God, soar above all things known to it; when a soul makes The Most High True God , and His laws, and His ways, above all things; When a soul, makes The Most High True God, most worthy, of all Glory, Honor, and Praise; When a soul, realizes, that there can only be One, Most High, True God – above all the others – and worship that God, and worship Him alone!  - when a soul, realizes that - as ‘a created creature’, it will always be beneath the Glory of its Creator, and resolves to always submit to the Divine Will of its Creator, and humbly repents of its sins.  It is then, that that soul, has found, the mountain of the Lord! (- Pope Peter the Last from the Thursday Mass, February 28, 2013)


God does have a place of Eternal Bliss – a place of Eternal Peace, set aside for those who love Him.  God calls this place Heaven.  But does God have to fill Heaven, with people?  Is God like ‘some sort of ticket salesman, trying to fill a stadium with people?’Or, does God reward those who love Him, by preparing a place for them?  These are very good questions! But the fact remains, that God doesn’t need anyone, to come to Heaven.  Yes it is true, that God wants people to come to Heaven.  God desires that people would come to Heaven.  But God does not need them to come to Heaven.  And why is this - I am sure you are asking by now – it is because Heaven is ONLY a place for those who Love God – a place for those who desire to live as royal subjects, of ‘a God’ – of ‘a King’ – who rules over them. ( from the January 6, 2014 Homily) 


"The ONLY way, to Heaven, is through Me.  How foolish the people have become, to believe, that they can have, their own opinions, their own feelings - about the Truth – even their own personal truths.  That is nonsense.  Do you know why? Because I am not divided.  So, when there are so many different, truths, out there, how can they all be from Me?  How can they all be right?  There is only one path to Heaven." (-Jesus, Sunday, March 22, 2015)

"Yes, “no eye, has seen; no EAR, has heard” – what I, have planned; and what I, have in store, for THOSE, who choose, to LOVE ME, in THIS life... and if THAT sounds “WONDERFUL”, and “AWESOME”, and “a BEAUTIFUL place, to BE!” – then, I ASK, My FOLLOWERS – My FAITHFUL, Remnant – to PERSEVERE! – TOWARDS, ‘THAT place’, OF Bliss! – NOW!  I’m calling, My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers, to BEGIN, LIVING, the ERA, of TRUE Peace; TRUE Love; and TRUE Joy – IN their hearts; and IN their Souls – NOW! – in EACH, and EVERY, moment!  For WHERE your TREASURE is, THERE is your HEART also!  SO, My FAITHFUL Remnant, MUST decide – EACH day, and in EACH moment – WHERE, they WANT their TREASURE, to BE.  As MUCH as they ‘empty THEMSELVES’ – OUT, of ‘this LIFE’ – THEY, CAN, BEGIN, ‘LIVING, the KINGDOM, of ETERNAL bliss’ – NOW!  For the SECRET, IS this: The MORE, My FAITHFUL Remnant FOLLOWERS, ‘STRIVE, for PURIFICATION’, the CLOSER, and the SHORTER, their ‘TIME’ IN, ‘this wicked WORLD’, will BECOME!  For the WICKED, WILL – TRULY perish, much FASTER; and My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, FOLLOWERS, will be PURIFIED – MUCH quicker; and HEAVEN, WILL COME DOWN to EARTH – MUCH faster!  I am ASKING, My FAITHFUL, Remnant FOLLOWERS – to PREPARE their hearts NOW! – to RECEIVE Me, NOW! – so that WHEN, WE meet – PHYSICALLY – IN, the FLESH – it WON’T be ‘TOO much, of a SURPRISE’.  My REMNANT, need to READY themselves – FOR the BRIDEGROOM, is RETURNING!  And I will ‘ORDER ALL things’, after My OWN Heart.  And it IS, ‘the LIVING in the ETERNAL Now! – and DESIRING to be FILLED with Graces – NOW!, that My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers, WILL, PERSEVERE, through, the COMING Tribulation, and ‘present darkness’." (-Jesus, September 17, 2015)

Important Note: The Members of the True Faithful Remnant are called to remain in the True Peace of their Creator always, and especially throughout this coming time of Tribulation - because they are ALL under "the HEAVENLY Witness Protection Program", and NO harm will come TO them, as long as they persevere in DOING, what the Most High TRUE God is ASKING of them, in each and every moment.  In other words, the Most High TRUE God has ALSO Commanded His Holy Angels, so that no Harm will come to the Members of His TRUE, Faithful Remnant Flock.

Here is part of the welcome message, that was extended by the King of Heaven, to the newest Member of the Faithful Remnant today.  It is a Universal Message, and a good reminder, for the other Members of the Faithful Remnant.

"To the thirsty I will give water without price from the fountain of the water of life. He who conquers shall have this heritage, and I will be his God and he shall be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” 
(Revelations 21:6b-8)
Jesus Christ the Lord said: ...You ONCE WERE "a lost SOUL" - as IN, your SOUL was taken FROM you, and set ASIDE - UNTIL that day, YOU would CHOOSE, to 'RECLAIM it'.  REMEMBER, your SOUL is  'a GIFT', and so YOU are responsible, for your 'FREE will' choices; and YOU are responsible, for what YOU choose to DO, WITH, "the PRECIOUS GIFT of SPIRITUAL life".  Now your SOUL, is still "DIRTY", and it NEEDS to be CLEANED, on a REGULAR basis - and THAT is WHY, you HAVE, 'the BLESSED Holy Water'; and that is WHY, I OFFER mankind, My BLESSED Holy WATER - so that they can be FREED, from 'the guilt of their SINS', and stop 'LIVING in SHAME', and, 'under My PUNISHMENT and WRATH'.  But, you are still CALLED to REPENT, every DAY - as I, reveal, 'MORE', of your SINS, TO you - SEEK Graces, in these Times; SEEK to be CLOTHED, in the IMMACULATE Heart OF your TRUE! - Blessed Mother - MY True Mother.  AND seek to be CLOTHED, in the Truth - no MATTER what 'FALSEHOODS', people SPEW, against you.  YOU are not ALONE. I am WITH you - EVEN to the TOTAL, Destruction and END, of this world; EVEN to the Total, CONSUMMATION, of this world.  WHAT are they being CONSUMED BY?  MY Divine Justice, PUNISHMENT, and Wrath!  BLESSED is HE, who ESCAPES the SECOND death.  YOU, HAVE escaped; therefore you are "BLESSED"(April 04, 2016) 

No sin to distort our Creator's Image in us
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Special Note: The Era of Peace = "Heaven on Earth" - a time that has now begun, but only in the hearts of those who are numbered among the Faithful Remnant.  Jesus has now formally, from His Throne in Heaven, named this Era, with the words, "Jehovah Jaira" - meaning "God Reigns over ALL!"  But how is this so? (- you should be asking).  It is so simple.  Right now, EVERYONE on the entire Face of the Earth is in one of two groups: either they are Official Members of the Faithful Remnant Church, and are thus obedient to their Creator, by being docile to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit of the Moment, in the depths of their hearts; OR, they have "the mark" - referring to the mark of the beast (Christmas 2012), or the mark of Cain (Christmas 2015).  The ones with the mark of the beast, are in "the beast state" - are in a state in which they have lost their free wills, and are merely governed by animal instincts, their routines, desires, and resolutions - and because they lack "free will" in that "state", they are subject to the Most High True God's Holy and Divine, Perfect Will for them.  Even the demons must obey the Divine Will of the Most High True God.  Even the devil himself, is subject to the Divine Will of the Most High True God (- who gave the devil a kingdom of darkness, for all of eternity).  Following the impact of Comet ISON (- and that is an allegory that is fully explained in the Testimony), Heaven will come down to Earth, in a new and surprising way.  So why not become a member of the Faithful Remnant and find out just how new and surprising it will be, WITH us!

The Era of True Peace

Will the Members of the Faithful Remnant, who choose to persevere in faith, make it to the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace? 
(February 1, 2017 update)

The Bare Maximum
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

We would like to share with you a Message that we sent to one Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, who has been choosing to do so.  
PPTL: Well from READING your emails, and consulting, with the TRUE Holy Spirit - WE, can tell, that you are 'most DEFINITELY', on the right track! - EVEN, with 'ALL of the daily adversities' - that you UNDERGO; and ALL of the TRIALS.  And the MAIN REASON for this, is because YOU are 'CHOOSING', to LOOK at the TESTIMONY, as 'a SOURCE of COMFORT and CONSOLATION' - EVEN! - with being FACED, with 'the uncomfortable TRUTHS', about "the human CONDITION".  And you are WILLING, to work, 'WITH' Jesus Christ the LORD, and His Blessed MOTHER - in order to OVERCOME! - your weaknesses - by TURNING, to HIM! - for Strength.  Because you KNOW, that Jesus, Christ the LORD, IS "your Strength" - and that He will UPHOLD you - as LONG as you continue, to uphold HIM, in your HEART.  He has given you "SIGNS", even - that 'no OBSTACLES, are TOO big! - for HIM' - to REMOVE, or HELP you overcome.  PERSEVERE, IN faith! - and in COMPLETE confidence, in 'the ONE who MADE you!' - and you WILL make it, to 'the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE'.  May, the ERA, of TRUE Peace, REIGN, in your Soul! - BOTH now, AND forever.  Amen.

Did you know that "Heaven is now FULL"?

Yes, even though countless gullible and self-affirming people pay the religious institutions more than a BILLION! - dollars a week, to tell them the LIE! - that they are going to Heaven; the corresponding Truth, is that Heaven is now actually FULL! - of ALL the people who are worthy to be there.  If you are not in Heaven, it is because you are not worthy to be there.  It is such a simple concept, even the Souls in "Hell, on EARTH!" - referring to those with the mark of the beast and the mark of Cain - can understand (- or WILL suddenly come to understand, once their countdown in THIS life is finished).  But what about "HEAVEN on Earth"? - the Era of Peace on EARTH?  Yes, your Creator is now taking reservations for people who are prepared to "pay the price", for 'a seat to the fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth' - and that "price" IS, carefully spelled out, in the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord - at Testimony of the Two Witnesses dot com.  Can YOU "afford", to pay your Creator, the Glory, Honor and Praise that HE is due, with a humble, contrite, and docile heart?  The Official Members of the Faithful Remnant - the ones who will ultimately PERSEVERE - ARE "RICH enough", in Graces, to do so.  And THEY, ARE in fact experiencing the first fruits, of the Era of Peace - in their HEARTS! - as they persevere, towards the FULLNESS of Heaven on Earth - and that is the FULLNESS of the Physical Era of Peace, on Earth.  And HERE is an interesting note: For the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant - they are NOW living "the Era of the Testimony" - as they persevere towards the FULLNESS of Heaven on Earth.  For those outside the Faithful Remnant - they are now living "the Era of THE DAMNED!" - or to put it more mildly... "the Era of the DAMNED!!!" (- according to their Creator of course - as WE have been too busy lately, to come up with epic and immutable zingers like THAT!)  And let's not forget, that in the Faithful Remnant, we greet each other with the phrase, "Heaven's HIGH!"  But OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, they say, "Hell LOW".   Hell LOW?   Yes, Hell IS low, you damned SOUL! - referring to "the COMFORTABLY damned" - those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant.  "Better", to be a Member of the Faithful Remnant, in these Times - according to all of Heaven; as passing secular opinions will tend to differ. (April 12, 2017 update)

WHO will make it to the FULLNESS of the Era of Peace?

The Truth IS, ANYONE in the Faithful Remnant, can make it to "the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE" - by CONTINUALLY 'RENOUNCING themselves' - DAILY - and 'trading THEIR plans and desires', for "the DIVINE Will and PLAN of the Most High True GOD".  DOESN'T He have 'the RIGHT, to DEMAND THINGS? - of His CREATURES? - the ones that He MADE?'  And YET He is "EVER so GENTLE".  BUT! - He is "quite FIRM" with 'those who CHOOSE to REBEL'!  And 'the FRUIT of REBELLION', is... "SICKNESS"!  (September 14, 2017 update)
There is "ONE King" - this is "a MONARCHY" - and Jesus Christ the LORD is King!
There is "ONE King"; this is "a MONARCHY" - and Jesus Christ the LORD is King.  And EVERYONE! - in the Faithful REMNANT, who are 'DOCILE, TO HIM'? - ARE! - 'SUBJECT to Him'; and who ARE 'HIS, Royal SUBJECTS'.  Not "ROYALTY" in 'the WORLDLY sense' (- refers to "WORLDLY riches" - PRESTIGE, position and POWER); but "ROYALTY", in 'the sense, that they are PART, OF, the FAMILY of the Most High True God' - and that, THEY have been 'CHOSEN, to be part of His KINGDOM' - which is 'a KINGDOM, of TRUE HUMILITY'! - TRUE Peace; and "an ABUNDANCE, of SPIRITUAL, Treasure". Therefore as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - you are CALLED to seek, to store up TREASURE, in HEAVEN; and to LIVE! - 'the KINGDOM of Heaven', in your HEART - ALWAYS!  And that is SIMPLY, 'resolving to, DEPEND, and LEAN, on your CREATOR - for EVERYTHING! - that HE is asking of you'.  Turn to 'your KING' - for Strength, to do 'what HE is asking of you'! - NOT, to do 'what the WORLD, wants you to do'.  And IT IS, 'MUCH harder', to follow, 'the King of HEAVEN', in 'His TRUE HUMILITY'; than it is to follow 'the king of THIS world' - in his PRIDE.  But, EVERYONE, MUST choose! - which "KING", THEY are going to be subject to: the king of the bottomless PIT? - has, 'BILLIONS of followers!'  The King of HEAVEN? - has very FEW.  BUT! - the REWARDS, of FOLLOWING, 'the King of HEAVEN' - are SO! - much Better; than "the FLEETING, FLESHLY moments" - that, 'the KING of HELL', offers.   And SO, YOU need to decide - WHO'S the better INVESTMENT?  And, you CHOOSE each DAY! - "WHOM you're going to SERVE". (October 12, 2017 update) 

What are YOU entitled to? 

"THIS spiritual journey, ISN'T about TELLING yourself, that you're doing WELL, when you AREN'T - NOR are you called to FOCUS, on JUDGING yourself as 'DOING well'.  You're SIMPLY CALLED, to 'do GOOD'! - without, stacking up all your righteous ACTS, in your MIND.  Because THEN 'your righteous ACTS' become your REWARD. If YOU have the attitude, that, "I have done all of this good THEREFORE I am entitled to this"! - the FACT remains, that you'll NEVER be as GOOD as your CREATOR - so the BAR is ALWAYS going to be raised - and in THAT way - the Most High TRUE God, puts 'a BLOCK', so people cannot 'PRIDE themselves', on their good WORKS - on their way to HEAVEN.  Those who PRIDE themselves, on their good WORKS - are going to 'a DIFFERENT heaven' - one where, EVERYONE, congratulates their NEIGHBOR, on "the good job", they did! - no matter what it IS.  It's, called, "Hell"." (July 27, 2018 update) 


Where to Find the Fountain of Youth
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Was Jesus Christ the Lord "at TRUE Peace" on the Cross?

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."
(John 14:27)

Know that 'the TRUE Peace' - is the BLESSED Assurance, that you have CHOSEN 'the right path', as you SEEK to overcome, 'the HURDLES', and 'the MOUNTAINS', in the WAY - by TURNING to your Creator, for help.  'TRUE Peace', ISN'T, "as the WORLD offers" - for the WORLD offers 'a FALSE peace' of FALSE security.  But, TRUE Peace, COMES from "a SINCERE desire, to COOPERATE, with the Most High TRUE God" - in all THINGS - as it is "a CO-DEPENDENT relationship".

In other words, "True Peace", doesn't mean - "EXTREMELY comfortable".  Hope that helps!  And that's for ALL you PEOPLE out there, who are "CLIMBING the Holy Mountain of the LORD, the Most High TRUE God" - the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, and "the Members to BE".  The Members of the Faithful Remnant are QUICKLY finding out, the whole 'IDEA', was never, to 'get RAPTURED to the top'.  But the FALSE christians, are MOST comfortable - for NOW, that is - believing in "escalator christianity", or "elevator christianity", or "rapture christianity" - but THAT kind of stuff ONLY happened, AFTER the end of Jesus' life - when He ASCENDED into Heaven.  And so if you are following HIM?... YES! - you WILL be "comfortable"... AFTER the climb, is over - but NOT before.  Now THAT'S reassuring! - and there are SO many OTHER Consolations, PREPARED for you, ALONG the journey, as well.
And since it IS "the Time of the Apocalypse" - for LEGAL reasons - we need to address "CATAPULT christianity" as well.  As MANY people will surely find the TESTIMONY, and BECAUSE they ONLY want to be "COMFORTABLE, immersed in BARNEY hugs" - they will be STRONGLY tempted to turn to 'the mortal sin of SUICIDE' - thinking, that they can CATAPULT themselves, into Heaven, that way.  Guess what! - Jesus didn't "CATAPULT himself into Heaven" - by jumping off the cliff, when the devil tempted Him.  BEST to follow the example of Jesus Christ the LORD - and 'WALK, the PATH of Life', instead.
(September 23, 2018 update) 

What can YOU do to make the PROCESS of 'CLOSING out THIS Era' and 'bringing in the NEW Era of the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - "much EASIER"? 

The MOST High TRUE God, is 'INTERVENING', in the LIVES of EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT - EVERY day; as WELL as 'on a GLOBAL scale' - EVERY day!  Because, HE is in the process, of TURNING people's hearts, BACK to Him. And it DOES take 'time'.  But if EACH Member of the Faithful Remnant, would 'CHOOSE! - to GIVE, 100%, of the SPIRITUAL Gifts, that THEY have been Blessed with? - it makes the PROCESS, of 'CLOSING out THIS Era', and 'bringing in the NEW Era, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - "much EASIER"!  And SO? - we invite EACH Member of the Faithful REMNANT, to 'OPEN their hearts', to 'the KING of HEAVEN'! - and to INVITE! - Jesus Christ the LORD, to 'be ENTHRONED, there' - to RULE OVER them - to 'GOVERN, over them' - with, 'His TRUTH, Love, and True PEACE'!  Because THESE! - ARE 'the Fruits, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN'.  And we INVITE each Member of the Faithful REMNANT, to 'TURN their hearts' - using their FREE will - TO their Creator!  And, to ASK! - HEAVEN, to OPEN, FOR them - to POUR out GRACES, UPON them - to FILL them, WITH 'the Kingdom of Heaven' - so that, each Member of the Faithful Remnant, can 'better SERVE, the Divine Will and PURPOSE, of the Most High True GOD' - that He ACTUALLY 'predestined them FOR'. (September 26, 2018 update)  
All it Takes Is Everything You've Got
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Would YOU settle for only receiving 30% of HEAVEN?
You NEED to show your Creator that "you DESIRE to help YOURSELF".  And the more you DO so? - He will 'help YOU' in the PROCESS - as He sees YOU, 'putting IN 100% EFFORT'!  And it's the SAME! - with the SPIRITUAL life.  If you WANT to 'reap, 100% of HEAVEN'? - then, you NEED to GIVE, '100% of YOURSELF', to your Creator.  Simple!
"And other seeds fell into good soil and brought forth grain, growing up and increasing and yielding thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold... But those that were sown upon the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.”
(Mark 4:8, 20)
Would YOU be willing to sacrifice your FEELINGS, in order to make it to the Kingdom of Heaven?
You HAVE to sacrifice, 'your FEELINGS', to GET, into the KINGDOM of Heaven - to EXPERIENCE, "the BLESSED FRUITS", of the True Holy Spirit.  The Saints ALL had to make 'sacrifices' - in ORDER to 'LOVE the Most High True GOD'.  THEY had to GO without, MANY of the comforts - that were AVAILABLE, at that TIME - in order to DISCIPLINE, their FLESH - so THAT, they could 'tune-IN', to what the TRUE Holy Spirit, was SHARING with them.  Just CHOOSING, to LIVE 'the Faithful Remnant Lifestyle' - is CHOOSING, to live without, the comforts of this LIFE.  The COMFORTS, that are being 'OFFERED', to ALL those, OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant (- which are "FEELINGS" - that are TEACHING the people, to be "consoled and COMFORTED, APART from their Creator") - the FEELINGS will not LAST!  The devil, KNOWS this.  And all those who CHOOSE to SACRIFICE, the TESTIMONY, for the sake of "their personal feelings", are choosing to be sacrificed TO the devil - and to be 'with HIM', in Eternal torments - with NO relief! - and NO 'good feelings'. The DEVIL uses 'FEELINGS', to bait PEOPLE - INTO, "HELLFIRE"!  (December 26, 2018 update)  

HOW does the CREATOR spell RELIEF?

"DEPENDENCY", on one's CREATOR, IS, "the Fruit, of Eternal LIFE".  BECAUSE - the Most High TRUE God is 'Eternal' - and His TRUE Holy Spirit, IS! - the True Holy Spirit, of LIFE! - and 'BREATHES'! - Life - INTO, the creatures, that the Most High TRUE God has CREATED - as "VESSELS", of His Eternal Goodness.  But the PEOPLE, of TODAY? - do not DESIRE, to be "VESSELS, of the GOODNESS, of the Creator, and of His WAYS"THEY desire, 'THEIR OLD lives', their OLD ways, their OLD habits - and that is WHY! - they grow OLD.  The PEOPLE, of THESE times, 'desire to OFFEND', the Most High True God, and 'HIS Ways' - to "THEIR! - most bitter End".  And ALL those, who CHOOSE, to 'FOLLOW the ways of the WORLD'? - WILL, enjoy, "the BITTER fruits of it".  And, they will be DESTROYED - by the Most High True God.  But all THOSE, who DESIRE 'to WALK, IN the Ways, OF the Creator - AS He has SHOWN'! - He will BLESS - and He will 'MULTIPLY, their good WORKS' - and 'the FRUIT of their LABORS'.  And SO? - in THESE Times, "the OLD vessels", are GOING to break!  And the Most High TRUE God - will use, "NEW vessels" - for 'His New CREATION', to spread, 'HIS Kingdom!'   "The DEVIL'S kingdom"? - is COMING to an End.  But 'the GLORY, of the Most High TRUE God's Kingdom', is going to spread 'FAR, and WIDE' - and He is going to make ROOM! - for 'HIS people'.  THIS means, that, the Most High True GOD - is going to 'WIPE-out', the MAJORITY, of the PEOPLE - who are CURRENTLY "inhabiting, the earth".  And THIS! - will be 'a GREAT, relief'! - TO the Creator - and 'a great CHASTISEMENT', on the world. (March 21, 2019 update)

WHEN the tables are going to TURN?

We are REACHING 'a time' NOW - in "human HISTORY" - where the Most High TRUE God! - is going to, 'FLIP! - the tables, on EVERYONE!'  And? - the PEOPLE, are going to EXPERIENCE 'EXTREME! - physical discomfort' - BECAUSE, of 'their poor choices'.  And the TRUE Holy SPIRIT? - is going to be 'poured OUT' - ALONG WITH, 'the Creator's Divine JUSTICE' - as He "SCOURGES people! - to their senses".  And 'LIFE on the PLANET'? - is going to CHANGE.  And 'the WICKED'? - are going 'to be REMOVED, and REPLACED' - with "the LORD'S, OWN chosen people" - "the New JERUSALEM", is "coming DOWN" - FROM the Heavens!   The Kingdom of HEAVEN, is 'coming BACK'.  And the Most High TRUE God IS 'going to make room FOR it', on this planet!  And either PEOPLE are going 'to be GOVERNED, by the TRUE Holy Spirit, of their Creator' - and LIVE! - OR they're going 'to PERISH!' - being GOVERNED by 'their DEMONS'!  "HEAVEN"? - is "ROYALTY".  HEAVEN, IS "a MONARCHY".  HEAVEN, IS, "for SOBER hearts" - who are ALERT - who are 'WAITING! - in ANTICIPATION - for the RENEWAL of the Face of the EARTH'.  But 'the RENEWAL process'? - is GOING to be "painful" - for MOST!  BUT! - it IS going to be 'a JOY, and a COMFORT'! - for 'the AUTHENTIC Members of the Faithful Remnant'. (November 22, 2019 update) 

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