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Wednesday September 2, 2009
Remember ‘intimacy’ is a gift from God and if it is used for any other purpose, except to give glory to God the Father, then it is in vain, and it becomes empty, and meaningless.  But when you are focused on giving yourselves completely to the other person, in a selfless way: then your intimacy reaches a new level, for it transcends the flesh, and is the unity of two spirits and two hearts, united in a single act of love. 

Procreation, through sexual means… was a punishment for man’s sins

You do not need to procreate, in order to love one another and in order to be married; but procreation, through sexual means - that is very painful at times, was a punishment for man’s sins.  Man and Woman are a gift to one another.  When they are married, they have a special bond with each other, that no one can break - not even Me, my children, for what I have joined together, I will not break apart.  And so, My children, strive for the better form of intimacy, always.

Mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another
Friday, September 4, 2009
Jesus said: My children, in time, you will begin to see all of what I have predicted, come true, in your lives.  From the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, until now, I have been guiding you and leading you in the Truth, trying to break through your hard ‘human shell’.  To love freely without hindrance or force, is Divine and comes from above.  Mankind in general, does not seek this love - the love that comes from being God’s True children.  No, quite the opposite: mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another while disregarding what one truly should seek: the Divine approval and acceptance of God.  Because of what mankind is truly seeking in its sordid way, there is much suffering in this life and there will be much more further on. 

When will mankind’s rejection of God cease?

For mankind is truly lost without being led by the Divine Power that comes from without, not within - I speak of ‘the power to love selflessly’.  Wars, Famines, Pandemics, Disasters of every kind are all because mankind has turned away from its Creator and has sought out companionship with fellow creatures, instead.  They cling to one another and to each others’ egos, and neglect clinging to their Creator - who only wants to Love them and bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven.  So many protests, so many No’s.  When will mankind’s rejection of God cease?  Never, I tell you both - that is why I must come, that is why I must ‘pull My Faithful Remnant out’ - before all of this unfolds. 

There are many who doubt the Truth

Yes I know there are many who doubt the Truth, but that does not change what is True.  Just because others choose to live ‘in their own World without Me, having no consequences for their actions’ - does not mean that they will not have to pay ‘the price’ for their rejection of Me.  I only have Love to give to My children, and Discipline is Love.  Just because they ask Me for what they want, does not mean that I will give them that; but only what they need is truly good, for them. 

The introduction of ‘the Verichip’

Soon the World will be remade.  Soon the World will be reborn - anew, refreshed, so to speak.  I will Create all things New, and for those who want to come to the Kingdom of Heaven, the Door is always open - it’s there for them.  And for those who prefer the hot fires of Hell because of rebellion - against the Truth that is in them, well then that is where they will go - because they choose to.  It’s very simple: people must choose teams, and they must know who their allegiance is to.  The introduction of ‘the Verichip’ is simply ‘a concrete manifestation’ of what they have already chosen; of the spiritual realities at work in them.  People can deny Me and go on believing that Heaven and Hell do not exist, and that their life is over after death; but I tell you, they cannot deny the Spiritual Realities, when they are Faced with them.

The Great Warning will bring many people’s choices to light

The Great Warning will bring many people’s choices to light and then they will know that I Exist, and then they will know My Name.  My name is Holy of Holies, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and My name is Jesus Christ.  I am coming back as Ruler over all the nations of this Earth.  Those who are with Me, are with Me.  Those who are against Me - against My plans, against My Kingdom, and against Peace, Truth, Justice and Love: Woe to them, they will be cast into the Ever-Burning Lake of Fire, because they have denied Me, and to deny Me, in fact, is to hate Me; to hate Me is to hate Life and Truth.  There is no Life in Hell, neither is there any Truth there. 

What I am showing you, is ‘the human condition’

I desire all to come to the Kingdom of Heaven; but not all will come, because they would rather have their ‘own kingdom’, where they are their ‘own rulers’ instead.  For ‘One Universal Kingdom’, there can only be one King - all others, are traitors, “Judases”, and are not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Listen to My words again, My children, and reflect upon them - deeply, for what I am showing you, is ‘the human condition’: the condition is called “humanism” and you have already heard it proclaimed.

Love is the foundation and cornerstone…

Sunday, September 6, 2009
Jesus said:  Love is the foundation and cornerstone of all that encompasses the good, for there is good in all that I have created by My words.  However, mankind has polluted, even snuffed out the goodness he has inside himself.  All good things come from Me and all bad things that happen to good people as well, but I will sustain them during the trials they go through.  I will help them if they will turn to Me in order to for Me to heal them. 

Oh mankind, you believe in foolishness - that technology can save you

But how stubborn is mankind in his sins to believe technology above God - to believe that the vaccine can protect them from this deadly virus.  Oh foolish men, you are - you who believe that The God of Life who sustains everything has no place in your heart and no place in keeping you healthy.  Oh mankind, you believe in foolishness - that technology can save you.  Oh, what you are about to see, oh what you are about to experience -and it is only because I love you that I give you the opportunity to change during the coming adversity. 

I discipline all those whom I love… all mankind.  I am impartial

I scourge all of My children, because I am a loving God, because My children need Me to discipline them.  I discipline all those whom I love, therefore I discipline all mankind.  I am impartial.  The just as well as the wicked will suffer intensely; but only those who need the suffering will not be healed, before I call them.  Some I will call home; some I will call to support others, and still some I call to witness to the devastation - to the destructions, and to human frailty.

How frail and how weak are mere mortals

How frail and how weak are mere mortals - they are about to find out.  They have pushed Me out of Creation. They have pushed Me out of the churches - out of My Own Church!  They have pushed Me out of the schools.  They have even pushed Me out of the hospitals.  I am not welcome in this World as a whole - except for a very few, ‘Faithful Remnant’. 

I will have ‘a Divine Intervention’, such as the world has never experienced

I will not sit back and be a mere spectator of the world events, but I will have ‘a Divine Intervention’, such as the World has never experienced before this time.  Many will have to choose teams, and decide whether or not to go or to stay behind.  They will have to choose between family, friends, life, and death.  They cannot have both. 

What you have brought upon yourselves by your sins, has been declared by all of Heaven

Oh foolish men, what you have brought upon yourselves by your sins, has been declared by all of Heaven, who watches you with pity, as you catapult yourselves into the fiery pits of hell - because you ‘think its warmer there’.  You have been so deceived, and now you will pay the price for your sins. 

Living in the Divine Will
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Jesus said: This World is but passing, is but fleeting, is but decaying, but the next one - Oh so wonderful and pure! So joyous! So gleeful! Lightheartedness everywhere.  No more concerns about the previous life.  No more inconveniences or adversities, this World has to offer, but a place of pure bliss and happiness.  Living in the Divine Will is all that mankind has to do, to reach those ‘pearly gates’. 

No one is ‘good’, except by Me

And yet the enemy has tricked mankind into seeking after wealth; into seeking after self; into seeking to be full of all of this life’s pleasures.  Where is there room for Me in the hearts of mankind?  I tell you there is hardly any room for their Creator in their lives.  All are ‘godless’.  There is not one good man on the face of the Earth, not one good woman and not one good child, and I will tell you why: because goodness come from Me; no one is ‘good’, except by Me.  A person’s goodness is an attribute of Me, for I am good, and I share My goodness with those who will receive.  Though I am good to all, in order for them to receive goodness, they must be open.  But mankind is ‘closed’; his heart has ‘grown cold’ – ‘cold as ice’.  But you, My children, you are open to My goodness.  Let nothing be an obstacle to My goodness moving through you, because My goodness will conquer the evil that is in you, and those around you.

The definition of a mortal sin

Herod, the Tetrarch of Galilee, had goodness in him - even when he sent for the head of John the Baptist.  But the evil in him, snuffed out the little goodness he had.  For evil, if allowed to reign in a soul will snuff-out the goodness to the point of death to the soul - which is in fact the definition of a mortal sin.  This is not what the catholic church teaches on grievous sin, but in the Catechism, there is always room left for private interpretation of the words.  However, mortal sin is death to the soul.  I leave My Grace with those who will respond; but those who have fixed their will on evil, I cannot help.  And so, I allow them to make their free-will choice, but I also show them the consequences for their sins against Me. 

The Great Warning… will reveal all of man’s choices

The Great Warning, when it happens, will reveal all of man’s choices.  And what once was covered in the darkness shall all be made known, and the good that one has done in one’s life shall be made known as well. 

Actual hate is coming from the hearts of most priests towards their flock

It only takes one mortal sin to keep a soul out of Heaven.  But why is this not preached in the pulpit?  Why is My word not being proclaimed?  Because I tell you, folly, has overcome many of My priests, and they are living in sin with one another, by neglecting the souls in the pews, to their condemnation and to their own.  If you were to witness another Sunday church service, you would be appalled, My children, as I am, for there is no speak of Heaven, no speak of Hell, no speak of Purgatory – that would offend the Protestants attending.  There is no room for Truth nor Justice, nor Peace and nor Love; for actual hate is coming from the hearts of most priests towards their flock.  I will show you this again, soon, so you can see for yourselves how the church service has changed even more, in just three months.  You will see and hear the poison being spread to My flock. I am disgusted with what My church has become: a coven of satanists, even those righteous, are becoming polluted and deluged by a false reality.  I am not a pushover priest.  I am not a pushover God, and recompense must be paid for the souls that are lost through neglect. 

Always be willing and able to forgive one another quickly

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Jesus said: It is important to keep Peace in your hearts, My children.  Hold nothing against one another.  Always be willing and able to forgive one another quickly, so that there is no room for bad seeds to grow.  When you have ‘crossed one another’, then you must turn to each other quickly, then ask for each others forgiveness.  After this is done, then you must turn to Me, ask the same.  I will always forgive you if you are truly sorry. 

Remember who you are; remember who you represent

Let My Truth, My Words of Life, be ever upon your lips, and sealed upon your hearts.  I will provide another means of income for you both.  Do not be concerned about that, for those who spread the Word of God will not be asked nor expected to wait on tables.  Remember who you are; remember who you represent.  Pray that your identities be sealed upon your hearts.  And now it is time for bed.  Don’t be afraid to ask the angels to awake you when you need to be awake.  If I am calling you to be awake, you will be awake at the same time.  If ever you have bad dreams, or are being under severe attack - don’t be afraid to lean on each other, and call upon Me for I will come your aid.

There are those who will receive the Truth when I send you to them… they are few and far between

Tuesday September 22, 2009
Jesus said: There are those who will receive the Truth when I send you to them and there are those who will reject the immediate truth which is found and who will embrace the darkness, instead of the light.  They would hide from Me, instead of allowing Me to see their sinfulness, by acknowledging it themselves.  I will come back with a vengeance, and I will ask every man, woman and child above the age of reason for what they owe Me.  When I come back, I am looking for fruit, not money, not possessions, not status, but that fruit which tastes good to eat of, the fruit of a will wholly dedicated to their maker.  I am hungry and I am searching the world for people who will feed Me and whom I can fill with every grace and blessing. But where are those souls?  I tell you they are few and far between.  Most of the souls on this earth have gone astray – they are straying after worldly things. 

Pinocchio… Can you access this ‘classic’?

Pinocchio was made of wood in the fictional story.  He was carved out of wood by his maker, and his maker desired that he would become real, and when his wish as granted, then the boy knew what free-will was.  He had a conscience.  A tiny little cricket.  He knew what was right and what was wrong.  He knew he would have to make choices, but he strayed and made poor choices and he was captured by a wealthy gypsy man, and exploited.  You see the problem, My children, free-will is a gift, but it can be abused if it is not handled carefully.  Just as Pinocchio had a conscience , and sooner or later he snuffed it out, then was he in danger – so too, are those people who snuff out their consciences as an affront to their Maker.  I am telling you this fictional story, because this story was in fact inspired by My Divine Will.  When Walt Disney wanted to teach true morals and family values through his fictional stories I helped him with his desire, to reach the youth.  Do you ever hear the story of Pinocchio and more - is it being sold in video stores?  Can you access this ‘classic’?  The answer is no.  Because it reveals too much about human nature and how easily people are swayed by sin to indulge in the pleasures of this World.  Where was his Father in the story?  But frantically looking for his son.  And where was his son?  But being rebellious and carousing with other children his age, not even thinking about his father.  When trouble came his way, the he missed his creator, his Father, but it was too late, for he was already captured by the wealthy gypsy man, who represents satan.  There was a good ending to the story, and both know, but, Pinocchio had to go through many adversities and overcome his selfishness to save his Father.  Meanwhile because of the evil and terrible things he did, he was turning into a donkey, a beast.  See the parallel, for just simple children’s story, it sure has a lot of depth to it, doesn’t’ it?  And so I am like Pinocchio’s Father.  I am frantically looking for the lost sheep, but so many of them would rather be lost, and so in actual fact they are goats.
Murdering the consciences of millions of schoolchildren
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Jesus said: Mankind must be scourged for what they have done; for what they have done to innocent children in the womb of their mothers; for what they have done in denying the sacredness of marriage and allowing anyone to marry anyone.  Soon the beasts will be marrying humans - it is not far from this, for what they have done by murdering the consciences of millions of schoolchildren. 

The World is like the Titanic

This is only ‘the tip of the iceberg’, as I have said before, but ‘the iceberg’ in fact is bigger than you could ever imagine, and the World is like the Titanic. Only some people were blessed enough to enter into lifeboats, but most perished in the cold waters.  This was My Justice upon them, for they claimed that even I could not sink their ship.  No I didn’t sink the Titanic, I merely watched them come closer and closer to the iceberg, which was responsible for sinking them.  I did not intervene because of man’s free will.  They were proud enough to enter such a large ship, that made such boasts before me, and so they reaped the consequence of their choice.  And so it is with the World.  I am allowing them to go into captivity; I am allowing them to be oppressed and exterminated.  I am allowing them to be punished for their sins against Me. Hopefully some of them will wake-up before ‘the Iceberg’ hits them.


Prayer is simply lifting your heart to Me, your God

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Jesus said: My children, I can only wait so long, before you finish your prayers.  And why should I wait that long when prayer is simply lifting your heart to Me, your God.  You have already invited Me into your lives this day, and consecrated every iota of your beings this day, and so now I am here to return the conversation.

I abolished the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass… see the abomination of desolation, in the church

Why, do you ask, have I abolished the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?  I did so because I was already dismissed, already gone. The freemasons within the church, had found a way of removing My Blessing from the Masses, by introducing ‘new age theology and teachings’ which are contrary to the Word of God.  These dangerous teachings have polluted the very lives of the innocent - that’s why there is no more Mass: for there is so much poison in one service, that it would do more harm than good to the souls attending.  Those who still go are drawn in by ‘the spirit of the antichrist’ and not, by any means, devotion to Me.  However, the righteous who attend there are having their eyes opened, beginning to see “the abomination of desolation”, in the church - which is in fact: man’s rejection of God and desire for self-worship, self-adoration, self-affirmation, and self-wisdom.  These things you will not find at a True Mass, where True Worship abounds. 

The institution of the catholic church… has betrayed Me and sold Me to satan

But the institution of the catholic church, as a religious organization, has betrayed Me and sold Me to satan, for more than thirty pieces of silver.  To keep the cash flow coming in weekly, the priests have renounced their faithfulness to Me.  To keep their pockets full of ‘blood-money’, they refuse to preach on the atrocities of abortion.  To listen to the cries of the feminists’ agenda against all male authority and True Sovereign Headship, they have brought condemnation on themselves.  For who was the first one who listened to satan in the Garden of Eden?  Eve was, and she brought the blood of all of her sin upon the whole human race.  That is who the Jezebellian priests have become like – unto Eve listening to satan, profess his headship over them. 

The catholic church has become “the abomination of desolation” as a religious organization

The catholic church has become “the abomination of desolation” as a religious organization.  The Pharisees, the Sadducees, the heretics, and new-agers have come into what was once My Church, and have built their own church – a church dedicated to mammon, a church dedicated to all types of false gods.  You think I will dwell in a place such as this?  No, never!  For God the Eternal Father will not allow it. 

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s hand and ‘Mantle of Protection’ has been lifted off the World as you know it

The Blessed Virgin Mary’s hand and ‘Mantle of Protection’ has been lifted off the World as you know it.  Now, various disasters will come upon this Planet, consuming it almost entirely.  They will come in the form of famines, earthquakes, continued wars, pestilences, and diseases including this ‘swine’s flu’, which has yet to mutate and become deadly.  I will chastise the World with a vengeance, for vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord, God of Hosts.  Revenge is Mine, and Mine alone.  I will give Justice to those who demand Justice.  I will give Mercy to those who ask for Mercy. 

I Am the King of the Holy Eucharist

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Jesus said:  Receive Me, not only as food for your bodies, food for your souls, food for your minds, food for your hearts, but as food for you entire beings.  For you belong to Me My children, and no one else.  I Am the King of the Holy Eucharist.  Make My Eucharistic Heart, like unto your own.  Change - be transformed into small Christs.  For “Christ” means ‘anointed one’.  Be My ‘anointed ones’.  Receive the Eucharistic gift of life I bestow upon you this day - Feed off of Me.  Let Me be the air that you breathe.  Let Me be ‘the fragrance’ that illuminates your souls with the stench of sin, so you can be purged, of all that is unholy and untrue. 

Every day I want you to invite Me into your souls

I know you Miss receiving Me in the Host at Mass, and so every day I want you to invite Me into your souls, into your entire beings, to take up My place of residence within you, for I desire that you be one in Me, which means not to be ‘equal’, My children, but only to be ‘whole, and sound in the Holy Spirit’.  So many people suffer from ‘spiritual insanity’ because they have chosen themselves to be ‘gods’; and as I Am God, I am owned by no one.  Therefore, for the people to declare themselves gods before Me, then they have also declared they are in no need of a shepherd. 

No one is predestined… but I simply know the choices that they will make

How many souls have been chosen to be lost?  It is only through their free will that this is so.  No one is predestined, for Heaven, for Hell, or for Purgatory, but I simply know the choices that they will make to end up in one of those places mentioned.  And so, I ask that all those who are righteous would come to Me and let Me lead them to safety.  They are going to need My help as the One World Government plans, move in on them.  I will intervene as I have said before - My Great Warning will come upon the World, at a time they are not expecting.  Everyone must choose the path that they will follow - either good or bad.  And they must continually embrace the effects of their decision in the afterlife, because when it comes down to it, the decision they make in this life, on how they will live their lives, will ultimately affect their destination.

Forgiveness is there for those who willingly and knowingly desire to change

Jesus said: Forgiveness is there for those who willingly and knowingly desire to change, and so because you have that desire within you, I will forgive you, and I do forgive you. 

Those who seek My Forgiveness out of routine… I call ‘halfway christians’

But there are those who seek My Forgiveness out of routine, and not from the heart at all.  They seek the reward of going to Heaven without doing their part – without doing ‘what is necessary’ to get there.  These people I call ‘halfway christians’ or ‘middle-minded’, for they seek My Forgiveness, which is half of the process of confession, but they choose not to change, and often make resolutions to commit the same sin again - this happens all too often.  And so, confession is only open to those who ‘seek Me in the priest’ - who seek Me to forgive them, who seek Me from their hearts. 

I will not ‘loosen the binding of sin’ upon the soul who seeks to be forgiven just out of routine

I will not ‘loosen the binding of sin’ upon the soul who seeks to be forgiven just out of routine.  Confession is not simply a routine, but it is a way that man’s heart can be reunited with his Maker.  Confession is ‘sewing a broken relationship’.  If you kept telling someone you were sorry over and over again, and continued to repeat the same sin - the same mistake, how many times would they forgive you, for they are only human?  Maybe once, twice, three times?  But I will forgive you as long as you continually seek to overcome the sin you are asking forgiveness for.  Doesn’t that make sense, My children? 

The church… has brought about much pain and suffering in souls, by refusing to help them out of their sins

I laid-out these laws to help loosen the burden of man’s sins, but the church has rejected Me as ‘an institution’, and has brought about much pain and suffering in souls, by refusing to help them out of their sins - by enabling them to commit more, and grievous.  The church has failed in so many ways as an institution. 

Make ready your hearts to receive Me

But I am with My Elect - I am with all of My Chosen Ones.  I am with all of those who acknowledge Me as Lord of their life - who have devotion to My Sovereign Heart.  I will succeed where the church has failed, in bringing them together as One Flock with One Shepherd.  Behold I am Coming!  I am Coming soon!  Make ready your hearts to receive Me.

Those who seek, knock and ask for the Holy Spirit, with all truth and sincerity, will not be refused

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Jesus said: I will help you get through this most difficult time as I have provided for and helped you the most through the trying experiences of your lives.  This is a difficult one as well, but with Me all things are possible.  You shall know even more so, that I am the Lord thy God, and I provide always for My Faithful Remnant when they seek Me to, for it is only when seeking you will find; only when knocking you will get an answer.  If you don’t ask, don’t expect to receive.  Too many people have taken advantage of that scripture passage and have used it for their own interpretation, but what it means is that those who seek, knock and ask for the Holy Spirit - with all truth and sincerity, will not be refused, for I do not withhold My Spirit from anyone; but there are those who are closed to it altogether.  If they cannot open the door of their hearts to Me, how can I expect them to ask for the door of Heaven to be opened to them as well?  The doors of Heaven are closed to many souls and opened to few, because souls choose self and refuse to open their hearts to Me

The divided heart will fall because it stands for nothing

Many people right now are living their ‘heaven’, and they do not seek “Thy Kingdom Come” in their hearts any more, for the ‘kingdom’ they desire is already here – a ‘kingdom’ of mammon and beast.  My Kingdom is not of this World, but is still here, on the Earth - in few chosen souls.  And My Kingdom will remain for Eternity, whereas the enemy’s kingdom will fade into oblivion and nothingness – forever.  Good will triumph over evil.  ‘The battles’ may be lost for most but ‘the war’ is still going on.  I win ultimately but the enemy wants to take as many souls as he can with him.  Heaven or Hell - people must choose where they want to go based on the choices they are making now in this life.  They cannot have both.  No matter what society says, you can’t be a saint, and a sinner, nor be an angel and a demon, and go to Heaven, for the divided heart will fall because it stands for nothing.

Pray before you have each conversation
Tuesday October 20, 2009
My children, it is good to discuss the affairs of the world, but only when it draws you closer to Me and further away from ‘the tentacles’ of ‘the great octopus’.  Be careful not to get ‘sucked into evil’ when discussing evils.  To avoid this you must stay in the spirit of prayer and Truth.  Pray before you have each conversation. That the Holy Spirit be invited to enlighten your heart and minds in the knowledge of the Truth and so you can see from My point of view - as in looking though My eyes to where things are, and were they are headed.  Do not seek ‘useless vain knowledge’ but only the knowledge that comes through ‘a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit’, to your own souls.
Their destruction will come… through their own conscious choices
Friday, November 6, 2009
Jesus said: Never has the World been in such turmoil as it is now.  All kinds of depravity are plaguing mankind.  It is only inevitable that their destruction will come, not through My hand, for I only desire life, but through their own conscious choices.  They are throwing themselves into oblivion.  I am simply not going to bow to their demons.  If this is what they want then so be it.  Justice has come, and come swiftly, for the End is near.

My Mother weeps for mankind because they are doomed

My Mother weeps for mankind because they are doomed; without My loving Hand to guide them, they will simply self-destruct – except those who have chosen My team, who are on the side of Righteousness and Truth.  I will uphold them, with My Strength, but the wicked I shall crush: with ‘a vengeance’ and ‘a heavy blow’, I shall subdue them, and order them to repent, or be forever thrown into the Lake of Fire, where their father dwells.  The time is coming! – when this will happen.

I am coming soon.  So you best ready yourselves, to receive Me.

Do not say to yourselves “Oh, my master is not here, therefore I can do what I like, and you will never know whom I have oppressed, whom I have cheated, or whom I have lied to”.  But when the master comes, He will know all these things, for the Master, is Me, Jesus Christ, and I will reckon every soul, accountable before Me, for his or her own actions.  Those who are more well informed, have more to be accountable for.  I am coming; I am coming soon.  So you best ready yourselves, to receive Me.

You must choose which path to take

Saturday December 19, 2009
The enemy can never override nor overcome your free will.  The choices you make in every moment, are dependent upon you, and you alone. For you must choose which path to take, a path towards Love, or path towards hate; a path towards Truth, or a path towards falsehood; a path towards Righteousness, or a path towards unrighteousness.  These you must choose, and I know you will, for isn’t that a part of being human, the gift, of your free will. 

I know the final outcome of this war…

The enemy seeks to control everyone, especially through others.  It is one of his greatest vehicles, but he forgets in the end, that I win.  I have already won.  He is trying to take down, as many souls as possible; but because I am God, and can see, and act, and move freely, outside of space and time, I know the final outcome of this war: satan will be forever thrown into the Eternal Lake of Fire, along with his minions, and those who follow him. 

The Kingdom of Heaven…  That would be a great place to be

But those who follow Me, have an even greater gift waiting for them - in Eternal Paradise, where there is no more sin, no more conflict, and above all, no one who offends God.  There is only Love, Peace, Truth, Hope, and Justice, and equality as children of God, for all these have inherited the Kingdom of Heaven.  That would be a great place to be, My children.  So continue to persevere, in all righteousness, and shun every evil, seeking the good of others, at the expense of any future relationship with them.  Keep up the good work.

Friday, January 1, 2010

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.  Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.  Stand therefore, having fastened the belt of truth around your waist, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace; besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the Evil One.  And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  Pray all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.  To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints.”
Indeed you have both been ‘aborted’

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: I am the model of every virtue, and I was born with the gift of purity in my soul, since the moment of my Conception.  I was conceived without original sin, and I was given the greatest gift of all, to give birth to the only begotten son of God the Eternal Father.  I am the Mother of Peace and I bring this peaceful message to you both:  I am you Mother and I have been watching over the both of you, from the moment you both were conceived in your mother’s wombs.  Now indeed you have both been ‘aborted’ and I am and will be your only True Mother.  Come to me more often my little children and I will lead you to the ever-flowing ‘Fountain of Life and Youthfulness’, who is Jesus Christ, the Lord.

Clothe yourself in ‘the mind of Jesus Christ the Lord’

Block out all, that is not from God.  Put on your ‘spiritual vision’, every morning, and every evening.  Look through the World as you see it, and learn to see it through God’s Eyes.  It is good to put on ‘the Helmet of Salvation’, but you must not forget to clothe yourself in ‘the Mind of Jesus Christ the Lord’, for that is where the enemy of your souls attacks you the most – through your perceptions of the reality around you.  Pay no attention to the demons’ protests, they cannot harm you as long as you stay in the state of grace, and under my Maternal Protection.

It is good to be ready for your departure.

This ‘phase’ is almost over.  Things are going to be happening very quickly now, as God the Father’s ‘Hammer of Justice’ has now come down. It may seem, like a long time to you both, but I assure you, things will happen ‘in a flash’, in just a moment; so it is good to be ready for your departure, as it will come upon you both, quickly.  This is My New Year’s message to you both, and a special gift for you to hear from your True Mother, and how tenderly she cares for you.
Right now, there are hundreds of false ‘visionaries’, around the World
Sunday, January 23, 2010
Jesus said: Many people, take My voice, for granted, My children, they are selfish, and they do not realize, that just because they can hear My Voice, that does not make them Saints.  A Saint is someone who is self-sacrificing, who seeks self-mortification – of earthly desires, so that My Will, can be accomplished, in them.  Right now, there are hundreds of false ‘visionaries’, around the World, and they did not start out that way, but money, greed, power and fame, took the place of the messages, they could have been receiving.  Instead now, the enemy comes to them, disguising himself as Me, and these people listen, with itching ears. 

I have put you both to the test

Right now, I have put you both to the test, seeing whether or not you truly  desire to hear My voice, or if any voice is good for you.  I was testing you, to see, if you would seek Me, when it seemed I was so far away.  My closeness to you, My children, is unlike that of the other people for you are My Own Flesh and Blood.  I know this is hard for you to receive, and understand, but you will receive and understand, more deeply, during the coming, of the Second Pentecost, which is My Great Warning.
Make this a part of your ‘morning offering’
Sunday, January 24, 2010
Jesus said:  Be at peace My children, and know that I love you.  I am watching from Heaven, and I am at your side, always - as long as you do nothing to offend Me seriously, and with full intent to hurt My heart.  The key to living this sort of life, My children, this ‘moment to moment living’, is patience, and trust, along with love and determination.  Pray for these virtues every day, and make this a part of your ‘morning offering’, ask to be filled with these things. 

Think of graces as… far greater than any gold in the entire World

The graces are there, as long as you reach out for them. It’s not that graces are no longer there, being poured out upon the World, it is that very few people are ‘open’, or ‘receptive to them’ - this is what is very sad.  The comparison would be to a rich man, taking all of his money, and throwing it to all the people - be they rich or poor.  Some of them say they are full, and have no need of the generous offer, and some are needy and in great need of it.  Now think of the coins as spiritual allegory.  Money cannot get you Heaven, but graces can - if you cooperate with them, and buy the right things.  Think of graces as ‘Heavenly currency’, far greater than any gold in the entire World.  For graces are from God, and they are meant to directly help the soul to get to Heaven. 

So choose graces, My children, not Earthly monetary gain

Now you may not feel or even be aware of the money you are carrying, it’s just there, but you have it to buy what you need, to sustain your lives.  But the graces are there to sustain and help to grow your spiritual lives.  So choose graces, My children, not Earthly monetary gain, and you will be rewarded in this life and in the next.

This Earth… has been spat upon, deluged with pollutions

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Jesus said: In time, the World will be renewed, and restored to its original beauty - before sin came and infested My beautiful planet.  This World - this Earth, you call your ‘temporary home’, was a gift to all of mankind; but it has been spat upon, deluged with pollutions.  It has been ripped-out of its original habitat, surrounded by ‘ungodly things’.  For what man creates, turns to but dust and ashes; and while it is still standing, is ever so cold and unfeeling. 

Those who have tampered with My Creation, will be judged much more harshly

Man cannot create beauty as I can Create beauty.  If they try to add anything to My Creation, they end up taking away all the more beauty.  What was once flavorful and full of life, becomes dead, and lacks nourishment for the body.  Mankind thinks he can tamper with My foods I created, and get away with it, unharmed, with no consequences?  There are consequences, and they are quickly to be poured out upon mankind.  Every one will be judged according to his or her iniquity, but those who have tampered with My Creation, especially with life, and genetics, and mutations, and DNA manipulations, and all kinds of sordid scientific experiments, will be judged much more harshly, because they know what they are doing is so wrong and is only for their power to increase.  So they shall have this World, they so desperately want to control, and all of the evils that are about to be inflicted upon it - because My Ways are Just, and My Judgments are True.  They are foolish people who do these things, at the price of their own souls.  Perhaps some of them will wake up at the ‘Warning Experience’.
The Warning
Friday February 19, 2010
Jesus said: You may be going on your vacation a little bit longer, My children as you have been blessed with abundant funds to do so.  Just trust.  All of your current needs will be provided for.  Make no mistake, you wouldn’t be going on this vacation, unless The Warning were to happen, a little later – after your return.  For surely, you do not know when it will be, and neither do I in My ‘human nature’.  But God the Eternal Father knows when the time is right for Me to go: when souls are ripe enough that I can manifest Myself in a profound way – to them; and it will be for their good, not evil.  But when I come, it will be ‘a time that is ripe’ for all of mankind.  There are no ‘favorites’ in God’s Justice, for His Judgements are True, and Just.  But every man, woman and child will be ‘held accountable’ for the deeds they have done throughout their lives. 

San Francisco is going to fall into 'a giant fissure'

It is simply terror and horror coming from upstairs+ and all of the sounds of Hell, and they are making a mockery of the spiritual life – of the spiritual realms.  Those who bathe in such terrible abominations before Me, have no hope for Heaven, because they are quickly ‘fixing their wills’ upon this Earth and upon wickedness – to the fullest measure.  Wickedness will not be tolerated any longer, and that is why San Francisco is going to fall into 'a giant fissure', and the rest of it 'pummeled by waves', because I will show the World, that their wickedness is fruitful.  Not what they were expecting, is about to happen.  The punishment will fit the crime.
[+ "coming from upstairs" referring to the sounds of people screaming, coming from the television, in the apartment above us, at the time of this message.]

Homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality, and pornography - These are the four things which I abhor the most

Sunday February 21, 2010
Jesus said: I do not desire that anyone should perish, My children, but perish they will, because it is ‘the fruit of’ their own choices.  Most people do have well-informed consciences.  And how are they informed?  Because My Commandments are Written on each and every single person’s heart – which in this case, I am allegorically referring to the soul.  So the punishment for sin is Death – not only physical death, but Eternal Death.  If the World wants to choose sin as ‘a way of life’, and do ‘everything under the Sun’ to offend Me, then I simply respect their free-will choices for I force My Will on no one.  I do not force them to choose because they are already choosing the way of life they want to continue living.  Homosexuality, sodomy, bestiality, and pornography - These are the four things which I abhor the most - they are even worse than abortion, because the soul is being destroyed through sin.

When a child dies, through abortion

And when a child dies, through abortion, at least the child will continue on in happiness, because it was free from sin, except ‘original’.  Though these souls can never truly see My Face, or behold My Presence because I am a Just God, they are ‘Forever Content’; but at the same time, they are crying to Me daily, for Justice upon ‘those who stole their lives away’.  And so that Justice has come: for San Francisco falling into the ocean is but ‘the tip of the iceberg’.  It is truly ‘but only the beginning’ of what is to come.  Even the One World People will not know how to deal with this disaster when it comes, and they will be overwhelmed and confused for a time – until satan helps them get focused again.  If this is the World they want then they can have this World: filled with doom and gloom.

UFOs and demon sightings… will become ‘the norm’, for many people in the future.

Jesus said: The reason you are talking about UFOs and demon sightings My children, is because this is what will become ‘the norm’, for many people in the future.  More and more people will claim to have seen such flying objects in the skies.  Most of their claims My children are valid and are true.  I am preparing your souls psychologically for such sightings that you may even see yourselves, or witness from other people. Do not be alarmed at these ‘phenomenons’ for they are not miracles, though many people will claim they are – especially those who follow the antichrist, especially CNN; but they are ‘mere demons’, in their ‘own-made ships’, which are right in Hell.  More and more of these aliens will appear in the future.  It is just another aspect of your daily lives, in the future, I am showing you both.

Only some will receive the Truth, hear it, and receive it into their hearts

Thursday, March 4, 2010 (Niagara Falls, Ontario)
Jesus said:  Ministry is going to pick up from now on My children.  You will be ministering to those who will receive.  Many of them will receive for a time; but they will lose faith, and continue on in the way they were before.  But only some will receive the Truth, hear it, and receive it into their hearts by applying it to their lives and making the necessary changes – adjustments demanded of them.  These will be My Faithful Remnant, who will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Trust that you will be meeting more of them.

When you looked into his eyes, you were in fact looking into My own

The little boy that you saw today in the Crown Plaza, was a special gift to him, and to you both, for you were being reminded of your innocence.  That child-likeness you still have – but buried sometimes, under self and pride.  He was sent as My Messenger to you both.  In fact he did see something that he did not fully understand; but a part of him that is his soul, wished to remain with you both, and that is why he stopped.  I in fact entered into him as a small tiny child.  When you looked into his eyes, you were in fact looking into My own – just loving you with no restrictions on that love, and with no unjust judgements; just ‘eyes of love’, piercing through your souls.

Get ready to declare yourselves opposed to many ‘antichrists’, including ‘the big one’

These little manifestations will be happening a lot more often now as you get ready to declare yourselves opposed to many ‘antichrists’, including ‘the big one’.  Yes, he knows who you are.  He is aware of your abilities, through your cooperation with the Holy Spirit, and he does in fact want to ‘dispose of’ you both; but I will not allow this to happen, nor will I allow any harm to come to you.  For you are My Two Witnesses.  Many out there will claim to be My Two Witnesses, but if they do not oppose antichrists, and bring down ‘Hell’s kingdom’ through the spoken Truth – who I am, then they are nothing but frauds and liars.  Remember that satan cannot cast out satan.  Continue to oppose ‘the antichrists’ of this World and fill yourselves not with worldly things, but Heavenly Gifts and Virtues so you will have the necessary strength and gifts to oppose him and them, and then I will be with you through all of the showdowns, that will happen in the near future.

You are to put God first, for He is above you

Monday, March 15, 2010
The True Holy Spirit:  I am The Great Paraclete, My children.  And I will show you the Way to Eternal Life, with God the Father, God the Son, and Me – the Holy Spirit.  I will fill your hearts and minds with Truth – from Heaven, that only babes can understand – mere spiritual babies, God’s little ones.  If ever you think of yourself as someone special, you are to put God first, for He is above you. If ever you are tempted to focus on self, you are to focus on God, for He is above you.  If ever you are tempted to put neighbor first – above God, you are to turn your neighbor’s eyes and heart, towards Heaven – to God who is above the both of you.  I mean to make Myself very clear, My children: God is Eternal, and He is even above the Heavens, and if you want to be with Him, then you must not slack, in putting Him first and foremost in your lives.  For isn’t that what Heaven is: continual glorifying of God, praising His Holy Name for all of Eternity, loving Him selflessly? – No more childishness! 

Fast approaching is the Day of Doom

The caves are coming, and fast.  So is sudden destruction coming, upon the World, and fast.  Fast approaching is the Day of Doom, the Day of Reckoning, the Day of Mourning – for all those hearts who are without God; and a Day of Rejoicing – for all those who are with Him, and in Him.  This Day is coming quickly. 

Learn to be silent and reflect more

I will continue to fill your hearts and minds with Divine Revelation, from Heaven.  Just be open, and do not hinder The Spirit at work within you.  Learn to be silent and reflect more.  God has sent Me to you both this day – though I am God, I come forth from the Love between the Father and the Son.  I am the Holy Spirit, and I am your friend, and desire to welcome you both to Paradise – to Heaven, in your hearts and minds.

Prayer still is very powerful, if it is done with love

Friday, March 30, 2010
Jesus said:  …There are only enemies in this life, unless they are proven to be friends.  But even your enemies are your neighbors, and you are still called to pray for them.  Even as upstairs is deluging you both constantly, with satanic music, TV programs, rants and laments, you are still called to pray for them, for prayer still is very powerful, if it is done with love.  Understand?...

It would have been better were he not born, than to do such vile things to My innocent ones

Suffer not the little children to come to Me.  Do not forbid them, for such is theirs, the Kingdom of Heaven.  So many young children have been damaged, have been sorely afflicted over all of this sexual scandal within the church.  So many of My little ones have been laid astray, by their shepherds.  These children were entrusted to their care, and they have been severely damaged.  Anyone who leads these little ones astray, as they have been, should have a millstone thrown around his neck and thrown into the sea.  It would have been better were he not born, than to do such vile things to My innocent ones. 

She has become “the great harlot”, ‘the whore of Rome

And so, the church will pay, for what she has done to My little ones, through neglect, and bad leadership.  She will have a mill stone tied around her neck thrown into the sea.  I am referring to ‘the institution created by man’.  Thus the wage of sin is death – not only physical but spiritual.  She has spilled the blood of My Saints for too long, and now ‘My Cup’ has been enkindled against her.  She has become “the great harlot”, ‘the whore of Rome’, and now she will go down, very hard, and very fast, as she has exalted herself above the nations, and has not exalted Me above her – well enough.  Their hearts are far from Me, and their lips are filled with empty praises, therefore I have hid Myself from them, for a time.  Behold: the destruction of Rome is quickly coming; all of her deviant desires are being quickly made known, and she will be crushed, as the wicked.

We are the same Person, we are equally distinct from one another

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Jesus said: Whether they see the connection or not, does not matter, My children, For I am the One in charge of all of this, and not a single thing will move forward, without My given consent; for even the demons below, as well as the Holy Angels above, must obey every word - I Speak.  If I tell the demons to be silent, they will be.  If I tell the demons they can influence or inspire, they can.  If I tell them to come out of someone, they will.  For even with Veronica Leuken, I was there for her, I spoke My words to her, and she uttered them, because I commanded it to be so, for I rule over all things: The Heavens, the Earth, and those under the Earth.  I am Jesus, and God the Father, has given to Me Great Power and Authority, over the entire Universe.  Even though We are the same Person, we are equally distinct from one another.  Even though we are the same God, one acts independently from the other, but in unison with the other two.  When the Holy Spirit goes forward, it carries My love for God the Eternal Father. 

The three chief sins, and foul and festering spirits, within the Vatican

But so many souls now, are being turned away from God the Eternal Father, because of: pedophilia, pornography, and adultery.  These are the three chief sins, and foul and festering spirits, within the Vatican, ruling it (Rev. 16:13-14).   And so My Spirit cannot abide there, any longer. Remember, I told you: if evil is allowed to reign long enough, in a soul, it will most definitely snuff-out the goodness there.  There I just a handful of people within the Vatican, that have My Spirit with them, to guide them through this, most difficult time; but no one will seek their counsel – I will not permit it, for they have built this mess that they are in, and they, are going to have to suffer for it.  Do you understand, My children?

Because Russia was not consecrated to Me… mankind, is suffering

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Jesus said: The pack of coyotes howling this evening, My children, was a sign to you both, of what is to come.  Not only, will the animals turn upon their masters, but they will often be found eating, and feeding upon their flesh, especially when this coming famine hits.  They do not know the difference between man and beast, for man has become like them.  This is also a symbol of what the One World Government has planned for North America: they are like a pack, of wolves, feeding upon the weak, and the sick of the nations.  I am permitting all of this to happen for a reason.  And so, My children, because Russia was not consecrated to Me, in the way I asked, she has spread her errors throughout the entire face of the Earth, and now mankind, is suffering, and will continue to suffer, because of her.  Her errors have also spread to the catholic church, which is now finished – it is ‘done’. 

Pray then for the Elect

Those who follow My Commandments, who walk in My statutes, who listen to My ordinances, will prevail against Hell, and its fury; but those who do not go to My refuges, and caves, death is the only option.  Pray then for the Elect to ready themselves, for the time ahead, by preparing food, water, clothing, and supplies, in their knapsacks, and luggage.  Pray then, that they will have the courage to make peace with Me, and the courage to leave all behind, for My sake.  Pray then, that the Elect learn to hate the world, even more so than they do, and all the sins it has to offer.  Pray then, that the Elect, will love their lives enough, to truly die to this world.  Pray then, for the desire for them to love My Creation, to love My World apart from sin.  These are to be your intentions for the Elect, to be added on to the previous ones, in your daily prayers.

Did you think that it would not get that much worse?

Sunday April 4, 2010

Jesus said:  Did you think that it would not get that much worse?  My children, now that there are no graces to guide the souls to righteousness and truth; unless they want them, all they have, is their demons, that they have chosen, to build a relationship with.

Soon men will be marrying their cars

In the case of ‘the gamer’, who ‘married’ his game, what did you expect?  And this is not the end of the sickness, but people will just become worse, and worse, until there is no hope for humanity.  Those who cling to Me now have the best chance of being saved, but those who are steeped in sin, and loving it, and fostering relationships based on sinful lifestyles, it will be harder for them to stop.  This is only the beginning of what is to come.  This sin has set the stage for even bigger ones.  Soon men will be marrying their cars, and then they will want to marry their beasts - and this will be allowed, and accepted by many, as just ‘one more step upward for humanity’.  Oh foolish men they are, for what they believe is climbing upwards’, is only going to spiral them down, deeper and deeper, into sin upon sin, and Hell.

More and more accidents will be happening in ‘the most unlikely places’

But you My children, you are constantly accused in your interior lives that you are going downward; when in fact, you are growing upwards, faster than ever before, because you are being docile to My wishes.  As for the ‘road rage’ you saw earlier, that will only escalate all the more, as more and more accidents will be happening in ‘the most unlikely places’, and then tragedy upon tragedy ensues.  You will be witnesses of these things, and more.

More and more relationships are going to break up

And as for the families going through divorce, you are just witnessing the seeds of division fully blossom, in families.  Injustice has blossomed, and so has pride.  More and more relationships are going to break up, for it was only My Grace holding them together.

The World is ‘flushed’

The world wants to be, on its own, apart from Me.  Well we shall see how it fares, apart from Me, and on its own, without My help or aid to guide it.  I will still guide the individuals who seek My aid, but the world as a whole, has sought the deceptions of satan instead, and so I have given it over to one mind, to one will, and that is: self-destruction.  Until mankind learns to repent from his evil ways, and turn back to Me sobbing, with heartfelt contrition, then it will only spiral downwards, very fast.  Only those clinging to Me, will have the strength not to get ‘sucked in’, as the World is ‘flushed’.

I shall not grant them Mercy

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jesus said: What did you expect, My children, they have no Grace – common sense and reason has left them, along with counsel and goodness.  Man has become more like the image of their ‘father’ – down below, for he is Hell-bent on destruction, and so are they.  The World has become so evil, that they are even starting now, to mock My own Justice.  Yes, and My Justice is tempered with Mercy; but they have shown Me none, and so therefore, I shall not grant them Mercy, when they ask for it this time – when they beg for it and when they plead, because they will simply ‘return to their vomit again’, and do still more evil things in My sight.

I am not a God filled with wrathful vengeance

You heard “the Hammer has come down”, but now you are about to hear something far worse: ‘they are asking for it’, ‘they are begging Me to do this to them’, by ‘allowing it and not intervening’.  I am not a God filled with wrathful vengeance, No, I simply solve problems.  If there is a problem, if there is ‘a nail sticking out’, so to speak, it gets hammered in.  “The squeaky wheel” no longer “gets the oil”, the ‘broken axle’, will no longer be ‘fixed’.

Were I not to intervene… the whole world would be annihilated

Man has become a dread, unto himself, for I Decree: that such natural disasters, will ensue the entire planet, that were I not to intervene with My comet of chastisement the whole world would be annihilated.  And so you will witness tonnes more things happening.  You will see great devastations in droves, for I AM the Lord God and I have spoken.

Thus, I will have destroyed ‘the field that bore no fruit’

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jesus said: I can take the flowers from one field, and plant them in another.  This is what I have done, inside the roman catholic church.  I have taken the flowers of My following, and I have plucked them from the ground, where the soil is bad, and there is no longer any rain, and they, are starting to wilt, and wither away; and I have put these flowers – these lilies of My heart’, into a new field with rich soil, and plenty of plantation and vegetation.  This new field will grow, plenty of new flowers, for I will plant good seeds among them, and I will uproot the bad and dead flowers, from the other field, and I will dig a hole, a trench, down the middle of the field, and I will pour water into it, and drench the middle of it, soaking it through and through, soaking it so much, with so much rain, that no vegetation, nor flower, can ever grow there again.  And thus, I will have destroyed ‘the field that bore no fruit’, and tried to kill My precious ones, My little flowers.  Seek the Holy Spirit, My children, to tell you the answer, in your own hearts, of what I have revealed to you, I have not revealed to many.  Seek to know what everything represents, for this is good knowledge, and will help you with your identities. 

The ‘great worldwide coming famine’

The truth is, the ‘Great Worldwide coming Famine’, will be brought about in two ways (this is another topic, about which I wish to speak to you both):  The first way, will be in the form of torrential rains and downpours such as the World has never seen, for now the graces have been shut up, in the Heavens, but now physical rain will fall upon the Earth a hundred fold, and that is just the beginning of sorrows to come.  The second way in which the famine will be brought about, is gasoline prices skyrocketing, so high, that truckers will not want to transport goods any more; but some of the oil refineries will be destroyed in the next coming disasters, and they will have to raise gas prices.  This may be a few more months down the road, we shall see, for I cannot give you any dates, lest the enemy try to deceive you with them.

My Comet of the Chastisement and the Great Warning

And then after all this, the volcanic explosions will be so great, and so many happening all at once, were I not to intervene with My Comet of the Chastisement and the Great Warning, all humanity would be lost.  And so the Comet sighting, followed by the Warning experience, will be My Greatest Act of Mercy, for souls who choose Me; and a great punishment, for those who do not; and My Final Act of Justice.

The “Ring of Fire” has ‘woken up’

Jesus said: More frequent and larger earthquakes are going to be happening from now on, My children.  They will be ‘off the scales’ in their numbers.  So great will they be, that they will cause fear and trembling in many, many souls; for the “Ring of Fire” has ‘woken up’, and the Earth is ‘alive and well’, moving, beneath the Earth’s Crust.  The ‘tectonic plates’ are shifting now, more, than ever.  The next one will be in an Ocean, and will be very large, and a Tsunami will follow it.  Trust, My words are true – when you see it happen, for yourselves. 

So great will be the number of deaths… all of Heaven will ‘shutter’, and look away

I am shaking the Earth.  I am attempting to wake up souls who are sleeping.  It is not a coincidence that these earthquakes – many of them at least, happen while the people are sleeping.  It is because I am showing them, how easily the World that they know, can quickly fall apart, and to pieces, and can be shattered in an instant.  I told you why I permit suffering My children, and there is a lot more to come, until mankind repents of his wickedness before Me, I can do nothing but Scourge them and Chastise them.  ‘The just’ as well as ‘the wicked’ will die, in this next event.  So great will be the number of deaths, that all of Heaven will ‘shutter’, and look away.  You have received enough for tonight.

The abuse cases within the roman catholic church

Wednesday, April 7, 2010     

Jesus said:  Now ‘the floodgates’ have been pushed open, My children, and the torrents of water, are moving in quickly.  The abuse cases within the roman catholic church, are ‘piling up’ as more and more victims have come forward, making claims that they were abused, by priests.  Most of the claims are true, but not all.  There are always going to be a few nuts in the package, mixed with the fruit.  And so you will be witnesses of these cases, and you will see them for yourselves, and also see the church’s continued response towards them. 

That ‘financial institution of indifference’, will be crushed physically

Therefore, My Hand, will not be pulled back, for them, but it will come down hard, and strong, and the church as that ‘financial institution of indifference’, will be crushed physically.  Rome, and the Vatican, will fall, with cracked walls, everywhere.  No stone will be left unturned, upon the other, and all will weep and mourn for that great city: for Babylon the Great has fallen, and all will weep and mourn, with a mourning that will last – a lifetime: in this case, two and a half years.  Such will be the Fury of My Wrath, against that city, that you once visited, My children.  You saw for yourselves what was permitted to go on there, taking in the poor in the name of charity, but charging tonnes of Euros, constantly doing things in My Name, with little or no charity behind the words, behind the actions.  And so I have judged that city, to come down fast, and hard.  This will happen in your lifetime, My children.
Thursday, April 8, 2010      

Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Those who are against you, worship the devil, and all his minions

Jesus said:  If a million people (1,000,000) agreed, that jumping into the ocean, and drowning, was a good thing, would you do it, My child?  If ten million people (10,000,000), agreed that abortion was a good, and acceptable way to dispose of unwanted life, would you agree with them?  If twenty million people (20,000,000) decided, it was alright to have sexual relations with one another, outside of the bond of Holy Matrimony, would you agree with them?  And finally, if fifty million people (50,000,000), decided it would be a good thing, to disagree with Me, and all of My Ways, and all of My Commandments – if they agreed to scoff, mock and ridicule Me, continually to no end, and embrace everything which is offensive to Me, would you agree with them?  Just because hundreds of people have decided, through their own wanton ignorance, that you both are living in sin and are worshipers of the devil, does not make them right, even if thousands agree on that.  For the funny thing is, My children – is that those who are against you, worship the devil, and all his minions.  

Those who choose the possessed state of mind and being… are the ones fighting against you

So if they are the ones who are against you – those who choose the possessed state of mind and being, if they are the ones fighting against you – day in, day out, does it make any sense that you would see yourselves as on the wrong team?  How can satan fight against satan?  Surely his kingdom would not last.  It is what they accuse you of, now, that they accused Me of in the past: calling Me ‘the prince of demons’.  Is that how I cured the lame?  Is that how I cleansed the lepers?  Is that how I cast out the demons of infirmity in the peoples?  Is that how I clothed sinners in True Righteousness – by getting them to repent of their sins before Me?  And if sin, is what the devil wants, and you both are doing your best to be cleansed of it, then what power does he have over you, except that which you give to him? 

Render to Me, the things that are Mine, especially your souls

Render to Me, the things that are Mine, especially your souls, and to no one else, for though the World may agree on sin, I disagree, and I am about to show them, how much I disagree, with sin – especially sins being committed openly, they are the worst kind.

As soon as I manifested My Presence…

Tuesday April 27, 2010
To feel the warmth of the Sun, is like bathing in My graces; for some, even the Sun can seem cool, for it is true what you witnessed: As soon as you prayed for a soul that was closed to any grace, and embittered about life and love, the door was shut.  Symbolizing perfectly the door to the soul – the door to the innermost depths of the heart.  As soon as I manifested My Presence, the witch along with satan fled. 

One out of every four women… have committed the act of abortion

You witnessed this yourself, My children.  I am just showing you, how there really is very little hope for most people, for they hate Me, so many of them - and with a vengeance.  As the women murder children in their womb, so too am I murdered in their hearts.  One out of every four women - depending, or one out of every three women, have committed the act of abortion, or they have encouraged their friend to do so, or they know of someone who wanted to and didn’t try to stop it.  That’s where mankind is at.  This is what they call ‘the better half’?  I say no!  What the World sees as good I often view as evil.  That is why your views about life and love, will seem very boring to some – life of selfless sacrifice is seen as boring.  Imagine My children, people see evil and sin, as exciting, and taking risks, but they do not realize the risks they are taking. 

Oh foul and festering man…

Oh foul and festering man, you know who you are.  You feed on the hearts of the young and bleed them of their lives.  You will pay for your iniquities before Me, for you have not sought repentance but a deadened conscience, filled with affirming thoughts.  Your time will come, you women of the Earth, and just as the child met with the heavy hand of your justice, so shall you too meet with the heavy hand of Mine, unless you repent.

Mankind merely scoffs, and continues in its own stubborn way of thinking

Wednesday April 28, 2010
Jesus said: I am Jesus, and I am calling all of mankind to repent of their ways, before Me – to renounce their sinful lifestyles, and their abominations in their midst; to ‘clothe themselves in sackcloth and ashes’, to make reparation for their sins against My Immaculate and Sacred Heart.  But alas, when it comes to choosing this, mankind merely scoffs, and continues in its own stubborn way of thinking. 

Expect ‘severe repercussions’ from the Almighty…

The Holy Spirit is only for those who seek Him, for He has been withdrawn from the World at large.  Without the Holy Spirit man is doomed to fail.  It can’t go on much longer like this, but expect ‘severe repercussions’ from the Almighty, Eternal Father in Heaven. 

This ‘oil spill’… is just the beginning of woes for the seafaring ships

This ‘oil spill’ in the Gulf of Mexico is just the beginning of woes for the seafaring ships.  Trust that all that I have revealed to you, will happen in times to come.  Thy will be done, Eternal Father in Heaven, Who art above the Heavens.  Your Name be Glorified both now and forever.

Media propaganda, is growing in the news, now more than ever before

Sunday May 16, 2010
Jesus said: Media propaganda, is growing in the news, now more than ever before.  Think of the Media as a giant octopus, spreading its tentacles wide and far, over everything it touches; and what ‘oozes’ from these ‘palms’, is disgusting, it is lethal, it is poison, meant to paralyze, while the victim is slowly being eaten away - alive.  This is sick imagery, My children, but I chose to give this to you, because it is very necessary, to get the point across. 

‘Filter through’ the news from now on

You are always going to need to ‘filter through’ the news from now on.  You must read through it, only with Holy Spirit, because so often what you see presented, is not what’s really there.  Listen more to what they are not saying.  Listen attentively to how they word things in such a way to get people to believe what they want them to. 

The Media… is in charge of getting the people moulded and ready and desensitized to what’s coming next.

The Media is a giant octopus, and is in charge of getting the people moulded and ready and desensitized to what’s coming next.  You ask me why I repeated Myself, while the answer is quite simple: because that is, what you both are to focus on the most.

See the ‘End Time Prophecies’ being fulfilled, in front of you

See the ‘End Time Prophecies’ being fulfilled, in front of you.  Watch them unfold, now, quicker than ever before.  Continue to listen to the Holy Spirit in your interior lives, and focus on the Truth; for so much of the world, is focused on falsehoods.

As on Mount Sinai, I spoke to Moses in the burning bush, I now speak to you both

Jesus said: As on Mount Sinai, I spoke to Moses in the burning bush, I now speak to you both, with trembling and with fear.  The nations will fall, on the right, and on the left, for they will crumble, they will be annihilated.  No one will be able to withstand My Coming Justice to the World, except, a few – a very small few, called My Faithful Remnant. 

Everyone… above or at the age of reason, will experience… My Greatest Gift to mankind

Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, wars, and famines, will be coming so quickly - and so few between: disaster, upon disaster.  And who can say, that I am not Just in My dealings with Men - with mankind?  Am I not impartial to everyone?  Do I not give everyone the chance to turn back to Me?  I will show My impartiality in a Great Way, for at the Great Warning, everyone on the face of the Earth, above or at the age of reason, will experience a great horror, or, a great solace – a great comfort.  They will not be able to withstand the tempestuous waves of this Era, without the graces that come from My Warning Experience.  This is My Greatest Gift to mankind, for all will know and see, who they truly are, and how I see them, and all ‘masks’ will come down. 

There are no ‘masks’ in Heaven… So be your authentic selves

There are no ‘masks’ in Heaven My children, and there will never be room for ‘pretend’, for anyone.  So be your authentic selves, and continue to choose Heaven in your interior lives, and block out everything the enemy has to offer you, by bringing it to Me, and ‘to the light’  We shall see what happens next.  I am hearing “an earthquake”, My children.  Many people are about to be ‘shaken up’, and ‘shaken out’, of the false realities they have been living.  Watch the news carefully, and always be discerning carefully the stories you hear and read.  The Holy Spirit will share some ‘Truth’ with you – ‘Truth that is necessary’ to filter through the current propaganda. 

True freedom, is not being able to sin without punishment
Monday, May 17, 2010
Jesus said: True freedom, is not being able to sin without punishment - but that is what society says is ‘free’.  To be free on the contrary is to truly be free, from all the chains of sin, and all of the burdens from this life…

Justice has been replaced by tolerance… Woe to the judges and kings of this Earth

In short, society itself is crumbling – continually: because there is no more justice; because justice has been replaced by tolerance in the name of equality and fairness.  Where is the justice?  For the widow, where is the justice for the orphan, where is the justice for the truly abused and truly oppressed?  They can only find justice partially.  Sometimes they are even bribed to pass a bill through, to even pass a court order.  They are bribed to oppress the innocent, to convict the guiltless - so, their wallets are charged with lots and lots of money, while the innocent cannot escape their hands. Woe to the judges and kings of this Earth, truly I tell you, they have received their reward.  They will have much to pay for in the afterlife, even more than what they received through deception, trickery and lies. 

If someone wants justice, they must cry out to Me, and I will grant it to them…

No, if someone wants justice, because the counsel of the Holy Spirit is gone from this World, except for those who seek it, if someone wants justice, they must cry out to Me, and I will grant it to them, according to God the Eternal Father’s Will and Pleasure.
To embrace ‘the feminist mind’, and feminist agenda… is to be at enmity with Me
Tuesday May 18, 2010
Finally child, you are coming to your senses – you now see. That to embrace ‘the feminist mind’, and feminist agenda, no matter how little poison you allow in your soul, is to be at enmity with Me, and, with your husband.  So what is welling up in your soul?  Your desire to continue to embrace the feminist agenda and then be ‘empowered’ by other women in their fight against man’s headship over them –  in their fight ‘to be free’ from Me.  They call Me “evil” and “a tyrant”, and “the devil”.  You see, child, how is it that you embraced these personal choices for so long?  How is it, you allowed yourself to be corrupted, to be enticed, by other people around you, especially women? 

The feminist agenda is no good…

I put you, with My Vicar, for He is strong enough, in Me, to resist and to reject, Jezebel’s advances on his soul.  Do not be downtrodden, by what you know to be true, and do not ‘play the victim’, but what you must do now, is to help Me, fix you, to heal your image of self, and how you relate to other men; and to heal your very broken relationship with your husband.  The feminist agenda is no good: it is what brought about the legalization of abortion; it is what introduced contraception, which means, contrary, to conception, contradiction, to go against birth; it is what formed the mind of a woman, to introduce contraception, in the form of an innocent pill, to mask murder, in the womb - to mask ‘murder of a woman’s dignity’ in the name of ‘a woman claiming her own body’. 

Oh how terrible is the feminist agenda…

Oh how terrible is the feminist agenda of the collective consciousness of women, how indeed horrifying it is to see so many women united: in their desire to crush Me; to crush the Lord’s anointed; to commit murder.  Why can they not be united in charity and love, in dignity and respect, in humility and patience, in kindness and cheerfulness, in hope and forthcomingness?  Because, in short, they desire allegiance with devil, and his kingdom, more than what I have to offer their souls. 

The psychological disorder, of the female mind

Not so with you child, for the most part, for you are striving ‘to break free’ from the disease, from the psychological disorder, of the female mind.  Continue to fight daily, focus on rooting out everything that is contrary to man’s headship, over you, and yes, that does mean ‘ any man’ but, in particular, your husband.  Any man who has the Holy Spirit, you are called to respect his authority.  I am that man, and I am calling you to respect and love Me, through your husband.  Strive after those virtues - that I have now mentioned, and seek to slough off, all the chains of the feminist mind, and feminist agenda.  Seek to ‘let go’ of all the hate, bitterness, and anger towards man.  I will help you heal.

Think of your interior thoughts, as always communicating with Me

Tuesday, May 24, 2010
Jesus said: Think of your interior thoughts, as always communicating with Me.  There are some things that you should avoid speaking to Me about.  I, just like your husband, do not want to hear ramblings, and complaints, and worries, all the time.  Do not allow the demons to speak to Me, through you, that just doesn’t make any sense.  You need to be more focused in your interior life, for you have a scattered one, which stems from watching too much television, when you were younger. 

People who watch television… want no part in My Kingdom

People who watch television, are basically telling Me, they want no part in My Kingdom, and they have chosen the Kingdom they wish to serve in.  Think about it this way, the television, the radio, excessive internet, these all not only affect the mind, but also ‘the interior life’, of a soul. 

I look in: the farthest depths of man’s being

Many people have forgotten about their ‘interior lives’, and believe that ‘what’s on the outside counts the most’ before Me.  But no, I say to you both: I look in: the furthest depths of man’s being; I know each individual human - on every level, through and through.  I can help them find joy and true happiness, by renouncing their current sinful lifestyle, and all the evils of today’s World. 

If their ‘heaven’ is Hell, then there is no more that We can do for them

My plan for mankind was simple:  they were to be a family, a ‘firmly–tightened’ and united family of Love, with Me as their True Father.  But they have strayed, so - so far from My Love; and their hearts have ‘calluses’ on them.  Even what they think is ‘normal’; even what they think is ‘good and pleasing’ to them, is ‘an abomination’ in Our Eyes.  We see what mankind has become, and look with pity, at them, because they are so self–deceived, and believe that rejecting Us, the Blessed Trinity, is ‘the way’ to their ‘heaven’.  If their ‘heaven’ is Hell, then there is no more that We can do for them.  They are lost, until they change their ways, or until they convert - after the Great Warning. 

The ‘interior life’ of the soul, is what is most important

Remember: the ‘interior life’ of the soul, is what is most important.  Continue to feed and nurture your interior lives, and you will grow up very quickly, My children.

These are My Elect, and these are My Chosen Ones
Sunday, May 30, 2010
Jesus said: Tomorrow, is a new day, My children.  It is a day that is to be filled with rejoicing, and a longing for your Eternal Home with Me in Paradise.  I do love you My children, and how many different ways can I show you this love – this Ever-Burning Fire of Filial Love, that consumes Me, in the most beautiful way.  This love, I have for all mankind, but only some, can quench My thirst for the Salvation of their own souls.  These are My Elect: they do what the Holy Spirit tells them to; they honor My Commandments from the heart; and they listen to that interior voice which tells them the difference between right and wrong; not only that, but they listen to this voice, in their consciences; and they heed words of wisdom; and do not mock filial instruction.  These are My Elect, and these are My Chosen Ones.  How easy it will be, for you to tell the difference, between those who are among them, and those who are not.  The chasm is getting wider, the chaff is being separated from the wheat. You will begin to see more and more of this unfold, as peoples’ choices become evident to the both of you.  Rejoice for the many Blessings that are about to be poured out upon the both of you, both financially, and spiritually.
Mankind has chosen… to tamper, with the weather
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 (Toronto, Ontario)
Jesus said: Because of what mankind has chosen to do, to tamper, with the weather –  this tampering, is having adverse effects upon the whole ecological system of the world.  The animals, the birds, will begin to behave in ways that are not normal.  They will be hindered much, by the growing effects of extreme weather patterns.

This is My Apocalyptic Sun

The ‘solar blasts’ or ‘plasma blasts’ of fire and radiant heat, can only consume, and utterly burn, and destroy that which it touches.  These solar flares are part of My Justice, and of My Chastisement upon this World.  I have told you before, “this is My Apocalyptic Sun”, and you have yet to see, and to taste, what this Sun, will do, with absolutely no boundaries, and no grace – from Me, to hold it back.  The ozone layer has holes in it now, but wait and see, as these layers become wider, and broader – having still, worse effects upon mankind, as a whole.  Without the proper atmospheric protection from the Sun, it is like the Earth, has been uncovered, is naked, and has nosunscreen’, with which to protect itself.  Mankind, is going to burn, in more ways than one.  Better for people to feel extreme physical displeasure and pain, and repent of their wrongdoings before Me; than for them to continue to carry on, without any consequences whatsoever. 

Watch the news, and carefully discern everything

The oil spill, in the Gulf, will absolutely not get better+, despite what the experts themselves are saying to each other.  Yes, optimism is good, but when common sense, and reason, as well as scientific proof and evidence are ‘thrown out the window’, how can the scientists stand by what they say?  They can not, and their scientific experiments, are producing no real results.  They are fruitless, just as their ‘father’ is.  They do not want to be governed by Me, by My Counsel, so let them counsel themselves.  Oh still greater things are about to happen.  You will see.  Watch the news, and carefully discern everything.

[+ “not get better” referring here, firstly to the long term effects of the environmental disaster and impact on local fisheries]

“Where is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers?”

Friday, June 18, 2010
Jesus said:  BP can take their time, with this oil spill, in the Gulf, but ‘the pressure is on’.  People want results.  They are demanding accountability for the company’s actions, and current failures.  You are right, My son, in asking the question: “Where is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers?” in all of this.  I’ll tell you, where they are: they are busy with something else – far more extravagant than you could imagine: They are focused on ‘the next big staged terrorist attack’ upon North America.  The people, running the White House and all of the U.S. delegates, are hoping that BP will sink, ‘like the titanic’.  This mammoth company, if it does go under, they can no longer afford the oil drilling in the Americas, and as a result, the price of oil will increase – ten fold.  This is not good.  This will also sink the U.S. economy’s money ‘down into the toilet’ – because BP will need to make all sorts of payouts to compensate for peoples’ grief, and to deal with the cleanup.  You see how it’s all planned, My children?  Everything is now in place for the One World Government takeover, and it will be soon, I assure you both of that; but you will be safe in My Caves, before they can get to you both.

Pray that My Precious Blood cover you

The people in the occult world have grown increasingly impatient on the devil’s plans, for North America. They want things to move faster, and so they are offering even more, occult sacrifices, of live victims, My children, tortured live victims to bring an end, to your prayers.  But I will not allow them, to touch you .  When an attack happens, pray that My Precious Blood cover you both, and it is deflected, right back, where it was sent from.  The attacks, will increase, as time moves forward, and more and more people, manifest their free-will choices.  In other words, don’t be surprised, if the enemy, were to show himself, and even speak through, people, that you know.  You know what to do now. 

Soon, beast and bird will turn upon man, with a vengeance

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Jesus said: People are no longer in control, of themselves, My children; but they are governed, by evil spirits and animal instincts.  Soon, beast and bird will turn upon man, with a vengeance, for no longer is man recognized, as above, the creatures; but they have brought themselves down, to be one with the beasts and the birds, and so, they will be treated, as such; and so, they will be attacked, and marred, and even eaten, in their own homes, because the beasts, can no longer tell them apart.  Their hierarchy, is no longer recognized. 

The chip, once it is implanted… will bring them together as one family of beasts

The chip, once it is implanted, in men, all over the world, will be a means, of bringing every man, woman, and child, under the security and false pretenses, of the One World Government.  The chip will bring them together as one family of beasts.  Do you think the elite will have these chips, My children?  Do you think, they will allow this foreign object, into their own bodies.  Absolutely not, but through deception, they will pretend to take the same implants.  See how clever, and arrogantly evil they really are?  The people, are no longer, to be seen, as a population, of humans, but through their own voice, through their own choices, through their own votes, are reduced to the mere level, of cattle, who are branded - only to tell them apart.  Does the farmer, brand himself, when caring for such cattle?  Does he not slaughter some of them, to feed his own family?  And does he not pick and choose, which ones will live, and which ones will die?  Are the cattle, any more, than mere commodities, for him to use as he pleases?
The real reason, the G20, is coming to Toronto
I am giving you this illustration, My children, for your own benefit, so that you can see, and hear, with spiritual vision, and ears, the real reason, the G20, is coming to Toronto.  Expect, a feigned terrorist attack; expect, the people to cry out; expect their prayers to be heard by the One World Government's identification chip.   Expect major changes in this world, during the next few months, and expect to be hated, even more, as you both are being drawn up into the Heavens, and people around you, are brought down, even further, into the bitter bowels of Hell.

Most have become ruled, by their demons

Monday, June 21, 2010
Jesus said:  Remember, My children, people are no longer in control of themselves, but most have become ruled, by their demons, which are preferable to Me.  They would rather embrace the very bowels of Hell opening up, than to embrace Me as their Lord and King.  No one wants a shepherd, in this World, My children – especially one who would bring them out of the darkness, of sin and death, into new life; especially when He chooses the most un-affirming ways in doing so.  Nobody, wants to be ruled by anything.  But you see, they are being ruled and governed, but they think it is they, who are in control.  Oh how silly and deprived mankind has become!  To think that they are above the spiritual world.  Not so, I say, not so! 

Wait, on the inspirations, that come from the True Holy Spirit

It is the Faithful Remnant, who recognize the spiritual realms, as being more important, and above them.  No human being, on the face of this Earth, is smarter, and can outwit, one Angel, or demon.  That is why you, My son, have been chosen for this: because you do not try, to outwit the devil, and his minions, on your own strength; but because you wait, on the inspirations, that come from the True Holy Spirit.  Good is more powerful than evil; and evil, can never be good; they are directly opposed to each other.  The church cannot compromise and expect to stand, for it will surely fall and crumble as an institution.  The church must choose teams as well; whereas My Faithful Remnant – My True Church, already has.

History repeats itself

Jesus said: Now you see, My children, that pieces of the puzzle are now coming together.  They are a perfect fit.  Events are unfolding, insofar as they are a part of ‘the grand design’, or ‘big picture’.  You see My children, so many are lost, and only dependent upon science, and scientific facts for the answers, when sometimes the answers, are much more obvious, than what the scientist can observe.  Sometimes through human experiences, the answers are there.  History repeats itself, and with each era, comes a new beginning, and the old era, must be wiped clean. 

I see an era, begging to be destroyed, begging to end

When the dinosaurs were here, before mankind was created, I saw in them, the desire to survive, the desire to spread.  Of course I implanted these desires in them.  Now the end of that era, happened many, many millions of years ago.  What do I see in this era?  I see people who want to kill each other; I see man wanting man’s destruction; I see man wanting his neighbor’s hurt and harm, and I see man wanting no longer to exist; for why on Earth, would any species desire to slaughter and murder its own young?  Not even the animals do this, but the animals in many cases are even more humane, than human beings.  I see an era, begging to be destroyed, begging to End. 

My Faithful Remnant… will breed more people, like themselves, who are beautiful

Just like the dinosaurs, were used as fossil fuels, to help this era, run much better, so too are My Faithful Remnant like this, for they will be My New People, they will be My People whose hearts are for Me, not against Me; and they will breed more people, like themselves, who are beautiful, because they choose not to sin and only to love. 

All I hear, is “kill me”, “for I am not worthy to live”

The dinosaurs, did nothing wrong, and they became extinct.  Human beings now, are making errors, upon errors, upon errors, and living such sinful lifestyles, it is almost as though they are extinct to Me, for I will not hear their cries, nor their prayers, for too long; My Will and My Desires, for them, have fallen on deaf ears.  But now the roles are reversed, for them now.  All I hear, is “kill me”, “for I am not worthy to live”.

‘Pharaoh Syndrome’, is becoming a very widely dispersed disease

Sunday June 27, 2010
God The Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said:  As Pharaoh’s heart, grew colder, the calamities and plagues he received only became worse.  There are many ‘pharaohs’ in this World, My children, not just the ones that you know of; but ‘pharaoh syndrome’, is becoming a very widely dispersed disease upon mankind.  My hope for Pharaoh , was that he would repent in time; but he did not, until he himself was hurt the most. 

I will bring North America and the World ‘to its knees’

What’s coming to North America and to the World, is due punishment, for their sins against Me.  I will punish those who have chosen alien gods, by handing them over to them.  I will bring North America and the World to its knees – one plague, one disaster at a time.  America and the World, decides how much punishment they receive, through their actions.  If they continue to mock My Laws, and hold theirs, in higher esteem, they do force Me in a way, to take action against them - no longer seeing My Son Jesus in them, but seeing Mankind, more as ‘vermin or pigs’, that need to be slaughtered. 

I have unleashed ‘the four horsemen of the Apocalypse’

America, and the World, will decide for themselves, when ‘enough is enough’.  When they cry out to Me through remorse for their sins, I will listen; but until they acknowledge their sins, and the punishments due them, their prayers will fall ‘on deaf ears’.  It begins now.  I have unleashed ‘the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’, that stand arrayed for battle.  They are ‘poised and ready’ to battle with flesh and blood.  It begins.  Now ‘events’, are on ‘a spiral effect’; and now history cannot be changed. You will see this soon, My children.

Expect attacks; expect to be hated even more

Thursday, July 1, 2010
Jesus said: The attacks on your hearts and souls, will increase, My children; but so, will My Protection, of you both.  You are here, to do My Will, and to serve My Own Purposes – which are the Purposes, of the Will, of God, the Almighty and Eternal Father, in Heaven – who sees all, and knows all – especially every outcome.  Expect attacks; expect to be hated even more than you already are.  Expect to feel, the seething hatred, from others, as you become even more sensitive, in the spirit realm, and come more closer to Me.   For you are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against evil, fallen angels, that are smart, but cannot outwit the Most High True God. 

Pray… by commending them to My Care, and My Justice

When attacks come, you are called to pray, for your persecutor, by commending them to My Care, and My Justice, so that their souls are the main priority.  You feeling an attack is always secondary, to the soul of the person attacking you.  You are ready to pray for your persecutors, My children.  I can feed you solid food, and you can digest it well – even more smoothly, than the baby food I fed you earlier.  

This parade, of wantonness, homosexuality, and depravity, of every kind

On another note, there is plenty of time, for this parade, of wantonness, homosexuality, and depravity, of every kind – there is plenty of time, for My Justice, upon these insolent, fools; I call them fools, for they have forsaken Me, and have brought nothing but a heavy judgement – My Heavy Hand, upon them.  Remember I told you, I can see the outcome.  I know already, how many souls will attend, what their intent is, and how many souls will be affected, and scandalized, by these very hot-headed people.  I do want you to witness this parade, My children.  I do want you to invite Me, to be part of it .  This celebration of mankind’s depravity, intrigues Me, to bring down a Heavy Judgment upon them all.  Why wasn’t I invited, to behold this spectacle?  Did they not know I wanted to be there?  Of course I will not be cheering them on, but like a Father, who sees His children misbehaving, I will be there to give corrective discipline.  These are the End Times, My children, and things are quite different now.

Let him who says “he is saved”, be called ‘a liar’ and ‘a thief’

Saturday, August 21, 2010
There is, no salvation, outside of Me, My children, but True Salvation, comes only, from the Father of Lights, down to His Own children, of the Eternal Light.  Let him who says “he is saved”, be called ‘a liar’, and ‘a thief’ – for that is ‘stealing away’, My Own Judgement; and because, the soul does not really know, if they are saved, or not – then it is the sin of presumption.  To presume something, is a falsehood, and a lie.  Unless I tell the soul their Judgement, (earlier – as in your case, My children) no one is guaranteed Heaven, until they pass through, My Judgment Seat.  Understand?

Let those who say, they are “born again”, be ‘not born again’

Let those who say, they are “born again”, be ‘not born again’.  It would be better, if they were docile, to My words, rather than claim the title “born again christian”.  As Nicodemus asked Me: “How can a man, be born again?   Shall he enter into the womb, a second time?”  And My response, essentially, was this: unless a man be born of water, and the Spirit, he cannot enter into My presence.  What this means, is unless someone dies to themselves, and begins to live for God, they cannot have Heaven.

Life is not all about ‘work’

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Jesus said: You have done what you could, My children, with the time that you had left today.  That is all that I ask, of any of My followers – to simply do what they can, allowing My Strength to be their guide, to get everything done that can be.  Life is not all about ‘work’, My children, but it is a necessity in this life.  Do not be concerned about any of your finances, for all has been provided for, and is still yet to come, under the Divine Will of the Eternal Father’s Plan - Plan for your lives. 

My True brother and sister, and… My Two Witnesses

Your lives are not like others’ lives.  You are called to be in the World, but apart from it, set aside, as My True brother and sister, and as My Two Witnesses.  Never doubt your True identities, even though you are human, and make many mistakes, and commit many sins, frequently.  Know this: that I am here to forgive them all, as long as you are truly sorry; I am here to help heal your brokenness, as long as you desire to heal each others’ pain.  Desire to make each others’ burdens lighter in every moment, for your cross, is very different, yet still the same.  You carry a part of it that is unique to you only, and you must understand what each other carries, so you can help Me, carry ‘our cross’, together.  See Me, in one another, always.

Women… shall never be considered as ‘equals’, in My priesthood

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jesus said: My words, shall not be undone, nor unbroken.  What is, is; and what is not, is not.  Women, how self-deluded they all are – that is: those of the ‘secular world’, and ‘point of view’.  They shall never be considered as ‘equals’, in My priesthood; but only, in respect to their function, as human beings.  All men are equal, but not the same. 

Power, and control… are these not the things of lucifer’s kingdom?

Women, who seek power, and control, will be corrupted, and destroyed, by that which they seek.  For are these not the things of lucifer’s kingdom? – a kingdom of darkness, and despair, apart from Mine – only because he chose it.  These women are like him, they are doing his will, and his bidding, unbeknownst to them, and also them knowing it as well.  Some pity the poor creature - that is their mistake.  For only, a soul capable of love, is worth pitying, or loving; but one who is full of hate – how can they compassionate him?  They want a kingdom of darkness; they have it.  If they do not repent of their evil ways, these women will be forever thrown out of the Kingdom of Heaven; for no woman has power or authority there, save, only in the love, that I show them.  For My Power is My ability to love selflessly, and to fill all creatures, who come to Me, with humility, with that love.  No one who is filled with pride, can receive My Love in full.  These women love themselves, more than My service.  They would rather be served, than to truly serve My Will.  They are self-seekers, and will be Judged accordingly.

I am asking, you both, to go and witness

Saturday, October 16, 2010
Jesus said: Tomorrow is Sunday, My children, and you know what that means: the satanists and luciferians, will be gathered together to pray at their ‘altar to mammon’.  I however, will not be there, for I am not amidst such sins, of false affirmation, and false holiness; but, I am asking, you both, to go and witness, what once was My Church, and what has become of this diabolic institution.  You will find a mass to go to; any time is good – for I know you will pick the right one, and witness particularly: to the priest’s homily; to the peoples’ response.  Notice: the brainwashing techniques, he is going to be using; and also the zoning-out in the peoples’ faces; see what you are not missing on a weekly basis.  Worship Me always in the Spirit of Truth and Sincerity, and I will come to you, always; but I will not come to false worshipers and false adorers.  The Spirit will not be there, except in your discernment.  The peoples’ faces will draw a blank, and the priest will lose his words – for that is My Judgement on St. Nicholas Parish.  That should help you with your search.

That ‘icy cold box of Hell’

Jesus said: Television, is the enemy, of My children; but those who would engage, in viewing such acts of violence and sexual promiscuity, and lewdness – revel in the viewing of it.  Those who condone the television – can never be My friends; as long as that satanic altar is set up in their hearts, there is no room for Me.  I am not referring to people who watch a few hours here and there, of what would be called ‘wholesome shows’; but those who make television their god, to exclude Me from their lives altogether – these are the ‘worldly people’, and they go to Church on Sundays; and you will be seeing and witnessing what happens to people, when they make television first and foremost, at the center of their lives – that icy cold box of Hell; and those who authentically seek to worship Me – this you will also witness tomorrow. 

Man’s hearts, have turned away from Me

America is doomed; the World is doomed – because man’s hearts, have turned away from Me, from each other, and ultimately towards self, and sick satanic pleasures.  Television has no room, for the Kingdom of Heaven; but only seeks to preach the opposite.  Hearts, that are awake, and full of love, should have no room, for the television, in their lives, or their children’s lives. 

A deluge of useless words

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Jesus said: You were not fed much by the homily today, My children; but only a deluge of useless words.  For those who seek to be ‘brain dead’, and have others think for them - to ‘go on autopilot’ - it was ‘music to their ears’.  For others, who are starving for the Truth - it was a very oppressive homily about nothing practical whatsoever, nor about applying the faith whatsoever.  The priest lost his words as I told you he would.  He did not have a homily prepared – just some words he remembered.  His will be ‘a Heavy Judgement’. 

The World indeed needs intercessors

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Jesus said: “When you pray these prayers: the relief that you both are experiencing, is the same relief, that the rest of My Faithful Remnant Church experiences – on a daily basis.  It is as though, all of their burdens are lifted up to Me.  Some of them, do not know what prayer truly is; but they do pray, anyways; they just don’t have a name for it. All of the prayers in the whole World – of My Faithful Remnant Church, are being lifted up, through true valid masses, through the hearts of those priests and laypeople, who are on My team, through your prayers; for the World indeed needs intercessors. 

You two have been chosen as My “two witnesses”

You two have been chosen as My “two witnesses”, and My ‘two intercessors’, on behalf of all the Faithful Remnant Church.  When people begin to deluge you, or unburden their lives, upon you – then only lift up to Me everything, that they have placed upon you; and I will lift it up to the Father; and He will answer their prayers, accordingly.  Sometimes people will just feel the need, to ‘dump’ on you both – to vent their anger and frustration.  It is because you are so close to Me, My children, that they will do this – for some of them, are yearning for Me, and Our Blessed Mother, though they do not know it, through you both.  It is what I can see – that truly counts. 

Do not sit, and take peoples’ demons ‘lying down’

This is also part of your mission: to look with compassion upon those who are suffering, and to lift up their suffering and frustrations to Me; because some of them will refuse to pray, and will only seek to vent.  Turn their venting and frustration: into a simple prayer request – that way satan does not gain any more ground in their souls, and loses even more power, over them.  Do not sit, and take peoples’ demons ‘lying down’.  Do not be an occasion of sin, for people to simply vent; but when they do, simply turn it around on them – for their benefit; this will truly make the enemy enraged at the both of you; but rejoice, for his kingdom is coming to an End, soon. 

That false bishop of Rome

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Jesus said: “My Faithful Remnant are not under: any allegiance, to that false bishop of Rome.  The only reason, I mention his name, in Leary’s messages, is because: I do not wish the church authorities to shut My messages down.  He is only mentioned in passing, for he is not My True Pope; but to call him ‘one of the antichrist popes’ – especially to My Faithful Remnant Church: would be to cause a compromise between the faith, and ‘the church hierarchical structure at large’; it would not edify them at this point, and would only cause confusions and distractions. 

Your mission is simply different

Today, there are many false messages being spread about Me and Our Blessed Mother; but we do not care to focus on those.  The opinions of others do not matter to us, in the least; but the truth, and the hearts of our Faithful Remnant Flock, matter the most to us.  You are both not called, to receive communion in that church; for I come to you both twice a day, with My True Presence, in union with the Holy, authentic, and valid masses of the World.  As I come to My Faithful Remnant in the Host, so do I come here to you both.  Your mission is simply different, My children.  Do not allow the brainwashing techniques and opinions of others, to obstruct your goals, or cause you to lose focus on Me.  You are very much with Me, despite what the satanists have to say.  Not to say that all Catholics are satanists; but all the bad ones are.  There are very few good, practicing Catholics, in this heinous World in which you now live. 

The Sacraments of My Church, you have here

Catholicism, is the supreme religion above all others, and it is Catholicism, that will reign in the hereafter – in the Era of Peace.  Things will be different then: there will be no sin, therefore I will allow My priests to marry; though the sacrifice of the mass is no longer needed, there still will be need for leadership, in worshiping, joyful celebrations – always happiness and joy there.  Practice living it now My children.  Put aside your egos, and desire to have control and power over one another – for this is not love.  Love is free.  Love is kind and generous.  Love does not seek after self; but seeks only the other’s good.  The Sacraments of My Church, you have here.  Everything that is in My True Church now, is with you both here, for you are part of My True Church.  All the signs are pointing upwards, towards the Heavens.  Look for ‘the signs of these times’. 

So much is about to happen

Jesus said: “So much is about to happen, all over the World, My children, and not just with the economy – but the face of the Earth is about to be changed.  There will be an even greater increase in earthquakes, wars, famines, and pestilences – such as the World has never seen at large.  Not to mention tornados, hurricanes, floods and all types of natural and unwanted disasters.  These will come, and continue coming, because of sin, My children; but there will be relief, for the Faithful Remnant, as they will be protected here, from all of these disasters, or they will enjoy Eternal Happiness with Me, as I am going to be calling some of them home to Heaven.  You will be witnesses of these events at large. 

You need to discern

Friday, October 22, 2010
Jesus said: “Sometimes, you need to take a break, My children, and simply recharge your spiritual and physical batteries.  You are not ‘the energizer bunny’; you cannot “just keep going, and going”, non-stop – that is not how I created man to be.  Though you work hard, you need to take some breaks during the day.  It would also be good, to reflect upon your meetings with people – what you have learned, from the True Holy Spirit; and what the Holy Spirit wants to show you both, next.  The Spirit speaks to you both in very different ways – some of which you are not used to.  The Spirit never acts upon impulse, driven by ‘worldly desires’; but the Holy Spirit can also act very fast.  You need to discern the difference between the two.

He must choose: which god, he wants to be favored by.

Saturday, October 23, 2010
Jesus said: “N. has been, and always will be, ‘a favored soul’, My son; but he must choose: which god, he wants to be favored by.  Does he want to show allegiance: to the Most High True God; or to wealth, power and influence, in his own parishes?  All that I can do, is reveal the truth to him, in such a way, so that it is not so easily dismissed; but he must choose to embrace the true faith, or the false one – that he has become enamored with.  It is hard to change one’s ways, especially when they have been so deeply engrained in a soul; but I give everyone the opportunity to change, for the better, and that is when they reach out to Me.  No more shall I bow to peoples’ demons – at least that is what they perceive; no more am I going to spoil the ungrateful; no more am I going to lavish ‘goods’ upon the wicked.  If the wicked want to become good, then, they must turn to Me.  He must turn to Me, in order to be healed; and stop listening to the false counsel of ‘the false holy spirit’, and ‘the false jesus’ – otherwise known as ‘the spirit of the antichrist’, or ‘World’.  He must look at your situation through the eyes of faith – that is the only way that he will understand, as it is the only way you both understand

I needed “two witnesses”

My words are living, and active, and never return to Me empty.  I sent you both out to witness the Truth to the people of these times – to get them ready, for what is coming, and help them prepare for what is near – in the future.  I sent you out, also, to testify against the wicked of this generation: against the souls who refuse to receive My Mercy, against the satanists, the luciferians, freemasons and pagans of this generation.  I have something very big against Mankind, and according to the Scriptures, I needed “two witnesses” so I can bring about the chastisement of North America and The World; and all of Heaven will see that I am completely just: I love you, My people; but time, is running out – is coming to an End.  This generation will be lost, if they do not seek to return back to Me with repentant and sorrowful hearts.  There is nothing more I can do – for the balance of Justice and Mercy, has been tipped.  Your sins, My people, outweigh the good works you have done.  Your sins are reaching the Highest Heavens; but your prayers are not.  Humble yourselves before Me before it is too late and your souls are indeed lost.  Have mercy.  Show mercy.  If you continue to be merciless, then I have no choice – but to act against you. 

Most of them, are unable to think for themselves

Thursday, October, 28, 2010
Jesus said: “The government has turned up all E.L.F. waves in your electronics, My children. These increasing waves of ‘Low Frequency’, are causing depression – in the both of you.  This is not just going on here; but everywhere, on the North American continent.  This is happening.  This is very real.  Also, the ‘H.A.A.R.P. Machine’ firings have been causing different moods to change in people.   The government has more control over the people than you both quite realize.  When you talk to others: you will find that most of them, are unable to think for themselves – apart from movies, TV, and the news – especially when you release to them these messages from John Leary’s [dot com] website:

[Note: Due to the shocking revelation that some time around July 20, 2011, J. L. ceased receiving authentic messages from Heaven, but began and continues to receive messages from 'an imposter', the following 2 messages from Heaven revealing to the Two Witnesses exactly what happened, have been inserted at this point in the Testimony:]

Scripture truly, is being fulfilled

Thursday, July 21, 2011
Saint John the Apostle said: I John, saw as it were, in a vision, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon, under her feet, and upon her head – a crown of twelve stars, each, representing the tribes of Israel.  At the time of the vision, I did not know, what the message was the Lord, God of hosts, was sending me. To elaborate further: until, I died, and went to Heaven, I could not understand, the fullness, of all of the mysteries, revealed to me; but even now, seeing things unfold, as they are, brings me back to the times of the visions, and I can see, how scripture truly, is being fulfilled, and how the words are living, and active, for all those who seek them.  But the time is soon arriving, when all of Heaven and the Earth will weep, for what is to befall, this World.  Mankind, in my day and age, was not as terrible, selfish and greedy as a whole; but I have heard your word, “globalization”, and it is terrible sounding; for truly, no one will be happy in that state, for almost everyone is divided in the heart.  What can there be to say anymore! 

You will witness

But I prophesy to you both, that during your last few days here, on this Earth, you will witness much suffering (– a few days, is a few months, for Heaven), and then, you will have The Great Warning experience, as everyone else does, and truly you need not be afraid of it, for your past lives are forgotten, for indeed are you not dead to hundreds of people?  So therefore it will not be a great loss to them, when you enter your cave; but they will rejoice and make merry, as they have been for some time – over your “dead bodies”.  I can see the Book of Revelations unfolding as a Script before Me, just as I had written many thousands of years ago, and I can tell you, the things I saw – in the visions, I thought were bad enough – but what is about to actually happen, I have been informed by the True Holy Spirit, will be far worse than anyone on the face of the Earth, could imagine. 

Do not fret over J.L.’s choice

I was sent to give you this message to be at peace in your hearts, and do not fret over J.L.’s choice, because he is well taken care of – overly so.  His Justice will be a bit more severe, for not only was he an apostle of Our Lord, but he was a friend, and extremely favored, as you both are now.  For his gifts of prophesy, premonitions, and conversing with the Saints, have now been passed down to you both, for you have been given a greater portion of the True Holy Spirit.  So do not let any worldly concerns remove your peace.  I have just received a message myself from the Lord, and He says: “My children do not fret, for you will have your safety soon.  Trust, that the Holy Spirit goes ahead of all of your needs, and you are well taken care of, in this life.  Have a good night, My children”.  Have a good night, as well, my brother, and my son, Pope Peter.

Why am I permitting J.L.’s website to continue?

Sunday, July 31, 2011
Jesus said: Those who seek Me, will find Me.  But those who seek self-affirmation and self-adoration, and glory, for themselves – these things are all that they will find – to their own desolate end.  Why am I permitting J.L.’s website to continue – even though the messages are no longer coming from the King of Kings, – but an impostor has taken over them?  My messages bring truth, life and peace.  But the antichrist wants none of those for My Faithful Remnant followers.  And so, I am permitting him, a short time, to deceive even My Elect – even My Chosen ones – for is it not written, that the stars lost their shining and fell to the Earth – these stars, that John was referring to, were not ‘movie stars’, they were not celebrities, no, – but for the simple-minded, they were.  But for those seeking Truth, and not ignorance, nor self-holiness, for those it would be revealed to them, that I was referring to My Elect.  Now I say “My Elect”, because ultimately, in the End they will choose Me.  But unfortunately it will be a harder road, for they will be called to martyrdom. 

J.L.’s voice, is no longer My voice

In J.L.’s messages, you will hear no more, of the true battle between good, and evil; but all of the words, will be watered down.  Notice the tone – which is used, has no authority, and you both, are no longer transformed, by words of truth, and life; but remember, I told you to discern: the fleeces wearing thin in others; and internal voices.  Well J.L.’s voice, is no longer My voice; but demons, are giving him the words.  This must all happen, for the appointed time to come, for you are in the time of the End – when even the greatest of saints, can lose his crown, through deceit – through all manners of evils; for no one is good on the face of the Earth apart from Me; but only with Me can they work out their salvation.  And so therefore, no longer are you to read J.L.’s poison.  But read the Holy Scriptures instead; for this is only for your edification.  He has made his choice.

Your lives are in danger

Thursday, October, 28, 2010 (…continued)
Jesus said: You are going to get more negative responses, than positive – because the people are slowly being programmed not to receive any truth.  Yes, this is going on.  Yes, this is real – even if others do not believe it to be true.  Your lives are in danger, as well as others around you.  You both have been placed upon ‘The Red List’, and the government is keeping tabs on you both.  I will not allow anyone to harm you, for you are under My protection, and you have My assurance and promise: Yea, though you walk through the valley of the shadow of the living dead, no evil will you fear, for I am with you, and My rod and My staff, shall comfort you – and discipline you, all the days of your current lives.  This is how it will be with My people. 

So pray for protection

So pray for protection, for the Elect, for those striving for holiness: Pray that they be protected from E.L.F. waves, from microwave beams, laser guns, and ray guns.  Yes, I did say “ray guns” – they do exist.  The Soviets have had this weapon for many years, and are now prepared to fire it – at any city, state, or country that does not go along with their ‘New World Order’.  Understand this: that the Russians will be the ones to take over North America, and the World; and they will be the ones, to give the World, and its leaders, and its countries, over, to the antichrist.  This is just a summary of what is to come.  Let him who has an ear: hear – what I have to say to the churches. 

The people are under the complete control of their governments

Friday, October 29, 2010
Jesus said: “To the One World People, or Governments, the people have become like ‘pawns in a chess game’.  The ‘One World Thinking’, has permeated every facet of life, and permeated it with death – from the financial institutions, to all places of education, to all forms of government and to heads of households – all of which, have succumbed to the ‘One World Thinking’.  The World, as you know it, My children, is ‘not a problem’ – the World is not overpopulated.  Control is ‘the problem’, for the governments; they want ‘absolute control’ over the people – just as Herod Antipas wanted ‘complete control’ over the lives of the innocents, that he slaughtered – just as Pharaoh wanted ‘complete control’ and ‘absolute dominance’ over the Israelites, under him.   ‘Control’, corrupts; and ‘absolute control’ corrupts, absolutely.  It is happening again!  The people are under the complete control of their governments, and outside My graces – because they choose to be. 

The World, as you know it, is coming to a close

In making their governments their ‘gods’, and those ruling over them as ‘supreme beings’: they have forsook Me; they have forsook the Truth; and turned to idolatry instead.  Worshiping Me should be at the top of everyone’s list.  Obeying My Commandments, or My Laws, are above: obeying the whims of your governments’.  Protecting Life and seeing all Life as sacred: should be the goal of your government leaders.  However, foolish people you have become, in allowing the government leaders to decide who shall rule over you – to decide who shall be ‘the tyrant’.  Almost all of your leaders are tyrants: and in these, you can include the clergymen as well; and in these, you can include the wives of most households; and in these you can include the husbands, who forsake their wives – for another’s affection.  The family is deteriorating. The World, as you know it, is coming to a close. 

Now is the time, to forsake the World

Now is the time, to forsake the World, and ‘worldly thinking’, and cling to My Commandments – cling to the Truth that is written on your hearts.  Cling to the devil, and this World, and you will go down with it.  Cling to Me, My Commandments, and My Graces, and I will take you from this World, to seek refuge, in My Sacred Heart.  The World, is coming to an End, and so is satan’s kingdom; but those who cling to Me, are living the Kingdom of Heaven in their hearts, and they are part of My Church – they are, ‘My Israel’; they are ‘A Nation of Hearts’, with Me, and against ‘the spirits of this World’

Who is really taking the truth into their hearts?

Saturday, October 30, 2010
Jesus said: “Although no one, should judge another, upon how they dress; how one dresses, is an indication, and a reflection, of their interior lives: where their heart lies – is what they will manifest on the outside.  Beware the smooth and sharp dressers, for many times they seek to deceive others.  Clothes should be modest, and humble looking, always.  Clothes are to conceal the flesh, lest you tempt one another, to sin against one another – “you”, referring to: ‘in general’.  Clothes, are for the purpose of keeping the body warm, when it is cold.  They are not meant to vent the body in the heat – that is what sweat will do; and sweat itself is very healthy.  One should dress, always recognizing the company that they are with – for this is showing respect for your fellow man.  Those who have no respect for themselves, will not show you respect.  I am not asking you to judge, for judgements alone belong to Me; but simply observe, who is really taking the truth into their hearts: those with self-respect and love for neighbor, or those who are illfully clad and have no common sense in dress.  I have ordered nature; and man has disordered himself. 

Mankind will still have to pay for their offenses.

Though there is still love in mankind; mankind will still have to pay for their offenses.  They still have to learn who is God – and this is going to quickly come about, with the implementation, of the New North American currency, and a collapse of the North American Financial Institutions.  It is like ‘a deck of cards’ – all they are waiting for: is ‘the right wind’. 

Where are My true prophets?

Jesus said: “Divine authority comes from above, and I can give to: whomever – I please to; as much as I want to.  I have given you both much, have bestowed upon you both countless blessings, and you are producing fruit.  You do not know, the impact that you have on others, when you speak to them My words – that I give you; for is that not what a prophet does? – speaks the words, that he hears? – the words that come from Me?  Does not a prophet: give a Holy proclamation – filled with truth, love, sincerity and divine authority?  Now I ask you this question: Where have all of the prophets gone?  To whom, are they prophesying, their own words?:  To the people with itching ears – desiring, to be complimented and affirmed in their sins.  They speak of peace, coming to the nations; but it is a false peace they speak of.  Now, where are My true prophets?  Where are My Holy Ones? – who will speak the words that I give them, to the people? – who will tell them My words? – who will open their hearts and ears, to receive what I tell them?  I tell you, not many, will proclaim the truth, with the boldness, I have given you two.  Although there are some; not many are left. 

I have withdrawn My Holy Spirit

The Spirit has fled the churches.  No more, is the Holy Spirit in, nor around, those who have rejected Him.  I have withdrawn My Holy Spirit from this World; except, upon those who are humble and lowly at heart – except those, who seek Him; but I will confound the hearts and plans of the wicked ones, for I will bring My Justice heavy upon them: for what they have tried so desperately to keep hidden – I will make sure, is brought to the light.  This is My gift, to My Faithful Remnant Church, on this Halloween night – to counteract the atrocities and terrors of the evil one; for all of his works, will be brought to the attention of My Faithful Remnant, so they are no longer deceived: by false preachers, desiring ‘tax exempt status’, at the loss of their own souls, and the expense of the peoples’.

The demise of the U.S. citizens, and their economy

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Jesus said: “Right now, the ‘One World Government Leaders’, are meeting in secret – and openly, to discuss their plans – their very diabolical plans, for the near future.  This is coming so fast now, My children.  What is at the top of their list? – The new currency for North America, and for Mexico.  They are discussing, as we speak, how they will go about carrying out such plans – especially how they will bring about the demise of the U.S. citizens, and their economy.  What better day to do this on, than their own father’s ‘feast day’?  They are indeed: getting direct orders from satan himself; gathered around their meeting table; on a giant-sized pentagram; offering all of the major countries and nations, to the devil.  You are going to see evidence, of these diabolic consecrations, I assure you of that, My children.  They must be stopped, before their plans can go any further, for now is not the time: for first, California, and the coastlines, must sink into the Ocean; and then the World will tremble, and fear My name once again, and learn to fear Me out of love, and respect.  Then, they can implement their sordid plots; but I will have My say when that happens – I will be the first to speak – to make a bold statement.  Continue to pray for the conversion of these ‘luciferian lunatics’, because those who are sick, are in need of My physicianly help. 

Today truly is a ‘feast day’

Monday, November 1, 2010
Jesus said: “Now would be a good time, My children, to seal up the rest of the house; for with the colder weather coming, the cracks, crevices, and window gaps, will allow the cold, to pull out the heat.  Today, is the perfect day for this, as the Sun is shining brightly outside.  Also: today, is perfect, for a ‘feast day’.  The turkey, will be good – this time, as well – with My Blessing.  The postings: they can wait.  Sealing up the house is more of a priority today.  Also, you will need some time for rest and relaxation, as the ‘deluge day’ is now over.  You can celebrate My day, today.  The satanists have stopped attacking your wills.  Know this: nothing can separate you from Me, except, your own free will – depending on what you choose.  I will now lift all the burdens, off of you, and replace them with Joy, Peace and Love.  With your cooperation, I will do this – for today truly is a feast day, as all of the Saints, are celebrating, their thankfulness and gratefulness: for Me dying for them; opening the Gates of Heaven to them; and giving them the Grace, to lead saintly lives; for paving the ‘Path of Holiness’ – so that they too could walk it.  These are just some of the things the Saints in Heaven are celebrating.  I know that was on your heart My son; I have indeed answered your question. 

I will not allow the Just to go down with the wicked

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Jesus said: “So much poison, has seeped, into the Vatican, My children, and this human structure, is crumbling, from within – their own walls.  It was not in My plan, that the devil should conquer the Church from within; but the souls of the just – within that institution, were holding My hand back, through their own  prayers, and ardent sacrifices.  But now: the evil in that church, has outweighed the good.  I will not allow the Just, to go down with the wicked, except that I will reach out My hand, to them first, and if they want to come to Me – if they want to ‘flee the wickedness’, and the hypocrites, and the satanists, from within, they are welcome to.  I will not abandon, My Faithful – within that hierarchical structure; but before the walls come crumbling down, on them, I will indeed pull them out to safety. 

‘The Schism’ has begun

The souls of the wicked – within those churches, have already passed a sentence, upon themselves: by refusing to live by My Commandments; and instead, choosing to live a double life.  Now the priests have led the people astray; but people are still responsible for their own choices: they have a conscience; they know when they are being fed good food, and when they are being fed bad.  It is the food of goats, that is poisoning, the children, in the churches – poisoning them against Me, and for ‘the regime of the antichrist’ to come.  The watered-down sermons, are simply useless, in instructing My Faithful to obey My Commandments, and to live Godly and Saintly lives.  So much damage has been done – it is irreparable.  The Judgement has been passed; ‘the Schism’, has begun.  No one can stop it.  Those who love good food: should flee the taste of the bad. 

Spread this message as quickly as possible

Those liberal churches, and clergymen, are crucifying My Faithful, and trying to kill their faith.  They have accomplished this, in many of them.  There are still, good priests – though, they are very few.  They stand up for what is right, and true; they defend the faith boldly: defending the widow, the orphan, the elderly, and the oppressed.  They are beacons of light, in this terrible darkness you are all living in.  They, will be the ones, either called to My refuges for safety, or called, to martyrdom. Many, are called; but few are chosen – which means many of you will read this, with utter contempt, for the message given – for My words.  And others, will have, an ever-living, burning fire, and desire, to spread this message, as quickly as possible.  The ‘Gates of Hell’ will not prevail, against My Church – those of My True, Faithful Remnant; but, the ‘gates of Hell’, will prevail over the souls of the wicked, within that institution.  I am much more, than “a revolutionist”, or “prophet”, or “kind-hearted man”.  I AM the Living One.  I am the Bread Eternal.  I am Life-Giving Waters to those who would drink.  This is to counteract the lies, of liberalism – with the truth. 

I am indeed protecting you

Thursday, November 4, 2010
Jesus said: “She was indeed sent by the satanic army, My children, to locate your whereabouts, and to find out your living conditions – to accumulate what kind of assets you possess by taking photos of them.  Unfortunately, for their sake, when she, or they return, you will not be here; but you will be somewhere safe.  Don’t you see now My children, that I am indeed protecting you from the ‘ill-will’ of others towards you?  The governments – most of them, are followers of satan; and so, are the agents who work for them.  The “justice department” is no different from these.  You will be protected.  By the time they can gather their resources, their professionals, and their lawyers, along with the police.  You will be long gone from here, with at least twenty-four hours ahead of them.  I told you “they would never find you”, which means: ‘they will never approach you’; and ‘you will never be close to them again’.  They have chosen teams; and so have you.  Which one is the more powerful, and good: will soon be discovered.  Do not worry over anything.  Cast all of your cares before Me; but work hard, so you can be on schedule.  Understand, My children? 

Not every inspiration, is good

Jesus said: “Remember, I told you: it is not, what goes in, to a man, that defiles him; but what comes out, and sprouts, from the heart – not fixed, and rooted, in Me; but all manners of evils, lies, covetousness, hate, adultery, idolatry – all of the miserable evils, this World has to offer.  With no filtering mechanism, in your interior life; with no way to filter, what goes in: how, can you possibly discern, what is to come out from you?  Not every inspiration, is good.  Not every thought is kind and charitable; but some are suspicious, and mean, and callous – very ‘cold-hearted’.  Are these not the thoughts of man – apart from Me, and apart from love?  How can the two co-exist simultaneously?  The mind, is forever against the heart; and the heart, is forever at war with the mind; and the soul, is at war with these; and the body, hates them all. 

Through Me, with Me, and in Me

Now how can a person be unified?  It is only through the True Holy Spirit, that the body, mind, soul and heart, can come together, as one.  It is only through Me, with Me, and in Me, that this can happen.  Apart from Me: man is nothing; but is corrupt, and wicked, in all of his ways – not knowing good, nor striving after it; but becoming lewd and slothful, in his thinking; having cruel intentions, for one another.  Not to say that man is evil – for I created everything: good, pure, holy and true.  But it is man in his own wickedness, that has transgressed the laws I have set before him.  “Man” – referring to of course: both men and women.

Choose wisely… what path you want to take

All are lost without Me to aid them.  In turning inwards, man has made himself, into a god – not of My Kingdom; but his own.  So let us put all foolishness, far from you; all callousness, greed, sloth, envy, and desire to control peoples’ wills; for are there not consequences, to every injustice, and every sin?  What man cries to Me for, from his heart – when his heart is in Me: he cries to be set free from the body, and in doing so, he is allowed to live for eternity, with whomever he chooses.  There is a Hell – for where would the bad people go, if there wasn’t? – “bad people”, that is to say: the ones who choose wickedness above goodness.  So choose wisely, My people, what path you want to take: the path of wickedness is filled with good things – but will leave you very bitter in the End; the path of goodness is filled with bitter things – and will leave you tasting sweetness in the End. You choose.  I cannot choose for you. 

Anointed in a different way

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Jesus said: “And this is how the Church got into trouble, in the first place, My child: having her own mind; her own thoughts; and her own plans; apart, from what I was asking of her.  That is why, so many souls, are cut-off from My presence, because: they have been filled with pride; and sought their own way of thinking, and doing things.  It is not, ‘in you’, to minister to souls, through words.  This gift, alone, belongs to your husband; so why seek after it? – when it is not yours?  The gift to minister, is solely: for My anointed ones: My priests, the clergymen I have elected.  You are anointed in a different way: only with the gift of docility, to your husband – therein lies your strength.  I needed you to see, My child, how you would do on your own, in ministering to a closed, cold-hearted soul – who was only really flirting in his behavior.  It was the devil in him, taunting you, and trying to brainwash you into a false reality. His sole purpose in life, is to spread propaganda; and so is the devil’s.  You have met ‘one of his sons’, which is why your husband stopped ministering to him – for he has indeed chosen teams. 

You are to forgive one another… and to move on

Never are you to be apart from your husband.  You will learn to love it always.  It is only the demons in you that protest; but I know, and you know, that you truly do love and care for him.  It is only the World, that distracts you from your current way of thinking – which is in the Truth.  You are to abide solely in the Truth.  “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us”: you are to forgive one another for this incident, and to move on with your evening.  It would be good to go to bed early tonight, My children, as you have had a very long, and vexatious day.  There is much to sort through.  Understand?  I told you the attacks would increase; and so, you both must be more on your guard.  I will show Mercy to you both, for you have decided to show mercy to one another.  “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  I say this for the Whole Human Race. 

Have everything ready to go, and packed

Monday, November 8, 2010
Jesus said: “Have I not told you that you would be leaving soon, My children?  Well this is true; your departure date is drawing close.  It would be good to have everything ready to go, and packed, by the end of this week, My children – of course you can pack at your leisure.  There is no hurry; just follow the True Holy Spirit in the moment.

The Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn, from that institution

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Jesus said: “You are Peter, and upon this, My rock, I, will continue to build up, My Church, My Faithful Remnant Flock, for the prayers of the unjust, authorities, and indifferent leaders, in the hierarchy – are not reaching, My ears; but only the prayers, of the penitent man, the humble, the remorseful, will I hear.  The church: is not infallible, any longer – for the Holy Spirit, has been withdrawn, from that institution.  Only places of worship, where I am the main focus, and the center – of true worship, will the Holy Spirit dwell. 

‘The Schism’ has already taken place, on a spiritual level

The Holy Spirit, has been offended, by many – in that institution, and will only dwell now, within the people, who are on My team – who are ‘rooting for Me’, and desiring for Me to conquer sin and death in them, once more; but the institution – that is the hierarchical structure, is crumbling.  There will be a massive ‘Schism’ – within its walls, and then you both will know, that it will be time to go.  When this happens – physically, it will be a sign to leave.  ‘The Schism’ has already taken place, on a spiritual level; but soon, it will take place – physically, and it can not be stopped.  The chaff will be separated from the wheat, once more. 

As the satanic army gathers

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Jesus said: “Today, is your final day, before your departure, My children, as the satanic army gathers, and starts to close in, on your location.  Well you will be gone by then, so do not worry, about anything; but come to Me, for all your needs.  I will filter through your desires, and help you discern: which ones, are from Me; and which ones, are coming from yourself; and which ones, are inspired by the devil; and which ones are inspired, by the World – which is the flesh.  The fleshly man’s way of thinking, is so much flawed, for he forgets, that he was made spirit also.

Do all that he tells you, for he speaks on behalf of Me.

I am teaching you both, to live a higher calling, a higher vocation, than anything before this.  You are to live as, My true brother and true sister, and as husband and wife, to intercede for the Faithful Remnant Church – because they are in need of your prayers; and to witness to what this World, has become, and why My Hand of Justice has come down. You have lots or roles, in this vocation.  The one I want you to focus on the most, is being My true brother, and true sister.  Yes, this will confound even the greatest theologians; but our Father in Heaven, ‘has done it again’, and simply exudes, generosity, to whom he pleases; and He has, exuded, generosity – unlike any other souls, upon you both; but this is not to boast about – for in so doing, your cross and adversity levels, are also increasing, because this is what keeps souls humble.  The cross is what kept all the saints humble before Me.  Do, what it is in your mind to do, My son.  Mary, do all that he tells you, for he speaks on behalf of Me. 

I want you to witness… this Christmas season

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Jesus said: I want you to witness, My children: this Christmas season, and what it has become, thus far, and where it is going.  Starting today, there is exactly one month before Christmas starts, and you are going to need to be done your witnessing - at least for this season.  Best to start early; get it done – while you have a relaxing time here.  See ‘through Heaven’s eyes’: why ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ must be destroyed.  Pay particular attention to the children’s toys, this year, and ask yourselves this question: What is the producer trying to build up in these My little ones?  It would be better "for a millstone to be put around his neck and thrown into the sea", rather than make the toys he has made - his too will be a Heavy Judgement.  You will know what company or person I am referring to when you see it for yourselves. 

…witness the Sodomites and Gomorrites, at play, and at work

The malls are good places to start - I know you hate going there, My children, as much as I hate what they have become; think of it more as a chore, than a leisure activity; and remain in prayer, as you continue to witness ‘the Sodomites, and Gomorrites’, at play, and at work.  I love My people – as you know, My children; but the sins of mankind are crying out to Me for immediate Justice.  You will see how fair and Just I am – just as all of Heaven will.  You will weep and mourn, and share in our Two Hearts, as well as rejoice and make merry – at the good you will see. 

This is ‘their own personal heaven’

What a sad lamentation, this current Earth you are dwelling on, has become.  How sad it is that for some: this is ‘their own personal heaven’ –  they do not know what they are missing out on, with Me.  How all I want to do, is fulfill them: with My love – not tolerance, not affirmation; but pure, Holy – no strings attached, love; and they in turn could love Me.  How foolish mankind is, to believe that they can find love, and fulfillment, in these earthly things.  Verily I say, unto you both: it would be easier, for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than, for a rich man to enter, the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Is nothing offensive to man?

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Jesus said: Is nothing offensive to man?  Do they hold, nothing, sacred, in their own eyes?  And has sin become the norm, for society at large?  Have they trampled on My words?  Have they snuffed out the True Prophets of this generation?  If they did not listen to the prophets before you, My children, how then, can you expect them to listen to your words, that are inspired by the Holy Spirit of the Moment?  Yes they have the best of intentions, in the moment upon receiving, but how far does that go, when after leaving your presence, they are bombarded once more with the World around them? 

The worst generation of souls, that have lived, in over 900 years

People must choose gods, and what you have witnessed in these malls, is that most people have chosen: where they will show allegiance, and to whom.  Do you not know yet My children, that you are indeed witnessing the gravity of the situation at hand?  My Father, wants to destroy, the whole World, but not by a flood this time – no, it will be worse - for the sins, are more worse this time, than ever before.  This is the worst generation of souls, that have lived, in over nine hundred years.  It will be a slow and painful death for some, and some will be martyred for their faith in Me.
Soon money truly will be worthless
Sunday, December 19, 2010
Jesus said:  ‘One act of kindness’, if done from the heart, is worth more, than a hundred million dollars ($100,000,000.00), is worth more than nine hundred million dollars ($900,000,000.00), is worth more than one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00).  It is invaluable.  The way Heaven sees money, is as useless, and a waste of time.  To gather up, at the expense of one’s soul, the retirement plans, the teacher’s pension – all of these useless investments, are about to be ‘wiped clean’.  Soon money truly will be worthless, and this will help My Elect to be less attached to it.

‘The hour glass’ is almost empty

There is no money in Heaven, nor will there be, in the Era of Peace; but all that is needed, is My Love – for My Love sustains all.  I told you, that the World would become a hundred billion times better.  That was no exaggeration.  If anything, it will be even better, than that!  Woe, to mankind, for they have sought so eagerly to store up treasure for themselves; and now the clock has ticked down and ‘the hour glass’ is almost empty.  It is foolish to store up treasure in this life; but it is so much better to focus on one’s own soul, and that of your neighbors.  Oh foolish ones that spend all of their time collecting.  Money should be used in two ways: to help those who have none; to provide for them and to provide for themselves.  Money was meant to be shared.  My children, do not allow the devil to deceive you, for you are constantly leaving money behind, even to those who are well-off, because that is what I called you to do, and that is sharing.  Trust, obey, and believe, not in money or ‘dirty lucre’, but in Me above all.
She sought ‘to deceive’ My Anointed Ones
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Jesus said: What you witnessed tonight, My children, was ‘a divided heart’, in its fullest manifestation, and ‘spiritual schizophrenia’, as you both had discerned.  She is not well, but very spiritually sick; and she knows not ‘who she is dealing with’.  She will receive full recompense for her play - that she put on.  Justice will be served to her, in the fullest measure, as she sought ‘to deceive’ My Anointed Ones.  Her ‘allergic reaction’ was all made up inside her head, and yes, ‘what one believes’, in one’s own mind, if believed long enough, ‘will manifest physically’ – good, or bad. 

All those who come up against you – they will… become like beasts

I am very displeased with her ‘choice of action’ against My Two Anointed ones, and this shall be a lesson for all, who come up against you: because she showed no mercy, I can show her no Mercy, at her Judgment, though it is a small thing for her, it is not so small a thing, to slight, My Two Witnesses.  Do not worry, My children, because what happens to her will be, in effect, what happens to the satanic army, and all those who come up against you – they will simply lose their power to choose, and become like beasts.
Christmas has become no more, than a political statement
Friday, December 24, 2010
Jesus said:  What, do you hear on the outside World, on the Eve of the celebration, of My Birth – of My first Birth?  How is the World anticipating My First Coming – to them?  Just in your immediate surroundings, you can discern - the spirits, taking-over the people.  Of course, this is not without their consent, as this is to be a joyful time, for mankind, to rejoice in the birth of its Savior.  For many, it is an awful time, and gives ones an excuse, to vent their demons; for Christmas has become no more, than a political statement.  No longer really called "Christmas", it has been reduced to the mere words of "Seasons Greetings", or "Happy Holidays". 

I have withdrawn My Very Presence, from the World

But because for so many, I have been removed from the center of their Christmas, and from the center of their families, and from the center of their homes (but I have been 'pushed aside', and the image of "santa claus" has taken My place, who isn't even a real person), what hope can there be for a society, that clings to falsehoods, and teaches them, to their children? - No hope.  Therefore I say to you both now, that I have withdrawn My Very Presence, from the World, not just the churches, except those who seek Me, they will never find Me; unless they knock, the door will not be opened to them.  I am tired of ‘running after goats’, who do not wish, to be part of My flock. 

The Tribulation, is about to begin… World:  Meet, My Justice!

Now more than ever, you are going to see a definitive line, between the good souls, and those who have chosen to embrace wickedness.  The spiritual insanity within man, is now going to increase - worse than it has ever been before.  With the lunar eclipse, and the moon darkened by blood - it is a sign, My children, that: the Tribulation, is about to begin - though it has begun, for many.  The One World people, are ready to implement their plan - in full.  The ‘blood-red Moon’, is a sign of the coming wars, and carnage, to North America, and the World.  It is also a sign, of My Graces, being withdrawn - even from My Elect; if they do not seek Me, I am not going to 'run after' people any longer.  This is My Christmas present to the World:  Meet, My Justice!

Sin, weakens ‘the soul’s response’ to My graces

Sunday, January 2, 2011
Jesus said:  Sin, weakens ‘the soul’s response’ to My graces, My children.  That is why, the enemy, boasts of his victory, in your lives, before Me; but I will not allow him, to tempt you, beyond your own strength - to turn to Me, for help.  In every ‘duress’, in every ‘snare’, indeed there is ‘a way out’ - without consenting to the sins.  Bitterness, resentment, anger, and frustration, are mere obstacles, to the spiritual life, to grow in your interior lives.  Don’t embrace them, My children, and these all stem, from the human pride, and from unforgiveness. 

Turn to Me and pray for My Forgiveness to flow through you

No matter how much you sin, against one another, and against Me, you are called to forgive.  You do your part, and I will do Mine.  You do not withhold forgiveness from one other, until you judge each other to be truly sorry, for unforgiveness chains you both, to all those spirits I just mentioned.  Forgive always, and if you cannot find it in your own heart to forgive, turn to Me and pray for My Forgiveness to flow through you, to your spouse, for I am always ready to forgive sins that are repented of. 

They choose to withhold: forgiveness, for ‘satanic power’…

How the enemy has almost everyone on the face of the earth ‘wrapped around his little finger’, is because they choose to withhold: forgiveness, for ‘satanic power’ - over the other person.  And then My Love cannot flow through them, but instead only black sludge can come forth. These people are walking around you, pretending, that they are good people, and everything is okay. 

Forgiveness… a power to love, and let My Love flow through you

‘Thou shalt not judge thy neighbor, nor oneself’, because in doing so, they become gods in their own eyes.  See how deceived, the devil has all the people, even yourselves at times My children.  So in short, forgiveness is a choice, and it s a power you both hold – a power to love, and let My Love flow through you, to your spouse, or the power to hate, and stop My Love, flowing through, to your spouse. 

St. Peter will help you overcome… tendencies, to withhold forgiveness

Even you, My son, must learn to forgive more quickly.  St. Peter had trouble with this in the beginning, but sought to overcome it, by turning to Me for the answer.  He at times held grudges, against those, who showed more weakness; and he too, took things quite personally.  He is a good intercessor for you. He will help you overcome, your current tendencies, to withhold forgiveness, and help get you freer, than you ever have been before.

God’s Eucharistic Presence… with, His Two Witnesses

Jesus said: Love, never ends.  Anything, is possible, with God, My children, for indeed, He made ‘the entire Universe’.  Can he not also dwell within two souls, in a very unique way?  Can God’s Eucharistic Presence, not enter into, and be with, His Two Witnesses – His True brother and sister? 

Show love… by acknowledging each other’s need for your own purification

You both know that ‘the war is not over’; and you know ‘who wins in the end’; but you still have to ‘keep fighting’ – fighting your earthly tendencies, and seek: to be more ‘spiritually minded’ – especially in relations to one another.  Show love not by tolerance, but by acknowledging each other’s need for your own purification.  Each soul is unique.  I created every one of them different.  I expect you both to be purified – very fast here, while on the island, and this will happen, for I have seen it happen.  Just trust, obey, believe.

The Feast Day, of your Mystical Marriage

Monday January 3, 2011
Jesus said: You know what to do, My children.  Remember to do everything, that I ask from you, with sublime Peace, in your hearts, souls, and minds.  Keep the Holy Family, close to your hearts, even inside them, as you are coming upon the Feast Day, of your Mystical Marriage.  Remember the love that Mary and Joseph shared with one another, and strive to imitate them, in the way they showed their love.  Sexual intimacy is good, when you are married, but only when there is a spiritual bond as well; as in today, you are experiencing the fruits of ‘a Blessed Marriage’.  

In this sick, depraved, and very demented society…

All of Heaven, looks down upon you both with compassion, for what you must endure, in this sick, depraved, and very demented society.  You will be battling other couples, in the future.  Be a beacon of light for them, so when they look at you, they see a reflection of the Holy Family, and how marriage is supposed to be. 

The Love which you share with one another… is Me

Strive to be fulfilled in the Love which you share with one another – Which is Me, My children.  I am that Love.  I am, your baby brother as well.  I am, your son, in My Infancy.  Cradle Me, in your hearts, as so many, have rejected Me from theirs – even in the form of a tiny child.  Welcome to Phase Five, of your mission.

The government has found a way to simulate human emotion… H.A.A.R.P. technology
Saturday, January 8, 2011
Jesus said:  The government, has found a way, to simulate, human emotion, My children: the use of the H.A.A.R.P. technology, by Nikola Tesla.  He is in Hell - make no mistake about that.  And why?  Because he chose, to make technology, that was destructive and powerful.  It was his own ego, and desire for power, that fed him, so he could continue in his work.  Now, many years later, you both are feeling the effects, of that technology, being used, to its fullest capacity.  People are literally walking around in a daze, brainwashed, into believing everything is fine, and acting on impulses, that do not, come from them; but they are being manipulated, in every way possible to man's bitter end. 

When you know you are being influenced… stay focused on Me

Ask Me to protect you, and the Faithful Remnant Church, from all electromagnetic frequencies, from all E.L.F. waves, subliminal messages, propaganda, and internal voices, because most people, are listening to their demons.  This is what your wife experienced today My son.  Her impulses were not her own, until she owned them, by her choices.  People still have free will.  There is no excuse for deliberate sin, especially when you know you are being influenced.  Remember this, My children: all the technology in the World, is no more powerful than a flea, upon a dog’s back, if you stay focused on Me, in your interior lives.  Tune-out, to what the World presents to you, and tune-in more, to what I am asking of you both in each moment.  That is the secret to winning this battle.

Technology is about to become man's worst enemy

Man created technology, and now technology is about to become man's worst enemy.  I create things, and good comes from it.  Man tries to create things, and always falls short, because he did not include Me in his invention.  Oh what a pity it has come to this!  You will see for yourselves what I am referring to in due time.

Focus more on what I am calling you to do in the moment

Sunday January 23, 2011
Jesus said: There will always be days of ‘spiritual dryness’, My children, as long as you have air in your lungs, to breathe; but there will also be many more consolations, to help cope with the dry days.  ‘Dryness’ in the sense of ‘not feeling My Presence’ as often.  Remember I told you in the past, “feelings come, and feelings go”, but the Truth is, My children, you need to focus more on what I am calling you to do in the moment, regardless of your feelings at the time. 

To focus on feelings is, to choose to be ‘a reed shaken in the wind’

Most people in the world today are solely governed by their feelings, but this cannot be so, for you two, nor for any Christian who strives to follow after Me, because to focus on feelings is, to choose to be ‘a reed shaken in the wind’.  That is not how I founded you both. 

Peter, you are My Rock… Mary, you represent My True Church

Peter, you are My Rock, and upon you, I will continue to build: My faithful Remnant Church.  You are My True Pope.  How easily these truths, become lost, through negative feelings.  Mary, you represent My True Church, called to be faithful, docile, and obedient, to Me, through your husband.  So love one another, as I have loved you, as I rejoice in the arms, and the heart, of My Bride, so too must you, My son.  And as My True Church submits to Me, everything, so must you do likewise, My child. 

I made you to be: ‘symbolic instruments’ of, My True Church

You both are ‘walking allegories’, or metaphors, of the Truth, that I have revealed to My Faithful Remnant Followers – to My Holy Apostles.  There is a reason I had the Church, focus on its identity as My bride, and I as its Groom.  You both are ‘far from perfect’, and I am not here to condemn you, but challenge you to be who I made you to be: ‘symbolic instruments’ of, My True Church, and My love for her, and her for Me.  Yes you will be hated by everyone; but that is your cross – to share in My suffering, of being abandoned, by all.  This is your vocation.  Accept it.  Live it to the fullest.  And you both will become enamored in My love for your souls - that these problems, and challenges, and yes, even inconveniences, will not matter any more.  For what will truly matter to you both, is only doing the Eternal Father’s Will and Pleasure and that is the secret - there in, you will find Eternal Happiness. 

Share in Our Love more deeply, and be ‘more happy’

My strength in life, came from ‘seeking, God the Eternal Father’s Will’.  It was ‘thoughts of His love, for Me’, and ‘My love, for Him’, and ‘Our love, for mankind’, that kept me moving forward - all the way to Mount Calvary.  So too is it to be the same for you both.  Share in Our Love more deeply, and be ‘more happy’.

I come to your souls daily, through these messages

Sunday, January 24, 2011
Jesus said: Silence is where I speak to you both, on an individual basis.  I come to your souls daily, through these messages, but you must be silent, in your hearts, and souls, in order to hear Me, and in order, to hear the Truth, being proclaimed.  So ‘no agitation of spirit’ will be there, when I speak, but ‘all agitation’ will be removed.  Because when I come, the demons, either stand to fight, against My Words, or they flee.  And it is when flee, through the soul’s consent, to listen, that I come and speak there. 

Every single soul… would be able to hear… My voice, if they sought it, in silence.

Do you know what, My children, every single soul, on the face of the Planet, whether young, or old, or middle-aged every single one of them, would be able to hear and follow My voice, if they sought it, in silence. 

To be ‘contemplative’ is… to be mindful of My Presence within

What would the World be like, if everyone was contemplative, and prayerful?  There would be no wars, no fears, no agitation of spirit.  This is what the Era of Peace, will be like.  Now when I say “contemplative”, I do not mean that you do not speak; but, to be ‘contemplative’, is to unite every word, with Mine – is to focus on the Truth, boldly, within ones interior life – in short it means, to be mindful of My Presence within. 

‘Outgoing people’ and… ‘contemplative souls’

There are ‘outgoing people’ and then there are ‘contemplative souls’.  The two truly do not mesh together.  To be ‘outgoing’, in the secular sense, means to be ‘focussed on self’, and either ‘be entertainment for others’, or ‘be entertained by others’.  ‘Outgoing’, or ‘extraverted’, are not the words to use; but there are better ones, like ‘prayerful’, ‘peaceful’ and ‘contemplative’

The psychologists, are all wrong

What a person does, with their social life, does not define who they are.  The psychologists, are all wrong, for abandoning ‘the study of the soul’, they seek to study externals, instead.  So, seek silence, so that I can speak to you there, My children, and there you can have a very strong relationship with your Maker.

The governments, have turned up the (ELF) very low frequencies…

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Jesus said: The governments, have turned up the very low frequencies, in all the Walmarts, across the Globe, My children, for they believe, and have proof, that the majority of the populations of people, are drawn to that particular department store... Now this is just 'a testing phase' for the One World Peoples.  They want to see what sort of response they will get when the people are bombarded, with Low Frequency Brainwaves, and the certain message is this: "shop, until you drop"; "do not stop shopping"... This is in essence, what the One World People are broadcasting over the P.A. systems, over the radios, and even over the silent advertisement TVs. 

The government needs, to have complete control… over their very wills

The effect is simple: people are put into: a sleep-like zombie state, or euphoria, in which their thinking processes, are literally put on hold, and only emotions and the drive for more goods, is pressing them forwards.  Literally, they are being brainwashed, into accepting, their current state of being in that place.  That is all the government wants.  That is all the government needs, to have complete control over the peoples - over their very wills.  They simply turn them into 'docile lemmings'.  It is a new kind of evil, My children, one of the worst.  But My Faithful Remnant, they are the ones catching on, they are the ones who remain awake, and alert.

My ‘Two Lampstands’… and ‘Ambassadors - sent from Above’

Wednesday February 2, 2011
Jesus said: Call on Me, for protection, from the constant deluge - upon your own souls, coming of course, from the occult world.  It is not an easy task, being My ‘Two Witnesses’, being My ‘Two Lampstands’, My ‘Two Patriots’: patriots - not of this World, but of the Next; and ‘Ambassadors - sent from Above’.  Though you live here, your true home is in Heaven, with Me.  Though your bodies are walking this Earth, I pray that you will not have to traverse it much longer, but instead, will be ‘whisked from here’ - to a better place. 

The trials and sufferings… are only intended to make you stronger

The trials and sufferings I permit, are only intended to make you stronger.  Never bow, to other peoples’ demons; and never succumb to the pressure from others.  Know where you stand, and that is behind Me.  I am fighting all of your battles, because you do not battle with flesh and blood, but with ‘the spirit world’: with principalities, powers, and dominions.  With My Strength you can do all things. 

Whatever your needs are, lift them up to Me

Never is a task too big for you, once I have placed it upon your heart.  Whatever your needs are, lift them up to Me.  Live as though I am providing for everything that you need.  Even now I call you to live, even more by faith – not what you see, but what you perceive with your ‘spiritual senses’. 

By faith, mankind can be saved, along with good works…

For truly I tell you, you ‘spiritual awareness and senses’, are far more ‘keen’, than you physical ones.  If you experience ‘blurriness’ in your physical sight, it is because, I am increasing your spiritual sight; and so of course, in the physical realm, your senses are a bit more dulled.  I give you the gift, of even more ardent faith, and devotion to Me, My children.  Others will see, how you live by faith, and sometimes rely on the kindness and charity of others; and sometimes they will even want that.  By faith, mankind can be saved, along with good works, but not separating the two.

Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will I open the Gates of Heaven to
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Jesus said.  Be prepared to sacrifice much, My children, for My Name’s sake, for many there are, who believe, that it only takes faith to be among My True Followers, but how sadly these people are deceived; and what deceptions they are embracing as good!  But the Truth is, not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will I open the Gates of Heaven to, but only those who seek Me in truth, and sincerity, and seek out the Will of God, in their day to day lives, will I open the Gates of Heaven to.  But for them, they are called to sacrifice so much more, than 'the people of this World', for they are called to leave this World behind – not only physically, but spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Only those who are preparing their hearts, souls and minds, to leave this place – this Earth, will have a chance at survival.

Imminent Doom, is coming… and cannot be stopped, by any amount of prayer

Surviving what is coming is not for the few ‘faint of heart’, but it is for those, who put their absolute trust in Me, and not in fame, nor riches, nor wealth.  You too My children are called to be like these, in each and every moment – slowly dying to this World completely, only to live for your eternal goal, which is Heaven.  The demons may mock you with others’ consents – they may even harass you or try to dissuade you from your current course, but what they do not realize – those who consent to them, they do not realize, that imminent Doom, is coming, swift and sure, and cannot be stopped, by any amount of prayer. 

The cup of My Wrath has been completely filled, and now, it is being poured over the nations

For the cup of My Wrath has been completely filled, and now, it is being poured over the nations as we speak.  All sorts of plagues are about to ensue over mankind, none of which can be stopped; but they are not meant to hurt My Elect – My favored ones; but only those who take the chip and seal their fate.  You are about to see even more disasters, like never before – these disasters people will not take lightly, for so many will be affected, and such a large population, will die.  I will gain the ears and attention from some people, who will have to question: life after death.

Your 'former family' members… have gone, completely insane.

Thursday March 3, 2011
It is undeniable, My child, that your receiving messages, is parallel, to J.L. receiving his messages, for you both, are simply secretaries, writing and speaking, what I tell you, to say, and to write.  And long before this happened, you My child, were receiving communion on a daily basis, and going to adoration on a couple of times a week.  This is new found information that some certain people are discerning, for they are asking themselves the question: how can she be doing what is evil, in her own eyes, and the eyes of her “ family”, if the foundation of these messages, is built, upon adoration and daily communion?  These certain people, are devout Catholics, whom you both knew, at one point.  They are discerning, your story, very carefully, as they have nothing to go on, from your 'former family' members, for indeed they have gone, completely insane.  Even under the eyes and scrutiny of professionals. 

Not everyone, has misjudged you 

Your story My son has caught the attention, of certain people, who are discerning whether or not, you are the true Vicar of Christ, on Earth – that is, My Anointed and Chosen One.  This is news to you both, I know, but it is important for you to realize, that not everyone, has misjudged you.  Some are in reservation about the whole thing, and still others are open-minded enough to do their research, to discern, and to pray about it.

You receive Me twice a day

For this is not the first time, I have chosen to speak to certain people, and usually the people – if they were not receiving communion and going to adoration, would start soon afterwards, when I spoke to them. Now this being said My children you are not called to do those things, the way those in the catholic church are; for right now, you are receiving communion in this moment, and you receive Me twice a day – no exceptions.  This is your “daily bread”, and as long, as you keep yourselves before My Throne, you are in constant adoration.  See I can work with the laws of My Church, without going against, what I have founded from the beginning.

Drastic measures

I said to Veronica Leuken that there would be major changes and drastic measures would have to be taken, if My words were not heeded within time.  Now time – has run out, and My words have been sorely neglected, and now there is a new Vicar, and now I have stepped down from My church; but I will uphold the people within it, who are still seeking Me.  This is a mystery My children much like the Blessed Trinity, but just because something is mysterious does not mean, it is not True; does not mean it’s not real; does not mean that it hasn’t taken effect.
Hearts will tremble with fear, when they see the Map of North America change, forever
Friday, March 11, 2011
Jesus said: See this entire, Japanese city, as an example, of what is to befall the nations, for hearts will tremble with fear, when they see the Map of North America change, forever – only this time, whole cities, or villages, consumed, in the floods.  They thought hurricane Katrina was bad, and they are thanking Me now, that they did not get hit, with this disaster, but what is coming soon, will envelop entire nations.  Martial law will be the least of their concerns.  They will be too busy trying to prepare, for what has just happened to them; for because America chose to show no mercy, to ‘My innocent ones’, I will not show mercy to them.  The next natural disaster, will be enormous, compared to the last one that just hit Japan, and it will affect the USA, for the USA, has a giant ‘bull’s eye’, on its wings of freedom. 

A cold night tonight… a reminder…of the cold and hardened hearts, all around you

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Jesus said: I know it is a cold night tonight My children, but let this be a reminder to the both of you, of the cold and hardened hearts, all around you.  They need to be softened, by grace, but few of them will do it the easier way.  They would rather have My Hand and very Heavy Hand, come upon them, then to let go of their current lifestyles, of liberalism, false freedom, homosexuality, anarchy, and an abundance of other sins

It is because of man’s constant refusal, to look to his Creator… that these disasters have come to the Earth

What has happened to Japan is most devastating, but it is because of man’s constant refusal, to look to his Creator, who made him, and all of this.  It is because of this refusal, to ‘bridge the gap’, between man, and God, that these disasters have come to the Earth.   Woe, to the city of Babylon, and Woe to the cities, within Babylon, and Woe, to the other, Babylonian cities, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, for he knows his time is short, and he too, is harvesting souls for his kingdom, as I harvest souls for Mine.

The HAARP machine is the chief culprit in this mysterious earthquake

The HAARP machine is the chief culprit in this mysterious earthquake that happened all of the sudden.  More of these are to come in the future; but as I said, the USA, will be the next one directly effected.  Trust My children that My words are True.  You will see the California earthquake in your time, and you will witness such devastation, just through the media, for even now I tell you, they are not telling you everything.

Fukushima… eventually the truth will be released

Monday March 14 2011
Jesus said: If you want the full truth, about what is going on, check BBC news often, but if you are looking for any sort of truth on CNN, better to check elsewhere.  For Anderson Cooper, CNN, is the news; however, he is beginning to quickly realize, the truth, about what is really going on, in Sendai, and Fukushima.  What has happened, is a nuclear meltdown.  No amount of newspapers, nor media cover-up, can change the reality of what has happened.    They can try, and try, and still try, but eventually the truth will be released, for I will make sure this happens.  For it was My Hand upon Mr. Cooper, to reveal his true sentiments, while being very close to the radioactive zone. 

Believing in falsehood… the number one government agenda next to genocide

People are quarantined, and why?  Because they are indeed contaminated by this lethal chemical.  Most people are not stupid My children, but the governments are betting on their naivety.  The governments are gathering together, and betting upon the power of the press, to bombard people into believing in falsehood - and that is the number one government agenda next to genocide.

The nuclear crisis, is now, at level 7… ‘China Syndrome’ is under way… The fallout, will soon become deadly

Sunday, March 20, 2011
Jesus said: Pray for warmer weather, My children, especially for the people in Japan, where they are experiencing below freezing temperatures, with little or no heat.  The nuclear crisis, is now, at level 7 - but you will not hear this on the news. As ‘China Syndrome’ is under way.  There is nothing the governments can do about it, except resort to a media blackout.  There will be more media blackouts like these, in the coming future, for as the natural disasters get worse, it will become harder for the people to report on them. Truly, there are a lot of embarrassed officials in Japan right now.  Japan wants to keep its honor in the sight of the US but it is quickly falling short of this, for this truly is, one of the first catastrophic events, of this century, with little or no preparedness, by anyone.  The fallout, will soon become deadly, but you may not hear of any of this on the news reports unless you dig, and dig deep.  I will lead you to the authentic news. 
The sharks will be hungry, and I will feed them
Saturday, March 25, 2011 (Victoria, British Columbia)
One, who ‘prides themselves’, on ‘everything they know’, can never learn anything new.  What you just witnessed My children, was a woman, who ‘prided herself’, in her own sins, so much so, that, were you ‘to call her’, on these offenses before Me, she would simply say, that you were ‘the sinner’.  In her belief system, there is no sin, My children.  All actions or offenses against Me, are simply referred to, as “choices”.  This is folly, at its worst, for when ‘The Hammer comes down’, all of the homosexuals, and those living that lifestyle, will feel it.  For the ground will shake beneath them, and they will fall into the ocean, and be swallowed up, by the many waters.  The sharks will be hungry, and I will feed them.  Compassion, is telling someone the Truth.  But to be tolerant, of one’s own sins, is not compassion, nor love; let alone, to be tolerant of other peoples’ sins. 

She ‘proxied on behalf of’ all the lesbians out there

Self-righteousness, is what she did indeed profess to live, not by ‘what she didn’t say’, this time, but by what she implied by her boasting. No one ‘accused her’ of being a feminist, yet she felt that she needed to clarify that she wasn’t.  This need comes, from her inner conscience, telling her that ‘what she’s doing is wrong’, and will in fact ‘cost her Heaven’ – if she doesn’t repent.  I had Mercy upon her, tonight My children, as she ‘proxied on behalf of’ all the lesbians out there, and now she will suffer dearly for rejecting My words and My Two Prophets.  Homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle, and can lead to various diseases.  S.T.D.s for one, and then comes A.I.D.S.  Perhaps she needs some infirmity, so she becomes sick – of the way she has been living.  Perhaps she needs ‘The Very Hard Hand of My Justice’, which you both have felt before – and I am impartial.

There are three ‘Chernobyls’… the radiation levels are much higher

Wednesday March 30, 2011
Jesus said: There are three ‘Chernobyls’, happening, at the Fukushima plant, My children, and this cannot be stopped, for they have no way of cooling down those three remaining reactors.  The other two, are all but intact.  They have lied to the people, telling them the wrong levels of radiation, that have come out of these ‘three Chernobyls’ – for to tell the people the truth, they would surely be in a panic, and all of them would be stocking up on medical supplies, including iodine, and iodine tablets, as well as some face masks.  The people, are being lied to as well, for the radiation levels are much higher, around these three plants, than when they first started ‘burning off’, the fuel rods.

Look for independent news reporters…  You can find the truth, if you search hard.

Oh My children, if you only knew, the true number of casualties, from the nuclear fallout.  Already people are beginning to become very sick, over in Japan; but you will not hear of this, unless you ‘dig deep’.  Look for independent news reporters.  Alex Jones, is ‘a good independent news reporter’.  There are others like him.  You can find the truth, if you search hard. 

What has come to North America, is very great indeed

Oh my children, what has come to North America, is very great indeed, for the radiation has reached here, and even in Vancouver, the radiation levels are much higher, than what they have told, the locals.  It is all about ‘saving face’ My children.  But people are going to die from this and it cannot be stopped. 

Enough radiation will leak from the Fukushima Plants, to poison 2/3 of the population of the Americas

Think of it this way My children: the “radiation leaks”, the “China Syndromes”, the “Chernobyls”, the “reactors out of control”.  All of these combined make for a very terrible situation.  It would be good if they could find a solution, but it will be too late, once that happens, for enough radiation will leak from the Fukushima Plants, to poison two thirds (2/3) of the population of the Americas.  Yes you heard Me My children.  For some it will be slow.  But others – especially the elderly and infants, will die very fast. 

Remember, this is “Three Chernobyls”, and a ‘China Syndrome’

But I will protect all of those who call on Me for protection.  I have placed special angels over you both, along with Our Blessed Mother’s Mantle.  You smelt the roses, or lilies, earlier this evening, and they were meant to be a sign – these bouquets, from Heaven, of Our Protection upon you both: No ‘nuclear fallout’, will harm you, I assure you My children.  But for the rest of the World, well remember, this is “Three Chernobyls”, and a ‘China Syndrome’, and there could be more on the way.

The Japanese officials are lying to the people… this is not a permanent solution

Thursday, April 07, 2011
Jesus said: Did they stop the leak, My children?  And if they did, what did they use to stop it with?  What ‘concrete’ material, did they use, to plug the leak?  Remember, this is not just clear water, coming out, of the reactor – this is ‘nuclear reactive’, and so, I tell you now, this is not a permanent solution.  Again the Japanese officials are lying to the people, as everyone in Japan is poisoned by the toxic chemicals being released - into the atmosphere.  People are going about, crying peace, safety, and security – all the time being poisoned themselves. 

The major plague which has afflicted mankind is simply insanity

You see the major plague which has afflicted mankind is simply insanity.  Because sanity is a gift which I give to those who worship in truth and sincerity – My Commandments; who worship Me, as Maker of these Commandments. Why, did I make the Commandments My children if everybody was simply going to be ‘magically saved?’  I saw: the greed, the envy, the hatred that mankind would choose to embrace.  And as an antidote, I gave them My Ten Commandments.  I gave them the medicine before the illness overtook them.  But they rejected this medicine, harshly.  But now they only embrace man’s medicine – which is laden with poisons.  None fear Me anymore (– except My Faithful Remnant), but instead, they walk around, seeing themselves as invincible, doing all sorts of abominations before Me.  But I see them. I see these violent acts against one another.  I see what mankind has chosen to do with My gifts - and so theirs will be the harsher judgment – harsher than the cattle put through the meat slaughtering houses. 

The condition, of women
Thursday, April 29, 2011 (Vancouver, British Colombia)
Jesus said: Again, I am showing you both, the condition, of women.  The current state in which they are in, is like that, of Lucifer.  His kingdom is apart from Mine, and in total darkness, he reigns.  He is the lord, of the under world, and rules over souls, who choose to be like him, like minded.  Forever women have been chained to him, through Eve’s first sin; and women have chosen: to embrace their weaknesses, as their strengths; to embrace their faults, as perfection; to embrace their lies, as truth.  Oh what has become of them all, but so self-deceived. 

She has cut herself off

You met one like this today, My children, N., is her name – seeking to commit every abomination under the Sun - and knowingly.  She has knowingly rejected Me, and denied Me before Our Father in Heaven.  It may not have seemed so serious to the two of you, but what she has done, has destroyed, any confidence she could have in Me.  She has cut herself off, from the Kingdom of Heaven – knowingly, because she does not like the rules of Christianity – the law of love is not appealing, but the law of hate is.  Women have sought and still seek to turn everything that is good – into an evil; and to turn, the evils that they embrace, into what is good.

Do not become deceived, by false externals

Therefore: I caution you both, during this most evil time, not to associate, with women; only preach the Truth.  No small talk – for they have embraced much poison, and will only seek to poison you, against Me.  New flirtatious techniques they will use, and often will appear interested in what you have to say.  Remember, the devil, is an angel of light, so do not become deceived, by false externals.  See how rapidly, her true colors shone through – how fast she appeared to be friendly, and then turned on the both of you, as a pit-bull, turns on a stranger. 

Simply bid them farewell

You are going to see a new side of women you never saw before, as I have Decreed: that their true colors, will manifest, and that they cannot keep it hidden, any longer.  What they wanted to keep veiled – they cannot veil.  Also, they will try to steal your spiritual strength, and zap you, by over-talking.  Simply bid them farewell, and, get on with things.  Say a little prayer for them.  Commend each woman you meet, to My Divine Intervention, in their lives.  Also, when you see men behave this way, commend them also, to My Divine Intervention in their lives; but you will see this more often in women, as men, have a more natural inclination to truth.

The United States of America, is about to become a Third World country

Saturday April 30, 2011
Jesus said: I am, scourging, the United States, with these type storms, My children.  The United States of America, is about to become a Third World country.  This will happen, very fast, and in time, people will begin to know, what it once was like, as a First World country.  They do not know what poor is, but they are about to find out

When this earthquake happens… the whole World will be in awe

When this earthquake happens, and it will happen, very soon – when this event takes place: the whole World will be in awe, at what has happened; and people will continue on living as before – some of them thanking Me they were not a part of that scourge; others will be taken home to Heaven and still others – well they will begin to know what ‘afterlife’ means, and that there are consequences, for their chosen lifestyles.  The gays, the lesbians, and transsexuals, will weep and mourn over what has befallen California and the nations round about; but My Faithful, will rejoice, in that their prayers were answered – they will rejoice, in My Justice.      

They choose to use technological advances for their own selfish purposes

Thursday, May 12, 2011
Jesus said:  With all the advancements in technology, My children, mankind as a whole, has failed again.  And what have they failed in?  They have failed to build unity and peace among them; but division has permeated, every facet of society.  ‘Globalization’ is taking over the world.  And even though people are closer than they ever have been before, in proximity to one another, they equally have never been farther apart.  Why?  Because technology - instead of being useful, in bringing together families, and simply enhancing the gifts, I gave them; they choose to use technological advances for their own selfish purposes.                                                                                     

People are more disconnected from reality… than ever before in history

And now, it has come to this: that people are more disconnected from reality and their neighbor, than ever before in history. That is why the Great Warning must come to unite hearts and souls to their Creator – if possible.  For right now, hardly anyone is ready to meet Me, at their Judgement.  And so, the microchip implant, has come, and will be implemented very soon.  I must reach souls before this chip becomes the next convenient way, in order to live.

Once they fire the H.A.A.R.P. machine… then the weather will turn cold

Monday, May 30, 2011
Jesus said:  You will have a lot better time in Winnipeg, My children, as it will be warmer there, for now.  However, once they fire the H.A.A.R.P. machine, just as you have experienced, every place you have gone, then the weather will turn cold, wiping out most of the mosquitoes there… 

In their interior lives… utter grotesqueness in their hearts and souls

Wednesday June 1, 2011 (Regina, Saskatchewan)
Jesus said:  You have discovered: Saskatchewan, My children, “the province of the living skies”; but what is living in a place that is so desolate as this?  Yes, there is much farmland and much food to go around, but what of the spiritual identities of the people here?  And what are they embracing in their interior lives?  It is the same everywhere My children: utter grotesqueness in their hearts and souls, for again this province has forsaken Me, and how can it truly live, and how can this province truly thrive, without My internal graces, feeding them? 

Homosexuality has become ‘the norm’ for this city

Their souls, are parched, and so the rain was sent: the downpour came, and many graces were sent, with the arrival of you too.  But you will find, in the near coming future, that this province, particularly, this capital city, is the poster child, for the homosexual movement.  Homosexuality has become ‘the norm’ for this city.  You can prove what I am saying in time, by doing the research yourselves.  And now, it is getting on to six o’clock, and you need to be on your way, towards Winnipeg, My children.  I shall send My Graces there once more.
All of Heaven is ‘filled with tears’
Friday, June 3, 2011 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Jesus said: Well, My children, you know well by now, why I sent you here to this place, for what you are to witness in this city, is most disturbing.  All of Heaven is ‘filled with tears’, at these souls’ choices, to live their lives as an affront to Me My children – just like “lady gaga” does.  You know she is not a ‘lady’ at all, but is the harlot spoken of in the Book of Revelations, because of the mass impact she has on the populations.  She will have a most devastating revelation, in her particular Warning Experience, for I have tolerated the gays, and the lesbians, and “lady gaga”, and her album “born this way”, long enough. 

The spirits they have opened themselves up to,
will ‘wreak havoc’ upon them

So many excuses people give me, as to why, they sin; but they are just that – excuses, and will not relieve them of any culpability.  Everyone is responsible for their own choices – sinful, or not; good, or bad; and everyone will be rewarded according to those choices.  This “gay pride parade”, will be ‘the fall’ of this great city, and will only usher in: chaos; for the spirits they have opened themselves up to, will wreak havoc upon them.  Thus sayeth the Lord God of Hosts.

This ‘renegade movement’ of people

Sunday, June 5, 2011 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Jesus said: My Justice, has yet to come down upon this city, once again, My children, for their affronts, to Me, are most, despicable, and disgusting in My sight.  Winnipeg, will have to pay, a heavy price, for sponsoring, this ‘renegade movement’ of people – especially the church communities, are going to feel it – hard. 

I am going to be taking My rainbow back

I do not bless ‘Bob’ and ‘Larry’, to marry, or to date in preparation for marriage.  I do not bless ‘Cindy’ and ‘Sue’, to marry, or date in preparation for marriage.  This is insanity! – that the “churches” have gotten together, and “blessed” this group of people and their lifestyles.  A ‘Heavy Hammer’ is coming down upon this city, and it will not be let up until Justice has been served.  After you leave here My children, the ‘deluge’ will begin.  A one in three hundred year flood did nothing to them; did not give them the grace of wisdom, of fear of My Holy Name – Well this one will; but you will be out of Manitoba when this disaster strikes – have no fears; and, you will witness My Justice from afar.  For I have had enough of their parading around in 'vibrant colors', and I am going to be 'taking My rainbow back'.

The United States of America, and Canada, are the poorest of countries

Thursday June 16, 2011 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Jesus said: What you witnessed today, My children: was the blind, leading the blind; was obesity – everywhere that you looked; was, children learning to be psychopaths when they are younger; in essence, no discipline, from any paternal figure, and no motherly love.  Truly, the United States of America, and Canada, are the poorest of countries – poor, because love, is becoming scarce.  Where there is no love, you will not find Me present in a soul.  How sad that it has come to this, in the current city you are now living in - one of the most infamous pop stars of the 1980’s, has been honored, with ‘the key to the city’.  Truly the bowels of Hell have opened up underneath Winnipeg, and it will only be a matter of time, before they experience the fullness of My Justice. 

The main sins that offend Me

Mercy is offered, yes - to those who desire to repent of their sins before Me, I will show them Mercy; but those who seek adultery, lust, pornographic images, beastiality, homosexuality, obesity, and the like, will not be granted Mercy.  Those are the main sins that offend Me My children, along with, abortion, promiscuity, and licentiousness. Lying, is also extremely offensive.

I will sustain you, with True Communion, with True Bread from Heaven

Friday June 17, 2011
Jesus said: It won’t be long now, but in time, you shall see, all of the things that I have promised, ‘come to pass’.  Trust, not in mammon, nor wealth; but in the one who created you.  Let people have their ‘gods’ of silver and gold, and security, and success, in this life; but I tell you, it will be harder for those people, to enter My Kingdom.  Better to have security, faith, and trust, in the one who made you, than to have ‘the carpet pulled’, from underneath you, and fall flat, on your faces.  I will sustain you, with True Communion, with True Bread from Heaven, as those who choose to be part of this world, are not sustainable, but filled with emptiness and longing.

People who are embracing grievous sins… will have disfigured faces and bodies

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Jesus said: After the fall, Adam and Eve, didn’t even look, as pretty, as I first made them to be, because sin ultimately disfigures the human body in the flesh; even though it produces many blemishes upon the soul, the flesh - follows, hereafter.  People, who are embracing grievous sins in their souls, and who refuse to repent of them, will have disfigured faces and bodies after a time.  However some deformities, are simply ‘crosses’ that people must carry, so that, they can be more purified of this life.  So-called “ugly” people, may actually have, a softer, and sweeter heart, than the most physically attractive out there.  You must carefully discern the inward being of each soul you come across My children, so you do not misjudge them, and harshly. 

Man was created first, and woman under man’s headship

Women, especially, who dress like ‘whores’ - like those of the Babylonian and Egyptian ages, are simply ‘asking for trouble’.  They are hurting men – everywhere that they go, for the man was Created, not to be complete, without his female companion.  It is a yearning I have placed in all men’s souls – even, the homosexual men.  But women nowadays, are believing falsely, that they cannot be satisfied with one man – this is the devil’s doing; for I created: one man, for each woman; and one woman, for each man, that the two may be joined together.  Not man and man – did I create them; nor woman and woman, did I form them; but turning inwards they seek after each other’s sex, so that, no amount of love can flow; but sensuality and perversity remain.  But man, and woman, were created equal, in the sense that they are each equally deserving of My Love for them.  But man was created first, and woman under man’s headship. 

The prostitutes… will only find 'Hellfire' at their Warning

The prostitutes of this generation will only find 'Hellfire' at their Warning, for they know what they practice is wrong, and is equally, an affront to Me.  Trying to get society, to deem their trade, as an actual ‘career choice’.  This is just a synopsis My children, of certain things you have witnessed today, and will be witnessing in the upcoming future.  I have given you a few points that you can use, against the homosexuals’ side of the argument, and against those who are in favor, of legalizing prostitution.

She sabotages, her own wellbeing, for the sake of this establishment

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Jesus said:  Well, there was Mercy offered, My children, Unfortunately, the owner of this establishment, decided to charge you the full price, as everyone else on the ground floor, is paying.  I have received her response, for the money, that she received from you, and the deal, that you made, could only, be beneficial, to her in the long run.  She loses nothing, My son, and unfortunately, gains nothing, as well.  Yes, she must run a business, and it is tough work; but so often, she sabotages, her own wellbeing, for the sake of this establishment.  It is not run for the people, even though their prices are already low. 

Soon money will be as worthless, as the newspapers that you find, for free

As you hear her talk, you can hear, the self-centeredness, speaking, and the casino and gambling spirits at work.  Winning the lottery will not put her further ahead than she already isBecause of the financial collapse coming, it will only be a little band-aid, for soon money will be as worthless, as the newspapers that you find, for free. And so, as a direct response, to the lack of charity, you are going to be finding another place to live, and it will be a cheaper daily rate, than this.

‘Shake off the dust from your feet’, and move on to a better place

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Jesus said: Indeed My children, you know what you are to do this morning; so please do this, with cheerfulness in your hearts.  Once you have left this establishment, then great peace will come over the both of you, as you ‘shake off the dust from your feet’, and move on to a better place, that is more welcoming, of My Two Holy Prophets – “Holy” in the sense that you are both sinners, striving for holiness. 

What, is this New Age Church, that is, being built, by human hands?

Even though you are surrounded by muck, and dirt, and the ugliness of this world, now run by the enemy of your souls, you are still expected to prophesy, against the house of Israel: prophesying to all those, who would claim that they are saved, apart from Me.  No one is saved, apart from My love flowing through them, and no one can be saved by his own works or efforts, in this life.  If people are not searching for Me, then I will hide Myself from them – even from the catholics, who have stopped searching for the truth; even from the protestants, who constantly reject it; even from the homosexual religions, who constantly profane, the Sabbath and My Holy Name.  For what, is this New Age Church, that is, being built, by human hands?  It is a church of idolaters, adulterers, fascists, lesbians, and homosexuals.  It is a church, where every sin is welcome; but it cannot be My Church.  For My Church strives for holiness, and sanctity, apart from this World, united to God the Supreme Maker of Heaven and Earth.  This is My Church, you both belong to.

 Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

It is only by My Divine Strength, that you can forgive
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Jesus Said:  Continue to preach the Truth - to souls, no matter ‘what the hurdles are’ - that you come across, in your own lives, My children.  For this is what I mean: ‘to forget self’, is to forget one’s sins – never more to remember them, they have been forgiven; but it is human to hold grudges against one another; but it is only by My Divine Strength, that you can forgive.  Forgiveness, is not in people, naturally, My children.  You must understand, your own human nature, so that you can turn to Me, to help you forgive one another, and your neighbors who have wronged you. 

I went to the Cross, with Love in My Heart

Was it easy, for Me to forgive the soldiers who crucified Me?  Was it is easy, for Me to forgive, all those around Me – who mocked and ridiculed Me in every way possible?  Was it easy, for Me to forgive those: who would not take advantage of My Sacrifice on the Cross, but instead ‘turned inwards’, and only thought of self? - And nothing that I did for them, would matter to them.  Was it easy for Me still to ‘go to the Cross’, for the ungrateful souls?  The answer is: yes, and why?  Because though I was suffering intensely, both spiritually, and physically, and mentally, I went to the Cross, with Love in My Heart.  This Love that I carried, helped Me to get through all of the struggles, I had to endure. 

The ‘false messages’ that come that I permit… ‘the dark night of the soul’

And so when you look at your own lives, My children, you must see that these ‘daily hurdles’, are part of your ‘spiritual growth exercises’; even the ‘false messages’ that come that I permit – through no fault of your wife, and through no fault, of your ownSometimes, you must go through, what is called the ‘dark night of the soul.’  It is when you feel abandoned the most, that I am closest to you both, and carrying you, through life’s struggles – through the practicalities of this life. 

Remember ‘the Footprints in the Sand’

Remember ‘the Footprints in the Sand’ My children.  When was it, that there was only a set, of one, footprints?  When the man was at his lowest in his life, because I carried him through those difficulties, without him knowing it or feeling it. This is a lesson to the both of you, that though there are times of ‘spiritual dryness’, you must seek to persevere, just as well as in ‘spiritual plentifulness’. 

How the enemy loses, though his ‘own wicked designs’

Even though the enemy of your souls sought to give you counsel, you know in your hearts after time, that his counsel was false – even through those times, you sought to please Me, and you will be rewarded, as though, you had been obeying Me.  This is how the enemy loses, though his ‘own wicked designs’. 
The vision… of two doves… representing, the battle – between, light and darkness
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Jesus said:  The vision, you have been given, My daughter, is of two doves: one is black, exuding bright and colorful rays – of light; and the other one is white, and humble looking, with an olive branch, in its mouth.  These, are representing, the battle - between, light and darkness: the light, which is the shining light, of the devil; and My True Holy Spirit, who brings words of Truth, Life, and Peace.  The colorful rays of the other dove, represents the brilliance, of the enemy’s illusions, upon false believers – those who believe, that being against Me, and My words, is being for Me.  And to contrast, the Holy Spirit, who speaks with the wisdom, of a small or tiny child - but the fruit, of His words, is peace, and action taken

Even the ones building the refuges, will not necessarily be the ones, staying there

Those who choose to stay behind, will be left with the illusions, of those brilliant colors, that symbolize: false affirmation of self.  As those people stay behind, adoring themselves, and their church, I will be taking My Faithful Remnant Followers, into caves, and refuges all over the World – none of which, anyone will know about, until, they arrive there.  Even the ones building the refuges, will not necessarily be the ones, staying there.  For each person, will be called, to his, or her, own particular place. 

Those who follow My website, will have much better chances, at getting to a refuge

This will happen very quickly, and those who worship, the black dove – who feel ‘good’, about accepting and tolerating everything, have their reward; but those, who choose to listen, to where the True Holy Spirit is leading them, in each moment, and those who follow My website, will have much better chances, at getting to a refuge.  The olive branch symbolizes where My Word is being spoken.  The black dove, has no olive branch, and speaks no words, of truth and life, but only deception and misguidance. 

“Look, can’t you see that you are sinking!!!”

In short My children, many people are on the wrong boat – that is most assuredly sinking, and they have time – but not a lot of it, before they become engulfed by the surrounding waters.  Another ship, of which I am Captain of, is nearby, and I can see the hole, in the other ship, and I am calling out to people, to climb aboard Mine, to take the life rafts available, to abandon theirs – that is, their own ways of thinking, false externals, and self-deception.  I am showing them the hole, crying out: “Look, can’t you see that you are sinking!!!”  But no one seems to be really listening, because the music aboard is way too loud – they cannot hear My Warning; they are distracted by all the glitz and glamour on board: gold, silver, and precious metals, jewellery, and drinking, carousing, and dancing – with jubilance, that their boat is sinking!

The One World Government peoples, are planning, on firing the HAARP Machine…

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Jesus said:  The One World Government peoples, are planning, on firing the HAARP Machine, over Thunder Bay, My children, as you will be staying, here.  But I, however, will not allow them to do this, as I have confounded their plans before, and still confound them daily, for they are only permitted to fire, where I allow them to, and when.  Evil has its way now, but I am still in control, of how much, it is permitted to manifest: in real life – in real situations, and in people’s souls. 

For souls, can experience temporary hell here…

What your wife was experiencing, was the fruit, from the darker elements – from the occult world, for they will not stop at anything, in bring you both down – in making you submit to their ‘lord’.  But I will give you the strength, to resist these attacks: as they come, so shall they go.  They, come forth, from the fiery pits of Hell.  And so, they will be sent back there, even if it means back to a person’s soul.  For souls, can experience temporary hell here, or the very lower levels of Purgatory – which I almost exactly like hell. 

People who strive for Purgatory alone, will not make it

People who strive for Purgatory alone, will not make it; but only those who strive, for Heaven, and persevere, will make it – though they do not go there directly, always.  But Heaven is a place for souls who want to be with Me, for Eternity.  Purgatory, is a place where souls, want to, share Me, with other things, in life – other desires.  When that becomes a person’s ‘permanent reality’ – that is, when the soul chooses not to grow in Love, then its’ will is fixed, and only hell awaits it. 

If there is no hell… then where do the souls go… who decide to be filled with hate…?

The reason I am telling you this, My children, is that many souls have been deceived - that is many Christians especially, with a pre-conceived notion that there is no hell.  You will meet Christians like these once again.  But tell them the truth: If there is no hell, and Heaven, is a place where souls want to Be with Me, then where do the souls go, who refuse to be with Me – who refuse to accept Me and love Me who decide to be filled with hate instead?  That is where the proof is.   

Unless people prepare now… they will not be ready, to go, to My Refuges
Friday, July 15, 2011
Jesus said: Transfixed on Me, are those, with angelic faces - praising Me, for all of Eternity – in Eternal, and Peaceful Bliss forever.  This, is another definition of Heaven, My children.  But oh, so very few, are going to experience this – because they reject Me and My Holy Prophets on a daily basis.  When I reach out to Save them, My Hand, only gets slapped in return.  Therefore, I Declare, from this moment forward: that there shall be no room, for those people to come to My Refuges, after the Warning Experience – only those who are prepared now, can come; but the others, will be ‘left behind, to become martyrs.  I have revealed this to you, before, in the True Holy Spirit of the Moment, but now I am telling you straight forward: Unless people prepare now – unless their lamps are lit now, then they will not be ready, to go, to My Refuges. 

Avoid: the TV, the computer, and looking at the antichrist’s eyes

Why else, would I be telling them, to throw out all of their electronic devices, that could be used for manipulation.  Do I need to tell those people, who are going to be leaving for caves and refuges these things?  If they are reading the messages, then they already know, to avoid: the TV, the computer, and looking at the antichrist’s eyes.  I am mostly, warning the people who will be ‘left behind’. 

Start warning people, that they have very little time to prepare

There are going to be many more martyred, than what was first thought.  Many will be martyred for the faith, or they will be microchipped – not being able to withstand the pressures from the One World Government leaders.  I am giving you a bit more of the puzzle, My children – to start warning people, that they have very little time to prepare, for the coming financial collapse of North America, and the World currencies.  ‘The collapse’, may be months away, but it is certainly not years – I can guarantee you that much.  But I will be in control of when it happens.  The governments do not control Me My children, but they do control the people – so be careful. 

They have to act fast, and start getting a year’s supply of food

Your ministry, is about to be ‘bumped up’ a few hundred notches.  You are seeing the authority, of that which you are speaking to the peoples on My behalf, come to fruition in their lives – whether it’s just for a brief moment, or for longer – either it will be Justice or Mercy – depending on what they choose to do with the words they’ve been given – but they will choose.  You are to tell the people, that they have to act fast, and start getting a year’s supply of food, if they want to make it through, this coming tribulation to North America.  Many will scoff at you but those who don’t, you are to give them the website. 

Your comfort awaits you in the safety, of My caves, not here, not now

Do all that you can to warn the people, My children.  Tell everyone “spread the word”.  That way, at least there will be some people prepared here when ‘all of Hell’ breaks loose in Thunder Bay.  Remember, it is not years away.  That much I can tell you again.  Pray to receive the words, which I am giving you, with Holy Boldness and confidence.  I am going to be altering your reality that much more, My children – it will not be comfortable at first, but your comfort awaits you in the safety, of My caves, not here, not now.  I know these are troubling words, but take heart, and do not be afraid, for I have carried you thus far, and will continue to do so.  Abandon yourselves to Me completely, and much more can be done, through you, as many more souls can be reached. 

A Comet is coming… and two thirds (2/3) of mankind will be killed

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Jesus said: The rainbow, you saw tonight, My children, was a symbol, of My Covenant with man.  For though the World is wicked, as it is, I will not destroy it – through flood waters.  But ‘a Comet is coming’, instead.  This ‘ball of fire’ will strike the Earth, and two thirds (2/3) of mankind will be killed – for that is all that there will be left.  The One World Government will take care of the rest of them.  The one third (1/3), will be passed, ‘through fire’, and will have to endure much.  Much purification, will take place, in the souls of My Elect, before they are permitted, to enter in, to My Era of Peace. 

Your mission: is not to be loved

You are among My Elect, My children, and you have your own army after you, now; but I will protect you from them, by keeping you from them, set aside, for Myself, and My own purposes.  For once again, your mission: is not to be loved – except, by those, who embrace Me fully in their lives, by the souls in Heaven – by Our Blessed Mother, the Angels, and the Blessed Trinity.  Draw your strength from the Blessed Trinity, My children, for you do not flee your predators in vain.  Just as David, was in the desert for many years, before he was recognized as King, so too, are you both, in the same situation, with ‘Saul’s Army’ pursuing you.  It is because David kept moving, that Saul could not keep up with him – though he tried and tried.

I tell you when you are in trouble, and protect you in that way as well.

But David was always more steps ahead – and why?  Because he sought the Lord’s Counsel.  Just as you seek My Counsel every day, for I tell you when you are in trouble, and protect you in that way as well.  If I can provide so much for your physical bodies, how much more, will I provide, for your spiritual wellbeing.  To keep sane, you must ‘stay out of the head’, of your assailants.  Yes, “head”, for they have become as ‘one mind’ – not knowing good, and despising it.  Do not focus on them, but focus on ‘the call of the moment’.

“Get a year’s supply of food!”

Monday, Aug 22, 2011
Jesus said: They see, but they perceive not.  They hear, but do not understand the meaning, behind My words.  I send you to them, with a message - very simple, but loud and clear: “Get a year’s supply of food!”  But who can hear, what you are saying to them?  Who has the ability, to see, or hear the truth, anymore? 

Is not the conscience, My voice, My children?

When bombarded by so much falsehood, there is little room for the true Holy Spirit to move, within souls.  So He is stifled there, a prisoner, in their own consciences.  For is not the conscience, My voice, My children?  Telling people the difference between what is right and what is wrong?  But so few have one these days, they prefer to be told what is right and what is wrong, by external sources, such as the media or mainstream news.  Their ‘truth’, is in what they see, but cannot perceive - their ‘truth’, lies in the television.  Those who choose to snuff-out the ‘Voicebox of Truth’, in their minds and hearts, to prefer the ‘voicebox of the enemy’, are on the wrong team - have chosen the wrong allegiance.  

Only 2% will be saved, worldwide

98% of ‘christians’ still watch the television, My children – that is why only 2% will be saved, worldwide.  That is 2%, of five billion people.  The 2% that I have chosen, to be with Me for eternity.  This is a very sad report card for the World at large, but nonetheless, this, is your update.  This is the real news My children.


They will proclaim the Truth, from the rooftops

Saturday, September 10, 2011
Jesus said: How many people are ‘plugged into’ the ‘spirit of this World’, My children?  You were right when you said ninety nine out of a hundred, for who can receive?  Who can withstand the ‘Time of Terror’ and ‘the Great and Terrible Punishment’, that is soon to befall the whole World?  Whoever stands before Me in righteousness and in truth, will stand, to the test of these times, and will testify, against the evils of this generation.  With boldness and certainty, they will proclaim the Truth, from the rooftops, encouraging those who are ‘weak-willed’ to be stronger in Me – to rely more heavily on My Graces, than on their own intellects, and strength. 

What will happen then – when the gas and the food are cut off?

People nowadays, are believing more often, that a gun, or a rifle, will protect their family.  But what will happen then – when the gas and the food are cut off?  How will they sustain themselves then?  If they will not prepare now?  Many have resolved in their hearts, that when the crisis does come, they will simply start looting the grocery stores, and then house to house, collecting what they need by force, if necessary.  Oh the time is coming, when insanity will break upon the minds of all peoples – for not only will the Holy Spirit be completely removed, but common sense and reason along with consciences will be removed as well.  People will be given over to a base mind and base conduct will follow. 

The ‘call’, or ‘cue’ to go - to My refuges

But My Faithful Remnant are waiting – for My cue, to call on Me, and their Guardian Angels, to lead them to their refuge.  Whether it is tomorrow, or weeks, or months, or even a year away - My Faithful Remnant, have ‘sober hearts’, and are awake and alert, for the call – always.  They must be awake for they will be the ones to call upon Me.  After the Great Warning Experience, everyone will be going through their own personal Hell; or they will be, at great peace, because they chose to reconcile.  Once this happens, it will not be long before I will be calling people to their refuges.  For the signs are written in the Heavens, and in the clouds, and on the Earth.  And earthquakes, and volcanoes, and tsunamis, will follow, upon the ‘call’, or ‘cue’ to go - to My refuges.   

The truth about 9/11…  one of ‘the biggest hoaxes in human history’… There never was a plane…

Friday, September 30, 2011
Jesus said: The truth about 9/11, has now come to the surface, in many different circles on the internet  You can see from all of the videos you now have watched, that it truly was one of ‘the biggest hoaxes in human history’.  There never was a plane, My children, nor were there passengers on the ‘supposed plane’.  But everything that the media told the people, was a straight-out-lie.  No truth can come from such deceivers. 

There were no real terrorists… The people were murdered… Those in the Towers were sacrificed

Because you sought the truth with your heart My child, I led you, to the proof, that it was all a manipulated event. You will see even more videos, which will show the media’s ‘holes’, in their representation of the facts.   This truly is an example, of ‘do not believe everything that you see or hear.  There were no real terrorists, only hired ones, on a different plane, heading somewhere else.  The people were murdered.  Those in the Towers were sacrificed.  I tell you now My children: because you have this truth, you will be hated even more by people – especially by those who bought into the 9/11 media propaganda.
[Note: at the time of this posting, overwhelming video evidence can be found at septemberclues dot info.]
It will be revealed to all those, whom you have encountered…  who you were…
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
So much of the truth has been spread today, to souls who could receive it into their hearts.  But for how long?  We shall wait and see what happens to their choices - for although the seeds have been planted, they need light, sun and some rain to grow, and it is not the same amount of each, for each soul is unique.  But I tell you this My children, during The Great Warning they will remember these conversations, that they had with the both of you, for it will be revealed to all those, whom you have encountered on your journey, who you were, and what mission you had or role in their own lives . 

Fraternal correction is necessary

To fraternally correct today My children is a taboo in society, is not welcomed by many.  But fraternal correction is necessary, for the whole fabric of humanity is dependent upon caring for one another.  Once souls stop caring for one another, then they start to turn inwards and lose sight of their: neighbors.  Their own sins become more important to them, than helping their neighbour  –  out, of their own snares. 

You cannot keep one of the Commandments and neglect all the others

Fraternal correction is lacking in this world My children, but those who are on My team, are not of this world, but they are governed by higher principles - 10 principles to be exactAll of the other Commandments, are sub- Commandments, for when one seeks to obey all 10, then they will seek to fraternally correct one another.  But one who deliberately breaks any one of these Commandments, is guilty before Me, as though they had broken all of them.  Because you cannot keep one of the Commandments and neglect all the others, or, pick and choose which one you will embrace (- “you”, referring to “in general.” That way, the enemy cannot twist My words in your minds).  

Examine, one of My Commandments, and then look at the other 9, and see that they are interconnected

You see all of the Commandments are connected to one another.  If you take the time to read them through My children, you will see how I covered all the loopholes and excuses people have given and will give.  The excuses I will not listen to.  Try to examine, one of My Commandments, and then look at the other 9, and see that they are interconnected.  Look at one Commandment being broken by the people, of this wicked generation, and see how the other 9 are broken along with it.  Try this with each of My Commandments, when you get some time My children; for truly if you are living the law of love, then you are obeying all of My Commandments.

When humanity as a whole… chooses to break every single one of My Commands…

To slip, to fall is one thing but when humanity as a whole  (apart from My Elect), chooses to break every single one of My Commands, then I do take that very personally, My children.  It is an affront to Me, and to My other creations, whom I created, as being perfect.  Why should humanity not have to strive after perfection – to be a reflection of their Father in Heaven? 

Perfection of the soul is thrown away… They become walking demoniacs

Alas, perfection of the soul is thrown away, in exchange for the perfection of body and mind.  Therefore, just like their father down below (and this you are seeing in your daily talks with people) - just like their father down below, they reflect as a mirror image: deception, and false externals.  They become walking demoniacs with no regard for human life whatsoever. That is My report card on the state of humanity as a whole at this time My children.

What you have witnessed, is ‘an abomination’
Sunday, October 16, 2011
Jesus said:  What, did you witness today My children at the ‘mock service’ masquerading, as My Holy Mass?  And what makes the mass, so sacred and holy?  I do, My children; but only when the mass, is valid.  What you have witnessed, is ‘an abomination’, in what was once My Church.  My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, has become nothing more than a ‘charade’, for some souls. 

He is no priest of Mine, but his ‘father’, is the devil

Is My priest, an entertainer?  If he is, he is a terrible one, and because he seeks to entertain, with full knowledge of the effects, for his actions and words, upon the people, then he is no priest of Mine, but his ‘father’, is the devil.  What sort of psychology or brainwashing, can be used?  With the guidance of the True Holy Spirit?   -None!   None, whatsoeverNo Life, can flow through, such, a lifeless man, as this.  Homosexuality, is not the only demon he embraces with full knowledge, but greed, envy, slander, and calumny.  These, are grievous offenses, My children, and these, are what I sent you to witness to, on top of all the other abominations you saw. 

“I am striking the priests”

How can My Healing Graces, and My Love, fraternal correction, and My Mercy, flow, to the people, when their representative, or pastor, is in the state of mortal sin – and with full knowledge?  This is why I told you “I am striking the priests”, for salvation of souls, is so much more important, than entertaining them all the way to Hell.  They are being sorely neglected, and the nourishment I seek to give them, is not, being given to them – is being knowingly and willingly withheld.  Therefore, these men, have only become obstacles, to My Graces, and to the validity of any mass.  Therefore, I am simply going to remove them, from their charge. 

There is so much poison at one ‘service’, that it is better not to attend at all.

Many, many churches will be closed.  It will be better, for My Elect that way.  There is so much poison, (and you both experienced this today) -there is so much poison at one ‘service’, that it is better not to attend at all.  What you experienced, was what My True Faithful Remnant Church, would experience, when faced with ‘the demon of an antichrist’, masquerading as ‘one of My Own’.  Those who fail to discern his lies, deceptions, and folly, do not fall under the title of My Elect, or Chosen Ones. 

The ‘abomination of desolation’… is people turning themselves, into ‘gods

But you My children, have discerned wisely, and, have brought down My Justice heavy, upon the priest, upon his parish, and upon this diocese. I have had enough of the freemasonic agenda, working, within what once was My Church, trying to take down My Sheep and turn them into goats.  But there is no excuse, the sheep are just as responsible: for they hear My voice and they know Me; and they follow Me out of ‘the antichrist churches’, into True Worship; and they flee the ‘abomination of desolation’ - which is people turning themselves, into ‘gods’.  

Playing with the H.A.A.R.P. machine…
will be instrumental, in destroying the Earth.
Thursday October 20, 2011
Jesus said: The ‘brake line’, will be fixed tomorrow, My children.  It will be an easy job.  I will bless the weather for part of the day, so it is more favorable to your needs.  For ultimately, I control the weather My children.  These ‘mad scientists’, can continue to use the H.A.A.R.P. machine, but they are only destroying nature’s natural resilience.  They are going to ‘push the weather beyond their control’, and it ‘will act against them’ and ‘not in their favor’.  Playing with the H.A.A.R.P. machine, to fire down at the Earth – to create ‘certain quakes’, in different areas, may seem like ‘a great scientific feat’.  All of the minds: put together, to defy nature, and to create destructive forces – will be instrumental, in destroying the Earth. 

They are ‘playing with fire’ … they will destroy themselves in the process.

They are ‘playing with fire’ My children – with molten magma.  They are the ones waking up ‘the Ring of Fire’.  But as I said, this will backfire upon them, and their games will come to an End, because nature can only be tampered with, for so long, before I permit it, ‘to bite back’ – ‘with a vengeance’.  They can not control the elements that I am ultimately in control of.  But all they can do, is influence the elements I have already created.  Instead of using this technology for good, they have chosen to use it for the evil one’s purposes; but, satan has no loyalty – Though they are on his team, taking his orders, to destroy nature’s natural course, they will destroy themselves in the process.

What the World wants now… to be ‘united as one’…
just like in Nazi Germany

Monday, October 24, 2011
Jesus said: What the World wants now My children, is ‘Global leadership’ – to be ‘united as one’, in the ‘spirit of the antichrist’In short, that is what the Vatican’s declaration is in response to.  The ‘horrors’ that you witnessed before, are about to become much worse – on a Global scale.  Think of the ‘Global awakening’ for the people, as a prelude, to My Great Warning – as the ‘false satanic catholic church’, begins to govern the people ‘with an iron fist’, making ‘harsh demands’ upon them, just like in Nazi Germany, and also China – as this begins to happen – before they can incorporate their whole plan, I will have My Great Warning experience, to protect My Faithful Remnant Church – from the deceits, now embraced by the ‘false satanic catholic church’.
The current pope of this modern church… 
has been poisoned, by ‘the freemason agenda’

Can I be in someone, or can My Holy Spirit dwell, within ‘a supposed leader’, who tolerates such abominations and such sins, against Me, and My Faithful Remnant Flock?   Can a kingdom divided against itself still standNo!  Therefore, the current pope of this modern church, shall fall and fall hard, for the wages of sin is death.  Even though he is seen as ‘a great leader’, just like his predecessor John Paul II, he is indeed nothing like him, any longer.  He has been poisoned, by ‘the freemason agenda’ now, ‘in full swing’ running, what once was My Church.  Oh there are still more “woes” to come. 

Chaos and anarchy, are about to consume almost the entire Planet

You are living in these Last Days My children, to witness, and to call down My Justice, upon all of My foes who will not repent.  Peace, and order must be restored, as chaos and anarchy, are about to consume almost the entire Planet.  Peace, is when souls will unite in the worship, of the True Son of God, repenting of all of their sins, and changing their ways for the good.

When their money becomes worthless

Once the anarchy and chaos ‘have broken out’ almost worldwide My children, when there is no food in the stores, when people are hungry and desperate, when their money becomes worthless, then they will beg their governments and their churches, for an answer.  ‘The answer’ has already been decided by the World leaders.  Whether the people agree or not – this will come to pass. 

Babies will be ‘claiming’, that he is indeed the messiah

The antichrist will set up his kingdom here on Earth, and he will be preached as a ‘good and holy’ man, from ‘the false prophet’.  People, will be told, that, I was never God nor claimed to be, and they will accept this non-sense, because – it will be forced upon their minds through brainwashing.  They will be told that I was just a prophet; but that the true messiah, had not arrived yet, and the people desperate, for a solution to their problems, will believe that the man claiming to be Christ is Me.  But only by tricks, deceptions and lies will he be able to deceive them, by holograph images, portrayed in their minds, they will believe what they see, as ‘true miracles from Heaven’.  Babies will be ‘claiming’, that he is indeed the messiah.  Toddlers will be rejoicing in his presence, as a sign to the people of his authenticity and kindness.  He will copy almost every miracle that I did – that has been recorded in scripture.  Remember, I only did three and a half years of public ministry, and so will he.  Healing the maim, the deaf, the mute, people will wonder at his works. 

My Faithful… that will be ‘left behind’

But My Faithful Remnant Church, that will be ‘left behind’, will see through his lies and his trickery, and by a signal grace from Heaven, they will be given a true glimpse of his colors.  This will be forever seared upon their minds and their hearts – until their Martyrdom, and I will remind them, of who I am, of who I was.  They will remember their faith, they will be drawn – into a deep solitude with Me, as they go to their death for Me.  And The Most High True God – the Eternal Father in Heaven, will rejoice exceedingly, at their sacrifice, for love of His Son.  The antichrist reign will be brief, and I will come with myriads of angels, and cast the evil one from his throne, down to the abyss, for I am the Lord Thy God, and thou shalt have no other ‘gods’ before Me.  This will be quite the rude awakening for most people, and a refreshment of Truth for My Faithful Remnant Followers.  Truly, My son, never has the Church needed her Pontiff as now.  The gates of Hell will not prevail against My very own. 

To get the people to vote for their own death… to say that the World is overpopulated

Tuesday, October 25. 2011
Jesus said:  What better way, to get the people to vote for their own death then to say that the World is overpopulated.  Increase and multiply, was My blessing upon all peoples.  And so the enemy wishes to do the opposite, by getting people to focus on depopulation.  Look at all the abortions that are going on My children.  Look at all the wars and the killing.  Look at the movies and books and CD's people entertain themselves with – not to mention violent and crime filled video games. See the world is desensitized to death.  They will be told that the weak must die for the sake of the strong and “mercy killings”, will become legalized and rampant in society.  Forced mandatory abortions are coming as well.

They call themselves “pro-choice”…  But soon they will realize, they have indeed been working for the wrong team

The women have their rights now, to choose life or death, for their little one, for their baby.  But the time is coming when they shall have no choice.  They call themselves “pro-choice” as of now but soon they will realize, they have indeed been working for the wrong team; and they will be the ones who are sacrificed and their child’s future, ‘for the sake of society’, for the ‘good of humanity’. How can mankind be good without Me my children?  People with common sense and reason can see through the façade the government puts in front of them.  But common sense and reason are very scarce even now, and soon, there will be none left.  I am going to allow humanity to turn on itself. 

Guardian Angels… soon they will be ‘called away’

Guardian Angels are given to souls as a gift from above, but soon they will be ‘called away’.  Humanity’s own ruthlessness has brought this upon themselves.  I am still there for My elect – My chosen ones, My faithful Remnant Church.  But see what happens to society as a whole, when laws are enforced by man’s unconscionable heart.  I will never forsake, nor forget My very own.  But those who have rejected Me for so long, will have a deep price to pay.  Heavy will be their ‘cross of martyrdom’, or ‘treason against the faith’.  You are seeing things rapidly unfolding in front of you as ‘history repeats itself’ once again; and a new evil and Nazi regime, is about to take, their command post.  No one will be able to withstand these times, unless they are rooted in Me.  For this is how wicked this generation has become and is becoming

Your days of living in the van are coming to an end…

Sunday, November 13, 2011
Jesus said: I am keeping you both, at a steady pace, in order for you to be out of here by the end of the month.  The next place you are going to is an apartment – just a small one.  You will be quite cosy there, I assure you.  Your days of living in the van are coming to an end, at least for now.  With the colder weather approaching, you are going to be needing better lodging than this - with warm showers, and a stronger roof over your heads, to shield you both from the elements. 

All the enemy can do is vent… with his hundred year reign, now ceasing

Trust, that I will continue to provide for the both of you.  Have no worries or concerns; for just as I provided for the people out in the desert, throughout all of history – provided for all those who put their faith and trust in Me, just as I did this to them - so will I do to you.  A thousand favors, have been placed upon you.  Though the world is cursing you, no harm will come to the both of you.  If all the enemy can do is vent, then the battle, is almost over.  With his hundred year reign, now ceasing, he doesn’t have much to do; but, to express his rage and anger, towards what he has lost.  While at the same time Heaven is rejoicing, at what has been gained by his current defeat.

Sometimes I permit the enemy of souls… to offer… many things

Sunday, December 4, 2011
Jesus said: This, was a test My child, and you have passed it.  Sometimes I permit the enemy of souls, as ugly as he is, to approach a person’s interior life, to offer them many things of this world: fame, fortune, and lots of popularity with the people.  But these tests, are for the purpose of finding out, the true character of a soul, so that the soul is informed, of where they stand, and so are the people around them. 

The devil… has approached each of the candidates for presidency

The devil has come in many different colors My children, and has approached each of the candidates for presidency, and has offered them all: large sums of money.  Why?  Only to step down, as being a viable candidate.  Because they, already know who they want My children, to run for president and to win. 

Ron Paul… will not accept, the large sums of money, that they, have offered him

Ron Paul has become a thorn in their side, because he will not accept, the large sums of money, that they, have offered him to step down.  You see My children with My anointing upon him, he is not running the race, necessarily because he wants to, but because he has a fire in his heart that cannot be put out. He is running, for the Presidency.  My Hand is on him so that My Will be done My children; not the enemy of souls’. He is disinterested in fame and fortune, and only seeks to gain popularity with the people, so he can win. But, it is not about a secret agenda, or hidden life, with him.  And he has been completely forthcoming, with the people, on where he stands on all issues

He has become, ‘a beacon of light’ to the nations

The benefit he has My children, is that he has never switched sides, but is the same authentic person he was, forty years ago.  But he has become smarter with time, relying less on the press, but by making his own voice heard – through alternative streams of media.  He has become, ‘a beacon of light’ to the nationsBut, will they choose himThat is the question.  When I extend My Mercy, people have a chance, to turn it away; or they can embrace Me, and embrace the Truth in order to live.  There are not many choices involved, and only one, will determine the course of history. 
My Angel stands with his sword ‘unsheathed’
Sunday December 18, 2011 (Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Jesus said:  Remember, I told you I sent My Angel out there, with a sword.  This was My Angel of Death.  Shortly thereafter My children, the enemy, working through the President with his consent, has signed away the Constitution, and has put into place, as a substitute and ‘rule of law’, “the patriot act” and “national defense act”.  These things have come about because, of My Judgement upon North America.  When he will fully enforce these, is to be determined.  The ‘One World People’, are simply ‘setting the stage’ with these bills, for a complete takeover of North America.  My Angel stands with his sword ‘unsheathed’, ready to carry out My Commands My children, which are above the commands of the President. 

My Holy Angels… are now marking the foreheads

While all of these “rules and laws” are being passed on a physical level, My Holy Angels are also at work, and they are now marking the foreheads, of men and women and children, who will be saved during this coming Tribulation, versus the ones who have ‘sold out’.  This seal, is permanent, and can not be undone. 

It is as though… the Soviets have invaded North America

The call to the caves and refuges, is coming very quickly upon My people, and they must be ready to answer the call.  These prayer intentions+, are the tools necessary, to prepare the ‘One World People’, for their utter destruction and end, and to prepare My people for their glorious victory, over the antichrist and regime.  It is as though Hitler has ‘taken to power’ once again, and the Soviets have invaded North America.  Instead of using bombs My children, their ‘weapon of choice’, was simply psychological, social and biological warfare.  With these tools they intend on taking command of the entire nation. 

The Announcement of My Second Coming

But I do have some wild cards that they are not fully expecting.  They may have part of the truth but not all of it.  They do not know that when My Two Witnesses ‘enter the scene’, things will change drastically.  They do not know that just as the enemy wields power in the antichrist, so do My Two Witnesses, wield ‘Power from on High’, to silence the demons, and the evil ones of this era; to suffer not physical death but an interior agony which is comparable to it; to not be ‘hidden’ forever, but to be publicly announced, as the announcement of My Second Coming – to the World: for as this happens, the ‘Spirit of Elijah and Moses’ will enter into them, and they will preach, and do wonders, throughout the nations.  But most importantly: will call down My Justice upon the antichrist and his entire kingdom; will make war with the antichrist and his followers and win; will declare to the nations the true identity of the antichrist; and will tell the people not to worship him – for he, is ‘a fraud’, and ‘a manipulator of the masses’.

My Plan is being revealed

You see My children, this is ‘one part of the puzzle’ that you have not seen coming, and which I could not show you, and My Plan is being revealed at the same time, the antichrist and the ‘One World People’ are revealing theirs.  I could not tell you about this ‘public ministry’ in full, as you were not ready to receive all of the truth; but you are ‘coming out’ – coming out of hiding. The assailants will have no way of getting to the both of you, just as I promised before: no bullets, no weapons of war will be able to harm you in any way, for I give you both the gift of ‘true strength in Me’, and the gift of ‘Holy Invincibility'.  There is such a thing My children; and I make you now ‘Holy Invincible’ to all your enemies and foes. 

You are ‘My Two Aces’, the Third ‘Ace’ is R.P.

No one can harm you in any given way, and no occult powers can crush you any longer.  You are ‘My Two Aces’, the Third ‘Ace’ is R.P. – but the ‘One World People’ have not decided what to do with him yet.  I tell you that I will protect him from any ‘attempted assassination plots’.  'Not a hair of his head’ will be harmed either.  Just as I have strengthened the both of you so too will I strengthen him.  But concerning the election, I will not give that away.  The Holy Spirit will reveal to you both even more revelations, for you are ‘in the midst of them’.  You will know when your public ministry begins; just as you knew to come here to be in hiding, so too will you know when to go out into the public.
+ “prayer intentions” used here is referring to the ones offered by The Two Witnesses each day as they intercede on behalf of The Faithful Remnant and on behalf of all souls on the face of the Earth.
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
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Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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