The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.25 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.
The Interior Life
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)
“For nothing is hidden that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light.”
“See the ‘End Time Prophecies’ being fulfilled, in front of you.  Watch them unfold, now, quicker than ever before.  Continue to listen to the Holy Spirit in your interior lives, and focus on the Truth; for so much of the world, is focused on falsehoods.”

Be mindful and break away from sin
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
“Think of your interior thoughts, as always communicating with Me.  There are some things that you should avoid speaking to Me about”
“Many people have forgotten about their ‘interior lives’, and believe that ‘what’s on the outside counts the most’ before Me.  But no, I say to you both: I look in: the furthest depths of man’s being; I know each individual human - on every level, through and through.  I can help them find joy and true happiness, by renouncing their current sinful lifestyle, and all the evils of today’s World.” 
“Remember this, My children: all the technology in the World, is no more powerful than a flea, upon a dog’s back, if you stay focused on Me, in your interior lives.  Tune-out, to what the World presents to you, and tune-in more, to what I am asking of you both in each moment.  That is the secret to winning this battle.”
“And what are they embracing in their interior lives?  It is the same everywhere My children: utter grotesqueness in their hearts and souls, for again this province has forsaken Me, and how can it truly live, and how can this province truly thrive, without My internal graces, feeding them?”
“Sometimes I permit the enemy of souls, as ugly as he is, to approach a person’s interior life, to offer them many things of this world: fame, fortune, and lots of popularity with the people.  But these tests, are for the purpose of finding out, the true character of a soul, so that the soul is informed, of where they stand, and so are the people around them.”
“The devil is angry and so are his cohorts – at all of the revelations being poured out upon the both of you.  But do not let that deter you from speaking the Truth even more boldly – even to each other: admonishing one another, with love, in love and through love.  Now is not the time to fall asleep spiritually; but to be fully awake in your interior lives – even as you rest during the night, for the devil and the occult world never sleep.  Be on guard.  Watch and pray always.”
“All, I need you to do is say “yes” in every moment in your interior life, and I will do the rest.  I am not asking you to do ‘anything big’, outside My strength; but it is ‘big’ when a soul decides to cooperate, with the many graces being poured.  I am asking you to be one of those souls, as I am speaking – directly to your heart through this message; and you can feel the power in the words to transform.”
“The more Truth you receive and allow to transform you, the more, you are closely-united with Me; but the more you reject, the Truths that have been revealed, the more you reject Me.  Nothing is hidden, before Me, for I can see, everything you choose, in your interior life; and I ask you to make choices that are most pleasing to Me.”
“Just as Elisha left everything behind, to follow after Elijah; just as My disciples left everything behind to follow after Me; I expect all of My pastors, ministers and priests, to do the same thing – in their interior lives’.”
“Repent in your hearts in sackcloth and in ashes.  Hear the Word which I give to you this day, so that, you may live in your ‘interior lives’.  For though you walk around proclaiming My Name, and doing all sorts of “wonderful deeds” in My Name, I do not know you!  For sin creates a wedge, between Me and your souls.” 


I know your interior lives better than anyone else.”  
“I said also: that I would give a new Counselor, instead, of souls being counseled, by ‘the enemy, in their interior lives.  I promised to send them My True Holy Spirit – if they would listen attentively to My Words – and do all that I said.  Because in doing so, they would prove their love for Me.” 
“For the benefit, of mankind - I have put, My Testimony, online, My children… There is no excuse - for anyone, not to read, when they have ‘stumbled upon it’.  They say to themselves: “There are language barriers.” But I say to them: Use a translator (to translate it into their own language) - they can do this My children. I hear people say: “This is not my god! - My god would not talk so harshly - to his people! This is a very harsh, and strict God – not the one I worship!” And also they say: “My god, is compassion, and love: love, love, love.” These are the things I hear people say in their interior lives My children – to excuse them from reading, My website.”

Listen I am standing at the door knocking
Ernesto is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Behold, I send, My messenger [- Pope Peter the Last], to prepare your hearts, and souls, for what is coming to the Face of the Earth! – and, what is here, now.  But you will not receive him.  Because he was sent: by Me.  You do not know him.  But, he knows Me.  And I have sent him, to you, with messages, after messages, after messages – with the truth, to proclaim, to all the nationsHe acknowledges Me as Lord and King – of the Universe!  But you people, do not: recognize, your Creator.  Because you will not listen, to My words. 
“I have searched, the Face of the Earthall hearts, at once: and have determined, the best, use, of My word; the best language, that can be spoken, ‘the language of the True Holy Spirit’ - in the moment’.  I have made it so that you are ‘without excuse’.”  
“But those who ‘pretend’ to be My disciples’ are many – as they do ‘hear the Word’ – in their ‘interior lives’, and they preach it from their pulpits and their churches; but they will not ‘do’!  These, are: ‘the Pharisees’ and ‘the Sadducees’ – of ‘this time’.”
“In the time, that I spent, in the tomb – in the cave, covered by a rock, My soul, was in ‘a certain place’, where ‘all of the souls of the Just’, would bebefore the Lord was Resurrected.  And in this place, it was though, I was being ‘continually purified in my interior life’ – so that when Our Lord resurrected me; so that, when he ‘raised me up’, I would be better, than I was before I died. This is an allegory.  For souls that choose ‘to die to themselves’ – Our Lord has promised Eternal Life.  To souls, that would choose ‘to lose their lives in this World’ – for His sake, He has promised Eternal Life.”
“What the devil, ‘tries to do’, and is successful unfortunately (- a lot of the time): he tries to stop people, from ‘desiring to become Saints - from desiring ‘holiness’; and he seeks to scare them, in their ‘interior lives’, that they will be ‘attacked by him’ – if they persevere ‘in closeness to their Creator.  But this is not so! - for the Lord will protect those – who abide in Him; and ‘the attacks’ will feel like ‘fleas’, if their focus, is on Him.  But as Elijah said, when he came to the both of you, “there are so many distractions”! – so that people, do not embrace, ‘reality’.”
Sodom was filled with much wealth, and they had ‘the greenest pastures’ – with which ‘to graze my sheep’. But, ‘immoral acts’, were committed openlyall around the city.  These people did not ‘try to hide’, their ‘sinful, intentions’. .. For, ‘such, evil’! and ‘pervasiveness – of sin’! - was ‘all around me’ I became ‘desensitized’ – to wickedness; and my ‘interior life’, started to change.  I knew, at that time, that I was in ‘a bad state’.  And I feared, for my family – for my wife and daughters.  For my daughters, grew up, in ‘a most sinful environment’; and they were even ‘engaged, - to be married’!   But I knew ‘the secrets’, of those mens hearts… And I ‘cried out to the Lord’, to help me ‘break free’ – from ‘the chains, of sin’! – of living in such a sinful place! – where every Commandment was broken; where every Law, of the Lord, that was in my heart, was ‘spat upon’ – by others.” 
(-Lot, Saturday, December 15, 2012)


Purification one of the greatest gifts from heaven
Lilly is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Jesus said: YES, ‘SPIRITUAL purification’, IS, ‘ONE of the GREATEST Gifts’ – that MY FAITHFUL REMNANT Church, have ‘the OPPORTUNITY’, to PARTAKE of.  You SEE, there are ‘DIFFERENT LEVELS’, of HEAVEN – and EACH level, IS ‘DEPENDENT UPON’, HOW MUCH LOVE, I, have POURED INTO, that INDIVIDUAL – which MEANS, HOW much, have THEY, ‘EMPTIED themselves’, of THIS life – so that I can FILL them! – with HEAVENLY Gifts, and BLESSINGS.  It ISN’T, about just, ‘MAKING IT through the DOOR, of Heaven’ – BUT, My FAITHFUL REMNANT Followers, are CALLED, to STRIVE, to LIVE, the FULLNESS! – of the Era of Peace, IN, their, INTERIOR Lives!  RIGHT Now, MANY of them, are ‘JUST experiencing’, a SAMPLE, of what ‘the STATE, of BEING, in HEAVEN, is really LIKE’.  The DIFFERENCE, between, ‘where My SAINTS are now’, and ‘where My FAITHFUL Remnant, are’ – is that My SAINTS, have FINISHED, their purification – and THEY, are enjoying, ‘ETERNAL Bliss’ – ALWAYS!  BUT, My FAITHFUL Remnant, STILL, will go through ‘TRIALS’, TRIBULATIONS, DISCOMFORTS, INCONVENIENCES, PROBLEMS, HURDLES, and even ‘MOUNTAINS’ – ALL this, is for their ‘EDIFICATION’; ALL this is for their ‘spiritual GROWTH’.  EVERY, ‘ADVERSITY and Trial’, that I allow, My FAITHFUL Remnant Followers, to go THROUGH, they have TWO choices – in FRONT of them: to GROW, and become STRONGER – IN Me; OR, to LET the TRIAL, or ‘the ADVERSITY’, to CRUSH them.  THAT is WHY, there ARE, ‘no PLATEAUS’ – in the SPIRITUAL life.  My Faithful REMNANT – THEY are called to keep CLIMBING!  AND, SOMETIMES, the ROCKS, will give WAY – and even some ‘BOULDERS’ will come – RUMBLING, down, the mountain.  So, My Faithful REMNANT, must, be LISTENING – ALWAYS – to the True Holy SPIRIT – so they KNOW what to DO – when those ‘ROCKS’, start FALLING. (-September 09, 2015)

Jesus said: The ATTITUDE, I am ASKING, 'My TRUE DISCIPLES', to HAVE - IS, "HOW have I failed?" And "HOW can I do better?"  Does THIS MEAN, they are CALLED, to simply, 'turn INWARDS, and FOCUS, on their FAILURES'?  No.  They are SIMPLY called, to ACKNOWLEDGE, their failings; REPENT; and ASK for the corresponding GRACES; and MOVE ON with their day!  THAT is ALL, I am ASKING!  BUT! - there is 'a STRONG TEMPTATION', to STOP growing! - and, to be "COMPLACENT" - in, their interior lives.  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT, EVENTUALLY - IF ignored, long ENOUGH - WILL simply, 'LEAVE them'.  (-July 28, 2016) 

How to get custody of your thoughts

It’s EASY!  Just CHOOSE to STOP THINKING about people; and simply FOCUS, on your CREATOR INSTEAD! YOU decide ‘where your thoughts go!’  OR, you can ‘allow, the ENEMY, to steer them’ – but then that ALWAYS ends, in disaster!   You SIMPLY need to “CHOOSE” more.  Don’t “GO with the FLOW of things”; but CHOOSE, to be productive, with EVERY ‘MOMENT’ you have been GIVEN.  Because every MOMENT, you HAVE, is ‘a GIFT’ – from your CREATOR.  So LISTEN to Him – IN the moment – TELL you – through “infused KNOWLEDGE”, WHAT you need to do NEXT.  But this is not “PHILOSOPHY class”; this is not, “IDEALISTIC THINKING”.  YOU, simply need to APPLY, the TRUTHS, that have been SHARED – PRACTICALLY, to your life.  BEING a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, does NOT mean “you stop THINKING”; it MEANS, you THINK – the way your CREATOR wants you to think.   EVERYONE outside the Ark – their ‘THINKING’, is UPSIDE-down, and BACKWARDS.  So, as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, the THINKING, methods – and the WAYS that your Creator, is ASKING you, to LIVE – are GOING to SEEM, ‘like the complete OPPOSITE’, of what everyone ELSE is living – because it IS! “the complete opposite”.  You HAVE to GO “AGAINST the tide”; you HAVE to swim “UPSTREAM”, while EVERYONE else swims ‘down’.  It is GOING to be ‘a BATTLE’; but WELL-worth it! – “the PRIZE”, in the END. (November 10, 2016 update) 

Why is the interior life so important?

The TESTIMONY, TEACHES, 'HOW one is called to LIVE' - in the Sight of the Most High TRUE God at ALL times.  But the CREATOR, LOOKS upon, 'your HEART', and 'your INTERIOR LIFE', and your INTERIOR thoughts, and your INTERIOR choices(May 10, 2017 update) 
Important afterthought: And SO, there is NOTHING to HIDE!   Or rather... there is NOTHING, you CAN hide! - from "YOUR Just Judge", that is.
Seek to be close, to the TRUE Jesus
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

What are you supposed to do, when you don't EXPERIENCE the Most High True God's PRESENCE in your INTERIOR life?
SOMETIMES, you won't HAVE, 'that interior CONSOLATION', of 'EXPERIENCING the Most High True God's PRESENCE, in your INTERIOR life' - and THAT is when He wants YOU, to 'seek HIM out' - to seek "CLOSENESS, with HIM".  If YOU want to 'experience TRUE Joy, TRUE Peace, and TRUE Love!' - then you will seek, to LOVE, "SELFLESSLY" - out of LOVE for your CREATOR.  And, your CREATOR, will draw, you 'CLOSER to HIM'.  THAT is 'how it WORKS!'  And when the Most High TRUE God, 'WITHHOLDS, the CONSOLATIONS' - THAT is simply, because HE wants to SEE, 'what YOU are going to do, WITH the Gift of your Free-WILL'.  Are YOU, going to CHOOSE to CONTINUE? - to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE HIM? - EVEN, without receiving 'ANYTHING', in return? - as in, "NO immediate satisfaction"; OR, are you GOING to 'turn INWARDS'? - to your FEELINGS? - when you do not HAVE, 'His CONSOLATIONS'?   (June 22, 2017 update)
Have you ever been "a victim of bad THOUGHTS"?
What YOU, "passively, allow, into your HEART, and into your MIND" - you are FULLY responsible for! - BEFORE your Creator.  So, you are NOT "a VICTIM, of bad THOUGHTS"!  You are CHOOSING, to EMBRACE, 'bad thoughts' - and REFUSING, to TURN, to JESUS, Christ the LORD - so that, He can take them FROM you, and 'CAST them far AWAY', into the Lake of Fire.   YOU! - do not have, ANY! - authority, or power, over the evil spirits.  BUT, your CREATOR - has 'the POWER to deliver you' - IF! - YOU, are seeking HIM, with 'True HUMILITY'.  And so YOU need to reject, 'the VICTIM SPIRIT', AND, the spirits of 'ANGER, hatred, BITTERNESS, resentment, UNFORGIVENESS, and wrath'. And, you need to, ASK for the Grace, of the INDWELLING of the Blessed Trinity, in your SOUL; And ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE to share, "INSIGHTS, from the True Holy SPIRIT", instead.  (June 26, 2017 update)

Have you been turning outwards and UPWARDS to your CREATOR when you pray?

If, YOU don't "BELIEVE", the Most High TRUE God is hearing your PRAYERS - then why SHOULD He!  If you simply 'REFUSE to practice FAITH in HIM' - and instead 'choose to turn INWARDS'? - WHAT kind of "PARTING Gifts", are YOU going to be LEFT with?  You NEED to'clean up your INTERIOR life' - and STOP allowing the DEMONS 'INSIDE'.  And you NEED, to BEG the Most High True God to DELIVER you - and to FILL you with GRACES.  THIS is "a REAL, spiritual BATTLE" that you are IN.  And the Most High TRUE GOD? - IS! - DISCIPLINING, His Faithful REMNANT.  (July 20, 2017 update)

Have you been actively shunning wicked thoughts?

And SO you had "a crash course in AUTOPILOT"!  And so you need to RECOGNIZE, how 'going on AUTOPILOT, in your INTERIOR LIFE'? - EVENTUALLY manifests, in your EXTERIOR life.  If you DON'T 'get the reins on your INTERIOR life' - and start, 'CHOOSING, what you're going to THINK ABOUT, and FOCUS on'... the DEMONS will do it FOR you!  THEY will 'steer your INTERIOR life' - AWAY! - from your Creator; and towards BLASPHEMY - if you LET them! - IF you consent, to THEIR demonic inspirations.  If YOU stop 'SHUNNING wicked THOUGHTS'? - more of them COME!  And then it is 'a SNOWBALL effect'; and it can't be STOPPED, until the Most High TRUE God, DIRECTLY intervenes.  So it is MUCH better, to FOCUS, on USING your INTERIOR life, to draw CLOSER to your Creator; rather than simply, 'HANDING the controls over to the DEMONS, to steer you AWAY, from Him'.  It's YOUR choice.  (August 04, 2017 update)

Are you SURE that you aren't hiding "a secret ROOM in your INTERIOR life"?

WE invite you, to 'search your SOUL' - and, FIND out what "satanic resolutions", you MADE, in your INTERIOR life?  What "PACTS", did you make? - with the devil - on HOW, you were going to BEHAVE, and what you were going to HIDE.   It's "TIME to lose the WICKEDNESS".  You CAN'T HAVE, 'a SECRET ROOM', in your SOUL - where you make "PACTS, with the DEVIL", and he GIVES you, "satanic HIGHS".  You NEED to turn to your CREATOR and ask Him to "BURN all those secret ROOMS to the GROUND" - and BEG Him to RESTORE, your TRUE identity, to you.  Because, HE knows you, BETTER, than you know YOURSELF.  You NEED to, TURN to the Most High TRUE God, and ASK Him, to RESTORE to you, 'the DESIRE, to PURIFY, and to become GOOD and Holy and PLEASING in His Sight' - on the INSIDE as WELL.  The "hard TRUTH" is, that you can't HAVE, "TWO! - masters!"  CHOOSE.  (September 21, 2017 update) 
The Best Time to be a live and uncomfortable
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been choosing to WALK with Jesus Christ the Lord in your INTERIOR life?

ONE thing you are called to REMEMBER, in "your daily WALK", WITH Jesus Christ the Lord - is that you're CALLED to walk, 'WITH' Jesus Christ the LORD - in your INTERIOR life; and to seek to do EVERYTHING, in complete UNITY, WITH His True Holy SPIRIT.  But you CAN'T DO that, if you're "identifying with the STRUGGLES - OTHERS are embracing" - and if you are "CHOOSING, to IDENTIFY, as being weak". (October 11, 2017 update) 

Are the Two Witnesses Here "to police the INTERIOR life" of all those who WRITE them?

We are not HERE "to police your INTERIOR life"; but THAT is what 'your DEMONS!' - want us to do - to SPIRITUALLY, and EMOTIONALLY EXHAUST ourselves! (November 28, 2017 update)

Have you been tempted to embrace BROODING as "a good"

The DEMONS want to LEAD you, "into the pit"; and they want you to BROOD, so that you can ONLY experience, Hell in your interior life.  And that is something that you have learned to see as "normal".  You need to know that"BROODING" is "a SELF-destructive way to cope with ADVERSITY, or uncomfortable TRUTH" - and it is actually what the PHARISEES did, as 'an ALTERNATIVE to receiving JESUS, and what He had to SAY'.  And so you need to know, that it is NOT a virtue, at ALL! - but rather, the complete opposite - no matter HOW the demons may tempt you, to embrace it as "a good".  And SO, what you need to FOCUS on, is 'turning to your CREATOR' - in each and every moment - as "a way of LIFE" - and that SIMPLY means, 'UNITING everything you DO, WITH Him; and DESIRING, HIS Will, to be accomplished'.  LIFE, is TOO short!  TIME, is TOO short! - to SPEND it, on OBSESSION, and BROODING, over SITUATIONS, and problems. Your CREATOR - HAS 'the SOLUTION', to EVERY adversity. You SIMPLY need to admit that "you DON'T have the answer but He DOES!" - and WAIT for it.  And TIME will just fly BY.  And YOU will be "on the right track". (December 21, 2017 update) 

Let the testimony calm the storm
Carmel is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been examining your CONSCIENCE daily?

THIS is 'how you're called to THINK!' - It's CALLED, "TRUE spiritual VISION, and DISCERNMENT".  When you seek 'the TRUTH'! - then the TRUE Holy SPIRIT REVEALS to you, 'WHAT is in fact going ON'.  Of course there ARE, 'ALL kinds of WAYS', to SPECULATE!  And there are DIFFERENT ways, and VIEWPOINTS to look at ANY situation.  But the TRUE Holy Spirit, IS the one - who LIFTS the fog, so that you can CLEARLY see! - in the LIGHT, of Truth. Now the Question IS - DO you want to see, the TRUTH?  Do you DESIRE? - that "the old YOU", would be "eternally FORGOTTEN"?  Do you desire to be "the NEW you"?   Do you want, the Creator of the UNIVERSE to 'do EVERYTHING for you!' - as you just "RATTLE off, some PRAYERS - with VERY little HEART"?  Know that "the MEASURE you give to your CREATOR" is the MEASURE you will receive BACK from Him.  And that is one REASON - WHY He said, "It is better to GIVE, than to RECEIVE" - because in GIVING - you are 'choosing to be SELFLESS'; but in RECEIVING ONLY? - you are choosing to be SELFISH.  Understand?   We are COUNSELING you - to HELP you! - to overcome, "the WICKEDNESS".  We KNOW that YOU believe - in, the TRUE Holy Spirit - MOVING through the Testimony and through our COUNSEL; You NEED to SIMPLY - RECOGNIZE - that YOU! - are "a CREATURE, in NEED! - of your CREATOR".  RECOGNIZE that "YOU are responsible, for your INWARD choices" - NOT just, 'your EXTERIOR choices'.  Because the CREATOR looks at the HEART! - and He LOOKS at 'the MOVEMENTS of the heart' - and the MOTIVES of the heart.  And that's where YOU'RE called, to look as WELL - when you look at YOURSELF - and be HONEST!  DESIRE to be honest and the GRACE will be there.  (February 03, 2018 update) 

When you notice that your perceptions are CHANGING?

When you FIND that 'your perceptions are CHANGING'? - and that 'your INTERIOR life, is being pulled DOWNWARDS' - as IF "by some INVISIBLE FORCE"? - you need to RECOGNIZE 'that', as "DEMONS", trying to 'drag you BACK', to your FORMER, life - and 'your FORMER way of THINKING'.  There are 'many PEOPLE!' - OUT there, who ARE! - 'SACRIFICING, THEMSELVES!' - to, the devil - ON a daily basis.  And, "the FORMERS", are CONTINUALLY! - 'offering SACRIFICES', TO, the devil - ESPECIALLY, during "this lenten SEASON". [February 14 - March 29; with Easter Sunday 2018 being on "April FOOLS day"]  For "LENT", HAS indeed BEGUN.  And MANY of them, will be FASTING, and perhaps even "FLOGGING themselves" - in order, to "APPEASE, THEIR god" - so that, 'the FAITHFUL REMNANT' return TO them.  But HERE is a call for ENDURANCE - AND, perseverance! - "on the NARROW Path".  JUST because 'the enemy OFFERS you "a buffet of EVILS", in your INTERIOR life' - DOESN'T mean you're called to CONSENT to them, when HE 'comes knocking at your door'.  So - you CAN'T HAVE, "two MASTERS"!  Either, Jesus Christ the LORD, is your Master - AND your friend!  OR the DEVIL! - is "your master, AND your friend".  What, 'YOU are experiencing' - is your 'INTERIOR life being yoked, to your FORMERS'!  THEY can only 'GROW in hatred', TOWARDS your Vocation, in the Remnant - AND, towards the Testimony; and everything "GOOD, HOLY and PURE", that your CREATOR, is doing.  Know THIS! - it is 'the DEVIL', who seeks to DEFILE, "the Temple of the LORD".  He ALREADY 'defiled' [- and "deVILED"], the INSTITUTION - through 'PEOPLE who were WILLING, to WORK for him' - and for 'HIS satanic LIBERAL agenda'.  And so, HE has ALREADY "finished the INSTITUTION off".  AND he has "FINISHED off" the PEOPLE WITHIN the institution - if they AREN'T "the Faithful Remnant to be".  And NOW! - he IS 'turning his ATTENTION', to "the hearts, of the REMNANT"! - as, HE want 'to CONQUER!' - the True Roman Catholic FAITH - as he BOASTED of, TO, Jesus Christ the Lord.  And now EVEN though 'his 100 year reign' has ENDED - and the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith still STANDS - do you THINK he's going to "give UP"? - EVEN though 'his END' has been FORETOLD, from SINCE the BEGINNING?  HE has, "UNHOLY perseverance".  And, "the FORMERS" are 'drawing from the DEVIL'S, strength" - WHICH is "his pride".  THEREFORE - to 'CUT yourself off', FROM "your formers", AND the devil - COMPLETELY - YOU, as a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant, need to 'CLING, to TRUE Humility, and to the WORDS, of your SAVIOR - in the TESTIMONY' - FOR dear LIFE!  PUT "CONFIDENCE" - in your CREATOR'S Words!  FOR the enemy, only HAS, 'as much POWER, OVER you!' - as you choose to GIVE him. Pick UP, 'the SHIELD of Faith', AND 'the Sword of TRUTH', and "STAY on GUARD!" - and LIVE. (February 21, 2018 update)  

Are you ready to STOP being comfortable in your sins?

The REASON  you are finding it 'DIFFICULT, to discern your INTERIOR life' - is because you're FALLING into 'the TRAP, of THINKING ABOUT, and WONDERING, how people SEE you - how "PEOPLE", perceive you?' - and that is called "SPIRITUAL RESIDUE from your OLD life" - because in 'your old LIFE' - you were TAUGHT! - to 'PLEASE OTHERS' - like 'that was some kind of VIRTUE'.  And now in 'your NEW life' you're being TOLD - to 'PLEASE the Most High TRUE God - FIRST!'  And 'THAT', often, RESULTS, in 'MAKING people UNCOMFORTABLE'.  It is TIME! - to CONSOLE, the Most High True GOD.  It is time, to 'trade your desire to be COMFORTABLE in SIN' - for 'your DESIRE to be COMFORTABLE, having the INDWELLING of the True Holy SPIRIT'.  Because He IS called, "the Great COMFORTER". (February 26, 2018 update)  

Do you have a LITANY of TRUTHS from the Testimony that you are REFUSING to apply?

If you REFUSE to allow your INTERIOR life to be TRANSFORMED by the Truth - then what good is it, to you? You need to know, that right now, there are TENS of THOUSANDS of people, around the world, attending THEOLOGICAL schools - who could put together a list of "THEOLOGICAL observations", and read that list aloud, in front of a camera, in a video.  But that doesn't make THEM, "PLEASING in the Eyes of their Creator" - or "wise", either.  You need to lose your DEMONS, and to stop identifying with them.  Because the DEMONS know that same "THEOLOGICAL LIST".  But the demons can't "FOLLOW, their CREATOR" - because, THEY stubbornly chose, "REBELLION". And so, YOU can't follow your Creator, WITH the demons you still stubbornly embrace. (see Jude 1:8-16)  (March 05, 2018 update) 

What happens when you stop 'FILTERING' what you allow IN to your INTERIOR life?

WHAT happens, when you pour WELL water and SEWAGE water, into a glass?...  It STINKS! And so the BIGGEST problem you have, is that you 'take IN!' - the evils around you - as WELL as, 'take IN! - the words of the TESTIMONY'.  But you CAN'T, do that for LONG, before you actually 'BURST!' (March 05, 2018 update) 


Worldy Approval or Divine Love
Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Have you been experiencing DESOLATION in your INTERIOR life?
What you need to DO is TRADE 'your DESIRE, to RECEIVE, LOVE, from the WORLD, and from OTHERS' - and, INSTEAD, ask for the Grace, to desire to LOVE, your CREATOR - with your ENTIRE being.  BECAUSE, people are IN 'such a POOR state' - they do NOT have 'LOVE, for their CREATOR'; but, that LOVE has been "snuffed OUT" - by 'a DESIRE, to be AFFIRMED, in satanic affirmation', by OTHERS.  And SO - what YOU are experiencing, is 'your CREATOR allowing YOU, to, be DESOLATE in your INTERIOR life' - because of 'YOUR desire, to receive WORLDLY approval'.  And so He is SHOWING you, that "WORLDLY APPROVAL", will leave you 'EMPTY' - filled with HATRED - because THAT'S, 'what the PEOPLE, are FILLED with'.  So you DO not want to receive 'ANYTHING', from those, OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety. It is MUCH better, to be 'filled with your CREATOR'S Love, and to GIVE! - of His Love, FREELY!  Than it IS, to RECEIVE, 'the FRUITS of THIS world' - and that is "ANGER, hatred, BITTERNESS, resentment, UNFORGIVENESS and WRATH"(Excerpt from March 06, 2018 update) 

Joy in Coming Clean
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been going through a LOT of UNCERTAINTIES in your INTERIOR Life?

You MUST be going through 'a LOT of UNCERTAINTIES' in your INTERIOR Life.  And we KNOW that 'much LEAD IS coming to the surface'.  But, YOU simply need to RECOGNIZE, that, it is "LEAD" - meant to be "whisked OFF", the top of your SOUL - as FAST as POSSIBLE!  So that YOU can be 'PURIFIED even MORE', OF your old LIFE.  And then SIMPLY turn to Jesus Christ the LORD - and ask HIM "to re-CREATE you". Because, He most DEFINITELY, IS! - Shepherding you! - through His TRUE Holy SPIRIT - IN as much as you DESIRE to be "Shepherded, BY Him".  But HE does not want you to be "ANXIOUS", or "WORRIED", about ANYTHING! But simply, to place 'all your CARES', in His HANDS! - AS, you do 'YOUR part!' - to make "YOUR cross LIGHTER" - because it takes 'COOPERATION!'  The Most High TRUE God, desires, to HELP, His True CHILDREN!  BUT! - THEY! - must be WILLING, to do 'THEIR part' as WELL.  Because, it is 'a RELATIONSHIP' - based on, 'YOUR complete DEPENDENCE, on your CREATOR' - to HELP you, with your spiritual growth and HEALING.  And YOU! - in TURN - spread His KINGDOM'! - and SHARE "the FRUITS, of the TESTIMONY" - with the NATIONS! (March 26, 2018 update) 

Have you been ALLOWING your INTERIOR life to SLIDE?

DON'T let 'YOUR interior life SLIDE', into the PIT, with your FORMERS.  Because, when you DO this! - we CAN'T guarantee that, 'you'll bounce BACK'!  Because, your saying that you 'struggle with staying spiritually awake' - but - that's "your prophetic CALLING". Your FORMERS, want YOU - to 'SUPPRESS the Truth'. They want YOU, to become 'part of THEIR satanic body' - EVEN if "just by DESIRE".  It's a Sign to YOU that 'you're giving-in to their WITCHCRAFT'.  So. YOU need to 'take a STAND for your CREATOR - PUBLICLY! - once again'.  You can address your FORMERS and, SIMPLY TELL them! - that YOU, are RESOLVED to remain "FAITHFUL to the Most High True GOD and to His TESTIMONY" - and that ANY desire for THEM, to "PRAY for you"? - IS actually 'the act of THROWING demons, AT you!' - and is 'DAMAGING, your Soul'; and is "spiritual ABUSE"!  And that they need to STOP!   Just let them KNOW that YOU have chosen "your TEAM", and THEY have chosen 'THEIRS'.  You NEED to do this - in ORDER, to get BACK, the GRACES that you've lost - the Graces of 'being ABLE to FUNCTION, and THRIVE as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'.  DON'T "let them take you OUT" - by 'their LENTEN, satanic SACRIFICES'.  SIMPLY let them KNOW, that they have "THEIR religion", and you have "YOURS". Something like that. And so, YOU need to ask the Most High True God to send 'Prevenient GRACES', AHEAD of "the enemy's temptations".  ASK, Saint Padre PIO - to "pay your formers a VISIT"; and to "PAY them BACK!" - for all the spiritual abuse THEY have sent you. (March 28, 2018 update) 

Have you been doing YOUR part? - to make your Soul a MORE pleasing DWELLING place for the Most High TRUE God

If you want to be delivered from "demonic strongholds", and "the demons"? - that YOU have ACCUMULATED, over MANY years of your life? - then YOU! - will 'DO' - what your Creator is ASKING of you - and submit to the True Holy Spirit.  And THIS means, that your HEART! - will, change - will be 'SOFTENED, towards your Creator'. The DEMONS? - can DO THINGS 'EXTERIORLY', to PRETEND! - that, a person, is "a christian". But the TRUE Holy Spirit - transforms 'the INWARD being' - and if YOU DESIRE, to have Him "dwelling WITHIN you"? - then YOU will "submit to the Transforming Graces" - and CHANGE! You NEED to do the DELIVERANCE prayers! - AND from the HEART - with COMPLETE docility - to your CREATOR. And, when YOU are 'DELIVERED' - you NEED! - to DESIRE, to CHANGE! - with EACH "deliverance prayer". Deliverance prayers, are NOT, about, "SWEEPING dirt! - under a rug!"  But THEY, are for "CLEANING! - the Soul" - the INTERIOR life - so that, the SOUL, is "more PLEASING"! - a MORE pleasing DWELLING place! - for the Most High TRUE God. (April 08, 2018 update) 

We talked to YOUR Creator - and HE! - is STRONGLY advising that YOU! - read over, the 10 NEW Commandments - and EXAMINE your CONSCIENCE as to how you have been 'BREAKING them' - DAILY! - and COMPLETELY, DISREGARDING, His LAW from your HEART - preferring "LAWLESSNESS" instead.  You CAN'T have "a lawless INTERIOR life" - and expect to enjoy 'the FRUITS, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN'.  For 'the LAWLESS one' IS the ANTICHRISTAnd that is, 'the spirit' that goes AGAINST, the ANOINTING, of the Most High True God, and of His Holy PROPHETS, and of His Prophetic WORD. (May 04, 2018 update) 

WHEN can you STOP seeking, the Will of your Creator?

You can't STOP 'seeking, the Will of your Creator' - because when you DO? - then TEMPTATION comes - and your "FORMERS", come 'bearing GIFTS, for your INTERIOR life'!  But if YOU'RE focused, on "HUMBLY DOING, what your CREATOR is ASKING, you to DO - DAILY"? - then there's no ROOM! - for temptation; there's NO room to fall.   The problem IS, that "you take BREAKS! - in your INTERIOR life - and STOP, seeking the Will of your Creator" - THAT'S when you run into trouble.  In HEAVEN, they don't work 6 days, and take one day off, for HELL!  But THAT is 'the pattern, that the DEVIL has you doing, in your INTERIOR life'.  You get on 'a STREAK, of GOOD WORKS!' - and THEN? - you allow the DEVIL, to RUIN it! - and to CONVINCE you "you're ENTITLED, to SIN!" - here and there. And SO? - you're ADDICTED, to 'compromising your FAITH' - THEREFORE? - you need to turn to your CREATOR, give Him that desire, and ASK Him, for the GRACE, to desire to embrace, 'the ROCK! - of Faith'. (May 08, 2018 update)

Have you been CHOOSING to ALWAYS be MINDFUL of what your CREATOR is asking of you?

What is REALLY going to help YOU, in your spiritual JOURNEY - is if YOU change 'your APPROACH, to your daily TASKS' - by CHOOSING, to ALWAYS be MINDFUL, of 'what the CALL is' - of 'what your CREATOR is asking of you'.  Too many YEARS, of your LIFE, you have SPENT "in the back SEAT, being COMFORTABLE"; but you are called to 'go OUTSIDE your comfort zone' - ALL, the TIME! - and to FIGHT against, 'the DESIRE, for your BODY, to be COMFORTABLE! - to be laid BACK'.  YOU can be "LIGHTHEARTED and RELAXED" - and STILL 'very spiritually focused' - because you're NOT CALLED to be 'anxious' about ANYTHING.  But what HAPPENS, is that when YOU are 'called to a TASK' - you RECOGNIZE that 'you are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for it' - and the demons of your old LIFE, try to get you to embrace 'ANXIETY' - so THAT, you can ONLY! - do 'a poor job'.  But, if YOU resolve, to DO 'a GOOD job' - ALL the time! - at EVERYTHING you do - THEN, you won't BE, "IN the back SEAT mode" - simply being "a SPECTATOR, of everything AROUND you".  You need to ENGAGE more - EVEN in the conversations.  DESIRE, to LIVE, 'the Truth', and SPEAK it BOLDLY.  And, it WILL be 'difficult' at FIRST - but the MORE, you SEEK, to live 'the WAY, that your Creator is ASKING you to' - the EASIER, it GETS!  But, you HAVE to 'deny YOURSELF'.  Keep 'DOING'; don't SPEND 'so much TIME, in REFLECTING mode'. (May 24, 2018 update) 

It really IS the best time for "home renovations"!

But the problem is, that you are living in the Time of the APOCALYPSE, and you are EMAILING the Two Witnesses spoken of in the Book of Revelations... and "doing what YOU can".  But, WHAT about making what your CREATOR, is asking OF you, during this time in your LIFE - "a priority", instead?  Do YOU, 'BELIEVE'? - that He is ASKING you 'to renovate, your HOME', during the TIME, of the Apocalypse? - which is ONLY! - escalating.  OR - when He ADMONISHED, the people, to "get their HOUSES in order" - was He referring to, "their INTERIOR lives"?  As LONG as you desire, to DO things, according to, 'the CARNAL, INSTINCTS' - you CAN'T be, 'FULFILLED', as a Member of the Faithful REMNANT.  Now if YOU were "an ORDINARY, individual", who HADN'T found, one of the GREATEST! - TREASURES! - in the UNIVERSE!   Then, it would MAKE sense, to do 'what any OTHER individual would DO'.  The CHOICE is yours! - and ALWAYS has been.  But, what JESUS Christ the Lord ASKS - ALWAYS! - requires, "self-denial".

A Practical note: If your home is damaged from Apocalyptic storms - and you are missing a roof, or a few windows - or perhaps you have a termite infestation as a result of having your home submerged by FLOOD waters? - then "necessary renovations" DO make sense!  Renovations DON'T make sense however, as "a deliberate distraction" from getting your INTERIOR life in order. 

It is VERY important, that you remain FOCUSED, on, Jesus Christ the LORD - and FOLLOWING the inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT.  And, it is EASY to discern, the inspirations, of your CREATOR - if you simply 'DESIRE to'.  BUT! - if you LEAVE yourself OPEN, to "OTHER spirits", and to "DEMONS"? - then, they WILL COME! - and try to 'COUNTERFEIT, the True Holy Spirit' - so DON'T just go with ANY inspiration in the MOMENT.  You need to DISCERN, 'what JESUS is calling you to do'(June 20, 2018 update) 

Have you been passively ALLOWING the demons to hijack your interior life?

Have you been DOING those prayers when you wake UP in the morning? - asking your Creator to FILL you with 'His Divine LOVE and Grace'?  Don't let the DEMONS 'hijack' your INTERIOR life - because they can ONLY 'send it over a cliff'.  (June 25, 2018 update) 

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant when they are being DISCIPLINED by their CREATOR.

Do you Love your CREATOR?  If SO? - then NOTHING will come BETWEEN you - AND your desire to be 'WITH Him for all ETERNITY'.  It's that SIMPLE! And KNOW that 'HE is Disciplining you out of LOVE for your Soul' - BECAUSE! - ALL of those, 'THINGS', that have happened to you - He was SHOWING you, that, 'when things go WELL' - HE! - is 'the One HELPING, your day - AND! - when things go POORLY - He IS the One, ALLOWING that to happen.  So DON'T be 'attached to your CIRCUMSTANCES'.  INSTEAD - seek to GLORIFY your CREATOR - in your REJOICING, as WELL as in, 'your SUFFERING'. (July 09, 2018 update)   

For those who are choosing to BACKSLIDE in their INTERIOR lives
Know that 'the MORE you look BACK at your former LIFE' - the more GRACES, you LOSE!  And, the LESS, you have 'FAVOR', from the Most High True GOD - the more HE begins to 'pull BACK' - and He SIMPLY 'respects your free WILL'.  Because He doesn't 'FORCE', people, to CHOOSE Him.   WHAT you are STRUGGLING with, is called "BACKSLIDING" - as in, 'sliding BACKWARDS, into your old WAYS'.  And with THAT? - you experience, 'a LOSS of PEACE'.  But "ANXIETY", and DEPRESSION, and a LACK of physical HEALTH, take the PLACE, of the Graces - that SHOULD be there! SERVING your CREATOR? - takes 'EFFORT, on YOUR part'.  If YOU WANT, to allow 'the DEMONS', to 'STEER', your INTERIOR life AWAY! - from the Most High True God? - then THAT is 'what will HAPPEN'.  You HAVE to, 'CHOOSE'! - to reach OUT, to your CREATOR. You have to 'choose to LOVE Him'.  It IS "work".  It takes "EFFORT".  But, ESPECIALLY, 'self-DENIAL'.  And THAT'S the part, that the DEMONS hate.  Because, the DEMONS want you to 'focus on SELF' - and FOCUS on 'how much of the WORLD! - you have LOST'! - since BECOMING a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT.  It takes 'TRUE Spiritual VISION' - to SEE EVERYTHING, that you have GAINED, from your CREATOR - when you chose, to take 'the leap of FAITH' - and BECOME, "His CHILD". But HERE is some, 'FOOD for thought':  WHAT does it PROFIT, a man - if he GAINS the whole WORLD! - but FORFEITS his SOUL?   For the Members of the Faithful REMNANT? - they have "FORFEITED! - the rewards of THIS life" - FOR? - the GIFT, of 'an ETERNITY! - with their CREATOR'.  And YOU decide! - "WHAT is 'the BETTER portion' for YOU"(July 23, 2018 update)

Have YOU been expecting 'a grateful HEART'?

SIMPLY RESOLVE! - to use, ALL of your Gifts, to GLORIFY, your CREATOR, and 'what He is DOING in these TIMES', in GATHERING a Remnant.  And expect NOTHING in return, but a GRATEFUL heart, that YOU use to praise HIM with!  Simple.  Don't make it complicated - by EXPECTING, "the reward of YOUR choosing" - because you WON'T get it! - for sure.  Better to be "PLEASANTLY surprised!"  Really, it is. (July 30, 2018 update) 

For those who have fallen into 'the SNARE of rejecting DEMONS all day'.

It's NOT about rejecting DEMONS all day.  You are called to LIVE!  But your HEART needs to change.  Your HEART! - is 'HARD'.  You need 'a softened HEART' - but 'a rock hard FAITH', in your Creator. YOU have 'a HARDENED HEART' - and a VERY! - SHAKY, FAITH, in your CREATOR.  See the PROBLEM?  
"And the ones on the rock are those who, when they hear the word, receive it with joy; but these have no root, they believe for a while and in time of temptation [- like the temptation to embrace irrational fears, or their former IDENTITY for example...] fall away [- as in, AWAY from joy, and into OBSESSION over WHATEVER the demons tempt them with]."  (Luke 8:13) 
And so, you HAVE received the Testimony, WITH Joy.  But, you FALL away, very QUICKLY in your INTERIOR life - when YOU, FOCUS, on obsessing over PROBLEMS; instead of CHOOSING to have, 'FAITH', in the Most High TRUE God, as YOU! - use all of YOUR Gifts, to help YOURSELF - as WELL, as the Faithful REMNANT.  Don't 'turn BACK', to the old you - the self-ABSORBED, LAZY! - SLOTHFUL! - person - who ONLY desires to COMPLAIN.  The Creator of the Universe, is "VERY offended!" - when His REMNANT choose to COMPLAIN - after EVERYTHING He's done for them.  You need to 'FOCUS on what you DO HAVE', and 'the Blessings that you HAVE received'Because there will ALWAYS be 'things, that you are WITHOUT'. (July 30, 2018 update) 

For those who have HABITUALLY, been LISTENING to the DEVIL in their INTERIOR life'

Know that "the ASSAILANTS", continue to send 'THEIR jesus' - who IS "the devil in a jesus costume" - to relay 'THEIR message from Hell', to the interior lives of the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  And the assailants are doing this through WITCHCRAFT, and OTHER occult and satanic means - MANY of them, on a daily basis.   And so it is NOT surprising, to HEAR, that some of their ATTACKS DO get THROUGH.  And so each Member of the Faithful Remnant needs to REMAIN vigilant, in responding IMMEDIATELY to each attack on their interior lives, by COMMENDING their formers, and turning to their Creator for HIS Strength.  This will help:

And so with ALL of this being REVEALED - and as UNCOMFORTABLE as it is to HEAR - YOU have made 'a HABIT, of LISTENING to the DEVIL in your INTERIOR life - WHEN it suits you!' - and listening to your CREATOR, "WHEN it suits you"!  But you can't CONTINUE like that, IN the Remnant!  And SO? - YOU need to reject your desire to LISTEN, to 'the father of LIES', in your INTERIOR life - and ASK for the Grace, to desire to ONLY listen - to your Creator, who speaks 'the TRUTH', to your Conscience.  And you need to do this, as SOON as you get up every DAY - and you need to TURN, to 'your HEAVENLY Father', and ASK Him, to DELIVER you, from "the father of LIES"(August 25, 2018 update)   

Gods Gifts and Blessings are meant to help others
Ernesto is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Have you been STUBBORNLY DESIRING to be in CONTROL of your day? 

What you are REALLY struggling with - IS 'your inability to FOCUS'.  And so what you 'NEED' to do - is CONSECRATE, 'the GIFT, of TRUE SPIRITUAL FOCUS, TO the True Holy Spirit.  And WATCH how your PERCEPTIONS change - and how 'all you SEE', becomes very CLEAR.  Because, the DEMONS want you, to 'FEEL' overwhelmed - with ALL of the tasks, and chores, and RESPONSIBILITIES, that you HAVE.  But THAT is 'like STARING, at the wave', instead of 'FOCUSING, on your CREATOR', and 'gazing on HIM'! - and REMEMBERING, 'what, you are HERE for'.  ALL of these, 'CHORES', and 'JOBS', and 'TASKS'? - are actually for YOU, to be PURIFIED through.  And you are CALLED to offer up, 'EVERYTHING', that you DO, as, 'a BLESSED Sacrifice' - a 'SELF-sacrifice', to your CREATOR.  And THIS is where, it takes 'the SUPERNATURAL Grace, of self-DENIAL'.  When YOU are focused, on SIMPLY, 'LISTENING, to the TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - as He PROMPTS you in the MOMENT to DO something! - then you are 'LIVING, by FAITH, in the Most High True God'.  But if YOU! - are trying 'to DESPERATELY manage your TIME, and DAY'? - you will ALWAYS come up short - you will ALWAYS! - be 'behind'.  But YOU need to learn, to rely, 'MORE', on the True Holy SPIRIT - and 'the PROMPTINGS in the MOMENT' - because the TRUE Holy Spirit lives 'OUTSIDE of Space and TIME' - and knows you "BETTER than you know YOURSELF" - AND! - knows exactly 'HOW much time it takes, to DO, exactly what you are CALLED to do', for that DAY.  But 'the PROBLEM' comes, from STUBBORNNESS - from 'DESIRING to be in CONTROL, of your day'.  BETTER for your CREATOR, to, 'GOVERN your day' - and for YOU, to 'submit to His INSPIRATIONS' - than for YOU! - to govern your day, and be COMPLETELY 'disappointed', with 'YOUR inspirations'. (October 18, 2018 update) 

Have you been allowing yourself to get sucked-IN to the DRAMA of the social atmosphere around you?

If you 'YOKE yourself', to the INTERIOR lives, of PEOPLE, who are "in a POOR SPIRITUAL state"? - that will ONLY, 'pull you DOWNWARDS'. When YOU are CALLED, to FOCUS, on your CREATOR - all the TIME!  You don't HAVE 'time', for "the ANTICS", of the PEOPLE, around you. The PROBLEM IS: is that, you're 'GIVING', the demons in others, ATTENTION.  And you're "getting sucked-IN to the DRAMA, of the social atmosphere". But YOU! - are called, to be yoked, to the Heart, of your CREATOR.  And, IF you are? - then what the PEOPLE, around you, choose to SAY or DO? - YOU will be 'completely DETACHED from' - as you, carry out 'your OWN business' - and 'COMMEND'! - the PEOPLE, who are 'causing PROBLEMS', to the Divine Justice of the Most High True GOD.  Because you CAN'T battle, these 'daily SPIRITUAL battles', on your OWN - you NEED your CREATOR.  But, YOU need! - to turn your HEART! - towards your Creator.  He is NOT "waiting for you, to set aside TIME, to pray the FORMAL prayers" - ESPECIALLY, when you are 'BUSY'.  YOU can PRAY, 'without any WORDS' - SIMPLY "by DESIRE" - because "He LISTENS, to the desires of the HEART".  ASK, for 'the Grace to desire what HE desires' - THAT'S "the secret".  (November 04, 2018 update)   

It is always MUCH better to CHOOSE to be FAVORED by your Creator

It is MORE IMPORTANT, that you choose, to actually 'FOLLOW, the Testimony of Jesus' - RATHER than, 'APPEAR, to follow'.  It's TIME for you to 'ditch the LEAD, from your old LIFE', for GOOD! - OR? - it's going to keep RETURNING.  And it WILL! - get 'HEAVIER', each TIME, and 'more DIFFICULT, to renounce'. In THESE TIMES, you HAVE to 'FIGHT', to STAY in "the state of GRACE", and to 'be FAVORED by your CREATOR'.  But if YOU ALLOW, 'WICKEDNESS', to SLIDE, in your INTERIOR life? - then, your CREATOR begins to WITHDRAW His Grace - HOPING, that you, will come BACK to Him, and RECONCILEHe is VERY offended by 'people who look BACK at their old lives', and who are 'DRAWN'! - to their old lives, even after 'EVERYTHING!' - He has GIVEN to them, and EVERYTHING He has SHOWN them.  YOU will not be 'EXEMPT' from, 'His TESTS, of FAITHFULNESS'.  WILL you be FAITHFUL? - DURING, "the DRY, days"? - as WELL as 'the days of CONSOLATION'? (November 15, 2018 update)     

Have you been "DISCERNING the HEART of your CREATOR"?

The Most High TRUE God works with 'the desires of the HEART' - and He satisfies 'the desire of EVERY living THING'.  And this means that 'YOU' are RESPONSIBLE for 'what YOU choose to DESIRE'.  YOU are 'RESPONSIBLE', for 'the order', of your HEART!  If your HEART is 'DISORDERED'? - and you DESIRE 'the things of the WORLD'? - ABOVE the things of your CREATOR? - then? - you are "RESPONSIBLE" for that.  And, He will GRANT 'those desires'!  But that doesn't MEAN, that He 'AGREES' with them.  JUST because the Most High TRUE God says 'YES!' - to 'something YOU WANT'? - doesn't MEAN, that it is "GOOD for you".  The Most High TRUE God, is "VERY fair!"  But, if mankind's HEARTS are 'DISORDERED, in their DESIRES'? - then He SIMPLY 'ALLOWS them', to HAVE "what they WANT" - KNOWING! - that they will be 'UNHAPPY', and 'unfulfilled' - because they DIDN'T "put Him first".  And so, it is UP to EACH MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, to 'DISCERN'! - the Heart of their CREATOR.  Now isn't 'THAT'! - "QUITE! - the INTENSE! - DEMAND! - of the Most High True God".  Completely 'CONTRARY, to human thinking'.  The Most High TRUE God can 'DISCERN', the heart, of EACH INDIVIDUAL.  And as He DOES? - He SEARCHES out, 'the deeper MOTIVES', behind 'what they CHOOSE'.  But 'MANKIND' is actually 'CALLED, to discern the HEART, of JESUS'!  And THIS MEANS, 'to seek OUT, what JESUS wants' - 'what JESUS desires' - what JESUS' WILL! - IS!  But? - if PEOPLE want 'to FLIP it upside down' - and believe that, 'JESUS' WILL! - is "what they DESIRE"!' - or that, 'EVERY desire that they HAVE, that's GRANTED, is "His WILL"?' - then HE will ALLOW them to do that!  HE 'respects', EACH individual's decision.  And if THEY want to be "LAZY, in their INTERIOR lives"? - and call, 'a PRAYER ANSWERED', as "the Most High True God's WILL"? - then they CAN! (November 25, 2018 update)  

WHAT does your Creator SEE when He LOOKS at you?

You NEED to work with the TRUE Holy Spirit.  And you NEED to 'EMBRACE HIM, with your ENTIRE BEING' - and SIMPLY "CHOOSE to be DOCILE, to the MOVEMENTS, of the True Holy Spirit".  It's the COMPLETE opposite, to the way the WORLD operates.  Remember, your INTERIOR life, is 'MOST important' - because THROUGH your interior life, or "INTERIOR thoughts", you are CONTINUALLY communicating, with your Creator - WHETHER or not you ADDRESS Him.  And so YOU need to care, about 'your interior life' as WELL - and WHERE you let your mind WANDER - AND, WHAT the desires of your HEART are.  The DESIRES of your HEART, NEED, to BE, FOCUSED, on your CREATOR!  And your THOUGHTS, need to be governed, by the True Holy SPIRIT.  People, are VERY used to COMMUNICATING, through EXTERNALS.  And they put MORE IMPORTANCE, on 'HOW they APPEAR', and 'HOW they are PERCEIVED by OTHERS' - than they DO on 'how they APPEAR, or how they are PERCEIVED, by their CREATOR'.  And so, the question IS, WHAT does your Creator SEE when He LOOKS at you? (December 09, 2018 update)   

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