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The world has become "an illuminati luciferian playground"

The illuminati are no longer hiding the fact that "the children of today", have been SACRIFICED, to the DEVIL - to the BEAST, and to the DRAGON.  And it is VERY important for THEM, that "the CHILDREN" in Canada's CAPITAL city - are EXPOSED to "WICKED fantasy" - and "satanic DELUSIONS".  Since the parents have ALREADY, SACRIFICED their children - through 'television BRAINWASHING' - they KNOW, that their SICK satanic agenda, will be EMBRACED - by MILLIONS! - around the WORLD - through this, "SATANIC! - production".

Above 2 minute video: Secular News Media Coverage of the illuminati staged event
(0:32) " a cost of more than $3 million"
But THIS is ALL to be expected in 'a GODLESS society' - as people, have simply become, "SPIRITUALLY desensitized" - to the OCCULT, practices happening ALL around them.  And THEY, in the Eyes of their CREATOR - have become "dead" - spiritually.
What is the corresponding illuminati "La Machine Company" slogan?
AND thanks to this, transform THE WAY we look at our towns."
What does a spider symbolize in WITCHCRAFT?  A SPELL, or CURSE.  And so in the "La Machine Production" - that is being held, in the capital city, in Ottawa - they are in fact BOASTING, of, the PEOPLE, being "UNDER a SPELL" - AND! - WORSHIPPING, the DRAGON, that is 'RIGHT in front of them!'  The SPIDER, 'DESCENDED', from the MAIN CATHEDRAL - as "a BOAST!" - TO, the IMMUTABLE fact, that the ROMAN Catholic HIERARCHICAL INSTITUTION, has BECOME - in and of ITSELF - "a CURSE! - on the WORLD"...
July 27, 2017 illuminati event in Ottawa
staged with the help of the Roman Catholic Hierarchical satanic Institution
... as they USE "spells", and "WEBS of DECEIT", in their HOMILIES - to 'seduce', the people.  The BOAST IS: that, the PEOPLE watching the SPECTACLE, are "STUCK, in a web of LIES" - with "the FATHER of lies", symbolized by the DRAGON, as "their OBJECT of focus AND worship".  To THOSE without "True Spiritual VISION"? - it is simply, JUST, ANOTHER, "ENTERTAINING gimmick".  But to those with "TRUE Spiritual Vision", THEY can see - "the SINISTER, intentions - BEHIND, the WHOLE production!"
For 'THOSE, who desire to have "a LOVING, RELATIONSHIP" with the One who MADE them' - and who DESIRE, to ESCAPE! - the ILLUMINATI BRAINWASHING CULT of LUCIFERIANS - there IS "an answer".  And it can be FOUND, at Testimony of the TWO Witnesses dot com.  The Two WITNESSES are in fact "ON the scene", and HAVE been for QUITE some time.  And THEY have 'their FULL TESTIMONY', now POSTED, ONLINE, for free! - for ANYONE, who DESIRES, to HEAR, 'what HEAVEN, is saying, in these Times'.  There are MANY "false prophets" out there.  But in THESE TIMES, the TRUTH - the "ABSOLUTE Truth", is ONLY, being SPOKEN and GIVEN - FROM Heaven! - OUT of, the Most High TRUE God's, "MERCY".  There is SO much SUFFERING - that is COMING - that "people WILL, BEG, for death" (Revelations 9:6).  And the ONLY WAY to escape - 'SUCH, suffering' - IS! - to Become a MEMBER, of Jesus Christ the Lord's TRUE Church.  There are no "donations", involved.  And there is no "TITHING". The Most High TRUE God, is CALLING - YOU! - FORTH, from Sodom and Gomorrah.  WILL you RESPOND to 'His CALL'?  If you are READING this - then you have, 'received the INVITATION'.  BUT, WHAT will YOU do now?  The CHOICE is yours.  (July, 29, 2017 update)
Derrick is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
Here is his reaction to the above News Article

The Las Vegas Shooting Hoax
Interesting introduction: As the staged events in Las Vegas were unfolding on October 1st, 2017 - Mary and I were in the process of turning to Jesus Christ the Lord, for HIS choice, of "a psyop to discern".  And the psyop HE chose, that evening, was a new series called "SHOOTER".  And so we carefully DISCERNED Season 1 episode1 - of that series.  How could we have KNOWN? - that the psyop, would actually be more BELIEVABLE, than the poorly acted PSYOP, UNFOLDING in Las Vegas, AS we watched that first EPISODE?  We didn't find out about the Las Vegas staged shooting, until October 2nd.   And after seeing some highlights from that event, we can state with confidence, that the next time a "staged shooting event" takes place - we recommend that all the "crisis actors", do BETTER.  Because "the EXTRAS", in Las Vegas - as in, all the people who DIDN'T know that it was in fact "a staged shooter drill" - did a MUCH better job, than the crisis actors  - whom we really DIDN'T find "believable" at ALL!  And if you watch the news stories, it becomes QUITE apparent, that they simply expect the VIEWER to "fill in the gaps" - in the same way that the viewer does, when they watch movies - AND the scene CHANGES!  See for YOURSELF.
Location:  The Las Vegas shooting, was "STAGED", as in, it took place "in front of a STAGE", that was set UP, in front of the 3-fold illuminati stamp - of, an illuminati pyramid casino, a sphinx replica, and an obelisk.  Obviously, a LOT of thought went into it!  Let's not forget the 23 guns the fake shooter was found with - "23" - being "a common illuminati stamp" on their little psyop.  And just in case you think that is a coincidence, the fake shooter was found on floor 23? - no... 32.
Concerning last night's "Las Vegas mass shooting hoax" - it WAS in fact another "STAGED FALSE FLAG ATTACK" - BROUGHT to you, by your local "CIA news network" - ALSO known as "CNN".  "There is NOTHING to see HERE folks, you can MOVE, RIGHT along!" All the "crisis actors" are recovering JUST fine, from all the red paint splatter, and their wounds, have all miraculously healed. They did "a COMMENDABLE job"!  And SO, you know what to DO: COMMEND them, to "the Divine Justice of their Creator!"  The news footage of ordinary people, reacting to the staged event unfolding all around them, shows that MOST of them, chose to make a SINCERE effort, in their response; and you really can't blame them for that!  This traumatic staged event, was specifically designed to get the people, to turn to their GOVERNMENT TASKMASTERS for PROTECTION - in order for the government to rule OVER them, even MORE so.  And here is a REMINDER, of what Jesus Christ the LORD said, on the topic of "false FLAG events": 

Jesus said: At THIS point in HISTORY, My CHILDREN, it [- "false flag events"] would ONLY be a distraction, from the PURIFICATION, of the SOULS, of My FAITHFUL Remnant Church.  The GOVERNMENTS, are ALL working together – BEHIND the SCENES – WITH, “the LAWLESS one” – IN, the political arena; to CONTINUE, to SUBVERT, the CONSTITUTIONAL rights, of the U.S. citizens...  The FALSE FLAG attacks, have ‘NO boundaries’, anymore; EVERY, country, IS involved – in their OWN ‘political agenda’.  The UNITED NATIONS, [- or "one world government"...] SIMPLY desire, to control the PEOPLE – THROUGH, CREATING: chaos, confusion, STAGED events.  They WANT to control the people – THROUGH fear.  And so EXPECT MORE ‘false flag attacks’ happening in OTHER, countries, throughout the WORLD – as the ONE world GOVERNMENT, CONTINUES, to crush the PEOPLE, with ‘an iron FIST’; as the one world GOVERNMENT CONTINUES, to ‘REEL THEM in’ – through MEDIA propaganda; AND through the use of ‘STAGED scripts’ – as they CONTINUE, to fabricate NEWS stories, in order to ‘CULTIVATE an ATMOSPHERE’, of FEAR.  When the PEOPLE, are ‘ALREADY dead’ – and they have ‘the MARK of the BEAST’ on their FOREHEADS – it DOESN’T MATTER, WHAT the ONE world GOVERNMENT, DOES, to them PHYSICALLY; all the PEOPLE, with the MARK, are ‘WITHOUT My Protection’.  And... THEY are ‘MORE than WILLING’ to PRAISE the illuminati, and prefer THEM, to ‘TAKING CARE of HUMANITY’ – rather than ME, helping them with ‘the SALVATION of their SOULS’.  MANKIND chose, ‘the PATH, they WANTED to take’; and there is ‘NO false compassion’ – from ANY of us, HERE, in Heaven. (Sunday, November 15, 2015) 

MOTIVE?  The One World Government is creating "CHAOS", with the intent of having Trump REMOVED - and getting "the LAWLESS one" - OBAMA - back in the WHITE House - in order, "to bring ORDER, out of CHAOS".  REALLY, they want to bring the devil INCARNATE, out of "his sulking room".  TOO bad! - for Obama and his illuminati handlers.  Their "plan", REALLY, isn't working.  WHY?   Because the Most High TRUE God is in charge - NOT them!  But what about THIS Scripture passage! - they say...

"Rejoice then, O heaven and you that dwell therein! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”
(Revelations 12:12)
Personal note to the one world government:  News flash everyone!  Woe to YOU! - you STUPID! - IDIOTS! - referring to those who dwell in the illuminati-luciferian one world GOVERNMENT control rooms!...   "O earth and sea" - means woe to YOU! - one world government IDIOTS! - who propped up Obama - "the beast from the earth" - and who have propped up FRANCIS - "the beast from the SEA".  Why are you such "IDIOTS"?  Because Woe to YOU! - "the Most High TRUE God - the God of the Two WITNESSES - whom almost EVERYONE refers to as the DEVIL" - HAS! - come down - as in, "from HEAVEN" -  to you in great WRATH!  REMEMBER, what just happened to Barbuda and Puerto Rico?  (- Barbuda was ERASED and Puerto Rico is without POWER...)  WOE to you! - you SICK, SELFISH, SATANIC rulers of the earth! - because your RICHES, ARE being removed from you.  And you will ALL perish! - WITH them - as your CREATOR, REMOVES you from existence - ONE, at a time.  No problem here folks! - move RIGHT along... to the Eternal Lake of FIRE that is!
The gods who did not make the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under the heavens.”  It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom, and by his understanding stretched out the heavens. When he utters his voice there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, and he makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth.He makes lightnings for the rain, and he brings forth the wind from his storehouses. Every man is stupid and without knowledge; every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols; for his images are false, and there is no breath in them. They are worthless, a work of delusion; at the time of their punishment they shall perish." 
(Jeremiah 10:11b-15)

Interesting note:  At ANY given time, the one world government psychopaths - have "LINED up and READY to go..." - more than 150 false flag staged events - some with "REAL casualties" - and others - "STAGED", using "crisis actors".  For THEM - they simply need to 'give the ORDER'; and then 'the OPERATION' is carried out.  They are ALSO called "BLACK ops" - as in "MEDIA blackout operations" - that cannot be revealed by the mainstream media.  (October 02, 2017 update) 

 Produced and Narrated by Petrus Romanus
At 5:55 - the reference to "the beast that rose out of the sea"
at 8:03 - the introduction to "the beast which rose out of the earth"
Why such strong LANGUAGE, in the above ARTICLE?: Because ALL the one world government leaders - who ALL work TOGETHER - even WITH "that North Korean guy"... (- YOU know the one - the one with the bad haircut, the paper map, the expensive paper weights, the bird-watching binoculars, the desk out in the middle of a field somewhere, surrounded by military actors wearing oversized hats big enough to store their LUNCH inside - as they often hold terrifying paper notebooks and pens in their hands.  The entire "North Korean threat" looks as if they were all teleported from the 1950's - as they flaunt their 1950's technology, and dispose of their 1950's era army surplus rockets - that just can't seem to hit ANYTHING!)...  the one world government leaders, ALL know that Comet ISON fragments are headed for the Earth, and that bigger and bigger impacts are ABOUT to happen - and they all know that those fragments ARE the greatest threat to EVERYONE on the planet - referring to, the people who aren't personally dispatched by the Holy Angels beforehand.  AND yet, the one world government leaders THINK! - that "the devil... knows that his time is short!" - means that their CREATOR will simply "stand DOWN"! - AS they unleash ALL their psyops, AT LEISURE, on unsuspecting civilians.  GUESS WHAT!  They JUST invited their CREATOR, to show them "who's BOSS!"  Amen!  So be it.  (article updated October 3, 2017)
 The world DOES in fact need protection... from the spread of his haircut!

Actual email:  Thank you for all the laughter today reading the descriptions about the Korean guy! It was so funny! haven't laughed that much in months!  (October 6, 2017 email) 

And so, here are some bonus images - just to illustrate how the MSM is blatantly mocking the people
Here is what is REALLY going on in these photos:
Top left: "North Korean guy" - obviously upset because his desk is too small,
and because there are no shiny weights to hold down the corners of his map.
Needs a cigarette to calm down.  Military guys look like they are about to lose their jobs.
Top right:  Happy - because he found his gold plated binoculars and his paperweights.
Notice how the military guy looks so comfortable using a pointer and a paper map.
Top Left: "North Korean guy" - ditches the gold plated binoculars and the white jacket.
Wants a more serious and menacing look - and so he interlocks his fingers.
His friends LOVE his "new and more SERIOUS look", and are very happy!
Top Right: Sees a small bird in the field, and takes a closer look.
Could it be a chickadee, or a sparrow perhaps?
Bottom Right: Really likes the sun canopy.  And the electric light is a bonus!
Military guys are obviously taking notes, in order to keep him happy.
And apparently his new and LARGER binoculars, are a big hit!
Bottom Left: Paper map and paperweights are still visible on the desk, just to the left of the glass of water.
Military guys are practicing "synchronized note taking" - as he waves his pointer at them.
And you can see that he now has a very nice new tripod, for his new binoculars. 
(For the Record, we really ARE "the Two Witnesses" - and we are simply calling it as we see it)
Nuclear ThreatBe SURE to take notes folks!  If you haven't ever been to a high school science fair - THIS is what it looks like.
Restaurant grade aluminum cooking pots bolted together, with a detailed diagram on a poster...
JUST so that you can imagine HOW it fits in the nose cone of the rocket - in case "you don't get it".
Photo Summary: This (above) is what propaganda looks like, when it is the result of "comic book" cartoon storyboard frame sketches.
THAT approach to Media Propaganda, forces the photographer, to ONLY include "the props that are in the sketches".
In other words, they are ALL carefully "CHOREOGRAPHED and STAGED photos".
"And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not alarmed; for this must take place, but the end is not yet."
(Matthew 24:6)
Interesting Note: "Hellfire Missiles" launched from US military drones, have caused agonizing devastation to the personal lives of THOUSANDS of civilians in multiple Middle Eastern countries, over the last 10 years.  In fact, many of those "CIVILIANS" - are so traumatized and terrified of drone strikes, that they STILL hesitate to gather at town meetings, in various regions.  And so WHY, is that "North Korean guy", or "nuclear terrorist" - in the eyes of the United States - so confident and relaxed in all of his outdoor photo ops?  (- that's "opportunities", not "operations", by the way).   Fact:  Just ONE U.S. "Hellfire Missile", would remove that "korean guy" from the global stage - IF he WASN'T "on the CIA payroll".   On the PAYROLL?  Yes, because he actually NEEDS "western money" to finish building one of the most EMBARASSING (- next to his poor acting skills that is...) unfinished structures on the face of the earth: the Ryugyong Hotel - a.k.a. "the 105 Building" - a reference to the height (in stories) of the pyramid-shaped ILLUMINATI-boast structure - in the capital city of North Korea. 
In other words, he is "a VERY spoiled RICH boy" - who DESPERATELY wants his "NATIONAL image" to improve - but can't do so, without some SERIOUS injections of FED money - via the CIA courier service.  It's "not COMPLICATED" folks!  And with all these revelations being posted on this website - the Global MSM propaganda department was quick to respond by 'covering their tracks' today, as they published an article - designed to "FOCUS THE BLAME" - for "that korean guy's public image" - AWAY from "that CIA psyop department gone bad", and onto his sister.  Here is their spin:  "Ms Kim, who has frequently appeared alongside her brother in public and is thought to have been responsible for his public image".  Article Title: North Korea: Kim Jong-un promotes sister to political bureau (October 8, 2017 story)  In other words, North Korea, is simply "controlled opposition" to the U.S. Government - controlled, funded, and run by the CIA - who are in fact still READING our updates, as FAST as we can publish them.
AND so, DOES the one world government really have 150 false flag STAGED events ready to implement at any TIME?
Do you need PROOF? - that "the false FLAG attack" at the Las Vegas Country Music Festival concert - was "WELL-planned AHEAD OF TIME"? 
CNN posted a video tour of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay hotel room #135, on the 32nd FLOOR - EXACTLY where the fake shooter was allegedly situated.  CNN indicated with a watermark that someone named "Jeff Bridges" was kind enough to invite the world into that obscure room, by recording a complete video TOUR of that room, more than a year and a half ago, on January 23, 2016.  Here is a link to that article:  
The fact that the video ENDED [- see full length original video below], with the CAMERA focused, on the CONCERT area, where "the SHOOTING" would take PLACE - IS "proof!" - of "an illuminati STAMP", on the WHOLE event.  And it was recorded on the 23rd, of the month - an illuminati number.  No "COINCIDENCE" HERE folks!  Thanks CNN! - or "cia NEWS NETWORK" - for PROVIDING, "thePROOF!" - that the GOVERNMENT, HAS "these FALSE FLAGS, PLANNED, WELL in advance"!   (October 04, 2017 update)

You can see the ENTIRE video (4:41) here: (Las Vegas Gunman’s Hotel Room) Room tour of mandalay bay 32-135 The shooter's sniper nest 

U.S. President Donald Trump is FULLY informed, that the Las Vegas Shooting was in fact "a black ops false flag attack" on the United States; just as Obama was fully informed about the Boston, Orlando and Sandy Hook False Flags; and just as Bush was fully informed about the 9/11 false flag attack - BEFORE it happened.  Even though Trump went along with 'the DECEPTION', he did so with the intention, and plan of addressing "Fake NEWS" and "Mainstream Media Deceptions" - in the days that would follow.  And EVEN 'CHALLENGING, the LEGITIMACY, of SOME broadcasters REPORTING license'.  But you will need to read the very LAST PARAGRAPH in the following biased news story - to learn that all this time, Trump has been focused on the "Fairness Doctrine" - that was designed to ensure that broadcasters present opposing viewpoints about public issues - so that both SIDES of the story, are presented, out of fairness. (October 13, 2017 update) 

Trump suggests challenging TV network licences over 'fake news' (October 11, 2017 story) 

"Two Thirds shall be cut off" - what does it MEAN?

Why are the illuminati so obsessed with the number "23"?  Because it represents a coded mathematical representation of 0.666 or 2/3 (- two divided by three).  And of course, 666 is the number that represents "the beast", or "the father of lies" - "the thing" that they worship.  And the illuminati, like to put 'the STAMP of their father', on all their WORKS, in as much as they can.

But HERE is where it gets really interesting.  In 2012, all of HEAVEN revealed to the Two Witnesses, that 'the mark of the beast', or "666", was about to befall the human race.  But the illuminati, had ALREADY made the connection, with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 - as they reduced that year to 23 (- and THIS is "just a historical fact").  They did so by totaling the digits in the number 2000, to add up to 2, and then totaling the digits in the number 12, to add up to 3.  And so, the illuminati were quite surprised, to discover "an even STRONGER connection", between 2012, and 23, WHEN "the mark of the BEAST", mentioned in the BIBLE, actually MANIFESTED on Christmas day that year!  But what continues to haunt the illuminati, is the fact that the precise COUNTDOWN, to the coming of 'the mark of the beast', was accurately and boldly foretold by the Two Witnesses: consisting of Mary Romanus - who was born on the 2nd of the month; and Petrus Romanus - who was born on the 3rd of the month.  That being stated, people MAY be interested, in looking up "two thirds" in the bible - and they will EASILY find the following passage, if they do:

"In the whole land, says the Lord, two thirds shall be cut off and perish, and one third shall be left alive." 
(Zechariah 13:8)
Now of COURSE, almost EVERYONE will think at FIRST, that those are "pretty good ODDS, of SURVIVAL! - and so WHY get EXCITED about the End TIMES? - until you are FORCED to..." - they say to themselves.  And the illuminati, who see themselves as "the global ELITE" - or "the very TOP of the TOP 1%" - by that definition alone, would have NO problem surviving as part of that "one third", that "shall be left alive"; especially with their underground bunkers and underground cities - to tip the odds in their FAVOR...  Or NOT!   FACT: The Most High True God FORESAW the exponential HUBRIS of the illuminati in these End Times - and HE went AHEAD of ALL their plans, when HE inspired Zechariah with those above WORDS.  But HOW did the Most High True God outsmart the illuminati, from the very beginning?
Are you READY for "the big REVEAL"?  Here it IS:  "Two thirds shall be cut off" (- means two thirds of the human RACE shall be cut off) -  means "2/3 shall be cut off" (- as a fraction) - means "0.666 shall be cut off" (- converted to decimals) - means "those with the mark of the BEAST shall be cut off" (- when it FULLY manifested in 2012) - means "those with the mark of the BEAST - OR with the mark of CAIN shall be cut off" (- as of 2015, when the Mark of Cain started to befall some of those who had the mark of the beast ) - means "all those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, shall be cut off" (- as in, EVERYONE who is NOT a Member of the Faithful Remnant). 

But what "SIGN"? - shall we GIVE, that this is all UNFOLDING, through current world EVENTS?  Now of course "the illuminati" are a secret society - and no one is supposed to know who they ARE, or how the Divine Justice of the Most High True God is affecting their PERSONAL lives.  And so, with all THAT being stated, we will simply leave you with this news article to ponder:

Richard Branson calls Irma a Category ‘7’ hurricane, says tens of thousands 'lost their homes and livelihoods'  (September 12, 2017 story)  

And now with all that in mind, here are some MORE Revelations:
"Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division (- referring to MATHEMATICAL division - 2/3 style); for henceforth in one house there will be five divided (1+5=6), three against two (3x2=6) and two against three (2x3=6); they will be divided (2/3=666), father against son and son against father (- they have BOTH received "the mark"), mother against daughter and daughter against her mother (- they have BOTH received "the mark"), mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law (- they have - ALL 6 of them, received "the mark" - of division).” 
(Luke 12:51-53)
"The remnant of the trees of his forest will be so few (- as in, as few as the number of people in the Faithful Remnant... 23 people, at the time of this posting...) that a child can write them down."
(Isaiah 10:19)
"And another angel came out of the temple in heaven, and he too had a sharp sickle. Then another angel came out from the altar, the angel who has power over fire, and he called with a loud voice to him who had the sharp sickle, “Put in your sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth, for its grapes are ripe.” So the angel swung his sickle on the earth and gathered the vintage of the earth, and threw it into the great wine press of the wrath of God; and the wine press was trodden outside the city, and blood flowed from the wine press, as high as a horse’s bridle, for one thousand six hundred stadia."
(Revelations 14:17-20)

1600 is the address of the White House in Washington, the center of the "political arena".  Another name for arena is "stadium" or stadia.  "As high as a horse's bridle" - refers to the height of the mouth of the beast.  Obama, the BEAST or ANTICHRIST in the political arena, ruled from the WHITE House - or from "the center of the political arena".  And so, NO one, shall escape "the great wine press of the wrath of God" in the End Times, not even the illuminati politicians, in their underground bunkers.  For the Holy Angels of the Most High True God, have been assigned to EACH ONE of them - and NONE shall escape, UNLESS they repent.  And the illuminati, simply won't DESIRE to; just as Judas Iscariot wouldn't.  Because they all traded Eternal Life in exchange for prestige, position, power, and fleeting material riches.    (October 04, 2017 update) 

The white house” - not “white” at all, but “drips with the blood of the innocent”. (-Jesus, November 7, 2012)
Billionaire Richard Branson hosting Obama in the Bahamas following Trump's election win
image: Brockway/Virgin Handout via REUTERS

But what about the Two Witnesses?  Are the birth dates of the Two Witnesses, somehow a warning that directs the reader to "23"?  Yes! - in the sense that the Two Witnesses WARNED the people to turn BACK to their CREATOR! - who IS "#1" - in THEIR lives; and they did so "as an act of LOVE" - BEFORE "the spiritual mark of the beast" befell the human race, on Christmas day in 2012.  But the Two Witnesses are NOT represented by 2/3.  And why is THAT? - you might be wondering... because they are not "DIVIDED"; but INSTEAD, are "ONE flesh" - through their Mystical Marriage, before all of Heaven.  They are also "the Second and Third" persons of 'the SECOND Blessed Trinity' - as has been revealed from Heaven.  But why is Pope PETER, represented by #3 of the Blessed Trinity?  Because he is Pope Peter "the LAST" - obviously.  HAS the enemy of Souls, been 'trying to DIVIDE', the Two Witnesses - through every means possible? - as he desperately seeks to put 'HIS stamp', on their relationship?  Yes.  And how has THAT been working out, for him, and for his followers?  You can simply watch the unfolding of End Times events, for the "most UNCOMFORTABLE", answer. 

An interesting Compassion note: But how CAN we possibly extend to the members of the illuminati "a chance at HEAVEN"?  It IS "love" to tell someone the Truth, and so here it IS:  The illuminati will need to memorize the Burning Bush Prayer - and they will need to memorize the deliverance prayer; because they are TOO proud to actually USE those prayers - to help themselves.  But, because we ARE in "the End Times" - their "END", is obviously, 'NEAR'.  And BECAUSE THEY were the ones, who sponsored the global human cull, through abortion - their 'END', is going to be MUCH more painful, than what the unborn endured.  They will best understand that concept as "EXCEEDINGLY bad karma".  And so THEY will need to PREPARE themselves, to reject "the spirit of pain" - REPEATEDLY - but only AFTER they sincerely pray the Burning Bush Prayer, and from the Heart.  And this is going to be extremely difficult for them - because the UNBORN, didn't HAVE 'any thoughts OR words of blasphemy' to utter, as THEY were tortured in their mother's wombs; but the illuminati, ONLY have words of blasphemy to utter, as an immediate response to EXCRUCIATING discomfort.  And so, this WILL be "rather problematic", for them.  But there will be 'a short window in time', FOR them, to share a few thoughts with their Creator, just BEFORE, their "discomfort" increases INFINITELY, in the Eternal Lake of Fire - a place, that Jesus describes - as... "EVEN the ILLUMINATI would stop following the DEVIL - if they KNEW the TORTURE, that HE, has PLANNED for THEM, in the AFTERLIFE".  In SHORT, "the joke's on THEM!" - as they 'FELL', for the lies of the enemy.  But even so, 'the above offer' STILL stands - BECAUSE we care.  And rest assured, that when we see the media reporting on how the illuminati are aggressively rallying the global governments for a global ban on abortion - we will be SURE to edit the above terms accordingly.  
And so, in closing, what the illuminati actually accomplished, by putting their "illuminati 23 stamp" on so many of their works - is that they stamped their works with 'the ultimate sign of their astronomical ignorance, and impending doom.  An appropriate signature indeed! - and "MOST fitting!"  Good to see that "things are finally adding UP".(October 06, 2017 update) 

This is an important Remnant Video Reminder


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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Any attempts made, to take either of our video Channels down, IS, "an act, of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION and
DISCRIMINATION" - because WHAT we BELIEVE, is very DIFFERENT, and UNIQUE- from what OTHERS believe.
This IS! - "a new branch, of Christianity", and we have EVERY right! - to practice our Faith. As EACH! - individual on
the PLANET - HAS, been GIVEN, "FREEDOM of religion"and "FREEDOM to practice, WHATEVER faith they choose".
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