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How to Pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(The actual prayers are in black font)

We understand the simple fact, that most of the people who discover the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, have never prayed the Rosary before.  And so this page is here to help the people who desire to receive, without cost, "the transforming Graces" - that are flowing from the Throne of the Creator of the Universe, through the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary; but the Graces are ONLY for those who ask.  And we are going to help THOSE people, by walking them through the steps, as they pray the Rosary.  And to make it even easier, the instructions are in blue font, and the actual prayers are in black font. 

These instructions are ONLY for the OFFICIAL Members of the Faithful Remnant.  Because if you're REFUSING to be an official Member, then you need to know that there is no point in reading any further.  The Most High True God, AND the Blessed Virgin Mary, are most certainly NOT! - going to hear your prayers, and do what YOU are asking of THEM - if YOU - won't do, what is being asked of YOU - BY your Creator, THROUGH His Two Witnesses.   And know that we are SIMPLY relaying 'the TRUE spiritual reality', TO you - YOU, can do with it, what YOU want - as YOU are fully responsible for "YOUR, choices".   If you are not yet an OFFICIAL Member of the Faithful Remnant, YOU need to pray the Burning Bush Prayer, get some Blessed Holy Water, and Contact the Two Witnesses.  There is no point in remaining OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety, "going it alone", and pretending that everything is fine - because it ISN'T!  Once again, the Blessed Virgin Mary simply WON'T "hear your prayers" - as long as YOU are refusing to do, what her Son Jesus Christ the Lord is asking of you, through His Two Witnesses.  Because she WOULDN'T be "the Queen of Heaven", if she DID!  (- she would actually get "FIRED", if she heard the rosaries of those who are still yoked to their religious institution.  So GOOD news folks! - she is STILL "the Queen of Heaven"! - and always WILL be.)

Before you begin, it would be best to first read over the section in the Testimony on the Rosary, in order to familiarize yourself with all the basic information about the Rosary, and the prayers.  It is also important to read over that section, in order to make sure that you don't have a rosary that was made by the occult people.  The occult people have made and distributed their OWN, separate, cursed, fake rosary - one that they made for the specific purpose of sabotaging ALL your prayer efforts.   And how is THAT?  The occult people 'pray to the devil, while using a pentagram' - and so they distributed rosaries, with pentagrams and a serpent hidden in the design, so as to sabotage all the prayer efforts of their greatest enemies, the True Christians.  And so remember, the best rosary to purchase and use, is one made with: wood beads, a fine chain, and the letters "INRI" over the corpus on the crucifix.   If a proper rosary is not available, you can simply count to 10 on your fingers, until you can find one.  If you don't have a crucifix, you can simply embrace the image of the crucifix in your heart, until you find one.  HERE, it looks like THIS:
Begin by praying the prayer that you would normally start your prayers with - the prayer that unites you with all of HEAVEN.  Ask the Most High True God to Bless you and Deliver you:  Use the Blessed Holy Water - water that is filled with the True Holy Spirit of the Most High TRUE God.  And remember to always pray with your eyes open.

By the power of this Holy Water, (pour some Holy Water into the palm of your right hand),

And through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ the Lord,

May Almighty God - the Most High True God,

Deliver me, from every evil spirit, demonic cluster and satanic stronghold,

Poison, corruption and wedge of the enemy, his minions and his followers,

In the Name of the Most High True God,

The Father(touch Holy Water to forehead with right hand),

And of the Son (touch stomach),

And of the True Holy (touch left shoulder),

Spirit(touch right shoulder).


If you are an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant, invite the True Holy Spirit into your Soul  - in an even more profound way, as you pray...

Come Holy Spirit of the Most High True God,

Come by means of the powerful intercession,

Of the Immaculate Heart, of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

Thy well-beloved Spouse.

Fill the hearts of the Faithful,

Enkindle in them the Fire of Your Love.

Send forth Your Spirit

And they shall be Created,

And You shall renew the Face of the Earth.


As you hold the crucifix, it would be good to reflect on how Jesus embraced HIS Cross, and how His TRUE FOLLOWERS are called to do the SAME - with OUR cross.  And as you do so, recite the following summary of your faith, "The Apostles' Creed"

I believe in The Most High True God,

The Father Almighty,

Creator of heaven and earth.

I believe in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, our Lord, (kiss the crucifix here)

He was conceived by the Power of the True Holy Spirit,

Born of the Virgin Mary,

Suffered under Pontius Pilate,

Was crucified, died and was buried;

He descended to the dead;

On the third day He rose again;

He ascended into Heaven,

And is seated at the right hand of The Most High True God;

From thence He shall continue to judge the living and the dead.

I believe in the True Holy Spirit,

The Holy Catholic Church, (- that now ONLY exists on earth as the Faithful Remnant Church)

The Communion of Saints,

The forgiveness of sins,

The resurrection of the body,

And the Life everlasting.


While holding the single bead, that is located next to the crucifix, pray "The Our Father"

Our Father, The Most High True God,

Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come.

Thy Will be done.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  "Now with 'the ROSARY', it CAN be 'VERY difficult', to stay 'SPIRITUALLY focused' - because there are 'SO many distractions'.  And even things that 'trouble your MIND' - that can take your FOCUS off MEANING, every WORD, that you pray.  So, THAT is what "GRACES" are for, my child.  PRAY for 'the GRACE', to STAY spiritually focused - throughout the whole ROSARY. And ASK me, to GIVE you, 'the PRAYER intentions', in your INTERIOR life, with each BEAD - and I WILL!  And PRAY, for 'the GRACE', to PRAY, the MYSTERIES, of the ROSARY, from your HEART! - WITH love, IN love, and through, "Love".  Because the ROSARY, CHAINS, 'that BIG serpent' - the DEVIL - so that YOU are 'MORE free', to DO, what, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', is ASKING of you, in EACH, and EVERY, Moment.  But the BEST time to PRAY My ROSARY, My child, is AFTER, your deliverance prayers.  YOU will feel 'less AFFLICTED', DURING that time." (From the August 6, 2015 archived Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary) 
Before you turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary and ask for Graces, it would be best to figure out what Graces you are going to ask for.  Know that WE pray, at this point in the Rosary, for the following Graces:

For an increase in the Graces of Faith, Hope and Love

For the Grace to pray from the heart,

For the Grace of spiritual focus,

For the Grace to pray out of love – for The Most High True God...

And now, as you pray "3 Hail Marys", use the next grouping of 3 beads on the Rosary, to count them.  (Why 3 times?  Once to pray it.  Again - to reflect more deeply on what you just prayed.  And the third time to let your Creator know that you are absolutely certain, about what you are asking for.  The Hail Mary is also prayed 3 times at this point in the Holy Rosary, in honor of the Blessed Trinity of the Most High True God.)

Hail Mary, full of Grace.

The Lord God of Hosts is with thee. (Luke 1:28)

Blessed art thou among women,

And Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus Christ the Lord. (Luke 1:42)

Holy Mary, Mother of The Most High True God,

Pray for us sinners, now and at each moment of temptation. (Revelations 5:8)


When you arrive at the next single bead, after praying the 3 Hail Marys, pray "The Glory Be..."

Glory be to The Most High True God

The Father, The Son and The True Holy Spirit.

As it was in the beginning,

Is now,

And will be forever.


That was the introduction.  And now you are warmed up and ready to pray the 5 decades of the rosary.
The HOLY ROSARY, IS "one of the Greatest Weapons", AGAINST the Devil, AND his offspring.  And SO, if you CANNOT get through the WHOLE Rosary - THEN, PRAY at least ONE DECADE, "from the heart".  And BEFORE you begin, the ROSARY, it WOULD be wise, to reject 'the ARMOR of the devil', and PUT on 'the Armor of the Most High TRUE God'.
Here are the steps involved in praying each decade 
At the beginning of each decade of the Rosary, the first step is to announce the Mystery that is associated with the decade you are about to pray.  In these Apocalyptic Times, the Members of the Faithful Remnant are ONLY called to reflect on the Apocalyptic Mysteries.  There is one Mystery for each decade.  The 5 Apocalyptic Mysteries are: 1. The Great Warning Experience  2. The Mass Departure to Caves and Refuges  3. The Time of Purification at Caves and Refuges  4. The Impact of the Comet   5. The Re-Creation of the Face of the Earth
Discern the prayer intention that you are being called to lift up to your Creator in the following decade.  You can discern the prayer intention by turning to the True Holy Spirit, for the infused knowledge of, "The intention, that the Most High TRUE God is just waiting for you to ASK".  All other intentions, will be received by your Creator as, "mere suggestions" - and will simply be put in "His suggestion box" - and that is emptied out frequently, by the way. 
Once you have carefully discerned the prayer that your Creator is waiting to answer, announce the intention You can do so in your interior life if you are praying alone. 
Continue to hold the single bead above the grouping of 3 beads (- and know that the act of holding the beads, is "simply for counting purposes".  And as you do so, REMEMBER, "Your CREATOR, is counting on YOU, to get it right...")Pray the Our Father - because you need to frequently remind yourself, that no matter WHAT intention YOU are lifting up, you ONLY desire that "HIS Holy Will be done" - and THAT means - "NOT yours!"  Keep in mind, that in these End Times, the people who are praying for "THEIR will to be done", ARE "the witches and the wizards".  Understand?  In other words, the people who pray the rosary, while secretly saying to themselves, "MY will be done" - are the ones who WON'T be going to the Kingdom of Heaven, unless they repent, and become a Member of the Faithful Remnant, and START asking in each and every Moment, what their CREATOR is asking of them, instead.
Use the next set of 10 beads to count on, as you pray from the heart, the Hail Mary Prayer on each of the following 10 beads.   Always be mindful as you are praying of: WHO you are speaking to, and WHAT you are asking for.
Once you arrive at the single bead at the end of the 10 beads, that is your cue to pray the "Glory be" prayer
After the "Glory be" prayer at the end of each decade, you can pray the Victory Prayer of the Queen of the Immaculate Conception(This prayer replaces "the Fatima prayer")

Oh My Jesus Christ the Lord:

Preserve us from sin,

Preserve us from the fires of Hell,

Lead all your chosen Souls to your Testimony,

Especially those who are,

"Your Faithful Remnant to be".
And now you can repeat the above steps for the next decade
When you are finished praying the 5 decades of the Rosary, it is always good to take a break, and simply enjoy bathing in all the spiritually transforming Graces.  You can even pray a Special thank you to the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Thank you,

for leading us closer to your Son,

Jesus Christ the Lord,

And thank you,

for your intercession.


Oscar is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
 Know that praying the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary is actually one of the most powerful weapons against the devil's kingdom.

What happens when those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant use the Holy Rosary as "a weapon AGAINST the Faithful Remnant"?

As for "your former's WITCHCRAFT"? - Jesus Christ the LORD, has ASSURED us! - that it DOESN'T matter - if a MILLION! - people, are 'against the Remnant' - OR, TEN Million people!  Because HE is 'the One, who is UPHOLDING, EVERYONE in the Faithful REMNANT who CHOOSES, to uphold HIS Word, in their Hearts'.  It is 'HE' who is "fighting the Battles" - along with the HOLY Angels; and the HOLY Angels, will BATTLE, the "demonic FORCES", that are being 'SUMMONED' - against, the REMNANT. And the HOLY ANGELS WIN!  And the REMNANT Wins!  THOSE who choose to be "FOR the Most High True God" - will be PROTECTED BY Him.  And so NOW you understand, that you need to be 'COMMENDING your Formers', EVERY time you think of them.  And in THIS WAY? - you are TELLING your CREATOR, to 'DEAL with them!' - as HE sees fit.

It is CLEAR that 'your FORMERS' are USING their "prayers" - as 'a form of WITCHCRAFT or INCANTATION' - for 'THEIR will' to be done!  But THAT is not how YOU learned! - to PRAY the Rosary - since joining the REMNANT - here is "a VERY important MESSAGE" from your TRUE Spiritual Mother, about 'HOW to pray the ROSARY', and to PRAY it WELL! - In fact, she ADDRESSES 'those, who PRAY it, the WRONG way'.  (October 13, 2017 update)
The Blessed Virgin Mary: Yes, keep my Son, ‘the focus’ – of your hearts, minds, and souls, as you pray.  Seek to pray, with Him, through Him, and in Him – to God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  Because Jesus, ‘seeks unity’, with all, of His Remnant Followers.  And if you want to be ‘closely united to Him’ – you must ‘seek that unity’ as well.  Let Him, ‘increase’, and you must all ‘decrease’ – so that your ‘joy’, may be fulfilled.  The rosary, is very important, in these End Times – especially with such a small Remnant praying it – the right way!  Yes there is ‘a wrong way’, to pray the rosary.  But you do not need to learn that way.  Pray the way that my son, and daughter, have taught you – so that your prayers can be answered – most effectively!  (-December 17, 2013)
For those who are struggling to remain SPIRITUALLY FOCUSED as they pray the Rosary
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  Now with 'the ROSARY', it CAN be 'VERY difficult', to stay 'SPIRITUALLY focused' - because there are 'SO many distractions'.  And even things that 'trouble your MIND' - that can take your FOCUS off MEANING, every WORD, that you pray.  So, THAT is what "GRACES" are for, my child.  PRAY for 'the GRACE', to STAY spiritually focused - throughout the whole ROSARY. And ASK me, to GIVE you, 'the PRAYER intentions', in your INTERIOR life, with each BEAD - and I WILL!  And PRAY, for 'the GRACE', to PRAY, the (Apocalyptic) MYSTERIES, of the ROSARY, from your HEART! - WITH love, IN love, and through, "Love".  Because the ROSARY, CHAINS, 'that BIG serpent' - the DEVIL - so that YOU are 'MORE free', to DO, what, 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', is ASKING of you, in EACH, and EVERY, Moment.  But the BEST time to PRAY My ROSARY, My child, is AFTER, your deliverance prayers; YOU will feel 'less AFFLICTED', DURING that time. (From the August 6, 2015 archived Messages) 

What are you called to DO - If you HEAR the ENEMY tell you LIES, in your INTERIOR life?

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  So, YOU, have all 'SINNED', and OFFENDED, Jesus Christ the LORD, 'most GRIEVOUSLY'!  And SO, NOW - after you have REPENTED; and NOW, after RECEIVING, your SOULS, BACK! - NOW you have 'the PERFECT, OPPORTUNITY, to MAKE amends'!  DO not, 'SEE yourselves, as "VICTIMS"!'  But OVERCOME, the enemy, WITH THE Truth!  If you HEAR HIM, tell you LIES, in your INTERIOR life; if you HEAR him, 'BLASPHEME the WORDS, of my SON, JESUS' - DO NOT 'ENTERTAIN'.  CALL on Saint Michael - to DELIVER you; and TURN to me, My TRUE children - for 'the NECESSARY Graces', to OVERCOME, the ENEMY'S temptations, in the MOMENT.  For ISN'T THAT 'what you PRAY', when you PRAY, my Holy ROSARY, from the HEART?  "PRAY FOR US SINNERS now, and at EACH moment of temptation".  And so 'that is what I DO'.  And so TURN to me, your TRUE SPIRITUAL mother - because I am "FULL of Grace"; and YOU, can be full of Grace, as WELL!   When you are "FULL of GRACE", there is 'NO ROOM, for the DEVIL'S Kingdom'! (February 17, 2016)  

When your HEART becomes 'HARDENED'
You NEED to know, that it IS "the FILTH of the WORLD" - that is CAUSING, your heart - to be 'HARDENED'!  And so,we invite you to pray, a decade of the ROSARY to the Blessed Virgin MARY - under her TITLE, "Mother of PURITY" - and ASK her, to GRANT you, 'the GIFT, of a pure HEART'.  For "BLESSED are the Pure of HEART - for THEY shall see! - the Most High True God".   (Excerpt from January 18, 2018 update) 


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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