The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

What is the sin of Blasphemy?
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses.)
“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”
“Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin - for they had said, “He has an unclean spirit.”
And to make this topic a little easier to understand, here is our FAVORITE definition:
Jesus Christ the Lord said:  "Whoever, ‘blasphemes’, My words, and My Testimony, will not, enter, the Kingdom, of Heaven! – will notenter, into Eternal Rest’; but will, be ‘blotted out’, of the Book, of Life!  For any ‘sin’, can be forgiven, but whoever sins, against the True Holy Spirit, will never, be forgiven.  And why is this My son?"
Pope Peter the Last:  Because when a person, judges the Words, of their Creator, as being “evil”, how can they then turn, to what they consider, “an evil”, in order, to be Saved?  They can not!  And so, ‘blasphemy’, drives ‘a Wedge’, between the sinner, and their only Hope, of Salvation(March 21, 2013) 

“They, have called, My Two Prophets here: frauds, and demon worshipers. What, did the Pharisees call Me, N.?  Even though they saw My works, and received the truth into their hearts – because it was undeniable, even though they knew I was good: they called Me “Beelzebul”; they referred to Me as “prince of demons”.  I have sent you, My ‘prince of the apostles’, one of My Two Witnesses, My representative, and My Vicar here on Earth – and surely, he is despised, by many – within that institution.  Just as I, was despised by the Pharisees – for telling them the truth, even though they knew it to be true.  The ‘spirit of blasphemy’ has a stronghold in you My child, and I want you to ‘root it out’; but without your cooperation, it makes it very difficult, and painful for you.  This can go much easier with your cooperation.  But as long as you rebel, you are prolonging your time, here, on this Earth.”
"There is growth My children.  N. is growing still.  Can you expect an acorn, to be an oak tree? – overnight?  No.  This takes many years in real time.  Yet with My Graces, and with his full cooperation, he can grow a million times faster.  But I am patient – as long as the soul is making the necessary, steps: to do better; to change his ways; and to move forward – as My friend, and companion.  It is very difficult, N., to do what I ask of you, when you hold on to the demons – so tightly.  When the Truth is revealed to you, My son, you must abandon your ‘old way of thinking’, so that your mind, can be clothed in the Truth.  Where you are struggling with, is in your mind – because the evil spirits have gotten into there, and jumbled everything around.  What is black is now white, what is white is now black; all Truth, is seen as falsehood, and all deception is seen as truth.  I am asking more of you My son, because you can reject the demons.  Keep persevering in rejecting the spirit of blasphemy, and it will be a lot easier, to reject the others.  You are going to need to use your ‘free will’, for the enemy protests ‘loudly inside you’ – using his puppets, that you have embraced for a very long time.  When the spirit of blasphemy, is cast out, then you will be able to receive the Truth – even deeper, into your heart, soul, and mind; but until, you persevere, in rejecting the ‘sin against the Holy Spirit’, you cannot receive any more that I have to offer you." 
"All those who are My enemy, will fall – and fall hard – because they choose to.  There is no ‘accidental enemy’ My children.  There is no ‘enemy made by mistake’.  To be an active ‘enemy of the Most High True God’, is an act, of the will in the moment, and can only be undone, by an act – of the will, in the moment.  As long as he sees you both as his enemies, then the ‘spirit of blasphemy’, has won – inside him... And now you know when you are embracing that spirit, of blasphemy.  You have proven, to My Two Witnesses, that you have the ability to discern, when the evils are surfacing, and still more the ability to reject them.  There is no excuse!   For there is no tolerance in the Kingdom of Heaven – only love.  But if love is a burden to you, then you have no place in that Kingdom.  I do not want ‘to shut the door, to 'the wedding feast’; but that is what will happen if you do not wake up, and start taking your new reality, more seriously."
“The ‘spirit of blasphemy’ is strong within that church, My children – within that ‘institutional hierarchy’, for they have allowed many sins and abominations, to go: unaddressed.  The people there are following their own designs – their own plans; and the priests have cast them aside saying: “You have no need of a shepherd – you, are your own shepherd”.  They have failed to direct My Faithful in the ways that they should walk – and that is: upright, with humble and contrite hearts – always.  Because of this neglect, they are allowing the ‘faithful’ to be poisoned –  as they themselves, have been.  It is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out – of his heart, when it is based in ‘the flesh’.  For all sorts of things go into people – into their minds and hearts; and that is where, they must discern.  When they form ‘sentences’, they must discern with the True Holy Spirit, what is necessary to be said in the moment.  But too much noise is in the World, and this does not allow the True Holy Spirit to communicate.  Therefore I ask My children, to set themselves: apart from the World; apart from the institutions; apart from their churches – to find quiet time to be alone with their Maker, as the priests no longer: want to instruct the faithful; want to instruct souls on ‘the path to holiness’.  As the priests refuse, and the ministers relinquish their duties, I have taken it upon Myself to nourish them, in quiet places.  I will give them the food they have been waiting for through My words.”
“If they have cancer – then they must repent, of serious, blasphemy, against the Holy Spirit  (Have they found a cure yet that they can release My children?) – and this is ‘the sin against the Holy Spirit’, of which there is no forgiveness for.  But I always allow souls, to know when, they are blaspheming or not – they will know in their interior lives; and if they refuse to repent, and change their ways, then they cannot be forgiven, of this sin. In short with every ailment and physical problem, there is a sin that is attached to it.  So I ask My people, to turn to the True Holy Spirit, to bring to the light of their conscience, the sin, that they allowed to come in to their lives, in order for them to be physically harmed.  The True Holy Spirit, will reveal to you; how you are, to repent of the sin and turn to Me, in order to be healed.  I know My Faithful Remnant Church is suffering, and I want to offer them ‘a way out’ to give them a cross that they can carry – with cheerfulness.  I desire that no one be sick, or injured or dying; but these are all consequences of sin.  So repent My people, that you may saved in The Hour of Trial that is coming upon the World – both physically and spiritually; so that your joy may be full; in the True Holy Spirit.” 
“There is either ‘for Me’ or ‘against Me’.  There is nothing in between. That is why I spit the lukewarm out of My mouth, because I do not know them, and I do not recognize them for their works are evil.  “Lukewarm” is another name for hypocrite.  The Pharisees were lukewarm, My people, for they knew in their hearts, the truth, that God at the time had revealed to them; but they sought to be against Me – who am God in the Flesh; and at the same time, pat themselves on the back, for rejecting “a heathen and a blasphemer” in their eyes.  And so as they were doing this they saw themselves as ‘holy people’.  But I tell you most of them did not make it, until some of them chose to repent, after My Crucifixion, Burial, and Resurrection.” 
"I will tell you, why N, is not, a true member, of My Faithful Remnant Churchneither is he a follower of Mine.  For he compromises, what he knows to be true in his heart, for falsehood, and ‘fleeting power’.  His position within that ‘hierarchy’ is coming to an end – one way, or another; and so this is the fate of all rebellious priests.  Now they still have time to repent; but if they do not know, that they are ‘covered in muck’, and they call the muck they are covered in – My Holy Spirit, then they have embraced ‘the sin of blasphemy’, and have rebelled against My Commands.  For it is very serious to call something that is ‘horrendously evil’, a good; and to call something, that is good and pure, ‘a horrendous evil’.  He like many others, will have, his ‘Warning Experience’, and only then will he have the chance to return to his True Shepherd.  Because I tell you most priests, will not make it… will not be ready ‘with their lamps lit’ when I Come.  Many of them, will be ‘led to the slaughter’, or die of hunger. This is a very fitting and just punishment, for their refusal to feed My Sheep, and for their desires, to neglect them, to the slaughter of their own souls.  I am Merciful, but I am also Just.” 

“Do not call ‘His Love for your souls’, “Hatred” And do not call ‘hatred for souls’, “love”.  Learn the difference between love and hate my people and quickly!”
“‘The mark of the beast’ is… not ‘like a horrific movie that people can just, turn off’!  But it is ‘a mark that will be given to souls’, because of their worldliness, and ungodliness! – and ‘refusal to repent’.  Because they seek ‘worldliness’ even in their institutions.  They seek to be told that ‘they are saved’! – Apart from the One, that ‘can Save them’… The “christians”, who call themselves “saved”, are living ‘a self-condemned lifestyle’.  Therefore they embrace ‘the sin of blasphemy’! – calling ‘all their actions’holy and good”; when they really are “depraved and wicked”.  Saying to themselves, “God won’t mind if I watch a few hours of television – He’s got better things to do with His time”; or, “I can look, at this ‘unclean picture’, in this magazine and it will not affect me, because, I am saved’! – by the Precious Blood of Jesus”; or “I can entertain all sorts, of evil thoughts towards my neighbor, and God will understand, because of the way, they treated me”; or (how about this one my children), “I will spend my money, on ‘lottery tickets’, and casinos, so that I can win ‘a large fortune’. God will understand”.  Does God, ‘understand’, all of those choices, my children?  Yes He does!  He understands, that people have chosen to deceive themselves!!  And He is not “buying” what they are trying to sell to Him! Most of the thoughts that He hears, are people ‘justifying themselves’, as they embrace ‘sins against Him’! – as they ‘take offense at Him’; Because He is the Truth, and they do not desire to live, with a clear conscience – in ‘the Truth’.” 


blasphemy its all black and white
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant
What is "blasphemy"?
Well the WHOLE world, is embracing "blasphemy". And so when 'the very FEW', chosen SOULS, on the Face of the EARTH - that is 'those in the Faithful REMNANT' - choose to TURN their HEARTS! - and their MINDS! - TOWARDS, their Creator - with HEARTFELT prayer - the ENEMY! - comes at them - from EVERY direction - sending, 'his ARROWS, of DESPAIR, and DISTRACTION, and OTHER demonic interference' - DESPERATELY, trying, to STOP, THEIR prayers, from being "FRUITFUL" - and from reaching HEAVEN.  WHAT does the devil do? But, he SIMPLY, turns EVERY "GOOD thing" that the Creator has made - into 'an ABOMINATION'. Turning, 'the GOOD works', into EVIL works; turning PEOPLE - INWARDS, towards their FEELINGS - and having them call that "GOOD"; INSTEAD of turning OUTWARDS - to their CREATOR - and calling THAT "Good". The people, outside the Faithful REMNANT - see 'the Faithful REMNANT, as "EVIL!' - BECAUSE, they see, 'their OWN works', and 'their OWN ways', as "GOOD".  And so YES, "TEMPTATION", IS going, to 'PRESENT itself' - MANY times!  BUT, in EVERY temptation - your CREATOR, has MADE 'a WAY for you', to OVERCOME IT, and to ESCAPE.  But the DEVIL - does NOT WANT the Faithful Remnant to FOCUS, on 'OVERCOMING the temptation'.  And so EACH MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant must CHOOSE: if THEY, will, COOPERATE with the GRACES - to OVERCOME, EVIL?  Or, will they allow evil to overcome THEM?  It really IS 'that simple'.  The WHOLE entire 'face of the earth' - ALL of the people - WORSHIP the devil - BECAUSE, they WILL not! - worship, 'the God of the Two WITNESSES'.  It is that simple. (August 18, 2017 update)
When the Inspector Comes
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Did you know, that those who choose to walk 'the BROAD path' - are actually committing "the sin of BLASPHEMY!" - in doing so. 

There are, PSYOPS - EVERYWHERE! - that people have LEARNED, to EMBRACE, as 'PART, of their LIVES'; BUT, what they DON'T realize, is that they have been embracing 'a LIFE, FILLED, with EMPTINESS, and LIES!'   And USUALLY, it is "too LATE" - before they are able to RECOGNIZE, that they are on "a PATH, of SURE destruction!" - the BROAD path, that actually, the MAJORITY of people are FOLLOWING - that lead AWAY, from the Most High True God.  And if YOU take the time to DISCERN, you will SEE that ALL of SOCIETY, is set UP, in such a WAY, as to EXCLUDE! - the Most High True God - the CREATOR! - from EVERY aspect of life.  And THAT - is actually, "a HUGE act of BLASPHEMY!" - on the WORLD'S part.  And UNFORTUNATELY, PEOPLE have LEARNED, to EXCLUDE, 'the CREATOR', from their LIVES - EXCEPT, as seeing Him, as 'someone, who SIMPLY WATCHES; but NEVER intervenes!' - BUT "leaves them on their OWN, to figure things out, and to EXPLORE".  And so EVEN 'the ones who BELIEVED in a Creator'? - LIVE as though they were "atheists".  And THAT is, 'the FRUIT of a bad tree'!  If you THINK of "the entire WORLD" as a tree? - the FRUIT, is 'SO rotten!' - that it ISN'T, even, "SALVAGEABLE"!  ONLY, the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, are "SALVAGEABLE", from this DYING Era.  (December 24, 2017 update)  

Living without a plan B
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

And so how is YOUR "plan B" going?

SO, you basically 'made a HABIT, a VERY spiritually toxic HABIT, of LOOKING AT yourself, and the REMNANT, through "the eyes of the WORLD" - where you actually, "PITIED, the REMNANT" - as you 'ENTERTAINED the IDEA', that what they are EMBRACING, was "an ILLUSION".   And so, YOU! - fostered, 'the poison', in your OWN Soul - because you DIDN'T renounce it, RIGHT away - every TIME the temptation came.  And you, actually 'TURNED, to YOUR plan B' - when, "tribulation" came - and "the ADVERSITIES", seemingly did not END.   

And in DOING so - let's just say that, "plan B"? - was, "plan BLASPHEMY!"  And so, your CREATOR! - was WELL AWARE! - of "YOUR plan".  And, YOU drove 'a wedge' between Him, and YOU - as you EXPECTED Him to DELIVER YOU, and bring you RELIEF, and to bestow "spiritual RICHES and GIFTS" upon you! - at the same TIME? - that you would 'SHAT!' - on EVERYTHING, IN those moments.  And so what HAPPENED, is that your CREATOR - simply said "ENOUGH!"  And He WOULDN'T 'take, the ABUSE', anymore.  And He WOULDN'T! - be patient, WITH you - while you CHOSE, time and time AGAIN! - to 'ENTERTAIN, WICKEDNESS' - and 'a WICKED PLAN and PATH!' - for your LIFE. 

And THAT is why! - He stopped! - ANSWERING your prayers.  Because you ABANDONED Him! - in your INTERIOR life.  Because that's "WHERE, the seeds of BETRAYAL, were PLANTED" - and you 'LET them' take root.  And they GREW!  And, they GREW! - AND they grew!  And the Most High TRUE God, simply ALLOWED you, to be 'OVERTAKEN'!  He 'gave you UP!' - to, "YOUR wicked DESIRES!" - BECAUSE, you "gave UP!" - on HIM!  Your "MIND", became BASE - and you had 'no DESIRE, for that which is SPIRITUALLY EDIFYING to your Soul'.  And so LEARN! - from this LESSON!  And "EARN" your Creator's Favor.  Be focused on 'doing WELL'! - NOT, on "being PRAISED by others" - AND your CREATOR? - will BLESS you!  (January 08, 2018 update) 

Did you think that being a Member of the Faithful Remnant would give you "CELEBRITY STATUS"?

The BIGGEST PROBLEM that you HAVE, is you desire, "self-ADORATION".  Mankind's HEARTS are "INCLINED towards worship"  And SO, YOU need to resolve, to WORSHIP! - the MOST High TRUE God - with your entire BEING!  That means, you RECOGNIZE that, "ALL good THINGS", COME from HIM; and that He IS "all Goodness" - and that He is 'DESERVING, of ALL your time'! People have turned "the inclination of WORSHIP" - towards THEMSELVES! And THAT'S why there are "CELEBRITIES" - as they celebrate THEMSELVES!  YOU are not CALLED to be "a CELEBRITY"!  But YOU! - are CALLED, to BE, "a SAINT" - HOLY and PLEASING in the EYES of your Creator.  ALL, the desires that you HAVE to be WORSHIPPED, and "adored by OTHERS" - you MUST! - renounce! - before all of HEAVEN!   Your DESIRE to seek "the APPROVAL, of your PEERS" - you MUST renounce! - before all of HEAVEN.  For ONLY "the approval of the Most High TRUE God - Truly MATTERS".  You CANNOT! - 'PRETEND! - to BE a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God' - as you "SECRETLY, DESIRE to WORSHIP yourself". You NEED to know that "this is NOT a game".  And you CANNOT 'PRIDE yourself, on the GOOD that you do' - because THAT IS, 'embracing SELF-righteousness' - and, it GOES WITH, "INTELLECTUAL pride".  And if you don't STOP? - that "DEMON" will take you to 'the Lake of FIRE'! - eventually.  You need to reject "the spirit of BLASPHEMY"; and ask for the GRACE, to desire, to DISCERN the difference, between, the TRUE Holy Spirit, and, the spirit of self-RIGHTEOUSNESS.  And ASK for the Grace, to DESIRE, to RECEIVE, "inspirations, from the TRUE Holy Spirit".  As long as YOU desire, to "worship YOURSELF" - and "your OWN inspirations" - the DEMON of self-RIGHTEOUSNESS, will keep GIVING them to you.  You need "TRUE Humility".  ALWAYS remember, that YOU are "here to serve your CREATOR!"  He is NOT, "HERE to serve YOU".  You NEED 'the Grace to desire to be a TRUE Prophet of the Most High True God' - and 'to DISCERN! - the inspirations you receive'.  (January 24, 2018 update)   
Have you been UPSET, about the VERY same thing, for a VERY long time?
Know this, a vocation as "a brooding viper"? - will CALL down from Heaven, "a JUST response" - EVERY time.  And that's "on you".  If you want to CONTINUE to call, "anger, hatred, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness and wrath" - VIRTUES? - then you are FREE, to live in an upside-down world.  Perhaps you might want to re-think that. (January 27, 2018 update) 
Because... if you ARE calling... "the CONVICTING and HUMILIATING Revelations you receive from the True Holy Spirit", that you RECEIVE in your INTERIOR life, as you read the Testimony, "DEMONS" - that is "the sin of blasphemy" - and you need to REPENT of your SINS, and FIX YOURSELF.
Know that at THIS time in human history, the ONE world government with their "ALIEN technology", is MERCILESSLY targeting, EACH individual Member of the Faithful Remnant - with EVERY kind of Alien technology attack that they have - in order to TURN the world, of EACH Member, "upside down".  But they can ONLY accomplish that goal with the cooperation of their targets.    (February 14, 2018 update) 
Have you been allowing your DEMONS to HATE through you?
And YOU are called "to LIVE! - the Testimony" - and ONLY the True Holy SPIRIT, can show you 'HOW to DO so'You MUST 'LIVE, the Word'.  NOT "just READ, the word" like the PROTESTANTS do.  The PROTESTANTS think, that the BIBLE, will somehow 'SAVE them'; even though they won't 'DO!' - what Jesus teaches IN! - the Bible.  It is the SAME, with the TESTIMONY.  YOU can "KNOW the Testimony" - THROUGH and THROUGH - and even, REMEMBER 'PASSAGES', from it.  But it is "ALL in vain" if YOU keep 'turning to the spirit of BLASPHEMY' - as you READ! - OUR Counsel, AND the Testimony - AND watch Remnant videos - AND! - watch the MASS videos - allowing 'your DEMONS' to HATE! - THROUGH you.  INSTEAD of 'seeking to be DELIVERED, from them'.  And THAT is 'what they are ALL doing! - in the institution'.  And so YOU are actually 'IDENTIFYING with 'the OCCULT world'And so you need to reject 'the spirit of the OCCULT universal ENERGIES'; AND, 'the spirit of BLASPHEMY'; AND, 'the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS'And you NEED to ask, to be filled with 'the TRUE Holy Spirit' INSTEAD.  And ASK for the Grace to DESIRE to see, 'EVERYTHING', and EVERYONE - through 'the Eyes of the TRUE Holy Spirit' - and 'THIS' means "to PERCEIVE them, and EVERYTHING,"in the TRUTH!" (March 20, 2018 update) 

What are you called to do, when you don't experience any relief after praying the deliverance prayer?

Why are you choosing to IDENTIFY with 'that demon'? WHY are you ALLOWING, 'that demon' to vent THROUGH you? - in your INTERIOR life. This is "COMPLETELY on YOU!"  YOU are choosing to experience what it OFFERS you!  Because you're NOT choosing, to be FILLED, with the JOY of your CREATOR.  And, you WILL be "filled with SOMETHING", because "NATURE hates a void". And YOU decide 'what you're going to be FILLED with'. No one can choose FOR you. You need to STOP IDENTIFYING with 'the demons' - and ask the Most High TRUE God to DELIVER you - and repent of COOPERATING, with 'the DEMONS' in your INTERIOR life. You see, YOU have been choosing just to pray "the DELIVERANCE prayer", for 'a quick FIX'!  But THAT only works for so LONG. YOU need "a change of HEART".   And only YOU! - COOPERATING with the TRUE Holy Spirit, can have your heart CHANGED - to desire 'GRACES'. You can be "FILLED with Graces"... or "filled with demons".  YOU choose! (May 01, 2018 update) 

How have you been responding to the temptation to rationalize evil?

DON'T, rationalize, EVIL!  You KNEW, when you were 'TEMPTED' - that it was WRONG! - trying to RATIONALIZE it.  And the TRUE Holy Spirit had to INTERVENE, and STOP you!  And so YOU need, to turn to your CREATOR, and ask Him to HEAL you of that DESIRE - and TRADE it, for 'the DESIRE to have, an AUTHENTIC relationship WITH Jesus Christ the LORD'Jesus, is NOT, "a UNIVERSAL energy".  But you HAVE been TREATING Him like one.  And so YOU need to 'repent'.  The PROBLEM is, "SELF-enlightenment" COMES with 'a cost' - USUALLY one's Soul.  Because ALL the people, OUTSIDE the Ark - SEE themselves as "VERY enlightened!" - and so they don't NEED, 'the TRUE Light, of Jesus Christ the LORD'.  And, YOU, are in the HABIT of seeking "self-ENLIGHTENMENT" like a BUDDHIST - and seeking KNOWLEDGE "for the SAKE of knowledge".  And they are very DANGEROUS, "habits". You NEED to 'put your CREATOR first' - NOT "your ENLIGHTENMENT", first. Better to gather GRACES, and receive an ETERNAL Reward in HEAVEN on Earth.  There, could we spell it out any CLEARER for you? (May 12, 2018 update) 

Have you been in the habit of... "going on long walks, to examine your conscience"?

Actually 'what you were DOING' - if YOU want to be... "COMPLETELY honest WITH yourself"? When YOU would go for 'those long WALKS' - you would CALL it, "an examination of CONSCIENCE" - when in FACT, it was "BROODING, over your past MISTAKES".  And THEN! - you would give 'the ASSAILANTS', the opportunity, 'to FLOG you! - with their accusations, in your INTERIOR life' - and, THIS, would actually CAUSE you, 'SPIRITUAL, harm'.  And you would call 'THAT!'...  "an examination".  That is ACTUALLY called..."a WALK of self-abuse".... THANKS for stopping!  (May 26, 2018 update) 

You ARE still invited to exercise "spiritual SANITY", as you enjoy the outdoors!

Have you been experiencing 'perception shifts'? - or 'STRONG temptations to HATE YOURSELF and your VOCATION and the TESTIMONY AND US'?

Whenever you experience, 'perception shifts', or 'STRONG temptations, to HATE YOURSELF and your VOCATION, and the TESTIMONY, AND US' - you NEED to RECOGNIZE that, as "an ATTACK!" - and that, the SPIRIT of BLASPHEMY! - is 'trying to gain a STRONGHOLD IN you'.  DON'T let, your PERCEPTIONS, 'SHIFT' - and LEAVE it like that!  No.  INSTEAD, GRAB the Blessed Holy Water - TURN your heart, to your Creator - ASK Him! - to REMOVE 'the spirit of blasphemy' - and to GIVE you 'TRUE Spiritual VISION', so that YOU can see, 'EVERYTHING in the Light of TRUTH'.  Because it is BLASPHEMY, that puts 'a WEDGE, between PEOPLE, and their CREATOR' - and that is one REASON, why everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful REMNANT, are "OUTSIDE the FAVOR and GRACE, of the Most High True GOD'.  They 'SEEK', the wrong THINGS.  They seek 'AFFIRMATION, TOLERANCE, and FLATTERY of one another' - but they WILL not 'SEEK, to be, ACCEPTED, and LOVED, by their CREATOR' - they will not SEEK to 'PLEASE Him' - because they're TOO BUSY "pleasing themselves".  YOU? - as a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT? - are called to embrace 'TRUE Humility' - AND to embrace, 'TRUE, SPIRITUAL sanity'.  Don't let BLASPHEMY, gain 'a STRONGHOLD in your SOUL' - for PEOPLE! - OUTSIDE the ARK? - they would rather CURSE God and DIE! - RATHER than repent.   But YOU are called, to make 'REPENTANCE', a LIFESTYLE!  And THIS does not mean that 'you are focused on your SINS all DAY'!  But this, simply means that, you're FOCUSED, on OVERCOMING, your sins - by FOCUSING! - on the GRACES - being, SHARED, from HEAVEN. (May 29, 2018 update) 

Are YOU being tempted to believe, that being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT is "BURDENSOME"?

And so, you need to search, your SOUL - and examine your conscience - because YOU, are FOCUSED, on "self-ENLIGHTENMENT, apart from being TOTALLY dependent on your CREATOR, to LEAD you through this LIFE".   What you are "STRUGGLING with" the MOST? - is that you WANT! - to live your own LIFE! - and you DON'T 'like', the FACT that you have to make "CHANGES".  'REBELLION'! - is the biggest stronghold in your SoulBut you can ONLY rebel for SO LONG! - BEFORE, Jesus Christ the LORD, 'CASTS you AWAY from His PRESENCE, so that you are 'FREE!' - to live your life the way that YOU WANT to' [...going along with the TESTIMONY - but ONLY to a POINT, and then casting it away from YOUR presence...].  And SO? - YOU need, to soften your HEART - towards Jesus Christ the Lord, and EVERYTHING! - that is being asked of you.  Because being "a FRUITFUL MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT" - ISN'T the SAME as 'clocking-IN for work' - and then 'clocking-OUT'.  There IS no 'clocking-out'.  EITHER, you DESIRE, to 'grow CLOSER to your CREATOR - through being RECEPTIVE!- to the GRACES, that He offers'? - or - you want to 'work with your DEMONS, to tear DOWN the Work of the True Holy Spirit in your Soul'.  And you can ONLY be 'left MISERABLE in the END' by CHOOSING, to work with the demons. The 'DEMONS' want YOU to believe, that being a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is "BURDENSOME!" - when ACTUALLY, THEY are 'burdened' - because they 'HATE!' - the True Holy SPIRIT - and they 'HATE' being DOCILE - that's why they HAVE, "a kingdom of darkness".  But YOU are called, to use 'your free WILL' - to 'LOVE!' - Jesus Christ the Lord - and to LOVE! - EVERYTHING He asks of you - and to LOVE! - spreading the Kingdom of HEAVEN, even as OTHERS, are 'OPPOSED to it'! (June 03, 2018 update)

What do you DO whenever you hear "cursing" in your INTERIOR LIFE?

WHENEVER you hear "cursing" in your INTERIOR LIFE? - you SIMPLY need to start praising 'the HOLY Name of Jesus' - FROM the heart! - and the CURSING will STOP! - we ASSURE you. (June 24, 2018 update)

The Members of the Faithful Remnant will in fact experience TREMENDOUS relief, when they DEFLECT the BLASPHEMIES, BACK at those, who SENT them!
For ALL those in the Faithful REMNANT, who are 'SUFFERING', from the AFFLICTIONS, of having "BLASPHEMY" - or "the spirit of BLASPHEMY", prayed INTO them:  It is IMPORTANT, that WHEN you find, 'your INTERIOR life', is being 'TEMPTED to go AGAINST, the TESTIMONY, US, or the Most High True GOD' - that YOU - ACTIVELY, turn, to Saint MICHAEL, the ARCHANGEL - TO 'DEFLECT the BLASPHEMIES, BACK at those, who SENT them!' - and ASK that THEY! - receive, "the FRUITS, of the BLASPHEMY, IN their OWN lives".  You can DO this through the INTERCESSION of the BLESSED Virgin Mary, under her TITLE, "Conqueror of blasphemy".  BECAUSE, the TRUTH is, that 'the WHOLE WORLD'! - 'blasphemes, the MOST High TRUE God' - and they ALL! - take offense, at HIS Ways - and He SAID, very CLEARLY, "BLESSED, are THOSE, who take NO offense, AT Me".  Which IMPLIES, that THOSE, who are 'OFFENDED, by their CREATOR'? - are "under a CURSE"!  (July 23, 2018 update)
YES you are living in the Time of the Apocalypse, but DON'T embrace fear!

The ENEMY, is trying to wear you DOWN - AND TRYING, to get you, to focus INWARDS, on 'how, HE feels about you, and your vocation'.  But, YOU'RE called, to be 'DELIVERED', of the DEMONS, and the devil's KINGDOM - and embrace 'your CREATOR'S, Holy WILL for your life, INSTEAD'.  But if you 'HARBOR, the enemy', in your Soul? - then you CAN'T! - carry out, your Creator's Will.  And USUALLY, how he GETS, into peoples' INTERIOR lives - is through "irrational FEAR", worries, and ANXIETIESDON'T be 'CONTROLLED', by the FEAR, of OFFENDING your Creator.  RATHER, DESIRE 'to PLEASE the Most High True God, with your entire BEING.  And DON'T be 'afraid of the DEVIL'RESIST! - the devil, and his temptations.  SUBMIT, to your Creator - and the DEVIL will FLEE you!  BUT - if you 'RESIST', your CREATOR? - and SUBMIT, to the DEVIL? - then your CREATOR will flee you!  Understand?  You really need to reject 'the spirit of BLASPHEMY'.  And it would HELP, to offer up a decade of the Holy Rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title, "Conqueror of blasphemy".  And ASK for the Grace to DESIRE to PRAISE your Creator, INSTEAD!  Ask HER to INTERCEDE, for you to be 'FILLED with the Graces of Faith, Hope and LOVE'. (September 06, 2018 update)

When you are absolutely CERTAIN! - that EVERYTHING you do is "Holy"?
The True Holy Spirit isn't 'the spirit that tells you, that EVERYTHING you do, is holy'The TRUE Holy Spirit, is GOING to TELL you - 'WHERE you have sinned, and fallen SHORT, of the GLORY, of the Most High True GOD'. And the TRUE Holy Spirit will convict your CONSCIENCE - with, the TRUTH!  But BECAUSE! - you, got so used to 'a DEADENED conscience' - you NEED our COUNSEL - and the TESTIMONY, to HELP you, recognize, 'what is GOOD', and 'what is EVIL'.  BECAUSE, you are so used to EVERYTHING being "in a GREY zone". 
Living in "the grey zone" - in one's interior life - implies that "ANYTHING goes!" - for people who are "looking for the GOOD, in everything!" - in EVERYTHING that is, BUT their Creator.  In other words, there is "NO virtue, in looking for the GOOD, or the BENEFITS, in sin" - perhaps, that just needs to be stated.  It does!  Please re-read this paragraph, until you stop... "looking for the GOOD, in sin that is".  Hope that works!... not likely... but it's worth a try. (December 14, 2018 update)  

What about YOU? - have YOU resolved to NEVER be in contempt of the True Holy Spirit again?

Actual email: "I never want to be in contempt of the True Holy Spirit again".

And NOW! - by that STATEMENT? - you ARE acknowledging, before 'all of HEAVEN' - that you KNOW! - 'what being in CONTEMPT, of the True Holy SPIRIT' IS! - which makes you 'ALL the more responsible', when you CHOOSE to go 'that ROUTE', in your "INTERIOR AND exterior choices". ALL is forgiven that you are Truly sorry for!  And we ask the Most High TRUE God, 'to BLESS you!' - with "the necessary HUMILITY', that YOU NEED! - in order, to WALK, "the Narrow Path" - HUMBLY! - with your Creator. Remember, YOU NEED 'HIM'!  He DOESN'T need 'YOU'! BUT! - He DOES desire, to help YOU, to be 'WITH HIM', for all Eternity.  If you would only "cooperate".  And KNOW THIS! - the FIRST reaction, that you get, to RECEIVING, "the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth" - that we share - is going to BE! - "From your demons" - EVERY time! - until YOU make a habit, of actually 'CHOOSING! - the Truth - over what you FEEL inside'.  It's "a LIFESTYLE decision", to live 'by the TRUTH', and NOT 'by your FEELINGS'. And to BE "in contempt of the TRUE Holy Spirit" - IS "blasphemy" - for that is EXACTLY! - how 'the jewish elders' responded, to JESUS, when HE put THEM! - to shame - for their poor CHOICES. (January 06, 2019 update)

WHO decides 'what kind of DAY you're going to have'?

And KNOW this: that YOU decide 'what kind of DAY you're going to have' - based on "your ATTITUDE towards your Creator, and His BLESSINGS" - that day.  If YOU would simply desire 'the HIGHEST, possible GOOD' - and make that "your GOAL" - then the DEMONS wouldn't be ABLE, to pull you DOWN - because, YOU'RE choosing, to focus on 'what is GOOD, and pleasing to your CREATOR' - no matter what "FEELINGS", they THROW at you.   And THAT! - is 'how you BREAK out of, the BROODING habit'.

"To BROOD", is to CONTINUALLY, 'OBSESS', over a THOUGHT, that EVOKES, "bad FEELINGS". Understand?  (- and for those who own chickens, know that you are not being called to "stop brooding", by getting rid of them...)

DON'T let your DEMONS! - decide - 'what kind of DAY you're going to have' - and 'how a SITUATION, is going to turn OUT'.  YOU need to actually, 'STARVE! - the demons' of - ANY attention! - except "a ONE-way ticket to the Lake of Fire' - as YOU resolve, to focus, on 'the Most HIGH, True God' - at ALL times - serving HIM! - with your ENTIRE being.  And you will FIND that, your 'WILL to DO good', in the EYES of your Creator - will be 'STRENGTHENED' - and your DESIRE, to sin - will WEAKEN.

decide. desire. focus. simple.

What have you DECIDED?

What do you DESIRE?

Where is your FOCUS?

That's 3 things you can ONLY do, "from the front seat".  [- and PLEASE don't use that as a mantra!]  (March 06, 2019 update) 

When you 'MESS UP'? - LEARN from your mistake
Trying to convince us that you have learned from your mistake? - ISN'T "learning from your mistakes".  Do BETTER next time - when the same situation PRESENTS itself.  But don't BROOD over it.  UNLESS, you want to CONTINUE, making 'the SAME mistakes'.  You need to understand, that 'MORE care and ATTENTION', can be put into EVERYTHING that you do - every DAY. And that you should NEVER be 'satisfied, with a MEDIOCRE job' - with a MEDIOCRE EFFORT.  But as 'a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God'? - EVERY TASK that you DO? - you need to 'do WELL' - "as well as you CAN, in THAT MOMENT".  And if you MESS UP? - you LEARN from it, and "move ON, with your day" But 'BROODING over it'? - ONLY, 'DRAWS, more DEMONS to yourself'. (June 04, 2019 update)

For all of you who are sincerely being CRUSHED by what is being asked of you in the Testimony?

"Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men [- and women, who submit to the DEMONS...] this [- living the TESTIMONY] is impossible, but with God [- the Most High TRUE God...] all things [- as in, EVERY one of the THINGS that are being asked of you in the TESTIMONY...] are possible.”(Matthew 19:26) 

The Truth, is that "the DEMONS are the burden" - a VERY! - HEAVY! - burden! - sent from Hell - to try to CRUSH you.  And Jesus NEVER! - asked you to carry those - but ONLY to turn to HIS Strength - to turn to HIM! - to REMOVE them, and send them back.  But instead? - you chose to EMBRACE them - and REJECT 'the Burden of the Most High TRUE God'. The demons are trying to SELL you, that "it's WHAT the Most High TRUE God is asking of you, that is crushing you" - when it IS in fact 'the complete OPPOSITE'.  And THAT'S because you're still, 'embracing BLASPHEMY' - befriending the DEMONS, instead of befriending your CREATOR. What your CREATOR is ASKING of you - is actually "VERY light"(June 15, 2019 update)

For those who have chosen to feed 'your NEW identity', to the demons

You are CHOOSING to be "COMFORTABLE", feeding your new IDENTITY, to the demons. You are choosing to be COMFORTABLE, being "the OLD you" - who is yoked to his formers.  How do you FIX THAT?  Simple!  But only if 'going BACK', to the DEMONS of your former life, 'HORRIFIES' you.  Does it? - in each and every moment? - or just when you type an email to us?  Reject the spirit of blasphemy, and wake UP! - before you can't, ever. You need to feed 'that old IDENTITY' to the Eternal Lake of FIRE, and 'part PATHS' with it, before YOU go there with it.  Because? - that's where it's going, one way or another. Your personal DEMONS, want "your company", as THEY go there.  Do you prefer to 'follow THEM'?   Stop trying to fake it.  Be all in, or all out. (June 19, 2019 update)

For all those who are afraid of 'being looked DOWN upon' because they have found the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith?

Actual email: "With regards to being purified, I needed to let go of my desire to not be looked down on, by the world."

The people of the WORLD, look DOWN upon 'the things of HEAVEN'; and they ONLY have "contempt!" - for, the TRUE Holy Spirit.  Because? - the spirit of the WORLD, casts-OUT the True Holy Spirit; and the True Holy SPIRIT, casts-OUT 'the spirit of the WORLD'.  So? - what YOU resolved to 'be FILLED with'? - has "an IMPACT", on your SPIRITUAL life, and WALK - with Jesus Christ the LORD.  For He 'SHUNNED!' - the world; and He 'shunned' the THINGS of the world.  But He was 'CONCERNED', with BRINGING, 'His HEAVENLY Father's MESSAGE, of REPENTANCE!' - to the world - to the PEOPLE - so that they could 'CHOOSE', what they WANTED to do, with 'His WORDS'.  When they CRUCIFIED, Jesus Christ the LORD? - they CRUCIFIED, "GOD, the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN" - AND! - the True Holy Spirit.  They have done so AGAIN! - in THESE Times - with 'the Creator's TESTIMONY' - with 'His WORD made FLESH' - in His Two WITNESSES - with 'the Inspirations of the True Holy SPIRIT' - moving through His Faithful REMNANT.  And SO? - the MOST High TRUE God, will 'deal', QUITE fairly! - with ALL those, who have 'CHOSEN, to OPPOSE Him! - and to oppose His WAYS'. (October 12, 2019 update) 

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