The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

 2016 Archives July

SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

2016 Quick Links:
Here is a sample of some of today's correspondence:

Actual email: I'm in the process of making a big clean-up... what does Jesus want me to do with all of the inappropriate things?

PPTL: AS for, PHYSICAL, HOUSECLEANING – YOU will need to, get rid of ALL “black CLOTHING”, as WELL as red, AND grey.  THIS is so, YOU will NOT, be wearing ‘the COLORS, of the EVIL one’ – in these Times.  People are wearing “red, AND black”, MORE, than EVER before, in HISTORY!  And THAT is because, ‘THOSE two COLORS’, actually, ‘VENERATE’, the devil.  It is ‘THEIR WAY’, of WORSHIPPING him. UNDERSTAND?

Actual email: My [former family member] is not on the Ark yet. Must [they] wait until [they are] on the Ark to drink the Blessed Holy Water? Thank you.

PPTL: It is not ‘SAFE’, for your ‘FORMER N.’, to drink the Blessed HOLY Water, UNTIL [they] become ‘a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH’.  Because, it can ONLY, CAUSE [them], “UNNECESSARY, ANGUISH”.  IT is “a BLESSING”, for THOSE who are ‘a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant Church’; but it is “a CURSE”, for those, who are OUTSIDE, the Faithful Remnant Church.

Actual email: The priest from the church...  wants me to call him.

PPTL: AS for, the “satanic PRIEST”, that wants you, to EXPLAIN, why you are NO longer ATTENDING, ‘that INSTITUTION’ – YOU do not NEED, to call him back; but IF he calls YOU – you can SIMPLY, give him the NAME of the WEBSITE – and say “THIS is where, my FAITH is now; FRANCIS is an ANTIPOPE; I have found, PETRUS Romanus – and I belong to HIS Flock now”.  THERE, THAT should get you started.

"Then Jesus told his disciples, 'If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it'."
(Matthew 16:24-25)

The Members of the Faithful Remnant are quickly learning, that there are swift consequences, just waiting to PHYSICALLY manifest, for those who shun our Counsel.  In other words, Jesus Christ the Lord simply 'ALLOWED', the protestant churches 'to APPEAR to thrive', over the centuries - but He ISN'T TOLERATING 'THAT movement', ANY longer!

Actual email: How can I make sure that I am indeed making the right choices in the moment and acting on the inspirations of The True Holy Spirit? 

PPTL: HOW do you know, if you are LISTENING, to the INSPIRATIONS, of the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT?  SIMPLY, by DESIRING, to DO, EXACTLY, what the True Holy SPIRIT is asking of you; and by RENOUNCING your OWN PLANS for your life...  BASICALLY, THERE is ‘a CONSISTENT response’, to OUR COUNSEL – ONE of, ‘desiring to DO things, according to your OWN terms’ – that is ‘NOT working out’ for you.  REJECT your desire, to follow Jesus, on your OWN terms – because ‘that’ ISN’T “self-denial”.  ASK for the Grace, to follow JESUS, according to HIS terms!

Did you know, that when "the HEAT gets turned UP", the Most High True God ALWAYS, "listens ATTENTIVELY", to every thought, that manifests, in the secret of "your INTERIOR life".  Why?   Because, most people strive to actively filter their thoughts as they speak - and THAT is, "AFTER the Most High True God has heard them ALL!"  Use the Blessed Holy Water often.  Help, "The Potter".
"The kiln tests the potter’s vessels; so the test of a man is in his reasoning. The fruit discloses the cultivation of a tree; so the expression of a thought discloses the cultivation of a man’s mind."
(Sirach 27:5-6)

Actual email: Other than asking for forgiveness for our sins in prayer, what are some other things we can do to clean our interior life?

PPTL: ASKING for FORGIVENESS, for one’s SINS – is only ‘PART’, of “the bigger PICTURE”.  You ALSO need to RESOLVE, to NEVER do those THINGS, that offend your CREATOR – ever AGAIN!  Of COURSE, ONLY with the HELP, of His GRACE.  You ALSO need to make, “GOOD resolutions”, on HOW you are going to respond, to temptation, the NEXT time, you are ‘Tested’.  BECAUSE, the KILN, TESTS, the POTTER’S vessel.  BECAUSE, the POTTER, has EVERY right, to MOULD, the clay, as HE sees fit.  BEST not to RESIST!

Here is a sample of some of today's correspondence:

In the Faithful Remnant, EVERY day, should ALWAYS be... "just like going for another spin on the POTTER's Wheel"!

Actual email: I know there's still much more in me that needs fixing and I know that my will is being shaped by my Creator.  What can I do to... accelerate my purification?

PPTL: MAKE SURE, that YOU, are DOING, ‘a THOROUGH EXAMINATION, of your CONSCIENCE’, EVERY day!  And that YOU, ‘TRULY desire’, to FIX what is BROKEN! – in yourself.  Now the Most High TRUE God, is ‘the ONLY one’ – who can ‘REPAIR’, a Soul.  BUT! – the SOUL, IS, required, to COOPERATE – IN as much, as they POSSIBLY can!  THAT is why, the BLESSED HOLY Water, is SO important! – because AS, the True Holy Spirit REVEALS to you, ‘the areas in your LIFE’, where you have ‘FAILED your Creator’ – then, as you ADD, the Water – TO yourself – PRAYING, the Blessed HOLY Water DELIVERANCE Prayer – then, it will be ‘MUCH easier’, for your CREATOR – to MOULD you – as HE sees fit!  But He needs “WATER” – OTHERWISE, “the CLAY”, will “STIFFEN”, and CRACK!  THEN, He, will need to start OVER again.  Understand?

Here is a sample of some of today's correspondence:

There are basically three ways "to get OFF", the Ark of Safety, in these End times.  There is "the PLANK", "the DIVING board", and "the SLIDE". 

Actual email: You gave me counseling... several times but I did not choose to persevere in applying the counseling...  How... can we overcome sin, if we are confused on how to apply the Truths?

PPTL: The DEMONS CANNOT ‘apply the Truths’, that are SHARED, in our COUNSEL, and in the TESTIMONY.  That is WHY, you are PROCLAIMING, on behalf of THEM, ‘their ACCOMPLISHMENT’, of CONFUSING you.  The TESTIMONY is plain, and SIMPLE! – to THOSE, who ‘DESIRE’, to LEARN, from the True Holy SPIRIT. But for those who DESIRE, to SHUN the True Holy Spirit – the Testimony becomes, “a STUMBLING block” – and they CANNOT find their way around.  YOU have been DELIBERATELY choosing to slide!  That is ‘very DIFFERENT’, than simply “a FALL” – and then CHOOSING to get back UP.  Right NOW, YOU, ARE, “COMFORTABLE” – bathing in the dark MATTER.  The question IS, HOW much, of you, is REALLY, “THERE”?  Have the DEMONS, managed, to ‘SNUFF out’, “the smoldering WICK”?  JESUS, does not, ‘put out’, “the smoldering WICK”; but the DEMONS do – with YOUR consent.

"Behold my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen, in whom my soul delights; I have put my Spirit upon him, he will bring forth justice to the nations.  He will not cry or lift up his voice, or make it heard in the street; a bruised reed he will not break, and a dimly burning wick he will not quench; he will faithfully bring forth justice.  He will not fail or be discouraged till he has established  justice in the earth; and the coastlands wait for his law."
(Isaiah 42:1-4)

Finally, somebody figured it out! 

Actual email: I just got done putting all of the Counsel you have ever given to me into one place and I'm about to print it off to put into a binder. It will be awesome to refer anytime to the past Counsel!

Here is a sample of some of today's correspondence:
So many NO's.  So few aboard the Ark of Safety.  Price of admission?   "A simple YES, to your Creator"... as "a way of LIFE", of course!

PPTL: The PROBLEM you HAVE, is that, YOU have been "saying NO" - by ACTION! - CONSISTENTLY - to what your CREATOR is 'requiring OF you'; and the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, is NO longer 'WITH you'; but 'the evil SPIRIT, of the ANTICHRIST', IS.  YOUR "ANOINTING", as "a Remnant MEMBER", HAS been REMOVED - BECAUSE of your PRIDE, and DESIRE, to VINDICATE, YOURSELF! - before all of HEAVEN...  It IS 'not, as EASY, as YOU THINK it is' - to get BACK, on BOARD the ARK.

The poor choices of former family members, can become "a distraction", without 'the Grace of True Humility'.

Actual email: I am fighting the desire to 'blame' myself. 

PPTL: THAT is not going to help YOU...  You NEED to reject, the desire to embrace "false HUMILITY", and ASK for the Grace, of TRUE Humility!  TRUE Humility - is 'facing the fact that it is NOT your fault'! - what OTHER people choose to EMBRACE.  FALSE humility, is 'beating yourself UP'; or BLAMING yourself - for, 'a SITUATION', that is ABSOLUTELY BEYOND, your CONTROL! 

Once again, in THESE END TIMES, ALL WOMEN, have a NATURAL inclination to practice "WITCHCRAFT", in their interior lives.  (Welcome to the Apocalypse!)  The ones OUTSIDE the Remnant, simply do so as a way of life.  And even the women in the Remnant, are struggling to wean themselves off, of "their tendency, to wear the pointy hat".  And yet there are still PLENTY of "consequences" to go around... enough for EVERYONE!!!  Thanks be to the Most High True God!

PPTL: Do NOT FORGET, that your CREATOR, is VERY much, 'intervening', in ALL your lives, on a daily BASIS; and HE knows 'what is going on', WITH N. - and 'EXACTLY how to deal with it'. If you ALL, 'SEVER yourself', from [their] INTERIOR life - and REJECT your desire, to show... false COMPASSION - then the WITCHCRAFT, will have NO EFFECT on you!  Because it TAKES 'the consent of the WILL', for it to MANIFEST - PHYSICALLY!  Understand?

And for those who DON'T, "understand" - THAT is why the Members of the Faithful Remnant use the deliverance prayer every day, and pray, "Lord Jesus Christ, Most High True God, I reject my desire to yoke myself to the interior lives of the wicked...  Please give me the Grace, to yoke myself to All of HEAVEN instead".  In other words: Yes, it really IS, "THAT bad!"

Here is a sample of some of today's correspondence:
Actual email: The Most High True God continues to pour out His surprises and MERCY on us in the most unexpected ways.  And I truly desire to show Him the same Mercy, by resolving to DO, whatever He asks in each and every moment.    

PPTL: The REASON He is Blessing you in this WAY, is because of your 'continued RESOLVE', to DO! - what is being ASKED of you - BY your Creator - EVEN when it is "EXTREMELY uncomfortable".  PERSEVERE!

Everyone in the Remnant, who is in social contact with OTHER Remnant Members, is called to fraternally correct, according to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit in the moment. 

PPTL: PRAY for the Grace of Holy DETACHMENT - CONTINUALLY! - EVEN as you give people, "fraternal CORRECTION".  Do NOT in ANY WAY - be 'CONNECTED with', THEIR REACTION; or, their "DISAPPROVAL", of what YOU have brought, "to the Light".  You NEED to 'SEVER yourself', from 'the INTERIOR lives', of those, you INTERACT with - on a daily BASIS. Focus on HEAVEN; focus on your CREATOR, FIRST and FOREMOST.

"Pride" is a normal temptation, that the enemy likes to throw at the Remnant Members who are doing the MOST to reach out to their brothers and sisters with the TRUTH.  Here are a few tips at combating that temptation.

PPTL: REJECT your DESIRE, to SEE yourself, as "BETTER" - than your brothers and sisters; and ask for the Grace INSTEAD, to USE ALL of your Gifts, to help YOURSELF, AND - your brothers, and SISTERS, in the REMNANT...  Reject your DESIRE, to IDENTIFY, with the DEMONS in OTHERS; and ASK for the Grace, to simply 'APPLY, the TRUTHS', that YOU share - with your brothers and SISTERS, to your OWN life. THAT is 'the BEST, approach' - AGAINST "pride".

Actual email: Are there members, or former members, of the Faithful Remnant who have been interfered with by their former family members... to such a degree that they have been... subjected to mandatory medication?

PPTL: YES, FORMER MEMBERS of the Faithful REMNANT - were FORCED on MEDICATION - SIMPLY, because they did not LISTEN, to, our COUNSEL; and they DID, "VERY foolish things", that 'MERITED', that response - to, embracing "spiritual INSANITY". 

Actual email: What an appalling existence on earth this is! - always suffering one kind of persecution or another, expected to be perpetually engaged in battle with our natural inclinations, and invariably conscious of the threat of eternal torture, anxiety, and despair if we fail to meet with tall orders. We are COMPLETELY dependent upon the miraculous divine provision of graces necessary to see this through to the end.  I have to admit I'm struggling and discouraged...

PPTL: YES, of COURSE, EVERYONE, HAS "the option to fold" - and SAY "The CROSS is TOO Heavy" - and that, "the Most High TRUE God, is asking too much"; BUT, the Truth IS - the FAITHFUL REMNANT, are 'TAKING', from the Most High True God; and they are NOT 'giving BACK'The Faithful REMNANT, in many cases, are 'FILLED, WITH INGRATITUDE' - at WHAT the Most High TRUE God has DONE for them - by TAKING them 'from the WORLD' - GIVING them their SOUL - and EQUIPPING them, for 'the very INTENSE, SPIRITUAL BATTLE'. YOU need to reject your desire, to make PROBLEMS for yourself; and ASK for the Grace, to SEEK the solution, FOR the problems, you already HAVE!  YOU need to ask for the Grace, of GRATEFULNESS.  As LONG as you, CONTINUE, to HOLD on to RESENTMENTS - and INGRATITUDE - at what, is being ASKED  OF YOU - for SURE! - you WILL NOT find Peace! YOU are STILL, TRYING to CONTROL your LIFE - on your own TERMS... You NEED, to, ASK the Most High TRUE God, to have Mercy on your SOUL, and RESTORE to you, 'EVERYTHING, that the ENEMY, TOOK from you'. ASK Him to BLESS, your mental FACULTIES, and HEAL you...  POUR your heart out TO Him - with HUMILITY!!!  And wait for His RESPONSE.
What is, "comfortably uncomfortable"?

Actual email: I haven’t been this uncomfortable since I’ve been back on the Ark.  A good sign. I’m doing my best to embrace everything the True Holy Spirit inspires and leads me to do. I really need to work on relearning everything and asking the True Holy Spirit how to do everything... It’s a long road, and prayer is going to be much more constant, it has to be, I’m realizing now. Every iota of my former self has to be destroyed... I embrace and ask that you would give me the MOST uncomfortable truths. 

PPTL: THAT is "a great ATTITUDE!" - towards 'the GIFT, of Purification'. EVERYONE... HAS, to be PURIFIED... You are not 'the only ONE'... What is HAPPENING for YOU, is that, YOU, are getting INFORMED - as to WHAT, the Most High True God, is asking YOU, to get RID of!  ASK for the GRACE, to "DIE, to your former SELF", and to "LIVE for your CREATOR"- in each and every MOMENT.  THERE are GOING to be 'TIMES', of EXTREME discomfort!!!  FOLLOWED by, 'periods of CONSOLATION'. The Most High TRUE God, is LOOKING for, "DISCIPLES" - who are 'WILLING', to be DISCIPLINED, and to LEARN, "self-MASTERY". You SIMPLY need, to stay in PRAYER - ALWAYS! - desiring, 'UNITY', with your Creator. The CERN waves, have increased - and, "PEOPLE", are simply 'SOAKING up, dark matter'. As "a CHILD of the LIGHT" - YOU need to focus, on 'soaking up the GRACES from Heaven'. RESOLVE, to CHANGE! - and BE better!  MAKE the necessary RESOLUTIONS, EVERY day! - AND you WILL get THROUGH this! The DEMONS, will TEMPT YOU - to GIVE UP; as they tempt EVERYONE in the Remnant. BUT! - you HAVE 'the TOOLS', to PERSEVERE!  You have your Guardian ANGEL, your SOUL, BLESSED HOLY WATER, the DAILY PRAYERS, and a REAL, AUTHENTIC, RELATIONSHIP, with the Most High True GOD - who 'SATISFIES' your Soul!  WE will pray for you! - as we pray for EVERYONE, in the FAITHFUL Remnant.  It will HELP, to COMMEND the demonic CLUSTER, of your FORMER IDENTITY, to the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin MARY.

...And if that sounds "a little harsh", you can always commend 'that demonic cluster' to "the HEAL" of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God will however, still hear the prayer as "HEEL".  Sorry, that's the best we can do for now...
Jesus said: That is quite fine.  My Mother likes it!
"If the Lord of hosts had not left us a few survivors, we should have been like Sodom, and become like Gomorrah." 
(Isaiah 1:9)  

Actual email: I see the value of His Gifts that is immeasurable and everything He is offering...  But the immeasurable value of His Gifts... [are] taking away the focus from Him, the One who is the Giver of the Gift, who is giving the Gift through Love.

PPTL: And SO, YOU are very much "SPIRITUALLY awake", in these TIMES - EVEN, to be able to RECOGNIZE, that the FOCUS, for each MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT, is CALLED to be "on the GIVER of the Gift" - and THAT is, the LOVE, OF Jesus Christ the LORD.  YOU have RECOGNIZED that, 'ONLY SEEING God, as the Source for SURVIVAL', is ONLY PART, of existence - that is "EXISTING"; but NOT "LIVING".  You NEED to desire to give BACK to your Creator - your whole HEART! - and, to RESOLVE, to LOVE Him, with your ENTIRE BEING! - WHETHER, you are given, "SORROWS, or DISCOMFORT"; or "CONSOLATION, and REWARD".  When your FOCUS, IS on 'LOVING, your CREATOR' - THEN YOU are, 'like a ROCK' - NOT 'a REED', that is CAST, about, by the WIND.  If you DOUBT - IN Him, or in His TESTIMONY - then you are like, 'a ROGUE WAVE', OF the Ocean - being 'tossed', and 'DRIVEN by the sea'.  If you have FAITH in Him - and His TESTIMONY, then, HE will MANIFEST Himself TO you - in WAYS that will INCREASE your faith.  Pray THIS prayer EVERY DAY - "LORD, I BELIEVE; HEAL, my UNBELIEF".  REPENT, from the HEART - of ABUSING, the Gifts; and, of turning INWARDS; and turning AGAINST God in your interior life; and ASK for the Grace, to be made STRONGER! - BY the adversities, YOU are going through.  HE did not COME, to SERVE people 'POSITIONS, of POWER' - ON Earth!   No!  ONLY, to SERVE them, "the UNCOMFORTABLE Truth".

Interesting statistic:  The people who fall of the Ark, and who stay down - do so, because they are unable to repent.  How CAN they repent, AS they TURN BACK to their CREATOR - when their FOCUS, is on 'the things of THIS world'?  They cannot.  Know that, they all receive their reward - one way or another.

PPTL: WHY don't you 'sincerely repent from the HEART?" - of OFFENDING your Creator? - of TAKING, everything you possibly COULD, from Him - and FOCUS, on GIVING, to him WHOLEHEARTEDLY? - INSTEAD... will you PUT it all on HIM?  Will you not 'DO what is NECESSARY to OBTAIN His MERCY'

Many people outside the Faithful Remnant are continually tormented by "the UNDENIABLE Truths", they encounter when they read the Testimony.  Sometimes, they even share the torments they experience in their interior lives, with us, in an email - like this one:

Actual email: I believe the church speaks for Jesus. Why should I believe you speak for Jesus instead?

PPTL: YES "the INSTITUTIONAL church" - DOES speak, on behalf of "THEIR jesus" - who is really, 'the enemy, in disguise'.  But OUR Jesus, IS, 'the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, JESUS' - as in UNIVERSAL - as in "KING of the UNIVERSE". It is CLEAR, that YOU, simply SERVE, and WORSHIP, "a DIFFERENT god".  We respect your CHOICE!

Actual email: Over the past week I've noticed that 4 have been "CUT from the vine".  When members fall 'below' the waterline, do they now have very LITTLE time to fix it?  Or, have they just simply CHOSEN, teams?

PPTL: The ONES who are "BELOW the WATER line" - absolutely "COMFORTABLE" being there; soaking up ALL of 'the dark MATTER'; and BATHING, in the CERN waves - ARE 'the ones, who chose, to put GOD, "IN the wrong". And SO, their CHOICE was revealed; AND "the charade", is now OVER!  Thanks be to the Most High TRUE God! - for His CONTINUED Mercy, on His FAITHFUL Remnant.  "The WOLVES" are being removed.

Praying in the Time of Great Tribulation is not "EASY". Many Members of the Faithful Remnant are still learning 'HOW', to pray.  Perhaps this will help:

Actual email: ...Can you please ask... JESUS if he can please turn up the heat as much as I'm able to handle, so I can be purified of 'my old self'... so I can be filled with the gifts of Heaven instead - so I can be Blessed in this life. 

PPTL: WHAT you are STRUGGLING with the MOST, is actually 'a TENDENCY, to FOCUS on SELF' - to turn INWARDS, and LOOK at ALL, 'the SIN'- and the DEMONS, that are AFFLICTING you; while at the same TIME, trying to PRAY, to your CREATOR - while your FOCUS, is on 'the DEMONS'. You need to TURN your focus, towards the Most High True GOD; and when you pray for DELIVERANCE, KEEP your focus on HIM! Remember 'WHO' you are PRAYING to - and DO not, "RAMBLE off DELIVERANCE prayers" - because He does not "HEAR them", when they are PRAYED that way.  Invite the TRUE Holy Spirit, into your HEART - when you BEGIN your prayers - to pray THROUGH you - TO the Most High True God; and focus on His LOVE for your Soul.  You NEED to REJECT your DESIRE, to "BEAT yourself UP" - when, you "slip and FALL"; and ASK for the Grace, INSTEAD, to get back UP, right AWAY! - as SOON as you recognize, that you FELL into temptation; or when you're FRATERNALLY CORRECTED, by OTHERS. Don't FOCUS on, 'HOW you FELL'; and stop looking BACK, on your SINS, and your FAILINGS; THAT'S "the trick of the ENEMY" - because he KNOWS, if he keeps you FOCUSED, on 'HIS accomplishments' - then he can DISTRACT you, LONG enough, to steal the GRACES, from your SOUL - that are THERE, for you to RECEIVE, with the consent of your free WILL.  WHENEVER, you fall; WHENEVER, "fraternally corrected" - simply 'SEEK, the corresponding TRUTH'; and RESOLVE, to do it 'the RIGHT way' - whatever the task may be, the NEXT time!  The SPIRITUAL life, TRULY IS, 'about making GOOD resolutions' - as you JOURNEY, with Jesus Christ the LORD - who PREFERS, to Journey, with EACH Member, of the FAITHFUL Remnant, 'as a MAN'.  YET of COURSE - you, can TURN to Him, for STRENGTH - because, HIS Source of Strength - COMES from 'DOING His Father's WILL'; THAT is 'the Strength of Jesus'. And so WHAT IS 'the Strength of the Faithful REMNANT'?  But DOING the Father's WILL!  Jesus' BREAD, is 'the WILL of His Father'; but DOING His Will, IS His Strength!  And so you HAVE, 'access to daily bread' - THROUGH the Testimony; you SIMPLY need to APPLY, ALL, of the Counsel, that is WRITTEN, in as much as you CAN!  STRIVE to GIVE, 100%; and THEN let JESUS, "take care of the rest".  Resolve to work WITH Him - in working out your Salvation; and He will HELP you!

Actual email: Saw that N. fell off... Really sent some shockwaves of fear... and I guess a lot of the members have been getting hit with doubts about all kinds of stuff too. I've been getting a lot of temptations to think about the former life, it's like we're all getting confronted with choices to either persevere and fight to live and change in the now; or to let doubts and former selves fester. What's been going on seems to be a part of a larger picture.

PPTL: IF you want the Most High TRUE God, to HEAR your PRAYERS, A LOT FASTER - ESPECIALLY 'prayers for DELIVERANCE' - then you will PRAY for 'the Gift of FAITH' - and ASK the Most High TRUE God, to MULTIPLY your Gift of Faith...  If... you are 'harboring DOUBTS in your heart... HOW can you expect the Most High TRUE God, to INTERVENE, and HEAL you?  Does He REWARD "the faithless"?  ALL He NEEDS, is "FAITH" - the SIZE, of a GRAIN of mustard seed - for HIM, to be ABLE to MOVE, the MOUNTAIN, of 'your FORMER identity'.  BUT, if you HOLD ON to "doubts" - THEN, you are TELLING Him, 'NOT, to help you'!  HE takes "DOUBTS", VERY seriously!  HE has warned US even - EARLY on in our journey; and, we can ASSURE... you, that "a WAVE of doubts", TENDS to come, JUST before, 'a BIG SIGN' - SENT to INCREASE your Faith.  Understand?  
Here is just a sample, of today's emails, from this morning.

Do you remember how the first Christian Martyr died?  He was stoned to death.

“You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Spirit. As your fathers did, so do you. Which of the prophets did not your fathers persecute? And they killed those who announced beforehand the coming of the Righteous One, whom you have now betrayed and murdered, you who received the law as delivered by angels and did not keep it.” Now when they heard these things they were enraged, and they ground their teeth against him. But he, full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God; and he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing at the right hand of God.” But they cried out with a loud voice and stopped their ears and rushed together upon him. Then they cast him out of the city and stoned him; and the witnesses laid down their garments at the feet of a young man named Saul. And as they were stoning Stephen, he prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” And he knelt down and cried with a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” And when he had said this, he fell asleep."
(Acts 7:51-60)

You need to know, that the True Church - the True Roman Catholic Faith, is a hospital for sinners, not "a hotel for saints".  And IN that hospital, everyone who is now a Member of the Faithful Remnant, has had to leave addictions behind - they were required to DO so in order to get ABOARD "the Ark of Salvation".  And TELEVISION, of course - IS the most widespread addiction of them all.

Actual email: I had started the process of mortification... but I was not strong enough to let go of the marijuana. It was my medication but I can see as plain as day... that this is... holding me back.

PPTL: Yes PEOPLE are not STRONG enough, to give UP "addictions", in THIS life. THAT is why, you NEED to turn, to JESUS, and ASK Him to HEAL you.  HERE is a page, on the WEBSITE, that will help:  Alcohol and Other Addictions   What the DEMONS 'tricked' you into DOING, was GETTING you to 'SEDATE yourself' - so that, YOU could not be 'used, AS, an INSTRUMENT', of, your CREATOR; but RATHER, as 'an instrument of CONFUSION', for people.  The lifestyle, that YOU have been choosing to LIVE, all these YEARS, did not HELP you IN your RELATIONSHIP, with JESUS - "the TRUE Jesus"; RATHER, you have been 'DUPED', into EXCHANGING, the Most High TRUE God - who always WAS, and always WILL Be - for 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' - for 'FALSE Peace' - and for 'a CLOUDY, INTELLECT' - and THAT comes with, using "weed". WE are not "judging you"; but you NEED to know "where you are at" - so you can CHOOSE, 'what you WANT to do NEXT' - now that you have FOUND, the TRUE Jesus - as He has LED you, out of His MERCY, and PITY, ON you - TO His TESTIMONY.  The QUESTION remains: Are YOU going to have mercy on YOURSELF? - by DOING, what is REQUIRED, OF you - by your Maker.

It is Truly BETTER, to 'fill that void' in the Ark of Salvation, by becoming a Member of the Faithful Remnant - than it is, to try to fill the void inside of you, with "fleeting worldly pleasures".

Actual email: I've been thinking a lot today - and everything that I chased after this past week cannot and will not fill the emptiness that I am experiencing.  The presence of the Most High True God in my life is what I need because this world can only bring sadness... I have been bitter and depressed.  I've been asking Him forgiveness and again just prayed the Burning Bush Prayer... I'm not sure if I succeeded in receiving Blessed Holy Water.  I need help on what to do next as I don't understand how I am to get on [board the Ark] anymore.  I want to resume my vocation as a Faithful Remnant Member once again.  

PPTL: The QUESTION is, "HAVE you repented - SINCERELY, from the HEART - of ALL, of 'the MORTAL sins' - that you, have been HOLDING ON to?"  Because "MORTAL sins", are THAT which OFFEND, your CREATOR the MOST.  HE does not 'LIKE it', when we SIN at ALL! But "MORTAL", means "DEADLY"HOW can you "RECOVER", from 'the dark MATTER'? - if you have not REPENTED, of ALLOWING yourself, to take IN, 'the spirit of the WORLD', 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST', and 'the SPIRIT of false peace'.

Here is just a sample, of today's emails.

Many Members of the Faithful Remnant, are still struggling to fully let go of "their OLD identity".  Many Members, have experienced a lot of "spiritual BULLYING", to retain it (- from "the demonic entity of the ASSAILANTS", for example).  This following Counsel, will help speed UP the process, of "putting it DOWN!":

PPTL: AS for having trouble, with 'your old IDENTITY' - you SIMPLY need to ask the Most High TRUE God, to 'DELETE', ALL, of the IMAGES and PICTURES, that you have 'SEEN', from your former LIFE - and, delete all MEMORY, of your former life. And THEN, delete, 'your former LIFE', COMPLETELY.  ASK Him, to delete, 'the file', of 'the OLD, N.' - to "WIPE the drive", and GIVE you 'the necessary GRACES', to ACCEPT, and EMBRACE, and LIVE! - your TRUE Vocation as 'the NEW, N.'.  THIS is going to help! ASK the Blessed Virgin MARY, to DIG her HEEL, into the SERPENTS, of 'the OLD N.' - and "LEAVE [that identity] in the dust!"

Now the REASON, you need to do the ABOVE, and follow the Counsel, ABOVE - is because, YOU have been 'in the HABIT', of CURSING! - your IDENTITY - over MANY years, of your LIFE - by 'RECEIVING', "the demonic JUDGMENTS, of OTHERS" - as being "TRUE".  You NEED to reject your DESIRE, to LIVE BY, 'the DEMONIC judgments, of OTHERS'; and ASK, FOR the Grace, to be 'your AUTHENTIC self' - to be 'the N., that the Most High TRUE God, is re-CREATING'. 


Here is just a small sample, of today's emails.
Do you remember the story of Cinderella?  Anyone?

Actual email: I dress very plainly.  My clothes fit but are not flattering... My hair is simple and short and I rarely look in a mirror other than to check for spinach in my teeth.   I have gained some weight in the last few months... is that a problem? ...can I put some more towards my outward appearance for my husband's benefit?

PPTL: WHEN it comes to, "WOMEN, in the REMNANT" - who are ESPECIALLY married - and this DOES include "SINGLE women" - TO 'a point' - it is, "ABSOLUTELY essential", that they take CARE, of 'the Gift of BEAUTY', and 'the Gift of their FEMININE, appearance'.  Because these ARE "Gifts", GIVEN to them, by their CREATOR; and they are called, to be "a good STEWARD of them".  Being, 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT Church' - as "a WOMAN", is NOT "a right", to LET oneself GO - to START dressing "SLOPPILY", and having "unkept HAIR", and refusing to put EFFORT into one's "pleasant APPEARANCE". THIS, is "NOT, acceptable", BEFORE, the Most High TRUE God.  HE expects, that EACH woman, in the FAITHFUL Remnant - while taking CARE, OF 'their PHYSICAL appearance' - that is SUPPOSED to be 'a REFLECTION, OF, their INTERIOR, "BEAUTY"; BUT BECAUSE of, 'the false feminist AGENDA' - WOMEN, believe, that ONCE, they get MARRIED, they can "let themselves GO", and stop "CARING for themselves" - ESPECIALLY the ones who have BORNE children. THIS, is 'a GREAT, TRAVESTY!'  AND! - it is "NOT, ACCEPTABLE", before the Most High True GOD.  Because WOMEN, are CALLED, to BE, "a REFLECTION', of their True MOTHER - the Blessed Virgin MARY".  But MANY women, have traded HER, to be "an UGLY reflection" - ESPECIALLY on the INSIDES! - of "queen JEZEBEL", instead.  THEREFORE! - PRAY, for 'the Grace, to be a GOOD STEWARD, of the Gift of your FEMININITY; the Gift of proper GROOMING; AND the Gift, of BEING, "a WOMAN".  YES! - it IS "a Gift"! - to WOMEN, that is; AS it is 'a GIFT, to MEN', of 'being CREATED, a MAN!'  Why?  BECAUSE, the GENDERS, ARE 'VERY, different'! - BUT "complimentary".  THAT is why, the Most High True God, created MAN: Male and FEMALE - He CREATED them.
Interesting note: The local "gay pride parade" takes place tomorrow - and the Most High TRUE God, has already SEEN it!
Wow!  That was just the introduction.  Now back to the story of Cinderella.  Because, it is "a story SO important", that MOST women, would gladly 'PLAY the part of Cinderella' - on their WEDDING day - but in order to prove WHAT?  To prove to EVERYONE, that they CAN in fact lose weight and look ATTRACTIVE?  But to what END?  To be "queen JEZEBEL FOR A DAY"? - so that she can then "CRUSH! the man", by CHOOSING to be ugly, for the rest of her days?  OR, to set the bar, for her dignity, as a creature, that was actually MADE, to be beautiful, and PLEASING in the sight of her Creator - all of her DAYS? Take a good look at ALL! - the women around you; LOOK, behind all the painted masks.  What do you see?  "Beauty"?  Or "a WHORROR!"  It's "just a QUESTION".  Fortunately, for MOST "women", the price of black clothing is coming down; it has to do with 'supply and demand'.  SO yes, the pages in the Testimony titled "The State of Women", and "Abortion" - are simply there to HELP, EASE women into, the True Reality - the one that all of HEAVEN, sees, continually.  You are welcome!  And for the record: YES, I DO enjoy being "the most hated man on the planet" - and perhaps (second to JESUS), in all of history - but ONLY for the sake of the TRUTH!  You DO, "love the TRUTH?" - don't you, "ladies"?   Good - then that will help you "name, the elephant in the room"... and "the child, in your womb".

Those who have rejected the Testimony, like to mock and ridicule, what their CREATOR! - is doing, with His Faithful Remnant.  And why is THAT?  Because they are SO "demonically possessed", that they can ONLY identify with the inspirations their DEMONS give them - inspirations designed to KEEP them distracted, as the clock ticks down.  For example:

Actual email: What is the difference between Jesus of the "institutional church", and 'your' Jesus?

PPTL: YOU are only wasting TIME - SENDING us "inspirations, from your DEMONS" - WHILE they MOCK, and LAUGH at you! - for THROWING away, the OPPORTUNITY, to become a Member of the Faithful REMNANT, and get aboard the ARK, of these TIMES.  Your CHOICE is "FOOLISH".  ALL we can do, is PITY you - as we pity ALL those, outside, the Most High TRUE God's, SAFETY and REFUGE.  You do NOT know 'HOW bad, it is going to get'; but you WILL SOON! [... like, in about 48 hours...]
For ALL those "ON THE OUTSIDE", looking in:

PPTL: Are you now 'READY, to COMMIT', to BEING, a MEMBER, of the FAITHFUL, Remnant Church? - FOR 'the good of your SOUL'.  YES you KNOW the Testimony to be TRUE; and you KNOW, NOW, that life OUTSIDE the Ark, is "VERY unpleasant".  But are you READY, to 'BE, a child of the Most High True God', and to FULLY renounce, ALL of your childish WAYS?

Many people who prefer to dwell "OUTSIDE the Ark of Safety", have emailed us, looking to STEAL, Divine Counsel.  This one is for them.

PPTL: We will be happy to give you more Counsel, once you have made a video testimony - once you are READY to, that is. You have made a lot of "STUPID choices" - that YOU, are going to need to confront - between YOU! - and your Creator...  YOU need, to do "some SOUL searching" [- as in, "FIND it!"] - and TRULY, either COMMIT, to BECOMING a Member of the Faithful Remnant; or DON'T.  The CHOICE is yours.  We look FORWARD to your video.
You shall not put the Lord your God to the test, as you tested him at Massah. You shall diligently keep the commandments of the Lord your God, and his testimonies [-referring to the Old Testament or "testimony", the New Testament or "testimony", and the Testimony, of the Two Witnesses],  and his statutes, which he has commanded you. And you shall do what is right and good in the sight of the Lord, that it may go well with you, and that you may go in and take possession of the good land which the Lord swore to give to your fathers by thrusting out all your enemies from before you, as the Lord has promised."
(Deuteronomy 6:16-19)
And here is our response to a heartfelt video that one of the Members of the Faithful Remnant shared with us today.

PPTL: THANK you for your VERY SINCERE and HEARTFELT VIDEO testimony - TO the NATIONS!...  'How SERIOUS it IS', when one CHOOSES to BECOME 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT Church'... You are NOW "UNDER the FULL protection, of your CREATOR'S Mercy".  We PRAY, that YOU be given, "EVERY Grace, BLESSING, and GIFT" - to STAY on "the NARROW Path", and to FOCUS on 'DOING!' - what your CREATOR is asking, in EACH and EVERY moment.


When people "FALL off the Ark" - there often arises the distant sound, of muffled cheers, coming from the crustacean mouths of "the bottom feeders" - echoing from far below, the bubbly surface of the murky, TOXIC, waters.  But what BECOMES, of those who are NOW FULLY INFORMED, when they RETURN to "the murky depths"... OF nothingness?  It's "just a question".  Try this one: What is it "REALLY like", on the outside?  WHO BETTER, to answer 'THAT one', than "a REAL PERSON", who can testify FIRST hand - to the experience.  Here it is:

Actual email: I am very confused. Who am I?... I think I'm possessed by the devil... Lucifer is trying to steal me, he fills me with love and has power over my desires. He does it to control my suffering.

PPTL: YOU have been 'ALLOWING the dark MATTER to EAT you!' - FROM the insides.  YOU have 'NOT been fighting!' - FOR life.  But YOU have been TREATING, the TESTIMONY, and the FAITHFUL Remnant, as "a BIG joke!"  And YES, you DO have 'the mark of Cain'; you ARE 'possessed BY the evil one'; and YOU, are no LONGER 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful Remnant'.  YOU did not produce "FRUIT"; you did NOT make videos.

Yes, it really IS, "THAT bad"!
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
Have you noticed, how lately, it seems as though MORE and MORE people experience "GREAT difficulty", in their attempts to stand upright?
"Do not be afraid, my son, because we have become poor. You have great wealth if you fear God and refrain from every sin and do what is pleasing in his sight.”
(Tobit 4:21)  
Jesus Christ the Lord said:
"I demand MORE of My People in these Times. 
TRULY My Ways are Just, Fair, and TRUE!"
Most readers probably did not know, that Mary and I lived aboard our sailboat for a few months, before the Most High TRUE God led us to "a BETTER boat", the ARK of Salvation.  But while living aboard our FIRST boat, I was constantly learning all sorts of seafaring things - so that we would be prepared for ANY possible scenario. While reading a local collection of old shipwreck stories, I came across the remarkable story of one large ship - that was forced by strong winds onto a rocky shore, as it was being battered by a strong storm.  The captain of the ship realized, that the strong waves would quickly smash his boat into pieces - as it was repeatedly heaved against the rocks - IF, he didn't do something fast!  And so he "SCUTTLED" his ship.  And for those who don't know what THAT means: he DELIBERATELY sunk it - by first pulling off the hoses, and then opening all the thru-hull fittings with seacocks.  The boat quickly filled with water, and sat itself firmly upon the shallow rocky bottom, until the storm passed.  The boat was then pumped out, and safely re-floated, in calm seas.
Above image: actual boat thru-hull fittings with yellow handle seacock valves

"Why are you sharing that?" - Mary Romanus asked, after she proofread the above paragraph.

Well Mary, because Jesus Christ the LORD, reminded us last night, that it IS in fact possible for ONE PERSON in the Remnant, to "flood the ARK". And the ones who choose to do so, REPEATEDLY, ARE the ones, who WILL NOT make it to the Fullness of the Physical Era of Peace on Earth.

“The Rock, his work is perfect; for all his ways are justice.  A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and right is he.  They have dealt corruptly with him, they are no longer his children because of their blemish; they are a perverse and crooked generation.  Do you thus repay the Lord, you foolish and senseless people? Is not he your father, who created you, who made you and established you?"
(Deuteronomy 32:4-6)

Recently, we have been opening emails from several Members of the Faithful Remnant, who seem somewhat concerned - about some of the people who freely chose, "to BOLDLY walk the diving board".  For example:

Actual email: ...I guess they 'still believe in the Testimony' but 'just don't want to be in the Remnant'. How soon until 'the Mark of Cain'?

PPTL:  We are simply 'RELIEVED', that "the WOLVES" have been REMOVED! - from the FLOCK.  Jesus TOLD us, YESTERDAY, that HE is SEPARATING, the GOOD sheep from the BAD sheep - His "TRUE Followers", from THOSE, who, want to 'FOLLOW Him', because of what, 'THEY can take', FROM Him.  HE told us, "HE is looking', for TRUE followers"; and that "THOSE, who are 'FOLLOWING HIM, ONLY to have their bellies FILLED!' - WILL, NOT survive; will NOT last - IN His Remnant".  Praise BE, to the Most High TRUE God's, Divine JUSTICE! - WE, exclaim, with ALL the UNBORN - because, "the REMNANT, who ABANDONED, their VOCATION" - decided, to 'ABORT the TRUTH' - BECAUSE, they were 'SO INCONVENIENCED'; and THEY are, JUST like: 'the MOTHERS', 'the FATHERS', and 'the DOCTORS', and 'NURSES' - who DESTROY, Lives, DAILY - out of CONVENIENCE. And SO YES, the DEVIL, manifested, FULLY! - IN N. - BECAUSE, HE, allowed, "queen JEZEBEL"... to CHANGE his heart - to be 'AGAINST, the prophets, OF the Most High True God'.  He did NOT, 'STAND', his ground! - against... 'the SPIRIT of Jezebel'... because, 'she SIMPLY wore him down'.  INSTEAD of TURNING, to JESUS, for Strength; he FOLDED!  IT'S that simple!  AND 'to FOLD', in these times - IS, to AUTOMATICALLY become, "ONE of the devil's children"...  THAT would make, "HIS father", the FATHER, of lies... and SO, the Most High TRUE God, withheld... the FULL! - Benefits, Blessings, AND Graces, of being 'a TRUE Member', of the FAITHFUL Remnant Church.

Did you know, that one of the GREATEST "Signal Graces" of these End Times, that IS being Given to "a select FEW", of those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, is 'the DESIRE, to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant'.  This was sent today, to "one of the Faithful Remnant to BE":

PPTL: THOSE outside the Faithful Remnant CHURCH - if THEY are NOT among, "the Faithful Remnant to BE" - then they CANNOT! - desire, to become a Member.  HE, has ALREADY, 'SET up the FILTER' - from the VERY beginning. REMEMBER, YOU did not choose HIM, first; HE chose YOU!  Once you RESPOND to His Call, with 'a YES!' - THEN, you have chosen Him.

"Do not despise any useful counsel. Bless the Lord God on every occasion; ask him that your ways may be made straight and that all your paths and plans may prosper. For none of the nations has understanding; but the Lord himself gives all good things, and according to his will he humbles whomever he wishes."
(Tobit 4:18b-19)
Here is a special Message for the Official Members of the Faithful Remnant.
PPTL:  We ask the Most High TRUE God, to GIVE you, 'the necessary GRACES', to CONTINUE, LIVING, the TRUE Vocation, as 'a CHILD of the Most High True God'.  We ask that, YOU, would be even STRONGER! - in your FAITH, and in your RESOLUTIONS, to REMAIN, 'a Faithful Remnant, Member'. What you're going to have to FIGHT AGAINST - is "the OLD N.".  THEREFORE, PRAY a DECADE of the ROSARY, asking the Blessed Virgin Mary, to DELETE, the file, of "the OLD N."; AND, to FILL you instead, with her MATERNAL Protection, AND Graces.  Amen.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

New Content for July 1-4 2016, is now visible - at the top of this page on our website.  

At the 2016 MLB All Star Game, Tenors member Remigio Pereira changed the words of the Canadian national anthem, "With glowing hearts we see thee rise.  The true north strong and free" - to -  "We're all brothers and sisters.  All lives matter to the great".  Here is a link to that story.

Did you notice, that as he did so, none of the OTHER "Tenors" members, seemed to be surprised - as if they had rehearsed "his staged SURPRISE!" many times, WITH him?  Mary and I weren't "BUYING it".  And so, once again, it's TIME, to turn to "the ULTIMATE Source of Truth", for, "the answer'!

Jesus said:  It's "JUST a distraction".  LOOK at the words, that were removed, FROM, "the Canadian National Anthem" - and SEE, "the boast".

PPTL:  (After doing "the necessary research") ..."What has happened to 'FREEDOM', in North America?"!

Jesus said: JUST another "STAGED event", for the people to be DISTRACTED by.  The ILLUMINATI, have THEIR, 'hand' - IN this.

PPTL:  And so, "All lives matter to the GREAT" - "the GREAT", refers to the ILLUMINATI.

Jesus: Yes it DOES.

PPTL:  And so, it is actually a BOAST, that no police officers were killed in Dallas (during the recent false flag staged active shooter event).

Jesus:  It's not about "LIVES" - more IMPORTANTLY, 'they PRETEND, to care about lives' - when it's about getting 'the WHOLE WORLD', to EMBRACE, 'the DECEPTION'.

PPTL:  And HOW do the illuminati "SACRIFICE the global audience to the devil", by GETTING them to embrace such a deception?

Jesus: The ILLUMINATI have learned, over the CENTURIES, that 'the WAY, to gain the peoples TRUST', in THEIR 'GODS' - who are, 'of their father the DEVIL' - is by CREATING, 'WORLD, WIDE, DISTRACTIONS', AND 'DECEPTIVE events' - in ORDER, to 'HARVEST', the MINDS of the PEOPLE, for their OWN, SICK, SATANIC, LUCIFERIAN, agenda.  The PEOPLE, CONTINUE, to 'BUY', the LIES, from their GOVERNMENTS.  And now the whole WORLD, is "in the POWER of the EVIL one".

Important Follow-up Note: It is also important for the reader of this above story to UNDERSTAND, that the illuminati is in fact THEE, MOST, RACIST organization on the planet!  This was mentioned earlier in the Testimony, where the recent 'deliberate spread of Ebola in Africa' was mentioned.  And so, another goal of this above PSYOP - "the Tenors" were "the FRONT men" for - IS to "SNUFF OUT" the slogan "BLACK LIVES MATTER" - a slogan that surfaced after the recent unprovoked police executions of the innocent black men: Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. Because, TO the illuminati - the ones behind that "STAGED ANTHEM EVENT", they don't!  And so the sign in the above image, proclaims "ALL LIVES MATTER", instead.  You can see 'the ongoing illuminati PSYOP', moving through carefully scripted media propaganda, in the first 4 paragraphs of the following news article.  And remember as you read it, that "33" was inserted into the article, because it is in fact "an illuminati stamp" - "an arrogant BOAST", of their involvement.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's content.
"And his mercy is on those who fear him from generation to generation."
(Luke 1:50)
For all those Members of the Faithful Remnant, who think they can simply treat the Ark of Salvation as "a CRUISE ship" - THROW on your SWIMMING trunks - GO to the top deck, and hop on the slide to "the SWIMMING pool" for "a refreshing SWIM".  Here is a little "WAKE up call".  This was sent today, to someone, who was pulled from "the very BOTTOM of the SWIMMING pool" - JUST before it was too late.  We cannot guarantee, that "the LIFEGUARD", will be 'AS quick', the NEXT time.  So best not to go swimming!  Pool's CLOSED folks!

PPTL: WELCOME back, ONTO the Ark of SAFETY!  KNOW that you ARE forgiven, for everything you are "TRULY", sorry for; but YOU are STILL going to need, to FIGHT! - by TURNING to your CREATOR, and ASKING HIM, for 'the necessary GRACES', to get by each DAY!  You NEED to pour your heart out to HIM! - and ask Him to BLESS you in all you DO, FOR Him!  You STILL need to fight 'your old TENDENCIES'.  JUST because you are 'back, on the ARK', does not MEAN, that "you are SECURE! - HERE".  You NEED to, work out your Salvation with fear and TREMBLING.   PRAY for 'the Gift of FEAR of the Lord', and 'the GIFT of Humility', EVERY day!  And, RECOGNIZE, that, the Lord is 'MERCIFUL', to those, who FEAR Him!  BUT! - if you TURN AWAY again, and become "HAUGHTY", and "ARROGANT" - then the LORD Jesus Christ will turn away from YOU!  - and you WILL not find, "HIS Face", again!  WHY?... Because EVEN after 'EVERYTHING, that you have LEARNED' - by being, 'on the ARK', and then 'OFF the Ark' - and 'knowing HOW bad things are NOW' - to KNOWINGLY turn BACK to 'the WORLD' - IS! - 'to choose, SPIRITUAL death, FOR good!' - as in 'that WILL be your last choice'; SIMPLY because YOU will not be able to FIND your way, BACK, to the Lord'!  It is JUST!  So 'THIS COMMITMENT you have made', to being 'a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant' - IS 'your FINAL commitment', to the Most High TRUE God.  Understand?  Remember, "a slip and a FALL" - that YOU, FULLY INTEND, to get back UP from - is 'different'; than CHOOSING, to "SLIDE" - or "DIVE" - OR "walk the plank".  Understand? THIS is how the Most High TRUE God, 'stops ANY future "GAMES", that you MAY BE tempted, to play'.  Do NOT, put 'HIS MERCY' to the test, AGAIN!!!

"a luxury vessel"
Note: There are MANY people out there, who think, they can "PLAY, the Two Witnesses of the Most High True God".  And they have tried MANY different tactics ON us.  For example: Rounding up GOVERNMENT authorities, to try to make our lives very, DIFFICULT; Trying to PURSUE us PHYSICALLY, so that they can 'RIP us apart'; outright LYING to us in their EMAILS - in order to PROVE to THEMSELVES, that by turning to "the father of LIES" for THEIR words, they can somehow prove WE are false...???; they have tried to STEAL the nourishment of the Testimony while giving NOTHING in return... the list goes on.  And so, the question remains, "What is OUR attitude towards people like THAT?"   PARTING GIFTS FOR EVERYONE!!!  That, is our attitude.  And "the parting Gift of CHOICE", in THESE Times, IS, "the spiritual mark of Cain" - and "the varying degrees - as in "TEMPERATURE" - THEREOF!".  The Most High TRUE God, DOES have "a sense of humor", as well - but FIRST, HE lets people manifest THEIR will.  Understand? 
Special NOTE: Because of recent events, a NEW page has been ADDED to our website, today: The Mark of Cain
"And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If any one worships the beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand, he also shall drink the wine of God’s wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of his anger, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever; and they have no rest, day or night, these worshipers of the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name.” 
(Revelation 14:9-11) 

This following BLESSING was given to "a NEW arrival" today, and is in fact for EVERYONE, who is now OFFICIALLY aboard the ARK of SAFETY!

PPTL: WE ask the Most High TRUE God, to MULTIPLY, your FAITH, and to GIVE you 'an UNWAVERING, HOLY Boldness!' - and DETERMINATION, to DO 'what is RIGHT', and PLEASING, in HIS Eyes - ALWAYS!  THANK you, for your VIDEO testimony.  TRULY, you HAVE 'found FAVOR', with the Most High TRUE God.  And we PRAY, that He will CONTINUE, to MULTIPLY, your BLESSINGS, and GRACES - to GIVE you 'the necessary STRENGTH', to PERSEVERE, DURING, YOUR coming Trials, and the TRIBULATIONS, OF this life.  WELCOME aboard the Ark! - of SAFETY!  TRULY YOU HAVE FOUND, 'THEE REFUGE', for 'SOULS, who DESIRE to be SHELTERED, by the Most High TRUE God' - DURING, this, 'most WICKED age'.  May the LORD Jesus CHRIST give you - EVERY Strength! - to shun ALL forms, of WICKEDNESS, IDOLATRY, and DEPRAVITY - from those AROUND you!  STAND, 'WITH the Most High TRUE God' - ALWAYS - , and HE WILL continue, to UPHOLD you.

Some people out there as SO shocked, by the TRUTHS they find in the Testimony - Truths about how they have been BETRAYED! - by their GOVERNMENTS and RELIGIOUS leaders - that they simply "FREEZE!" - and do NOTHING, to help themselves.  Sounds like what happened in "the ICE age".

Actual email: Will you both pray for my Soul to make a good Testimony?

PPTL: Yes, we will ASK the Most High TRUE God, to GIVE you 'the necessary CLARITY', of MIND, heart, AND Soul - in ORDER to make "a FRUITFUL testimony", for the NATIONS.  N.! - HOW many more SIGNS, do you NEED? - as to, the AUTHENTICITY, of the TESTIMONY ITSELF.  "FALLEN, REMNANT Members", are RETURNING! - BECAUSE, they KNOW, that there IS "no life" - OUTSIDE, 'the ARK, of SAFETY!'  YOU! - NEED! - to make 'a DECISION'. USE your free WILL.  Do NOT allow 'the DEMONS', to CONTROL you!  Your SALVATION - is between YOU! - and your CREATOR.  We KNOW, that you, 'feel', BETRAYED - by the INSTITUTIONS - BECAUSE, 'what you LEARNED from THEM' - turned out to be "FALSE"; BUT! - the TESTIMONY, IS 'the Truth'; IS, "the CONTINUATION, of the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith". ASK the Most High TRUE God, to SHOW you! - 'HOW' - this is True.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
July 15, 2016
Actual email: I took another look at the "Our True Roles" page... these roles are being passed down, 'like the baton'; and... as the Faithful Remnant Church really expands and the End Times progress... some members will be picking up some of the duties that You're working on.

PPTL: Most DEFINITELY; the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, has ALREADY 'informed you' - that, it IS like "the PASSING, of the baton".  Yes JESUS IS LOOKING, for "TRUE FOLLOWERS" - to 'PASS ON', those ROLES - and, the RESPONSIBILITY that comes WITH, 'those roles'.  THIS does not MEAN, that they WILL 'BE', "the NEW, ABRAHAM", for example; but, THEY will still HAVE "a UNIQUE set of Gifts, from the TRUE Holy Spirit" - that they will be 'CALLED, to USE' - in FULFILLING, 'the major biblical ROLE in HISTORY'. 

Actual email: Just... found a MASSIVE black/brown spider... along the blinds... it's far too large to have just slipped in through the window. Occult stuff?

PPTL: As for the SPIDER that was found - yes, it IS 'an indication, of... being TARGETED, by the occult, WORLD'; but it is SIMPLY "BLOWBACK", from the ROSARY PRAYER intentions, that we have been 'OFFERING' over here. 
"Blowback", ALSO refers to 'the occult world' trying to "blow you BACK", to your FORMER identity...

Actual email: There's been a lot of attacks on perceptions today... I got this dizzy... feeling, and it's accompanied by some queasiness. I can only compare it to seasickness.

PPTL: WHENEVER that you find that your PERCEPTIONS of the TRUE REALITY, have CHANGED, and things start to get 'FLIPPED upside DOWN' in your MIND - IMMEDIATELY call on Saint MICHAEL, to DEFLECT 'the attack' INTO THE LAKE of Fire - don't "DWELL on it!" - LIFT up to Jesus Christ the LORD, 'everything the ENEMY, tried to SOW, in your SOUL' - and simply TRADE it all, for the CORRESPONDING Truths. 

There are still many people sitting on the sidelines, GLEANING ALL they CAN, from the Testimony, as they tell themselves, that "their holy water is Blessed'; and that they are "saved"?  NOT apart from getting aboard the Ark of Safety with a VIDEO testimony!  And NOT before giving Jesus "HIGH FIVES"!  You see, EVERYONE who is STILL ATTENDING the satanic religious institutions (referring to ALL of them), believe that their holy water is "BLESSED", and that they are all "SAVED".  See the problem? 

PPTL: YOU are going to need to do some more "REPENTING, from the heart", and pray the Burning BUSH Prayer, and wait for the Most High True God to Bless your HOLY water - because RIGHT now it is "NOT Blessed".  And THEN, AFTER you have EXPERIENCED "the RELIEF!" - of the Blessed HOLY Water, MAKE ANOTHER Video TESTIMONY.  You NEED to 'take a STAND!' - for the TRUTH!  Yes, of course, "family members" will want to 'pull you AWAY', from the Testimony, almost IMMEDIATELY - because the DEMONS, IN them, do not want ANYONE to find, 'the TESTIMONY', and do 'what's NECESSARY', in ORDER to obtain LIFE.  So SIMPLY commend, 'those FAMILY members', to "the HEEL of the Blessed Virgin MARY", and YOU do! - 'what it takes', to get aboard the Ark.  Because "the Salvation of YOUR SOUL" - is between YOU! - and your Creator.

Actual email: I pray I am still on the Remnant list.  I was watching the videos on the Mark of Cain page... One of the people said to make sure we're still on the Faithful Remnant list each day. Do I ask you to find out?

PPTL: KNOW that you are STILL a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant CHURCH.  And that it takes a LOT of effort! - for people to be REMOVED, from the Remnant.  As LONG as you are 'STAYING, ON the narrow Path', and DOING your BEST, to be "PLEASING in the Eyes of the Most High TRUE God", on a daily BASIS; and you are in fact USING, 'the TOOLS', that HE has PROVIDED, for your SOUL! - then, you can be CONFIDENT, that you ARE "a Member, of the Faithful REMNANT".  The ONES who were "PULLED" - was because 'THEY chose', to go it ALONE, and STOP! - emailing us, for WEEKS!!!  They REFUSED to seek Counsel - and that's "How they LOST, their place on the ARK".  Because this IS "not, a cruise ship!" - this IS, "The Ark of SAFETY".  PEOPLE are not supposed to get OFF, this ship; but the ONES who want to TREAT it, like "a luxury VESSEL", can DO so!  But they are 'the ONES, who will NOT last'.  KEEP your focus ON the Lord Jesus Christ - and 'DOING, what HE is ASKING of you, every DAY!'  Pray, for 'the necessary GRACES to get THROUGH each day'.

Yes, we are still trying to get caught up on responding to "The Great Flood" of mail in our email inbox.  "The FLOATERS", and emails marked "URGENT", and attached "VIDEOS", get priority.

PPTL: KNOW that, we ALSO work, FOR a living - in order to make ends meet; THEREFORE, there WILL be 'TIMES, when we WON'T be ABLE, to ANSWER your EMAILS, on a DAILY basis' - HOWEVER, you are STILL CALLED to SEEK, "Daily COUNSEL" - that is, you are called to WRITE us every DAY.  It doesn't need to be "a DIARY" - but SIMPLY, what the TRUE HOLY Spirit puts on your HEART, in the MOMENT.  And we will get BACK to you as SOON, as we can. 

"Floaters"?!!!  WHAT the...!!!  Yes...
" will only spiral downwards, very fast.  Only those clinging to Me, will have the strength not to get ‘sucked in’, as the World is ‘flushed’.” (-Jesus, April 4, 2010)
What did you 'THINK', He was referring to???  So yes, we are not concerned "about NUMBERS".   And why is THAT?... you might be wondering.  WHAT was 'that old saying'...?
"The Remnant... will be so few, that a child can write them down."
(Isaiah 10:19) 
Critical Thinking Questions:
1. So why do "the Floaters" get priority? 
Answer: Because they can only "tread water" for so long.

2. But why would the Two Witnesses reveal, that ALL OF HEAVEN looks down upon ALL those OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant - the same way they look down upon 'a filthy toilet bowl'?
Answer:  Because "mire", or "dung", is actually a manifestation in the physical reality, of the SPIRITUAL reality of sin; and ALL of Heaven knows that.
3. Why is this "Critical Thinking" section with HIDDEN ANSWERS now being included in the Testimony?
Because people like to hide, from "what comes out of them PHYSICALLY" - they don't like to LOOK at it.  LIKEWISE, they like to hide their SPIRITUAL SINS, from their CREATOR.  But He sees EVERYTHING!  This new section will "HELP people" - to DISCOVER, just how REAL, before their CREATOR, their FILTHY SINS ARE.  Because 98% of the people who are alive on the planet right now, will ultimately, ONLY have 'a HEAPING, PILE of DUNG'! - to show for their lives - as ALL their so-called "Good Works", will NOT be going with them.  Hope that helps!
(Hint: Block the above "Critical Thinking Section", "by clicking and dragging" the cursor over it, to reveal "the hidden answers")

Actual email: Ok, so need to know how to pray prayers!... to know if I'm doing it effective and from my heart... I wanna be accountable... I really wanna do it right in the eyes of the Most High True God! Jesus!

PPTL: WHEN you are PRAYING - FIRST, you NEED to be AWARE of 'WHO, you are praying TO', and SIMPLY DESIRE, that your "PRAYERS", reach 'HIS Heart' - as the Most High TRUE God, is ALSO, 'a PERSON'.  So, when you PRAY, ASK the TRUE Holy Spirit to HELP you, 'pray the RIGHT way' - and it is ALWAYS important to 'pray with LOVE'; and to DESIRE, "COMPLETE UNITY WITH, the Most High TRUE God".  ALWAYS, 'DESIRE', to SEE yourself, before His THRONE!  And OPEN your HEART! - to RECEIVING, the GRACES, that HE has 'set ASIDE', FOR you, DURING that time of PRAYER.  It is IMPORTANT that you pray with 'HUMILITY' - and THAT simply MEANS, 'to BE, your authentic SELF', in FRONT of your Creator - at all TIMES!  He knows you BETTER, than you EVEN know YOURSELF!  And He KNOWS 'what you NEED', EVEN before, you ASK.  YET! - in HIS "humility" - He DESIRES, that His TRUE Children, ASK, SEEK, AND KNOCK.  Because that is 'how they can do THEIR part'; HIS PART, is "LISTENING, and ANSWERING prayers".  YOUR PART, is to DESIRE to PRAY, for 'HIS Will!' - to be done, in your life - ALWAYS.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
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“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
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Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
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and then the end will come.”
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