The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
           is the True Roman Catholic Faith - the only SUSTAINABLE Faith on the Planet - under Petrus Romanus
           the Last and Final TRUE Pope of this Era - Sustained by the Most High TRUE God - Jesus Christ the Lord
of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

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SPECIAL NOTE:   Before reading ANY messages from ANY OTHER so-called "prophets" out there,
be sure to read the warnings at this link "False Prophets Exposed"

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"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths."
(2 Timothy 4:3-4)
 "And again another scripture says, “They shall look on him whom they have pierced."
(John 19:37)  
Jesus Christ the Lord said: I do not need ANYONE to believe in My TESTIMONY.  But it IS "for THEIR benefit" - that they DO so - 'for the GOOD of their SOUL'.  WHETHER or not, people, choose to, "BELIEVE in Me", does not change, 'the fact of My EXISTENCE'.  IT is 'for their BENEFIT'; and 'for their GOOD' - that they CHOOSE, to believe IN Me; AND 'in the ONES, WHOM I have SENT'.  BUT!  I AM, WHOLLY, detached! - from those, who STUBBORNLY, REFUSE, to REPENT, and 'TURN away', from THEIR 'wicked lifestyle, CHOICES'.  I AM, WHOLLY, DETACHED, FROM those, WHO choose, to 'REJECT, the LIFE-saving TRUTHS', that are IN My TESTIMONY - detached, FROM those, who CHOOSE, to REMAIN, "OUTSIDE, My Ark, of SAFETY".  I, have DONE, 'SO MUCH', FOR "mankind", to even HELP THEM - IN, THIS, MOST, "WICKED AGE".  I have NOT! - LEFT THEM, "ALONE"; BUT, it is THEY, WHO, HAVE 'ABANDONED', ME.  It is THEY, WHO, HAVE, 'TURNED their BACKS' - TO ME.  It is THEY, WHO, HAVE, 'CHOSEN', to BE! - "MY, ENEMY". The whole WORLD, IS, "in the POWER of the EVIL one"; but I have ALREADY, 'OVERCOME', the EVIL one.  THEREFORE, THOSE, who DESIRE, to conquer SIN, DEATH, AND 'the DEVIL' - can ONLY do so - by clinging TO Me, in THESE Times.  And the ONLY, 'place' - where people can FIND Me - is HERE - IN, MY TESTIMONY.  FOR 'the TESTIMONY', IS, 'the SPIRIT of PROPHECY'.  SO many, have CHOSEN, to 'SUPPRESS, the TRUTH'; and have CLOSED, their ears; and have SOUGHT after, 'TEACHERS - to their OWN LIKING'. THEY have GONE, after "the PREACHERS" - who TICKLE their EARS - WITH, "NONSENSE!" - AND, "POISONOUS, sermons".  I - in THIS Time, am FEEDING, MY, TRUE, FLOCK - My FAITHFUL, REMNANT.  My FOLLOWERS - when I came the FIRST time, were "VERY few" - and THEN, the NUMBERS, 'INCREASED' - AS, God the Almighty and Eternal Father in HEAVEN, 'CHOSE', to bring MORE - SOULS - INTO, 'His True FLOCK'.  The "EVIL", and "WICKED", and "PERVERSE", GENERATION - FILLED! - WITH ADULTERY - SEEKS, AFTER, "SIGNS".  SO, they HAVE 'their signs'!  And I, WILL, ALLOW, 'the MAJORITY of them' - to, 'STAY, ASLEEP'.  I will, 'ALLOW', the enemy - to have "VICTORY", OVER those, who CHOOSE, to REMAIN, "OUTSIDE", "MY Ark!" - of SAFETY. My Faithful REMNANT - do NOT! - NEED, to fear, "the devil" - and 'his MINIONS'; NOR "the one world GOVERNMENT" - and "their ALIEN technology".  ALL, My FAITHFUL Remnant, NEED TO do, is 'SEEK', KNOCK, AND ask - EVERY day! - for "REVELATIONS", in the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT - IN "THE MOMENT" - to GUIDE THEM 'IN, that moment' - ON, "the BEST, PATH" - the ONLY Path, to SALVATION!  IF, My Remnant, "GIVE IN", to the DEVIL, and his TEMPTATIONS - and turn their BACKS - 'on, ME', their SAVIOR - it IS, 'ALL, on THEM!'  BECAUSE, I 'give', EACH one, of My FAITHFUL Remnant, "the NECESSARY Graces", to OVERCOME 'the temptations OF the day'.  And SO, the ONES, who CHOOSE, to STUBBORNLY, 'HOLD ON, to their doubts' - THAT is, 'WHAT WILL be, their reward'.  I ENCOURAGE, 'the ONES', who are "DOUBTING" - IN, MY, "TESTIMONY" - to 'PRAY, to Saint THOMAS' - who ALSO, "DOUBTED" - UNTIL, HE, COULD put, HIS HAND, INTO the wounds.  You ALL! - HAVE pierced, 'MY most LOVING, and SACRED HEART'.  You have ALL! - "WOUNDED Me" - DEEPLY.  I SHOW YOU, "My WOUNDS" - THROUGH, My Testimony.  I SHOW you, 'the PAIN' - YOU! - have caused, 'HEAVEN!' - through your SINS, and through your "HARDNESS OF hearts".   My TESTIMONY, IS, 'MY VENGEANCE!' - ON, "HUMANITY" - BECAUSE! - OF! - "HUMANITY'S MERCILESSNESS".  And I, will NEVER! - "WATER DOWN", nor 'STRAIN', the Truth.  I TELL you, in PLAIN form - you are all INFORMED!  And you are ALL!: "without excuse".
"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that Day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing."
(2 Timothy 4:7-8)  
"Come up hither”, I say, to My Two Witnesses.  But what does this mean? – in Revelations 11?  It means that I have chosen to reveal Myself – to appear transfigured before you: My children, so that you may ‘come to know’ the secrets of My heart; and understand ‘the visions’, for ‘the time of the End." (-Jesus, November 15, 2012)
Many people will be wondering 'WHY', Jesus began answering our emails - DIRECTLY, on this date.  And although the answer has ALREADY been clearly stated, most people in these Times, don't have "eyes to SEE".  And so, we will unpack it for you: Jesus Christ the LORD is now 'STANDING', or "APPEARING", between US, AND the reader - in order to come to our defense.  Or, in Biblical/TESTIMONY language, "... to appear transfigured before you".  Get it?  All of Heaven does.  People don't 'LIKE' us.  And now...  It's "like", "We just hit the 777 JACKPOT!"  I will STILL be "chiming in" from time to time of course!...  Let's move forward now.  


Actual email: Is it possible that the THS is signaling me to go to bed? It is approx. 10 p.m...  I am suddenly so tired. I have not gone to bed so early probably in years...  Good Night!

Pope Peter The Last said: Yes, WHENEVER that happens, THAT is 'a SIGN', TO you, OF 'the Call, to RETIRE for the evening' - as you WERE, 'most DEFINITELY', OPERATING, on 'HIS, Grace'.  Sometimes, He simply 'LIFTS HIS Strength'.

Some readers prefer to "let the CLOCK tick down", as they listen to "the jezzies" (- like the one "questioning", in the picture above).  Other readers, prefer 'lessons from Heaven' - like THIS one!

Actual email: Honestly Peter... you have been my teacher from the beginning just like school and i am the little kid and... there's a lot of sharp people in this class!

Faithful Remnant Members need to remember when they wake up each morning, to ALWAYS lift up everything the enemy sowed in them, in their SLEEP, and in their DREAMS, to the Most High TRUE God, and trade it ALL!, for 'the Grace to live in the TRUE Reality'.  Because, "Project BLUEBEAM", is "up and running" - and it is now being used to its fullest potential, as a diabolical WEAPON, against the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  We get MANY emails testifying to this FACT!  Here is just a small sample:

Actual email: Two nights in a row, filthy disgusting dreams!  And when I'm reading the Testimony, thoughts comes to my mind that [are] not true... so how do i get rid of these afflictions if possible?...  When I woke up in the morning I was doing my morning prayers I thought to myself, "What's going to surface from that dream last night?"  And as soon as I started thinking about the dream, it surfaced - it started pushing on my mind that "the Testimony is not true".  But in my dream they keep showing me something over and over and over and over - I think they are showing me words over and over in my dream; but i keep saying in my dreams that 'this is not true what they are showing me'...  No matter what they try to do to me with noises of E.L.F. waves in my ears or bad dreams, nothing that these people do will work or change my mind... I'm so happy I found Jesus Christ all over again and you two - Peter and Mary.  You know what, God has been on my mind everyday for 30 years; I thought there was something wrong with me, until I found you and the prophecy of Nostradamus come true.  But at first I did not know... I am the least among them my brothers and sister on this Ark.

On a side note: Does Jesus REALLY "Know - what DAY IT IS?"  Well, that's a good question.  Hmmm.  Today is July 16, 2016.  Or, 7/16...16!!! - during the time of the Great Tribulation - the Apocalypse - the time written about in the Book of Revelations - the "END, Times".  And now, "for all you PROTESTANTS out there"...  What does "the BIBLE" say?

"Then one of the elders addressed me, saying, “Who are these, clothed in white robes, and whence have they come?” I said to him, “Sir, you know.” And he said to me, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night within his temple; and he who sits upon the throne will shelter them with his presence. They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; the sun shall not strike them, nor any scorching heat. For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water; and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”
(Revelations 7:13, 14, 15, 16, 17)

And now... what does "the TRUE JESUS" say? (- in response to the above email).

Jesus said: I am HERE, to HEAL you! - from ALL, your MENTAL afflictions. MOST, of those "AFFLICTIONS" have been CAUSED by 'the ONE world GOVERNMENT, ALIEN TECHNOLOGY'.  THEY are using 'Project BLUEBEAM', AGAINST you, My son.  But THROUGH 'your FIRM resolve, to STAY the course' - I will give you 'the NECESSARY Strength', to OVERCOME, 'ALL of these AFFLICTIONS'!  With, 'MY Love'; and with 'YOUR good RESOLUTIONS' - YOU CAN, 'OVERCOME', the TEMPTATIONS, that the ENEMY 'THROWS you, on a DAILY basis'.  And KNOW, that, ANY problems, that you have, you SIMPLY need to 'LIFT up, to ME, your GOD' - and I will HELP you, by REMOVING, 'that OBSTACLE' - that MOUNTAIN that is "IN YOUR way".  You SIMPLY need to have FAITH, AND trust, that I WILL 'do My Part' - as LONG, as you CONTINUE to choose, to do YOURS!  You HAVE 'the Gift, of a SIMPLE faith', and "a CHILDLIKE devotion, to My Divine WILL".  AND so, you ARE, being taught, 'the WAYS, of the Kingdom of HEAVEN' - because "CHILDREN", need to be taught.  That is WHY, I SAID, "Suffer NOT the little CHILDREN, to come to ME - for THEIRS! - is the Kingdom of Heaven" (Mark 10:14).  EVERYONE, is called to have "the heart of a CHILD!" - so that THEY, can experience 'the JOY', OF 'a TRUE, SPIRITUAL DEVOTION, to My HOLY WILL for their lives'.  So MANY, are CHOOSING, 'a DEVOTION', to their OWN wills, and their own PLANS; and they are SO, "UNHAPPY", in DOING so!  ONLY those, who choose ME, to satisfy their SOUL - will NEVER go HUNGRY, again.  KEEP, 'LEARNING' My TESTIMONY; and KEEP 'RESOLVING IN your heart', to 'LISTEN', to 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', in your Soul - as He Speaks TO you there, every DAY.  Lift UP to ME - ALL, of the PROBLEMS, of your past LIFE - and TRADE them, for 'the SOLUTION' - and that IS, "My TESTIMONY", and "the DAILY GRACES, that YOU RECEIVE - through READING, and PUTTING the lessons to practice".

You people want "SIGNS!"  Revelations 7:16, is the only place in the Book of Revelations, where the word "hungry" or "hunger", appears.  Now let's go to Sirach 16.
"Do not say, “I shall be hidden from the Lord,
    and who from on high will remember me?
Among so many people I shall not be known,
    for what is my soul in the boundless creation?
Behold, heaven and the highest heaven,
    the abyss and the earth, will tremble at his visitation.
The mountains also and the foundations of the earth
    shake with trembling when he looks upon them.
And no mind will reflect on this.
    Who will ponder his ways?
Like a tempest which no man can see,
    so most of his works are concealed.
Who will announce his acts of justice?
    Or who will await them? For the covenant is far off.”
This is what one
devoid of understanding thinks;
senseless and misguided man thinks foolishly."

(Sirach 16:17-23)  
TODAY, Jesus Christ the Lord revealed to us, that this above Scripture passage is: "ACTUALLY a reflection of mankind's ATTITUDE towards Him - IN the End TIMES, when the TESTIMONY would be revealed."  And this "ATTITUDE", has ALREADY been clearly EXPOSED, and DEFINED, IN the Testimony.  Here are a few examples:
"Rejoice, in your hearts: with anticipation – of the days coming ahead; but do not be attached to the things of this life; for all is passing away – even the churches, are passing away: even, My Presence has been removed; even ‘the abomination of desolation’ has come – which is people turned inwards worshiping themselves instead of the Most High True God; even the shepherds and the priests are the same as the wicked souls of this generation – not many of them will be saved either; for I am handing them over – to the slaughter, as they have slaughtered many of My sheep, who were starving and were once with Me.  These are ‘the deceivers of the brethren’: deceitful men, filled with hunger – for power, and dominion over the people, and their funds; these are beguilers, and antichrists – because they seek to cast out My True Holy Spirit from My faithful followers.  Therefore just as before, when I ran into the Pharisees and the blind guides: you too My people, have become ‘victims of prey’ – senseless and foolish; they have led all of you astray. I am Jesus and this is My Testimony.  Amen." (-Jesus, February 1, 2012)
"THOSE, who have RECEIVED, 'the mark of CAIN', now HAVE their Souls - BUT! - ALL the torments, of HADES - 'THAT' goes WITH it!  YOU, do not APPEAL, to the MERCY, OF the Most LOVING Savior, Jesus Christ the LORD; and SO, you can ONLY continue to be punished, and AFFLICTED, BY Him.  ALL OF YOU, REFUSE to come to your senses!  But "SENSELESS", and "FUTILE", you ALL, ARE!  YOU do not DESIRE THE TRUTH!  But you are "COMFORTABLE", living WITHOUT it." (-The Blessed Virgin Mary, February 19, 2016)
Actual email: It is really getting weird out there.  Is this because the CERN waves have increased?... Today... I was continually getting flooded with different afflicting thoughts... I would stop and pray, get delivered... however... afflicting thoughts would come back...  Weird... Occult attack?  Alien tech?
Jesus said: UNLESS a GRAIN of WHEAT, FALLS to the GROUND and DIES, IT remains, 'BUT a single GRAIN'.  YOU, My son - must 'DIE', to your old SELF; and CHOOSE, EVERY DAY - to LIVE, for the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  DO NOT FOCUS, on 'the CERN waves', and 'the AFFLICTIONS', coming, from EVERY direction!  Because THAT, is like 'FOCUSING, on, "the TUMULTUOUS WAVES, of the OCEAN" - and what will HAPPEN, WHEN YOU DO SO! - but, YOU, will BECOME, "OVERWHELMED", and BEGIN, to SINK - INTO, "the ABYSS"!  WHEN, you are BEING, 'AFFLICTED', it is THEN, that you are called, to turn, to ME - your CREATOR - FOR 'DELIVERANCE'; for HEALING; and for the necessary GRACES - to, STOP! - the enemy, from USING, 'your OWN INTERIOR life', AGAINST you!  YOU need, to 'RESOLVE, to FOCUS on the SOLUTION' - when faced, WITH, 'a SMALL, OR large, PROBLEM'.  If you CHOOSE, to FOCUS, on 'the AFFLICTION', and the PROBLEM, then WHERE, will 'your HELP', COME from?  THIS is why, YOU must 'CHOOSE', to 'DIE', to your OLD self - EVERY day; DENY, yourself - the things, that 'the OLD you', 'wants to do'; and TRADE, 'those desires', for My, DIVINE Will, AND Plan, for your life.  THIS! - is 'how', YOU, will GROW!
Actual email: Twice these last two or three weeks, I will sleep walk, and start talking...  Over these past few days, I have been very weighed down in my interior life. It is almost an empty feeling that is tormenting me...  It happened... about 2 times today, where out of nowhere I will get a heart pain where it will be very hard to take deep breaths and it will hurt to move... I can use some help discerning this.

Jesus said: You are "SLEEP walking"... BECAUSE, your HEART, is so 'DIVIDED' - and THAT, is ALSO, CAUSING it to harden. THIS, is what is CAUSING, 'your HEART pain'. You KNOW 'the Truth' - DEEP down, in the BOTTOM, of your HEART - but MANY times, you entertain, "thoughts", from the ENEMY, of your SOUL.  You DO this, VERY often! - with "FULL knowledge", that it is WRONG - in the moment; but then you DO so, 'ANYWAYS'.  So how CAN you, "find rest" - IF, you LISTEN, to the TEMPTATIONS, of the ENEMY - being SENT to you, daily - "TEMPTATIONS" are "TESTS", in DISGUISE.  YOU must choose, EVERY day - 'WHO you will serve' - either, ME - your CREATOR - so that, I can FILL you, with 'My LOVE', and REMOVE, 'that EMPTINESS', you are feeling; OR, YOU can choose, 'the side, of the DEMONS!' - and EXPERIENCE, 'the feelings', THEY have - towards ME, towards YOU! - AND, towards the TESTIMONY.  There is SO much, "SPIRITUAL nourishment" - that YOU have been "PRIVILEGED", to have ACCESS to!  And YET, YOU must ASK yourself, "Where is the UNGRATEFULNESS, COMING from?"  The DEMONS, can NEVER be "grateful" - for ANY, SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT, that a SOUL, receives - FROM Me. REMEMBER this: the DEMONS, can ONLY, be "RESENTFUL", and HATE, the HELP, the HEALING, and the LOVE - that I offer, TO your Soul. SO, CHOOSE! - EVERY MORNING - WHERE, your LOYALTY, will be.  GRAB the Blessed HOLY Water.  PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer - FROM the heart.  THAT is "a GOOD start, TO the day".  There IS "NO excuse!" - for KNOWINGLY! - CHOOSING, to DESIRE, "WICKED THINGS".

Some of the readers will soon begin to realize, that while working WITH Jesus - Mary and I have simply been 'EASING the reader IN', TO "the TRUE Spiritual Reality".  IT is FAR worse, than you can POSSIBLY, imagine - and that is "WHY, you can't, see, IT!"  But all of Heaven CAN!  And WE, have been 'SENT', on BEHALF of all of Heaven.  Here, THIS will help - but REMEMBER - this email is from someone who is "ABOARD! - the Ark" - just WAITING, for her "white WEDDING garment"; it is FAR worse, outside.

Actual email: I can't seem to get to the root of the problem... this ugly 'feeling'.  I know 'feelings' are demons, and that is the problem.  I want to get rid of it, but I can't seem to identify it.  This seems to be a 'stronghold', because it is very 'deep'.  When I pray deliverance prayers in regards to this... it seems like I am only scraping the 'mud' off of the 'poop'.

Jesus said: WHAT do YOU, 'DESIRE, to be FILLED with?'  BECAUSE, YOU, cannot EXPECT, 'DELIVERANCE', from the DEMONS - when you SECRETLY, 'DESIRE', to be FILLED, WITH them.  BECAUSE! - of what they, can GIVE you.  You ARE "addicted", to satanic POWER.  And THAT, IS, "the UGLY, FEELING", YOU! - have been embracing.  YOU need, to HUMBLE, yourself - BEFORE My Throne; AND, ADMIT the Truth - TO yourself. RECOGNIZE, that YOU! - have BEEN, 'EMBRACING', "UGLINESS".  AND then, ask ME - to FILL you! - with, True LOVE.  BUT! - YOU CANNOT, experience, My LOVE, for your Soul - while, you are 'CLOTHED, in, DUNG!'
"The pig farm petting zoo will be closing in approximately 15 minutes.  All visitors please report to the front entrance".
Yes, "Be YOU to the FULLEST!"  But without 'a SOUL', what will you be FULL of?
"What’s coming to North America and to the World, is due punishment, for their sins against Me.  I will punish those who have chosen alien gods, by handing them over to them.  I will bring North America and the World to its knees – one plague, one disaster at a time.  America and the World, decides how much punishment they receive, through their actions.  If they continue to mock My Laws, and hold theirs, in higher esteem, they do force Me in a way, to take action against them - no longer seeing My Son Jesus in them, but seeing Mankind, more as ‘vermin or pigs’, that need to be slaughtered." 
Notice: No pigs were harmed as a direct result of editing today's posting on this website.
And concerning the picture border color - it is just a reminder that pigs are pink - THAT's all!... WAIT a minute!...
Epilogue:  Saturday, May 24, 2008.  "LACEY, Oklahoma. - A tornado destroyed a pig farm Saturday in north Kingfisher County.  At about 2:30 p.m., a tornado touched down and damaged all eight barns at the farm north of Lacey. Four of them were destroyed.  Six employees were present at the Kansas-based Seaboard Pork farm. The employees were not injured and said only a few pigs were hurt by the tornado. Employees had not found any dead pigs as of Saturday evening." (Source:
The Most High True God is in fact, "PASSING OVER" the pigs.  It is the HUMANS, in these END TIMES, His Divine Justice, is aimed at.  This above "natural disaster" - that targeted "an 8000, pig, farm" - IS in fact, "a MAJOR SIGN", to the nations.  But who can perceive, in these End Times?  For almost EVERYONE - it was "just another news story".
"With them indeed is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah which says: ‘You shall indeed hear but never understand, and you shall indeed see but never perceive."
(Matthew 13:14)
“Have you understood all this?” They said to him, “Yes.” And he said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.”
(Matthew 13:51-52)
Speaking to the Two of us...
Jesus said: Does not a scribe take from his STOREHOUSE, Treasures that are both new AND old?  Therefore I am asking you to post "OLDER messages", for "the NEWER, dates" - as MORE, "PROOF", to the AUTHENTICITY of My TESTIMONY.  I AM coming 'to your DEFENSE' now, My CHILDREN; I HAVE 'stored UP', My TESTIMONY, for many YEARS; and NOW! - I am "UNLEASHING it, UPON the Nations".
"But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. Truly, I say to you, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it." 
(Matthew 13:16-17)
More than 8 years ago - on March 28, 2008, Mary and I were speaking with the Blessed Virgin Mary; I always enjoy asking her questions.  And so I asked the Queen of Heaven the following question about something that Jesus had already revealed to us: "What did Jesus mean about "our specific role" in preparing the way for the Second Coming? - as in, how is it different from 'the role given to all the Baptized'?" 

The Blessed Virgin Mary said [with emphasis added]: Each person in God's family has 'a UNIQUE role' given to them and them ALONE. Yes, YOU are "normal human beings" - like everyone else.  Yes, you are "SINNERS"; but you have "a unique PLACE" in the role of Salvation History - just like everyone ELSE; but still "unique".  You are to PREPARE for Christ's Second Coming - by opening your HEARTS to God without EXCEPTION; allowing Him to move FREELY through you - to be "channels of PEACE and LOVE" - in other peoples' LIVES; to be "the FIRM Hand of JUSTICE" and "the QUIET Hand of MERCY".  To pray, pray, pray ALWAYS - never CEASING to pray for others; for God has placed you "in a High SPOT" - and He will have 'nothing LESS, than your full cooperation'!  For to whom MUCH has been given, much is expected; and to HIM who has much, this will be taken FROM him; and to him who has little, even THAT shall be taken from him.  You are not CALLED to condemn others; but you are called to JUDGE them fairly, before God - as "the True Prince and Princess of Heaven" - only directly below the King and Queen; and Saint Michael only next, BELOW you.  God has given you 'charge over the Angels' - for He does not need them to minister to HIM; but they DO need to minister to others - other "humans" - RICH and poor alike.  This is 'the TRUTH, which has been kept FROM you' for so long.  It is not to make you any MORE than you are; but simply show you "WHO God called you to be"... for you are at God's RIGHT and left Hand... you are "a lowly human instrument" which God has chosen to USE - much like David; much like Solomon; much like Ruth; much like Esther.  In the Old Testament those people did not see themselves as "GREAT before God"; and therefore God lifted them UP, and exalted them before Heaven - so that all could AWE and WONDER and GLORIFY their Father in Heaven.  God desires to share His Gifts WITH you.  He gives gifts to ALL His children! - some more than OTHERS.  That's "how SIMPLE it is".  He has chosen to favor you BOTH - not because of any "GOOD" that you have done; but because He IS "Goodness and Majesty Himself".

“To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For to him who has will more be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away."
(Matthew 13:11b-12)
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's "old and new" messages.
"They will give account to him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. For this is why the gospel was preached even to the dead, that though judged in the flesh like men, they might live in the spirit like God."
(1 Peter 4:5-6)
The Testimony IS "the OLIVE branch" from Heaven.  "Funny thing", is that MOST people nowadays, are MORE interested in VINDICATING themselves and their SINS - than they are, in 'the actual Salvation of their SOUL'.  And so, if people want to take "the OLIVE branch", and do everything they can, to turn it into "a WHIP, to beat us with" - they CAN!  And THAT, "TENDENCY" - that, "new rite of PASSAGE - from THIS life", IS "the Most High True God's Divine JUSTICE", on this most WICKED and PERVERSE Generation - that is made up mostly, at this point in human history, of "mere human shells, filled to the brim, with demons" - just saying.  IN short, there are basically two responses to choose from, when people read the Testimony: "How is that True?"  OR  "How can I dismiss with my human intellect, EVERYTHING that is written, in order 'to STAY my current course'?"  Know that Mary and I, are NOT here to withhold 'important Truths that are absolutely necessary for the Salvation of Souls'; and we are NOT here, "to make FRIENDS".  We HAVE, BILLIONS, upon BILLIONS! - of "friends", in Heaven - and Jesus reminds us of that simple fact, OFTEN.  In other words, we don't "NEED" - anymore.  But we certainly 'LIKE' it, every time, "SOMEONE" on the planet, chooses "the Path of sanity" - mentally AND spiritually speaking.  What are YOUR plans for today?  Let's see now... WHOSE email shall we open FIRST?  "WE?"  Yes, Jesus has come BACK "to Judge the LIVING" - as IN: Those of HIS Faithful REMNANT.  Let's see 'how THAT is going' - SHALL we? 

Actual first email selected today - from a Faithful Remnant Member: I was wondering: What exactly happened that made your former brother priests to dislike you? I mean, what really happened?

Jesus said: As LONG, as you TRY, to UNDERSTAND My TESTIMONY, with "human REASONING", YOU, will NEVER, 'UNDERSTAND it'.  Yes, you WILL, 'PERCEIVE', the WORDS, in FRONT of you - as "speaking TRUTH, to your SOUL"; but, if you CONTINUE, to "SCRUTINIZE, and TRY to FIND, "HOLES", IN, MY, TESTIMONY - then, what WILL be, "your reward"?  And how CAN, you PRAY, from the HEART - so as to REMAIN "AWAKE", while PRAYING? - if 'PART of you', is "SPIRITUALLY, ASLEEP".

It is in fact "NOT safe" for 'the NEWER Members' of the Faithful Remnant, to watch Hollywood Psyops.  'The Gift of TRUE Discernment' is in fact, "a SKILL, that needs to be HONED, over TIME" - STARTING in one's INTERIOR life.  It is NOT "something that one can simply PRESUME to have".

Actual email: Is it alright to watch psyops on my own?

Jesus said:  BECAUSE the DEMONS, are "BUSY" - DOING, 'SO many PSYOPS, ON you' - USING your own MIND, AGAINST you - it would NOT, be "wise", to TRY, to DISCERN, "A psyop".  My Two WITNESSES, HAVE, 'the GIFT', of DISCERNMENT; and, ARE, "SPIRITUALLY, MATURE enough", to DISCERN, 'the LIES', of the ILLUMINATI, AND the one world GOVERNMENT - that, are "LADEN, within EVERY, MAJOR, HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION".  YOU! - need to work, on 'discerning', your OWN INTERIOR life - and 'CALLING out', "the GAMES", of the DEMONS - IN, your OWN, interior life!  It is NOT "SAFE" FOR you, to 'discern', "a PSYOP/Hollywood production" - because, YOU, HAVE, SO many, "BLIND spots" - that YOU need to, 'TURN, to My TRUE HOLY SPIRIT', and ask HIM, to REVEAL them! - to you.  You STILL, ARE, 'EMBRACING', SO much "SELF-deception"; AND, if YOU can NOT, 'be HONEST', with YOURSELF - on 'how you STAND', BEFORE Me, then HOW will YOU, be ABLE, to DISCERN, "the one world GOVERNMENT'S, lies" - that COME, THROUGH, 'the Hollywood PSYOPS' - ALMOST, "per second".  YOU, are "not spiritually awake enough", at THIS time.  FOCUS, on, 'making VIDEOS'; and SHARING, 'the TRUTHS, of My TESTIMONY', with the NATIONS; and RESOLVE, EVERY day, to 'LIVE', the Truth; to ABIDE, in the Truth; to EMBRACE, "the UNCOMFORTABLE, Truth" - so THAT, YOU! - can, be NOURISHED.
Jesus knows "games" - from AFAR!
And as he was setting out on his journey, a man ran up and knelt before him, and asked him, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”
(Mark 10:17)

Actual email: What must I do to be FULLY spiritually awake? 

Jesus said:  Have you REPENTED?

Sometimes, people just like to, "send us a list of problems".  There is no point in publishing "all of the LISTS", we have received.  Instead, here is a universal message, that addresses, "THAT approach", to Divine Counsel. 

Jesus said: You have SO MANY burdens that you are carrying; and you are DOING so ALL by yourself.  SO MANY burdens, that I am not 'calling you to carry'.  The DEMONS are 'desiring to crush you from WITHIN'; and so WHY are you COOPERATING, with 'THEIR desires, for your SOUL'?  WHERE is your DESIRE, to worship ME - your GOD; and put ME, "FIRST, in your LIFE"?  SO many "worldly burdens"; but WHERE is your CONSCIENCE?  WHY are YOU, "SO far AWAY", from My True Holy SPIRIT?  If you WERE in fact LISTENING to 'My True Holy SPIRIT', YOU, WOULD have 'laid down' MANY of these "BURDENS"; and YOU, would take up 'the burden I am ASKING you to carry'.  My yoke is "EASY", and My BURDEN is LIGHT. BEING a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT, is NOT about, "PLEASING! - everyone AROUND you".  No.  YOU are called, to be "TRANSFORMED, by the TRUTH - WRITTEN in My TESTIMONY".  But YOU are 'RESISTING'; and your HEART! - is becoming HARDENED, AGAINST Me. And so HOW? - can I continue to MOULD you - if YOU, have chosen, "to put the BRAKES on" - to say "NO!" - to "the Potter".  WHAT am I to DO with you? - if 'THAT', is to be "your ATTITUDE"?  YOU want Me to "SERVE you", and to GET you "out of UNCOMFORTABLE circumstances"; but WHAT are you WILLING to do for "your OWN spiritual sanity".  You have ALREADY been given 'so much COUNSEL', from My Two WITNESSES - and "WHAT have you chosen to DO with that Counsel?" - because they "SPEAK, on BEHALF of Me"; and they LISTEN, to My TRUE Holy Spirit; and they PASS, 'those WORDS', on TO My FAITHFUL Remnant.  And HOW have you been "CHOOSING to respond"?
FOR the record: "SPIRITUALLY, SANE, PEOPLE" - don't want to get into "the Most High TRUE God's, bad, books".  Just had to get that out of my system.  Ok then.  Let's see how those striving to be written into "the Book of Life" are doing today...

Actual email: I realize that I'm holding on to some things from before, like my old friends. Also, there was a desire to please people or just not to get in their bad books. 

Jesus said: How LONG, do YOU BELIEVE, you can CONTINUE, your "TIMID", approach - to My TESTIMONY?  The TRUE HOLY Spirit, is NOT "timid"; and SPEAKS with BOLDNESS, 'the TRUTH'.  You MUST "CHOOSE": EITHER, you TRULY, desire, to become, "a Burning BUSH, for ME", and DESIRE, your SOUL, to be "IGNITED" - in, the True Holy SPIRIT; OR, you desire, to hold on, to 'your former WAYS'.  Because, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - will NOT remain WITH you, much LONGER - after, you CROSS, 'that FORK, in the ROAD'.  WHAT I am ASKING OF YOU - IS "difficult", on your OWN!  But, you HAVE, My True Holy SPIRIT - AND! - "Daily Nourishment", from HEAVEN.  If you CONTINUE, to try to JUGGLE, both LIVES - you WILL lose ONE! - THAT, I GUARANTEE.  Which ONE, you want to lose - is up to YOU; you cannot LIVE, TWO, DIFFERENT, 'OPPOSING', realities.  TAKE "a stand" - on ONE side; or the OTHER.  THERE is no "MIDDLE ground"!

At this point in today's email marathon, Jesus simply turned to us, and said...

Jesus said: I will vindicate YOU, My TWO WITNESSES, before the NATIONS - that ALL might know that I am "the LORD, THY God"! - and that there are NO! - "OTHER gods", ABOVE Me!

Jesus is "AWESOME!"  ...just had to type that.  And by the way, He was subtly directing us to...
"I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; I gird you, though you do not know me, that men may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create woe, I am the Lord, who do all these things. “Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the skies rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation may sprout forth, and let it cause  righteousness to spring up also; I the Lord have created. “Woe to him who strives with his Maker,  an earthen vessel with the potter!"
(Isaiah 45:5-9)  
Not everyone in the Faithful is "striving with his MAKER".  In fact, ONE Faithful Remnant Member, just discovered, that, "What he thought was a spiritual BUFFET", is actually "ALL, the main course"! - the TESTIMONY, is NOT, something you can "just pick and CHOOSE" at.

Actual email: Some days I feel bad for people not aboard the Ark and some days I don't. Shouldn't I just be more concerned with staying the course aboard the Ark myself?... With the introduction of 'the golden deliverance prayer', I thought I was going to be ok. But after finding out that there are a few daily prayers in the daily prayer section that I need to be praying as well - I feel as though I have not been hacking it. You say being overwhelmed is a choice. And trying to fit in reading of the testimony - it is just bothering me. I wish I had more time in the day to pray... Could you Please give me a prayer for spiritual endurance? I think that is what I am in need of.

Jesus said: My SON, you HAVE "endured" - and My WORD, is taking ROOT, in your SOUL!  YOU are 'CHOOSING', to BE, "TRANSFORMED", BY My TESTIMONY; and in DOING so, you are RECEIVING, 'an OUTPOURING, OF THE True Holy Spirit'.  YOU, HAVE, been choosing, to HUMBLE yourself - BEFORE, My Throne.  And in so DOING, YOU, are BEGINNING, to SEE, 'the TRUE, SPIRITUAL REALITIES' - THROUGH My Eyes; and "the WORLD", AS, it really IS. THOSE, AROUND you, can ONLY HAVE, "CONTEMPT, FOR, your FAITH, IN Me" - because, YOU ARE, 'becoming, a Living, TESTIMONY' - TO the TRUTH.  AND, THIS, is bringing, 'MANY FALSEHOODS', that OTHERS are embracing AROUND you, to the SURFACE.  You ARE, in FACT, "a LIVING, TESTIMONY" - to THEIR "poor lifestyle CHOICES".  So CONTINUE, to be NOURISHED; and to be FED, "good FRUIT" - and in so doing, produce MORE "good Fruit", for the KINGDOM, of HEAVEN!  Your "CHILDLIKE approach", to the TESTIMONY - is HELPING you, to RECEIVE, the True Holy Spirit.  HE is 'with you', to GUIDE you!  The REASON, 'others AROUND you', cannot 'SEE', what YOU see - is because the TESTIMONY is 'not FOR them'.  THIS, is 'a SIMPLE Truth': MANY, PEOPLE, HEARD, what I HAD to SAY - to SHARE, 'WITH them' - FROM, My Father, in Heaven.  And, UPON, HEARING, My Words, they no LONGER, 'followed, AFTER Me'.  PEOPLE, MUST, CHOOSE! - 'WHO, they are going, to SERVE'.  NO man, can have, TWO, masters!  Though many TRY!  But IN THE END - they will ONLY have one.  I AM "the MASTER", of THIS HOUSEHOLD - of THIS, My FAITHFUL REMNANT CHURCH.  And I am LOOKING, for "DILIGENT, WORKERS". I, am LOOKING, for "LABORERS", to SEND - OUT! - into My VINEYARD. I PRAY, for YOU, My SON - that YOU, will HAVE, 'the NECESSARY Strength', to ENDURE, "the HATRED", from those AROUND you - THE SAME hatred, that I endured from 'those around Me'.  YOU have FOUND, "REFUGE, for your SOUL" - to BE, 'PROTECTED', DURING, this TRIBULATION.  STAY, CLOSE, to ME! - and I, will GUIDE you - CLOSER, to My Father, in Heaven.
Some people know 'EXACTLY what to say' - in order to REMAIN, "RIGHTEOUS, in their OWN eyes".  But Jesus just isn't interested in "eating WORDS" - especially "...fluff cakes".

Actual email: I choose you, Lord Jesus Christ, Most High True God! I can't do anything on my own. Help me to carry on. I know my "cross" isn't too big, with you. 

Jesus said: By "the FRUIT, you choose to BEAR" - YOU will KNOW, "where you stand". I ALREADY know!
"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide."
(John 15:16a)

On July 21, 2007, Jesus Christ the Lord spoke to His Two Witnesses, and THIS, is what He said.

Jesus said: Be at Peace, My people.  I come with a steady Hand to bring Justice and Mercy.  For those who do not repent wholeheartedly and convert to the Truth, there will be much to suffer; but those who conquer sin and allow God's healing Grace to come to them, much Mercy will be given.  My people, the mercy you give is the Mercy you shall receive.  Time and time again I have told you this through other Messages from Visionaries around the world. You must know now, My dear people, that the time for Mercy has ended.  There is no more time for unconfessed sins to fall on reproachful ears.  Now is the time of Justice I shall come like a thief in the night and take you where you do not wish to go.  You must repent now before it is too late. Even now, many Chastisements are happening with fire and water, and will continue to happen. The Lord God is purging his innocent ones; and purifying those on their way to Heaven.  This is the Father's plan, and MUST be accomplished. Many more Chastisements will be occurring around the world as a result of sin - DEEP sin.  Open your ears and eyes to the True Holy Spirit.  now is the End Times, and many of you are 'on the road to perdition'.  I ask you not to take these words lightly, but: bind them around your heart and follow My Commands; pray; turn to Me; offer sacrifices of pure and contrite hearts - that is what I will Judge you on.  How faithful will you be during "The Purification" and 'reign of the evil one'? Even now [-before the abomination of desolation was set up], he has taken over many churches and many brethren, and they are doing HIS work; not Mine.  This must end.  God is more powerful than the enemy and will crush his head; but first he must be given time to sift you, My people, as wheat - for his time is short.  Cling to Me and I will protect you always.  Pray he does not kill the body and Soul; but better to lose one's body - than lose your Soul in Everlasting Fire.  Stay alert; watch; pray; be on guard - but above all, live in My Peace. I desire you all to live in My Peace - for that is "the Kingdom of the Divine Will". When you live in that Peace, no more is your heart 'hardened in sin', nor chilled to the bone; but it is much like Mine: only desiring to please the Father.

Note: This above message was in fact hand delivered, many years ago, by the two of us, to one of the priests of the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario.  The imposter Archbishop - "O'Brien," ordered the priests of the Archdiocese, NOT to read, ANY of the words, from the King of Heaven, that we gave them.  And even though MANY of the priests who READ these words BEFORE that order was given, KNEW them to be True to the very CORE of their beings - they ALL in fact responded, by "choosing the wrong, team".  And that is just another reason, why the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario, IS and always WILL be - HISTORICALLY -  "GROUND ZERO for the GLOBAL, End Times Apocalypse".  It IS at this time, the WORST place on the entire PLANET, to visit, or live.  The abomination of desolation, began and SPREAD from there.  The spiritual mark of the BEAST, FIRST manifested there.  And as a result, the people there, have been "bathing in the Divine WRATH of the Most High True God, longer than ANYONE else on the planet" - all the while, calling themselves, "good, holy, and saved".  It is Just.  It cannot be undone!  In other words, "ALL SCOFFERS will be DEALT WITH accordingly" - according to the Divine Will and Plan of the Most High True GOD that is.

"Fight the good fight of the faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses."
(1 Timothy 6:12)

Here is a special universal message, and it applies specifically to all the women in the Faithful Remnant.

Jesus said: My CHILD, YOU are "STILL, My child" - EVEN THOUGH, you have 'MANY AFFLICTIONS', and MUCH BAGGAGE, FROM your former LIFE - YOU, are STILL, 'STRIVING, to OVERCOME', "the old YOU".  And THIS, is what SETS you, 'APART, from the WORLD' - because you ARE fighting! - "the GOOD fight"; you DO, 'desire, SALVATION, FOR your Soul'.  THAT, is WHY - YOU, are STILL a MEMBER, of My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, CHURCH.  It is not "EASY"... NOW, YOU must learn, to be 'FILLED, with My True Holy SPIRIT'.  You must 'LEARN', to converse with ME - through PRAYER; through "DISCIPLINING, your THOUGHTS"; through "SPIRITUAL FOCUS".  The DEMONS! - HAVE, 'spoken TO you', many TIMES, and TOLD YOU: LIES, UPON lies - ABOUT yourself.  And NOW - YOU MUST give Me, 'ALL of those words' - and TRADE them! - for the TRUTH - for 'who you really ARE - IN, MY Eyes'.  I can SEE, 'BENEATH, the MUCK'.  You ARE, "a DIAMOND" - as ALL, My FAITHFUL, REMNANT, FOLLOWERS, ARE!  BUT! - it is GOING to take 'TIME', for YOU, to be "POLISHED", and to be MADE: "APPROPRIATELY, RE-MADE", IN, the IMAGE, and LIKENESS, of GOD the ALMIGHTY and ETERNAL FATHER, in HEAVEN!  BECAUSE, YOU are CALLED, to BE, 'HIS child' - as well - "a CHILD of the Truth" - desiring COMPLETE UNITY, with 'HIS, Divine Will, and PLAN' - JUST as I, am "PERFECTLY UNITED, to HIS, Divine Will, and PLAN"; and YOU, are CALLED, to BE, "My True FOLLOWER".  So - TURN, TO, your BLESSED! - Mother, and SHE will HELP you, to BECOME, "the WOMAN, that YOU were MADE, to be".  PERSEVERE. Do NOT "give up".  RESOLVE! - to GROW STRONGER, EVERY day; and I will HELP you!
 This above message is now posted on The State of Women page on this website.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

"Why should I come, to the ‘dogs’ within the churches?  So that they can vomit up My words?  No My children, the Word will Judge them.  People will be ‘passing sentence on themselves’, for either: they will neglect My words, and the True Shepherd of My Faithful Remnant Flock – who is there, to rescue them, from the hands of the wolves, in temporary charge; or, they will abandon My words, and My True Shepherd, and go aimlessly along with that institutional abomination.  For at the root it was good – because it was founded by Me; but corruption and pollution has gotten into the highest ranking officials – there, up to what once was the Prince of the Heavenly Host – No moreYou are the Prince of the Heavenly Host My Son, [(Pope Peter the Last)] and My words and decrees, move through you; and the True Holy Spirit has anointed you, with even greater gifts than before – simply because you are going to need them, and therefore use them.  It is that simple My children. Even little children can understand My messages – because, I write as though I am speaking to the hearts of children – but very naughty children they have been.  In the institutional church, they ignore My commands over and over again, and though I am patient and have been patient over a hundred years now – it is time for change!  The milk you received, was nourishing – as it was necessary to get you through, these past few years.  But now I offer you meat; now I offer you: My True Flesh and My True Blood once again.  Because people of these times are deaf and hard of hearing, it will be difficult for some to recognize: that I have removed Myself from that institution, and uncanonically elected a new Pope."  (-Jesus, February 7, 2012)

That was a nice introduction; but let's face it - not everyone agrees with the Testimony of their Creator.  For example, let's see "what's floating in the inbox" today.

Actual email from an enemy of the King of Heaven: "You are truly messed do not KNOW the word of GOD". 

Jesus said: YOU are ONLY "passing SENTENCE on yourself".

Actual email from a Member of the Faithful Remnant: When I watch your videos - of you doing Mass, I feel an intense out pouring of the Spirit. Is this normal or what is supposed to happen? Very comforting!

Jesus said: YOU are watching, and participating, in 'the HOLY SACRIFICE', of a TRUE Mass - THEE "only VALID Mass", that HAS been offered, for a VERY, long time.  YOU are EXPERIENCING, "an outpouring of BLESSINGS, GRACES, AND Gifts" - from GOD, the ALMIGHTY and Eternal Father in HEAVEN! - FOR your BENEFIT.   PRAISE God the Eternal Father in HEAVEN, for 'HIS MERCY', always!  You 'SHOWED MERCY' TO yourself; and TO Him - and therefore YOU 'OBTAINED, Mercy'.

Once people are safely aboard the Ark of Salvation in these End Times, they MUST work on 'the purification of their Soul' - by using ALL 'the SPIRITUAL tools' we have put before them.  Because the demons inside them, WILL begin to surface; and if those demons are NOT sent immediately to the Eternal Lake of FIRE...

PPTL: We TOLD you, that "the DEMONS were going to TURN on YOU!" - if YOU, did NOT, 'DO what was NECESSARY', in ORDER to be DELIVERED from them.  Now they ARE! - "turning on, your INTERIOR life".  We TOLD you, "they are AGAINST, us" - and NOW... THEY, are TRYING, to sabotage 'your SPIRITUAL life' - WITH 'your CONSENT'!  And RIGHT NOW... the DEVIL is "ANGRY" - that more PEOPLE, are seeing 'the TRUTH, about the TESTIMONY' - and are being 'DRAWN, IN, to Life-Giving WATERS'...  YOU need, to do, 'some SERIOUS, deliverance prayers!' - and, ASK the Most High TRUE God, to CHANGE 'the DESIRES of your HEART' - to be 'FOR Him!', and NOT "against Him".  Understand?  BECAUSE - as LONG as you 'DO things', REPETITIVELY - that are 'AGAINST Him' - HOW can the True Holy SPIRIT, 'dwell WITH you'?  You NEED to HUMBLE yourself! - REALLY! - "humble yourself" - BEFORE Him.

Here is another "REMINDER", for those "on the sidelines":  You want Eternal Life.  Jesus wants a video Testimony, as a first step towards that Reward.  Perhaps you can work something out.  For the record, "NO's - on both sides", have been agreed upon MOST of the time.  And why is that?  Because people refuse, to exalt the Most High TRUE God, before their neighbor.

Jesus said: YOU, NEED, to do some more REPENTING - from the HEART.  ESPECIALLY, 'REPENT, of NEGLECTING, making a VIDEO TESTIMONY, before the NATIONS' - for SO LONG.  You have 'PUT it OFF', and 'put it OFF', and KNOWING, 'what is required, OF you'...  The VIDEO TESTIMONY, that YOU are called to MAKE, is about "How MY TESTIMONY, has changed YOUR LIFE, for the better"... YOU have been "GLEANING", from My TESTIMONY, for "a LONG TIME now"; but WHAT have you been 'GIVING, in RETURN'? - "what FRUIT have you PRODUCED"?  So... MAKE "a PROPER video testimony".

When many people find the Testimony, they quickly discover that it does not agree with their "personal interpretation" of the Scriptures, and their own "personal expectations" as to how the End Times will unfold.  This is for THEM:

Jesus said:  The BOOK of REVELATIONS, was ALL WRITTEN, in "ALLEGORICAL LANGUAGE" - ALSO know, as "PARABLES" - so that THOSE, who would "CHOOSE to be BLIND", could NOT SEE!   I CAME, to OPEN the EYES, OF "the BLIND" - and to UNPACK, the BOOK of REVELATIONS - AND! - the SCRIPTURES - in SUCH a WAY, that there IS, "ABSOLUTELY, NO ROOM, for PRIVATE INTERPRETATION"!  BUT! - the MEANINGS, WILL be, 'REVEALED' - AS, they unfold.  And "PROPHECY", HAS been fulfilled!  YOU, have been "ASLEEP"! - along with the REST of the world.  You CANNOT "see" - BECAUSE, you CHOOSE 'NOT to'! You are "BLIND"!  And your "PRIDE"! - is 'what BLINDS you'.  UNLESS, YOU, BECOME, 'as a LITTLE child' - you will NOT! - ENTER, 'the KINGDOM of Heaven'.

NOTE: It is never a good idea to use Scripture AGAINST the Most High True God.  Today, one individual decided to email us and use the following two Scripture passages AGAINST the Testimony of the Most High True God - as that individual proxied, for MANY, MANY people out there.  The response is Just - you can see "the Sentence, passed" below, underlined.  That Sentence, NOW awaits ALL those who judge the Testimony likewise - or even with the following two passages [with my important notes added] that were mentioned.

"I appeal to you, brethren, to take note of those who create dissensions and difficulties, in opposition to the doctrine which you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by fair and flattering words [...really? would YOU describe the Testimony with the word, "FLATTERING"???...] they deceive the hearts of the simple-minded."
(Romans 16:17-18)
"Preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings [...really? would YOU describe the Testimony, as suiting peoples "LIKINGS"???...] , and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths."
(2 Timothy 4:2-4)

Jesus Christ the Lord said: I, BEGAN, the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC Church - under PETER, "the FISHERMAN".  And I taught him, AND, My FUTURE, "apostles" - 'the WAYS, of My FATHER, in HEAVEN' - BECAUSE, the INSTITUTION", that HAD been 'SET UP', at the TIME - LED BY, "the JEWS", had "CORRUPTED, the Law", "PROFANED, My SANCTUARIES", AND, had DRIVEN, the TRUTH - FAR, FROM them.  They PUT, 'MORE', on "FINANCIAL TITHING"', and EVEN, IN, MY HOLY TEMPLE? - they BOUGHT, they SOLD! - IN, My Father's HOUSE!  I came, the FIRST TIME - AT 'a time, in HISTORY', that was "RIPE". My FATHER, SENT Me - TO! - "the Lost House, of ISRAEL" - TO share, 'the TRUTH', about HIM; about 'THE Great, I AM'.  The JEWISH, "ELDERS", sought, to DESTROY Me - FROM the very beginning.  BECAUSE, I, was "a THREAT" - TO their LEADERSHIP! - to their "INSTITUTION".  They ALWAYS, 'SENT, PEOPLE, on THEIR behalf', to QUESTION Me - EVEN, to the point, of 'USING, My OWN, FATHER'S, Words'!  They TRIED, to TEMPT ME - on MANY! - occasions - to GO against! - "the Scriptures" - to bear "FALSE WITNESS TO Myself, and TO My Father".  THEY failed! - EVERY time!  THEY, could NOT! - GET Me, to SIN!  That is 'ALL, that they WANTED'!  Because THEN, they could PROVE, that I was not, "GOD"; that I, was 'NOT sent', AS, "the MESSIAH".  DID I make "CLAIMS"?  I SPOKE the Truth.  They would NOT hear it.  YOU will not 'hear it'!   You are "JUST like them"! - MOULDED, BY your father - the DEVIL.  BECAUSE! - if you 'TRULY, KNEW Me' - your Creator - then YOU! - would DESIRE, to BECOME, "ONE, of MY Disciples". The JEWISH ELDERS, were 'FACED, WITH THE Truth' - EVERY day.  It was "UNCOMFORTABLE".  And the MORE, I DREW, people - TO Myself - the ANGRIER, THEY became.  And they "SWORE to themselves"! - the they would have Me KILLED! - SO GREAT, was 'their HATRED' - FOR My Father.  THEY, "DESPISED"! - 'the SPIRIT of the Law'; but ONLY, they WOULD CLING, to their DOCTRINES! - AND, TO, 'the WRITTEN Law'. The WRITTEN Law - that KILLS!  But the SPIRIT of the Law, brings "LIFE". I, did not 'COME', to ABOLISH! - the Law, AND the Prophets; but to FULFILL them.  My TWO WITNESSES, have been sent NOW! - on MY behalf - TO the nations! - to SHARE, WITH those, who desire 'TRUTH', AND 'Life' - the TRUE, MESSAGE, of SALVATION - which YOU despise!  YOU! - ARE! - "a WHITE SEPULCHRE" - with DEAD MAN'S bones, INSIDE!  You have "NO Life", WITHIN you!  And YOU are 'DEVOID, of the TRUTH, and of TRUE WISDOM'.  YOU! - have 'MOCKED, My Two WITNESSES' - AND, 'MY Testimony'! - and 'JUST, LIKE, your father' - YOU 'USE', MY Word - the HOLY Scriptures, AGAINST Me!   And THEREFORE! - you can 'ONLY perceive', and NEVER! - 'understand':

Thou shalt not go after strange gods, that you have not known.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against yourself.

Thou shalt not withhold from your neighbor any good thing.

Thou shalt deepen your Faith in Me, and in my Testimony

Thou shalt keep your lamp lit before Me always.

Thou shalt know me, for I am the Lord Thy God.

Thou shalt Love and in so doing receive Love.

Thou shalt honor My ways in all that you do, and above your own.

Thou shalt listen to My Prophets, and receive a Prophets reward.

Thou shalt obey My Voice, whenever I speak to you.

I am The LORD and I have spoken.  I am "the GIVER of LIFE"; AND, I MAKE "old things" new.  I have TRIUMPHED over 'the EVIL one'.  OBEY, THESE, My NEW Commandments - and you WILL, 'TRIUMPH OVER him', AS well.  BIND these COMMANDMENTS, on your HEART, SOUL, AND mind.  For THESE, SUM up, the ENTIRE Law, and the SPIRIT, of ALL of the Prophets, that came - before you.  I AM, "The HOLY One";  I AM, "JESUS".  I have COME, to CONSOLE, "the weak"; AND, to STRENGTHEN, "the STRONG"; to BREAK DOWN, 'the WALLS of ARROGANCE, and HAUGHTINESS; and to BUILD UP, 'MY PEOPLE' - MY FAITHFUL REMNANT - with HUMILITY - with LOVE - with My TRUE Holy Spirit. For 'MY Spirit', Endures, Forever. 'MAN'S spirit', FADES away - into "OBLIVION".  So SEEK, TO BE Holy - as I, the LORD, THY God, AM HOLY - THAT 'YOUR days', MAY be Blessed - FOREVER, AND ever.  Amen.

In addition to HIS above reply, Jesus requested that this excerpt from the November 19, 2012 Message be added.

Jesus said:  ...Right now: they say to themselves, “As a queen! – I sit.  I am no ‘widow’; and mourning – I shall, never see.”  But so, will her plagues come! – in ‘a single day’.  In one hour, Judgment has been passed!  Because of her iniquities – before Me.  Oh Israel, I so, would have shepherded you, to Myself; yet you ‘shepherds’ have ‘gone astray’ - just as the sheep under you care have.  You do not know My Ways.  And you are far from Me.  And your anointings, have been cut-off.  And you are desolateBecause you despised: ‘the Spirit of Prophecy’ – in the True Holy Spirit’; and exchanged: ‘True Prophetic words’ – for material possessions; and gain - for ‘words of affirmation’.  Though, you do not hold the people accountable – for their choices; I do.  And I will require them, from you and pay you: ‘recompense’.  You: desire money; material possessions; prestige, position and power.  But I will take all of those things from you.  And you will become naked.  And you will be seen – exposed.  For what has been hidden, is being brought – ‘to the light’.  No one ‘lights a lamp’, and puts it under ‘a bushel basket’ – but ‘on a lampstand’You shepherds have all chosen to bury: the Gifts of the True Holy Spirit.  And so I have taken: your ‘lamp’.  I have moved: the Source, of its Light - to be through My Testimony. My Testimony, will be ‘a light, to the Nations’.  And I will bring back, the thin sheep, and the fat sheep.  I will nourish them, with My word.  And I will call to them, and they will come.  They will flee their churches - and ‘the brood of vipers’ inside.  And I will nourish them: from their homes – through My word, that you have kept back from them; so that they may ‘become alive’.  I will notallow you’ to ‘kill’, My sheep, and eat them.  I will rescue them from your mouths – you ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’!  And I will care for them.  And I will ‘see them through’, this ‘coming Tribulation, and present darkness’.  I will lead them, ‘in a way’, that they have not known – in a way they do not know.  For I too cry out ‘in labor pains’.  I cry out for ‘the rebirth of nations’ – for the rebirth of peoples, tribes, and tongues – to be born, in the True Holy Spirit, in My Eraof Peace.  I am waging war now! – upon the Earth, and upon all, of My foes.  And those, who are ‘foes of My sheep’, I ‘wage war’ upon.  For I will protect My sheep.  I will bring them to life – giving waters.  And they will be nourished: for a time, times and half a time; as I am ‘going forth’ – to close this Age." (-Jesus, November 19, 2012)

There are some obvious updates, now ready to view, on the 10 Commandments page on this website.
Here is a fair warning that goes out to all the Members of the Faithful Remnant - who believe they can secretly sit back and scrutinize the Testimony.
Jesus said:  Be CAREFUL! - NOT, to take, My TRUE Holy Spirit, "for GRANTED".  For, 'as QUICKLY, as He is WITH you - He CAN "FLEE you"! - IN an instant'!  For, the TRUE Holy SPIRIT - MY Spirit, 'GOES, where it WILLS'.  BE "HUMBLE"! - for, I, AM, 'FAR away'! - from "the PROUD".  You MUST, "continue, TO seek Counsel - FROM My TWO Witnesses - for the BENEFIT, OF your Soul".
Do you get the sense that "something BIG" is about to happen?

Jesus said: 'THINGS', ARE about to CHANGE - even MORE so!  As MORE, and MORE - OF My Father's JUSTICE, CONTINUES, to BEFALL, "the MERCILESSNESS", of man.  There are THOSE, who can STILL, 'appeal', to My MERCY; but FOR the majority: their WILLS, and their HEARTS - are FIXED! - ON "Destruction".  SO, the SPIRITUAL, 'manifests' - BEFORE! - 'the Physical'.  YOU shall see!

Millions of "people" outside the Remnant, are still running after all the false visionaries, around the world.

Jesus said:  The spirit of the ANTICHRIST, HAS been embraced, by ALL, of the VISIONARIES - ALL over the world!  The PLACES, where once, I, and My MOTHER, were SPEAKING - WE no longer speak. BECAUSE, those VISIONARIES, embraced, 'the ANTICHRIST' - INSTEAD, of the TRUE Holy Spirit, and the SPIRIT, has 'FLED them'.  And NOW, I, AND My MOTHER, are SPEAKING - HERE! - WITH My, "Two WITNESSES"; and IN My TESTIMONY. MY Mother, YEARNS, for more CHILDREN. Won't YOU, become, 'ONE of her, CHILDREN'? - My CHILD.  USE the Blessed HOLY Water - that HAS, been GIVEN, as 'a GIFT' - FROM, My Father, IN Heaven.  PRAY, the Burning BUSH Prayer - from the HEART; and REPENT - of ALL, your SINS, and 'MIS-deeds', BEFORE Me; and I, will SEND, My TRUE Holy Spirit - INTO, your WATER; and YOU, WILL become "Blessed - BEYOND, belief!"  ALL it takes, is "a leap of faith".
Well, it has been "QUITE the day!".  And now, HERE is "the ACTUAL, LAST email of the day" - that we replied to.

Actual email from an enemy of the King of Heaven: ...I'd really appreciate your wrath about now.

Jesussaid:  The people who walk in darkness have seen a great LIGHT.  But men, LOVED, the darkness - RATHER, than, the Light.  So, BE it!


It's FUN being "the Two WITNESSES"... at WEDDINGS!!!  Members of the Faithful Remnant are free to MARRY - people who don't have an F (- the mark given, to those outside the Remnant).  And once those Members DO use the Blessed Holy Water, and make that COMMITTMENT before all of HEAVEN, it is always good to check with their Creator, to make sure The Official Blessing has been given...

Actual email: I chose to live in a Blessed marriage with N.... the one I chose to love, I want to be [N.'s spouse], and with Your help and love I hope our friendship will flourish.  Yes I do truly love N.!  I have no plans for my life, I am ready and willing to go wherever You please, and do whatever is necessary, and want to live my true vocation as Your child, as I know now that no good can come without You. I truly do understand that You are The Most High True God and You come first!

Jesus said:  THEN you are indeed "IN a Blessed Marriage".  AND you have My BLESSING.  Make SURE, that YOU, RESOLVE, to LIVE, IN, 'the TRUE, Reality' - every DAY! - as, 'ATTACKS', WILL COME, from 'the ENEMY! - of your Soul'; and he will TRY, to 'pull you BACK, FROM, My TESTIMONY'.  BUT! - through "GOOD, DAILY Resolutions"; and through seeking, 'DAILY COUNSEL' FROM My Two WITNESSES; and, from 'your FIRM Resolve, to PERSEVERE, on the narrow PATH' - then he WILL, 'not conquer, your Soul'.  BE "on GUARD!"  For the ENEMY, looks, for "ANY weakness", to POUNCE! 

There will always be distractions, from the Testimony.

Jesus said:  The spiritual FOOD, is PUT there in FRONT of you. YOU decide! - what "BUFFET", you want to EAT from: MINE; OR, the world's.

And much more will be added, to those who have resolved to use "the measure they have received", to Glorify their Creator.

Actual email: ...OK I Did have a prayer request for a double portion of the True Holy Spirit. Do you think Jesus would grant that for me??

Jesus said:  To him who HAS, MORE will be GIVEN.  RECEIVE, a double PORTION, of the True Holy Spirit.  PRODUCE Fruit.

This one, is for all the people who have accused us, of being part of the illuminati.

Actual email from "a hostile floater": If your church was infallible why didn't they stand up for the jew?... The vatican has blood of Saints on itself... Get rid of religion and have God written in your heart and mind... Be a brother.

PPTL: I have no affiliation with the Vatican whatsoever.  And the crimes they have committed, HAVE been BROUGHT, 'before the Throne of the Most High TRUE God' - and HE, HAS 'dealt with them' - and is STILL, "DEALING with them" - ON, a DAILY basis; because THOSE, who CONTINUE, to ATTEND, 'that WICKED INSTITUTION' - ALL have 'the mark, OF Cain'. I have NO affiliation, with ANY "religious institution", OR "organization" - because they are all DESOLATE; God's TRUE HOLY Spirit - has fled them ALL!  AND, the ABOMINATION of DESOLATION, IS "set up" in ALL of them - AROUND the World!  I HAVE, 'NO affiliation', with the ILLUMINATI; and I will NOT! - BE! - "THEIR brother".  I am the TRUE Brother, of JESUS Christ, the RISEN Lord; AND I have ALLEGIANCE, to NO OTHER god!  It is CLEAR, that YOU SERVE, "a DIFFERENT god" - WHO, "LOOKS, like Jesus" - on the OUTSIDE; but, is really, 'the DEVIL', on the inside.  YOU go through the SCRIPTURES - WITH, 'your father, the devil'.  HE 'leads you' - TO 'the passages', that can ONLY! - be misinterpreted, BY you - because, YOU, have NOT! - 'the Spirit, of the LIVING God'. The LIVING God, is "not WITH you" - so HOW, CAN you, POSSIBLY, UNDERSTAND, His Word.  I PITY you! - as I pity ALL people - who, GO with 'the DEVIL', and his LIES - as he MOCKS, RIDICULES, and LAUGHS! - at them - FOR their, "STUPIDITY", and FOOLISHNESS. Because, the DEVIL, GETS, SO-called "CHRISTIANS", WRAPPED UP, in the BIBLE, and "self-RIGHTEOUSNESS" - SO tightly! - that they, can ONLY! - SEEK, to CRUCIFY, their SAVIOR, ONCE again - AS they, PERSISTENTLY, reject, HIS Testimony - that HE has SO GENEROUSLY, PUT, ONLINE - THROUGH me, His, FINAL, Pope - OF these Times, FOR the people, TO benefit from.  YOU are "stubborn", AND "filled, WITH wickedness" - THEREFORE, you will NEVER UNDERSTAND - UNLESS! - you repent.
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
"O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!  For he is our God, and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand.  O that today you would listen to his voice!  Harden not your hearts, as at Meribah, as on the day at Massah in the wilderness, when your fathers tested me, and put me to the proof, though they had seen my work. For forty years I was wearied of that generation and said, “They are a people who err in heart, and they do not regard my ways.” Therefore I swore in my anger that they should not enter my rest."
(Psalm 95-6-11)
The following is an excerpt from the July 07, 2007 Message.  Following the specific instructions of Jesus Christ the Lord, this Message was hand-delivered to a priest (- who was once a close friend of mine), in the Archdiocese of Kingston Ontario, shortly after it was received.  

Jesus said: "...No more will I allow rejection of My Word, to go unpunished. It ends now. There is too much time wasted on believing the Word, not to be True - than, on taking it into prayer - to receive it... and now, something is about to happened you cannot control... There is no more time left. Time has run out and the Father has grown impatient with you people... Now there is a new Bishop [- referring to Pope Peter the Last], whom I have appointed to direct My ‘True Shepherds’. I send him unto you now. He is 'Whom I have anointed' and is 'The Lord’s Anointed one'. There is no stopping this... I am separating My True Sheep, True Followers - from "the drowning oil tanker" [- referring to the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution]...  My people, listen to My voice and harden not your hearts. Do not grow stubborn as your fathers did in the “wilderness” when at Meribah and Massah they challenged and provoked me. You know this very well. You read it every morning in your Liturgy of the Hours. Open your ears, clear away your spiritual blindness and receive for once. I am still with My Church - but "The True Catholic Church". All those who have My Spirit - the True Holy Spirit dwelling within them, are part of My Body. The others are part of that ‘satanic body’, the ‘catholic church’. Pray to the True Holy Spirit to open your eyes and ears to the Truth about yourselves. I am God and I dwell incarnate in those souls who freely choose to receive Me as I truly Am. The choice is yours. You decide today, which shepherd you must follow. But I warn you, to listen to the Truth - to the True Holy Spirit; not the self-affirming one - this one deceives you into believing you are already in Heaven. Woe unto you who reject these words from My Holy Prophets - knowing the Truth in your hearts. If you are open to receiving the Truth, then the True Holy Spirit will convict your hearts; but if not then it would be better for a millstone to be tied around your neck, and cast into the sea than on that day you make a choice to reject it. It would have been better if you had never been born. Choose now while you still have time."

After carefully reading the above Message in its entirety (see link above) - THAT, PRIEST's, FAMOUS, WORDS, were, "If the Catholic Church is 'a sinking oil tanker', then I'm going down WITH it!"  He then pushed the Message from his Creator, back towards us; and then INSISTED that we take it WITH us, as we departed.  
Jesus said:  Upon the rejection of My Word, his anointing, was removed IMMEDIATELY - just as SAUL, lost HIS anointing. (- Speaking to the Two Witnesses today, July 21, 2016 - as we were editing this posting)
We delivered another personal Message to another priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston.  We HANDED him 'the WORDS of His CREATOR', on a GOLDEN Platter, for him to read.  AS he was reading it, I said to him with conviction, "ARE these NOT, the Words of your Creator!  IS that NOT your Creator SPEAKING to you!"  He became "very AGITATED" afterwards; 'pretended', to be "very CALM, on the outside".  But BECAUSE, we could read hearts even THEN, the Lord Jesus Christ, 'PUT His Hand, ON him' - to reveal, 'EXACTLY', what his CHOICE was: He RESPONDED with the words,"The church, IS, God!" - to our, "UTTER shock! - and amazement".  And NOW the whole WORLD knows, HOW, the Abomination that makes DESOLATE - began, in that Archdiocese, and spread to the four corners of the earth - by October of 2009. 
"Once when Jacob was boiling pottage, Esau came in from the field, and he was famished.  And Esau said to Jacob, “Let me eat some of that red pottage, for I am famished!” (Therefore his name was called Edom.)  Jacob said, “First sell me your birthright.”  Esau said, “I am about to die; of what use is a birthright to me?”  Jacob said, “Swear to me first.” So he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob.  Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentils, and he ate and drank, and rose and went his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright."
(Genesis 25:29-34)
This following Message, is a new addition to the online Testimony.  It is in fact the Message that I was instructed by Jesus Christ the Lord to personally hand-deliver to a priest who was my former mentor, in the Archdiocese. The Message was "dismissed", as quickly as his "TRUE anointing" was removed.

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  This indeed is My TRUE Voice, for all those who want to follow and obey.  I say, "Leave your fishing nets behind, and I will teach you how to be a Fisher of Souls and Hearts - not just with words or lip service, but True Shepherds after My Own Heart".  I will teach you to listen to My Voice with openness of heart, will, Soul, and your mind (- only when it is consecrated to Me). The mind can be 'a very powerful tool' in the hands of the enemy.  He can play tricks on you - if you are not careful.  'Discern the spirits' carefully My sons:  Which one speaks to your hearts? - not "minds".  For right now 'your minds' belong to "satan, the father of lies" - and are 'in darkness'.  Listen with your hearts to 'My True Voice'.  I love you My sons; but in a world with so much confusion, it can almost be impossible to hear 'anything of the Truth'; anything from the True Holy Spirit; anything from your True God.  I am asking you to lay aside, all weakness, stubbornness, foolishness, folly of all kinds - and come follow Me, your True Shepherd - with meekness and gentleness. There is not much time left.  You must choose now - whether or not you follow 'the True Christ' or the antichrist.  Many "wolves" come in sheep's clothing, disguising themselves as Me.  Many come saying they have been sent by God and are "His ordained"; But I say, "Not so"!  Many of you are "ravenous wolves" inside - looking for 'some innocent ones' to desire; you 'dazzle the dumb sheep' with your words of folly and foolishness. This is not "wise" in God's Eyes.  Many of you have been indoctrinated into falsehoods, lies, and deceptions.  I am here to rescue you from "the drowning oil tanker".  I love you My sons dearly and tell you this out of concern for your Souls.  You are "My True Sheep" - only if you follow and heed My Voice and Calling. This must be done soon!  There is not much time left.  'The spirit of the antichrist' has fallen upon the world and has infiltrated My One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  I say again as I said once to you before, "I will not abandon My Church"; But many of you will - for you do not follow Me, but "human voices" - leading you to err.  Do you think you are safe from your Eternal reward by hiding behind your bishop, your clerics, My Word?  No, not so! - this will not save you!  Only a humble contrite heart and a firm resolution to do what I ask of you, through docility to the Father's Will - carried through with action, has the ability to save you. I came to Save; not to condemn - but I ask you all to ask yourselves this question, "Am I going to Heaven; Or have I traded my Heavenly Reward with the enemy, for a bowl of porridge - for hunger, prestige, position, power"? - this is what you must ask yourselves. What is more important to you? - than following the True Authentic Voice of your Shepherd - who is asking you this day to deny yourself, and follow Me - your True and ever Living Shepherd.  Will ONE of you follow Me, and lay aside all the obstacles in your life - including 'self'; or will you 'coast through' and 'hope to make it' to Heaven on "a wing and a prayer"? - I pray this is not so.  I Love you all dearly My beloved priests; but now is the time to make a stand, for God - your True and Ever Living Father; or be 'loved' by the world and receive the world's Reward: "Just, Punishment".  The CHOICE is yours; it always HAS been! May the Peace of Almighty God Reign in your hearts upon receiving My Word; or may it return from where it was sent.  Choose now: 'Enmity with God'; or 'enmity with man'. You cannot be "friends with the world, sheep, fellow priests, leaders, family, friends, etcetera" - and be "on GOD'S Team". Now is the time for the final decision to either choose God, or man; choose satan, or God; choose Truth, or lies.  You must make your choice now while you still have time. Even now, My Angels are marking those on the foreheads who have crucified themselves WITH Me - for Eternal Life; the others are 'marked for death'.  I know I am asking you to make 'a radical change' in your life.  Was I not also "a radical"?  How was I getting along with 'the authorities'?  They hated Me! - they will hate you also; that is 'the Sign of a True Shepherd'. Does the world, "love you"?  If they do, then you are "No shepherd of Mine".  Do not seek enmity with man but only friendship with God - your Maker.  I Judge you; not the bishop, the antipope, the priests, the cardinals.  I am "Your Judge"; and I will ask you at the end of your lives, "How many Souls changed because they met you? - because they saw you, and in seeing you, saw Me - their True Shepherd?" This is how I will Judge "the Living and the dead".  So be it!  It is 'the Father's Will'.

For the Members of the Faithful Remnant: Many Members of the Faithful Remnant have been suffering from very painful physical afflictions.  It is now time for that to end - WITH, their cooperation.  They will need to use the deliverance prayer and reject, 'the demonic clusters of all those who have rejected the Testimony', and ask for the Grace of the indwelling of the True Holy Spirit of Wholeness, Health and Healing instead.  They will also need to reject their desire to contend with the Most High True God, and ask for the Grace to AGREE with everything the Most High True God asks of them - ALWAYS! and without question.  "Contending", refers to challenging and provoking the Most High True God, in the secret thoughts of the interior life - by doubting, or scrutinizing, His Word, and what He is asking of you in each and every moment. (At this point in today's posting, Jesus "chimed in"...)
Jesus said: "To SCRUTINIZE IS the OPPOSITE of discernment".  How is this TRUE? - My children.
PPTL:  Simple.  Because those who SCRUTINIZE the TESTIMONY, are actually 'SEEKING falsehood'; while those who turn to the True Holy Spirit and seek to DISCERN, are actually 'seeking the TRUTH'.
Jesus said:  ANYONE can find "HOLES in My TESTIMONY" if they LOOK hard enough - because 'the DEVIL' will show them; and give them 'EVERY excuse', under the SUN, to REJECT their own Salvation.  But those, who DESIRE, 'LIFE' - will LOOK, at My WORD -THROUGH, 'the Gift, of My True Holy SPIRIT'; and will UNDERSTAND - NOT! - with their 'HUMAN intellect', that is SO FLAWED! - but, with 'the DIVINE intellect'; with, MY Mind.  Because, MAN'S WAYS, are NOT 'My Ways' - NOR, will, they EVER be.  HOWEVER, I, desire, to dwell, 'WITH', My PEOPLE - to, 'RULE', over their Hearts; to 'REIGN', as, their KING.  ALL THOSE, who, 'do NOT, wish, to be SUBJECT, to, MY, Divine AUTHORITY' - GIVEN to ME, by, My FATHER, in HEAVEN' - STAY! - outside!   For HEAVEN, is, "a MONARCHY"; and I AM, "the GREAT, Monarch"!  I AM, 'TENDING, My sheep'.  I AM, 'FEEDING, My FLOCK' - amidst, 'GREAT, Tribulation'. I AM, 'WITH', My True VICAR - Pope PETER, the LAST, and FINAL, TRUE Pope, of this ERA, AND! - His Wife.  TOGETHER, THEY are, 'MY, TWO, WITNESSES'.  And this WILL, NEVER change!  They ARE, 'My FLESH, and BLOOD' - and THIS, "IMMUTABLE TRUTH" - WILL never change!  For TRULY, I AM WITH you - EVEN, to the TOTAL! - CONSUMMATION, of the world.
 As Mary and I were a little "AWESTRUCK" at what just happened... [- and it is important to note here, that the Jews have been "SCRUTINIZING" the BIble - as in 'the WORDS of Jesus', for 2000 years now.  And the ones who are alive at this point in history ALL remain, "OUTSIDE, the Ark, of Salvation".]

Jesus said:  Do you know 'WHY I shared that WITH THEM?" My children?  I am drawing 'the LINE', so that people KNOW 'what I EXPECT from them'.  They are either "all IN"; or they are "all OUT".  THERE is no "MIDDLE ground".

For the Remnant: The Most High True God knows the very BEST path to take; ALL the other paths out there, are... "LESS, comfortable".  And so don't even 'THINK'! - about those people who have rejected the Testimony - lest those afflictions return to you, in an instant.  And if they DO, you now have "the ANTIDOTE".  Understand?
Special note: Today's posting reveals, that: ALL this time, Jesus has been "WITH us" - as in, Mary and I, as we put the Testimony online.  Countless times, Jesus has "CHIMED in", as we were doing the edits - to help us, as needed.  HE, in fact, personally, "OVERSAW", the building up of the entire website - all this TIME.  This is important to state, because for many readers, it is MUCH more comfortable to hang on to "the BARNEY jesus", as you read this - all the while, secretly wishing, this "last POPE guy", would just fade out of history.  I know, I can read hearts at a distance.  But what YOU need to know, is that there is a MOUNTAIN of Messages that we have received over the years, and THIS website, is simply OUR response to the Commissioning, "ONLY give them what is necessary"... (Jesus said.)
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

On July 31, 2008, while Mary and I were still living on our sailboat, Jesus was actually referring to "the Ark" - at THIS future time in history...

Jesus said:  Peter, I have indeed put you over My household - which is The True Church, Born only of 'the SPIRIT of GOD'; and your prayers ARE indeed answered; and you WILL receive 'the Guidance from the Holy Spirit' that you seek.  For indeed, you are My son, and "The Lamb" - who sits upon the Throne, by My side.  And all Revelation will now be revealed to you 'in full detail', in the Spirit.  You will have 'a deeper understanding of the Scriptures', and Discernment 'like no other', who has preceded before you. And this is indeed for your Mission: to Persevere in Faith through 'the tumultuous waters of life', and all sin that has entered My old church.  You will be given special Graces to run My Church - which, is "the bulwark of the Faith".  This boat is the beginning of the Purification of My One Holy Catholic Apostolic-Apostolate Church.  New shepherds are now rising out of My True Flock - and they are being guided this way to you both by Mary - whom they are most devoted to, in her Immaculate Heart.  They will eventually be drawn here, to you - when the Spirit reveals to them the Truth about you and Mary, and My Plan for the Church's Salvation.  They will come here and you will be "their Captain" - as you are 'the Pope at the Helm of the Faith'.  This is not to discourage or overwhelm you, as I will proceed to change you interiorly - so you may receive them, 'ONLY in My Name' - for you are "in Personae Christae" always - though "a sinner".  I choose 'the weak' and make them Strong.  Mary will help you with this tremendous task laid before you. Your lives are becoming 'more active' - and this is GOOD; but it is not 'the end' - for you both are going to have lots of people around you; and they will look to you, and to Me - to guide you - to Steer the Church in 'the Right direction'. This will all happen very fast - so be prepared; Stay Awake! - FULL of the Holy Spirit always! (-Jesus, July 31, 2008 - new posting)

And as we were posting the above Message on the Testimony - today, almost 8 years later...

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: TRULY, My IMMACULATE Heart, HAS TRIUMPHED!  AND, the FATHER'S, 'PLAN', for the SALVATION, OF Souls - IS coming, 'TO fruition'.  BLESSED BE! - the Name, OF the Lord! - BOTH now, AND forever! THANK you, HEAVENLY Father, for HEARING, My prayer; and 'SPARING', THESE, your LITTLE ones - YOUR little flock - FROM, Your WRATH; and PROTECTING them, from 'the ENEMY, OF their Souls'.  "THE stage", has been SET! - for MANY years now; and ONLY now - is YOUR Plan, COMING, to 'the FULLNESS, of RIPENESS'! (-BVM, today, July 22, 2016)

God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven said: GUIDE THESE, "My LITTLE Ones", to 'the PATH', OF their Salvation.  HOLD 'NOTHING BACK', FROM them - that is, 'for the GOOD, OF their Souls' - whether it be, "JUSTICE", OR "Mercy"; for they GO, 'HAND in HAND'.  For TRULY, they ARE 'ONE in the same'. CONTINUE to Guide, 'MY Church' - IN Truth, LOVE, AND 'SINCERITY' - as 'their TRUE SHEPHERD' - the ONE, that they CAN see! - REPRESENTING, "the INVISIBLE, Godhead" - MY Son! - Jesus. (-God the Almighty and Eternal Father in Heaven, today, July 22, 2016)

Actual email:  I have been following... messages since 2012... from [the spiritually toxic website from "the imposter visionary" known as...] Maria Divine Mercy, and i´m also a seminarian from the N. Seminary... I need a Word from Jesus Christ if this is possible. May He looked upon my situation with Mercy.

Jesus said: Become "ONE of My SHEEP", and LEAVE 'the spirit of the ANTICHRIST' BEHIND you.  LEAVE it 'in the DUST of your FEET'.  REPENT! - FROM the heart. USE the Blessed HOLY Water, and PRAY the Burning BUSH Prayer.  "SALVATION" is NOT guaranteed!  And what YOU have been listening to - with 'those MESSAGES', is 'the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST' - TRYING to CONVINCE you, that YOU have been SAVED! - that 'ALL you need to DO', is follow certain STEPS, in ORDER to receive "the seal of SALVATION". It is 'the ENEMY', working through, 'that WEBSITE'; it is not, 'MY Voice'; NOR, 'My BLESSED Mother' - we are here ONLY, IN OUR Testimony.  We do NOT 'speak', TO "the false PROPHETS", of this most WICKED age!  EVEN the ENEMY, can produce "MIRACLES" - IF HE, can get, 'PEOPLE', to BELIEVE, that they are "SAVED".  YOU MUST 'work out', YOUR Salvation, WITH Fear and TREMBLING; and LEAVE! - "the institution" - that you BELONG to.  Because I am not there!  But the SPIRIT of the ANTICHRIST IS!  The spirit of the ANTICHRIST, is 'strong' IN the WORLD; and IN the CHURCHES; and IN the GOVERNMENTS - but I HAVE, "overcome the world"!  So seek to be 'with ME' - your TRUE Shepherd.  Become 'ONE of, My DISCIPLES'.  YOU can do 'NO good', IN, ANY institution!  I am ASKING you to 'take a LEAP of faith' - and RESPOND, to, My Mother's CALL.

Actual same day reply to above email:  Thank You very much... for interceeding on my befalf and thank you Jesus Christ... I have waited for this for along time, almost around 8 years to enter into the seminary.  And i got here merely for two months only to find out this Sad part of reality.  May i know what Mama Mary`s is calling me for?  If it is possible PLEASE let me know.

Jesus said:  I have COME to UNBIND, the SINNERS who are LOST. Are you "ONE OF THEM"?  KNOW that, My PRESENCE, has BEEN 'REMOVED' - FROM, the Vatican, and FROM, 'the Harlot, of ROME'.  AND I am NOW, 'SPEAKING', IN, My Testimony.  You need to CHOOSE - NOW, 'WHAT, kind, of APOSTLE' - you want to BE: MY Apostle?  Or, "an APOSTLE, of the antichrist".  Because you CANNOT be both!  When I called, "the TWELVE" - THEY came.  When I called "MATTHEW - the TAX COLLECTOR" - he left EVERYTHING behind, in that MOMENT - because he was 'DRAWN to Me'; and 'AWAY', from the "institution", he was WORKING for.  If you GO - 'with that INSTITUTION' - THAT, would be the same, as if MATTHEW, had said "NO!" - and CONTINUED ON, 'collecting taxes'.  THAT INSTITUTION, that YOU, have been 'TRYING, to, get INSTALLED, INTO' - is an abomination; and IS, "a FINANCIAL institution OF indifference!I am not WITH them; I am HERE - WITH, My TRUE Vicar; NOT "Francis"! - but Pope PETER - "PETRUS Romanus" - the True SHEPHERD! - of My EVER-GROWING, Flock.
We really weren't expecting this much "COMPANY" today; but, at THIS point in editing today's posting...
Pope Peter the First said: For if you have SEEN the Father - then you have, 'ALREADY', seen the Son. LIKEWISE, if you have 'seen the SON' - you have SEEN the Father.  Let all THOSE, who desire: LIFE, JOY, and ETERNAL HAPPINESS - WITH their CREATOR! - come FORWARD, and DRINK! - of 'the WATERS, of ETERNAL Life'; TRUE Baptism - of WATER, AND of Fire; of HEART, AND of Soul. BLESSED BE, JESUS, CHRIST the LORD - both NOW, AND Forever!  And Blessed BE! - HIS, TRUE REPRESENTATIVE - His TRUE! - "VICAR". BOTH now, AND Forever!  Amen.
And still, we get hostile emails, from people around the world.  Here is one reply from the Throne of HEAVEN! - that we sent out today.
Jesus said: THESE, ARE "My Flesh and BLOOD"! - MY True Brother, AND, My True Sister.  BELIEVE!

While we CANNOT always quickly reply to your emails electronically, we CAN still find "another way".

PPTL: We will ask the Most High TRUE God, to have MERCY, on your SITUATION, and GIVE you, 'the NECESSARY infused KNOWLEDGE', in order to work THROUGH it.

Actual email:  As I was reading the testimony this morning and yesterday, often times in my interior life, curses against the Jesus Christ the Lord Most High True God would come up... I really don't like it... but I don't know 'what spirit it is'.

Jesus said:  My [child], do not 'BLASPHEME', My TESTIMONY - nor, My HOLY WORDS - MOVING, THROUGH, My Two WITNESSES.  Because, if you DO so - HOW WILL YOU, 'find REFUGE, for your SOUL'? - IF, you are CONSENTING, to CALLING, "the REFUGE", that has been given TO you, "EVIL"?  THIS! - is where, 'the spirit of BLASPHEMY', has 'a STRONGHOLD', IN you.  The ENEMY, is WORKING, on YOUR INTERIOR life - to 'TURN you', AGAINST! - your OWN Salvation.  So, YOU need to FIGHT - by RESISTING, the devil, and his TEMPTATIONS; and by TURNING to ME - your GOD, for PROTECTION, AND deliverance.  You CANNOT serve, 'the jesus,  that you knew, from your past'; AND Me! - the TRUE Jesus - the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC! - Jesus.  What you have LEARNED, from the INSTITUTION - is FALSE!  What you are LEARNING, through your DOCILITY, to My WORD - moving THROUGH, My TESTIMONY, is TRUE!  Many PEOPLE, 'DESPISE', My WORD - AND "the Water", that I OFFER, TO them.  YOU! - are one, OF 'My Faithful REMNANT'; and YOU have been GIVEN, 'MUCH'.  THEREFORE, 'MUCH', IS, EXPECTED!  In the INSTITUTION - you could, simply 'SIT back, and RELAX' - for DAYS! - doing, 'what YOU wanted to do, with your TIME' - and even "SIN", a little! - here and THERE - because, you could always GO, to CONFESSION.  THAT, is NOT! - "My TRUE Church".  THAT, 'ATTITUDE, towards FORGIVENESS', is KEEPING, 'the MAJORITY of PEOPLE', "OUTSIDE My KINGDOM".  NOW! - in 'the TRUE, Roman, Catholic, FAITH' - that YOU have received - from My TRUE Holy Spirit - you MUST 'make a STAND' - to be 'FOR Me!'; OR! - "AGAINST Me".  There IS, 'NO, middle GROUND'!  There IS, 'NO, middle, CHRISTIANITY'.  There is ONLY, "HOT", or "cold".  There is NO, "LUKEWARM" - in My CHURCH.  Understand?  NOW, HOW is it, that 'the ENEMY', "SCARED you"?  YOU need, to 'REPENT', of being AFRAID, of the DEVIL - because THAT 'IS a sin'!  And ASK, FOR 'the GRACE, of Holy BOLDNESS!' - and 'the Grace to STAND, AGAINST! - the devil - with all of the TOOLS, that YOU have been given'.  What YOU are not USED to - and what you do not LIKE, is the fact, that it takes "WORK!" - and "EFFORT!" - to BE! - 'a MEMBER, of My Faithful REMNANT'.  You CANNOT, "CLOCK-IN", one day a WEEK! - and SAY, that "you are a GOOD CHRISTIAN".  No!  You MUST, 'STRIVE', TO, BE, "a good CHRISTIAN", 24/7! - EVERY day, is "MY Day!" - and it MUST be kept HOLY!

Actual email:  I need help with my purification, my interior life.  My thoughts get carried away with me...  Mostly impure thoughts... How can I resist those thoughts. 

Jesus said: Blessed are the pure in HEART, for THEY shall see My Father in Heaven. YOU need, to use 'your free WILL' - to CHOOSE to FOCUS, on 'THAT, which is EDIFYING for your SOUL'. In YOUR 'past LIFE' - when you had 'the MARK' - it was, 'the DEMONS', that THOUGHT, and spoke FOR you.  NOW, you must use, 'your FREE will', to THINK - AND speak; NOT 'according to the flesh' - but, 'ACCORDING, to the True Holy SPIRIT'.  My TRUE Holy Spirit, will HELP you FOCUS, your thoughts, on HEAVEN! - but NOT WITHOUT your cooperation!  MAN'S MIND - APART from My TRUE HOLY SPIRIT - IS, "in the gutter"!  They can do NOTHING! - and achieve, 'NO GOOD THING', apart from Me.

Actual email:  What I have learned from the Testimony of all that I have read and learned, is that everything that I have received and been given from the Most High True God I am responsible for now.  Like it says, to whom much is given much is expected - so, now I am held responsible for what I learned and that has been revealed through the True Holy Spirit.  We are 'HIS vessels' that HE uses to impart HIS words.

Jesus said: So CONTINUE to BATHE, in the GRACES, of My TESTIMONY - for your SOUL.  And ALLOW, the True Holy SPIRIT, to CONTINUE, to BRING, "SLUDGE", TO the surface - in order to be PURIFIED, even MORE so!  Do not 'RESIST', "fraternal CORRECTION", FROM your brothers and SISTERS, but, RECEIVE it as 'an OPPORTUNITY, to grow SPIRITUALLY'.  Yes, it is "PAINFUL", in the MOMENT, when it is GIVEN - it IS like "a SWORD that PIERCES, your SOUL!"  BUT! - it is "a GOOD Sword!" - because it is My WORD, that is "THRUST!" - IN TO, 'the demonic CLUSTER, of your former IDENTITY'! - in order for you to be DELIVERED - FROM, 'those demons'.  My WORD, IS, 'a LAMP', to your FEET - and what THIS means, is, 'YOU will NEVER be spiritually BLIND, as LONG, as you ALLOW yourself to be TRANSFORMED, and ENLIGHTENED, by My True Holy SPIRIT'.  For, HE makes, 'YOUR ways', SURE; and each 'step that you TAKE', is SECURE - in ME! - your GOD.  SEEK to renounce, 'your OLD self' - DAILY!   It does NOT always NEED to be, "FORMAL"; but SPEAK to Me, from your HEART; I am ALWAYS listening! - and READY, to ANSWER, your PRAYERS!  Because YOU are 'ONE, of the FEW, Faithful Remnant, FOLLOWERS' - who I, WILL! - answer! The REST of the WORLD - does NOT, 'get their prayers, answered' - NOT, by Me!  I AM 'ALLOWING them' to SLEEP IN, "SELF-deception"; but My Faithful REMNANT, are 'the ONES who are "AWAKE, and ALERT" - KEEPING watch, OVER, their Souls'.

Important Follow-up note:  The people outside the Faithful Remnant, believe that they have 'the right to cooperate with their demons', UNTIL! - they are FULLY informed and MADE "fully CULPABLE" for their choices, and are FORCED, to "that FORK in the road", where they must CONSCIOUSLY choose: "the consequences", OR the path of FIXING it.  Not so!  This above update from the Throne of your CREATOR, reminds YOU! - that MOST people, WILL REMAIN, "asleep" - until they wake UP, in Eternal Flames, AND with 'THIS life', completely, behind them. 
“For behold, the Lord will come in fire, and his chariots like the stormwind, to render his anger in fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire. For by fire will the Lord execute judgment, and by his sword, upon all flesh; and those slain by the Lord shall be many."
(Isaiah 66:15-16)
...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
July 23, 2016

So how did "the former family members" of the Two Witnesses, RECEIVE, the Revelations - that would soon be revealed to the world, as "the Testimony"?  What kind of "mark", did THEY get, before all of Heaven?  What happened NEXT?  THESE are just, "questions".

On July 27, 2007...

Jesus Christ the Lord said: All will be well; just trust in Me, "Your Ever-Living Shepherd" - I will not 'steer you wrong'.  I will and always have been there for you, during the most difficult struggles and battles of your life.  Yesterday was just a foretaste of 'the many future persecutions and trials you both will undergo'; and WITH My Grace and Strength you will continue to be purified and grow in Sanctity.  N. and N. greatly displease Me and My Father - in the way they treated you both; the Father will have 'Justice'.  Thank you both for cooperating with the True Holy Spirit, and the many Graces poured out for you .  You both needed to be Tested and Tried - as Gold is Tested in the Furnace.  I needed you both to see how strong 'the spirit of the antichrist' has become in deceiving even the Elect. Your faith has become strong, and will even grow 'stronger in the Truth' as time progresses. The Father has chosen to show you both, 'the many spiritual realities' - and as you can see, many people are not ready to receive 'the Truth about themselves', and change their lives.  I said I would come "like a thief in the night"; but what will I take from them?  I have the choice to take, 'many things that profit them nothing' in this world.  I will take "THEIR truth", false perceptions, false realities, false conscience; and even 'if they will not allow Me', I will take MORE from them.  I will even take away their power, prestige, position - just through 'the Word of Truth'.  Many people are not expecting 'something of this nature' to happen again; but I will separate Myself from 'false followers' and 'false shepherds' - this is "their lot".  They have "cashed-in their chips" - and it will be 'the end' for some.  This is not to exclude My Mercy - for I do not desire 'a single Soul to perish'; but I must tell My people the Truth about themselves with 'the Sword of My Word' - so they have time to change, or see what "final choice" they have made. "The evil one" - the devil, is trying to deceive My True Followers, from living their True Reality - which is 'FOR Me' - their Lord and King.  There shall be 'no other gods' before the Father.  All you who have "carved graven images" with your own two hands - who have chosen to worship "the false god" day and night - have RECEIVED your reward!  The Father can no longer 'look the other way'; My Mother has held back His Hand long enough - and I tell Him daily, that I am ready to come back and 'wreak My Revenge' - for the innocents that have been slaughtered.  Because of all the pain and suffering 'you PEOPLE' cause each other - The Great Chastisement has begun! - and there is NO stopping this!  The Father has spoken and so BE it!  And now I am sending My Holy Prophets to the world to proclaim My Message to the nations.  The people are 'STARVING for the Truth' in their hearts, and now they shall receive it.  My Word shall be proclaimed in Truth - with conviction of heart; or not at all.  There shall be no more "demon sermons" pronounced to the congregation. I am not "a god to be trifled with"; but I AM "a God of Steadfast Love" - for all who receive and act upon My Word. My True Followers rejoice at hearing My Word proclaimed - whether it is of Justice, or of Mercy.  The righteous delight in the precepts of the Lord and walk blameless before Him - purging themselves of sin and defilement, and entrusting themselves to Divine Providence; they follow 'the Spirit of the Law' - which is 'My Holy Spirit'.  "The Catholic Church" [- referring to the hierarchical institution]cannot save you, My people; but only through listening with your hearts and obeying with your minds alert - upheld by Grace.  Follow "the Universal Law of Faith in the Spirit" - which is to put God first and above all else: to worship the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your Soul, with all your strength, with all your mind, and with all your will. "The Catholic Faith" My people, is for all who desire the Truth. I must let you know that "catholic" means "Universal" - it is not 'a religion unto itself'; but 'a way of life' for all individuals - who desire to accept it, and receive 'the Truth' in sincerity. All people are called to My Faith - the Faith I have given you, for your own Salvation.  Start taking responsibility for your own Salvation; if you do not 'help GOD', then who can 'help YOU'?  Pay heed to My Words; and receive them into your heart. I pray that this day, the Word has found "good soil" - to bear much Fruit' for God.
Almost three months ago, we received an email from someone who was diagnosed with cancer.  Unlike "Naaman the leper", she REFUSED to do what "the UNCOMFORTABLE" prophet asked of her; and she chose to never speak to us again.  That is - until today, when we learned that she has very - VERY, little time left. 

Actual email:  I would like to join and become one of the 144,000.  I was told this past Sunday that I have Malignant Lymphoma. I believe God will heal me and I am requesting your prayers also to rid this from my body. 

Jesus said: What makes sense My Children how CAN I help her?  The fruit of REBELLION is SICKNESS.  The fruit of "OBSTINANCY", is "PRIDE".  And she has MUCH of it!  She needs to REPENT - WHOLEHEARTEDLY; RECOGNIZE, that she is 'DESERVING, of her ILLNESS'; and turn to My MERCY - FOR Healing, and FORGIVENESS.  NO "LIP service!"
Cancer is "the fruit of the sin of blasphemy".   And of course, the difficult question she will need to ask herself, is, "What GOOD, has she been calling EVIL"? - as she chose to SHUN us - and then TURN, to "the ONLY source of Salvation in these End Times"... that she considers, "GOOD", or "EVIL"?   And that is how blasphemy, is "a deadly snare indeed!"
On another note.  There are many OTHER people "on the sidelines", who are refusing to show mercy to THEMSELVES! - by actively refusing, to do what is required of them, in order to become a Member of the Faithful Remnant.  Jesus, DOES understand; as He already has 'that one', covered!
Jesus said: "The MERCIFUL", SHALL obtain, "Mercy".  How have YOU been merciful?

PPTL: Simply resolve to do EVERYTHING 'out of Love for your CREATOR'; and RESOLVE, to be 'a TRUE PEACE', WHEN you, are 'BUSY'; or when, things are SLOW.  Do not 'FOCUS, on RUSHING'; but TIME, everything - WELL.  Make SURE, you LEAVE enough time, to GET things done, that NEED to be.  ASK for the Grace, of Time MANAGEMENT; and then CONSECRATE, 'the MANAGING of your TIME', to the Most High TRUE God.  The ENEMY, SIMPLY wants to, 'STEAL, the reward', from, the REMNANT - for 'the good WORKS', that they DO; AND, for 'the PRAYERS, that they PRAY'.  That is WHY, he works 'HARDER' - AT, TRYING to get, the Faithful Remnant to embrace "ANXIETY" - than, the Faithful REMNANT work, at, 'remaining in TRUE Peace'.  SEE the problem?

How is it EASY for the Holy Angels to spot "the True Sons and Daughters of the Most High True God"?

Jesus said: YOU are My SON! [- or "DAUGHTER", for female readers -] - as LONG as you strive, to DO, 'what I ASK of you' - EACH day; and in EACH and every MOMENT.  WHAT is being asked OF you - is 'NOT beyond, what you are ABLE, to GIVE'.

Do you remember the story of little red riding hood?  Perhaps THIS will help you to better see "the wolves in sheep's clothing".

Jesus said: You DO 'HAVE many GIFTS' - of the TRUE Holy Spirit; AND the SPIRIT of JEZEBEL... DESIRES! - to CRUSH! - your GIFTS, FROM you...  YOU are not CALLED, to "TRUST", ANYONE! - WHO has 'the mark'

"Do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor lose courage when you are punished by him.  For the Lord disciplines him whom he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives. It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline?"
(Hebrews 12:5b-7)
Jesus said: You are CALLED to have 'COMPLETE CONFIDENCE', in Me - your "LOVING!" Savior.  I LOVE you, with, "DISCIPLINE"!  Because, 'THAT', is HOW, "MANKIND", RECEIVES, My LOVE.  "JUSTICE" - AND "MERCY" - ARE ACTUALLY, "ONE, and the SAME!"  Because, you CANNOT receive, "My MERCY" - UNLESS you have FIRST, received, "My JUSTICE".  You CANNOT receive, "My JUSTICE" - UNLESS, "MERCY", is no longer, "AVAILABLE".  Understand?
Remember, "It's NOT paranoia, if it is TRUE"!

Actual email:  The OWG have been surveilling the house in vans, and cars, plus hacking into my computer... I am sleeping on a Tesla coil mattress and... I can tell there are always major psyops that went on as I slept. 

PPTL: AS for the One World GOVERNMENT, SURVEILLING YOU? - they surveil EVERYONE, in the Faithful Remnant.  They are 'TARGETING' everyone, through "alien TECHNOLOGY". It is BEST, NEVER to discuss, in EMAILS - 'HOW, they have been SUCCESSFUL, WITH their attacks'. Understand?  Because 'THIS' simply 'HELPS them', to "CALIBRATE, their MACHINES"! 

Remember to never look back, at the painful memories of the past.  Better to open, "the PRESENT", from your Creator: 

PPTL: As for ALL the memories, of, your CHILDHOOD - you NEED to simply 'lift them up to the Most High TRUE God - ASK Him to "blot them OUT" - and RENDER those memories "NULL and void, FRUITLESS and FORGOTTEN".  There is 'no VIRTUE', in "looking BACK". SIMPLY 'repent' - in THIS moment, of 'the BAD resolutions that you made', and ask the Most High TRUE God, to help you BREAK those resolutions - by turning to HIM, for 'the corresponding "GOOD resolutions". 

Many people ARE coming forward, FROM the sidelines.  WE call them, "the SURVIVORS".

Jesus said: You KNOW the Testimony to be True.  Are you READY to leave "all BEHIND", and come FOLLOW Me?  Are you 'READY', to pledge ALLEGIANCE - UNDER, "My, TRUE POPE" - Pope Peter the LAST? - ALSO known as "Petrus Romanus".  I know, that 'you WANT to escape' - the coming AFFLICTIONS, and CHASTISEMENTS; and that 'FEAR' - IS "motivating you"; but it TAKES "MORE than that"...  Become a MEMBER of My TRUE Remnant FLOCK. LEAVE, your OLD ways BEHIND you!  And STAND up, and 'FOR', the TRUTH!  FIRST, YOU must 'RECEIVE', My HEALING Love, for your SOUL - and THEN, YOU, will be ABLE to MINISTER, to OTHERS, IN 'the RIGHT way' - ACCORDING to the Truth; and ACCORDING to My Ways.

Actual email from "a hostile floater":  Your Theology is still Roman... If you don't  openly critique or question your religion, you're not honest with yourself.


One problem many women in these End Times are experiencing - as they distance themselves from the Testimony - is their addiction to "the VICTIM spirit" - their desire to identify, as being, "a victim"... of, actually, "ANYTHING!"

PPTL: You chose to see yourself as "a VICTIM!"... YOU are STILL looking for "OPPORTUNITIES", to play "the VICTIM card!" - in your LIFE!  And you will NEVER! - be "HAPPY", on 'THAT PATH'.  The DEMONS, want to DEPRIVE you, of, 'a FULL, LIFE', and 'a JOYFUL, life' - with your COOPERATION.  And YOU! - have been "COOPERATING", WITH them - to 'SABOTAGE', your SPIRITUAL life and GROWTH - SO, you are 'actually AGAINST, SOLVING problems'.  THAT'S "WHERE they have you!"...  SEE the problem?  As LONG, as YOU, CONTINUE, to SEE yourself, as "a VICTIM, of MEN" - you CAN'T heal!  Because JESUS, IS "a MAN" - and He IS, 'YOUR, HEAVENLY PHYSICIAN'.  And while 'on the OUTSIDE', you are 'going through the MOTIONS', of "the prayers", and "reading the website"...'on the INSIDE', in your INTERIOR life, it is "VERY different" - but "CONSTANT, TURMOIL".  And you LIKE it!  You are "ADDICTED" - TO - "the VICTIM spirit".  And 'ALL of your games', are NOW:  over!

Jesus said: "the MERCIFUL" shall obtain MERCY.

What would the unborn say?  Did you know that most of the people who are actively 'taking on the Faithful Remnant', are actually women?  We DO have "a response", waiting, for all of them.  And "faculty removal", is NOT "a nice experience" - as we have seen the effects first hand, on MANY occasions - as many as it TAKES, for people to "get, the Message".  They DO tend to stop eventually - once they realize that it would be better for them to use, "what little is left of them", to enjoy "what little time they have left". 

PPTL: ONCE again, we will "COMMEND her", to the IMMEDIATE and ONGOING Divine Justice of the Most High TRUE GOD - and BRING her BEFORE, 'the Throne of the Most High TRUE GOD' - for IMMEDIATE Chastisement and FACULTY Removal!  We will pray that 'HER plans', come to nothing! 

"You will hear and see people who are actively against you; but in taking you both on, they are taking on the Holy of Hollies – Who has sent you to them!" (-Jesus, Wednesday, February 8, 2012)
"Those, who are enemies, of My Two Witnesses, are mine as well.  If you continue to ‘take them on’, know this: that you will be taking on: the Holy of Holies." (-Jesus, February 20, 2012)

It would be best to read this one sitting down.  Jesus tells "the very BEST bedtime stories". And last night, He in fact told us what could easily be considered, "the best bedtime story in about 10,000 years".  Mary and I had just finished praying the rosary, before retiring for the evening.  And even though Jesus is "ALWAYS listening" - He doesn't always speak up, after we pray - but He DID last night! - and for quite some time.  You see, on the Daily Prayers Page on the website - we mentioned that those prayers are "only SOME, of the prayers" that we have been praying. We didn't want to tip off too many people in the occult world, to the fact that for many years now, we have been praying "a novena of sorts", and asking the Most High True God, to systematically cast 'the enemy of Souls', down into the Eternal Lake of Fire - to be ETERNALLY annihilated without ceasing - never to depart - rendered ETERNALLY null and void, fruitless and forgotten - right down to the very last iota. Amen!  And more recently, through the Rosary, we have been asking the Most High True God, to SYSTEMATICALLY remove ALL, 'the enemy's FACULTIES', until he has "absolutely NOTHING", that he can USE to harm us - or ANYONE ELSE in the Faithful Remnant for that matter (- and know that we will CONTINUE to 'deal', with the evil spirits in a similar manner).  What we DIDN'T realize - all this time, was the fact that THIS is actually what "the FIRST Adam and Eve" SHOULD have done: they should have 'stomped on', and 'cast down', that disgusting and vile serpent - OUT of the Garden of Eden; NOT, 'be cast out WITH him'! (- and most CERTAINLY, NOT dress up in spandex snakeskin, and "slither around town like a WHORE on STEROIDS!" - as that seems to be "the most popular female fashion trend of these End Times" - just in case you hadn't noticed; All of Heaven, HAS!  Now back to "the bedtime story").  Jesus explained to us that He and the Blessed Virgin Mary WERE "the NEW Adam and Eve" - UNTIL! - the mark of the beast was given on Christmas Day, 2012.  WHY did their roles as "the New Adam and Eve" cease then?  Remember, through the Blessed Virgin Mary's "YES" - among other things, Jesus gave the human race "the Heavenly Gift of BAPTISM" - and for MANY Souls, that REMOVED "the stain of original sin".  But! - ALL the SEALS of Baptism were REMOVED, the MOMENT people LOST their Souls, as they were SEALED with 'the spiritual mark of the beast' - and WITH that 'mark', the PUNISHMENT that went WITH Original Sin - "the punishment of DEATH", was in fact, 'returned TO them' - AS they were WITHOUT their Souls.  Sound "FAIR"?  Yes it DOES!!!  Now, out of the Abundant MERCY of the Most High TRUE God - through "the NEW Adam and Eve" (- referring to my wife and I) - and through the Blessed HOLY Water and the Burning BUSH Prayer, and Heartfelt REPENTANCE - people can now, become BAPTIZED, with 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', once again.  People can now BECOME "adopted sons and daughters" of the Most High TRUE God.  And if they 'hop aboard the Ark of SAFETY' - people can actually STOP, the AGING process!  (I love the Heavenly Gift of new hair growing on top of my head btw... thanks Jesus!  And much more on the topic of "YOUNGING", WILL be revealed.)  But it IS a good time to announce, that following our prayers to "put DOWN" the enemy last night, Jesus led Mary and I - officially, before all of Heaven, (using words given to us by Jesus Christ the Lord Himself - in a manner that can easily be likened to how a minister at a wedding leads a couple in their vows), to FORMALLY claim "Our Eternal Inheritance" - and in doing so, He 'Sealed our Identities' in the Kingdom of Heaven, as His True Brother and Sister.  This ontological change IS now "sending SHOCKWAVES" through the spiritual realms - as "the spiritual realities" are now "DRASTICALLY changing", once again.  If you reflect on all the Biblical references to "the wedding feast" - they will most certainly help you to better understand "what just happened".  And know that "physical signs", will just "wake people up" - so don't expect or look for them.  However, here is "a big SIGN", that you now, CAN see!...  (WE call it: "the TESTIMONY"!)

On March 12, 2008, the Queen of Heaven spoke to the Two Witnesses, and this is what she said.

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  You both are married - but not in 'the traditional sense' of the word.  You are married 'in the Spirit'; but not married 'in flesh'.  You are not called to be married 'in the flesh' - ONLY, through the Holy SPIRIT.  For you are to be, "The First Couple" to enter the Era of Peace.  In the Era of Peace, there are no "births".  Everyone is made by God [( - "Referring to 'the CHILDREN' - they are the ones who did not 'COME from this Era'...")]; except those who enter the Era of Peace from the New World Order [(- "Those whom I have called to Myself, to become "Members, of the Faithful Remnant" - Jesus, July 24, 2016)]Those who are brought into the Era, and those within the Era, flourish like Adam and Eve - before they sinned.  'The pain of childbirth' is "a curse" - brought upon women because of Eve's first sin; but in the Era of Peace, children will not be born - they will be 'Given to you'.  Just as I received Jesus Christ into my womb, then He appeared in front of me - so too shall it be for all women in the Era of Peace. This too shall come to pass in the latter days, when "the old is reborn to new life" - in the Spirit of God; and not 'of the world'.  "Marital sex" is 'a privilege' - because of "the [(physical)] feelings" that come with it.  But God never desired man to be made 'one in flesh'; but He desired that the Spirit supersede the flesh in all things - this [- "being made one in flesh"] is called "consummation" - meaning, 'to be consumed by the other person'.  For God does not desire for you to be "consumed" by [your spouse], or you to be consumed by lust; but that you both be Consumed in God, by God, with God, through God, and that He may Consume you both with His Love!  This is the True Meaning of the Era of Peace... Allow Him to consume your hearts totally.  Couples today are "consumed" in each OTHER; whereas God wants to Consume you both COMPLETELY - every iota.  Every little bit of "SELF", is extinguished in the Flames of True Divine Love.  God desires to give you both 'the Gift of True Divine Love' - which is not from this world. Were it 'from this world', the world would love it; but they have become 'passive', and they do not understand God's Love in their marriage; in their lives...  Say "yes" to God's Divine Love - flowing freely through you both - to each other, and from each other, to all those who you meet on a daily basis - thus, this is how the Kingdom of Heaven is spread to the earth.  God desires that you bond physically at times -but that your main goal be on "SPIRITUAL Love and Intimacy", and allowing God into your Marriage to Bless it - to Bless "this Holy Union"...  Remember this, Peace, Love, Fidelity, Unity, Loyalty, Hope, Chastity - and Obedience, Purity, Selflessness and Gratitude - these are "the qualities of a Soul made for the Era of Peace".  Hold on to them; study them; Love, Love, Love - above all, LOVE!

Actual email: I am struggling with... the tendency to add on to conversations while talking to the people in the demonic state.

Jesus said: KNOW, that what is MOST important... is that, you FOCUS, on 'FILLING, YOURSELF, WITH, the TRUTHS in the TESTIMONY'; and 'HEAVENLY Graces', on a DAILY basis.  And THEN, YOU will have, 'NO DESIRE', to make COMMENTS, in peoples' conversations - the ONES who have received 'THE mark'.  It would be BEST, if you SIMPLY 'refrained, FROM speaking' - and LET THEM, simply, "SPIRAL in CIRCLES" - in THEIR "incessant talking" - but DON'T, GET, "SUCKED, IN", to SECULAR, SPEECH, and WORLDLY CONVERSATIONS.  And 'the WAY to AVOID this', is by 'SEEKING, to be FILLED, with My TRUE Holy SPIRIT' - INSTEAD.  Because My SPIRIT, 'SHUNS, the world - and EVERYTHING, it has to offer'.  Because 'the world is AGAINST ME'; and I am 'against the WORLD'.

Jesus is now bumping UP "the Heavenly Rewards" - for those who make HEARTFELT video testimonies to the nations.  Here is how He surprised ONE Member, who has been taking that task VERY seriously, for several weeks now:

Jesus said: To whom MUCH has been GIVEN - much MORE will be ADDED.  RECEIVE a double PORTION, of the TRUE Holy Spirit.  For TRULY, YOU have EARNED IT!

Yes, Project Bluebeam Attacks, ARE a Reality for the Remnant, in these End Times.  But know that it is best to never share, disturbing dreams in your emails - because that simply lets the One World Government know, exactly what part of "their little psyop", had the greatest impact in your interior life.

Actual email:  Seems that the OWG might be reading my emails, and then programming Blue Beam to attack me with those specific struggles.  Every dream I had, last night, was based around how the 'old me' thinks, acts, and talks.  Whatever 'programming' they sent at me really didn't last long, as I prayed as soon as I got up, and have been getting 'delivered' continually throughout this entire day. 

Jesus said: What you NEED to do, My SON, is 'EVERY time', you FIND your MIND, 'WANDERING BACKWARDS', to look towards 'the PAST' - instead of the PRESENT moment - THEN, you need to, ASK, FOR the Grace, to LIVE, IN 'the TRUE, REALITY'.  When YOU are BEING, 'AFFLICTED' - SIMPLY lift up to ME, 'EVERYTHING, that the ENEMY has SOWN, in your SOUL' - and TRADE it ALL, FOR, 'My TRUE Peace', and 'the CORRESPONDING Truths', and the GRACE, to LIVE, IN, 'the True REALITY'... The "One World Government Alien Tech ATTACKS" - are most CERTAINLY, 'INCREASING'.

Jesus knows "excuses".  And to all those, who are refusing to share the Fruits of the Testimony in their lives, by making more video testimonies to the nations, this universal Message is for you.

Jesus said: All it takes, is a few minutes, to testify, before the nations, about the BLESSINGS - the SPIRITUAL Blessings, that YOU, HAVE received, from My FATHER in HEAVEN.  IS that too much to ask? How many HOURS, do you INVEST, in WORKING - in order, to save up, "EARTHLY, mammon"?  Could you NOT, 'SPEND', a few MINUTES, storing up 'GRACES', INSTEAD?

We had another "new ARRIVAL" today.  If only the people who are STUBBORNLY "on the SIDELINES", desired to hear THESE words, spoken directly TO them, by their Creator.

Jesus said: WELCOME aboard the ARK... for TRULY, you have, 'been BLESSED', BY your FATHER, in HEAVEN!  And you are NOW, an OFFICIAL MEMBER, OF, the FAITHFUL REMNANT CHURCH.  I am HERE, to HELP you, with 'EVERYTHING' - so TURN to Me OFTEN; TALK to Me - I AM listening, TO your heart.  USE, the BLESSED HOLY Water, OFTEN - WHENEVER, you begin to 'FEEL, BAD', about ANYTHING - and ask ME to FILL you, with 'My JOY, and LOVE'! - EVERY Day!  And I WILL

It really isn't possible for people sporting 'the mark of the Beast', or 'the mark of Cain', to "FEEL" very good about themselves - no matter HOW much "self-deception" they prefer to embrace.  However, it is important that the reader know, that... "I really LIKE myself!" - and I tell my wife that all the time (- especially after opening hostile emails; and, because it makes her laugh).  And no matter what anyone ELSE thinks: I really don't find myself, "uncomfortable to be around".  And it really IS "OK", if people choose, 'not to agree' with me - because, they can always, 'discuss, "that MARK", with JESUS' - the mark that ALL of them, have now discovered (- whether they want to admit it, or NOT).  And for CLOSURE:

On January 6, 2008 I asked the Blessed Virgin Mary the following question:  "While working as an associate pastor at the Cathedral in Kingston, Ontario, why did I have the sense that none of the other priests would associate with me?"

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: Because, my son... your perceptions of your Reality at the time, were "very true and honest".  The Lord was revealing to you, that you indeed were rejected and renounced by "your fellow companions" - because they saw the Lord in you - which convicted them, that their minds and hearts were against God. In their interior life, many of them struggled with superficiality and "pharisitical ways" - of thoughts, and ways of thinking.  You challenged their thinking as 'an instrument of the Holy Spirit' - used by God's Hands - for they needed to be 'challenged'; and you were 'the one God chose', to challenge them.  You did not "fail", My son... but you did "succeed" in challenging the hearts of many of those around you, to look at themselves through God's Eyes, and not through the world.  But many of them were not 'up for this challenge'; but instead ran away in the Name of God.  Not all those who say "Lord, Lord", will now enter the Kingdom of Heaven; but those who do the Father's Will - not man's will.  This is spoken of quite clearly in Holy Scripture, and still stands today.  For what once was written - thousands of years ago, is still relevant and true in today's world.  For God never changes and His Truths are Absolute - always and forever - never fading away - like many people, "fade away", from day to day. They are like "flowers, blown about by the wind" - unaffected by 'the root which they have grown' [(- like tumbleweed)]; but torn up by strong winds that the world presents before them.  This is "the Great Calamity of man" - that man seeks not to please God; but himself - wholly and entirely - and seeks 'his own pleasure and gain'. These Truths indeed 'sadden' the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart - for man has 'forgotten' where he came from and where he is going; and where his actions will lead him.  Man has forgotten "the Source of Life" - which is and always will be, "God Almighty". Do not 'lose hope', my children; but focus on prayer in this life; and focus on developing "a real, authentic relationship" with God the Father Almighty - The Ever-Living God - and God will 'do the rest' for you.  Amen. 

When people who DON'T want to be physically sick, become "an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant Church" - Jesus can THEN, BEGIN to HEAL them.

Jesus said: You HAVE indeed, 'TAKEN the first steps', to DO, what it IS, I have ASKED OF you.  YOU are indeed 'being HEALED'. FIRST I am healing "the INSIDE", of the cup; and CLEANSING you. And THEN - I will 'HELP you HEAL', FROM, your PHYSICAL ailments.  ALREADY, you ARE doing MUCH better - BECAUSE, you have 'stopped resisting', My MOTHER'S call, FOR you.  BECAUSE, you are CHOOSING, 'the BEST PATH' - then I, am SIMPLY, making, 'the BEST, USE', of MY time - in your life.  What does THIS mean? This MEANS, if, YOU, 'set aside time', for ME - and 'TRULY SEEK, ME', with ALL your BEING - I, will, 'set aside, an ETERNITY', for YOU!  YOU, will be "FULFILLED".  Please, continue, to SEEK Daily COUNSEL - FROM My Two Witnesses - so that, 'ALL of us, in Heaven', can HELP you, and INTERCEDE, FOR, the necessary GRACES - YOU will NEED, in order 'to MAKE it' - TO the FULLNESS of the Era, OF Peace.

'The enemy of Souls' has been very active "using WOMEN!" - to oppress in every imaginable way, the Members of the Faithful Remnant.  We can't give you 'all the specifics'; but here is "a standard reply".  Just let us know, when you need "the HAMMER" - and that IS, "the Most High True God's Gavel".  And know that the prayer, "Jesus Protect Me; Saint Michael Defend me" - ALWAYS! - get's SOMEONE'S attention up there - when prayed sincerely and from the heart, by a Member of the Faithful Remnant.

Jesus said: My HEAVY HAND, of JUSTICE - will come down UPON N. - FOR, 'choosing to ABUSE you in SUCH a way'.  I WILL, come to your defense, and protect YOU, from her WRATH.  HAVE faith!  BELIEVE in My Word, and ALL will be well!  And YOU! - will be HEALED!  KNOW that, she is ONLY 'operating, on DEMONIC inspirations'; and, she can do nothing TO you, without My HEAVENLY Father's APPROVAL.  SO Trust!...  I do HAVE "everything PERFECTLY planned' - and TIMED!  As LONG, as you "STAY the course!"  HOLD FAST, to, 'My Mother's HAND', and we WILL, 'protect you', from 'the WICKEDNES', and DEPRAVITY, that is SURROUNDING you.

For those in the Remnant, who believe "reading the Bible", is more important than reading the Testimony - it's time to set the record straight.

Jesus said: At THIS point in time, and for... spiritual healing, YOU will need, to read My TESTIMONY - as, the SCRIPTURES, are "THOROUGHLY, unpacked"... I WILL, give... UNDERSTANDING'... but, READ My TESTIMONY - as it IS, "the SOURCE of TRUTH", in THESE Times.

The people who are "CHOSEN" to FIND the Testimony, are actually being called to live in "the Kingdom of the Divine Will" of their Loving Creator.  But first they must be DELIVERED from "the spirit of SATANIC mind control" that everyone OUTSIDE the Faithful Remnant, is being afflicted by.  Need PROOF?  Here, WE will help set you free from 'THOSE chains'!

Actual email from a "former military" Member of the Faithful Remnant: There is something that I've noticed... that seems to be manifesting more and more often...  I can describe it as "a desire to do EXACTLY as I am told, only WHEN I am told to do it."   It is a 'demonic stronghold' that needs to be rooted out... but I don't have 'the name' yet. 

PPTL:  It is actually a manifestation, of "satanic control" - THROUGH 'being PASSIVE' - therefore the individual, is "not RESPONSIBLE", for 'the poor CHOICES', that he or she MAKES - at LEAST 'in their own MINDS' - BECAUSE, they were told, or NOT told, to DO something. It is ALSO, a manifestation of 'the spirit of SABOTAGE', AND 'stubbornness'... not "OBEYING, out of LOVE"; but because they believe "they HAVE to do it!" - because they were TOLD!

Perhaps it is now time to spell OUT to the Members of the Faithful Remnant, that whenever they 'BOW to the WILL' of someone who is "spiritually toxic" and has 'the MARK' - that is in fact a manifestation of "the sin of idolatry".

PPTLWHY are you both still "BOWING" to N.?  WHY are you allowing N., to have ANY power over you whatsoever?  WHY are you still VISITING with N.?  You KNOW that, you both ARE "adults"; and you CAN "SEVER, all TIES", with THOSE who CHOOSE, to KNOWINGLY GO, AGAINST, the Most High TRUE God's TESTIMONY.  You must CONTINUE, to CHOOSE! - every DAY, 'what PATH', you want to TAKE. YOU are 'ALLOWING', someone, who is "a complete DEMONIAC!" - ONLY, governed by her DEMONS! - to PRESSURE you, into doing 'what SHE wants'!  HOW 'well' do you think that will 'go OVER', with your CREATOR! - that "APPROACH" to the TESTIMONY.

When people FIRST get aboard the Ark of Safety, they are called to focus on the purification of their Soul.  The demons they bring with them, want THEM to focus on 'flooding the ARK', with demons; and some are EVEN SO BOLD, as to ask for our PERMISSION to do so.  And so if EVER! - "a NEW Member", secretly contacts you by email... just remember this:  Remember to first look at how many videos they have recently produced.  That is how you will know "the WOLVES, in sheep's clothing".

Actual email:  I just created another email address... because I want to dedicate the new email to interact with only those who are members of the faithful remnant.

PPTLFirst, you must be 'STRENGTHENED, IN the True FAITH' - BEFORE, YOU will be able, to EMAIL, other PEOPLE in the REMNANT.  Because right NOW, you have ONLY come OUT, of, 'that STATE' - you have ONLY just, 'LOST, the MARK'.  THEREFORE, MANY of your inspirations, will still, be 'from DEMONS'. So it is 'not SAFE', for the OTHER Members - for you to CONTACT them at THIS time.  RIGHT now, you NEED to focus, on doing, 'what is being ASKED of you' - what JESUS is asking of you.  HOW can you, 'grow STRONGER in, the True Faith' - without 'PRODUCING FRUIT'?  You NEED to make some VIDEOS, and TESTIFY to the nations.  RIGHT NOW - YOU, are not "ALL, in" - but, you STILL, have, "DIVIDED loyalties".  So it IS "not safe" - once AGAIN! - for you, to EMAIL, 'other MEMBERS'.  FIRST! - PROVE yourself, as "a TRUE Follower, of Jesus Christ the LORD" - by OBEYING Him, in the SMALLER things. You must 'prove your LOYALTY' - to the TESTIMONY - by, 'PRODUCING fruit'.  Those who do NOT produce fruit, WILL not last as 'MEMBERS, OF the Faithful Remnant' - because it is "a SERIOUS SIN" - to WITHHOLD, 'the GOOD of the TESTIMONY' - from THOSE, who are ACTIVELY, SEARCHING, for the TRUTH - as JESUS, "the Good SHEPHERD", DRAWS them, to Himself.  Make VIDEO testimonies, and share your FAITH with the nations.

Don't be "a PROBLEM child"; be "a CHILD of the Most High TRUE God" instead.  Simple.

Actual email:  What do I do when I can't see what I've done wrong - and in trying to figure out what I've done wrong, I end up turning inwards?  How do I know the difference, between turning inwards, and doing a conscience evaluation?

Jesus said: My CHILD, you are CONSTANTLY, "CREATING, PROBLEMS" - for YOURSELF!  And THAT is WHY, you are 'so UNFULFILLED', and "UNHAPPY", with your LIFE at this TIME - BECAUSE! - you are ALLOWING the DEMONS, to DESTROY you! - FROM within.  WHAT do you need to FOCUS on? - THEM? - or Me!  YOU want to be told, "EXACTLY, what to DO" - in each MOMENT; and have 'absolute CERTAINTY'.  WHERE is your faith!  Have you 'FORGOTTEN', what is WRITTEN in My TESTIMONY?  My TESTIMONY, IS, 'the ANTIDOTE', to ALL! - of the problems, that you HAVE! - at this TIME in your life.   But! - are YOU 'seeking the SOLUTION'; or, are you TRYING to find 'your OWN way of doing things'?  That is 'NOT working OUT for you'; you are 'SLIPPING, back into your OLD SELF' - and 'DOUBTING, EVERY ACTION you take'.  HOW can I REWARD you?  How AM I to reward you? - for 'THAT approach', to My TESTIMONY; and to 'BEING a MEMBER, of My Faithful REMNANT'.  YOU are 'not alone'; BUT, you HAVE 'a desire, for EVERY, MINUTE, DETAIL, of your life - to BE, "RIGHT!"  Not BECAUSE, "it is GOOD!" - no! You STRUGGLE, WITH, "self-RIGHTEOUSNESS" - and it PARALYZES you!...  The DEMONS have you, 'SO wrapped UP in YOURSELF'; WHERE is there 'ROOM', for MY True Holy SPIRIT?  ALL I ASK, is that you 'DO your BEST'; GIVE 100% - for My KINGDOM; SEEK 'My Kingdom' FIRST! - and THEN, the other parts of your LIFE, WILL come TOGETHER - JUST as, "the lilies of the FIELD, are CLOTHED, and ARRAYED, in SUCH GLORY" - HOW much more, will I take care of YOU! - who are 'WORTH more'; whom I have 'INVESTED, SO much! - "SPIRITUAL, POTENTIAL"!'  You HAVE 'much to OFFER' - NOT 'TO THE world'; BUT! - "for the sake of My KINGDOM".  So STOP! - "going in CIRCLES"; SEEK! - the True Holy Spirit; and USE your MIND! - it is 'a GIFT'. If you DO NOT 'use your intellect', and you want Me to do EVERYTHING for you - then your INTELLECT will 'grow DULL'.  Understand.
Here, perhaps THIS will help.

Jesus said: My son, My TESTIMONY, has, REACHED your mind; but it has NOT, 'reached your HEART' - and that IS, "the BIGGEST obstacle" - IN, YOUR way.  YOU need to FOCUS, on, 'LISTENING', to the TRUE HOLY Spirit, in the MOMENT - by, USING, the Gift, OF your intellect - to SEEK, out, 'the Divine WILL', of My FATHER, IN Heaven.  The problem you are HAVING, is you are 'so FOCUSED, on YOURSELF!' - that YOU cannot 'HEAR', what the True Holy Spirit, is communicating TO you!  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT - is 'SPEAKING to you - ALL, of the TIME!' - but YOU need, to "open your EARS" - your EYES, and your HEART! - in order, to HEAR! - what 'the TRUE Holy Spirit', IS sharing, with you.

Part of "the spiritual CLIMB" - is "overcoming the devil, the flesh, and the world" - but only with the Strength of Jesus Christ the Lord - because He IS, "the STRENGTH" of those who will MAKE it to the top, of the Most High TRUE God's Holy Mountain.

On Saturday, February 9, 2008...

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  Because of the growth that you have undergone... you are now under serious attack from the enemy of your Souls.  You have been under his watch for quite some time, and he has taken 'a keen interest' in your life - because you are growing closer to God and farther from him every day!...  Do not become discouraged by the attacks of the enemy, nor the temptations you undergo on a daily basis; but know that I am with you to help you both, overcome satan - with your wills and God's Grace - and draw you closer to my Son, Jesus.  For He is waiting for you both to come to Him more frequently than you do. He is asking that you rely - not on your own strength; but on 'Strength that comes from Above' (- not "strength from below"); but to overcome satan's power over your lives - for he is strong in the world.  But He who lives within you, is stronger than the world itself; and is stronger and more powerful than the devil.  For He has overcome 'the world' - through the power of His Death and Resurrection on the Cross.  Jesus Christ has succeeded in overcoming satan's power; but you yourselves cannot fight "the monster"; cannot fight "the demon of the night"; but only 'he who is strong in Christ Jesus' can overcome the devil - who sits on 'the throne in this world', ruling over his minions.  There IS Hope. Do not be afraid; but only made aware of his power over mankind - for he is indeed stronger than flesh and blood.  But God is stronger than him!  So pledge your allegiance to Christ, this day.  Swear to follow Him to the End - for the End is coming soon. Follow Him and no one else in this world; for every other power in this world is 'fleeting'.  Every pleasure is miniscule compared to Our Lord Jesus delighting in you - delighting in His creatures.  Be "a child of God" and cast off the deeds of darkness; but come into the Light; walk in the Light always - with Christ as your shield; for He will not 'steer you wrong'.  But the enemy prowls around at night, looking for Souls to devour - Souls who are on their way to sanctity and holiness.

Let the people of "OTHER religions", have all sorts of consoling "FEELINGS" from their demons as they pray.  But here in the Faithful Remnant, the only feeling you should expect, is the feeling of any afflicting demons, being cast out of you and into the Eternal Lake of Fire - as you do your daily deliverance prayers.  How's THAT for "ambiance"!

PPTLYou need to know that prayer is for Purification, not relaxation; and takes tremendous FOCUS - on the Most High TRUE God. It is BEST to stop LISTENING, to ANY kind of music, while you are praying.  And to stop LISTENING, to ANY music, OUTSIDE the Testimony. 

A few Remnant Members are finding that they are having difficulty with "their daily priorities" - and that is the very LAST thing, we would have expected FROM them.

PPTLPut the Most High TRUE God "first and FOREMOST" - and YOURSELVES, "LAST" - and SEE, 'the FRUITS of it'.

Did you ever consider the possibility, that perhaps, people have "bad DAYS" - when they're "BEING... BAD"!

Actual email:  Things did not go well today. Most things weren't successful.

PPTLUnless you are 'docile' to our Counsel, HOW do you expect to move FORWARD; If you 'put the brakes on' NOW - simply because, "you do not UNDERSTAND"?  HOW can the Most High TRUE God, "REWARD you" - for your FAITH, in His True Holy SPIRIT - if you refuse to PUT your faith, in His True Holy SPIRIT?

Actual email:  In 2009... after doing a lot of soul searching... I read the New Testament and FULLY believed what I was reading and repented of all of my sins.  Within a few days I was hit with a spirit that was SO strong... This same spirit came upon me the night I found The Testimony and was repenting... and I was frightened because it was telling me what to do in each and every moment...  Can You shine any light on this?

Jesus said: YOU indeed, HAD 'a profound OUTPOURING of the True Holy Spirit' My son - because YOU, were led to "the ULTIMATE SOURCE of Truth" at that TIME - "the Holy SCRIPTURES"!  And indeed, IT was, 'My TRUE Holy Spirit', INSIDE you - TELLING you 'what you NEEDED to DO! - in order to break FREE, from 'the slavery of SIN', and the 'satanic BONDAGE', that your MIND, heart, and SOUL, were IN.  I GAVE you 'this experience' - SO that! - when you would later 'COME across My TESTIMONY', you would RECOGNIZE 'the same OUTPOURING of the True Holy SPIRIT' - upon, your HEART, mind, BODY, and SOUL!  DO NOT "turn back"! - from following AFTER Me.  Do NOT, turn BACK, to "PHYSICAL PAIN, and AFFLICTIONS" - but, STAY, ON 'the Narrow PATH' - IN, the True Holy Spirit.  It is BECAUSE, you are 'DOUBTING, in My TESTIMONY' - and in My Father's PLAN, that once AGAIN - the spiritual GIFTS - that YOU had RECEIVED! - upon receiving My TESTIMONY - have NOW 'diminished GREATLY'.  BUT! - YOU have left 'SO much BEHIND you'; and you HAVE, 'an OUTPOURING of GRACES, from HEAVEN' - EVERY DAY!!!  Know THIS! - My son: You CANNOT 'go it ALONE' and expect, to survive!   I am 'HUMBLING you', at this TIME - in your LIFE - to TEACH you to submit, to 'a higher AUTHORITY, than YOURSELF'. So LISTEN! - when you KNOW, the TRUE Holy Spirit, is SPEAKING.  Do not "CAVE, IN" - as you once did; for then HOW will you "find your way, BACK to Me"?  To HOLD on to "doubts", and "ANXIETIES", about your LIFE - and 'where things are HEADED' - is "a SLIPPERY, slope", indeed!  And MANY! - MANY! - MANY have found 'that slope'!  DO not be one of them!  For I TAKE "doubts", VERY! - Seriously!  Because WHERE, is, "your GRATEFULNESS"?  I have helped you OVERCOME, SO many "obstacles", and "hurdles"; have you "FORGOTTEN"?  And many TIMES, you REJOICED, in My "BEING there for you"; DO not 'BACKSLIDE! - in your INTERIOR life', and EXPECT! - to receive "BLESSINGS".  I WARN you 'out of LOVE' My son, and 'for the GOOD of your Soul'.  I want to give you 'SO much'; YOU have SO much, to GIVE, 'FOR the Kingdom of Heaven'; but the ENEMY, 'wants you'! - AS well!  And HE IS, 'most CERTAINLY FIGHTING' - for your SOUL!  Because YOU have 'the POTENTIAL to BE', "ONE, OF My APOSTLES!"  HE will 'FIGHT you!' - until YOU put your FOOT down, AGAINST him!  Either you are "all IN"! - or you are "all OUT"! - there is NO, "MIDDLE, ground"!

Actual email:  I have been thinking about the Divine Priesthood... How do I learn and pray more about this calling to The Most High True God's Divine Priesthood?

Jesus said: The CALLING [- FOR the men, ONLY...], to be 'one of My PRIESTS', in these 'End TIMES' - is NOT like that, of ANY institution!  BUT - it IS 'the calling to first BE, a DISCIPLE' - as IN, "to become TRAINED, by DISCIPLINE" - in ORDER to become, "My APOSTLE".   NOT "an apostle of the WORLD"; but "My TRUE FOLLOWER" - with 'VARIOUS Prophetic GIFTS' - GIVEN, ONLY to PROCLAIM, the Truth - to ALL the Nations! - the Truth of My TESTIMONY! - the Truth of My Second COMING! - the Truth, of Divine JUDGMENT, being PASSED! - the Truth, about My FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH - STARTING, from the ground, UPWARDS! - STARTING, with "the SMALLEST, SEEDS OF Faith" - to GROW, into "TREES"! - that, OTHERS, will find "SHADE", and "SHELTER", under.  The Truth - about 'what the world, HAS become' - in MY EYES.  The Divine PRIESTHOOD? - SIMPLY means, that 'THOSE CHOSEN Apostles', of Mine - will BE "a Light, to the Nations" - JUST as My Two WITNESSES are; and, they WILL GLORIFY Me, AND 'CALL down, My JUSTICE', upon 'the WICKED ones', OF, this ERA; and THEY will help me, BRING, this WICKED Era, to 'a CLOSE' - ACCORDING, TO the Will, of My FATHER in Heaven.

Whenever the True Holy Spirit calls a Member of the Faithful Remnant to leave their old life behind them, the enemy of their Soul is always quick to move through anyone around them, in order to keep them in chains.

PPTLThe "OFFER, to stay LONGER"... IS in fact "a SNARE"!  YOU have DISCERNED correctly! - as the ENEMY, is 'TRYING to GET you', to SELL "your BIRTHRIGHT" - and "TRUE Inheritance", as "ONE of the Most High TRUE God's, TRUE Apostles, of THESE End Times". 

"The TRUE Jesus", isn't anything LIKE, "the jesus of the religious institutions".  In fact, there are many DIFFERENT "jesuses" out there - and it looks like 'ANOTHER one of them', just found IT's way into our INBOX.

Actual email:  The more I am afflicted by other people, the more amazed I am at how Jesus is exponentially more afflicted and can still remain in True Peace and not let "feelings" sidetrack Him. 

PPTLJesus, Christ the LORD, does not "GET AFFLICTED", by DEMONS. He does not "FEEL", PHYSICAL pain, at ALL!  HE is in fact, 'SITTING', on His THRONE, in HEAVEN - RULING, over the NATIONS - with "a ROD, of IRON"! - and NO one, is able, to afflict INJURY, UPON Him.  Did YOU want, to "RE-THINK", that STATEMENT, that you MADE?  Jesus, IS, GOD!  And HE, is NOT 'GOVERNED', by man's INTELLECT; BUT, HE desires, that MANKIND - would, 'DESIRE', HIS Spirit - to dwell, WITHIN them - INSTEAD of 'the spirit, of the ANTICHRIST' - that sees, "JESUS", as "a WEAK, MAN, on the CROSS".

Actual email:  I saw how one person said that he asked for a double portion of the True Holy Spirit.  Would you please ask Jesus if I could have a double portion of the True Holy Spirit?  I am still struggling to hear Him.  My Spiritual Focus comes and goes...  Another thing, could you please pray for me to have prayer focus?   N. mentioned that he asked you to pray for prayer focus for him, and it helped.  I know that I could really use this.  Thank you.

Jesus said: USE, what you have been GIVEN - BEFORE, I can GIVE you 'any MORE'.  GIVE, 100% - of YOURSELF - to ME - BEFORE, I will GIVE you, "an INCREASE, in SPIRITUAL Gifts".  As LONG, as you are "SITTING on the fence" - 'THAT'! - is "your reward".

Just a reminder that the Most High TRUE God, is "One God in Three Divine Persons" - THREE!  MALE!  PERSONS! - Father, Son, and TRUE, HOLY SPIRIT - meaning, "the SPIRIT, of the Father, and OF the SON" - or in LAYMAN'S terms: "a MALE, SPIRIT"!  He Truly IS: "The ULTIMATE man-hater-proof GOD"...  And sometimes the question is in the answer.

Actual email:  The answer is YES!  I DO want "the SPIRIT of a MALE, GOD" - IN my interior life - GOVERNING OVER me.  And instead of focusing on what I 'don't' want, I am going to strive to focus, every day, on the things that I DO want, that are pleasing to my Creator, and one of those things is fixing the problems that I have. Today, I was struggling with receiving fraternal correction...  Why was it so difficult for me to see the Truth this time? 

PPTLYOU... need to make "your OWN choices".  WHAT do you want US, to do - with the information, you have GIVEN us?  What are you SEEKING?

This following message was given to priests in the Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution - the ones specifically, in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  This Message is now being posted to mark the completion of a 9 year novena - of "Mercy".  Notice the dates.

On July 27, 2007...

Jesus Christ the Lord said:  My heart is grieved and forlorn at the many Souls being lost daily to the spirit of the world.  When will people learn not to harden their hearts against My Spirit?  I have had enough!  The Father has had enough!  Many times I have come to Souls and they refuse to receive and accept My Love for them.  If they will not allow My Love or the Father's Love to penetrate through the coldness of their hearts, then where do I stand?  I cannot and will not affirm them in their sins; but demand serious changes in their lives. If they desire to follow Me to the End, then they must deny themselves, pick up their crosses, and follow Me. If not, then they shall be loved by 'the spirit of the world' - "the antichrist"; and affirmed - the way they desire to be affirmed.  God will not be suffocated any longer in hearts that are against Him. Even now, He is removing His Presence from people's hearts, so they are left to their own animalistic instincts.  The Father will not hold back His Hand any longer, and many of you, who read this letter, shall perish with the world, unless you turn back to your Creator wholeheartedly and repent of your sins.  This must be done NOW - for there is no time leftThe Father had patience; but now you have filled His Cup of Wrath to the Fullest Measure.  He nor I desire any of you to perish; but to come back to your Creator - the only one who Truly Loves you, and made you for happiness with Him. Alas, I already know what some of you will answer in your hearts, and if that is the choice you make, then so be it; but others, I know, who read this Message from the Father, will receive it into their hearts and allow it to bear much Fruit in their lives; but you must act now, as the manifestations of your will towards God, can help you get to Heaven. God has withdrawn His Graces from the world.  The sky has been shut up for until the time appointed by the Father.  Many of you have been deceived most of your lives into believing, following the letter of the Law can save you. I say, "No"; the Father says, "No".  The Lord God Almighty Judges your motives in your heart - not the externals.  Were not any of you listening to Me?  I rebuked the pharisees, the liars, the hypocrites, and I will do it again.  l  They have been "a thorn in My side" - which is about to be plucked out.  They are white sepulchers with dead men's bones inside.  The sepulchers are empty with no life at all.  Soon those who desire to be 'god' in their own eyes, will share the same fate as Lucifer.  They shall be cast down into outer darkness.  The spiritual reality is, My people, that you are in a very battle for your Souls.  Wake up, I say!  Wake up!  You are sleeping while the enemy lurks around looking for you to devour.  Many of you will begin to show the outward appearances of your inward choices. IF you choose to embrace Hell, then like a demon you shall become; if you choose to embrace Heaven, then you shall reflect a pure and brilliant light.  This is how the righteous tell the difference between the unrighteous and themselves.  This is done for their protection.  A moth clings to the flame, only to be burned.  It will not be attracted to darkness. See that you seek reconciliation with God, for He is the one you shall answer to. 

As the Archdiocese of Kingston proxied for the entire Roman Catholic Hierarchical Institution, they had 9 years to choose to appeal to the Most High True God's Mercy. They did not, "choose wisely".  Know that one reason we are now living on the West Coast of Canada - is so that there will be no misunderstanding: THEY, will deal DIRECTLY, with their CREATOR!

If Members of the Remnant want to dismiss our Counsel - then they will only be frustrating 'their OWN designs' - like, "the desire to be righteous, APART from their Creator".

Actual email:  Why can't I hear the True Holy Spirit!!!!

PPTLBECAUSE you're 'fighting against our COUNSEL' - that we RECEIVE, FROM the True Holy Spirit.  So HOW can you go against the True Holy Spirit - IN your communication WITH us, and EXPECT, to RECEIVE, 'ANYTHING, GOOD', from GOD?

For many years now, many people have been permitted to unleash their wickedness, upon the Two of us; but the Most High True God simply 'ALLOWED them to do so', so that they could proxy on behalf of the entire human race - so that He in turn, according to the Spiritual Laws, could unleash the Full Measure of His Divine Justice upon the wicked people of these End Times; and close this ERA in human history.  But now, some of the Members of the Faithful Remnant, are experiencing "a small PORTION", of 'the Cross' that WE carried - and THIS time... let's just say, "Our LEGAL Team - the best LEGAL team in the UNIVERSE, is VERY, ACTIVE!"  Know that we DO hear stories from Faithful Remnant Members of "EXTREME interventions" in their lives, from "former family members" - and we can tell you this: It NEVER "goes well", for those who take on GOD's FAMILY!  Here is "ONE SMALL SAMPLE", of what is going on "BEHIND the scenes".

PPTLAs LONG as you have "PROOF", and documentation - as to 'WHAT she HAS been DOING' - BEHIND, your backs... and as LONG as, the information... is INCLUDED, in the DOCUMENTATION...  YOU need, to press FULL CHARGES! - AGAINST 'what she has done'.  BECAUSE, "the CHARGE HAS been laid AGAINST her" - BY Heaven!  Her "MERCILESSNESS", WILL, be PAID, "in FULL MEASURE".  May the Most High TRUE God CONTINUE, to UPHOLD you - in this matter.  Amen.

The Most High TRUE God, the Almighty and ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN, "DELIGHTS in His True Children".  So why not always STRIVE, to BE... "a CHILD of DELIGHT!"

Jesus said: And so HOW are you responding to 'the ATTACKS', when your FAITH, is "SHAKEN, to the CORE"?  Are you "a REED"?  OR, are you "a ROCK"?  Do you "BOW", to the pressure, of the DEMONS?  OR, do you have "a firm, FOUNDATION" - on, the Most HIGH, TRUE God - the ETERNAL Father in HEAVEN.  He is "your TRUE Father" - as LONG! - as you REMAIN, "a CHILD, of the LIGHT"

There are still a few people, who think that Becoming "an Official Member of the Faithful Remnant", is 'like sliding into home plate at the bottom of the 9th'.  Not so!  It's "the ARK of Safety" - not "SAFE at HOME plate!"  You CAN'T be, "a secret MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT", and retain your Spiritual Gifts.  And so, you must Testify before the Nations - and in so DOING, be mocked and ridiculed by "your FORMER family and friends" - as WE were.  And as you quickly learn to focus on Heaven instead, 'simply ENJOY, the REWARDS of the SAINTS'!  OR, 'SIT on the fence', WITH the crows, and LOSE your seat, at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  The choice is yours!

Jesus said: KNOW, My son, that I can ONLY give you 'MORE' - when YOU CHOOSE, to give of YOURSELF, "SELFLESSLY".  The MORE you share - the MORE I can GIVE you.  The LESS you share - the LESS you will RECEIVE. I HAVE, "an IMMENSE MEASURE", of Graces - SET aside, for My "TRUE Children" - who are 'NOT ASHAMED', of My TESTIMONY; and THEREFORE, who are "NOT ASHAMED", of ME!  For TRULY, I AM CALLING, My FAITHFUL REMNANT, to "a WHITE MARTYRDOM"; NOT to "PHYSICAL death" (- for the sake, of THIS Eternal Gospel); but, to "INTERIOR suffering" - that is ALSO, 'SHARING, in a SMALL PORTION', of what My TWO WITNESSES, have endured.

Sometimes, it is simply impossible to make a video testimony, when your heart isn't in the right place... because the Graces are actually, "removed" - during that time - until you regain your focus on your Creator.

Actual email:  I went to make my videos this morning and one thing after another happened to them...  NOW my computer is jammed up and I'm not at peace.

Jesus said: Remember My child, to PROCLAIM, the TESTIMONY, to the NATIONS! - with LOVE, in your heart - so that THEY, can SEE, "the LOVE", that you HAVE, for My WORD; and PERHAPS, YOU, will HELP, 'SOMEONE' to FIND, 'THIS Eternal GOSPEL' - for the SALVATION, OF their Soul.  BE at Peace.  And do NOT, be "ANXIOUS", about 'recording VIDEOS'.  IN these TIMES, THIS is 'the best WAY', and "the FASTEST way", for MY WORD, to SPREAD.  I ASK YOU, to DO 'this task' - out of LOVE; NOT so much, 'out of OBLIGATION'.  YES! - you WILL receive, "SPIRITUAL benefits", and GRACES - but it is 'MUCH better', to GIVE - and THEN, My FATHER in HEAVEN, will REWARD you, for your efforts!

Actual email:  I have problems with my thoughts, mostly because I have watched too much TV since childhood... I have gone off TV but struggle with getting those thoughts out of my head. What more can I do?

Jesus said: NOW is the time, when you must USE 'your free will' - to CHOOSE GOOD, over EVIL - BECAUSE, for MOST of your LIFE - YOU were USING "your free will", to choose "EVIL", over GOOD - and YOU, have 'DEADENED your CONSCIENCE'; and ONLY NOW, are YOU BECOMING "Spiritually Awake".  And SO - your HEART, is being 'CONVICTED, IN the Truth' -that YOU, had GIVEN your TIME, 'OVER to the ENEMY'.  NOW, you must use 'your free will' - AND, My ABUNDANT Graces, to HELP you 'STORE up TREASURE', FOR the Kingdom of HEAVEN.  THIS is "a HARD, PATH" - I have asked "My FOLLOWERS", to walk; but it is NOT "impossible" - WITH My Strength.  BE STRENGTHENED! - IN the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT; and RESOLVE, to LIVE - no LONGER "for yourself"; but for ME! - your GOD, and your SAVIOR. SPREAD, My TESTIMONY - by making VIDEOS! - as THAT, is HOW, 'the Most High TRUE God the Eternal Father in HEAVEN', has MADE, 'the FASTEST, PATH', to SPREADING His WORD - THROUGH the internet.  There are SO many "distractions", IN the world - that are 'PURPOSELY designed', to DISTRACT people - from, 'DESIRING, TRUE Salvation'; and DOING 'what is NECESSARY' - in ORDER to OBTAIN it. FOR MANY - the BIBLE, IS, "their salvation" - yet! - they CONTINUE to LIVE, 'in OPPOSITION', to what the True Holy SPIRIT, has SPOKEN, in the Scriptures.  Therefore, for the majority of "CHRISTIANS" - their BELIEF in Me, IS "in vain" - BECAUSE, they LIVE "OPPOSED, to My Ways".  YOU must learn, 'WHAT it means, to be ONE of My DISCIPLES'. THIS takes DISCIPLINE, and ABOVE ALL, "LOVE" - FOR, the Eternal GOSPEL, of My TESTIMONY; 'LOVE' to spread My WORD - My FATHER'S word, AND 'the Words OF the TRUE Holy Spirit' - that ALL, may come to KNOW ME - as it has BEEN REVEALED, IN My OWN TESTIMONY.  I AM Jesus, and THIS IS My TESTIMONY, FOR the Churches.  I AM "the bright morning STAR" [Revelations 22:16].  IF you TRULY 'desire LIFE' - then you will IMMERSE yourself, in My WORD - and ALLOW ME to TRANSFORM you - FROM within.
Some Members of the Faithful Remnant are still "a little upset" at their Creator, for the last "SPANKY BUM", He JUSTLY, GAVE them.  They had better FIX that! - and FAST!  No excuses!

Actual email:  I have had sleepless nights and I do not know if it's a demon and or unrepented sin that I have committed.

Jesus said: The REASON you cannot sleep, is because you are 'HOLDING on', to BITTERNESS, in your HEART.  And WHAT is 'the fruit of BITTERNESS'?  "Hatred".  Do NOT allow the ENEMY, to KEEP "his stronghold", IN you.  YOU must focus - SPIRITUALLY on 'the FOOD in My TESTMONY' - THAT is BEFORE you.  YOU must be NOURISHED - WITH My Divine LOVE.  Let GO, OF 'the ANGER', bitterness, HATRED, resentment, and UNFORGIVENESS.  USE the DELIVERANCE prayers; Use the Blessed HOLY Water - and TRADE, 'ALL these EVILS', for 'the INDWELLING, of the Blessed TRINITY' - in your HEART, mind, Soul, AND being.  I want to HEAL you!  But FIRST, "the INSIDE" must be cleansed.

Psalm 51   Prayer for Cleansing and Pardon

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your merciful love;

    according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.

Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity,

    and cleanse me from my sin!

For I know my transgressions,

    and my sin is ever before me.

Against you, you alone, have I sinned,

    and done that which is evil in your sight,

so that you are justified in your sentence

    and blameless in your judgment.

Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity,

    and in sin did my mother conceive me.

Behold, you desire truth in the inward being;

    therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart.

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;

    wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Make me hear joy and gladness;

    let the bones which you have broken rejoice.

Hide your face from my sins,

    and blot out all my iniquities.

Create in me a clean heart, O God,

    and put a new and right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from your presence,

    and take not your holy Spirit from me.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation,

    and uphold me with a willing spirit.

Then I will teach transgressors your ways,

    and sinners will return to you.

Deliver me from bloodguilt, O God,

    O God of my salvation,

    and my tongue will sing aloud of your deliverance.

O Lord, open my lips,

    and my mouth shall show forth your praise.

For you take no delight in sacrifice;

    were I to give a burnt offering, you would not be pleased.

The sacrifice acceptable to God is a broken spirit;

    a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

Do good to Zion in your good pleasure;

    rebuild the walls of Jerusalem,

then will you delight in right sacrifices,

    in burnt offerings and whole burnt offerings;

    then bulls will be offered on your altar.
On September 14, 1971, a miraculous Polaroid photo was taken near Bayside New York, upon which appeared the luminous words, "Jacinta 1972".  One of the visionaries from Fatima - Jacinta, then appeared in an apparition to Veronica Leuken.  Jacinta revealed that the photo contains a hidden revelation, of the hour, day, month and year in which the Global Chastisement will occur.  The Blessed Virgin Mary then revealed to Veronica, that only those who are given the Grace, will be able to find the answer to the puzzle.
Jesus said: When I gave them "the puzzle picture" to SOLVE, I KNEW they could not 'SOLVE it in time'; AND it was ONLY 'for THIS time' - that it would be REVEALED.  I waited, until THIS time - FOR the Truth; for 'the HIDDEN Truth', to be, 'REVEALED' - to POINT people, towards, My TESTIMONY.  Because My TESTIMONY, IS "the answer"!
In other words
Actual email:  I get these waves of doubting attacks from time to time...  In my interior life I know that this is the only path of Truth. I do sometimes struggle though... Is this something that I have to constantly battle as part of my cross?

Jesus said: TRUE Peace, is 'what I offer', My TRUE Disciples; but the ENEMY offers them, 'a FALSE peace'.  MY Disciples, are called, to be 'EVER-VIGILANT', in KEEPING WATCH over their SOULS; and KEEPING, their SOULS - CLEANSED! - AND 'DELIVERED' - at ALL TIMES!  FOR NOT ONE 'IOTA' of SIN; and NOT ONE evil THOUGHT - can ENTER, 'the Kingdom of HEAVEN'!  My True DISCIPLES, 'DESIRE', to be PURIFIED - from ALL wickedness! But, the ENEMY, is TRYING, to 'TURN', My 'Disciples' - AGAINST, being PURIFIED; because he KNOWS, if he can KEEP them, in 'a FALSE peace' - where they 'BELIEVE', "they are doing JUST fine!" - THEN, he can 'OVERCOME them'! - LIKE LIGHTENING!  Now the TRUE Holy SPIRIT, of the MOMENT - ALSO moves, "like lightening".  The PROMPTINGS, of My True Holy SPIRIT, are THERE - to HELP, 'My True DISCIPLES', to KNOW, 'what it IS' - they are BEING, 'AFFLICTED by'; and HOW they are, to be CLEANSED, from their SINS. The ATTITUDE, I am ASKING, 'My TRUE DISCIPLES', to HAVE - IS, "HOW have I failed?" And "HOW can I do better?"  Does THIS MEAN, they are CALLED, to simply, 'turn INWARDS, and FOCUS, on their FAILURES'?  No.  They are SIMPLY called, to ACKNOWLEDGE, their failings; REPENT; and ASK for the corresponding GRACES; and MOVE ON with their day!  THAT is ALL, I am ASKING!  BUT! - there is 'a STRONG TEMPTATION', to STOP growing! - and, to be "COMPLACENT" - in, their interior lives.  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT, EVENTUALLY - IF ignored, long ENOUGH - WILL simply, 'LEAVE them'.  The TRUE Holy Spirit - MY Spirit - IS! - 'the Spirit, that convicts HEARTS, IN the Truth' - SHOWING them, their SINS, AND 'the Just PUNISHMENT', that FOLLOWS!  IF there WAS 'no PUNISHMENT for SIN' - I would not HAVE, any, "FAITHFUL Remnant", at THIS time, IN human history. So, I encourage, 'ALL, My True Disciples', to LOVE Fraternal Correction, and Discipline - as it is 'what is NECESSARY', for THEM, to be TRAINED by.  'THIS' takes "HUMILITY".  I am 'NEAR, to the BROKEN, and CONTRITE of heart'; but the PROUD, and the HAUGHTY - I KNOW! - from afar.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
"The spiritual life" - IS "for those with determination, perseverance, and patience".  People can't patiently, persevere, with determination, in FAITH!... if they can physically SEE, 'the Era of Peace' - in FRONT of them - now CAN they?  And why is THAT?  Because you don't need FAITH, if you can SEE something - as once you can see it, you simply KNOW it's there.  Right now the Members of the Faithful Remnant can SEE, that the Ark is going through "a FOG bank" - and the enemy of Souls, is USING this time, to sow 'DOUBTS', in the INTERIOR lives of the Faithful Remnant.  And so, "the Armor of God" prayer, will now be changed - so that when the Members of the Faithful Remnant, reject "the shield of FAITHLESSNESS" - they can 'REALLY mean it!' - by rejecting "the shield of faithlessness AND DOUBTS!"  And then REPLACE 'THAT satanic shield' with "the shield of FAITH".  People need to REALIZE, that "you can't have BOTH".  To embrace "the shield of DOUBTS", is to DEFEND yourself from 'the Gift of FAITH'.  Likewise, to EMBRACE "the Shield of FAITH", is to DEFEND yourself, against 'the ENEMY'S gift of DOUBTS, and FAITHLESSNESS'.  So, PICK up a shield, and DEFEND yourself!  But choose wisely!  Because with the Sword of the TRUE Holy Spirit in your RIGHT hand, you can only carry ONE shield!  And when "that fog bank" LIFTS, you had BETTER be holding "the right ONE"!  This is "NOT a game" folks!  No more boasting about "embracing doubts" in the Testimony of Jesus Christ the Lord.  If that is "the SHIELD" you want to carry "as a way of life" - then the response from Heaven will be swift and sure... and IT will SUDDENLY sound like THIS...  "AMEN!"
"Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth; they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those of mankind who have not the seal of God upon their foreheads; they were allowed to torture them for five months, but not to kill them, and their torture was like the torture of a scorpion, when it stings a man. And in those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, and death will fly from them."
(Revelations 9:3-6)

Actual email:  The battle that rages, IS in ones 'INTERIOR LIFE'.  This was an enormous revelation to me!!!!  When shown this I was graced with a vision on how people of this era are guided by "entities" - and most do not even know that...   I am GRATEFUL that I was shown that!!...   I'm starting to understand that without constant prayer to the Most High True God, there is NO winning these little battles.  I have such a long way to go!!!   

PPTL: Yes these are 'TIMES, of GREAT TRIBULATION', and 'DISTRESS, of NATIONS' - because 'all of HELL', has been 'UNLEASHED, upon the EARTH'.  And "LOCUSTS", HAVE indeed, covered the EARTH; and, THEY ARE, 'TORMENTING people', EVERY day - NON stop.  But for 'the REMNANT' - the Most High TRUE God, has GIVEN them 'an ANTIDOTE' - to 'the TORMENTS' - the Blessed HOLY WATER, is "VERY important!"  And YOU will need to USE it OFTEN - ESPECIALLY, when you are OUT - SIDE. The WORLD, is "a very WICKED place!"  But the Most High TRUE God, has 'OVERCOME the world'.  Now these 'ENTITIES, that you SPOKE of - are governing over, 'most of the PEOPLE' - and 'DIRECTING them', on their WAY, to HELL!  BUT WITH, 'the TRUE PRESENCE', of the Most High TRUE GOD - MOVING THROUGH 'the Blessed HOLY Water', AND through His TESTIMONY - the FAITHFUL Remnant CHURCH - CAN, and WILL! - 'OVERCOME' - the ENITITIES, that seek to DESTROY them.  Because 'the DEVIL', is 'NO match!' - for the Most High TRUE God.  That is WHY, the Most High TRUE God, SAYS, to "Stay AWAKE! - and KEEP WATCH".

Why would the Creator of the Universe INFUSE in someone's INTERIOR life, "the very BEST answer", if they already believed "they HAVE the answer"?  The Most High True God prefers to wait, and to favor those who humbly turn to HIM, for the answer.

Actual email:  I had to wholeheartedly ask The Most High True God: "I do NOT know... But YOU do..."  Sounds quite simple... I'm at a loss for words because my intellect has been crushed, through my own free-will, and I don't know how to describe it other than just having the knowledge that I am very "lowly" and humbled by something I cannot describe.  

Jesus said: My PLANS, AND My Ways, are "ABOVE, man's WAYS" - SIMPLY BECAUSE: I can SEE FURTHER!  I KNOW 'the past', the present, AND the future - in the FULLNESS, of My DIVINITY.  But BECAUSE, I am ALSO, "HUMBLE" - I CHOOSE, to WALK, with 'My CHILDREN' - My Faithful REMNANT, "as a MAN".  How 'COLD', and how 'FRIGID', IS, 'the human INTELLECT'.  MANKIND, has 'ABUSED', this GIFT - that was GIVEN, as 'a BRIDGE', to UNDERSTANDING, the PHYSICAL world, AROUND them; to UNDERSTAND, 'how things WORK'; and how things were MADE - so that THEY, would be 'drawn closer', TO Me!  INSTEAD, 'mankind', USED 'the Gift, of an INTELLECT!' - to JUSTIFY, their SINS; and their WICKEDNESS! - AND, to TURN, people, against 'the very CONCEPT, of GOD'!  INSTEAD, with their "INTELLECT" - they see THEMSELVES, 'as god' - no LONGER, needing 'the Gift, of My TRUE Holy Spirit', to GUIDE them - on 'the PATH, to SALVATION' - because "they will find their OWN way!" - "THEY will interpret the Scriptures their OWN way!"  And if I, do not "BOW" - to man's EXPECTATIONS; and if I, do not "BOW", to their 'INTERPRETATION, of My Word' - then, they will see ME, as 'being in the WRONG'. Mankind, has CHOSEN, to USE 'the Gift, of an INTELLECT', for the sake of "INTELLIGENCE" itself - as SOMETHING, to 'PRIDE themselves', on. "INTELLECTUAL PRIDE", IS, 'the greatest, STUMBLING block' - to, people, who find My TESTIMONY - because, if THEY cannot, 'make SENSE of it' - using their "HUMAN intellect", THEN they dismiss, 'the very SOURCE of their SALVATION' - in the moment.  And THAT! - IS! - "IDOLATRY".  MANKIND'S INTELLECT, has LED them, 'down, a VERY, dark! - and SLIPPERY slope!'   Mankind's INTELLECT - has LED them, to WORSHIP 'false GODS'.  Mankind's INTELLECT, 'DEPRIVES them', OF Salvation - because, if they CANNOT, 'put Me to the PROOF!' - if they CANNOT 'see SIGNS'; if they CANNOT 'CHALLENGE My WAYS' - they want NOTHING! - to do, with My KINGDOM! - but 'the ENEMY'S kingdom', IS 'more APPEALING to them'. KNOW this: the ENEMY offers "FALSE enlightenment" - and THAT is "ENLIGHTENMENT, apart, from the TRUE Holy Spirit" - the same "ENLIGHTENMENT", he offered the ILLUMINATI, HITLER, Tesla, Darwin, and OTHER 'so-called, INTELLECTUALS'.  HE is OFFERING, 'the SAME', to, My REMNANT!  THEY are being "PUT TO THE test" - JUST as I PUT, My Holy ANGELS, to the test - and MANY of them fell! - and GREAT was their FALL! - from the HIGHEST Heavens.  SO, CHOOSE! - who you will SERVE: your own INTELLECT; or the MOVEMENTS of the TRUE HOLY Spirit, within you.

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

There are a LOT of "former family and so-called friends" who are ANGRY at individual Members of the Faithful Remnant - because those of the FAITHFUL Remnant, have chosen the TRUE Peace, of the Most High TRUE God, instead.  There is no need to be "angry" BACK at them.  Instead, why not share in the Most High True God's VENGEANCE ON them - by making another testimony VIDEO?  Why not SHOW them, the undeniable FRUITS, of cutting "THAT wicked branch", OFF, and OUT, of your life.  And that is "the vengeance" Jesus was referring to when He said...
Jesus said:  Remember, VENGEANCE is MINE; but My TRUE Followers, SHARE in 'that Vengeance' - AGAINST, the world!  CONTINUE to 'go, against the GRAIN'...  for all of HEAVEN, is 'WITH you'!  We are 'SIMPLY waiting', FOR you, to ASK, for 'what you NEED' - so that it can be GIVEN to you!"


Right now we have many videos that are lined up for us to approve.  Please be patient, and know that we actually DID ask Jesus if we could simply work 24/7 to get caught up - but He prefers that we take time to rest, and actually enjoy each day - so that it is NOT "all work".

And AS we get caught up, here are some IMPORTANT things to remember, as you record your video.  They are important things to keep in mind - as you are mindful, that there may always be exceptions.  Let's call it, our top 10 wish list, for all future Remnant Videos - so that MORE can be approved, and FASTER!

1. Please keep all videos under 10 minutes.  Need more time?  Make another video.

2. Turn to the True Holy Spirit for Sincerely Nourishing Content that has touched your life.

3. Always dress in a NICE, BRIGHT, casual shirt, and make sure you are properly groomed.

4. Always cite the source and date you are quoting, when reading from the Testimony.

5. Set the script or notes BESIDE (not above or below) the camera, and practice what you are going to say.

6. Face the brightest source of light - whether you are indoors or outside; and LOOK at the camera LENS, not the video monitor screen.

7. Sit or stand close enough to the camera, that the microphone can pick up your voice (3-4 feet)

8. Set up the camera height HORIZONTALLY to your FACE and use the "FACE DETECT" focus feature if available.

9. NEVER record outside in a windy place - as the wind sound WILL overpower your words.

10. Always pray at least a decade of the Rosary IMMEDIATELY before recording.
You can find this list on the From the Mailbox page on this website at THIS LINK

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.

Some women in the Remnant have "HIDDEN motives" - some that they even hide from THEMSELVES -  for being REMNANT Members.  And as a result, they need Loving Fraternal Correction - in order to help them purify their interior lives, and become "more PLEASING in the Sight of their Creator".  This is the kind of Life-GIVING Counsel, that most parents, knowingly withheld from their teenage daughters, for the last 50 years - and even more so, as the clock ticked down.

PPTL: Both YOU, AND N., are "FAR too NEW" - in being MEMBERS, of the Faithful Remnant. AND, it is not 'SAFE', for EITHER of you, to 'THINK of each other', in ANY way! - OTHER than, "as brother and sister".  We KNOW that you 'desire, to FIND, your HUSBAND' - IN the Remnant; but YOU! - have "MUCH PURIFICATION", to UNDERGO, at this TIME.  There are MANY, 'DORMANT, DEMONS' - that are 'just WAITING, to POUNCE! - on the FIRST MAN!' - who APPROACHES you!  Understand?  The ONLY man in your life at THIS time, NEEDS to BE, Jesus Christ the LORD. You need to FOCUS, on being 'DOCILE to HIS Headship' - and to our COUNSEL.  You STILL, have 'MUCH growing to do'; now is "NOT the time", to be "in a RELATIONSHIP" - with, ANYONE! - in the Remnant.  BECAUSE,the ENEMY, can, even 'SOW attraction', into individuals - that 'GOD', did not, "Bless".  Understand?  ALL men, within, the Remnant, are "OFF-LIMITS!"  THEY! - are 'WORKING, on BECOMING, APOSTLES" - FOR the Kingdom of HEAVEN!  What "JEZEBEL" wants to do - EVEN THROUGH, 'the WOMEN in the REMNANT' - is 'DEFILE, the MEN' - in their THOUGHTS, and DESIRES. And 'THAT' is "a form of witchcraft!" - and WILL NOT be tolerated.  Because the Blessed Virgin MARY, is 'PROTECTING', the MEN! - from, 'THE spirit of JEZEBEL' - OUTSIDE THE REMNANT; AND inside the Remnant. CLING, to your TRUE SPIRITUAL MOTHER - at THIS TIME.  You have a LOT!!! - to learn, about 'being a REAL woman'.  What YOU have LEARNED all your LIFE - is, 'HOW, NOT to be, a real woman'.  But you have LEARNED, How, to BE, "a JEZEBEL!"  And SO, take THIS time, 'ON THE Ark' - to RE-LEARN, 'WHAT it means, to be a WOMAN of the LORD Jesus Christ', and HIS Bride; what it MEANS, to BE, 'ON the Ark' - at THIS time; what it MEANS, to MODEL after, your Blessed MOTHER; WHAT it means, to be "the HANDMAID, of the LORD" - to be 'DOCILE, to HIM', AND, to the MOVEMENTS of the True Holy Spirit; what it MEANS, to have 'the ATTITUDE', towards your CREATOR - "THY WILL be done! - be it done UNTO me, ACCORDING to your Word". 

Actual reply to the above email: Thank you Peter!  I will learn to model after my True mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and cling to her. I will learn more on how to be a true woman... What are some prayers I can pray to Mary so that she hears me; it seems I don't call to her much or know what to pray to her.

Jesus said: Pray, the LITANY, of the Blessed Virgin Mary - and DESIRE, to imitate her VIRTUES. ASK her, for 'the GRACE, to BECOME, the WOMAN, that YOU, were MADE to be' - "a FLOWER" - IN, My GARDEN.  SO, 'GUARD your PURITY' - with all your BEING; as, 'the WOMEN SAINTS' DID, BEFORE you.

Remember the story of Samson and Delilah?  Do you remember, HOW, Samson lost his inHAIRitance, of STRENGTH?  Many of the men in the Faithful Remnant, have been afflicted by "the alluring spirit" - and that is in fact "a demon", sent by desire (a.k.a. "witchcraft"), to falsely attract through satanic means, an individual.  The men need to know, that ALL women outside the Faithful Remnant, are quite familiar with EXACTLY how that demon works.  The telltale sign of it manifesting, is the classic, "flick of the hair" - ironically.

PPTL: THIS is IMPORTANT!!! - for YOU to know as WELL - as the ENEMY will be 'tempting YOU!' - with "false attraction" - ONLY! - to TRY, to STEAL, your GIFTS, AND your INHERITANCE, from you.  So BE "on guard".

...again, the above is just a SAMPLE, of today's messages.
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