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Thursday, July 5, 2012
Jesus Christ the Lord said: I am allowing people, to think what they will, and to form ‘judgements upon judgements’.  In fact they are choosing how much they will benefit, from the truths shared.  Most people do not have ‘room for the truth in their lives’, My children, bombarded by falsehoods and false realities, they constantly, rely, upon these, as their entertainmentThe messages I send have an impact in their lives, but, they will not attribute that, to the choices they have made.  Instead they make all sorts of excuses, as to why you both cannot be My Two Witnesses. 

You see, the reason I do not give people any signs, is because they cannot see them.  To receive the grace, they must desire, to be purified.   But even then, there is no grace for that eitherThe skies, have been shut up, all the while, that you have been prophesying, using the internet as a teaching tool.  I can and do use technology, for it is not evil in and of itselfBut it depends on the intent of the user.  With no graces to help the people – to wake up, what can they do, My children? - for they are helpless

Therefore, I Declare as of this night, to send forth My Graces once again – to break open the ‘cold hearts’ – made of stone.  For I desire, that they all have a heart – of flesh.  The graces, will now go forthso that Justice can be mitigated.  I have disciplined you both for a short time, as a loving Father, disciplines, his own children.  And now, I will show the people that I am a loving Father.  And I will show them, through ‘severe discipline’ at times.  But they will now have the graces - that they need, in order to facilitate ‘change’ in their lives. 

A Comet is coming to strike the EarthAnd it will come with a vengeance, with My Stamp of approval, and with My Hand guiding it.  And there is nothing, that anyone on the face of the Earth can do, to prevent this sudden impact.  Because it is My Will, that the Face of the Earth, be renewed

Now is the time for hearts, to turn back to Me – to turn towards love, and away from self.  Now is the time, to repent in sackcloth and in ashes, and to remove oneself from ‘near occasions of sin’.  Yes, sin is real My people.  It is that, which offends Me the most.  And you must all start, avoiding sin, or your souls will be forever lost.  For Death, is coming, to you all – in one way, or another.  If you die by nothing else then the Comet will ‘take care of you’.  So it is best to get your lives in order – to make ready to meet your Creator

For I now give you the grace to recognize, My Two Witnesses; to recognize, My Justice!; and to recognize, that Ron Paul, [-or "R.P." - signifying the Republican Party - NOW, as in 2019, referring to Donald Trump...] is, your only, choice, to mitigate the suffering, that is coming upon the World.  Already with Fukushima everyone is being poisoned.  The waters have “turned to blood” and the prophesies of Revelations, are being fulfilled.  The Schism, in the Roman Catholic Church, has already happenedon a physical level.  And now you are about to see the Schism grow.  All sorts of natural and un-wanted disasters have taken effect – in this World. 

For you are going to be ‘purified through fire’, My people.  First the Fire of Truth, pouring forth from My Mouth, to ‘consume’ the wicked ones – of this generation.   And then ‘the fire’, from the ‘very active volcanoes’, and the magma, beneath the Earth – coming alive, spewing forth, and ashes – emitting, in full force.  The Ring of Fire, has woken up, and truly has ‘just been getting started’.  Your food, My people, is all poisoned.  The air, that you breathe, is radioactiveEverything is not fine.  For your churches are desolate, and My Counsel, has been removed – from your priests, ministers, rabbis, and every other religious leader. The World economy is on the ‘brink of collapse’.  And none, of your leaders, want you to know, the truth.  None of your leaders, want you to see, the whole pictureThey would rather you be kept in a dream – of a false ‘utopia’, here on Earth.  

This, is not the case, My people, for scientists, have already seen My Comet.  And the astrologers, and occult ‘practitioners’, know, that it is coming.  It is time for you all to ‘wake-up’ – from, your dreamWake up, to reality.   It is time, to vote, for truth, for life, for true peace, and for love of neighbor.  It is time to make ‘good choices’ with the graces I am giving you now. It is time, to choose ‘the narrow door’ and to shun ‘the broader path’.  It is time to remember: your Christian roots.  It is time to live, My Ten Commandments.  It was always time to live My Ten Commandments

My Heart is filled with sorrow at what is coming – to the Earth, but Joy also, because you now ‘have the graces’ to respond – out of My Great Mercy for your souls.  But this time is short. So take – advantage, of the Graces from Heaven, that you now have, to change your lives, to make choices, that are goodfor your souls.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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