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Romney… will, continue, to subvert, the Constitution, of the United States

Saturday, June 16, 2012
Jesus said: Romney, is part, of ‘the media establishment’.  He is their ‘front man’, just like, Obama was.  He will continue, the carnage, the wars – against Syria.  He will, continue, to subvert, the Constitution, of the United States.  He has no need for it!  As the party he belongs to, has no need for it either. 

Romney… is simply ‘part, of the machine’ – he himself being, ‘like a robot’

To vote for him, is, to vote for: ‘Obamney’.  He is the same.  They are one, and the same.  They have both, been ‘pumped-up’ and ‘formed’, by ‘the establishment’; by ‘the media elite cronies’; by, the bankers; by, the One World Government.  There are so many ‘similarities between the two of them’, that to vote for Romney is to do so ‘fully informed’, with no excuse, for what, you are getting.  He, will be, ‘a vicious tyrant’ - he will be, another Obama.  So do not pay attention, to: his tricks, because, he is simply ‘part, of the machine’ – he himself being, ‘like a robot’.  You know, how he ‘robotically moves around’ and constantly changes – his mind, to suit, his current audience – especially to suit ‘their positions’.  I am warning Americans, that he is not interested in getting America ‘back, on her feet’, but only ‘the complete opposite’.  

Your “white house” – no longer “white”… it drips with the Blood of the innocent civilians

Remember all of the promises that Obama  made, and how he made fun, of his predecessor – “Bush Junior”, pointing out the flaws in his leadership, getting you all, to focus, on how bad Bush was, so that you could not see ‘the evil scheme’, right in front of you.  He promised you “change” – but it was never “for the better”.  He has become even more ruthless, than Bush ever could be.  He has no respect for any type of life, save his own and his family’s.  You are all ‘like cattle’ to him.  Now you know what I am saying, is true.   You know what type of monster has ‘taken over’ your “white house” – no longer “white” My People it drips with the Blood of the innocent civilians – of innocent soldiers – both yours and foreign.  Your armies have become ‘trained mercenaries’ under his regime. 

My Hand and Authority is on, My Chosen One

Romney, is the same.  He will do ‘the same things’, as Obama.  You Truly only have one choice in front of you, My People, and this time you truly can choose, the candidate you want.  Because My Hand and Authority is on, My Chosen One.  If you want out of the deep recession, you are all in; if you want out, of all of the wars; if you desire – ‘the troops, to come home’, I, Will make this happen but only, if you vote, for ‘the only candidate’, who will and can restore: America.  I Will ‘take down’ the elite Myself, for they are mere men but I am The Lord God of Hosts.  I will ‘take down’ the foreign governments, ruling over you with an iron fist, and place ‘a peaceable man’ over you instead.

You have a choice – before you: One of Life; and one of death

What you received before was ‘false peace’ and ‘false security’.  You have come to the brink of the End of America.  You have all compromised your ‘civil liberties’, for the government to take care of you from cradle – to grave.  But now you see their true colors.  You know ‘the corruption’ and ‘hunger for power’ that they have.  They will ‘crush your liberties’, and you as people, they will ‘simply remove’ – from the face of the Earth.  You have a choice – before you: One of Life; and one of death.  You must all choose: who, you want to rule – over you; or, who, you want, to represent you – who, you desire, to be President, of the United States.

I know ‘the bloodshed that is coming’ if you refuse to vote, for Ron Paul

Never before have I intervened as strongly as I am about to. Never before in any election of any President, have I intervened with My Heavenly Host of Angels.  Because My People, I pity you, I pity the ‘state’ you are all in, and I can see the future! - With one choice you make!  And your future with another choice.  I know ‘the bloodshed that is coming’ if you refuse to vote, for Ron Paul.

To all “Romney Delegates” out there… many of you are “unbound”, and can choose, to vote, for Ron Paul

And to all “Romney Delegates” out there, and to all “Romney supporters”: check the rules, for this upcoming Convention.  See how many of you are “unbound”, and can choose, to vote, for Ron Paul – by writing him in.  The media establishment presents you with one choice, because they are against the lives of the poor and the middle class.  They only care about themselves and their own jobs.  So you can not trust them. 

This is your last and final chance to restore America – uprightWrite him in… vote, for Ron Paul

And, you Ron Paul supporters are not “bound to vote, for Romney”.  Write him in, “the grandfather of the Constitution”.  This is your last and final chance to restore America – upright.  This is, an extension, of My Mercy, upon all of you.  And I urge you all, to set aside ‘your differences’, set aside your own ‘political platforms’ and vote, for Ron Paul.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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