The Testimony of the Two Witnesses  
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of the
"I AM, Jesus - and THIS is My Testimony! - to the CHURCHES."
The Testimony has now surpassed 1.7 MILLION words of Divine Revelation
- making the TESTIMONY, "One of the most SIGNIFICANT and EXTENSIVE literary Christian works"
in ALL of Human History!  "A more in-depth Revelation, into the MIND, of the Most High TRUE God
than the Summa Theologica, written by Saint Thomas Aquinas - but in a MORE SIMPLISTIC way
MAKING the TESTIMONY accessible to ALL education levels."  This document NOW includes
more than 700 embedded videos - that were produced by the Two Witnesses and the Faithful Remnant.

"Fraternal correction" versus "tolerance"
(Note: These following excerpts are mere ‘samplers’ of the whole messages, which are also posted on this website.
The following are excerpts taken solely from the Testimony of the Two Witnesses, unless otherwise stated.)  
”So you, son of man, I have made a watchman for the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me.  If I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked man, you shall surely die’, and you do not speak to warn the wicked to turn from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.  But if you warn the wicked to turn from his way, and he does not turn from his way; he shall die in his iniquity, but you will have saved your life.”
"To love freely without hindrance or force, is Divine and comes from above.  Mankind in general, does not seek this love - the love that comes from being God’s True children.  No, quite the opposite: mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another while disregarding what one truly should seek: the Divine approval and acceptance of God."
“To fraternally correct today My children is a taboo in society, is not welcomed by many.  But fraternal correction is necessary, for the whole fabric of humanity is dependent upon caring for one another.  Once souls stop caring for one another, then they start to turn inwards and lose sight of their: neighbors.  Their own sins become more important to them, than helping their neighbor –  out, of their own snares.  Fraternal correction is lacking in this world My children, but those who are on My team, are not of this world, but they are governed by higher principles - 10 principles to be exactAll of the other Commandments, are sub- Commandments, for when one seeks to obey all 10, then they will seek to fraternally correct one another.”
“How can My Healing Graces, and My Love, fraternal correction, and My Mercy, flow, to the people, when their representative, or pastor, is in the state of mortal sin – and with full knowledge?”
“Where grace abounds, My children, sin abounds the more; and when sin is found, graces are necessary – to be poured out, upon the one, who has committed the sin.  For the point, of My grace, My children, is to reach out to sinners who will receive: the necessary fraternal correction and discipline.”

Fraternal Correction is Necessary
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


"It is My desire that no one should perish, and that as many souls be saved as possible.  But the truth is being ‘snuffed out’, in this World you live in; and it is true, that My voice, has been diminished... when I speak, and when My words are rejected, there are severe consequences."  (-Jesus, Wednesday, February 15, 2012) 

“over ninety percent, of those within that institution, have violated the law – My laws, and have taught others to do so; they have relaxed, the need for holiness, reverence, and fraternal correction; and have become passive, in their teachings.” 
“People will reject you for any type of Fraternal Correction given, because they hate to be corrected because of excessive pride in their lives.  But I am telling people everywhere: those who are ‘raised up’ now will be ‘bowed down’.” 
“In short, society itself is crumbling – continually: because there is no more justice; because justice has been replaced by tolerance in the name of equality and fairness.”
“How sad it is that for some: this is ‘their own personal heaven’ –  they do not know what they are missing out on, with Me.  How all I want to do, is fulfill them: with My love – not tolerance, not affirmation; but pure, Holy – no strings attached, love; and they in turn could love Me.” 
“Show love not by tolerance, but by acknowledging each other’s need for your own purification.” 
“How foolish you ‘christians’ have become, to believe: that love is tolerance. But do you not know, that to tolerate other peoples’ sins, and your own, is to indeed hate them, and yourself?”
“Immorality starts with the home, and is not addressed at any churches any more.  And so people ‘grow up’ to be tolerant – of their sins and their neighbours, of their fellow students’ choices.  They learn nothing but tolerance from all those around them.  And love is scarce.  But! – in all of this, they still have a conscience.  They know – innately: what is good, for them, and what is bad.  They know ‘drinking too much’ is bad.  They know ‘partying’ is ‘not good for themselves’ – either.  They know that ‘engaging in all sorts of immorality, and ‘degrading sports and games’, are wrong for them as well.”

“It is written: that you are called to work-out your salvation, with fear, and tremblingnot with ‘complacency’ and ‘tolerance’, for I never taught these ‘things’.  But all of the churches of these times are teaching these things – to the people. Their leaders, are not listening to My Commandments, or teaching them to the people; nor are they practicing it themselves.  But they have all ‘turned aside’ – from the Way that I have called them, to walk – with humilitythey must first recognize: if I have called them, to that position, ever in their lives.  And the only way to find out, is to come to Me – to find out the Truth, about the state of their souls before Me.  But these ‘religious leaders’ will not do that.  The ministers, the rabbis, the priests, have all betrayed Me – in a ‘most grievous way’!  So that is why, I no longer come to them: when they cry out in their prayers - when, they offer up their ‘prayer intentions’, I am not listening; when they fast and ‘give alms’, I am not acknowledging their deeds.  Because of the wickedness they choose to embrace, they make their good deeds ‘null and void’ before Me.”


“Fraternal correction” is LOVE...  And fraternal correction MUST be done, WITH, ONLY the good, of your FELLOW brothers, IN mind; must ONLY BE GIVEN, ‘OUT of Love’, for their SOULS – and NEVER, out of FRUSTRATION, irritation, or ANGER.  BUT! – ALL of the [members of the Faithful Remnant who are living with other Remnant members] need to pray, for PATIENCE, and self-CONTROL; determination, AND endurance – in ORDER to MAKE their LIVING arrangement, WORK.  SOME, of My APOSTLES, DIDN’T get along, EITHER. Their “personalities”, rubbed ‘OTHER personalities’, the wrong way.  AND, THEY had, arguments, AND fights; BUT, what set them APART – from, the REST of My disciples, was that ‘they sought to OVERCOME, their weaknesses’, by turning to Me for HELP, and Guidance. JUDAS was the one, that kept to HIMSELF – and bottled EVERYTHING up, inside; and UNFORTUNATELY, THAT is HOW, ALL people in SOCIETY have been taught: to bottle it all UP INSIDE, and simply ‘UNLEASH their demons’ – on ‘a therapist’ - THAT, is “WORLDLY thinking” I am asking My True APOSTLES, to SHARE what is on their hearts DAILY; BECAUSE if they don’t, they are simply SHUNNING, the TRUE inspirations, of the TRUE Holy Spirit – WHO WANTS them to share, ‘THOSE revelations’, WITH, My Two Witnesses.” (-Jesus, November 21, 2015) 
Stay Rooted in the Truth
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant


REMEMBER, when GIVING ‘fraternal correction’, NEVER, to take into consideration, ‘HOW a person, may FEEL about what is being said TO them’.  When you are SEEKING to correct them, in TRUTH, and ‘out of LOVE’ – YOU will not be CONCERNED, about ‘how they may VIEW you’ – afterwards.  For TRULY, YOU have DONE YOUR part!  And THEN, it is THEY, who must decide ‘how they will RESPOND’, to the Truth.  (-Jesus, November 22, 2015) 


Actual email: Is it possible for finite beings , such as us, to understand the Love of our Infinite Creator? 

PPTL: UNDERSTANDING the Deep Infinite Love, of the Most High TRUE God, for His CREATURES, IS 'ongoing' - as you SEEK, to experience it, ON 'a daily BASIS'.  In ORDER to experience, the Love of your Creator, you must be open TO His Love - and that IS, "His Fraternal CORRECTION, AND Discipline" - on a DAILY basis. And THAT is how YOU will come, to know Him BETTER; and will GROW, in a DEEPER and more PROFOUND, relationship, WITH Him. (February 07, 2016)  

The Most High True God's Discipline

Actual email:  What do I do when I can't see what I've done wrong - and in trying to figure out what I've done wrong, I end up turning inwards?  How do I know the difference, between turning inwards, and doing a conscience evaluation?

Jesus said: My CHILD, you are CONSTANTLY, "CREATING, PROBLEMS" - for YOURSELF!  And THAT is WHY, you are 'so UNFULFILLED', and "UNHAPPY", with your LIFE at this TIME - BECAUSE! - you are ALLOWING the DEMONS, to DESTROY you! - FROM within.  WHAT do you need to FOCUS on? - THEM? - or Me!  YOU want to be told, "EXACTLY, what to DO" - in each MOMENT; and have 'absolute CERTAINTY'.  WHERE is your faith!  Have you 'FORGOTTEN', what is WRITTEN in My TESTIMONY?  My TESTIMONY, IS, 'the ANTIDOTE', to ALL! - of the problems, that you HAVE! - at this TIME in your life.   But! - are YOU 'seeking the SOLUTION'; or, are you TRYING to find 'your OWN way of doing things'?  That is 'NOT working OUT for you'; you are 'SLIPPING, back into your OLD SELF' - and 'DOUBTING, EVERY ACTION you take'.  HOW can I REWARD you?  How AM I to reward you? - for 'THAT approach', to My TESTIMONY; and to 'BEING a MEMBER, of My Faithful REMNANT'.  YOU are 'not alone'; BUT, you HAVE 'a desire, for EVERY, MINUTE, DETAIL, of your life - to BE, "RIGHT!"  Not BECAUSE, "it is GOOD!" - no! You STRUGGLE, WITH, "self-RIGHTEOUSNESS" - and it PARALYZES you!...  The DEMONS have you, 'SO wrapped UP in YOURSELF'; WHERE is there 'ROOM', for MY True Holy SPIRIT?  ALL I ASK, is that you 'DO your BEST'; GIVE 100% - for My KINGDOM; SEEK 'My Kingdom' FIRST! - and THEN, the other parts of your LIFE, WILL come TOGETHER - JUST as, "the lilies of the FIELD, are CLOTHED, and ARRAYED, in SUCH GLORY" - HOW much more, will I take care of YOU! - who are 'WORTH more'; whom I have 'INVESTED, SO much! - "SPIRITUAL, POTENTIAL"!'  You HAVE 'much to OFFER' - NOT 'TO THE world'; BUT! - "for the sake of My KINGDOM".  So STOP! - "going in CIRCLES"; SEEK! - the True Holy Spirit; and USE your MIND! - it is 'a GIFT'. If you DO NOT 'use your intellect', and you want Me to do EVERYTHING for you - then your INTELLECT will 'grow DULL'.  Understand?  (July 25, 2016) 
BUILD up OTHERS in the Faithful REMNANT
HOW do you love, the MEMBERS, of the Faithful REMNANT, with 'PURE! - FILIAL love'?  By PRAYING for them - to the Most High True God - to GIVE them 'what they NEED', in order to PERSEVERE, TO, the FULLNESS of the Era of PEACE; by COMMENTING, UNDER, their VIDEOS - "INSPIRATIONS", from the True Holy SPIRIT - UPLIFTING, and encouraging WORDS.  By being MINDFUL, that you are not "the CENTER of the UNIVERSE!"; but that there are "MANY Members", around the WORLD - who are 'in NEED', of COUNSEL; by KEEPING, your INTERIOR life - "CLEAN" - and "ACCEPTABLE", to the Most High True God - youPREVENT, "SINFUL STRONGHOLDS", from entering INTO, the Faithful Remnant CHURCH!  Remember THIS: what ONE Member EMBRACES - and ALLOWS to "INFECT", their SOULS - AFFECTS! - the WHOLE, 'Body of CHRIST'.  THEREFORE, 'STRIVE', to ALWAYS, 'STAY in the True REALITY'! - FOCUS! - on your Creator's LOVE for your Soul - and NOT! - on what people, in 'the beast state', and with 'the mark of Cain' - are doing with their TIME.  Because, THEY have "VERY little time left".  FOCUS INSTEAD, on 'BUILDING, YOURSELF, UP - in the TRUTH!' - so that YOU, will be STRONG enough, to BUILD up, OTHERS, in the Faithful REMNANT. IT is! - a REQUIREMENT - in BEING a Member, of the Faithful Remnant - tobe NOURISHED, by the TESTIMONY - AND by our COUNSEL - AND! - by other, Remnant VIDEOS - AND! - by, My MASSES.  BECAUSE, THESE, WILL HELP - the Faithful REMNANT - to be STRONG!  (- from the August 17, 2016 archives)
Have you been SPURNING fraternal correction and seeking to make EXCUSES in order to REMAIN "weak"?
Being a Member, of the TRUE Roman Catholic Faith - IS about, 'STRIVING to please your CREATOR' - in EVERYTHING that you do'; AND 'striving, to be UNITED, WITH, the Full Communion of SAINTS' - every MINUTE, of every DAY.  And what THIS means, is 'SIMPLY to be AWARE' - that your ROLE, at this TIME - in human HISTORY, is 'part of a MUCH, BIGGER picture! - and a much bigger FAMILY, than you could POSSIBLY, FATHOM, or comprehend'.  You SIMPLY HAVE, "your VOCATION" - AS, 'a MEMBER, of the Faithful REMNANT', in these TIMES - given TO you - by your CREATOR.  And He HAS given you, 'certain TALENTS' - and spiritual GIFTS - that He EXPECTS you, to USE! - for 'the building UP, OF, the Faithful REMNANT' - and for 'REACHING out, to those that He DRAWS, to His Testimony'.  The MOST High TRUE God - is VERY patient, with those who are WILLING, to TAKE the necessary steps - in FIXING, 'THEIR broken RELATIONSHIP WITH Him'.  HE is NOT "a harsh TASK master" - just WAITING, for, His REMNANT, to "mess UP" - in order to, 'AFFLICT them, with harsh PUNISHMENTS'!   NO!  THAT would put Him - as in 'the Most High TRUE God' - in the role of PHARAOH!  But He most CERTAINLY, is NOT! - "a PHARAOH".  He IS, "a VERY, GENEROUS! - and LOVING! - "Father"."  He, 'DISCIPLINES, the Faithful REMNANT - for their GOOD! - NOT "for their evil".  But there are TWO, approaches - that His Faithful REMNANT, take, to being DISCIPLINED by Him:  They EITHER, RECOGNIZE, 'what they did - wrong', and seek to OVERCOME, their weaknesses; OR, they 'SPURN, fraternal correction', and seek to make EXCUSES, in order to REMAIN, "weak" - ONLY so that they can hold ON, to 'that PARTICULAR SIN'.  And when, the Faithful Remnant CHOOSE! - to STUBBORNLY embrace, 'a PARTICULAR SIN' - after being TOLD, to REJECT it and REPENT! - THEN, "the Hammer", comes DOWN - FROM, "the Just, JUDGE".  So EITHER, the Most High TRUE God, IS, "your LOVING Father" - OR! - "the JUST JUDGE" - DEPENDING! - on 'your RESPONSE, TO Him' - to, 'your RESPONSE, and DISPOSITION - TOWARDS Him, at ALL times'. (October 1, 2016 update)

Do YOU desire to live IN the world - while not being OF the world?

And AS for "LIVING in the WORLD" - but not being 'OF the world' - this has to do with 'where your TREASURE is'.  Where IS "your Treasure"? Do you TREASURE, the THINGS, of GOD? - of the Most High TRUE GOD?  OR, do you TREASURE, 'the things THIS world has to offer'?  REMEMBER, He SPOKE about 'storing up TREASURE, where NEITHER MOTHS, or RUST, CONSUMES'.  For WHERE, your TREASURE is - there ALSO is your heart.  And so WHILE you are going about your daily TASKS - your HEART, is, CALLED, to be UNITED, with your CREATOR - in the moment.  PEOPLE have learned FALSELY, that "SERVING their NEIGHBOR", will GET them into Heaven.  When the TRUTH is, that ONLY, "KNOWING, LOVING, and SERVING, the Most High TRUE God - as He has REVEALED Himself" - WILL, get PEOPLE, into the Kingdom of HEAVEN!   The PROBLEM with today, is that PEOPLE, have CHOSEN, to SUBSTITUTE "WORSHIP of God", for "WORSHIP, of their NEIGHBOR"! - and, 'their neighbor's SINS'!   OUR GOD, the Most High TRUE GOD - does not TOLERATE sin; but He LOVES, "a PURE heart"; and He is CLOSE! - to 'the PURE of heart', and to 'the TRULY humble, DOCILE, and OBEDIENT Souls'.  The Most High TRUE God, DOES! - 'LOVE, humanity'. He NEVER! - stopped, 'LOVING'; BUT! - PEOPLE! - stopped LOVING, Him! (June 24, 2017 update)

Jesus Christ the Lord said: My Love, is stronger, than all of the demons, and all of the powers of Hell – combined.  But what, if there would come ‘a time, in history’, when mankind’s love, would wax so cold – that they would refuse, to turn, to My Great Love for themWhat if, instead, they thought that “love” was just a feeling or emotion – in the moment? – and so exchanged ‘Divine Love’, for ‘satanic affirmation of one another’.  And if this point in history, were reached, then, what, could My Love possibly do, for mankind?  With ‘the abomination of desolationnow set- up, in all of the churches; now, fixed – in peoples’ hearts’ now fixed in their homes; they’ve chosen their kingdom –they want to serve in. People, say these things could never happen, because I, am ‘a god of love’.  Was I not, ‘a god of love’, when, I allowed ‘the flood of waters’ to overtake the earth?  Was I not ‘a god of love’ when I allowed plagues upon plagues, upon plagues – to infest, Egypt? – because, Pharaoh hardened his heart, against Me?  Discipline, is love, My people.  But tolerance, is hatred.  And I do not hate you.  So I will show you, My Love, through Discipline.  Because you all have become Pharaohs – in your own households, within your own ‘kingdom’ or ‘castle’.  And you do not fear, nor have any reverence, for My Ways – so I will teach you what “True Love” is.  But you will not listen.  And most of your hearts will remain hardened.  But I will continue toChastise the world, and discipline you people – severelyAnd it will, not, End there.  And still, you will harden your heartsagainst Me, and against My Two Witnesses.  For you have not learned My people, that History repeats itself.  For My Ways are perfect – and all My Decrees and Proclamations are Just!!!  (February 05, 2014)
"For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places: all this is but the beginning of the sufferings. “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation, and put you to death; and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake. And then many will fall away, and betray one another, and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because wickedness is multiplied, most men’s love will grow cold. But he who endures to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come.
(Matthew 24:7-14)

You are always called to DISCERN fraternal correction

You NEED to RECOGNIZE, that WHEN you receive fraternal CORRECTION - that, it is COMING from, "your CREATOR".  The INDIVIDUAL passing it ON - is SIMPLY "His INSTRUMENT".  Of COURSE! - you are CALLED, to 'DISCERN, the CORRECTION' - that you are RECEIVING; and you are CALLED to 'APPLY it', to make YOUR life EASIER - when YOU have RECOGNIZED, that, the fraternal correction is 'ONLY going to HELP you'.  (August 13, 2017 update)

How to PROPERLY receive "Admonitions from the True Holy Spirit"

When PEOPLE fraternally CORRECT you - what you need to RECOGNIZE, is that, you NEED, 'the ADMONITIONS', to HELP you, grow SPIRITUALLY - IN the Truth; and they, are "your CREATOR'S way of TELLING you" - that, 'HE cares!' - and that 'HE is watching your BACK'.  BEING a MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant takes 'a LOT of SPIRITUAL focus', and TRUST! - in the Most High TRUE God.  It is 'the complete OPPOSITE', of 'how people CHOOSE to live'.  They LIVE, "independent", from their CREATOR; and YOU are called, to live, COMPLETELY - "DEPENDENT on Him" - as you do 'YOUR part' - to help HIM, help YOU.  (August 13, 2017 update)

Have you been in the habit of letting people know, that you can SEE! - what they're choosing?

"You brood of vipers! how can you speak good, when you are evil?"
(Matthew 12:34a)

When JESUS came - did He FOCUS, on 'patting everybody on the BACK'? - or did he CALL out, the VIPERS! - for CHOOSING to be VIPERS!  And SO! - give CREDIT "where credit is DUE". GLORIFY your CREATOR - by CHOOSING, to 'CALL out, the wicked' -  simply letting them know that you can SEE! - what they're choosing; and that, 'there are NO SECRETS!'  And then go about your DAY.  Do things that are 'EDIFYING, for YOU!' - that will bring YOU 'closer, to the ONE who made you'.  And if, 'SOME PEOPLE' want to CONTINUE to "play, WITH fire" - allegorically speaking of course - let THEM play!  But YOU, become STRONGER!

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." 
(Proverbs 27:17)
Iron DOES sharpen IRON. [- and that's when "the sparks FLY"]  And so when there is "FRICTION"? -USE that as 'an OPPORTUNITY to SMOOTH out 'the ROUGH edges in your OWN interior life'.  And BE at TRUE Peace - as you DO so. (August 22, 2017 update)
Brought to our knees
Matthew is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

Do you desire to "MEND your relationship" with your CREATOR?

Well, you have "a beating HEART"; and you STILL, HAVE, 'a RELATIONSHIP, with the One who MADE you'.  But you need to 'MEND', the relationship.  And how you DO that? - is by sincerely REPENTING - as you WOULD, 'turn your HEART, to your CREATOR' - who IS in fact "a person".  WHAT this MEANS, is that you CHOOSE! - to 'VALUE', 'what HE values'.  And you CHOOSE to SHARE, "the same INTERESTS".  He DESIRES, that YOU would 'PURIFY of WICKEDNESS' - and draw CLOSER to Him.  By YOURSELF? - APART from Him? - it is "impossible!"  But by YOU, CHOOSING, to CONTINUALLY, 'TURN to Him' - with "a softened HEART" - and with the ATTITUDE, "LORD, WHAT would you have me DO?" - then you are TELLING Him, that YOU, desire, to 'SERVE Him!' - JUST like, the DISCIPLES did.  ASK! - SEEK! - KNOCK!  ASK, for 'the necessary GRACES, to REPENT.  KNOCK, on the Door of HEAVEN, for their INTERCESSION.  SEEK, 'HIS Will!' - not your OWN!   If YOU, make "GOOD RESOLUTIONS" - and RESOLVE, to TURN to your Creator - to repent - AND, to SHARE the TESTIMONY - through making heartfelt VIDEOS - then watch how FAST! - He will HEAL you!  And if He DOESN'T heal you, then we KNOW, 'where your HEART is'. (August 24, 2017 update)

Have you been experiencing pressure from "your formers"?

We UNDERSTAND 'the extreme PRESSURE that you're under'.  And the Most High TRUE God 'understands' as WELL.  He HAS, 'brought DOWN, His Hammer of JUSTICE' - HARD! - upon 'your FORMER family' - BECAUSE of their wickedness!  But HE WILL continue, to PROTECT, AND uphold you - as LONG, as YOU, uphold 'HIS Word' in your heart - then He will uphold YOU!  And that is 'how you STAY, UNDER His HEAVENLY Protection'. When it COMES to 'your FORMERS' - SIMPLY 'Commend them, to the Divine JUSTICE of the Most High True God' - and ASK Saint Michael, to "put a MUZZLE on them". And THEN go about 'YOUR tasks' - and ALWAYS, CARRY, "LOVE", in your HEART.  Don't let 'your former FAMILY', SNUFF out the LOVE, that you HAVE, for LIFE - and for your CREATOR! - because they WILL TRY!  YES, you ARE being tested.  And the REASON, "the Hammer has come down", UPON, 'your formers' - is BECAUSE! - they are choosing, to exalt, the SATANIC Roman Catholic Hierarchical INSTITUTION - "the HARLOT, and the BEAST".  But the Most High TRUE God, is about to 'bring DOWN', the walls, of 'that great CITY' - as was PROPHESIED, in His TESTIMONY; and was FORETOLD, by the True HOLY SPIRIT; and it WILL come to PASS! (August 25, 2017 update)

Have you been allowing 'your FORMERS' into your INTERIOR life? - to SHAPE and MOULD you, from WITHIN.

If YOU allow 'your FORMERS', into your INTERIOR life - to SHAPE, and MOULD you, from WITHIN - according to how, 'THEY!' - want you to be... and according to 'THEIR desires'?... HOW long, do you THINK, you will LAST? - as 'a MEMBER of the "FAITHFUL", Remnant'?  You MUST take "YOUR SPIRITUAL life", MUCH MORE SERIOUSLY! - than you HAVE been.   HOW are YOU 'choosing to GROW' - or are you CHOOSING to remain, "UNMOVED, and UNCHANGED"?  It IS POSSIBLE - to 'GO THROUGH the MOTIONS' - as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT'; BUT, have "your HEART", invested somewhere ELSE.   We 'DISCOURAGE', "half-HEARTEDNESS", and "double-MINDEDNESS" - as, the FIRST Apostles did.  But it REALLY comes down to, "CHOICE".  Your CREATOR, has done SO MUCH FOR you - and CONTINUES to!  And, it is up to YOU, to AUTHENTICALLY, 'DO what He's ASKING, of you' - and, 'to WORSHIP Him' - with "TRUE sincerity", and "HEARTFELT Gratitude".  But, a BEGRUDGING HEART - will NOT "grow, spiritually".  And WE can tell - that, you NEED a new heart!  WHY not ASK Him - to GIVE you "a heart, after HIS"? (August 26, 2017 update)

"Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all men generously and without reproaching, and it will be given him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that person must not suppose that a double-minded man [- OR woman], unstable in all his [- OR her] ways, will receive anything from the Lord." 
(James 1:2-8)
“And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and upon the earth distress of nations in perplexity [- "puzzlement"] at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting with fear [- "people becoming discouraged"] and with foreboding of what is coming on the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken...  But take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly like a snare; for it will come upon all who dwell upon the face of the whole earth. But watch at all times, praying that you may have strength [- Jesus Christ the Lord IS "the STRENGTH of His Faithful Remnant"] to escape all these things that will take place, and to stand before the Son of man.” 
(Luke 21: 25-26, 34-36)
"Then he said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven."
(Luke 21:10-11)
Have you been experiencing temptations to become "half-hearted and lukewarm"?

The Most High TRUE God is NOT! - "messing around".  This IS the Time of the PHYSICAL Chastisements.  And He IS! - DISCIPLINING and CHASTISING, EVEN His REMNANT.  Do NOT! - put, the Most High TRUE God, "to the TEST" - by, being "half-hearted", and lukewarm. (August 27, 2017 update)

"Love righteousness, you rulers of the earth, think of the Lord with uprightness, and seek him with sincerity of heart; because he is found by those who do not put him to the test, and manifests himself to those who do not distrust him."
(Wisdom 1:1-2)
Special note: It is the "FAITHFUL" Remnant who will inherit the Earth; NOT "the UNFAITHFUL" remnant who are ONLY faithful to their own PLANS and DESIRES.  YOU will understand what this means, in time... You are welcome!

On the topic of 'how others SEE you' - do you really know "what matters the MOST"?

When YOU are interacting with others - SIMPLY, RESOLVE to be "YOURSELF".  And DON'T think about, 'how others SEE you'.  But DO things that make SENSE!  And THAT is 'how you SIMPLIFY, your LIFE'.  For ALL that MATTERS, is 'how your CREATOR sees you' - and that when He SEES you, He SEES, "a docile Soul" - DOCILE, to the INSPIRATIONS, that make SENSE!  The TRUE Holy SPIRIT, makes, "SENSE" - of 'a senseless WORLD'.  PEOPLE, are "SENSELESS", and 'FUTILE, in their THINKING' - and, they LOVE, to create problems - so that THEY! - can be "the victim, OF those problems" - and that is VERY much, 'a CORE PART, of their IDENTITY'.  But as 'a MEMBER of the Faithful REMNANT' - YOU are called to FOCUS, on 'the SOLUTION!' - by TURNING, to 'your GOD!' - your CREATOR! - for 'the ANSWER'.  You NEED to look at EVERY challenge, as "an OPPORTUNITY, to GROW". But DON'T 'CREATE, challenges and problems for yourself'.  Allow your CREATOR, to challenge you instead. (October 6, 2017) 

Have you been tempted to resent the Most High True God?

You are in fact EMBRACING, "INVINCIBILITY" in your INTERIOR life - that you would even ALLOW yourself, to resent, 'the Most High True God'.  NOW is the time! - as is ALWAYS - to be "His FRIEND".  And, He is NOT ASKING you to endure, "physical SUFFERING", and TORTURE; He is SIMPLY, asking you to "bear with LOVE, your NEIGHBOR'S poor CHOICES"; CHOOSING, to be PATIENT - AND, "LOVING" - by 'fraternally CORRECTING', as is NECESSARY. (October 24, 2017 update) 

Who is... "the very BEST at being the new YOU"? - take your time, you can figure this one out.

What you really NEED to DO? - is RESOLVE, to BE, "the new YOU!"  But don't TRY to be like anybody ELSE.  Don't, "CONFORM", to the people AROUND you, and the way they THINKThe TRUE Holy Spirit IS going to move through you DIFFERENTLY.  And you NEED to, 'be DISCERNING, ALWAYS, the inspirations that you're getting'.  You're not CALLED "to fit IN"; you are CALLED, to 'FOCUS on the Most High True GOD' - and serving HIM!  You are not CALLED to serve, 'OTHERS' - as in, 'to be a SLAVE! - to others'.  And you NEED to ask the Most High TRUE God for 'the Grace, to EMBRACE, your TRUE, identity' - with DIGNITY!  There are 'THINGS that make YOU! - UNIQUELY you'.  There are 'TRAITS that you HAVE' - that others DON'T have - that are 'NEEDED' - that you 'need to SHARE'.  If you TRY to be like other PEOPLE - then what can you possibly, 'CONTRIBUTE', to help them GROW?  Understand?  You NEED to 'reject your DESIRE', to YOKE yourself, to the INTERIOR lives of OTHERS; and ASK for 'the Grace, to DESIRE, to be yoked, to the inspirations of the True Holy Spirit INSTEAD' - JUST by DESIRE! Your CREATOR can do 'so MUCH with you' - IF you desire, 'GOOD things' - things that are 'EDIFYING for your Soul'.  And EVEN if you DESIRE, "the GOOD! - of others AROUND you" - your CREATOR can 'WORK with you'... And so what you NEED to do, is 'CONSECRATE your perceptions TO the True Holy Spirit' - and, ASK the Most High True God to FILL you with 'His True Holy Spirit' - so that you CAN discern, the TRUE Spiritual REALITIES - MANIFESTING - so that you can 'STAY in the TRUTH'.  And so you NEED to reject 'your DESIRE, to call the CONVICTIONS from the True Holy SPIRIT, in your CONSCIENCE', as "BEING from the devil".  It is VERY important that you are ABLE to discern 'the DIFFERENCE, between the TRUE Holy Spirit, and the devil's ACCUSATIONS'PRAY for this Grace - DAILY!  As the ENEMY is 'TRYING to flip your SPIRITUAL life upside down!' (January 17, 2018 update) 

You are not "an OUTHOUSE"! - so DON'T let people "DUMP on you"

It is VERY important, that you DON'T let people "DUMP on you!"  And if they TRY? - simply EXCUSE yourself.  It is ALSO important - that you are not 'ranting on the people AROUND you' either - and DON'T allow THEM, to 'rant on YOU'.  And ALSO, it would be GOOD to reject "the RANTING spirit" - and REPENT of ALL the times that you RANTED, on others. Because you're called to have "a GENTLE, spirit" - as that IS, the fruit - or ONE of the fruits of the True Holy Spirit.  Because as the PEOPLE "rant ON you" - they ARE in fact, 'DUMPING their DEMONS' - and there is no VIRTUE, for you, to 'ENABLE' that in them. (January 20, 2018 update) 

2 verdicts
Steven is a Member of the Faithful Remnant

FOR the record: DID Jesus Christ the Lord ever tolerate SIN?

IF you LOOK at your situation - or "occasions of TEMPTATION, and SIN" - through 'the eyes of the WORLD'? - then,there will ALWAYS be "an EXCUSE, as to WHY, you can TOLERATE it".  Because, the WORLD doesn't USE 'TRUE Spiritual VISION' - or 'DISCERNMENT' of ANY kind.  BUT, they focus on FEELINGS - ESPECIALLY, "not HURTING OTHER'S feelings".  And THAT'S why, there is 'SO much sin, and VICE' - and "TOLERANCE", in the WORLD - to the POINT! - where PEOPLE aren't even USING 'their conscience', any MORE.  When they consider 'ANY moral DECISION'; they SIMPLY, make 'an EXCUSE, as to WHY, it is PERFECTLY acceptable! - to embrace EVIL'.   But JESUS Christ the LORD never TOLERATED, 'sin' - in fact he 'called OUT' the sinners.  And the WOMAN that was CAUGHT, in ADULTERY? - YES He SAVED her from 'being STONED'; but He TOLD her quite FIRMLY, "GO and SIN no MORE! - lest something WORSE befall you." 
“"And Jesus said, Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.”
(John 8:11b)
"Afterward, Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you are well! Sin no more, that nothing worse befall you.”
(John 5:14) 
But in the INSTITUTIONS, THEY simply focus on the fact that "JESUS, PROTECTED the woman, from the MEN!" - because, "THEIR jesus", is "an AHAB".  But 'the TRUE Jesus' - the ONE who is spoken of, and who SPEAKS IN the Testimony - doesn't simply, 'stand IN, and PROTECT! - people - from SIN'; He quite firmly TELLS them: STOP! - sinning; STOP doing things that OFFEND,His Father in HEAVEN - STOP tolerating WICKEDNESS, and wicked DESIRES! - instead TURN! - to His Heavenly Father - REPENT! - and EMBRACE, the GRACES from HEAVEN! - that are being SENT - so that, you can be 'a child of the Most High TRUE God'.  (February 02, 2018 update) 

Don't just 'stand there SHAKING' when you receive "infused Knowledge" from the True Holy Spirit.

REMEMBER! - you're NOT SEEKING, 'AFFIRMATION, from your brothers' [- or "sisters" for that matter] If you KNOW 'the True Holy Spirit put it on your HEART, to SHARE something' - then SHARE it! - and 'TAKE a STAND!' - with that INSPIRATION.  You're NOT 'CALLED to communicate things in a nice WAY' - but to 'BOLDLY proclaim the TRUTH'!  NEXT time you're given 'the infused KNOWLEDGE - RESOLVE! - to SHARE it - with "HOLY Boldness".  Don't'blaspheme the INSPIRATION' - by "second-GUESSING yourself", when other people QUESTION it  - as THAT is 'a desire to be a REED shaken in the WIND'. And so you need to REJECT 'your desire to be a REED shaken in the WIND' - and ASK for the GRACE, to 'stand BY! - the Inspirations of the TRUE Holy Spirit in the MOMENT' - and 'to stand WITH your Creator, IN those INSPIRATIONS' - EVEN! - if others disagree and CHALLENGE you.   It's called "being a TRUE Christian"(March 8, 2018 update)

"UNCOMFORTABLE Counsel" OFFENDS the demons

it is IMPORTANT that you do not IDENTIFY, with your FEELINGS, OR your failings.  But SIMPLY, EACH time you get FEEDBACK, FROM us - you are CALLED, to LEARN!  And WHAT it is, is 'a WOUND', to the pride - to the ego - EVERY time, we give someone "UNCOMFORTABLE Counsel".  It OFFENDS, the demons.  But, Jesus Christ the LORD, is 'the TRUTH'! - and He SPEAKS the Truth - and He SHOWS people 'the TRUTH', so that, they can FOLLOW Him - even BETTER, than they were, BEFORE"BLESSED, ARE they, who take NO offense, AT Him!"  But if you FIND that, you 'FEEL' offended, BY the Counsel that we share, then you NEED to recognize that, as "a DEMONIC reaction".  Because, when FRATERNAL Correction is given - IF! - the Faithful Remnant want to GROW, then they will have the ATTITUDE - of "I will FIX that!" - "I will do better NEXT time" - "thank you for watching my BACK!"  But if they want to turn to 'PRIDE', and be 'OFFENDED'? - then, that is ALSO 'a choice'.  And USUALLY, after that choice is MADE, the DEMONS all activate.  The GOAL of the demons is to STOP the TRUTH, from 'taking ROOT in the hearts, of the Faithful Remnant'.  The GOAL of the TRUE Holy Spirit, is to minister TRUTH - the CONVICTING 'Truth' - from one's CONSCIENCE. The TRUE Holy Spirit 'CONVICTS people', wherein they SIN, and how they stand before their CREATOR.  And so, if you WANT to be "a True CHRISTIAN"? - then you will RECEIVE the Fraternal CORRECTION, and ALWAYS strive to have the ATTITUDE, "WHAT do I need to fix TODAY?" - "what can I do BETTER today?"  In OTHER words, to be "a SPIRITUALLY sane TRUE Christian in these Times" - EXPECT Fraternal Correction, from your CREATOR - because you're 'one of the FEW' who is still ABLE, to RECOGNIZE Him. (May 05, 2018 update) 

But can you RECOGNIZE the True Holy Spirit IN the Fraternal Correction?

You NEED to keep in mind that you're called to serve your CREATOR - not ANYONE else!  Love of NEIGHBOR, and love of brother and sister in the Faithful REMNANT, "TRUE Love", is ROOTED, in the LOVE, for Jesus Christ the LORD.  Simple!  You're NOT called to bow to ANYONE! - but your CREATOR - and when you recognize, the True Holy SPIRIT, giving fraternal correction through OTHERS - you're bowing to the True Holy SPIRIT - not the PERSON.  Understand?
Doing "good WORKS", APART from the LOVE of the Most High True GOD? - is "PURE folly"(September 02, 2018 update)   

Have you been looking for FAULTS in your NEIGHBOR?

KNOW that "fraternal correction", IS NECESSARY - when it's OBVIOUS.  But you're NOT called, "to go OUT of the WAY, to LOOK for things" - to LOOK for FAULTS, in your NEIGHBOR, in ORDER to CORRECT them.  'THAT' isn't LOVE.  THAT is actually, "NIT-picking". You are SIMPLY called, to LIVE!   CAN you not 'simply do THAT'? - and live PEACEABLY, with each other - and 'COMMUNICATE', EFFECTIVELY. One of the BIGGEST problems, you have - is you DON'T communicate. And THIS 'speaks VOLUMES' - as to, 'YOUR response', to fraternal correction - in SPIRITUAL matters.   THAT'S And ONLY, you can FIX that - COOPERATING, with the TRUE Holy SPIRITNot "YOUR version", of the SPIRIT; not "YOUR version", of the TRUTH - but,'the One TRUE, Holy Spirit'. (October 09, 2018 update) 

What to DO when you are TEMPTED to FOCUS on how everyone OUTSIDE the Ark is WRONG'?

ASK for the Grace to DESIRE to 'FRATERNALLY correct out of LOVE' - as is NECESSARY.   KNOW that 'fraternal correction' is ABSOLUTELY necessary - BUT! - you CAN'T have, "selfish motives", for correcting.  And in THESE TIMES? - 'the spirit of self-RIGHTEOUSNESS', is TRYING DESPERATELY, to get, into the INTERIOR lives, of each MEMBER of the Faithful Remnant - as they, 'FOCUS on how, they are RIGHT, and everyone OUTSIDE the Ark is WRONG'.  But is THAT 'what Jesus taught'?  Instead it is better to FOCUS, on 'actively DOING! - what your Creator is ASKING of you'... Only the TRUE Holy Spirit, of the MOMENT, can TEACH! - each Member of the Faithful REMNANT, 'HOW they're called to LIVE'.  PEOPLE outside 'the ARK', are in "a VERY poor spiritual STATE". But, you are not called 'to LORD that OVER them' - even in your INTERIOR life. COMMENDING them to "the Divine Justice of their CREATOR", is "for their GOOD"! - as He is the only ONE, who can 'break THROUGH - their HARDENED shells'!  Just DO, the various TASKS, that you are called to DO for that DAY.  And let your CREATOR 'deal', with others. (November 27, 2018 update) 

When you're 'tempted to brood', that SIMPLY means you're embracing 'the spirit of the devil'.

KNOW that 'the DEVIL' broods - over the souls that HE has lost, or the strongholds that HE has lost, in people - ESPECIALLY 'the Members of the Remnant'.  So if you're TEMPTED 'to BROOD'? - that SIMPLY means 'you're embracing the spirit of the devil'.  For can 'the DEVIL' be corrected?  No!  Therefore, if you HAVE, 'much RESISTANCE' to fraternal CORRECTION? - it's BECAUSE the devil STILL, is "LURKING in your Soul".  So "a GOOD habit", for the Members of the Faithful REMNANT, to EMBRACE? - is to SIMPLY reject 'the spirit of the devil', and 'ALL of his works' - and TRADE them, for 'the INDWELLING of the Blessed TRINITY, instead.  Because you CAN'T have 'BOTH'! (December 04, 2018 update)   

Have you been choosing to always FOCUS 'on what TRULY matters'?
We understand that your living situation IS "quite difficult". BUT, you need to 'make the BEST of it' - by CONTINUING, to RECEIVE, AND give fraternal correction as NECESSARY. FOCUS on 'the SOLUTIONS' - and QUICKLY resolving issues.  But DON'T let, "incidents", and "situations" build-up, INSIDE; but you NEED to 'resolve ALL the conflicts! - IN the moment' - and seek to be 'at TRUE Peace', with each OTHER.  THIS doesn't mean, that 'you give IN', and BOW! - to 'the other's DEMANDS'; but it SIMPLY means that you 'FOCUS, on working TOGETHER', as "a TEAM". Can't you, work TOGETHER? - PEACEABLY?  You NEED to know, that 'the spirit of JEZEBEL', causes 'DIVISION', and desires that you would be "in COMPETITION" - WITH each other.  But that is NOT 'how your Creator, MADE you'.  IF, you can see clearly - that SOMEONE, is CHOOSING, to 'BROOD' - OR, 'to push your buttons'? - OR, 'they are BELITTLING, ANY of you!' - then they NEED to be 'put in their place', with 'the TRUTH'!  Be focused 'on what TRULY matters' - instead of "the petty disputes, and arguments".  WHAT you NEED is 'UNITY'! - in your household.  With JESUS Christ the Lord, ALL things are possible.  And, the SOLUTION, to EVERY major HURDLE - to every 'LITTLE hurdle'? - is THERE!  But REALLY? - He ONLY helps you 'overcome the HURDLES', for the PURPOSE - of YOU, being able, to SERVE Him, much better.  SEEK FIRST, the KINGDOM of the Most High True God - means to 'put HIM First' - NOT yourself.  And then 'all your NEEDS', are PROVIDED for - WITH! - the effort YOU put in, to HELPING your situation. (December 06, 2018 update)   

Has 'the spirit of DIVISION' gotten a STRONGHOLD in YOUR home?

This Counsel applies to households where more than one Member of the Faithful Remnant resides.

Are you able to PRAY together?  Do you pray together DAILY?  Because THAT is how, you find out - if the SPIRIT of DIVISION, has gotten 'a STRONGHOLD' - in your home.  SOMETIMES, you WILL be called to DO 'things' SEPARATELY.  But, you SHOULD be 'united, in the True Holy SPIRIT' - at LEAST, in your HEARTS - and united to your CREATOR, in the PROCESS.  That SHOULD be 'the GOAL, for your HOUSEHOLD'What the enemy does NOT want - is, your HOUSEHOLD praying, 'TOGETHER' - ESPECIALLY praying for "UNITY in the TRUE Holy Spirit".  Be CAREFUL that you're not just 'TOLERATING', the other person who is LIVING in the same HOUSE as you - because THAT'S not "True Love"; but it's BETTER, that you DO things together - to UNIFY the household.  You're CALLED to be "a FAMILY" - a SMALL one! - but still - part of 'a BIGGER family' - with all of HEAVEN, INCLUDING 'the Unborn'.  You can ALWAYS, go on ERRANDS together - when you NEED TO - go out for a COFFEE, and a DONUT TOGETHER - go for WALKS together.  But REALLY seek 'to build UNITY, in your household' - because, THAT'S how you STRENGTHEN each other.  Just SEEK to keep the CONVERSATIONS "in the TRUTH". And avoid 'WORLDLY conversation'.  (January 18, 2019 update)

HOW important is it to you - WHETHER or not others are HAPPY WITH YOU and PLEASED WITH YOU?"

And so YOU need to 'STOP!' - THINK! - and RESPOND, with 'the TRUTH' - ALWAYS.  TURN to your CREATOR for 'the Truth' - HE knows!  If 'the MORAL BAR' that you have set - is "WHETHER or not others are HAPPY WITH YOU? - and PLEASED WITH YOU?" - then you're 'ON the wrong path'!   You're NOT 'called to PLEASE them'!  THEY are not "God".  But you're CALLED to DO - 'what is GOOD', ACCORDING to your CONSCIENCE - NOT according to, 'the DICTATES, of the PEOPLE!  There's NO VIRTUE in 'seeing OTHERS as "BETTER than yourself". (January 28, 2019 update) 

How to 'stay out of TROUBLE', with your CREATOR?

YOU are called, to SUBMIT, to the TRUTH!  THAT'S "how you stay out of trouble", with your CREATOR.  THAT'S how you stay, within His FAVOR - is 'REFUSING to meddle in the affairs of others' - but to SIMPLY, 'share the TRUTH!' - and be your authentic SELF.  STOP trying to FOLLOW your OWN personal JESUS - "your own VERSION of the Truth" - and follow 'the TRUE Jesus' - who WILL! - CONFRONT you, in your CONSCIENCE - with 'how, you have OFFENDED, the True Holy Spirit' - AND, with how you can make AMENDS.  The TRUE Jesus who will give you "INSPIRATIONS, that are for the GOOD, of EVERYONE!"  MAKE better choices!  CONFORM to 'the TRUE! - WAY - that your CREATOR has CALLED you, to LIVE'"Fraternal Correction", IS NEEDED!  And YOU are called to GIVE it when NECESSARY... You're SIMPLY called to live by the TRUTH, that convicts your CONSCIENCE(January 31, 2019 update)  

When you HEAR 'fraternal CORRECTION', have you been discerning 'the SOURCE'?

And when you HEAR, 'fraternal CORRECTION'? - you NEED to DISCERN, 'the SOURCE'.  Are people trying to simply, 'impose their WILL ON YOU'? - or - are they 'TRULY, sharing, a BLIND spot, that you MISSED'?  You HAVE to be "DISCERNING", and "in the FRONT SEAT" ALWAYS!  NOT 'passively receiving' EVERYTHING, as "an ACT or a SIGN from God".  Do you UNDERSTAND? (March 29, 2019 update) 

For all those who have been 'ALLOWING, the DEMONS in others, to SILENCE, the TRUTH! - that convicts your SOUL'

Your Creator - is SHOWING you, 'what YOU have been TOLERATING' - what YOU have been 'letting SLIDE' - for MANY! - months.  When your CONSCIENCE was 'CONVICTED', you DIDN'T speak UP - or you 'SPOKE up', in such a WAY - that you LOST your CONVICTION - when the OTHERS, did "THEIR VERY best!" - to SILENCE you.  And THAT'S "how you have been LIVING".  You have been 'ALLOWING, the DEMONS in others, to SILENCE, the TRUTH! - that convicts your SOUL'.   NO more!  No more 'TOLERATING, bad BEHAVIOR, in YOURSELF! - or in OTHERS'.  We know that you could do better.  But you NEED to desire GOODNESS.  And STOP settling, for 'demonic feelings'.   If you HEAR 'immediate protests'? - that's an INDICATION, that - what we have shared, WITH you, IS "the antidote"(June 09, 2019 update) 

For ALL those who have been choosing to TOLERATE being ANXIOUS about EVERYTHING? - as a LIFESTYLE choice throughout "the End Times APOCALYPSE".

WE! - "wish" - that YOU, would follow the TESTIMONY - by choosing to be "a SPIRITUALLY sane, INDIVIDUAL" - who can tell the DIFFERENCE, between "what is GOOD", and "what is EVIL".  We wish, that YOU - would 'desire GOODNESS!' - and DESIRE to have 'thoughts that are PLEASING, to your Creator'.   Our CREATOR? - does not "WISH", that you would be 'filled with ANXIETY'.  But YOU'RE! - 'willing that'.  YOU desire to be 'filled with ANXIETY'.  YOU have been 'tolerating, that DEMON!' - and it has "a STRONGHOLD".  We TOLD you in the past to "REJECT your desire, to embrace anxiety" - and to "REJECT the spirit of anxiety".  But we KNOW! - you have 'not been doing this consistently'!   KNOW that, 'the DEMONS!'- are "VERY anxious!" - because they "want to remain HIDDEN!" - they "do NOT want to be caught".  SO… YOU 'bring them to the light!'   YOU bring! - 'the demons who are tormenting you' - before "the THRONE of your Creator" - and ASK Him to "DISPOSE of them".  OR? - continue 'TOLERATING', being ANXIOUS, about EVERYTHING!  YOUR choice.  (November 10, 2019 update) 

What do the Two WITNESSES see - when people respond to Divine COUNSEL with "SELF-justification"?

So when we SEND 'fraternal correction' - through 'Divine COUNSEL' - and a person RESPONDS with 'their SELF-justification'? - what WE SEE? - is "someone who is DESPERATE!!! - to protect their DEMONS, from US".  Because WE are going to 'THROW those ugly THINGS, into the ETERNAL Lake of FIRE!'  And ALL those who 'cling tightly TO them'? - WILL go 'there' WITH them.  PEOPLE? - need to learn, 'to be DETACHED, from their DEMONS! - and to stop IDENTIFYING, WITH them'.  But "the MAJORITY" won't!  And JESUS Christ the LORD is 'interested' in PEOPLE, who desire to identify, as "HIS child" - who 'EMBRACE change', for "the BETTERMENT of their SOUL", as 'a WAY of life'; who 'desire to GROW! - in SPIRITUAL maturity'.  HE is calling, 'PEOPLE' - who desire to 'SEPARATE, from this world', in their hearts -and who 'desire to live for HIM!' - and unite, 'EVERYTHING that they DO!' - with 'all of HEAVEN'! - to be "a PRAYER" - to HIM! - as they learn to 'ALWAYS be mindful - that He is LISTENING! - WATCHING! - and Judging'.   If PEOPLE want 'to CALL, Him "a TYRANT" for DOING SO? - because He doesn't "tolerate SIN"?' - they are 'free to DO so!'  But THESE are, 'the INESCAPABLE, SPIRITUAL LAWS!' - that?... EVERYONE on the PLANET are suppressing.  And THAT is about to change! (November 11, 2019 update) 

When PEOPLE make YOU uncomfortable with their "demonic inspirations"?

Actual email:  "…it is time that I make them uncomfortable with the Truth".

And the MORE you 'speak the Truth FROM the heart - in the MOMENT!' - SOMEONE is presenting TO you, "personal DEMONIC inspirations"? - the EASIER, it will BE - to RECEIVE! - the corresponding Truth - the NEXT time, you are faced, with "demonic inspirations" - coming from those, 'OUTSIDE the Ark of SAFETY'.  And so it IS "something that needs to be PRACTICED".  And, in as MUCH, as you have 'those SAME, personal demons'? - you will ALSO 'feel uncomfortable' - as you SHARE the Truth.  But it is 'MUCH BETTER'! - to SIMPLY… "TELL it LIKE it is!" - and REFUSE 'to water ANYTHING down'; than to SWALLOW, "the toxic SLUDGE!" - that is coming OUT of people these days.  And ESPECIALLY for 'the Members of the Faithful REMNANT': the PEOPLE - do not HAVE, "GOOD INSPIRATIONS to CHOOSE from"And THAT is 'a SCOURGE'! - from the CREATOR, on the WICKED.  And SO? - THEY will WANT TO - and BE, 'DRAWN, to, TRYING, to cover you, in that SAME 'THICK! - TOXIC sludge!' - that THEY are covered in - that THEY "seek REFUGE in" - to protect their DEMONS! - from the Most High True God.  And SO? - you need to 'TURN to the TRUE Holy Spirit - in the MOMENT' - and HE will give you, 'the GOOD INSPIRATIONS' to share.  For ONLY 'the INSPIRATIONS from the TRUE Holy Spirit', can pierce THROUGH! - "the TOXIC sludge", that PEOPLE, LOVE! - to BATHE in.  And THEN? - you simply "move on with your DAY!"  (November 22, 2019 update) 

Are you now READY for the God of the Two Witnesses to finally "ACCEPT you for WHO you are!"

YES - that's "NOT happening"!  You are actually CALLED… to LOVE and ACCEPT your Creator for "who HE is!"

"Mankind seeks approval and acceptance from one-another while disregarding what one truly should seek: the Divine approval and acceptance of God." (-Jesus, Friday, September 04, 2009)   

The MOST High TRUE God doesn't "ACCEPT people for who they are"!  What that MEANS is, that He DOESN'T accept, "the GOOD", ALONG with "the BAD".  BUT He expects people to 'give-UP, their WICKEDNESS, and their WICKED! - WORLDLY IDENTITIES' - and EMBRACE, 'NEW Life, and a NEW identity - in HIM'He's willing to work, with 'THOSE, who desire to CHANGE'.  And it's "a DAILY effort".  NOT "a onetime fix".

HERE are 'some important questions' to answer:

Are YOU "TIME-travelling back to your PAST"? - and STAYING THERE?

Are you, "ALLOWING yourself the FREEDOM, to visit your FORMERS in your INTERIOR LIFE"?

Are you THINKING about… 'how things WERE, BEFORE you found the Testimony'?

Are you "worried about your FORMERS"?

And it's always GOOD to end on 'a more POSITIVE note'Know that 'all of Hell' DOES positively accept you "for who you are"; and 'all of Hell' DOES positively accept ALL of your GOOD works, ALONG with the bad.  Which destination have YOU been positively GROOMING yourself for?  Perhaps following the instructions of your Creator in His TESTIMONY, makes a little more sense, than what YOU have been practicing.  (April 27, 2020 update) 
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