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The Mark of the Beast is Coming THIS CHRISTMAS A Warning from HEAVEN

Sunday, December 9, 2012
The Blessed Virgin Mary said: All of Heaven, is rejoicing, at the Justice, that is to befall – the Face of the Earth!  For the ‘wickedness’ of mankind, has been ‘demanding’ – ‘a Just response’.  ‘The mark of the beast is coming.  And the only ones, who will escape, are the ones who refuse to attend, the institutions; and desire ‘true repentance’ from their hearts.  The Most High True God does not wish that anyone receive the mark of the
beast this Christmas My children.  But they are ‘asking for it’ – because, of ‘the coldness of their hearts’
‘A spiritual mark’… because they choose to embrace ‘poison’, for their souls
When Fukushima happened this was ‘an outward sign’, - or ‘physical representation’, of ‘the spiritual realities’
at work in this World.  For the whole Face of the Earth, has been ‘dusted with poisons’!  And there are ‘lethal, doses’, of certain chemicals! – hovering, in the atmosphere.  And the wind, is blowing them ‘where it wills’. 
The World itself, is filled, with ‘poison’ as well.   For every facet of life, on this Earth, has managed to embrace
some sort of poison’.  The ‘mark of the beast’, is ‘a spiritual mark’ that people will receive, because they
choose to embrace ‘poison’, for their souls; and ‘incorporate it into their reality’. 
They will be ‘beasts’ – like ‘irrational animals’, with no common sense, and no reason
Television, is ‘one, of those poisons’Movies, are another one.  Violent video games – another.  Immorality and licentiousnessall of these things, are part of ‘the enemy’s kingdom’!  So if people want to embrace those
things, that are of ‘his kingdom’, then he will ‘rule over them’ – to a point.  And they will be ‘beasts – like
‘irrational animals’, with no common sense, and no reasoncompletely devoid of the True Holy Spirit.  And the ‘desire’ for the True God, that is in the depths of everyone’s being, will ‘simply be removed’!  Because they
cannot have Him, and the false gods, and false comforts of this World!  For He will ‘not be shared’, with their idols
So what is ‘the Just response’ of the Just Judge?
The Lord Jesus Christ wants souls, to be ‘docile to Him’ in everythingHe wants ‘subjects’, who are ‘willing to cooperate’ with the graces.  But alas souls, have rejected Him – rejected his graces, and they prefer their own counsel instead.  So what is ‘the Just response’ of the Just Judge?  That they each receive: a measure, of
what they have, ‘given’ – back to their Creator
The only way out of ‘that state’, is to pray
The mark of the beast will not be the same for every soulSome will experience it worse than others.  The only way out of ‘that state’, is to pray – and ‘pray to the Most High True God’ – every day!  That is ‘the only way’, to show him, that they want ‘out, of the state they are in’.  Just as Jonah was inside the whale, when he turned
away from his Creator, and he prayed for ‘deliverance’ continuallyso must the people!  Though they will not have ‘a thirst’, feeling, or desire – for the Most High True God, they must choose, to pray; and they will not ‘feel’
a response.  But they must have ‘faith’, that ‘if they are sincere’, the Lord Jesus Christ, will ‘in His time’,
Release them, from, that, ‘state’
Until the Lord Jesus Christ… ‘Releases them’
People who receive ‘the mark of the beast’ are ‘sealed’until the Lord Jesus Christ in His Great Love and
Mercy – ‘Releases them’.  Not all will be ‘Released’, as some would ‘rather remain’ – in that state, than ‘serve their Creator’.  But ‘all of mankind’, is going to be ‘brought downto their knees’.
The Warnings have been given… that ‘all would know the Truth’
The Warnings have been given – from Heaven, for souls to repent – before Christmas. Most of them won’t
And they will be sealed, as of Christmas DayOnly the Lord Jesus Christ – through his ‘True Vicar’ here on Earth, can ‘Release them’.  For God the Eternal Father in Heaven, will once again, put everything, in subjectionto His Son.  And His Son, receiving everything – that is His, from God the Eternal Father in Heaven, will subject everything, to His Vicar, here, on Earth – that ‘all would know the Truth’ – that Heaven, is a Monarchy; not ‘a democracy’! 


Throw out your Televisions

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  ‘Hellfire’, and ‘Brimstone’, is what, ‘is awaiting souls’, if they refuse to repent, and ‘turn away’ from all forms, of ‘wickedness’Throw out your televisionsRemove them from your homesThis, is an order! – from the Queen of Heaven.  Repent!  Turn back, to the Lord Jesus Christ, with all of your heart, soul, and mind.  Throw it out I say!!! - if you ever hope to enter, the Kingdom, of God! There is ‘nothing good’ upon it! 
It is in fact ‘a gateway, into Hell’!  No good can come from it!  But evil,pours forth, to blacken your souls!! 
You ‘entertain yourselves’, with ‘the abomination, of desolation’!
Why have I said that ‘many of you are in the state of mortal sin’? – but because you ‘entertain yourselves’, with ‘the abomination, of desolation!  You have all ‘turned away’ from your Creator; and have turned, towards: these ‘sick satanic pleasures’as My Son has said before, “There is no room, for television, in the kingdom of God”!  And you risk, being cast out of His Kingdom – for Ever! – if you continue to ‘entertain yourselves’ with those things, that offend Him the most
When you make sin ‘a way of life’, then you are ‘desolate’
You cannot have it both ways my people: you are either ‘for’ God the creator of the Universe,or you are ‘against Him’!  To ‘slip’, and ‘to fall into sin’ is ‘one thing’; but when you make sin ‘a way of life’,then you are ‘desolate’.   Even now you are all ‘desolate’ – because He haswithdrawn His Presence’.  And what are you left with but
‘the spirit of the antichrist’
How can I help you... if you say to yourselves “that is not my ‘Blessed Mother’!”
How can I help you get out of ‘the snares’ you are all in? – if you refuse to listen to me; if you say to yourselves “that is not my ‘Blessed Mother’!”  You ‘children of the World’ have been ‘very naughty’!  And there is ‘a major scourge’ coming – on account of your ‘stubbornness’. You do not fear Him!  Nor do you seek to love Him.  But you have ‘turned away’; and you are now ‘naked’ before God the Eternal Father in Heaven.  And you all, have been ‘exposed’.  And He sees: all – of your sinfulness!  And His Cup is ‘Reeling’against you. 
I have not ‘withdrawn my protection’ from my ‘True children’
Now I have taken my ‘Mantle of Protection’, off the World.  But I have not ‘withdrawn my Protection’ from my
‘True children’.  You ‘naughty ones’ are ‘so defenseless’; and you have ‘no protection from me’nor Heaven.  You have ‘succumbed to the pressures around you’ and conformed – to this World!  But then you are on ‘the wrong side of the gate’ - Yes, Heaven is ‘barred against you’ – unless, you repent! 
What you will all experience! – this Christmas! – if you, refuse ‘to get your lives in order’!
Repent ‘in sackcloth and in ashes’!  And perhaps the Justice, of the Most High True God – can, be, mitigated
But unless you repent I tell you: the Justice, that is coming, will be far worse, than what Fukushimabrought to
the Earth’.  What is worse than ‘physical deformities’ my people?... – but ‘spiritual ones’.  I tell you now: the Hell
of Fire is what you will all experience! – this Christmas! – if you, refuse ‘to get your lives in order’! - and you
have been ordered by the Queen of Heaven to do so! (- on behalf of God the Eternal Father in Heaven). 
I speak to you this day: for these are not ‘my words’ but His.  And I am ‘so glad to deliver them’!
[Note: it would be very wise to ‘cut the power cord from the television’, when discarding it, so that you don’t lead
your neighbor, into ‘the near occasion of sin’.]
Mothers do NOT KILL your BABIES, a Message from Our Lady Queen of all Hearts
Monday, November 26, 2012
The Blessed Virgin Mary said:  My ‘Motherly Heart’, yearns, for more childrenMothers, do not kill your babies.  Do you not know, that ‘the Wrath of God’, rests upon you. Do you think that you will be able, to escape: His Just Punishment – for your souls?  Do you think, that you can ‘get away with’: murdering the child within your
womb?  Because ‘he doesn’t forget’. And surely, ‘they are carved on the palm of His Hand’.  And His Hand,
holds: ‘a Gavel’; and punishment is coming upon all of you ‘wicked women’, if you do notrepent in your hearts’before Him.  
Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed! – for ‘much less’, than ‘what is going-on now’
Man and man; woman and woman – this can never be; nor will souls, who practice such ‘wicked abominations’, enter ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’.  These people, only ‘deceive themselves’ – but they are ‘so far’, from the Truth.  Man and woman – they were Created.  That, is how, it has been, from ‘since the beginning.  It is how: the Most High True God, ‘has Ordained it’!  Shall you ‘presume to be ‘gods’ in His Presence?!  Do you not know, that
with ‘one Breath – from His Nostrils’: He can ‘sweep you away’, as though ‘you never existed’?!  Do you not
fear: My Son?  Do you not have ‘a Holy Reverence’ – for ‘His Authority’?  Because I tell you Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed! – for ‘much less’, than ‘what is going-on now’. 


‘the Wrath of God rests upon you’ unless you repent

First, man was Created.  And then, woman.  And woman came, from man – that she, would seek, to be ‘perfected’ – through ‘honoring her husband, and Christ’s Headship’ moving through Him.  You ‘wicked souls’ have ‘disordered yourselves’.  And ‘the Wrath of God rests upon you’ unless you repent.