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This page includes messages from The Blessed Virgin Mary and David 
Saturday, December 01, 2012
“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.  Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your holy Spirit from me.  Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

In exactly 24 days, you will celebrate… Many of you, will not be celebrating, with us

The Blessed Virgin Mary said: In exactly twenty-four (24) days, you will celebrate, the coming of My Son – the Lord Jesus Christ, in the flesh.  And as this is ‘a time for rejoicing’, in the Heavens; and as this is ‘a time of great feasting’for us, I know that many of you, will not be celebrating, with us; because you prefer the celebration of: the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and material presents and gifts.  None of these things can ‘bring you closer’ – to the Most High True God; but fasting – from the ‘worldliness of this life’, will. 

Consumerism… ‘a time of lamentation’, because the World, is, ‘without God’.

Consumerism, is very prevalent, during this month – all the way, and leading – up to His birth. You buy, buy, and buy, hoping to be filled with ‘some consolations’ - but neglect this time: of ‘self-sacrifice’; of selflessness; of ‘remembering your God coming into the World’.  It is ‘a time of lamentation’, because the World, is, ‘without God’. 

This Christmas Season… ‘treat this month’, as a time, for ‘reconciliation’,

Now this Christmas Season, I am asking ‘all of My children’, to put on ‘sackcloth and ashes’ – to ‘treat this month’, as a time, for ‘reconciliation’, - with your Maker.  Because so many of you are ‘steeped in sin’, and He desires to come to you, especially this Christmas.  But how many of you will ‘open your hearts’ – to “baby Jesus”.  How many of you will allow your hearts to become ‘soft’, and ‘malleable’in His Hands?  Will you turn, to the ‘True Christ Child’, and allow Him, to live inside: ‘a clean soul’?  But I tell you now, He will not come to souls, who are filled with ‘gangrene’; who are filled with ‘the World’. Because, He seeks, ‘a clean and pure heart’ to dwell in. 

My Son is not in any of the “eucharists” out there… His Presence, has ‘been withdrawn’!

If you fill, yourselves with this life, and everything in it, then you leave no room for ‘the Christ Child’ to come to you.  The best you can do for your souls, is: to come, and be nourished – with words of Truth, Life, and Sincerity; and prepare your hearts to receive “Baby Jesus”.  Because I tell you My Son is not in any of the “eucharists” out there!  He is not in any of ‘the communion celebrations’His Presence, has ‘been withdrawn’!  And so if you want to come to Him, and ‘be reconciled with Him, and receive Him ‘worthily’ – then come and ‘prepare your hearts’, so that, you may partake, of ‘the Tree, of Life’.

You cannot receive ‘the gift that is here’, if you choose ‘to stubbornly embrace your sins’!

For My people, this is, ‘His website’. And these, are His words, and Mine.  And they are ‘meant to nourish you’. But you cannot receive ‘the gift that is here’, if you choose ‘to stubbornly embrace your sins’!  And so, you must go to ‘the sackcloth and ashes page, and ‘find out what it means to repent’ – so that , you may partake of His Eucharistic Presence here – through His words. I am ‘just a messenger’, My people, and He has sent Me to you – to ‘draw you closer to Him’; and to help you: recognize your ‘need for repentance’
“And David was afraid because Saul had come out to seek his life.  David was in the wilderness of Ziph at Horesh.”
“I will sing of your mercies, O Lord, for ever; with my mouth I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations.”
“Your arrows are sharp in the heart of the king’s enemies; the peoples fall under you.”
“I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord.  The Lord has chastened me sorely, but he has not given me over to death.”
“Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”

Jesus said: Here, is David – formerly known as “King David”

The Mercy of the Lord, endures for ever!...  But to the wicked, He is afar off!

David said: The Mercy of the Lord, endures for ever!  And his faithfulness - to all generations.  But to the wicked, He is afar off!  He hides, his Face, from them.  They seek Him not.  He pulls back ‘His Arrow – of Judgment – to pierce, through their hearts.  They ‘Feel it’ not.  It is as though, ‘a feather’, were ‘tickling’ them.  They err, in all, their ways.  And they do not seek – the Counsel of the Lord, God of Hosts

Souls, will ‘find their purpose’in life… through suffering… but not ‘apart from it’

When I was in the desert (– for many years), I was ‘anointed’ as King (- before I fled into the wilderness); for Saul pursued my life!  And I have ‘come to know’, that ‘under adversity, and trials, and sufferings’, that that is where souls, will ‘find their purpose’in life.  They will ‘come to know the Lord’ – through suffering; and through ‘patient endurance’ – but not ‘apart from it’. 

I composed many of the Psalms, while I was ‘out in the desert’

I composed many of the Psalms, while I was ‘out in the desert’ - Psalms, that were given to Me from ‘the Heavens’, so that I should declare ‘the Mighty and Awesome works’ – of the Lord!  But I did not ‘know at the time, that my Psalms would be so ‘beneficial to people’ – in the future.  But I ‘tell you all’, I ‘drew strength’ – from praising the Lord, every day, and every evening.  And I sought His Counsel, often.  And it was He who ‘led me through’ the ‘trials’ and ‘sufferings’.  And it was His Strength, that helped me, to get through ‘the wilderness’ – to become the King, of Israel

The Lord taught me Justice… He taught me Discipline – as I was ‘afflicted’ many times

And it is ‘in the wilderness’, that I learned my ‘purpose’.  It is there, that I was given Hope.  If I had not gone through, ‘the wilderness of Ziph’, and ‘other such places’, then surely I would not have been the King – that I was.  For the Lord taught me Justice, Peace, and Equity!  He taught me how to be, ‘impartial’, in dealing with others.  And surely He taught me Discipline – as I was ‘afflicted’ many times.  And when I slew, ‘the giant – “Goliath” – when he fell down, because of the stones, in my ‘sling bag’; the Lord gave me strength even then, so that the Philistines, would be forced to flee - so no longer, would they curse – the Name of My God, in ‘the Holy Land’.

Because I cooperated; and I sought Him… I learned ‘true righteousness’ … ‘steadfastness, in the Truth’

The Lord gave me Strength, to become a Saint, in Heaven.  But only because I cooperated; and I sought Him, in ‘times of trouble and distress’.  And I learned, to rely on Him, for my ‘victories’.  And I learned, ‘righteousness.  Not that I was always ‘in the right’; but I learned ‘true righteousness’ – and that is ‘steadfastness, in the Truth’.  I was scourged, for my iniquities; and my wicked sins; and the Lord ‘chastened me’ many times.  But I learned, ‘to fear His Holy Name’, and to grow, in my love and devotion to Him, and His Ways.  The Lord, chastens, the wicked, in the hopes that they will repent, and ‘turn back to Him’.  But, do not think, that the Mercy, of the Lord, will protect you, if you ‘stubbornly embrace’ – those things that offend Him.  For He is ‘Holiness’.  And He asks all, of his Disciples to become ‘Holy’ – that is ‘sinners, striving – for holiness’!  As He came to call the one, that is, ‘lost’; not ‘the ninety-nine self-righteous’.


“Who shall not fear and glorify your name, O Lord?  For you alone are holy. 
All nations shall come and worship you, for your judgments have been revealed.”
“Your call: is to flee the abomination, of desolation and find out what I am asking of you
Come, drink of the waters of life and be healed of your sins!” 
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world,
as a testimony to all nations;
and then the end will come.”
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